Buffy's Lover

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"You need to become Buffy's lover."

Dawn wiggled her head from side to and stuck a finger in each ear, twisting it to make sure they were empty. Satisfied her hearing was working correctly she said, "What?"

Her Mom looked at her over the kitchen table, "You need to become Buffy's lover."

Dawn looked around. There was no sign that her Mom was possessed, in fact everything looked normal. Her Mom was sitting at the table dressed for the shop, in front of her was her breakfast plate, the crumbs of toast still on it and an unopened copy of the morning's paper which had been tossed on their lawn twenty minutes before. Just to make sure the teen glanced out the window, the sky was blue and if those clouds didn't look like they were about to spit lightning or that they'd been dragged into some voodoo dimension where nothing made sense. She turned back to look at her Mom.

Joyce Summers sipped at her coffee. Given what she had just said she seemed remarkably calm, though perhaps there was a tiny tremor in her hand, but maybe not. Dawn opened her mouth, shut it, opened it again and finally deciding she had no idea what to say closed it for a final time. Joyce put down her cup, "Did you hear what I said?"

For a moment Dawn wondered whether she should practice temporary deafness. But it never worked at school and there was no evidence that it'd work here. She took a deep breath, "You said I need to become Buffy's lover."

The words sounded so incongruous that even as she said them she half-expected her Mom to stare at her and then burst out laughing, either because Dawn had totally misheard a more innocent or because it was a joke. Instead her Mom just nodded in confirmation, "I'll help you of course. This isn't something you need to do on your own - well not all of it."

"I think you're using lover wrong. You mean I should be a more loving sister to her, not lover - you know what lovers are?" Dawn said, her voice rising a little to show her disbelief.

"I know what lover means, in case you've not noticed I've had children," her Mom snapped. She paused, let out a deep breath and continued, her tone notably softer, "Dawn, I need you to be clear. You need to seduce and have sex with Buffy."

If Dawn had been stunned before now she felt like her Mom was swinging a wrecking ball at her. She blinked, several times. Her Mom sat still, patiently waiting. Dawn felt she had to say something, though she wasn't sure what. After a few more blinks her brain got into gear enough for her to say, "I'm not a lesbian, I'm pretty sure Buffy's not either."

"I know sweetie. Though it's probably not too bad, you might even enjoy it," Joyce's lips rose upwards though it would be hard to call it a smile. "And to help you in seducing Buffy I'm going to need to buy you lots of clothes, including all those tops which I said weren't suitable for a sixteen year old and some really tight jeans, and probably some new lingerie as well. It'll be fun."

"Um Mom, I think we now need to rewind. This conversation is taking a decidedly icky turn," Dawn said. Her mouth was dry and she quickly picked up and drank an entire glass of orange juice.

Her Mom paused and nodded. "I guess I did spring that on you. But I couldn't think of another way."

"Yeah, being told I've got to have sex with my older sister isn't a normal breakfast conversation, even in Sunnydale," Dawn agreed.

"It's about saving the world," Joyce started. Dawn nodded, that was more a normal Sunnydale chat. She waited for her Mom to continue. "Ever since we found out Buffy was the Slayer I've been trying to find out more about the Hellmouth and Demons and the Supernatural. I've been borrowing books from Giles and there's also some clubs or perhaps societies with an interest in the occult and magical goings-on which I've been along too."

Dawn nodded. She knew all this. She'd even gone to one of the lectures with her Mom, though she'd found it an extremely boring hour long droneathon on practical uses of magic in Medieval Wales. Her Mom had told her that some of the lectures were more interesting, Dawn luckily enough hadn't needed to find out if her Mom was right about that.

Joyce continued, "And I've also been speaking to the council and Giles a lot, to make sure I'm kept up to date on what's happening. They've been researching a group called the Order of Dagon which was recently destroyed. They were set up to keep prisoner a rogue Goddess from a Hell Dimension, Glorificus. If she was ever to escape she'd seek to return to her own dimension, which would destroy all life on earth." Joyce paused and Dawn shrugged, Sunnydale was the only place she knew where people talked of apocalypses in the plural. Her Mom was continuing though.

"Unfortunately she's escaped," Joyce continued.

Dawn shrugged again, big bads were ten a penny in Sunnydale and if Buffy had beaten the Master, Richard Wilkins III and an unsouled Angelus she was sure she could deal with a demon Goddess - probably. None of this explained why her Mom was wanting her to have sex with Buffy, "So?"

"The Order had a failsafe. Even if Glorificus escaped she needs the key to be destroyed to get out of this dimension and the order mystically created one."

"So Buffy needs to make sure this Glorificus gal doesn't get her hands on it, that sounds simple," Dawn said.

Her Mom blushed and shook her head. "Unfortunately the key isn't actually physical, its an event or more a lack of an event." Joyce paused, "It turns out the key is you and Buffy having regular sex; if that doesn't happen Glory can perform a ritual and escape back to her own dimension, turning the Earth inside out in the process."

"That can't be true," Dawn said.

Her Mom patted her hand, "I'm sorry sweetheart it is. The Council has checked again and again and Rupert has as well. I didn't want to believe it either, but they've shown me the proof - even using their seers to show the future. There's no dispute - if you and Buffy don't become lovers the world ends."

"For how long?" Dawn asked, "Just the once?" she added hopefully.

Her Mom shook her head, "We don't know. Until Glorificus is dealt with. It could be days or months or even years. On the bright side if you're lucky it may be that Buffy finds her and deals with her tomorrow and you won't need to go through with it. But we can't rely on that."

"So who knows?" Dawn asked. It would be bad enough having to become her sister's lover, it would be even worse if everyone in Sunnydale and beyond knew.

Her Mom smiled sympathetically, "Just Rupert and Mr Travers and a few other senior members in the council. It's not something to be shared, so even once you become lovers we'll want to keep it secret. Not just for you, but because if Glory does discover what the key is she'll need to break you up." She shivered and Dawn did as well, realising the most effective way to do that would be to kill the brunette teen. Joyce carried on, "The other thing is that Buffy can't know any of this, all the future visions shows that if she does she tries to find another way to deal with the key and in none of those futures is she successful."

"So when do I start seducing my straight sister, do I go round to her college dorm now and ask her to have sex with me?" Dawn asked.

"No, luckily the stars aren't yet in alignment for the ritual. We've got a few weeks before Buffy comes home from college to prepare."

"Is there any other way?" Dawn asked plaintively, whilst knowing the answer

Her Mom shook her head, "No, there isn't." She paused and patted Dawn's hand, "I know sweetheart, it's a big shock. But who knows, this may be the best thing that ever happens to you."


If Dawn had expected some time to come to terms with what was happening she was to be disabused. When she got home from school that afternoon her Mom was waiting for her in the main room. She looked up as the teen came in and gave a very Momsy smile, "Come and sit down next to me. How was your day?"

"Okay" Dawn said, "Got my Math and History assignments back, got an A in both of them."

"That's good," her Mom smiled proudly, "It's important you keep up your grades, though Buffy comes first."

Her Mom had always been keen on Dawn doing well at school, but it seemed that might now be coming second to saving the world. Dawn gave a dutiful nod to show she understood and was about to go upstairs to watch some TV and chill when her Mom put a light hand on her thigh, keeping her on the sofa. "We need to start getting prepared; it's no good waiting for Buffy to get home before we buy things." She reached into her bag and drew out a catalogue which she placed on the coffee table in front of them.

Dawn's eyes almost bugged out of her head. "Is that...?" she couldn't even say the words.

"A sex toy catalogue? Yes," Joyce nodded, "We'll need to put in our order tonight but with express delivery it'll be here in a couple of days."

"Express delivery?" Dawn repeated the words in an attempt to play for time to allow her to collect her thoughts, like the FedEx everything was going fast.

Her Mom nodded and patted Dawn's knee in a motherly gesture, "Don't worry about the cost, the Council have given me a credit card to make all the purchases on. When the fate of the world's at stake even the Council don't go all Scrooge." She laughed a little at her joke, though Dawn wasn't sure if it was forced for her benefit. "Anyway let's take a look."

If Dawn's eyes hadn't been popping before they would have exploded out of her sockets as her Mom opened the catalogue. Joyce peered down at the open page, "You'll need some dildos."

"Er yes?"

"How many?"

"I don't know?"

Her Mom looked at her, "I think you'll need a collection. Shall we pick out a dozen?"

"A dozen?" Dawn almost shrieked, that was eleven more than she had already and that one had only been used two or three times since she'd ordered it online as a dare.

"I think so," Joyce nodded, "It's no good stinting. The more you have the more likely Buffy is to think you really are a horny lesbian and fall for your charms. And, anyway, we don't know what Buffy likes so it's best to have plenty. Now do you have any choices you want? But bear in mind it's Buffy's pleasure we've got to concentrate on, if she doesn't enjoy sex with you and breaks it off after you've started the world could well end."

Given no choice Dawn pointed to a few toys. Her Mom nodded for the first couple and shook her head as Dawn continued pointing them out. "It's all very well to have some small ones, but you need some of the bigger toys as well." Joyce shook her head, "It might be better if I pick." She picked up a pen and began to tick the boxes of a number of dildos. Dawn sat there, not sure whether to be horrified or embarrassed as her Mom selected bigger and thicker toys, culminating in one that was so large Dawn was sure it was meant as a Bachelorette Party joke rather than to be used. Her Mom turned the page and Dawn gave a small squeak of shock. Joyce raised an eyebrow, briefly and then ticked four double-ended dildos.

She turned the page, "Strap-ons, I think we'll need some of these, don't you sweetheart."

"I guess," blushed Dawn. Her Mom must have learnt her lesson as she didn't offer Dawn the pen to choose but instead went down the pages herself ticking five strap-ons.

They moved onto the next sections. Dawn shook her head, "Don't you think we've got enough, I'm not sure I need these."

Her Mom looked at her, and there was pity in her eyes, but determination and strength there as well. "I'm afraid butt-plugs are a must." She gave Dawn a small smile, "We've got to assume that Buffy will want to do anal play at some point."

"Hers or mine?" Dawn asked, a little dryly.

Her Mom gave a small shrug, "It could be neither of you or it could be you or it might be Buffy wants you to play with her ass. But it's better to be prepared."

"You think Buffy might be a bottom and that she won't want to do me, just for me to, um, use the toys on her?" Dawn asked hopefully, perhaps that wouldn't be so bad (though it was a sign of the times that she was even thinking using a toy on her sister would be the least worst option).

Her Mom patted her knee, "Truthfully Dawn, you know your sister, I think she'll be the one who goes on top, but we can't assume anything. Now if we're talking of butt-plugs we need to also get anal lubricant."

Joyce continued through the catalogue, nipple clamps, chains, a couple of whips and some crops ("Buffy may like BDSM"), electric vibrators and yet more dildos ("I don't think you've got enough of a collection"), some ballgags, and a sex swing and bondage table ("we'll put them in the cellar for now, but we won't unpack them to make sure Buffy doesn't find them too early and freak out"). By the time they'd finished Dawn calculated that they'd spent well into the four figures - her Mom was right about the Council not worrying about money.

"I've connected your computer to the internet," Joyce closed the catalogue.

Dawn had been pestering her Mom to do this for a while, using the excuse that she could use it for schoolwork, rather than browse gossip sites which had been her real aim. Somehow she didn't think that this was what her Mom was doing it for. "Oh?" she said.

"I've also taken the liberty of giving you membership of a dozen lesbian sites, both pornography and lifestyle. If there's any others you see let me know, the Council will pay." Joyce said. She paused, "You should look at them, you don't want to be bedding Buffy and trying to work out what to do, you should be an expert before so that Buffy gets an experience she won't forget."

"Yes Mom," Dawn said, blushing at the thought of watching two women go at it. Her cheeks got even redder as she then thought that whatever the women she saw on film were doing there was a good chance she and Buffy would also be doing later.

"And make sure you don't go onto any straight sites, you want Buffy to think you're a total lesbian, not that you're unsure and experimenting. In fact to be safe you probably should stop listening to the Back Street Boys and switch to KD Lang, make sure you favourite her fansite."

Dawn nodded again, there was a lot to do and saving the world meant changing everything about her. She just hoped the world appreciated it. Her Mom was continuing, "We'll also need to get you a pornographic lesbian DVD collection, there's a sex shop on the edge of Sunnydale which is open late, we can go after dinner - make sure you bring a crucifix and some holy water just in case.

"And tomorrow we'll need to go clothes shopping. If you're going to seduce Buffy we're going to have to get you some much sexier outfits and some naughty negligees as well."

"Yes Mom," Dawn replied.


It was the strangest shopping trip Dawn could remember and that was including the one yesterday where she and her Mom had been the only women in a sex-shop full of seedy men. Normally when they went clothes shopping Dawn would point out something sexy only for her Mom to shake her head and point out something only a nun would wear, this continuing until they compromised with something which was fit for the twenty-first century but wasn't too revealing. This afternoon had been the opposite of that with Dawn suggesting moderately sexy - which might raise a few eyebrows at school but wasn't too risqué and her Mom deciding to go for clothes so slutty that even a hooker wouldn't wear. And to cap it all in many cases her Mom had then deliberately gone for smaller sizes, cropped tops that stretched over Dawn's teen tits and miniskirts which hardly hid her pussy. At least, Dawn had thought, her Mom wasn't replacing her underwear. She'd mentioned this to her Mom, who'd blushed and said that when Buffy was around she shouldn't be wearing any. God knew what the sales staff had thought, as the Mom and teen bought ever more revealing and risqué clothes, far from suitable for a sixteen year old Junior. Any reservations they might have had were, however, outweighed by the fact that Joyce was buying an entire new wardrobe for her daughter - from formal dresses to casual-wear through bikinis and night clothes designed for honeymoons. They left the Sunnydale, the car laden with bags and the Council several thousand dollars lighter.

She was now upstairs packing most of her old clothes into boxes. Her Mom had agreed that she should keep a few pieces for school or if she was out in public, the seduction of Buffy had to be a secret and dressing so sluttily that the school was ringing Joyce to voice their worries wouldn't help keep their profile low. But apart from those few favourite items, everything else was being packed away until Glory was defeated - whenever that was. Dawn had to get used to dressing sexily if she wanted to attract Buffy, after all it was no use showing the goods only to blush with embarrassment whenever her older sister looked at her.

"Dawn, could you come down please?" her Mom shouted up the stairs.

"Coming," Dawn called back. She took one last look in the mirror. Make-up at all time, deep red lips and blusher to bring out the warmth of her cheeks. A short min-skirt, a size to small, which clung at her waist and hardly covered her thighs - nothing underneath. A cropped vest, cut down at the front as well as being up well over her belly button - little more than a strip of material with straps, no bra. And socks of course, white ones that reached just over her ankles.

She gave a sigh and went down to see her Mom and begin her new life.

"Dawn, this is Quentin Travers head of the Watcher's Council and you know Rupert of course," Joyce stood up introducing the two men sitting on the sofa drinking tea.

Dawn blushed furiously, she hadn't heard them come in and had thought her Mom was alone. Instead not only was her Mom now gazing up at her very short skirt and what was underneath (or wasn't), but so were two middle aged men. "Pleased to meet you Mr Travers" she lied.

"The preparation is going to be really pressured over the next few weeks and Mr Travers and Rupert have volunteered to help," Joyce said, "Mr Travers come all the way over from England."

"The fate of the world is at stake," the head of the Council said pompously, sipping his tea, "It was the least I can do." He stood up and placed the china cup carefully on the table, "A very refreshing cup of tea choice, so few Americans can get it right." Joyce blushed a little and showed every sign of being pleased by the compliment. The chief Watcher looked up. "Dawn raise your skirt and show us your vagina."

Dawn stood half-way up the stairs looking down, her mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. It was Joyce who intervened, "Please Dawn, you need to treat Mr Travers and Rupert like they're your teachers and do what they say. We've a lot to do and very little time, now raise your skirt for him."

Closing her eyes so she didn't have to look at their faces as they saw her pussy the teen brunette did as she was told. There was a slight snort from Quentin. "It's is as I thought the pubic hair is covering the vagina. It'll need to be shaved if she wants to attract Buffy and kept shorn. How often do you think Giles, once a day enough?"

"Um, I'm not an expert Quentin, but I think a morning shave should be enough, I can't imagine pubic hair is quicker than a moustache."

"Once a day then, before breakfast. I shall expect you to be presenting to Joyce to check, if that's alright with you Joyce?"

"Anything I can do," said Joyce.

"Well, Dawn what are you waiting for go up and shave," said Quentin Travers impatiently

"There's some lady razors and foam in the cupboard over the sink," her Mom called after her.

Dawn had never shaved her pussy and not wanting to nick herself it took her longer than she expected. When it was done she hoisted up her skirt and looked in the mirror, checking not a hair remained. She hoped Buffy liked it, but for the moment it was more important it past muster with Mr Travers. She headed back downstairs.

The two Watchers and her Mom all looked up as she came down the stairs. "Let me see," said Travers, gesturing her over to the couch where he was sitting next to Giles. Dawn dutifully approached and the older Watcher put down his tea. "Lift up your skirt."

Blushing dawn did as he asked, pulling it up so her teenage pussy was exposed. Travers and Giles both looked at it, before beckoning Joyce over. "There's some foam still over the lip," Travers said. "That's very poor Miss Summers. In future you'll have to do better."

Giles and Joyce both frowned, thinking perhaps that for her first time Dawn's cunt had been shorn nicely. "It's something we'll make sure we work on," Joyce finally decided to say.

Travers nodded curtly, gesturing for Dawn that she could drop her skirt again. The teen did so, grateful that her most intimate parts were not the subject of the older man's gaze. She wondered whether she should step back but before she could decide he looked up at her, "Did you find that embarrassing, exposing yourself to us?"

Joyce looked at her and said, "You need to be open about this, tell the truth."

"Yes," said Dawn, "Yes I did."

"Mmmnn," Travers pressed his fingers together in a triangle and frowned, "I understand your Mother has told you what is required, that to save the world you will be having sex with your sister." Dawn nodded so he continued, "To do that you will need to seduce Buffy and to do that successfully you will need to exhibit your body to her, for want of a better word, wantonly. It will be impossible for you do this if you have a hang-up about your nudity, in front of me, Mr Giles, your mother or Buffy. If you do, you will fail and the world is doomed."

Joyce patted her daughter's shoulder encouragingly, "Don't worry Dawn, there's a few weeks before Buffy's home. We'll put that to use."

"Indeed we will," said Travers pompously. "The first thing for you to do is strip. You need to get used to being seen naked and showing your body."


The next month was the hardest of Dawn's life and she understood why Buffy had so often complained about fitting in training, school and a social life. Dawn had basically to give up the third one of these...

Her alarm would go early in the morning, way earlier than it ever used to. She'd have to get out of bed and spend ten minutes striking sexy poses in front of the mirror, using whichever negligee she was wearing - all of them were short, see-through and designed to please. After ten minutes she had to take a selfie in the mirror of whichever one she thought the most pleasing with her digital camera and send it to her Mom, Mr Travers and Giles. During the day they'd all mark it and send her comments on whether it was seductive, how she should stand, what she should expose and what she shouldn't, whether to tease or please and if this was a negligee which should be binned or worn again.

Next she took it off and stepped fully naked out of her room. First stop was the bathroom for a pussy shave, sitting on the toilet seat, the door fully open so that anyone could have seen her (if anyone had been in and not in bed), scraping away the stubble and making the flesh as smooth as silk. She did make sure there was no foam (she'd learnt that lesson) before going to wake up her Mom, knocking on the older woman's door and waiting outside for Joyce to open it. The teen found it embarrassing standing their in the nude, especially when her Mom clothed in a longer nightdress and robe opened the door and looked the teen's naked body up and down, making her turn round so that she could see her butt, before examining her shaven pussy in close detail to check there wasn't even one stray hair. But Dawn appreciated why her Mom was doing it, it was making her stronger, preparing her for saving the world.

A shower was next. Unlike previously when the bathroom door was closed to all and Dawn used it to get clean now it was a chance for her to perform for her Mom, the older woman watching as Dawn stepped seductively into shower and began to play. The teen's tits would be pushed at the glass, wiping away the suds and steam. She'd swing them and slide them, they seemed magnified as they were squashed at the barrier. Soon she'd be sliding her hand down rubbing her pussy seductively, swivelling a finger into her hole and moaning loudly and excitedly, her naked buttocks bouncing at the steamed up wall as she masturbated herself to orgasm. At first her Mom would call out some instructions, telling Dawn to press back at the glass or lick a cummy finger seductively as the water poured from her. Soon Dawn realised - the morning shower wasn't to wash her it was to help her get over her embarrassment and another weapon in her arsenal of seduction.

She wouldn't get dressed for breakfast, not even a towel. It was important for her to get used to nudity. So she would go downstairs in the buff. Her Mom still made it and still told Dawn it was the most important meal of the day - that hadn't changed. what had changed was the music KD Lang and Joan Armtrading on the CD player instead of tunes Dawn actually liked. Oh, and Dawn would have to masturbate whilst singing to them, her finger rubbing at her soaking twat as her Mom made approving comments.

School was next and for that she was dressed in her old conservative style. Most of the day was the same, though at break she had to rush to find a cubicle, pull-off her panties, stuff them in her mouth and furiously masturbate to orgasm before the bell. Without anyone to supervise her Joyce and the Watchers had to take it on the trust that she did it - but the teen knew what was at stake and had no intention of skipping her training.

At lunchtime Joyce picked her up and took her over to Giles' place which was only five minutes from the temporary Sunnydale High buildings. To save time Giles would already have made some lunch and Dawn would strip naked before quickly eating it, whilst Giles and Travers sat on the couches drinking tea and talking to Joyce. As soon as Dawn had finished eating it was time for her to put on a sexy dance and show them what she'd learnt. Standing in front of the other three Dawn would gyrate sexily, jiggling her titties and swinging round to shake her ass. She could almost feel their eyes on her and at first her skin had burnt red. But Quentin Travers had been right, the more she was naked the less it bothered her - she had a job to do and nudity was as much her uniform as a cop's.

As her dance finished she'd take up the dildo and use it, sitting on the comfy chair opposite the others, her legs spread-eagled, first teasing by rubbing it round and round the hole seductively. She'd her lips with it, easing the tip in first and then the rest of the toy, quickly working it up and down her pussy, until she was cumming, her juice flowing out in rivers. As soon as she'd cum she'd turn onto her hands and knees on the seat with her butt facing outwards and the wet toy would break through her rosebud and she'd slam it down her ass as fast as she could. Over the weeks her self-consciousness dissipated, as she realised shame didn't actually hurt and that her Mom and the Watchers were watching to help her and to save the world. And she got used to dildos, in her pussy and ass, so she wouldn't freeze or be surprised when Buffy used them on. As she got dressed to return to school she'd slap some Slayer Healing cream on her butt - they didn't know Buffy's tastes, whether she'd want Dawn to be an anal virgin or not, but it was easier to make sure the teen remained tight just in case.

School went by at speed and next thing Dawn knew she'd be outside jumping into her Mom's car. She didn't have time for study in the evening so it was a quick five minute stop with Giles, with her school assignments, for him to type up and print the essays and do the Math (though she'd need to copy that into her own handwriting later). Luckily she'd always been a top student so the improvement that Giles brought was hardly noticeable (and put down by teachers for the teen's enthusiasm to end the year on a high).

Then it was home, where Dawn would rush up to her room and change from her school wear to her slut wear. The next couple of hours to dinner was making sure she knew how each item could be worn to best effect. How to sit down with a short skirt so her pussy was exposed, to bend down in her tightest jeans so that her ass cheeks bulged and to lean forward in her vest so that her titties almost fell out. All the time her Mom would be making comments and suggestions so that by the end of month every move Dawn made was both seemingly innocent and blatantly suggestive.

After dinner it'd be back to nudity, half an hour to relax and watch some television (naked and stroking her pussy as she did). Her dinner down it was exercises designed to limber her up and make her as lithe and sexy as possible - press ups, sit-ups, crunches; - all under the watchful eye of Mr Travers (as Giles was out with Buffy trying to deal with the Sunnydale's latest big bad). Finally out would come the pole, for Dawn to dance and gyrate round, keeping her stomach firm and allowing her to practice how she would club with her sister if that was required.

It was impossible to practice on Buffy for real (what they had needed was a Buffybot, Dawn had joked), but a dildo stuck to the wall at waist height at least allowed the teen to practice her deep-throating skills. As she knelt down and sucked enthusiastically at the toy she was told to pretend it was Buffy and practice her dirty talk, so after a few bob's Dawn would slip the cock out and look up into her imaginary sister's eyes, "MMnnn, I'm so bad." "I want to be yours Buffy." "Take me anyway you want." "I want your big strap-on in my juicy teen cunny." "Mmmmnnn, Buffy I'm such a slut for you."

Her skills improved quickly, perhaps she was a natural born cocksucker as her Mom proudly told her.

After Quentin Travers had gone it was time to watch a movie or more specifically one of the lesbian porn movies she and her Mom had bought. All the time she was watching it Joyce was beside her, checking she was concentrating - how had that woman licked the other one? which spots had she concentrated on? how fast was she going? What about the next couple - how had the domme pleased the sub? What had the sub done? How would Dawn have done even better? They'd always watch at least three - including one with strap-ons and one with more than one girl, they needed to be prepared for any kinks Buffy might have.

By then it would be time for bed, a quick shower first and a repeat of the morning performance - no opportunity to train Dawn could be missed - before the exhausted teen would collapse into bed. She would have barely closed her eyes when her Mom would rap on bedroom "Remember Dawnie, thirty minutes dildoing before you go to sleep."


It was Saturday morning, just under a month since Dawn had been given the news that she needed to seduce Buffy to prevent the apocalypse. It was strange how quickly things had changed, she was confident in her sexuality and body, horny as hell all the time and able to make men hard and women gay with just a swing of her hips.

She stood in the middle of the room as Giles and Mr Travers looked over her, her Mom standing nervously behind like a dog owner at best of breed competition. "Lift," said Mr Travers indicating the teen's tiny skirt.

Even a couple of weeks ago Dawn's face would have been redder than the Comintern, but now she was trained and up she hoisted without hesitation or embarrassment. The older Watcher's face remained impassive, never once had he'd praised her. Luckily Giles wasn't of that school, "That's great Dawn, as smooth as baby's bottom, also I liked the way you came down the stairs, it was so sultry and when you sat down, we all got a nice peek, I'm sure Buffy will appreciate it."

Quentin Travers gave a snort, as if he thought praise was for wimps. "What's the time? Buffy will be home in an hour from college. Dawn you remember how vital this is, the fate of the world no longer relies on the Slayer, but on you."

"I'm ready," Dawn managed to sound confident.

"You will need every ounce of sexiness to pull this off, but if you don't..." he glowered in a way that suggested she should be more worried about his reaction that world be sucked in a great big wormhole.

"We'll be here to support you, sweetheart," her Mom interjected, "All the way."

"I am ready, I can do it," said Dawn.

Giles nodded, "We know you can, we wouldn't have asked. Take it steady, don't be discouraged if Buffy doesn't seem interested or pulls back. It wasn't the Hare that won the race."

"Aesop's Fables Giles? She's an American will she even know what that means," Quentin Travers said. No-one had time to answer before he picked up his pork-pie hat, "We better be going, we need to start research on some contingency plans if Dawn fails."

"She won't," said her Mom and squeezed Dawn's should encouragingly.

Dawn nodded in confirmation. Buffy would be home soon and then her job would begin...


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