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Lindsey steps out of the tub and towels himself off briskly. He’d asked Angel to join him but the vampire had declined, saying he preferred to take his turn alone. Lindsey was disappointed; showering with the vampire could have been fun. But Angel hadn’t sounded any broodier than usual so his mortal lover had shrugged it off and ended up showering by himself.

Angel had agreed to let Lindsey find his own place to live rather than shacking up with the vampire at his penthouse in Wolfram & Hart. So they trade off. Sometimes Lindsey is at Angel’s place. On other occasions, the vampire stays with him—like tonight. Knowing Angel is waiting for him now in the bedroom causes Lindsey to smile and take extra care with his washing.

Tying the towel securely around his hips, Lindsey opens the mirrored cabinet door and removes a few items from the inside cavity. Laying them down in precise movements in just the right area around the sink, he picks up the brush and begins. Normally he doesn’t shave at night. But Angel is waiting—and, well, it is Angel.

Lindsey suds up the soap flakes in the bowl and surveys the result critically. Satisfied, he smoothes the foam over all of his lower face and under his nose. Lindsey brings the razor up to his face and makes the first sure sweep.

You need a steady hand to do this right. He can still remember looking up to his father standing before the bathroom mirror performing this same act and saying those very words to him.

Little Lindsey had been fascinated with the art of shaving, a part of the adult world that seemed so close and yet so far away from his youthful games. His father had playfully smoothed the fluffy foam over his son’s childish, hairless face, laughing when Lindsey sputtered at the bitter stuff getting into his mouth. He’d handed the boy a toothbrush and made the boy stand on the toilet lid so he could lean over and mimic his father’s motions with the razor in the mirror.

He knows it’s old fashioned of him to prefer shaving this way. But it holds a happy remembrance from his childhood and those are very rare indeed. It is also one of Lindsey’s most cherished memories of his father. Besides, there is nothing like a trim with a straight edge to produce a perfect shave and leave a man’s skin baby soft. Most guys would snicker at hearing that. But he’s never gotten any complaints from the ladies when his skin gets that butter-smooth feeling. And there’s a certain vampire who appreciates it as well…

Even feeling the itch along his neck and the buzz on his skin doesn’t prepare him for the hand at his hipbone. He jumps slightly and hisses when the razor nicks his cheek. “Dammit, Angel! Don’t sneak up on me like that! Now look what you made me do!” he complains. He lifts his hand to swipe at the bloody tear when it is caught in the vampire’s larger hand.

“No, Lindsey. Let me.” Lindsey knows what to expect when Angel gets that tone in his voice. It is smooth and deceptively calm yet holds just the barest hint of danger. Angel knows how to restrain himself but he is still a member of the undead and there is only one way vampires react to the sight of human blood.

Before the mortal man can turn or back up, strong fingers grips his chin, holding his head firmly in place. An agile tongue licks at the thin red streak. He can see his skin become slicker with the vampire’s saliva and the line of blood disappears as he stares into the mirror. That broad chest he can sense but not see in the mirror leans against his back. “Lindsey. Don’t stop on my account. Finish what you were doing.”

“What are you going to do?” The Oklahoman has a pretty good idea. There’s a stiffness he’s very familiar with prodding him in the backside and the ex-attorney realizes Angel must be as naked as he is. He turns his head a little to look back at him. But the vampire pulls his chin around and compels him to look forward into the mirror again before he can catch a glimpse of him.

“Don’t look at me. Just finish.” A note of command edges into that voice and Lindsey’s cock thickens, causing the towel to tent out from his body. He pauses to steady his hand and makes another sweep. As the blade moves from his cheek again, he gasps as the towel around his bare hips is yanked off, leaving him naked and exposed.

“Now that’s more like it,” comes an appreciative murmur. Angel is looking at him. Those charcoal black eyes are skimming over his trembling frame. Lindsey can feel himself flushing, getting harder, as he imagines Angel’s burning gaze sweeping up and down his body, lingering on his neck and moving down to his ass. He bends a little further over the sink, the porcelain edge digging into his stomach. The coolness causes his cock to twitch as he thinks of the other coolness waiting at his back.

“Did I tell you to stop, Lindsey?” He swallows a little at that tone. It sounds impatient but Angel has never been one to let impatience get the better of him—unless that’s what they both want.

Lindsey takes a deep breath and begins again. He shaves slowly, carefully, hyperaware of the vampire watching his every move. When a broad hand clasps his hip and begins rubbing in deliberate circles, he pauses minutely in order to focus on the sensation. But another whispered command from the vampire and he resumes.

Angel begins licking him up and down his spine and the flesh between his shoulder blades itches and jumps with every lingering sweep of that tongue. Lindsey imagines he can feel every taste bud as it travels over the knobs of his backbone. Angel’s mouth comes to rest against his neck and the licks resume, this time punctuated with little nipping bites that remain playful with no hint yet of the peril of bloodsucking.


Lindsey knows what this game is about. He can’t shave without keeping his eyes firmly fixed on the mirror and that means no looking at the demon grinding his large hard-on between the globes of his ass.

Suddenly that body leaves his again and he almost looks behind to see what made Angel stop. “Lindsey, I told you,” Angel growls. “Keep shaving. Don’t stop and don’t look back or I’m walking out of here.”

Lindsey grits his teeth. Angel will do it, too. The bastard is a master of control and knows how to spin a game out until his partner is nearly dead of exhaustion. Then he will do and say just the right thing to bring his lover’s body back to aching life. He can fuck for hours and Lindsey recalls all the delicious aches in his body just from trying to keep up with the vampire’s stamina and inventiveness.

The tongue has left his neck. Now it flicks against the tight bud nestled under his ass and Lindsey’s whole body bucks as he shouts with surprise. “Like that, do you?” Angel chuckles.

“Fuck me,” Lindsey breathes. This is different, something the vampire’s never done to him before, and he begins to pant softly with anticipation.

“Not just yet.” Before he can answer, the tongue begins sweeping around the clenched hole. Unconsciously, Lindsey spreads his legs farther apart to accommodate the nimble bit of muscle pressing against him. In spite of its tepid temperature, heat is sweeping up and down his body, centered on that tongue seeking entrance.

With a determined push, the soft flesh breeches the tight opening and a whimper escapes the mortal before he can stop it. Slowly at first, then with increasing speed, he rotates and twists his ass downward, trying to force himself harder on to the tongue digging into him.

Angel often lets him go days without going anywhere near his ass. Make no mistake; the vampire is spectacularly gifted in bed and Lindsey never goes to sleep with him without being sexually sated. But he loves it when Angel fucks him and had protested the lack until the vampire told him nonchalantly that constant buttfucking turned any asshole floppy and loose. Going without for a couple of weeks is a sure way to keep Lindsey nice and tight.

He’d flushed right up to his eyebrows after hearing that but had to concede the vampire’s logic. That didn’t mean he had to like it.

But the tongue fucking now and those whispered words—“not just yet”—hold a promise that more is to follow. Firm hands grasp his butt cheeks and shove them wider apart. It almost hurts but any discomfort is being obliterated by the pleasure spiraling up from that probing tongue. He grinds himself harder against the lips and tongue, heedlessly chasing the sensation in his channel.

How can such a small bit of flesh go so deeply inside him? It twists nimbly, stroking him in a way Angel’s cock never could. It pushes down hard in a particular place and Lindsey’s ass bucks back, causing the large nose to push into the crack of his behind. When it delves deeper, Lindsey’s head drops down, his whole body shuddering. Instantly, the tongue is removed as Angel’s voice chides him. “Lindsey, what did I say? You’re hardly done yet. Keep shaving.”

“Jesus, Angel! You can’t expect me to shave now! I’m gonna slice open an artery!” Lindsey gasps.

“Then you’d better be careful,” is the amused reply. Lindsey takes a deep breath, lifts the razor again and Angel’s tongue returns to its place.

Right. He can do this. This may be a favorite custom but it’s also pretty much a daily routine. All he has to do is concentrate on the basic movements. Sweep up with the razor; flick off the foam; run it under the faucet. Repeat as needed. But try doing that with sparks flying out from your prostate every other second.

His hand is shaking terribly now and Lindsey has to take long pauses between strokes. If he isn’t careful, he will cut himself really bad and he’s sure Angel doesn’t want that—not yet. Finally his face is completely shorn and he drops the razor heedlessly into the sink. He runs the faucet and splashes his face with trembling hands. He senses that Angel’s little entertainment isn’t finished, though, and he looks up into the mirror.

Lindsey’s eyes meet his own gaze. His pupils are dilated, the black so wide his normally light blue eyes look like a darkened sky during a thunderstorm. His face is a startling red, the sex flush riding all the way up from his chest to his eyebrows. Water drips down his chin and runs down his neck to splatter on his heaving chest. He rocks forward at another hard push and sees his mouth drop open, the inside shiny from unswallowed spit. He gulps hard and witnesses his Adam’s apple bob with the movement.

He’s never seen himself like this. It is wicked; the whole scene has the brute rawness of a porno flick or a homemade sex video. But those cheap spectacles are always at a sullen remove from the real thing and anyway he’s never had a partner who had the particular kink of videotaping oneself in the sex act.

And this isn’t a videotape.

The tongue is still digging into him, the vampire giving little grunts with each push. “God, Angel. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the spot. Shit! Mo—more tongue!” he whimpers. “More!” Lindsey is begging but he doesn’t care. He’ll gladly dance naked down the street if it’ll get him more of these delicious attentions from Angel.

Then the vampire pulls out of him, the exquisite weight on his prostate abruptly withdrawn. “No! Don’t stop!” He nearly looks back but catches himself in time. Lindsey looks pleadingly into the mirror but of course he cannot meet the vampire’s eyes.

Angel chuckles and from the lower part of his vision Lindsey sees a manicured hand reach under his left arm where it is braced against the sink. Angel’s fingers dip into the neglected bowl of shaving foam and scoops up a generous glob. Before Lindsey can figure out what the vampire intends, the fingers withdraw out of sight and he grunts as they are inserted into his ass. They reach far inside, smearing the foamy fluid as deeply as they can reach. They scissor and twist, spearing and widening his constricted passage before they are withdrawn again.

This isn’t what the foam is for; his father would have a fit if he could see this irreverent twisting of one of his beloved rituals. Before Lindsey can bring himself to protest the unseemly usage of his cream, the muscular chest skims up along the surface of his back and the thick cock he’s been dying for slides into his prepared and widened asshole.

“Oh shit. Yes!! Fuck me!” Lindsey’s head falls back, his eyes disappearing into his head as that rigid flesh pierces him. All objections to this perversion of his shaving routine fly out the window. Lubricant or not, the cream fills the role nicely—just as Angel fills his hole nicely.

A large hand cups his skull and tilts his head up and forward. “How many times do I have to tell you? Keep looking.”

Lindsey sees his body, caught by an unseen predator, shaking back and forth as if he had epilepsy. Invisible fingers dance up his ridged stomach and begin circling his nipples. Soon they are hard as little stones and the mortal arches forward, pushing his chest against those fingers. Angel obliges him by tweaking and then pulling the hard-tipped acorns.

Lindsey gasps at the relentless pinching, almost to the point of hurting. The tiny colored points on his chest twist and arch into little tents of flesh, seemingly of their own volition. It is bizarre to watch his flesh respond to invisible stimuli like this—strange and erotic beyond belief.

“You look so hot, Lindsey. So dirty. Seeing yourself like this—it turns you on, doesn’t it?” The words are shocking and Lindsey turns even redder. It is hot but he doesn’t have the breath to tell Angel that.

What does the vampire look like? Old images flicker in Lindsey’s mind. He can just imagine that heavily ridged stomach flexing and unflexing as it drives the pulsing cock into his ass. The buttocks will be tensing, too, each motion causing them to jiggle and harden. The bulging forearms, rigid planes of the chest, that tattoo flexing her wings with each unrelenting push…

Angel sets up a punishing pace, one that causes his lover to rock helplessly. He’s jarred by the pounding movement, caught between the icy edge against his dick and the engorged cock slamming into the fisted muscles of his asshole. The strokes ram his prostate continuously and fiery streaks of pleasure rocket through him, building higher and higher.

But Lindsey can’t catch his breath or come down from each jolt before the next one slams into him. He clenches his ass desperately as he tries to slow things down. But he can’t do anything except be prodded with each vigorous thrust.

Angel’s cock rams his prostate unerringly each time and every attempted motion from Lindsey only serves to heighten the already powerful sensations shooting from his passage. He whimpers from the unending crescendo of ecstasy and wonders whether one can actually die from too much sexual pleasure.

His own meat is so hard but he’s afraid, if he removes either of his hands to touch it, he’s going to lose his balance and crack his forehead on the mirror. And Angel isn’t touching it either, damn him. Lindsey’s poor neglected prick is aching, engorged with blood and battered by the cold edge of the porcelain sink grinding against it. The pressure of the sensitive skin against the chill unyielding surface causes him to sob and gnaw his lip against the ache.

“God, so tight. Yeah, I love it when you squeeze me like that. I was right to wait, wasn’t I, Lindsey?” When a gulping gasp is his only answer, the questioning voice turns sharp. “Wasn’t I?”

“Y-yes.” The unyielding pillar of flesh spears him again and a shuddering moan tears from his throat.

“You’re so hot and tight around me. It’s like I’m buried so deep inside you, I’ll never come out. Would you like that, Lindsey? Having my dick permanently at home in your ass?”

“Oh, shit. Yes, harder, more. Just don’t—”

Another push and his voice is choked off. There are fleeting nips all along his throat. Whenever the pleasure becomes overwhelming, Angel pulls at his skin—sometimes with flat human teeth, other times with pointed fangs. The sensation always pulls him back from the brink of blinding pleasure. But the bloodsucker doesn’t bite into the vein, not yet. These are deliberate teases, fueling his passion and at the same time frustrating his desire for the full bite.

It is often like this. Wherever Angel fucks him, his attention narrows down to a series of still points: the teeth at his throat, the hand on his cock, the voice murmuring persistently in his ear and the massive meat up his narrow passage. It’s as if the world shrinks to contain only the two of them.

It’s too close to losing himself and a part of Lindsey resents this. But that part is fast disappearing, replaced by the much larger part that whispers how much he needs this, wants this, wants to be wanted, desired and loved.

Lindsey’s arms are trembling with the effort of holding himself upright. Angel is still fucking him with that unceasing pounding rhythm, one hand firm on Lindsey’s hip and the other splayed over his stomach, slamming him back to meet his thrusts. Angel’s greater height means the mortal is standing on his toes, his feet arching painfully with each upward thrust in his ass.

The room fills with the sounds of loud slurps from the huge cock coring him, the low-pitched growls of the demon riding him, the balls banging his butt cheeks in a drum-like tattoo, his own cracking moans and shouts. “OhgodfuckmeFUCKMEAngelpleasedontstop!”

The heat from the shower hasn’t dissipated entirely. In spite of the icy meat inside him, a thin sheen of sweat has formed all along his skin. Also the mirror has fogged up; Lindsey can barely see himself in it any more. Not that Angel seems to care now. The tongue flicks along his neck up to his ear and he shivers from the familiar erotic thrill. Then the vampire whispers, “Cum for me, sweet Lindsey. Cum now. Cum for Daddy, baby.”

Daddy? Shit, where did Angel come up with that? Thoughts of his father are the last things Lindsey wants to have in his mind right now. But this is Angel screwing him, Angel commanding him, Angel sucking the scar on his neck into his mouth almost hard enough to break skin…

“Aaaahhhhh! Daddy!” Lindsey screams. He’s not really sure what he’s saying at this point. The orgasm slamming into him leaves no room for coherent thought or clear speech of any kind. His hips snap forward with a force powerful enough to make his stomach muscles ache. His cock leaps and cum flies through the air, landing in the sink. The jet is so powerful; some of it even spatters the befogged mirror.

“Oh, god.” His voice is a strained whisper. Lindsey’s whole body sags forward, his arms shaking so badly he’s in danger of collapsing right there. For a moment nothing more is heard except his harsh, ragged breathing.

Angel shifts behind him and the mortal dimly registers that the vampire is still erect, his cock twitching in Lindsey’s ass. He pulls out and spins the mortal around so quickly Lindsey has to grab at the sink again to keep his balance. With the Oklahoman’s butt now resting against the tepid whiteness of the porcelain, Angel grasps the mortal around his knees. Without any warning, he plunges into the warm body again.

The movement is so sudden Lindsey screams. The next moment, he wraps his arms around the thick column of the neck and hangs on for dear life. Lithe legs wind around the ample hips, bringing Angel closer as Lindsey arches against him.

Now it is the vampire’s turn to clutch at the sink. Angel is banging him ferociously, the abandoned razor and forgotten bowl of foam rattling in the porcelain basin, lending their tinny sounds as counterpoint to the grunts and cries of the two men.

The mortal doesn’t think he can take any more. He’s there in his skin one moment, and the next explosive delight pushes him apart and out of his body. He feels like he’s splintering at the edges, his hammering heart about to fly out of his chest, the constant lightning throbbing from his battered prostate breaking his mind into pieces.

The cold tongue is lashing his jugular again, the wet slick feeling punctuated by frequent nips. Angel isn’t biting him yet. That’s something the vampire also spaces out; too much blood loss in too short a period of time isn’t good for any mortal, demon strength or not.

But the bloodletting will topple Angel over the edge. The vampire hasn’t cum yet and Angel won’t stop fucking until he has. Lindsey wants him to cum. Lindsey needs him to cum and if he won’t do this himself then the mortal will have to take things into his own hands.

One clutching hand leaves the vampire’s neck and begins fumbling wildly in the sink behind him. Finding the implement he’s searching for, he flicks open the blade and brings it up to his own throat. Gritting his teeth against the expected sting, he slashes the side of his throat lightly with the sharpened edge of the razor.

The scent of freshly spilled blood crosses Angel’s awareness and his eyes widen, turning golden, ridges popping out of his forehead. He lunges for Lindsey’s throat again and sucks at the weeping mark on his skin. Angel’s hips snap against his, the jackhammer pace threatening to crack Lindsey’s hipbones. At last, cold vampire cum blasts the human’s insides and Angel growls hungrily against his throat.

Lindsey’s head flops back as another orgasm rips through him, causing him to buck wildly against the large form pinning him to the sink. “Ah, ah, ah, Angel. Oh, god!” he shrieks.

Angel doesn’t answer, his only sounds uninhibited slurps and sucking noises as he feeds from the bloody tear. He continues to pump frantically in the throes of his own pleasure for a few precious seconds more before his body stills.

The two men remain locked together and Lindsey can hear Angel panting fast, the quick sounds like those of a wolf or cougar after a long chase. The vampire’s gasping stops before his and the demon does nothing after except to stroke Lindsey’s back in long up-and-down movements.

The cuddling is soothing and always a surprise after some of their more violent couplings. Lindsey responds with slow dreamy kisses all along that cool cheek nearest to his lips. Then he pulls back to peer into Angel’s face. “What was all that Daddy stuff? Getting weird on me, Angel?”

The vampire raises an eyebrow. “Lindsey, you were being fucked by a vampire over a bathroom sink. By most human standards, you passed ‘weird’ a long time ago.”

“Yeah, but Daddy…” Lindsey grimaces.

Angel releases him and steps back at last, eying his lover curiously. “You didn’t like it? Something told me you would.”

“I did. Very much.” He sighs as Angel’s cock slips out of his ass. The slow oozing over his prostate causes a mild fluttering of pleasure through his skin. With Angel there aren’t just orgasms but something very akin to an afterglow. He wonders if this is what women feel after really great sex. Lucky gals.

“Then what’s the problem?”

“I don’t think this is what my Daddy had in mind when he was teaching me to shave,” Lindsey drawls.

The vampire’s eyes widen again, this time their usual charcoal color. Then he smirks. “You think that’s something? Wait until I show you this trick I learned with chocolate pudding.”


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