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The night has been a hard one, with Wesley, Angel, Gunn, Spike and himself tracking the demon’s nest through the sewers. While Angel drives the car, Spike ceaselessly complains about the boredom of tracking down and stomping demon eggs. “Couldn’t we wait another night for this? Not like the sodding things are going anywhere. I had something I wanted to watch on telly.”

“What’s the matter? Afraid you’re missing an episode of ‘Passions’, Spike?” Angel asks mildly as he turned a corner, eliciting chuckles from Gunn.

Spike glares at Angel, a look that is lost on his brunette Grandsire since the peroxide-haired vampire is in the backseat and the mirror doesn’t reflect his expression. “That’s a daytime show, you ninny, and it’s none of your business.”

“Well, taking out the demons is our business, Spike, and if you’re not interested, we’ll drop you off at the next corner and you can walk back home to your telly,” Wesley offers.

“No, I’m here for the duration,” Spike counters. “’Sides, you lot need me in case the big pouf here messes up.”

“Take it easy on Spike, Wesley,” Lindsey drawls. “He’s probably just upset there are no women for him to hit on.”

“Why do I need women when I’ve got you?” Spike replies with a nasty grin. “Maybe afterwards you can let me have another go. Since you like vampires so much, maybe you and me can have a turn in the backseat. You’ve got to be tired of Peaches by now.”

“If you want a human being with a thing for vampires, go fuck your Slayer, Spike,” Lindsey shoots back.

Angel’s hands clench the steering wheel and he growls, “That’s enough, you two.”

Spike’s smirk is filled with malice. “That’s right, farmboy. He’s right touchy about that Slayer gal of his. Guess his feelings for you don’t run that deep, do they?”

“I was never raised on a farm, you Cockney asshole. And I know exactly what his feelings for Buffy are. They’re the same as hers for him.” Lindsey glances at Angel’s set profile and his own voice softens. “They’ve got true love. I know I can’t compete with that and I don’t try.”

Spike’s jaw clenches and his next words are harsh, defensive in what he considers his own importance to Buffy. “Well, that obviously didn’t last. Stupid git takes off and leaves his honey behind and she finds a true man to love her. So Buffy and Angel are over.”

“So’s Buffy and Spike, apparently, since she hasn’t bothered to come look you up…”

“I said that’s enough about her, Lindsey! Does anybody remember we’ve got something of real importance to deal with?” Angel grits out.

“Oh, right. Squashing dangerous unhatched eggs. See me tremble with fear.” Spike yawns in exaggerated boredom and stares pointedly out the window.


It turns out the eggs aren’t so harmless. In spite of the vision Angel received earlier showing them quiescent and dormant in the abandoned section of sewer, the eggs have opened and the whole area is crawling with a swarm of demon hatchlings.

“Shit, these things are damned ugly!” Gunn yells as he cocks the flamethrower. In spite of Angel’s vision, Wesley had thought it best to be prepared in the case of this very eventuality. Gunn silently praises the ex-Watcher’s foresight as a gout of flame licks forth to fry a wriggling youngster.

Gunn is right. The hatched creatures are lengthy like centipedes but with bulbous heads resembling frogs and a myriad of rounded eyes that swivel in all directions, allowing them to see their killers with ease. What appear to be thousands of legs with cilia allow them to crawl rapidly and up the walls to the ceiling in an attempt to flee their fiery doom.

“Don’t let a single one escape!” Angel yells. “These things grow to seven feet in three days and can eat a whole busload of people!”

“We’ve been through the drill, so don’t get your knickers in a twist, Peaches! We’ll muddle through somehow! Fuck me, take that, you crawling bugger!” Spike yells as he sprays his flame in an erratic pattern over a trio of youngsters trying to wriggle between his legs.

Lindsey and Wesley are bringing up the rear. Of the five men, Gunn, Angel and Spike are the stronger fighters; they are entrusted with taking point and killing off the majority of the creatures. Lindsey and Wesley are coming from behind to get any that make it past the hardier trio.

The closed-in atmosphere becomes choked with the stench of burning demon spawn. The creatures don’t just fry when hit by the fires; they burst, oozing out a viscous ichor that smells abominable. Soon Lindsey, Wesley and Gunn are coughing and gagging, wishing they’d brought gas masks along with the flamethrowers.

After what seems like hours but in reality must be just a few minutes, the last of the hellspawn is dispatched. They stand, the mortals bent over and coughing to expel the tainted smoke from their lungs as Angel plays the large flashlight with him over the sticky mess along the passage. Satisfied that all the creatures have been dealt with, he turns to his team. “Everybody allright? Gunn? Wesley? Lindsey?”

Lindsey lifts his boots and grimaces. He’d dressed in plain clothes for this job. But the boots are among his favorites, old and comfortable, and right now they’re covered with disgusting demon ick. Hopefully, his usual shoe repair store can deal with the results from this latest job.

He is the first to recover, grateful that the demon strength he got with his purchased visions didn’t leave him when Angel stole his gift. “Good to go here. If that’s the last of them, I’m ready to head home and shower--for about a month.”

“I second that emotion,” Gunn added.

“Then let’s get out of here,” Angel commands and heads back towards the sewer opening.


Lindsey thinks of the evening’s events as he proceeds with his shower. All in all, tonight was a good one. Sure, it had been disgusting in terms of demon goo, but at least there hadn’t been the usual threat to life and limb as with most of their assignments.

Of course, he didn’t have to go with Angel at all. The vampire has a formidable team of expert fighters, courtesy of Wolfram & Hart. None of the original Fang Gang, as Gunn called them, needs to go out on demon calls. It’s just something they do when the boredom of office work got too much.

Lindsey gets quite a kick out of it as well. Often, Angel will take him out, just the two of them, dealing with an old case from the Wolfram & Hart files. The fighting is a kind of bonding experience, something shared that Lindsey thinks brings them closer together.

He often wonders about the times Angel must have done this with that Slayer girl of his, Buffy Summers. Of course they did. Two incomparable, more-than-human fighters that they are. Fighting evil must have made up a large part of their relationship.

Lindsey can only conjecture about that; he doesn’t dare ask Angel about her. He saw how upset Angel got when he made aspersions about Spike’s former liaison with her. He doesn’t want to bring that kind of friction into their relationship.

Dismissing thoughts of the girl, he continues with cleaning off every last bit of grime from his skin. Even if he was mostly covered while in the sewer, the stifling atmosphere still left him feeling soiled.

There is an itch on his skin, centering on his neck, and getting stronger by the moment. He doesn’t need to open his eyes to know his vampire lover has entered the room. Angel pushes aside the glass door to the shower and steps inside.

Lindsey doesn’t turn for the moment, soaping himself off nonchalantly as if nothing has happened. When he feels a prodding at his asshole, he grins but doesn’t make a sound. Angel may think he’s in charge but Lindsey McDonald isn’t necessarily a pushover who begs for sex the moment his ass is touched.

Then the prodding turns into a push and he gasps, his eyes flying open. The intrusion feels--different, nothing like Angel’s cock, and he whimpers when the thrusting doesn’t stop. Whatever’s being shoved inside him goes deeper than Angel’s meat. It feels warm and thin and it isn’t pulled back and forth like a cock at all.

“Shit! Angel, what is that?” Lindsey cranes his head around, trying to see past his own asscheeks to spot whatever Angel’s poking inside him.

The vampire’s head is bent down, his attention wholly concentrated on his task. “Relax, Lindsey. I’m just preparing you. I’ve got something special in mind for tonight.”

“Special? Like what?” Lindsey squirms and tenses as the object is poked deeper. Then his eyes widen.

He’s being filled. A warm liquid is pouring into him and pressing into his bladder. He stumbles forward at the sensation, his ass automatically clenching as his body tries to expel whatever’s being forced inside. A large hand clenches around his buttocks, firmly keeping the fluid inside him.

“Angel, please. What are you doing? I don’t think…”

“You don’t need to think, Lindsey,” Angel purrs. “Just relax and let it happen.”

“But…” Lindsey has leaned forward, his trembling hands braced against the bathroom tiles. He has a better view of what’s behind him and he blinks in disbelief.

Angel is holding the bulbous container of a douche in his other hand and Lindsey sees his fingers steadily compressing as the contents are pumped through a long tube. The other end is in his ass and Lindsey shudders as more warm fluid is pushed into his body.

“Jesus, Angel. What kind of sick kink is this?” He can’t believe Angel is into this sort of thing. Fecal play doesn’t even sound like something Angelus would have done. Darla liked comfort, wealth and a cozy room with a view. Mucking about with shit wouldn’t have sat well with her; at least, Lindsey never recalled her saying anything about it when she talked about her romps with her favorite vicious childe.

Angel grins at him, the expression mischievous and feral at once. “Like I said Lindsey. Relax. I’m not going to hurt you. But I want to play with your sweet little ass and I just want all the contents emptied out before we start.” He squeezes the bulb once more and Lindsey moans.

The sensation isn’t really uncomfortable. In fact, it’s starting to feel rather good. The pressure from the liquid--he hopes it’s water--is pushing on him in just the right place and his hips start grinding and then dancing under the weight. His breathing gets heavy and then he begins panting as the pressure increases.

His head falls down so he can see his cock getting engorged, rising and turning red at the tip. The water from the shower is still pouring down on his head, running down his back and over his ass. His penis is dripping with water, too, and the sight of water dripping down its length is an undeniable turn-on.

Just when he thinks he’s about to cum, the hose in his ass is pulled out. The withdrawal is fast and smooth, the whole experience over before he can even make a protest. The loss is so devastating Lindsey nearly wails in dismay. “Dammit, Angel! I wasn’t finished!”

There is a rich chuckle from the naked vampire behind him. Then Angel hangs the whole contraption on a hook behind them and uses both his hands to clasp Lindsey’s buttcheeks together. “I know you’re not, Lindsey. I told you: this is a just a preparation. Can’t have you shooting your load before we come to the main event. Now you just get on to the toilet and let loose what you’ve got in there. When you’re feeling more--composed, then come into the bedroom.”

Angel releases him and steps out of the tub. He rubs himself off briskly. Wrapping the towel around his ample hips, he pauses to give Lindsey one last injunction. “And don’t jerk off before you come out. I’ll know if you do…and I’ll punish you for it.”

Lindsey grimaces, his knees together in the classic pose of a kid squirming to get to the bathroom before making an accident in his pants. “You’ll punish me? What are you, my father?”

Angel’s grin turns sharklike. “No, but I wouldn’t mind your calling me daddy again.”

Lindsey flushes at the memory of that particular sexual encounter but Angel leaves the bathroom before he can think of a suitable retort. His need to get to the toilet is now rather urgent and he barely manages to frog-hop to the seat before expelling all the waste.

The water gushes out of him, noisy and plentiful. Shit comes out too in large amounts, the passage made easier by all the fluid accompanying it. The release is so powerful it’s almost sexual, like a really great shit can be. He sits for a moment and wriggles, hoping everything is out.

Now that that’s over, he’s curious to know what Angel has planned for him. His erection, which had flagged slightly, now rears back to life as his imagination takes hold. He towels himself off briskly and then pads to the bedroom, not bothering to put on a bathrobe.

When he gets there, he sees Angel seated on the bed. Although his chest is bare, he has his pants on which baffles the blue-eyed southerner. He looks up expectantly when Lindsey enters.

Angel scoots over to give Lindsey room and the southerner sees what the vampire’s massive body had been hiding. The towel is spread over the bed behind him. But it is the shiny metal that catches Lindsey’s eye. A long, thick chain with two large iron cuffs is fastened around the bedposts and he halts, his mind beginning to reel.

Before he can back away, Angel leaps up and grabs Lindsey, wrestling him into the bed. The mortal begins to struggle, but his strength is no match for the wily vampire’s. He is splayed face up on the bed, his wrists locked into the cuffs, before he’s well aware of it. “Okay, Angel. Talk to me here. What’s going on?” Lindsey’s not really afraid; he’s been tied down by Angel before. But the vampire’s pouncing just now felt, well, like an attack and he’s curious as to what the demon intends.

“Oh, Lindsey. Guessing is half the fun. I cleaned you out earlier and now you’re trapped in my bed. And I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Angel turns around and Lindsey sees he’s also holding a bowl in one hand. Lindsey wonders what’s in it but a sniff tells him that it’s chocolate. Angel tilts the bowl up and he sees that it’s chocolate pudding. The stuff is a rich, deep dark brown, the light shining on its surface and giving it the appearance of satin.

His mouth waters and his stomach rumbles a bit. He’s had dinner earlier but the exertion from the evening’s demon fighting have left him hungry again. “Is that for me, Angel? You shouldn’t have. But I appreciate the gesture.”

“You’re not eating it, Lindsey. This is for me.” Angel dips two fingers into the bowl and begins smearing it on Lindsey’s chest.

The mortal jumps slightly. Shit, that stuff is cold! Angel must have taken it out of their mini refrigerator. They had it installed in their bedroom so Angel wouldn’t have to keep making midnight runs to the kitchen in order to drink. There are ordinary foodstuffs for his human partner as well since their nightly romps tend to leave Lindsey famished.

The pudding is almost icy but the feel of it on his nipples brings about the usual effect. They become taut and, as Angel alternately strokes and tweaks them, they start to ache. “Angel…”

The vampire ignores his increased breathing and continues his careful painting of Lindsey’s body. Pudding is smeared on Lindsey’s cock and his hips bob as he silently begs for relief. The fingers twist and stroke him until the whole length is covered. Lindsey bites his lip as his erection becomes almost painful.

The rich scent of chocolate fills the air as the bowl furnishes more material for Angel’s hands. When it is half empty, the vampire leans over him and licks at his skin.

The tongue licking is slow, sensual sweeps flicking over Lindsey’s sensitive spots. The tongue digs into his navel and Lindsey arches, his legs winding around Angel’s body. He’s still wondering why Angel is partially clothed but he supposes the demon has his reasons.

The brunette’s body shifts over his own as the tongue moves steadily higher. When Angel’s lips meet his own, Lindsey opens his mouth eagerly. He swirls his tongue in Angel’s mouth, nearly swooning at the chocolate treat lingering on Angel’s tongue. The vampire’s tongue fights his for dominance and soon the two are engaged in a battle of tongue hockey that leaves Lindsey breathless.

He pulls back and grins at Angel. “I thought you said the chocolate wasn’t for me.”

“It’s not. You’re just taking advantage of the situation.”

“I’m taking advantage? You’ve got me handcuffed to the bed!” Remembering his vulnerable position, Lindsey squirms a bit. His, uh, problem has become pressing and he arches his hips up again. Angel’s body moves back, eluding him, and he silently curses at the smug look on the vampire’s face. “You know, it’s not such a smart idea to leave your pants on. You’re going to get them smeared with chocolate.”

“Smearing is the least of what I have in mind,” Angel drawls. Nevertheless, he pulls away, drawing down his zipper in languid increments. The large cock springs out from the opening, pulsing lazily. Angel is fully erect and Lindsey licks his lips, spreading his legs even wider for the coring he’s about to receive.

Without warning, Angel swoops down, sucking Lindsey’s cock into his cool mouth with one swift motion. The movement is so fast, Lindsey doesn’t see it. But his whole frame stiffens as Angel’s talented mouth works at his meat.

The throat clenches around his cock, the squeezing motion tight like a solid hand wrapped around the throbbing length. Angel deep-throats him, farther than anyone else has ever taken him, and frantic mewls are wrenched from Lindsey before he can stop them.

Then the cool mouth is pulling back, leaving traces of the pudding smeared over it. Angel lets the cock escape the prison of his mouth so he can lick the sweetness from his lips. Before Lindsey can protest the loss, he presses his lips over the seeping head again.

Now his tongue laps at the precum dripping from the tiny slit. The tip darts into the slit and lean legs wind around Angel’s back, the heels digging into the vampire as Lindsey urges him on. He’d like nothing better than to bury his hands in Angel’s hair, forcing the vampire to move faster. But he is well and truly helpless to do anything but yield to the demon’s whim.

“More. Oh god, more. Don’t stop now!” he pants. The broad tongue sweeps up and down, the length firmly grasped in Angel’s hands. The tongue bath is thorough, deliberately so, for while Angel pleasures Lindsey he is also chasing every bit of chocolate lest he miss it in his hurry.

While he licks at the warm prick as if it were a Popsicle, Angel’s free hand is carefully rolling and squeezing Lindsey’s balls. Lindsey isn’t bucking any more. He’s twisting, his body pulling itself in different directions as he tries to chase the sensations of being squeezed, sucked and stroked in equal measure. When two cool fingers are inserted in his ass, pushing into him in rhythm with the ball-squeezing, he loses the battle to save himself.

The lithe frame in the bed arches upward, cum racing through his cock and the demon’s lips are there to meet the flood. Locked around the velvety soft head, Angel sucks hard, the action causing another minor convulsion until Lindsey’s body comes to rest in the tangled sheets.

He’s panting, a fine sheen of sweat oozing from his pores. He notices Angel is still lapping at him with a dreamy expression like a cat at a bowl of cream. “I don’t think you’re going to get anything more out of me, Angel.”

“We’ll see about that.” Nevertheless, Angel moves from his cock and sets the bowl of pudding closer to the ex-lawyer’s prone body. Getting a concentrated look on his face, he inserts one finger into Lindsey’s ass and wriggles it around.

Lindsey sucks in a breath as the finger increases to two. They spread themselves, widening the passage and sliding again and again over his prostate until Lindsey’s hips start bobbing once more. He is desperate for relief but Angel refuses to hurry.

The chains on the cuffs rattle against the metal pole but Angel pays no mind. His fingers are now up to three, pushing back and forth in Lindsey’s passage in a relentless rhythm that has Lindsey pumping his hips shamelessly, gasps and muttered curse words breaking from him.

“Shit, Jesus. Angel, stop. Please! Don’t want to cum…yet,” he wheezes.

There’s a flash of fang before Angel’s face resumes its normal appearance. “I don’t want you to cum yet either, Lindsey. I just have to make sure there’s enough room in there.”

“Enough room? I’ve never had trouble making it fit before. Unless you’re thinking of another douching,” Lindsey replies with a smirk of his own.

There is something sly and secret in Angel’s expression. There is more going on here than Lindsey realizes. Angel spoons up a glob of pudding and slowly pushes it into Lindsey’s ass.

Lindsey squawks, completely taken by surprise, as the thick substance is pushed up as far as Angel can force it. Another scoop and more pudding is forced into him. “Shit! Fuck! Oh, fuck me!” Lindsey gurgles. More pudding is packed in until the whole bowl is empty.

Lindsey feels as if he’s about to burst. The pressure has returned to his prostate and he twists, crying out in his distress, as his body instinctively tries to force out the alien substance clogging his ass. Lindsey’s body is as stiff as a wire, his whole frame straining to get relief from the pudding stretching him. “Angel. God. I-it’s too much. Take it out! I can’t take it!”

“Okay, then. You asked for it.” Angel stretches out between Lindsey’s legs, his eyes perfectly positioned above his partner’s groin. As Lindsey lifts his head to see what the vampire is doing, Angel cups both firm asscheeks in his hands. He lifts Lindsey’s butt off the bed and thrusts his tongue into the chocolate-smeared rosebud.

“OH GOD!” Lindsey’s head falls back, his hips rolling toward the tongue digging into him. It sweeps around in wide arcs, tasting the treats locked away inside the tense mortal body. Lindsey’s whole body curves up again and again in a tight bow. In order to keep him still, Angel clamps his hands on the quivering thighs, forcing Lindsey’s legs into a froglegged position.

“Oh, shit. Fuck me, that’s so damned…yes! That’s the…just there, just there…” Lindsey chants and pleads in a tenor deepening to a baritone, his voice and will no longer his own. Another teasing lick and he bucks again, the demon’s long fingers digging into his hips in an effort to keep him still.

His cock bounces up and down on his belly. When Angel gathers it into one hand and strokes it, Lindsey shouts. His stomach clenches and ropes of sticky cum fly from his cock. The cool hand pumps him ruthlessly until the sweat-, cum- and chocolate-stained body falls back to the sheets.

“Oooohhh…” Lindsey has cum twice tonight and a pleasant languor is stealing over him. He could sleep now. But he senses Angel isn’t finished with him yet.

Angel smirks, a hint of gold flashing deep in his brown eyes as if guessing the southerner’s thought. “Hold on, Lindsey. It’s gonna get better. I promise.” Angel’s body stretches over the ex-lawyer. Without any warning, his cock plunges into the rosebud nestled under Lindsey’s balls.

The silky chocolate is the perfect lubricant. After being spread and tongued by Angel, Lindsey is gloriously loose and the demon glides into him like a kid down a waterslide. Lindsey wraps his legs around Angel’s waist, glad that this action, at least, is under his control.

But the vampire has other things in mind. Burly arms tuck under Lindsey’s thighs, curling his body into a ball. Angel rolls his hips in slow circles and watches as Lindsey’s eyelids flutter. Angel knows when he hits Lindsey’s vulnerable spot. He knows by the skip in the heartbeat, the startled passion in the eyes, the minute tightening of the anal passage around his cock. Another abrupt squeezing and he growls, facial ridges popping out over his forehead.

The man beneath him is pumping his hips without shame, choked cries and passionate whispers ratcheting from his throat. His neck arches, not in submission for the bite, but in the throes of his imminent climax. “Lindsey,” Angel whispers. He licks his lips and eyes the ridged mark--his mark--on Lindsey’s neck.

Angel’s fucking is hard, the pace that of a creature too long denied. Lindsey’s breath stutters in his throat as he feels that he’s getting hard again, his dick waving up from its limp submission on his heaving belly. In spite of his earlier plea, the pudding causes him no further discomfort. If anything, the slickness of it eases the force of Angel’s thrusts.

He can feel the heat winding down and clutching him low in his belly. Just before he cums again, he feels Angel duck his head into the crook of Lindsey’s neck. The cool tongue curls and flicks at the ridged scar there and the itch beneath the skin explodes into a kind of fire, blazing its way down his throat and into his cock.

When the stimulation of blunt human teeth is added, that is all that’s needed. Lindsey’s eyes roll into his head as cum explodes from his cock. His hands clench into fists, the wrists jerking futilely at the cuffs.

“OhgodshitfuckfuckmefuckmeFUCKME! ANNNGGGELLLL!” His hips snap against Angel’s, grinding against the larger man’s hipbones and catching the demon in mid-thrust. A deep, vibrant growl is thrumming on his throat, the buzzing felt all over his skin. Lindsey whimpers helplessly for he is becoming erect again.

Without warning Angel pulls out of him and moves up over the southerner’s body. “Angel! Please, shit, don’t stop now!” Blue eyes look up beseechingly at Angel as he hovers above Lindsey’s face.

The massive cock, now thoroughly smeared with chocolate, is just over Lindsey’s mouth. “Suck it,” Angel commands and lowers himself until the tip touches Lindsey’s lips.

Lindsey doesn’t want to suck Angel’s cock. Okay, maybe he does. But there’s a fierce ache below his belly. He’s dying for release again and his own throbbing dick is in need of serious attention. The loss of Angel’s mouth and hands on his cock are devastating, something that Lindsey wants corrected. But there’s another cock pressing on his mouth, demanding his attention, and he parts his lips to admit entry.

The tip slides in, barely nudging his tongue. He widens his jaw and tries not to gag as the heavy weight presses on his tongue. He’s eaten Angel’s cock before but not from this angle and not without the use of his hands. Lindsey’s scared he’ll choke or throw up.

But the vampire is taking his time and that frees Lindsey up to be as thorough as he likes. He swirls his tongue around the soft head, hearing Angel purr. Encouraged, he sucks harder, letting his tongue massage the veiny shaft.

The thrusts remain shallow but he can see the quivering of Angel’s thighs on either side of his head. The demon is maintaining control but he can see it’s a strain. Now Lindsey is inspired to hurry, to finish Angel off, if only so the demon can get back to the business of satisfying him. He’s still very aware of the weight from the pudding in his ass and the discomfort spurs him on.

He licks his tongue all around the shaft, widening his throat as the meat flows deeper into his throat. He swallows around it, using his throat muscles to squeeze the cock in rhythmic movements. Angel gives a kind of rumbling cough as if the breath were being pushed out of him. Which is nonsense since vampires don’t breathe.

The demon thrusts faster and Lindsey opens his mouth as wide as he can to keep from choking. Angel’s dick tastes so good, the faint saltiness from precum and the rich flavor of chocolate making a taste combination that he can’t get enough of.

They ought to take this stuff and package it. Ben & Jerry’s would make a killing. Angel’s Cockmilk. The thought makes him laugh although the sound is muffled by the shaft down his throat.

But the action of laughter causes Angel to bark. His body shudders and his head twists downwards. Wide amber eyes meet Lindsey’s gaze. “Lindsey. Fuck! What…?”

Realizing the action caused a very interesting sensation for the vampire, Lindsey changes tactics. He clenches his lips and throat tight around the pulsing cock and lets the vibration of a laugh pulse against the demon’s meat. Angel’s head is flung back and his growl rises to a roar.

“LLLIIIINDSSSSSSSEYYYYY!” He snaps his hips forward, momentarily oblivious to the discomfort this must cause the smaller man in bed with him. Lindsey gags and then works frantically to swallow all the cum filling his mouth. He manages to get most of it although some escapes down the side of his face.

He flicks his tongue on the underside as it’s withdrawn from his throat, experiencing the mildest of regrets. Angel tasted salty and sugary just now and the taste is one he wants to savor.

Angel pulls out, his cock now only at half mast. Lindsey has never seen Angel, well, limp; the demon always appears to be partially erect. Guess a man of Angel’s size never really--relaxes entirely.

He bobs his hips pointedly to call Angel back to his own problem. The handsome body slides down his own and Angel grasps his hips. Again without warning, he spins Lindsey around and jerks his body up. The man gives a startled yelp at the abrupt movement. Now Lindsey is on his hands and knees, his face towards the head of the bed. He cranes his neck around, anxious to see what Angel is doing.

One broad thigh nudges his legs apart for better support and Lindsey moans in delight as a firm hand wraps around his cock. “Oh yessss…”

Angel squeezes and clenches in just the right way, long practice having made him very familiar with Lindsey’s preferred methods. Soon the ex-lawyer-turned-singer is rocking back and forth into his grip, his voice rising in hard pants and groans that vibrate against the wide chest braced on his back. A voice raised in arousal--the sweetest music Angel can imagine and Lindsey doesn’t hold back, his cries flung up to the demon cradling his body.

A broad tongue licks the side of his throat, the side with the scar and his breath shakes in his throat. He can feel that Angel is hard again and spreads his legs wider, mutely encouraging him. Angel slips in and a grateful moan erupts from the human in his arms.

Angel continues to pump at the cock lying in his grip. With his other hand, he holds Lindsey to him tightly, relishing in the sounds of the thudding heart against his chest, the heaving chest and muscles he can feel under his hands and the broken cries whenever he pinches and pulls the diamond-hard nipples.

Lindsey is holding on to the bedposts now, using them for leverage as he rams back against the demon. He’s not crying out so much as having words jerk out from between gritted teeth. “Yes, yes, yes. That’s it. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Angel obliges him, his pace increasing until he’s snapping his hips in a pounding rhythm, one that leaves Lindsey no breath for coherent speech at all.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!” He doesn’t need to move. The tepid hand on his chest is slamming him back to meet Angel’s violent thrusts and his eyes roll back in their sockets as he feels the crisis nearing its peak.

Angel removes his hand from Lindsey’s cock. The man groans, upset at its immediate absence, but the demon knows he doesn’t need to touch him now. Lindsey is ready to shoot his wad all on his own.

He’s had the taste of Lindsey smothered in chocolate and the man’s essence pulled from his cock. The acrid burn of sweat from the man’s skin is also on his tongue. But the moment is not complete until he’s once more sampled what’s beneath the skin…

As his cock continues to spear Lindsey, drawing sharp cries every time he plunges into the man, Angel’s fangs descend and he punches through the thin barrier on Lindsey’s neck.

A wild scream, almost inhuman, comes from the southerner as his whole body clenches. His ass clamps down on Angel hard enough to make the vampire squirm. They are locked together, like dogs in heat, cumming simultaneously as the joyous paroxysm shakes them both.

There are no words for this feeling. As always the ecstasy from the bite is divine, indescribable, his whole being caught in the cycle of lust. Lindsey tilts his head farther to the side, his whole body offered up to the demon’s teeth, his body, his cold, cold cock stabbing intensely into Lindsey’s recesses. His scream turns into moans, into sobs and wild pleadings.

“Angel. Fuck, don’t stop. You can’t stop. Go on. Please.” The animalistic part of his brain, the part wholly concerned with survival, twists and squeals in mindless terror at the thought of the death he is unconsciously begging for. But he never listens to it for long. Would it be so bad to die like this, during the greatest pleasure he has ever known?

Sometimes the ecstasy from the bite has been so intense, he’s actually passed out from it. Although the shadows are creeping in at the edges of his awareness, Lindsey struggles to remain conscious.

Angel’s hand is on his cock again, his strokes in a ceaseless rhythm, drawing out every bit of juice from the mortal locked in his grip. He drags Lindsey partially upright, the chains stretching his arms out to their full length. They are lined with some kind of fur, Lindsey dimly realizes, which is a good thing. Otherwise, the metal would be biting into his wrists and drawing blood.

The strain on his arms plus the meat plumbing his depths causes Lindsey’s body to be stretched tight as a drumhead. He can no more relax now than he could stand calmly on a hot griddle.

The demon is no longer sucking him. Instead the ivory fangs saw in and out of his neck in a deliberate counterpoint to the dick still brushing across his prostate. It is too much for the ex-lawyer to take.

A low moan drags itself up from his belly, tearing from his throat like a dying wail. His stomach clenches once more, his hips arching forward. There is no semen this time. He has cum too often tonight for that to be possible. Instead, hot lightning seems to streak through his body as darkness claims him.


He wakes to a cool body nestled behind his own. There is a low purring vibrating over his skin and he relaxes at the comforting noise. Angel is like a big pussycat although Lindsey will never tell him that. He doesn’t think the vampire’s ego could take it.

He glances downwards to see the stained towel has been removed. The bedsheets have been changed; even the handcuffs are gone. If it weren’t for the delicious ache across his middle from his stomach flexing repeatedly in violent orgasms, Lindsey might have thought the whole thing to be one deliriously fevered sex dream.

“Feeling alright, sweet Lindsey?” The endearment reminds Lindsey of the night's activities. Lindsey smirks in amusement and Angel asks, “What’s so funny?”

His back is to the vampire; the demon shouldn’t be able to know that Lindsey is smiling. Angel’s uncanny ability to pick up on his emotions makes Lindsey occasionally rather nervous. Instead of dwelling on it, he clears his throat and murmurs, “Well, I was thinking of all that chocolate pudding and a name they have for gay guys back where I come from.”

“What name is that?”

“Fudge packers.”

There is a moment of silence and then another vibration rocks against his skin to emerge as a rumbling laugh. Lindsey experiences a moment of complete triumph. He has made the brooding vampire laugh and for someone like Angel surely that’s a greater gift than even the best sex in the world.

As if agreeing with his bedmate’s unspoken thought, Angel winds his arm around Lindsey’s middle and flips the man around to face him in bed. There is a long drawn-out kiss and Angel murmurs, “You’re so good for me, Lindsey.”

A wicked smile creases his lips and Lindsey barely holds back a shiver. Angel hasn’t lost his soul for him yet but part of him is always on the lookout for the dreaded event and secretly disappointed that it doesn’t happen. Still, if this is imperfect happiness, Lindsey isn’t so sure his body could withstand perfection.

Angel leans closer and whispers, “Ready for round two?” Amber flickers deep in the recesses of those brown eyes.

The scar on Lindsey’s neck tingles from Angel’s earlier attentions and the ex-lawyer swallows. “What’s round two?”

“Chocolate syrup, whipped cream and cherries. Think that sweet little ass of yours can take it?”

There is an answering glint in Lindsey’s eyes. “Bring it on.”



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