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Angel checks the straps, hooks and chains and steps back to look over his work critically. The bound figure in the cage twitches and snarls behind the gag. He reaches out to work his thumb over the plump lower lip. He grins when a ferocious glare from the blond is directed his way.

He snickers. “Ooh, what a scary look. Bet you wish you could bite me right now, don’t you? Too bad.”

Without warning he whips the belt he’s concealed behind his back over the plump buttocks. He puts as much force as he can behind the blow without breaking the skin. The figure grunts and sways in the chains suspending it from the top of the cage.

“You liked that, didn’t you? Such a taste for pain. Well, I’m going to be indulging that little fetish tonight.” He leans closer and whispers into the shell-like ear. “You’ve got to learn that you’re not the one...”


He turns around, his broad frame concealing the person in the cage for the moment. “Hello, Lindsey. How’re ya feeling?”

“Fine.” Lindsey eyes him cautiously, his blue-eyed gaze flicking to the belt in his hand, then back to the leather-clad man in front of him. “Angel, what’s going on?”

Angel steps aside, exposing the tied-up prisoner. “Surprise.”

Lindsey’s eyes widen. He’d known that Angel would have something special planned. He hasn’t figured on this.

Spike is naked, his muscular body encased in strategic places by leather straps. A ball gag is in his mouth, effectively muffling whatever he’s trying to say. His arms and legs are held behind his back as he hangs face down from the chains suspending him from the top of the cage. His knees have been forced apart by the placement of the chains as well, exposing him to Angel’s gaze. When Spike had been fucking him, the demon had always remained clothed. Taken by the peroxide blond from behind and in the dark, Lindsey had never so much as seen his body nor did he particularly want to.

Now however, looked at objectively, he has to admit that Spike is gorgeous. His unchanging immortal body is bewitchingly pale, with a marble sheen to it that is a vivid contrast to the black leather binding him. The body is spare and compact, without a spare bit of flesh anywhere, save for the plump buttocks. Every taut muscle is exposed as he flexes in his straps. Even the prominent cheekbones are highlighted by the straps holding the gag in place and fastened securely behind his head.

Lindsey looks downward. The blond’s cock has been wrapped around with strategically placed straps as well, an arrangement that Lindsey has heard referred to as a “Grecian sandal”. A thin nozzle is inserted in the tip of the cock and Lindsey flushes as he realizes the implications.

“I’ve been talking to Spike here about what happened in the meeting room earlier this week. He hasn’t been exactly forthcoming. Care to enlighten me, Lindsey?” Charcoal eyes meet blue ones. Lindsey forces himself not to look away.

“It’s nothing important, Angel. Just a stupid conversation that got out of hand.”

“Really? So Spike wasn’t making a play for you?”

Calm is essential here. He refuses to let Angel know how jealous he’d gotten, how his insecurities had once again risen to bite him. “No.”

“I smelled differently.”

Damn vampires with their keen senses. Wouldn’t he ever be able to hide anything from this man again?

Angel continues in a musing tone. “Spike and I have had our share of fights in the past about who gets to play with each other’s…partners.” The brunette vampire’s gaze sharpens. He’s picked up on something, in Lindsey’s eyes or his stance or his heartbeat. “So that’s it. He’s been bothering you about sex, hasn’t he?”

“Not that. Look, Angel, just let it go. Spike’s insignificant. Why are we even wasting time with him?” Lindsey drawls. He’s maintaining his indifference but he realizes it’s a losing battle.

“Lindsey, you forget. I’ve run with Spike for a long time. I know how he thinks. When he gets frustrated with his sex life--or lack of it--he takes it out on other people. Hurting other people mentally appeals to the demon in him. I can relate. I used to play such games myself. But he’s got to learn that times have changed and I’m not putting up with his nonsense any more.”

Angel’s expression now is almost…vicious. Lindsey suppresses a shudder, hoping that look is never directed his way. Although there were times in the past when he’d been on the wrong side of a fight against Angel, the vampire had never tortured him with malice aforethought. Lindsey is fully aware of Angelus’s atrocities, however, and knows how much he was spared.

Angel reaches out and strokes Spike’s body in precise patterns. It is clear that Angel is taking advantage of prior knowledge of the blond’s body. The grimace on Spike’s face melts away. Almost imperceptibly, his body relaxes and then quivers as Angel touches him. His eyes glaze just a little before they squeeze shut. He tries to move himself away from Angel’s caresses but it is impossible.

In spite of himself, Spike is responding to the older vampire’s skillful hands. The cock is only half-hard but it is lengthening, stretching along Spike’s stomach as Lindsey watches. The broad hands stroke over the chest, pinching the nipples. Then he presses on a spot on the blond vampire’s side. Slowly, he rubs in a precise circle. Spike lets out a strangled moan behind the gag and Lindsey’s cock hardens.

He knows that sound. He has made it often enough, although he’d never been gagged when it happened. Handcuffs, yes. Gags? Not so much. That kind of restraint isn’t his thing; Angel knows this and has never tried it on him. The vampire likes hearing him scream too much…

But Spike can’t seem to keep himself from making that noise. Then Angel’s hand comes down on his buttocks with a resounding “crack”. The sound is amazingly loud in the enclosed space and Lindsey nearly jumps out of his skin at hearing it.

Spike’s reaction is even better. The blue eyes fly open as the body twitches violently in the straps. The buttocks bob down and then back up as though begging for a repetition. Angel obliges. Lindsey is treated to the sight of the brunette alternately lashing at Spike’s buttcheeks with a belt and spanking and pinching the flesh with his hands.

Vampires may have no circulation but the blood is being brought to the surface nonetheless. Spike’s ass is reddening under the stimuli of leather and flesh and the rest of him is no less responsive. Muscles quiver; the body swings rhythmically in the chains; choked moans burst from behind the red plastic ball jammed between the plush lips. The blond’s cock is swelling in its restraints. In mere moments, it has become painfully erect, straining against the tiny straps.

Spike is writhing in his bonds now, unable to withhold his anguish from the other vampire tormenting him. The moans from behind the gag turn to whimpers of distress. Angel is leaving the most vital part of Spike’s anatomy untouched. Not that a touch would do any good, considering how his dick is imprisoned. In fact, it would likely make it worse.

“What’s the matter, Spike? Feeling kinda…pent up? I know it’s been a while.” Angel’s hands drift over the nearest buttock and reach between Spike’s spread legs.

Uh oh.

His fingers start stroking the shaft, teasing at the head with irritatingly feather-light touches. “Hmm. This looks like it needs attention.” He teases his victim for several moments with that cunning touch Lindsey knows so well. Then his hand drops away, causing Spike to let out an indignant squeak behind the gag. “Too bad I’m just not interested in you that way any more.”

Angel turns to Lindsey. “Come here, baby.”

Lindsey’s eyes snap towards Angel at hearing the endearment. The smoky brown eyes are melting, the tender expression completely at odds with the scornful treatment he’s been meting out to the other vampire.

Lindsey steps forward and is wrapped up tight in Angel’s embrace. The taller brunette gives him a meltingly torrid kiss and Lindsey sinks into him with a moan.

Those tepid lips pull and tease, the tongue coming out to press on his mouth until he opens to Angel. The kiss is unhurried, drawn out and oh-so-tender, Angel’s tongue lapping in teasing flicks at his. A pointed nick, so swift he barely feels it, and Angel’s sucking takes on a different quality.

Lindsey starts at feeling a chilly sensation against his back. Angel has backed him up gradually until he’s pressed against the bars. When the vampire starts tugging his belt out of his straps, he breaks the kiss. Angel’s feral yellow eyes meet his and Lindsey shivers. The hunger there is palpable, so molten his own bones seem about to melt.

But a glance over Angel’s shoulder shows Spike staring at them before the blond scowls and averts his eyes. Spike is right here and exhibitionism is not one of Lindsey’s kinks.

He pushes at the vampire’s shoulders. “Angel. Angel. Stop this. Please. I don’t--”

“Would you like to fuck him, Lindsey?”

“Would I WHAT?”

Angel pulls back, giving Lindsey a heavy-lidded stare. “Would you like to fuck him?”

Lindsey licks his lips, searching the dark gaze. This is a game, a new one, but he doesn't know its parameters or what Angel truly wants. Maybe it’s a test.

He slides his gaze over to Spike. The blond vampire is staring at them again. His eyes are suddenly hungry, too. Lindsey wonders if that desire is for him or the taller vampire holding him in his arms.

As if in a trance, he walks over to Spike. He runs his hands over the slim back, the supple buttocks. When Lindsey cups and squeezes the ass, he is not entirely surprised to feel it quiver in his hands.

The vampire is muscular as well yet his body is wholly different from Angel’s. His paleness is of milk rather than Angel’s ivory complexion but it is enticing, nonetheless. The notion of being entangled with it abruptly grips Lindsey, leaving him with an aching pit in his belly.

Angel’s larger hand closes over his. “No, Lindsey. You have to be firmer. Spike likes a bit of rough, a hint of pain with his sex.”

In clinical terms, he then gives Lindsey a thorough tutorial in “What Makes Spike Scream, Moan and Squirm”. He shows the Southerner the exact places to scratch, spank and twist the pale flesh. Bloody scratches and bruises are making interesting patterns on the marble flesh.

And the smaller vampire is feeling it. His moans behind the gag are of a different timber, his arching nudging his body into their hands. When Angel judges he’s ready, he reaches forward and pulls off the gag.

The vampire spits and grimaces. “Sod it, that’s rank! Peaches, you tosser…”

“Spike, you heard what I said to Lindsey. He wants to fuck you. If you let him, I’ll let you cum. If not, the gag goes back on and I’ll leave you here all weekend tied up like this.”

The vampire glares but when Angel holds up the gag, he drawls, “Well, why not? He’s got to have gotten tired of you by now, Peaches.”

“No, actually, I got tired of you, Spike,” Lindsey retorts. “Like I said, you were just a stand-in.”

“Boys, boys. Let’s not fight,” Angel says with mock patience. “Lindsey, help me get him down.”


Lindsey stares at the expanse of pale back and buttocks in front of him. Spike is down on the cement floor, on his knees, spread over Nina’s blanket. He’s struggling to sit up, to stand, but Angel is quick to yank him down to the proper stance.

Angel hasn’t left Spike entirely unbound. He’s not stupid enough to trust the other vampire entirely. Spike’s arms are bound wrist to elbow with a tight sheath of skin that looks like leather but smells off somehow. Lindsey doesn’t know what kind of animal it’s from and he’s not certain he’d recognize the name if Angel told him. Spike is tugging at it but to no avail; he simply can’t break free.

“Come on, Lindsey. Don’t keep him waiting all night.” Angel’s voice is amused. He’s sitting sprawled in front of Spike, gloriously naked, as if he hadn’t a care in the world. He leans back, his own cock rigid and splayed against his belly.

Is he supposed to take Spike dry? It looks like it but Lindsey knows how much that will hurt and he can’t bring himself to be that cruel. Spitting into his palm, he wets his cock and kneels behind the smaller vampire. Fortunately, Angel has left his coat spread there for the comfort of Lindsey’s knees; he didn’t fancy kneeling on the bare cement all night.

The mortal reaches out to stroke and cup that rounded butt before sliding his dry hand up the spinal column. Spike gives an impatient shake.

“You heard ‘im, you Kentucky-fried redneck,” Spike sneers. “Get on with it.”

“Didn’t know you were so eager, Spike,” Lindsey shoots back. “Guess it really has been a long time for you.” Before Spike can come up with a retort to that, he grabs him by the waist and shoves his cock into him.

Spike gives a grunt but makes no real sound of pain. Lindsey eases into him slowly but the vampire snarls, twisting his head back. “Harder, you ponce. Fuck, I can hardly feel you! Maybe you’re just too small--”

No man can take a taunt like that. Lindsey begins plowing Spike hard, enjoying the grunts and strangled noises the other vamp makes.

Then Angel begins talking, his voice as light as if he’s at a picnic. “Hmmm. It’s good seeing Spike like this. Reminds me of the times we would fuck when Darla and Drusilla were out on the town.”

Lindsey nearly falters at hearing Darla’s name. When he glances at Angel, he sees his lover is peering at Spike, smiling bemusedly at the fair-haired vampire.

“Remember that first time I took you, Spike? You were shocked as all get out. You were such a fledgling, everything so new to you. Even the tricks that Drusilla taught you hadn’t prepared you for the coring I gave you. You weren’t ashamed that I was fucking you; you were more ashamed at how much you liked it.”

He lets one hand drift down to his crotch, slowly stroking the erection pulsing there. “Darla had hauled Drusilla away, promising her a family with six little girls to play with. Then I grabbed you, kissing you. Like this.”

He lunges forward suddenly, grabbing Spike by the hair. He presses his lips against Spike’s, his mouth pulling hard against the other’s lips.

Lindsey freezes again. He hadn’t expected this. Fucking is one thing, but kissing is strangely intimate and a wave of jealousy wells within him.

Angel seems to sense this because he pulls back and begins stroking Spike, pinching the nipples and yanking at the blond’s cock. “You started yelling when I pulled back but I could feel you getting hard in your breeches. I grabbed you by the hips and forced my leg between yours, running you along my thigh until you were writhing from the pleasure of it.”

Spike isn’t writhing but Lindsey can feel a change in his body. His ass is clenching tighter around Lindsey’s prick until the former lawyer is gasping from the fierce pull of it. The milky pale body strains forward as if striving to reach the more experienced vamp in front of him.

The words are having an effect on Lindsey, too. As always, Angel’s whisky-soaked voice is reaching inside him, pulling images into his head and making him hard as steel. He shoves into Spike even harder, pulling back on the bound arms ruthlessly to keep the vampire’s flesh wedded to his.

“I started tearing off your clothes, sucking and biting the flesh I could reach. Then I started blowing you, all the while shoving my fingers inside that sweet tight hole of yours.”

“Fuck…you…tosser,” Spike rasps. It sounds almost like an endearment.

“I could sense your surprise at how good it is, how good I was. But I’d been with Darla for over a century by then. She’d been a whore and she taught me everything she knew, a hell of a lot more than I ever taught Drusilla. My lips pulling over your cock, my fingers up your ass--you came before you could even think of stopping yourself.”

Oh, god. Angel could be talking about the things he’s done in bed with Lindsey. He’s on the verge of cumming himself, of shooting himself into Spike’s ass. But Lindsey holds back with everything he has because he knows there’s more than what Angel’s said so far.

“You collapsed on the floor and, before you could recover, I’d shoved my cock into you. You screamed at me, you asked me what the bloody hell I was doing.” Angel pauses to laugh, clearly amused at the recollection of Spike’s outrage.

“Yeah, tell Lindsey how you raped me that first time, you cocksuckin’ pansy,” Spike sneers.

“Ah, just the first time, Spike? There were other times and you were willing--for most of them. And don’t forget, we were both evil monsters then. What did you expect?” Angel raises his eyebrows, a smirk twisting his lips.

“Sod you.”

“He twisted in my grip, trying to get away from me, but I was firmly between those thighs and I wasn’t letting him go until I was satisfied. It was so damned good, sticking it to that former milksop--”

“Shit! Fuckin’ Mick!”

“Hearing him scream and cry--and then whimper and moan. His arms came up around me, holding me close as the pain gave way at last. I hooked my arms under his knees, curling that delicious rounded ass, and stroked that sweet spot inside him until his eyes rolled up in his sockets. He squealed…”

“Like hell I did! I don’t squeal!”

“Squealed, whimpered, cried out for more. I plunged into him again and again and he took every inch, every bit of meat, and wouldn’t let me go until he came again. And I gave it to him. For hours we rolled around, trying every position I could think of, and each time he shoved that shapely ass back against me, my balls whacking him while I spanked him, leaving prints that took hours to fade.”

Lindsey sees Angel’s hand pump his cock faster, his face flickering between vampire and human visage. He’s getting excited and Lindsey is spurred by it, by his story, biting his lip as he thrusts harder into Spike.

Quivers run over Lindsey’s skin. He’s groaning, barely aware of the sounds he’s making, his cries mingling with Spike’s. It’s almost like he’s there, watching the two undead creatures entwined with each other.

Angel’s eyes drifts over them. “There’s only one thing we’ve never done together…”

With a blur of movement Lindsey can hardly see, he is in front of them, pressing his chest against Spike’s. His arms grab the blond vampire’s knees, yanking them up. Before Lindsey can figure out his intention, Angel rams his cock into Spike, pressing the blond vampire hard against Lindsey.

Spike’s scream of pain is almost unearthly, dissolving almost at once into curses and obscenities. “FUCK! Peaches, you bloody wanker! Stop, you shit! You fuckin’ ponce!”

“Spike,” Angel grunts. “You were always such a sweet talker.”

“Angel…” Lindsey breathes. This is beyond incredible, definitely more than he expected. He can feel Angel’s throbbing meat, that fullness rubbing up and down his own length. They’d engaged in that kind of frottage before, the sort of thing they did between bouts. It both aroused them and let them rest before more strenuous activity was resumed.

But that’s nothing like this. Spike’s stretched ass squashes them together more closely than they have ever been. Every ripple and bulge in Angel’s cock is as palpable as if it were his own. It’s almost like they’re one flesh. Lindsey flushes at the thought.

Angel continues to thrust hard, not put off by Spike’s continued curses nor Lindsey’s presence. “Remember that tender virgin in Geneva, Spike? What was her name?”

“Hanna.” Lindsey is startled. Spike’s tone has changed, his guttural blasts of breath no longer sounding raw with hurt.

“Yeah, Hanna. Darling little Hanna. I’d been working her for weeks, getting her to let me go further and further with her each time we met…sucking on her firm small titties, plunging my fingers into her pussy, rubbing her clit until she fainted with pleasure, ‘accidentally’ letting her catch a sight of me with Darla. She was jealous until I explained that I was a man with needs and Darla was a woman who knew how to satisfy a man. I couldn’t expect a little girl like her to make me happy that way.

“That made her mad for me, it did. You didn’t understand why she didn’t go running back to her family after she saw that. You had a lot to learn, lad.”

“Fuck you, Peaches.”

Angel winks at Lindsey. “So one night I’m screwing her up the ass, tweaking those pink nipples and running my fingers around that pussy of hers. She’s sopping wet because she’s cumming like a fountain. I’m kissing her and she’s so caught up that she doesn’t notice Spike coming into the room, undoing his breeches. He steps up to her, puts his hands on her little titties and then…”

“Then I shove myself into her wet cunt,” Spike pants. He growls and Lindsey feels his form tense, at last caught up in Angel’s remembered passion.

“She doesn’t even know at first!” Angel laughs. “Then her mouth rips from mine and she tries to scream.”

“But you clamp your hand over her mouth.” Spike laughs. “Then we’re both fuckin' her…”

“Rubbing each other’s cocks through the thin flesh inside her body…”

“Feelin' her shake and hearin' her lovely heart beating until it’s ready to fly out her chest…”

“Having her cunt and ass squeeze around us when she starts cumming…” Angel whispers dreamily.

“And then…”

“And then...”

“We sank our fangs into her, Angelus,” Spike moans. “Both of us.”

“Like this.” Angel’s face shifts. Yanking Spike’s head back, he lunges forward and buries his fangs in his Grandchilde’s neck.

Spike screams again. This time Lindsey can hear the difference, knows this isn’t pain.

Because he’s felt it himself, the crazy bliss that’s better than mere sex, that takes any human orgasm and magnifies it by a thousand times.

Spike cums first. The bite leaves him no choice. He arches forward, his legs flying out to wind around Angel’s wider hips, holding the older vampire close. Wild cries of untamed joy rip from him as Angel feeds. “Fuck! Angelus! Yeah. S-fuck me. Don’t…”

Don’t stop. That’s what Spike’s about to say although he’s still able to hold himself back from it. Lindsey wouldn’t hold himself back and suddenly he feels left out, both from their shared past and their present rapture. He’s never seen Angel’s face in the midst of feeding, only afterward when the hard ridges of his face fade away to leave the vampire looking sated and content. Now he sees and the look is incredible, the yellow eyes becoming tinged with red, Angel’s lips equally scarlet as they pull mercilessly at the source of sustenance.

Angel isn’t stopping. He continues to feed from Spike, for far longer than he’s ever taken Lindsey. Spike’s jerks and shudders are becoming weaker, his head lolling back on to Lindsey’s shoulder. Lindsey notes that his lips are turning blue, the blue eyes graying over like a film has dropped over them.

Spike’s lips tremble with the effort of speaking. “No…stop…fuckin’ wanker…”

The brunette vampire ignores him. He is pressing Spike backward until he and Lindsey are nearly flat against the leather coat. Lindsey can see him sawing at Spike’s throat now, the fangs ripping the flesh to shreds with the effort of pulling the blood from his victim. His pumps into Spike are equally fierce, without concern for Spike’s comfort or pleasure.

Spike bucks again, another orgasm barreling through him with inescapable force. A long, drawn-out moan shakes the aqua lips as Spike’s face contorts with delight. In spite of the agony of blood loss, he cannot hold back his satisfaction from his Grandsire.

And still Angel feeds. Spike does not breathe; his heart does not beat. Can he die from this?

What, exactly, does Angel intend? Lindsey doesn’t want Spike to go, not like this. Not that he gives a rat’s ass about him, but his death would be hard to explain to the others. Then again, who else knows where the three of them are? Lindsey is certain the brunette vamp has covered his tracks well. If Spike dissolves into dust and only two of them emerge from the cage, who would know?

Spike’s lips are no longer blue; they are ashen. His movements are so sluggish Lindsey isn’t certain he moves at all. “Angel. I think…you have to stop,” he says, reaching out to touch the brunette’s shoulder.

As if Lindsey’s voice brings him back to reality, Angel raises his head from Spike’s neck at last. His lips and chin are dripping with blood, the eyes gone completely red. His tongue lolls out almost obscenely to lap at the crimson gore staining his face.

Lindsey has never seen him like this. For the first time in years, he’s actually terrified of Angel.

The nostrils flare, scenting his fear. Angel shoves Spike away, sending the blond vamp’s limp body tumbling across the floor. Lindsey tries to rise. Angel lunges again and they briefly wrestle across the floor as Lindsey brings his own demonic strength to bear.

But he’s dealing with a demon in the throes of bloodlust, a master vampire who’s far too used to getting his own way. His hands about the mortal’s wrists, Angel pins Lindsey down on the leather coat and shoves into him with the same careless strength he used on Spike.

“Angel!” Lindsey cries, arching his back. He can’t throw Angel off and he’s terrified that any more fight will only enflame the demon on top of him.

The dark-haired vampire pauses, the reddened eyes fastened on him. Then he kisses Lindsey with bruising force. His tongue comes out to slick against Lindsey’s mouth and the Southerner’s lips part instinctively to allow it.

There’s blood, vampire blood, being smeared into his mouth. Lindsey would protest but he can barely breathe and, besides, Angel is fucking him again, his cock pressing on that spot in his body, reducing Lindsey to a helpless, quivering heap.

He is rough, far rougher than he’s been in the past, but without the vicious ruthlessness he showed to the unfortunate Brit just now. The lips part from his and Angel buries his face in Lindsey’s neck. There is a brief terror that Angel will feed again and that he will not stop as he did with Spike. But Angel merely licks at the ridged scar until Lindsey shivers with the well-known bliss of the act.

“Ah, ah, fuck, oh god, Angel!” Lindsey gasps and inadvertently swallows the bloody traces in his mouth. It’s not--bad, just odd, another kink in their sexplay. Concern over it flies from his mind as Angel curls his body until Lindsey’s heels point at the ceiling.

The vampire no longer talks; he doesn’t need to say anything. Spike has been utterly forgotten by both men as Angel holds Lindsey, as he licks Lindsey’s scar, as he strokes Lindsey inside and out until the man thrashes and shrieks in his arms. The wildness of this session, the tale, Angel’s voice, Angel’s cock, Angel’s care for him even in the midst of his bloodlust--it all overwhelms the mortal until the crisis swells and bears down on him with the unstoppable force of a hurricane.

“ANNNNNGGGGGELLLLL!” The ecstasy floods the Southerner, causing him to clamp down on Angel’s cock so that the vampire gives a basso growl that echoes around the space.

“LINDSEY!” Angel crushes Lindsey against his broader frame. The vampire is cumming, too. He hadn’t with Spike but his release rushes to meet Lindsey’s as if unwilling to let him enjoy it alone.

“Oh…fuck yeah. I can feel that, feel you, deep inside me,” Lindsey moans. Mortal thighs convulse, clenching the vampire between them with crushing strength. Lindsey thinks Angel’s bones actually creak in a way they didn’t with Spike. His hands are free now and he pulls Angel’s face to his once more, lashing the vampire’s bloody lips in turn with his mouth and tongue, uncaring of the bitter coppery taste.

They are nearly still, the last traces of climax ebbing away after the ferocious sex. Angel hasn’t parted from him yet, but he licks at Lindsey’s neck with those familiar loud purrs rumbling out of him. Lindsey sighs and then tilts his head back, wiggles a little in his lover’s embrace. “Angel…not that I don’t appreciate the tongue bath but you’re really heavy. I’d like to breathe a little,” Lindsey says, pushing at his shoulder again.

That bloodied face lifts from his and studies him intently. Lindsey isn’t certain what Angel is looking for but he appears satisfied. He gives the mortal another kiss, sweet and tender in contrast to the others, and pulls out of him.

Lindsey can’t move, not just yet. Angel has been incredibly forceful with him--not that’s he complaining. The sex has been fantastic, just as it always is. It’s simply that Lindsey’s been exposed to another side of the vampire that he hadn’t expected…and he has Spike to thank for it.

Recalling the other vampire for the first time since Angel’s attack, Lindsey glances over to see that the blond hasn’t moved since Angel discarded him. “Is he going to be okay?”

“Him?” Angel carelessly shrugs. “Sure. Blood loss like this won’t kill a vampire. It can cause a bit of brain damage. Then again, this is Spike. Who would notice?” he smirks. “Don’t worry about him. I’ll toss him back in the cage and bring him some blood to tide him over for the weekend.”

“He’s spending the weekend down here?”

“Why not? Good to have him out of my hair for a while.” Angel rises easily to his feet and brings Lindsey with him. “And this will teach him not to mess with my lovers.”

“Lover?” Lindsey can’t believe it. It’s the first time Angel has ever referred to him like that.

The vampire stills as if startled by his own admission. Then he smiles, one of the shy ones he rarely shows others. “Yeah. Why not?” he repeats softly.

Lindsey hugs Angel hard, this time pulling the vampire’s head down for another kiss. “Angel, you know…”

“Yes, Lindsey. I know. Get dressed. We’re leaving here.” He looks at Lindsey critically and wipes his thumb over the mortal’s chin. “We’ll need to get cleaned up, too. I think there’s a water bottle around somewhere…”

Lindsey finds the strength to dress, watching in bemusement as Angel hoists the still vampire over his shoulder and deposits him unceremoniously back in his prison.

This has been a night to remember. He wonders what other surprises Angel and the future have for him.

Maybe he can get Spike to tell him some more stories…




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