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“What are we doing here, Lindsey?” Angel mutters. He squints at the overhead lights and shakes his head like a wet cat.

Lindsey flips through the selections, pulling up one and peering at the title. Coaxing Angel into the video store wasn’t easy. But making a selection isn’t a piece of cake either. Is he in the mood for comedy? Romance? As a songwriter, he’s got nothing against it. But romance films are usually for women with none of the action that men like.

“Lindsey?” Angel hunches his shoulders so his head burrows into the collar of his leather coat. “Do they have to keep the lights so bright in here?” he growls.

“What’s the matter? Eyes sensitive?” Lindsey murmurs distractedly. He’s stumbled across a comedy movie with Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin. He’d always found that a weird pairing and Grodin didn’t really make the comedy work. Lindsey shrugs and sticks it back in the bin.

“As a matter of fact, they are,” Angel glares.

Lindsey glances up. “Oh. Didn’t think about that.”

“How soon can we get out of here?” The vampire shifts slightly towards the door.

“When we get something we both can watch.”

“Wouldn’t you rather do something else in bed, Lindsey?” The tall brunette slides his hand surreptitiously around Lindsey’s back, running his fingers down Lindsey’s spine.

The southerner shivers but shifts away from Angel’s touch. “Angel, much as I appreciate the sentiment, I’d like to do something else in bed for a change. We put the tv in there for a reason, right?”

“Oh, yes, I remember. Like that video you and I watched—the one with Lilah Morgan in it.” Angel’s eyelids fall to half mast.

The mortal swallows again. He remembers that scene, too, can vividly recall the heated sex that it inspired. His cock twitches at the memory.

Angel’s nostrils flare; the vampire has smelled his stirring arousal. The tip of Angel’s tongue peeks from between his lips, wetting them slowly. Lindsey digs blindly into the bin again. “I, um, really want to watch a movie tonight. Something different…” he babbles.

“I said we had to see that video again.” Angel lowers his voice so that it’s barely audible, heard only by the man standing next to him. His thigh just brushes against Lindsey, the hard strength of it palpable even through layers of clothing.

“Angel, please.”

The vampire’s voice gets low, husky, a touch of a purr threading through it. “I could fuck you, long and slow, the way I did that night.” The brushing from his thigh gets firmer, the pressure of his hand becoming swirled strokes that edge towards Lindsey’s buttocks.

“Dammit, Angel.” Lindsey can feel his resolve weakening.

“You beneath me, my cock up your—”

Two girls crowd together on the other side of the bin, flipping through the selections with manic speed, oblivious to Angel’s teasing. “Ooh, look. They got Twilight, Tru. We could rent that. I’m in the mood for some post-Halloween romance.”

“Again?” A bored girl with dirty blonde hair chews her gum, irritation written all over her face. “I’m sick of that movie, Gina.”

The curly-haired chunky girl gapes at her as if she can’t believe that anyone can hate these fictional lovers. “How can you be sick of it? Edward and Bella are, like, the Romeo and Juliet of the 21st century!”

“If you like abusive boyfriends who sparkle,” Tru snaps. “It’s so sexist and violent. Like that’s what true love is supposed to be about.”

“He’s a vampire. What do you expect?” Gina waves the narrow box at her friend chidingly.

Angel has moved away. A familiar blankness has shuttered his face. Is he hurt or just annoyed with the chattering girls? While Lindsey flatters himself that he can read Angel, sometimes the vampire’s moods escape him.

He pitches his voice low so the girls don’t overhear. “Angel, don’t listen—”

“I’m not,” Angel says, cutting him off. “Let’s get out of here, Lindsey.”

“I still want a movie,” Lindsey protests. He doesn’t want it for himself now. Maybe it would help to distract the vampire. In any case, he’s not willing to let a couple of chatty girls chase them out of the store.

“I know. It’s just…” The vampire shrugs and runs his hand through his hair, his face twisted in an unknown emotion.


Dark eyes follow the girls as they peer through the bin again. “I used to like going to the movies. Especially when they were first invented.”

“You did?” Sometimes Lindsey forgets how old Angel is, how many things he’s seen in his centuries on the planet. He came to the Americas when it was still a struggling country, though long after Colonial times. He’s seen the rise and fall of small dust towns, the building of skyscrapers, the advent of the refrigerator, the automobile, nuclear power and the rocketing field of motion picture entertainment.

A musing tone, hinting of that long-ago wonder, creeps into the vampire’s voice. “It was a miracle, it was, watching moving pictures. The glory of the modern world, they were called. I couldn’t believe it. The first time I saw them, they seemed like magic. All that life captured and placed on a flat screen. And when they invented sound and color…I can still remember seeing the sun rise on film for the very first time.

“I used to love sitting in old movie theaters. They were things of beauty in the old days, soaring palaces of gilt, winding stairs and red velvet carpeting, each one competing to be grander than the next.”

“What about the movies? Any favorites?”

Angel shakes his head slowly. “Not so much. Foreign features, independent films, that sort of thing—I preferred those.”

Yes, Angel would. He grew up in a time when people were more refined. He’s a man of expensive tastes, though nowadays he cultivates simplicity. Lindsey frowns, thinking back on his poor, rural upbringing.

“Lindsey?” Angel stares at him, eyebrows raised. “What’s the matter?”

Lindsey glances down at the De Niro film; he’d forgotten that he was holding it. He jams it back into the bin. “What’s the matter with popular films, Angel? Not good enough for you?” A hint of bitterness escapes him. He hadn’t meant it to but this simple outing has turned into something else, a recollection of a past that doesn’t include him.

Cool fingers grasp his chin and tilt his head up to meet Angel’s eyes. “I liked those kinds of films because they weren’t favored much by mortals. By the time, movies rolled around, I had my soul back…and I preferred solitude. Too many people around tended to make me—edgy.”

Edgy as in…? Ah, the bloodlust. Lindsey almost never forgets that. He breathes out slowly. “So no porn movies then?” he asks, trying to diffuse the tension with a joke.

“No. All that stimuli of horniness and heartbeats…not a good thing for an Irish vampire trying to keep off the sauce.”

“You drank?”

“Not the kind of sauce I meant,” Angel drawls. His lips twitch in a smirk.

The Angel sense of humor. Lindsey always forgets that. Angel can be funny in a dry way that few people appreciate.

“Hey, you want vampires? How about this one?” Tru’s voice intrudes again. She holds up a case.

Gina makes a face. “Dracula? He’s like so over. Nobody cares about him anymore. And isn’t that an old film?”

“It’s only from 2006! it’s the BBC version,” Tru replies, reading off the back cover.

“Who’s in it? Anybody I know?”

“Sophia Myles. Remember her? She was in that Dr. Who episode.”

“You’re the Who freak, not me.”

“It’s Whovian. And it wouldn’t kill you to watch something from another country for a change. Remember, Robert Pattinson is English,” Tru shoots back.

Gina nibbles her lower lip. It’s clear she’s wavering. “Are any of the guys hot?”

Tru flicks her eye over the case. “Well…”

“Forget it.”

“But I remember this version. There’s this really hot sex scene in it…!”

The other girl’s eyebrows shoot up. “Really? From the BBC?”

“Well, not actual sex,” Tru admits. “But close enough.”

“That’s not close enough for me.”

“But Bella and Edward aren’t having sex either! Not in Twilight!”

But Gina has moved away, losing interest. Lindsey reaches over and plucks the Dracula case out of the other girl’s hands. “Hey!”

“Excuse me, darlin’, I just want to get a look at what’s got you and your girlfriend so het up,” Lindsey drawls. He flashes the girl one of his charming, good-ole-boy smiles, the ones that always got the girls to spread their legs down south.

Tru blinks and then blushes slightly. “I, um, well, this movie…”

“Sex with vampires your thing?” he asks, “or is it hot sex with girls?” He stares appraisingly after Gina. The other girl is at the front counter making her DVD choice; she doesn’t notice her friend’s conversation.

This time the flush is right up to her eyebrows. “Sex with…I’m not… I mean, we’re not…Gina and I are…we’re just friends!”

“Uh huh. Then you wouldn’t mind if my friend and I took a little peek at this.”

“Your friend?” Her eyes flick from him to Angel. That’s a surprise. The vampire’s so attractive women automatically flock to him. It’s rare to find a girl that focuses on Lindsey first when they’re in company.

But Angel is also adept at fading into the background. Somehow he’s moved around a standing rack without Lindsey noticing. All that shows of him now is the edge of a sleeve.

Tru shifts so that she can get a better look and her eyes widen. She’s spotted the brunette vampire, has glimpsed that eternal beauty that crowned Angelus “the vampire with the angelic face”. She blinks, gaping foolishly, the Dracula disc completely forgotten. “Uh…”

Angel nods slightly. “Hello.” He doesn’t smile, his considerable charm turned off and muted, but Tru doesn’t seem to notice his distance as her silly grin gets even wider.

Lindsey has read the files about Angelus, has boggled at the legions of women who had fallen into his arms. Darla had whispered that she’d known he would be a spectacular lay from the moment she glimpsed him brawling in a pub. His eye had caught hers even as he sent a man sailing across the room and he had grinned, sensing another conquest. He hadn’t remembered her when she’d lured him into an alley days later…but she hadn’t forgotten that promise.

But there are no casual fucks in Angel’s life right now and that charm appears to have been firmly packed away for good. Just as well; Lindsey isn’t going to share him with anybody.

Suddenly, Angel stiffens. He grabs his head and snarls, his face twisting with pain. There’s a brief flash of gold in his eyes, of his forehead ridges flickering on and off, as he fights to keep his game face from showing. Lindsey jumps in front of him, uses his strength to turn Angel away from the girl’s shocked gaze.

But Tru has seen something. Not much but enough to wipe the fatuous smile off her face. “Holy shit!”

“Angel!” Lindsey silently thanks his demonic strength as he prevents the vampire from collapsing against the rack. He manages to hold Angel up, ignoring the girl who backs away from them and then runs to her friend.

“Hey, Tru. I got Twilight. Did you get your Dracula tape? We can make a night of vampire watching, if...hey, what are you doing?” she yelps as the other girl grabs her arm.

Tru drags her from the store, peering over her shoulder nervously at the two men. “We have to get out of here. Like, yesterday.”

“Why? What’s your rush?”

“I just saw something…fucking weird. We just need to get out of here. Trust me. I’ll tell you later.” Tru pushes Gina out the door, almost knocking her friend off her feet. What the hell was that freaky guy anyway?

“Did you get the video?”

“Yes, no, I mean…just trust me. Get in the car and drive!”

Lindsey reaches into his jacket for his painkillers. These are the strongest over-the-counter prescriptions he could find. He’s not sure how much of a dent they make for a vampire but Angel has always assured him that they help. Someone in Wolfram & Hart could probably manufacture drugs that would be stronger than anything on the market but Angel doesn’t trust the people at W&H that far.

“Lindsey, those girls. We have to stop them,” Angel pants when he finally manages to get himself under control.

“Tru and Gina?” Lindsey looks around but the girls have already gone.

Angel starts staggering after them, gaining sureness with every step. “Vision is about them,” he snaps tersely. Lindsey runs after him. The man behind the counter yells something but neither listens. Angel gets to the sidewalk but he’s too late. The girls have pulled away in their car, immediately lost in traffic.

Lindsey feels a hard hand clasping him on the shoulder and whirls around, tensing for a fight. The burly man glares at him. “Hey, if you’re gonna rent it, you have to get back inside with that case.”

“What?” Lindsey looks down. He’s still clutching the Dracula case. He’d forgotten that he was holding it. An idea strikes him. “Sorry about that. Angel?”

The vampire is staring down the street as if he can pick up on the girls. But he turns when Lindsey tugs at him. “Lindsey, we need to catch them.”

“I’ve got an idea.” When they re-enter the store and Lindsey begins ringing up the DVD, Angel hisses in his ear.

“Lindsey, now is not the time to be renting videos!”

“Did your vision give you a sign where those girls are?” Lindsey murmurs back. The counter guy gives them a strange look but brings up the DVD, slipping it into the case.

“No. I got a room number but nothing else.” Angel rubs at his forehead; apparently the headache is lingering.

“Maybe this will help.”


“You want me to trace these two girls using a store receipt?” Fred asks, pushing her glasses up her nose. She frowns at the printout sheet. Lindsey had insisted on being given a printed copy of his sale for their records.

“Yeah. Can you get anything from that?” Angel leans on the desk, smiling at Fred. He evidently holds a soft spot for her, one that she returns, given her return shy smile. Lindsey revises his earlier opinion. Angel still has charm; he just saves it for those closest to him.

“But it’s your printout, not theirs. How can that help?” she points out, tapping it with a blunt fingernail.

“Ours was done right after theirs. Couldn’t you just go into the computer and…?” Angel makes a vague tapping motion with his fingers.

Fred rolls her eyes. “Angel, I’m not someone who can magically call up information just like that off the Internet.”

“So you can’t…”

“Actually, I can in this case. It’s just you make it seem so mysterious, like it’s something only I can do. I’ve offered to show you, you know.”

Angel shrugs. “I know. I just don’t get it as well as you do.”

“Figures. Cordelia told me how it took forever for you to learn to use cell phones.”

“Hey! I wasn’t that bad,” Angel protests when Lindsey snickers.

“Yes, you were,” Fred replies serenely, her eyes squinting as her fingers fly over the keyboard. “Hmmm, wow, they’ve got a lot of safeguards set up here. You’d think this was Fort Knox…oh, wait, here it is! Regina Blakely, 1256 Beauregard Boulevard.”

“Thanks, Fred. You’re a blessing in disguise.”

“Oh, Angel.” Fred turns pink and Angel grins at her, pulling the paper with the address from her hand.

Lindsey trots after him. “Angel, wait for me.”

Angel shakes his head. “Lindsey, I don’t need you there. I saw a couple of vampires but that’s it. Nothing I can’t handle.”

“Let me go with you, anyway.” Lindsey trots beside Angel, striving to match the vampire’s longer stride.

“I said, I don’t need you there.”

“You don’t know that.”

Angel tilts his head down at him. “Lindsey, did you forget I’m the boss here?”

“I’m on the payroll, Angel, but that doesn’t mean I have to do what you tell me.” When the vampire’s eyes narrow dangerously, Lindsey steps closer, right into Angel’s personal space. It’s silly; there’s no way he can physically intimidate Angel like this given the disparity in their heights. Call it typical macho posturing. “I’m submissive to you only in bed. Remember?”

Memory makes the charcoal eyes even darker. Then Angel pulls back, muttering, “Don’t think you can get around me that way, Lindsey.”

“I’m still coming with you.”

Angel’s eyes flick down to Lindsey’s crotch. “Cumming for you may be optional.”

Lindsey chuckles in spite of himself. Humor is a good sign; he’s won his case. “Don’t worry, Angel. It needn’t be all bad.” He slips his arm behind his boyfriend’s back. “Maybe we can celebrate our victory on the way back—in your car.”

Angel’s eyebrows shoot up. “My car?”

“We’ve never done it there.”

A grin filled with pointed teeth flashes his way. “Careful what you wish for, Lindsey.”


Later that evening

“Renner, tell me again why we’re bothering to go to this girl’s apartment? Why can’t we just kill them on the street and stick their bodies in dumpsters?” Totem scratches at his nose.

“I told you, Totem,” Renner states, impatient with the other guy’s stupidity. “I’ve been hearing all these older vampires talking about this Angelus character. He goes around knocking off vampires and demons and shit. I figure if we go to their houses and kill ‘em in private instead of on the street, we’re less likely to wind up with stakes in our hearts.” He picks up his pace as they make their way down the boulevard, dodging into dark corners whenever he can. Flitting in and out of the shadows isn’t necessary when it gets dark like this but the two like to practice. Stealth mode, as Renner calls it, is fun. So was jumping out at humans and yanking them into alleyways—at least until he’d heard about that Angelus jackass. What is his deal, anyway?

“Whatevs,” Totem shrugs. “Me, I don’t believe this Angelus bullshit. I think it’s just some stupid story the older vamps say to keep us newbies in line. I mean, you ever seen this Angie asshole?”

“No and that’s ‘cause anybody who sees him dies. Get that through your thick skull; you’ll live longer.” He taps on Totem’s head for emphasis.

Totem swats away his hand. “So what’s the plan? We kill them or fuck them first?”

“I say we kill and fuck ‘em. My sire says it’s the absolute best doing that.” Renner’s face shifts for a moment, his tongue coming out to lick at pointed fangs, before he lets his human face appear again.

“I hear that. I likes me some warm human pussy.” Totem lets his face shift too and cuts loose with a nasty cackle.

“Man, I hate it when you laugh like that. Like fucking nails on a chalkboard,” Renner complains.

“What? This?” Totem cackles again. Renner reaches out to smack him again, harder this time, and the two end up in a little scuffle.

Renner breaks it off. “Cut it out, fool! This is Gina’s place. I don’t want her to some guy tackling me like a homo.”

“Who’s a faggot? You the one groping me, jizzwad!”

“To hell with that.” Renner trots up the steps three at a time. Bloodlust is coiling deep in his stomach, making him hard as hell. Becoming a vampire was the best thing that ever happened to him. Food everywhere, nonstop pussy and no bitches demanding commitment. Vamp women didn’t get attached and human women were just meals on legs. Fucking sweet.

He lifts his hand and knocks on the door. “This is going to be a blast, man. You’ll see.”


Gina hefts her boobs in her sweater. She undoes a button. Would the red bra be better with this top or the pink one? “Tru, aren’t you dressed yet? The boys will be here any minute!”

“I am dressed. And I don’t know about this, Gina. We’ve only known them for two weeks.” Tru reclines on the bed, nervously biting her lip as her best friend gets dressed.

Tru has on a grey sweater with jeans. It’s plain but the sweater is brand new and hugs her curves. She isn’t as big on top as Gina is but she has an ample ass. Totem said he liked it a lot. That was nice; most guys tended to prefer large boobs. But she doesn’t like it so much when he swats her on the butt. It really hurts and the way he does it in public, like she’s a trophy or something, doesn’t sit so well with her.

Gina places her hands on her hips and bounces on her toes a little, making her boobs jiggle in the process; she likes the effect. “What do you want? A long engagement? Shit, this is the modern age!”

“What’s wrong with a little romance? I would have thought with your Eddie-and-Bella obsession, you’d want that!”

“And who says romance is something that takes five months? This is a date, not a proposal. What do you think about this top? You think the embroidery’s too much?”

“I don’t think Renner will care. He stares at your breasts like he’s got laser vision. It’s creepy.” Tru gives an exaggerated shudder.

“It’s not creepy. And he doesn’t stare that much,” Gina huffs. “Sometimes he and I talk and he’s really sweet.”

“Renner? Sweet?” Tru stares in disbelief. “Don’t you remember when he called that other girl a heifer?”

“Well, wasn’t she?”

“That’s not the point! It was mean. Sometimes Renner’s mean. Him and Totem…” she trails off.

“What? Don’t tell me you think they’re gay? You say that about all guys who hang together.”

“I so do not.” Tru shifts up on the bed. “It’s just I sometimes catch Renner and Totem looking at us like they want to…I don’t know, eat us or something.”

“Soon, baby, soon.” Gina winks at Tru. The pair dissolve into giggles although Tru’s laughter has a slightly strained edge to it. The doorbell rings. “Shit! They’re here! How do I look?”

“Like jelly on toast, like always.”

“What does that even mean, anyway?”

Gina rushes towards the door, only to stop and take a deep breath. Striving to look cool and calm, she pulls open the door. Tru frowns.

“What the fuck?”



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