Buffy's Lover

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Buffy knew something up, ever since her Mom had volunteered to pick her up at college for the vacation rather than take the cab home. It was confirmed by her Mom's light and breezy conversation all the way back which seemed deliberately to avoid anything substantive. So she wasn't in the least surprised that once she returned downstairs from leaving her suitcases back in her room that her Mom was sitting primly and patiently in the living room, a couple of cups of tea on the table in front of them.

Joyce gave a smile that reeked of nerves and patted the couch next to her, "I've made some tea." Buffy could almost smell its sweetness as she sat down, a small pit in her stomach rapidly beginning to expand. It widened to oceanic proportions as soon as she sat down her Mom changed her angle so she was looking at her eldest daughter, direct in the face. "I've something I need to say," she said.

"It's about Dawn," Buffy knew immediately. She hadn't heard from her sister in the last couple of weeks, a few quick phone calls in the week after they'd split and then nothing. She had tried to tell herself it wasn't unusual, Dawn never used to speak to her before they'd become lovers and the teen hadn't seemed depressed, but she was terrified it wasn't true and that Dawn was taking it badly. God, please let it not be a suicide attempt.

"Yes," her Mom seemed a little surprised and even more nervous at the same time. She took a deep breath, "She took your break-up a little hard."

Buffy had known it, Dawn was acting all the time, about how she could cope. Buffy remembered her own break with Angel and how she'd fled to LA, admittedly she'd stabbed him and consigned him to a hell dimension, but Dawn might be feeling the same way. She could hardly speak and her voice came out as a little girl's, "Oh, I'm sorry. How is she?"

Her Mom gave a small smile, "I had to comfort her a lot." She gave a deep breath. "And we became close. One thing led to another. She was lonely. I'm still you're Mom."

Buffy was confused, "What happened?"

"I'm sorry, Buffy, me and Dawn, we became lovers." Buffy stared at her Mom, relief flooding through her. Her Mom mistook her silence, "If it makes you uncomfortable, we won't do anything whilst your home, it's only fair. We'll be a normal family for the holidays."

Buffy laughed and cried at the same time, grabbing her Mom and hugging her, "Seriously that's all you wanted to tell me. You had me so worried."

"You don't mind, after all you were together," her Mom still looked nervously.

"Not only do I not mind, I think it's great," Buffy enthused, "Dawn's really sexual and she needs someone who can make her happy, which I don't think is me, and if Dawn makes you happy as well..."

"She does," her Mom said.

"...well you've got my blessing," grinned Buffy. She took her Mom's hands gently in hers, "I'm really glad for you both."

Joyce's face lit up in a smile and for the next few minutes she spoke excitedly about her new relationship with Dawn, whilst Buffy continually interrupted to say how well her own with Cordelia was going as well. The blonde felt as happy as she ever had, with everything going so perfect - there wasn't even a big bad on the horizon. Time went faster than she thought, the afternoon going on and the next thing she knew the front door was opening and a very nervous looking Dawn was coming in.

"Hey Buffy," the teen managed to raise a hand in greeting

"Hi Dawn," Buffy grinned. Her sister was dressed in a lot more than she usually wore, her denim jeans were all the way to her ankles and her sweater was the correct size and was designed not to show cleavage - obviously being with her Mom had got her over her underdressed phase.

Joyce stood up, "I told her," she said to Dawn.

"And?" the teen said anxiously.

Her Mom got up and answered by taking her daughter in her arms, dragging her close and kissing her passionately. Buffy's reply was more succinct, "I'm good."

There was no response from her sister and Mom, the only sounds were the slurps and smacking as they kissed. Buffy grinned, it looked like they were a perfect couple. She decided that it'd be polite to give them a little space as they got used to her being okay with them. "I'm just going to unpack my cases," she called and smiled as she was ignored.


When Buffy had finished unpacking she returned downstairs to find her Mom sitting with her feet up and a glass of wine, whilst Dawn was in the kitchen doing the dinner. Joyce smiled as she saw Buffy's eyes rise in surprise, Dawn wasn't known forever entering the kitchen unless she had a craving for cookies. "We try and do things more as a couple now," Joyce said in explanation. "We've moved beyond Mom and daughter. If I hadn't been taking a day off to meet you I'd have been at work so normally Dawn cooks once she's home and done her schoolwork." Her smile got wider, "It leaves more time for us in the evening as well."

Buffy saw what she meant after dinner. As her Mom and Dawn washed and put away the dishes Buffy had chosen a DVD that they'd all enjoy - a chick flick with a soppy ending. She dimmed the lights as Joyce and Dawn entered the room, taking a seat on one of the comfy chair as her Mom and sister sat on the couch. As piracy warning came up she flicked a glance to look at them; the blonde smiled as she saw that Dawn was snuggling up to her Mom, Joyce's arm around her shoulders - the two of them looking the picture of loving contentment. Buffy turned back to the screen.

It wasn't long before the sounds of lips smacking and suckling mouths reached her ears and she glanced from the movie to her Mom and sister. Despite it being a perfect picture for them to watch together the Milf and teen had lost interest in it and were only showing it in each other, their mouths glued together as they made out with a passion. Buffy smiled, glad they were enjoying each other so much and settled down to watch the movie.

All through it she could hear little squeaks and giggles as Joyce and Dawn kissed and snuggled, touching each other and teasing. Buffy thought that was as good as the movie; she'd been worried about how Dawn would cope with her first break-up and then her Mom had stepped in and Dawn seemed as happy as she had been with Buffy. The blonde knew she probably should be jealous, but she wasn't - Dawn was so sexual she needed someone and that someone was a person who loved her unconditionally. It was perfect.

The credits rolled and Buffy stood up, "I'm going to meet Giles and do a couple of hours patrol."

Joyce looked at Dawn and smiled before turning back to Buffy, "We might get an early night," she said. Dawn giggled lightly.


"Aaaarrrrghh, yes, aaaaarrrghh fuck my ass," Dawn's cries were so loud that Buffy heard them as soon as she entered the house. She smiled and closed the front door, it seemed that an early night didn't mean going to sleep. "AAaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaarrrghh." In fact from the sound of it Dawn was a long way from sleeping.

The blonde crept up the stairs, trying not to disturb the lovers. The door to her Mom's room was ajar, however, and she couldn't resist pausing and looking in. Her sister was on her hands and knees on her Mom's bed, facing the full length mirror, Joyce was pounding into her from behind, her face contorted with pleasure and effort as she slammed. The sound of the bed squeaking was mixed with the slap of Joyce's thighs against Dawn's ass as she went all the way in. Buffy licked her lips, it was so hot looking, she remembered how perfectly tight Dawn's butt was and hoped her Mom was enjoying it as much as she had. She had undone the top button of her pants and slid her hand down under her thong before she even realised it, gently rubbing herself as she spied on them.

"Aaaarrrrghhh, yes Mom, harder, harder, ram it deep," squealed Dawn. If it was possible Joyce seemed to go even harder, ramming at the teen like she was out of control. Buffy's fingers slid over her wet slit, her body trembling with lust as she watched. She didn't feel jealous of her Mom and Dawn, but she did feel jealous that her Mom was getting to bury a strap-on in such a sexy butt; Cordelia wouldn't be back from LA for another week and Willow and Tara were away for a short break as a couple. "AAArrrghh, aaaaarrrgghhh, yessss, aaaarrrghhh," Dawn's body shook like she was being electrocuted and Buffy slid a finger into her own hole. She decided she'd have to borrow some of Dawn's collection of lesbian porn or she'd likely explode over the next week.

She slipped away, leaving the Mom and daughter lovers to continue to bang.


"Good morning Buffy," Joyce was already up and preparing breakfast when Buffy came down. The younger blonde marvelled at her Mom's energy, even as she'd gone to sleep she could hear her Mom and sister still at it, banging away in the small hours and hear she was already up with pancakes on the table and coffee brewing. And she did it all without the benefits of Slayer skills (which included not needing as much sleep as most mortals).

"Morning Mom," Buffy replied, looking around briefly to see what plate had what food on it before making her decisions on where to sit so that she was nearest the blueberry jelly.

"I hope we weren't too loud last night," Joyce smiled, in a way that suggested that even if they had been it had been worth it.

Buffy reached for a coffee mug, "No, I know what Dawn is like."

"A little sexpot," her Mom grinned and picked up the jug to fill Buffy's cup. "She's totally insatiable isn't she?"

"She does seem to love sex, but I wasn't complaining, are you?" Buffy smiled, knowing her Mom wasn't.

"Not at all, in fact I'm loving it, I don't think I've had such fun... I was going to say since my honeymoon, but I'm not sure even then" she raised the jug and poured, steam rising from cup as the coffee splashed in. "Can I ask, do you miss her?"

"I'm seeing Cordy and she's almost as nymphomanical, I'm not jealous if that's what you're asking," Buffy sipped at the coffee, "Though I'm not going to say Dawn wasn't something."

"Oh, I suppose I didn't mean that, I saw last night you weren't jealous. I meant more did you miss her sexy little body, fucking it, if you could do it again, no strings, would you?" Joyce said sitting down.

Buffy looked at her Mom, wondering what was meant and deciding she'd probably like it, "Absolutely no strings? Cordy wouldn't hear about it? She still thinks I lost my lesbian virginity to a married woman, not my sister... Yeah, I'd bang Dawn again, if she was up for it."

"You would?" Joyce smiled, "We have this fantasy, Dawn and I..." (Buffy noticed the correct grammar use) "... of sharing her like you and Willow did Tara. Of course, as we're Mom and daughter we can't go out and ask anyone to join us, it would have to be someone who knew our secret." She paused and looked at Buffy, waiting for her daughter to speak.

Buffy nodded, excitedly, "When?"

"Do you want to share her then? Fuck her together?"

"Oh yes," Buffy grinned and repeated, "When?"

"She's just in the shower," her Mom smiled, "Why don't we go upstairs and join her?"

Buffy nodded, her pussy as suddenly as wet as water with the thought of sharing her sexpot sister with her Mom. The blonde had enjoyed her previous threesomes with Willow and Tara and when she had told Dawn all about them, in graphic detail, the brunette teen had been totally turned on as well, masturbating furiously as Buffy had described the slipping of two strap-on cocks into two holes. It was no surprise that it was something Dawn wanted to try for real.

Buffy followed her Mom up the stairs, Joyce turning every few steps to make sure Buffy was still behind her, the older blonde's face wreathed in excitement. Without knocking she opened the door. The shower door was misted and a thin layer of steam hung round the room, but it was still possible to make out Dawn's shapely form, the teen running her hands up and down her sexual body as she soaped herself. "We're here to join you," giggled Joyce.

"Buffy came as well?" Dawn tittered back and opened the door to stand there, letting the water pump down on her, leaving her naked body with a clean sheen.

"Yep," nodded Buffy. Her Mom was already starting to get undressed, pulling of her slacks and top. Buffy quickly followed. As she was still wearing her pyjamas she got stripped the fastest, but waited a second for her Mom to finish - Dawn was no longer hers and it seemed rude to take too much of the initiative in front of the teen's current lover.


Dawn stood in the shower, she wouldn't have said patiently, but she resisted the urge to jump from foot to foot whilst calling at them to hurry. Buffy was undressed first and Dawn admired her gorgeous body. The teen had never thought she'd have found any woman attractive a few months ago, but if the summer had a major upside (apart from saving the world) it was that it had revealed her true self - a lesbian nympho and loving it. And whilst she'd never been in love with Buffy and couldn't see any life together, she never denied with her pert tits, toned stomach and slender, but firm, body she was one hell of a sexy top. Perhaps not as sexy as her Mom, who had an extra something which Dawn couldn't quiet put her finger on, but which made her think there was something special. Her Mom finished getting undressed, her larger tits bouncing as she turned to toss the last bit of clothing towards the laundry basket.

Taking Buffy's hand Joyce walked towards the shower. Dawn felt a small spit of jealousy that her Mom was holding Buffy and then she forced it down. It was her Mom and Buffy who should be jealous as they had to share her body; she got the best of it, to be fucked by the woman she loved at the same time as benefiting from the Slayer's sexpertise.

Her Mom was first in the shower, stepping next to the teen and leaning down to kiss her passionately, the water pouring over them both as they embraced, clinging tightly, their mouths moving in love. After a few seconds Joyce broke and Dawn turned to her sister who was also in the shower, "Thank you Buffy," the teen giggled, "I've been wanting to try a threesome ever since you told me about how much Tara had cum when you fucked her."

"You'll enjoy it," grinned Buffy, her hands sliding down to Dawn's pussy to rub at the mound. The teen quivered in pleasure, Buffy knowing what she wanted. She turned her head to her sister and moved her mouth onto Buffy's. If Buffy was either surprised or reluctant she didn't show it and kissed back with enthusiasm as Joyce cupped the teen brunette's titties in her hand and become to squeeze and fondle them. Dawn broke from her sister's mouth and returned to her Mom's, opening her mouth to let the Milf's tongue slip against hers. Buffy finger rubbed more furiously, making the teen quiver with excitement, especially as her Mom was still playing with her titties. Again Joyce broke and Dawn turned back to her sister, her mouth meeting the blonde's in a dance of tongue. Again and again, the teen switched between her Mom and sister, kissing one and then the other, as they stroked and massaged her pussy and tits. the teen was in heaven.

She went higher as she left Buffy's mouth and moved towards her Mom. The Milf didn't lean down, instead she let go off the titties she'd been squeezing and looked at Buffy, "Shall we suck a titty each?"

"Yes," grinned Buffy and placed her mouth over one nipple, Joyce immediately doing the same on the other. The teen brunette gasped as they sucked and licked at the nubs, their tongues and teeth playing lightly over the hard pebbles, stimulating and exciting them. Her pleasure wasn't reduced as her sister's fingers were still at her pussy, except now she was stroking the inside, slipping two digits back and forth into the wet cunt.

And then Joyce joined her. Dawn squeaked in pleasure, "Ooohhh, urrrrhhh, aaaahhh." The two older Summers slammed their fingers into her soaked twat, stretching it and exciting it. The teen shuddered and shivered in excitement, her back leaning at the wall as her legs turned to jelly. Waves of pleasure zoomed through her, from her tits, from her cunt. The sounds of her Mom and sister slurping at her titties with competitive vigour competed with the hiss of the shower and splash of water. But none were as loud as the teen's gasps, "Aaahh, ooohh, yes, finger fuck me, that's so good, ooohhh, ram those fingers into my fuckhole... mmmnnn, ooooohh, lick my titties, suck them so good."

The other two did as she asked, their fingers pounding deep into her cunt, slamming down together, knuckle to knuckle, pumping out her cum like she was the shower. They sucked and swallowed at her tits, drawing them deep into their mouths and making the hard nipples so sensitive that the barest touch of tongue was enough to send sweet sensations coursing through the boob. "AAaahhh, yes, oooohhhh."

The teen squeaked again as they moved harder, four fingers from two different hands slamming into her cunt and then they added a third each. She had been fisted before, by both Buffy and Joyce, so she knew she could take a lot, but this seemed more than ever. Her cunt elasticised to take in all the digits, every inch of it being filled, every sensitive spot being touched and stimulated, the glands behind the walls working overtime to pump juice and keep her lubricated. "Fuccckkk, aaaarrrggghhh, fuuuckkkk," Dawn screamed in orgasmic ecstasy.

"Mmmnn baby, you're so hot," Joyce lifted her mouth from boob and went back to the teen's mouth. She kissed her passionately, the tongue flickering in and out, as the warm shower water coursed through them. Dawn returned the kiss with enthusiasm, her mouth moving onto her Mom's.

"Buffy's turn," her Mom drew away and Buffy lifted her mouth from the tit, pulling the nipple between her teeth in one last tease. Then the blonde's mouth was back on Dawn's, kissing her violently and vigorously, controlling her mouth. And all the time the fingers slammed down into the teenage twat.

The water began to cool and Joyce switched off the shower, "Shall we get dried?" she said and stepped out reaching for a towel.

Her daughter's followed her, Buffy picking up a towel and Dawn dropping to her knees in front of Buffy. She eased her sister's pussy apart with her fingers and began to slide her tongue over the pink. Buffy shuddered in pleasure and Dawn remembered how tasty Buffy juice was, not as yummy as Mommy, but still a flavour to savour. The teen slid up and down, her tongue exploring the slit, probing and pressing across the wet, clammy walls. Her Mom moved next to Buffy, drying her elder daughter as her younger made her wet.

"She can do such marvellous things with her tongue," Joyce giggled as she towelled over Buffy's pert titties.

"MMmnn, ohhh, I remember," Buffy groaned, gasping in air as her teen's sister sexy tongue buried itself deeper in the slit.

Dawn looked up as she licked, loving the sight of her Mom's tits swinging gently as she rubbed at Buffy's. The blonde's bounced and jiggled as she shook and shuddered, Dawn knowing exactly where to hit to her sister's best effect. The teen licked harder and faster to be rewarded with a cry of pleasure as the orgasm hit Buffy like a steam train, Immediately Dawn shifted, swinging her head round to her Mom's shaven slot and beginning to pound it with her tongue, her fingers moving up to open it.

"Ooooh, yessss, Dawn," Joyce gasped, dropping the towel to the floor (luckily, above at least, Buffy was nearly dry). Her daughter's tongue sped in, driving deep and fast. Her Mom rested a hand on her shoulder, like she might fall without support. Buffy moved to hold her as well, gently taking hold of her Mom's waste and standing half behind her, stroking upwards and gently kissing at the Milf's shoulders. Joyce liked she was halfway to heaven and Dawn tongued her with a speed and passion to send her all the way there.

"Oooooohhh, yessss, Dawn, yessss," Joyce shuddered and squeaked, ignoring Buffy's contributions even as the blonde's hands had moved to the titties which she was squeezing and fondling. Not that Buffy looked put out, she was licking her lips and watching with a horny fascination as Dawn pleasured the hole they'd both come out of. Their Mom shook some more, her legs trembling like saplings in a gale, her back arching as she squealed, "Oooohhh, oooohh Dawn."

They'd agreed before Joyce had spoken to Buffy the importance of sharing so that Buffy wasn't just a third wheel, but a full part of the sexfest. Dawn stopped yumming the hole she loved so much and switched back to her sister, to the Slayer's obvious surprise and delight. The teen's tongue swiped the wet cunt, slamming up the hole. "Ooohhh, yessss, oooohhh, God," gasped Buffy as the teen tongue fucked her. her squeaks got louder as Dawn added a finger, driving the digit in to open her sister's cunt even deeper. "Oooohh, aaaarrghh, yessss, God, fuccckk" Buffy squeaked.

Joyce went behind her youngest daughter, holding the back of her head and pushing at her eldest's cunt. Dawn allowed herself to be pressed forward without complaint, lapping hard and enthusiastically at the juicy hole. Buffy squeaked and squealed some more, rocking on her heels in pleasure as Joyce continued to encourage Dawn deeper and deeper. "Eat her baby, lick out your big sister's soaking hot cunt."

The teen's tongue swept in further, licking up the tasty cum. She could smell Buffy's aroma as her nose pressed hard at her sister, a sexual perfume that turned the teen on even further. "MMmnnn, mmmnnn," she slurped and gripped Buffy's thighs, using them as further leverage to force her face as deep into Buffy as she had ever tongued.

"OOoooohhh, ohhhhh fuck," Buffy shrieked again, her back arching and Dawn knew, from long experience, how close her sister was, "Oooohhh, fuuucckk, aaaarrrghhh, aaarrghh," Buffy shrieked louder as she came, her pussy exploding with juice. It gushed down Dawn's mouth and spurted all over her pretty face and titties, almost like she was still in the shower. "AAArrrghh, fuuuckk," the orgasm was long and powerful, the cum continuing to jet out as Dawn brought her head back and let it explode over her like a garden hose.

"Yum," she giggled as the liquid explosion subsided. She swivelled round back to her Mom, "Now let me finish your cunt."

Her Mom reached down and spread her own hole as the teen's tongue drove back in. It tasted so good and within seconds she was lapping as fast as she could, ploughing her tongue through the wet fleshy hole. Her Mom gasped and tittered, her hands gripping Dawn's shoulders. This time it was Buffy who was pressing the brunette's head forward, returning the favour and pushing her deep into the moist hole. "Go for it Dawn, lick out Mom as you ate me. Mmmnnn, that's my super sexy sister."

"Ooohhh, yessss, yesssss," Joyce gasped and shuddered in pleasure, her large titties bouncing and juddering, swinging from side to side as she shook with orgasmic pleasure.

Dawn ate with gusto, her lithe tongue following every crack and ridge of the pussy walls, sliding and slithering all over the pink flesh, stimulating sensors, tickling and teasing. Her Mom loved it. The older woman squeezed at the teen "Fuuucckk, aaarrghhh, fuuucckkk."

"Go for it Dawn, oh you're making me so hot," squeaked Buffy in enjoyment behind her. Despite having had her pussy licked to explosive orgasm only minutes before she was still obviously horny and Dawn could hear the blonde fingering herself inches from the teen's ear, as she used her other hand to keep the brunette deep in their mother's twat. "Eat Mom's pussy, stick your tongue deep, I know you can do it."

"AAarrrghhh, yessss, yessss," squealed Joyce, "Ooooohhh baby you're making Mom cum."

Those words drove Dawn further forward, she pounded with her tongue, finding the super sensitive spots and hammering hard. Her Mom screamed back, pushing her cunt into the teen's face as Buffy pressed from behind. The young brunette didn't stop, her tongue going so violently it was actually aching.

"Aaaarrrghh," shrieked Joyce, "AAaaaarrrghhh, fuck, aaaaarrghh."

She didn't explode like Buffy, but there was definitely a rush of cum, filling Dawn's mouth as she drank it down. Her Mom staggered back and Buffy released her, allowing the teen to raise her head and lick her cum stained lips, "How was that?" she giggled.

"She knows just how good she is," Joyce smiled at Buffy. The blonde grinned back and nodded in agreement as Joyce lent down to help Dawn to her feet and kiss her sexually on the mouth as Buffy squeezed her ass and slipped her arms round the teen's waist. "Now, you've pleasured us," Joyce grinned as she pulled her mouth back, "I think its our turn to pleasure you."

"In multiple holes," Dawn giggled, more for Buffy's benefit than her Mom's, who'd already agreed what they'd being doing.

The three Summer's went to the main bedroom, walking naked across the hall so that they could admire each other's sexy bodies as they sashayed, their hips swinging and their butts wiggling. Dawn slipped onto the bed, drawing her legs under her as she sat watching her Mom and sister pull out a selection of strap-ons from the wardrobe. She watched as they chose the ones they wanted, comparing length and girth, colour and texture, ease to put on versus fun to use. Just watching them try them on or measure they against each other made Dawn hornier and hornier and her fingers crept to her snatch to light massage the slit, rubbing herself up and down. It felt like ages to Dawn, but it was probably no more than a couple of minutes before |Joyce and Buffy picked their toys, a couple of matching ten inch strap on, thick with bulbous heads and designed to stimulate the wielder's clit as she banged.

The Mom and daughter turned towards Dawn, their plastic dicks pointing towards her like cannon. She swung round so she was on her hands and knees, waving her butt enticingly at them, she turned her head over her shoulder, "Mmmnn, come her, fuck me, come and fuck me."

"Shall we start with a spit roasting Buffy, she can suck my dick, whilst you hit that sweet little twat of hers" Joyce smiled at her eldest.

"I'm following your lead, Mom, she's your girlfriend," replied Buffy with a grin. She still got onto the bed, getting on her knees and shuffling towards the teen's tight fuckhole. She took the toy with one hand and pressed it at the cunt slit, forcing the lips open and the dildo in. Dawn groaned in sexual pleasure, it was like her sister had never been away, her pussy clamping round the thick toy in anticipation, her G-spot already starting to hum in excitement. The teen grasped the bedding, moving and rocking to meet Buffy as the blonde quickly got into her stride, thrusting the toy deep and fast. Soon the fake balls, were punching against Dawn and Buffy was riding her fully. The blonde turned to her Mom, "You said something about a spit roast."

"I did," nodded Joyce smiling. For a minute she made no move to join her daughters, seemingly content just to watch as Buffy pounded in and out and Dawn moaned in pleasure, her tits bouncing beneath her. Then she smiled and got onto the bed, lying on her back , her legs either side of Dawn and her cock pointing up to the teen's mouth. She lifted a hand and placed it on her daughter's head, pressing it down, "Suck this big boy baby," she giggled.

"Mmmnnn, yesss," Dawn managed to murmur before the cock was at her mouth. She opened her lips, sliding them over the cock, her jaw stretching wider as she began to accommodate the thick prick. Her Mom continued to encourage her down, pushing at the back of her skull. Dawn's mouth eased apart further, little aches in her muscles as they strained. All the time, Buffy was sliding in and out of her pussy, the blonde's hands tight on the teen's waist.

"Suck it, good girl, make it wet, the more lubricated it is the better it'll go in," smiled Joyce. Dawn nodded and bobbed, going deeper and further down the dick, so it was filling her mouth and pressing at her throat. She gagged a little, her spit sliding down the toy and her eyes watered. Buffy pounded her harder from behind, shoving her at the dick as Joyce let go off her head and took hold off her sides, so that it was the Milf who was moving up and down. "MMMnnn, suck it Dawn, take it all the way in, your mouth was made for fucking."

In that Dawn could agree, if there was one thing she'd discovered over the last few months, it was all her holes were designed to be fucked, mouth, ass, pussy, they were sexual playthings which she enjoyed been played with as much as her Mom and Buffy did. She nodded her head down, swallowing even more of the dick. She kept her rhythm for Buffy, bouncing back at her sister as she was brought her head up from the dick and then falling forward as her sister withdrew so that her Mom's cock would meet her throat. It felt so good having two cocks in her at once, she had imagined it would, especially if Buffy was using one and her lover Mom the other. She'd always been a little jealous of Tara having the fun of a threesome, but now she was getting one as well and she recognised even more how lucky the witch had been.

"Ohhh, urrrhh, yes, fuck yes," Buffy groaned as she banged hard into Dawn, her strap-on penetrating powerfully into the pussy. Cum dripped from the brunette's cunt as she was fucked so well, her twat thrumming with pleasure. Normally she'd have been squealing and gasping as well, but with her mouth full of her Mom's toy she could only rock and wiggle to show her appreciation. Buffy seemed to accept that she went even faster, her hands gripping her sister's side, shimmying up the sweaty skin, brushing against Joyce's went the Milf was also holding the teen. Dawn shuddered in ecstasy and rammed herself back against Buffy. The blonde gasped again, "Aaahh, yesss, ooohh, aaaarghh."

"That's it Buffy," her Mom called in encouragement, "Hammer that hole, fuck your sister's cunt raw."

Buffy slammed in and out, driving the dildo deep. Joyce was pushing up as well, face-fucking her youngest until the dildo was covered in the teen's saliva and Dawn's eyes were so misty it was like she was seeing through a rainy fog. She loved it though, enjoying the two cock as she'd never enjoyed anything before. She managed to move a hand to her clit, rubbing it vigorously and feeling the skim of her sister's toy as it rammed the pussy hole, cum spattering from it over the teen's palm. "Uurrhh, urrrh, urrrhhh, " she grunted down her Mom's cock, sure the older blonde was taking the message.

She seemed to as she slammed upwards, "Oh God, Dawn, this is so much fun, sharing you with Buffy, ooohhh God and you're so hot and sexy."

"What about me, Mom? You think I'm hot and sexy too," Buffy grinned as she fucked forward, her blonde hair whipping round her face.

Joyce laughed, "Mom's always think there daughters are beautiful, but as you know Dawn's got a special place in my heart."

"Special place on your pussy, I think you mean," Buffy grinned.

"Amongst other holes," Joyce smiled back, "And speaking of that, let's swap."

"Oh wow that was fantastic," Dawn quickly gasped out as her Mom and sister pulled out, "I'm loving being shared."

"Open wide for my dick," smiled Buffy, shuffling round and presenting her sister with cum stained plastic cock.

"Mmmnn, yes" tittered Dawn as she slid her mouth over the wet toy. her pussy juice tasted lovely, even if she said so herself.

Behind her Joyce was wasting no time in helping herself to some Dawnie cunt, thrusting her toy into Dawn's ready twat. The teen shuddered in excitement as the large dick drove down. her Mom might not have the stamina or strength of Buffy and she no more skilled, but still Dawn loved having the older woman in her, fucking her, ramming her, loving her in a way she never had Buffy. Still Buffy was fun for a pure fuck and she didn't stint of giving Dawn the dick. From both sides the older Summers pounded into the youngest.

"Mmmnnn, fuck, yes, yes," moaned Buffy, "Suck this big plastic cock."

"Oooohh, ooooohhh, Dawn, this pussy is so wet, Buffy must have fucked you so good," grunted Joyce as she hammered in.

"Mmmnn, urrrrhh," Dawn slurped in reply. Above her Buffy just smiled and rocked, pushing the toy into her sister's mouth, making her suck the cum stained dick deep. Dawn wasn't complaining, (even if she could), if there was a taste which was as lovely as her Mom's cum, it was her own on plastic dildos that had just been up her twat.

Behind her Joyce's hands were wandering over the teen's buttocks, feeling the shaking orb as she pounded in and out. She squeezed and fondled them, gripping them hard and dragging them apart before pushing them together, her fingers digging into the soft flesh. Dawn jerked them, trying to bounce her cheeks as she swung back on her Mom's fake phallus. Her Mom grunted in pleasure and pulled them apart again, spreading the buttocks wide so that the teen's asshole was on wanton display. Dawn suspected what was coming next; and she was right.

"Oooohh, yessss, your ass is so tight," Joyce yanked the sodden dildo from her daughter's streaming cunt and pushed it at the anal rosebud. The muscle gave in straight away allowing the Milf to thrust in a good couple of inches with little effort.

"That's right Mom, fuck Dawn up the ass," Buffy laughed in encouragement, "Fuck that hot tushie hole, she loves it."

Dawn did. She would have squealed in delight as the toy pushed in. But her mouth so full she could only let out muffled grunts she had to hope her enthusiastic shuddering would have to give the message. She rocked back and forth against the two dicks, speedily and vigorously, taking them both as deep as she could. It was her well practised ass which expanded the quickest, allowing her Mom to pound the dong all the way in, only stopping as the fake plastic balls hit her daughter's back door. Dawn shook in delight, thrusting her ass back and forth on the dick, even as she raised her eyes to Buffy, daring the blonde to face fuck her even harder.

Buffy did so, grabbing Dawn's shoulders and thrusting in. Dawn's eyes watered and her mouth bled saliva, but soon Buffy was in all the way, the plastic dick filling the teen's mouth and tickling her tonsils.

"Oh my God, Mom, I can't believe how deep we both are in Dawn," Buffy giggled, still thrusting away - albeit with only a fraction of her Slayer strength.

"She enjoys it," Joyce grinned back, she was using more of her strength, pounding near as hard as she could, slamming the dick deep.

"Mmmnnn, urrrrhhh," dawn grunted in enthusiasm. The pleasure was building up in her, a deep, intense, wave of ecstasy, rolling through her body like an incoming storm. Her insides leapt and bounced, her nerves zinged and zanged, every part of her body burnt and flushed. "Uuuurrhhh," she grunted and gasped over the toy, "Uuuuurrhh, urrrrrhhh." The pleasure was so powerful it was almost like she was afire, she half expected smoke to rush out her ears and nose and the bed clothes beneath her to smoulder and burn, "Uurrrhhhh," she grunted "Uuuurrhhh."

Buffy pulled out the dick and Dawn gave vent to her feelings as her sister looked on, "AAAArrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaaargrggghh, oh my fucking God ram my asshole, ram it...aaaaaarrggghhh."

Her Mom pulled out, leaving the teen quivering in frustration and denied pleasure. "I think it's time Buffy got to fuck this ass again, and then we'll dp you properly... if Buffy wants."

"Oh I want..." nodded the Slayer enthusiastically. She slipped onto the side of the bed sitting down on it and stroked her cock, slick with Dawn's spit and girl cum, "Come plant that hot little ass on this," she giggled.

The teen didn't need a second invitation, she almost jumped off the bed, jumping onto Buffy, her legs spread over her sister's and lifting herself up so she could lower herself down. She hovered over the plastic dick until her cratered hole found its tip. Buffy grinned as she felt her sister's chute start to descend down the dick, "That's good, Dawnie," she purred, "Take my big fat strap-on in that tight ass."

She began to shove up as Dawn came down and the teen was reminded what a good ass-fucker her sister was, powerful, strong, fast. The cock was rammed up, stretching the already opened ass even more and sending further waves of pleasure through the young brunette. Dawn gasped and shuddered, leaning her head on her sister's shoulder as she bounced herself up and down, her tits shaking and jumping, "Uurrhhh, oooohhh, yes, my ass, my ass, I love having big cocks up my lesbian butt. Uuurrrhhh, oooohhhh...."

Their Mom moved in front of them, licking her lips lasciviously as she watched one of her daughter's butt-bang the other. One of her hands circled her titty, playing and teasing her own nipple, before shifting to its partner. Her other hand was playing at clitoris, pushing the toy temporarily aside to reach it. "Ooohh, fuck her Buffy, oooohhh that is so sexy. Bounce it Dawn, bounce yourself for Mommy, that is such a turn on."

Dawn giggled and jumped impaling herself deeply on her sister's dildo, her fingers rubbing her wet pussy with enthusiasm. The pleasure was intense, but she needed more and she knew she was going to get, "Come fuck me as well Mom, join Buffy in hammering my holes, I want to be your little fuck doll, slammed between you and made to cum repeatedly. OOoohhh come fuck me Mom."

Her Mom resisted, licking her lips and continuing to rub her own clit, staring at the falling and rising gap between the younger Summers, watching Buffy's dildo slip into the sexy hole. Dawn went faster and harder, grunting and gasping in enjoyment, thrusting her own fingers into her cunt, driving them at her G-spot, "Oooohhh, yessss, come fuck me, fill my cunt with cock, ram my pussy as Buffy hammers my ass. Come and slam me Mom, I want your dick, I need your dick."

"Hold still a moment," Joyce stepped forward and placed her hands on Dawn's shoulders, pushing her all the way down the dick and keeping her in position. Buffy paused as well, resting her chin on Dawn's shoulder so she could get a good sight of their Mom, even whilst her hands pushing at the inside's of her sister's thighs, spreading open the legs for Joyce to come between.

"Oooohh," Dawn shook and shuddered in anticipated pleasure as her Mom, rubbed the toy at her lips, "Fuck me, slide that big dick into my soaking hot twat."

"Mmmnnn, you are wet aren't you," her Mom giggled as she continued to rub the toy over the lips, before pressing it gently between and continuing to glide over the hole, stroking the lips from the inside. "This going to be a fuck to remember."

"Fuck her Mom," said Buffy, "Get your dick all the way in."

"Oh, yes Mom, split me with Buffy, bang my holes together," Dawn moaned, her cunt so wet it was literally dripping onto the carpet.

Nodding her agreement with her daughter's Joyce gripped the plastic prick hard and pressed it in, the hole walls expanding again to fit the down coming toy. Dawn gave a gasp of pleasure, as for the first time ever she was taken front and back at the same time. She leaned onto Buffy, feeling her sister's tits squashing against her back as she opened her legs even wider, her hands reaching for her Mom's waist to pull her in. "Oh yes, fuck me."

"Get it in Mom, that is so hot," grinned Buffy.

"Yes, yes," her Mom moaned, "This is perfect, being with my two girls."

Joyce continued to push the cock in, spreading the pussy. Dawn shuddered in pleasure, dragging her Mom down and wiggling her ass on her sister's dick. With another cock already in her Joyce was not coming in as fast as she normally did, letting Dawn get more used to the second massive prong and being carefully not to split her literally. To the petite teen, it did feel cramped, as if she had overeaten and could hardly move. But you overate because you liked the food and dping was the sexual equivalent of that, you put up with the cramping because you liked being fucked. And Dawn loved being fucked.

"Oooohhh," she moaned, her pussy fired up with lust. Her Mom's cock was going deeper in, stimulating her and adding to the pleasure she was already getting from Buffy's. She squeezed her Mom's waist tighter, slipping herself up the dildo for a moment, before dropping down and sliding down Buffy's. "Uuuuhhh, oooohhh, give it me, ram me good."

Her Mom smiled and continued to gently push the cock in and out. She was getting deeper and further and as she did so she was begin to move faster, spitting the dick down. At the same time Buffy was beginning to move again, almost imperceptibly at first, nothing more than tremors, but as her Mom began to push quicker Buffy began to match her. "Ooohhh, yessss," moaned Dawn, in excitement, "Fuck my pussy, fuck my butt."

Her Mom and sister were thrusting harder, upping their pace to pound each hole. Buffy's hands reached up to grab Dawn's tits, squeezing and jiggling them as she took her younger sister from behind. Joyce meanwhile had grabbed the teen's shoulders, holding them hard for balance as she pounded down and deep. The two older Summers grinned at each other, communicating as if by telepathy and began to pound more violently.

"Aaarrrghh, yessss, yesssss," squeaked Dawn, her face twisting in ecstasy. The two dicks were driving all the way in, thrusting together to fill her holes. She could feel them bumping together, the two tips colliding - separated by only a thin wall - waves of pleasure tearing through the teen each time they hit. "AAaarrrrghh, yesssss, aaaarggghh," she screamed, "Fuck me good, fill me with plastic dongs."

Her Mom and sister seemed to go faster, if that was possible, their plastic dicks ploughing deep into Dawn's holes. The teen screamed and cried, rocking between them as they fucked her with a passion. Her Mom grinned and squeezed her shoulders, "I love you Dawn, you're so sexy."

"I love you too Mom," squeaked Dawn, "and I love you sharing me with Buffy." Even as she was orgasming Dawn was careful with her words, she didn't want to leave out Buffy. Nor did she want to give her sister the impression that she loved her; that part of her life had thankfully finished, and now if she fucked Buffy it was for fun with her Mom, not for duty.

Her sister grunted something in reply, squeezed Dawn's tits and pounded up the butt hole even harder, making Dawn cry out in pleasure, "Aaaarrrghh, fuuuckk, yessss."

"Uh, baby, baby," moaned Joyce, "You're so hot and sexy, taking both dicks."

"AAaarrhh, aaarrgghh," Dawn gasped in reply, looking up at her Mom's face, the brow and brow set and strained with the effort she was giving. Her Mom was so beautiful. Even as she looked up, her Mom's lips raised in a smile and she became even more stunning than she was already. It was Dawn's turn to contort her face, her muscles twisting and stretching as the orgasm hit her and she lost control of her expression, "AAAaarrrggghhh, fuuuucckkk, aaaaargghhh."

Buffy's cock continued to pound, ramming her deep and hard, the Slayer filling her sister with cock as if they were both born to it. "UUurhh, uuhhh, ohhhh, your ass is so tight Dawn, just like I remember, uuuhhh, it's so fuckable, uuuhh, hammer her Mom, fill her cunt."

"Yes, Buffy," giggled her Mom, pounding away at Dawn.

The teen came again, "Aaaarrrrgghhh, yessssss," Her Mom and sister barely paused, hammering her holes vigorously. The explosion of pleasure blew up again and Dawn burnt with rapture, "Aaaaaarrrghhh."

Her tits bounced and heaved, shuddering as she shook. Her long hair trailed down Buffy's back as she continued to lean against her sister and her pussy leaked juice with every beautiful, pleasurable thrust. Even as she came once Dawn could feel the bliss returning, another barrage of orgasmic ecstasy galloping through her, "Aaaaarrrrghhhh, fuuucckkk meeee, aaaaaarrghhhh."

Her Mom grunted in pleasure as she too came, "Oooohh, yessss, Dawn, ohhhh," her large tits bouncing and knocking at Dawn.

Buffy was orgasming as well, the toy she was wearing pushing at her clit with every forceful thrust into her sister's ass, "OOOhhhh, fuck, this is so hot, oooohhh yes, ohhhhh."

Panting Joyce pulled the dick from her daughter's cunt and wiped her head of sweat.

"You want to switch and bang Dawn's ass?" Buffy slowed, "She is your girlfriend so you should get it." Without waiting for an answer she gently pushed Dawn of the cock, the teen's ass feeling cold without a dick in to warm it.

Joyce was nodding, but Dawn had another idea, one she had not talked through with her Mom, but was sure the older blonde would be happy with. She stood up and smiled, shaking her hair so it was again behind her back and not covering her lovely tits. She turned to her Mom, "You know that movie we watched a couple of nights ago, the one with the two blondes and the redhead."

Her Mom nodded, remembering the porno Dawn was talking about and probably the energetic fuckfest she and the teen had enjoyed after it was over. Dawn smiled and turned briefly to Buffy, "In it, one of the blondes and the brunette enjoyed the third woman's butt together. They looked like they were having fun, though not as much fun as the other blonde was having."

Buffy nodded and looked to her Mom, who nodded a confirmation of the movie's plot as Dawn continued, "I want you both to fuck my ass... together."

"Buffy?" Joyce's voice was hopeful.

Buffy smiled, "Oh yes."

Dawn moved onto the floor, getting on her hands and knees and wiggling her cute ass, "Who's in first?"

"You go Mom," said Buffy.

Joyce nodded and stepped behind her youngest, the teen's hole still round and open from her previous butt-banging. Taking the dildo in one hand she guided it into the hot hole. It didn't take more than a few thrusts before it was fully impaled in Dawn's back chute, the teen moaning in pleasure, dropping to onto one elbow as she used the other hand to rub her wet pussy. "Oooohhh, yes, come on Buffy, stick it in my butt."

Buffy stepped over her, so that she was above the teen opposite their Mom. She pressed at the small of Dawn's back, raising the teen's ass higher. She took her dildo in one hand and guided it towards the hole, Joyce pulling hers a little out as her older daughter approached so that there was a small gap between her toy and Dawn's sphincter. Buffy went for it, pressing the tip into the space and shoving in.

"Ooooohhh," Dawn moaned as the second cock began to enter her passage, her body remaining down, but her head shooting up. "Ooohhhh," she groaned again as Buffy began to push it deeper so that it was body of the dick entering her. "OOOohhh," Joyce was moving as well trying to match Buffy's forward movement.

Dawn's ass felt like it was being ripped apart, if she felt like she was being split when her Mom and sister had been banging her front and back, that feeling was quadrupled when they were both sharing her ass. The hole stretched and stretched, the skin over the walls going taut and tight and the muscles beneath straining to their very limits to cope with the opening. "AAaarrrrgghh," she squeaked. Her Mom and sister grunted and pushed, shoving deeper.

Cum dribbled from Dawn's pussy, dripping down her fingers and onto the carpet. She rubbed herself harder, but even if her fingers hadn't been flying over her cunt, she'd still have been soaking. Even as her ass was stretched to gigantic proportions the benefits were flowing through her, a wave of pleasure so intense that it proofed the existence of God, an almost constant orgasm which flew through every fibre of her body, down every nerve, into every cell, round every muscle. "AAaarrrrghhh, fuck me, aaaaaarrghhh."

The tightness of an ass which normally was only able to take one large cock at a time stopped her Mom and sister from speeding down. They made up for that by getting it a powerful rhythm, one thrusting in and then the other, so that her ass was continually getting filled and stretched. The orgasms hit her one after another, in a non-stop rush of pleasure, she screamed again, "Ooooohh, aaaaarghhhh, fuck me."

"Huh, huh," her Mom panted.

"God double ass fucking is so much fun, I've got to talk Cordy into trying it," panted Buffy, who as a Slayer had much more stamina. Her hands gripped her sister's side and she pushed in, scraping the dick against the walls and her Mom's retreating dick. "This ass is so stretched," she added, pointing out the obvious as she pulled back and her Mom pushed in.

"Yesssss, yesssss, yesssss, it is, aaaaaarrghhh," screamed Dawn, one hand scrabbling at the floor whilst the other sped over her pussy, the cum coating her palm. "Aaaaarrrrghhh, fuccckk, I am so cumming, aaaaaarrrghh!"

Her Mom and sister shoved in and out, Joyce panting with exertion, Buffy moaning with pleasure. Their thrusts were hard and deep, the cocks in as far as they could go. Each nerve was blistering, sending burning waves of ecstasy pulsing round the teen's body and frying her brain, "Aaaaarrrrghhh," she screamed again, "AAAAArrrggghh, fuuuucckkk!"

"Huh," Joyce grunted and pulled out. Buffy thrusting a couple of times before she too retreated. "My goodness" Joyce panted as she got her breath back, "That ass of yours is as round a hole as I've ever seen."

Dawn felt round and found the hole, her Mom wasn't kidding, it was cavernous and she could have probably have fitted a foot up there, never mind a fist. Still it was worth it, the orgasms alone had been earth shattering, and it had helped her connect with her Mom and show Buffy they could still be friends and sisters. She straightened up and stood, turning to her Mom and sister, sitting on the bed, smiling and looking like they too had enjoyed it. The teen grinned, "I think we bonded as a family."

Her Mom and sister laughed and nodded their agreement, Dawn suspected it wouldn't be the last time her Mom shared her with her sister - at least she hoped it wouldn't.

She might be Buffy's Lover for a time yet...


The End...


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