Faith Won

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Notes: Been a while. This chapter has more plot than I expected. This chapter is adding a lot of possibilities to the fic although I am unsure if I am going to go in too many directions (although I do have another Vi and Kennedy chapter planned after this). Please leave feedback or suggestions if you have any. Also, due to a lack of knowing anything about Vi and some other potentials I am making up their backstories and stuff as I go along. 



The alarms blared in the hallway. Kennedy watched the Watchers run down them and heard their screams. “Let us out, let us out” she screamed. Her roommate Vi was next to her chattering.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? Maybe we’re safer in here. The Council hasn’t been attacked since the 1800s and that was a rogue slayer.” The second she said the word she realized the situation. “Although, maybe we should get out. Get to safety so The Council could regroup and continue their plan.”

“Let me out.” Kennedy heard someone outside the metal door. “Hurry up. Come on, there’s a rogue slayer out there. I’m your best shot at this.” As the door opened she saw Faith. “O, hi.” The youngest slayer looked up at her leather clad elder. “Vi, run.” Violet stood there watching.

“I’m not leaving you. The Watcher Council’s plan requires you more than it does me. If she gets you they can’t----” Kennedy pivoted and sucker punched Vi right in her head.  The redhead was knocked out instantly.

“murder me and the rest of us and then send the survivors on a suicide mission. Yea, I know the plan.” Kennedy looked at the unconscious potential and then at Faith.  “So, you mind if I tag along on your Watcher-Killing spree? Or do you want to handle this ginger bitch first.”

Faith pulled out a cigarette and lit it. “Nay, we’re cool. The fang squad got it covered. Hell of a right hook.” She blew out a puff of smoke. “Although might be a waste to just off her. A bit nerdy looking but not that bad.”

Kennedy looked at the older slayer. The council Faith Lehane painted as a sadistic, hedonistic psychopath who cared about no one but herself. Kennedy was unsure. As far as she was concerned, the rogue slayer just rescued her. “Yea. If she wasn’t babbling every 10 minutes about how awesome it going be after my death I’ll be all over her. I always had a thing for red heads.”

“Well, if that’s the case”

“FAITH, FAITH COME IN! WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY” Faith’s radio interrupted whatever she was going say.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch Mrs. Fang. What’s wrong? Can’t handle a bunch of watchers on their home turf? Did they throw a book at you?” Despite the sass Kennedy saw worry in Faith’s eyes.

“We’re fine. But one of the potentials is bleeding out here.”

“Damn it, what the hell Darla? We were after Watchers only.” Faith looked over at the new slayer unconscious potential. “Kid, can you carry her? We got to move.”

“Yea, I got her. I’m Kennedy by the way.” She slung Vi over her shoulder. “They’re probably at the gymnasium. Simone said the older potentials were running the hamster wheel courses all day as the book worms tried to figure out the order of succession.” The two slayers ran through the halls. Faith couldn’t help but feel like they were in an overgrown library.

The staticy radio described the situation. “It wasn’t us. One of the potentials turned on another one. Muttered some crap about her being a traitor and ran her through with a sword.”

Faith followed Kennedy into the gym and looked around. The gym was littered with dead bodies. She was surprised to see Dru in the middle of them cradling someone in her arms whispering something. “There, there, sweet one, it won’t be long. Soon your story ends. And when one story ends, the fairies close the book and begin again.” The injured potential had bright pink hair in a pseudo-mohawk just in the front. Her eyebrows, nose, and ears were all pierced.

Faith winced as she saw the wound. Blood was pouring out of the potential slayer’s gut. It was almost where Buffy stabbed her, but bigger. She turned to Darla. The vampire wasn’t a doctor but she have seen enough people die to be an expert. “What’s her chances?”

“Not good. I say she’ll be dead in 5 minutes. Going be painful too. I shoved the chick who stabbed her into the closet over there if you want to let off steam.”

“Maybe later.” Faith walked over to Simone. “Hey, kid. How you doing?”

“Peachy. Just leaking all my blood onto a vampire. Do me a favor, slayer. Make sure Satsu regrets this. Teach that dyke a lesson.” Faith looked at this girl and saw herself. As cliché as it was, here she was. An obvious rebel who didn’t need the rules bleeding out thanks to a goody-two-shoes. Before she even knew she asked the question.

“Little Punk, do you want to live? You know what I’m asking, don’t you?”

“Yes. Do it.” As Simone spook Faith took out her knife and cut open Dru’s wrists. Blood poured out of the vampire’s wound. Without words Dru lifted her wrist to the potential’s lips. She drank hungrily.

Faith left the potential. “So anything I should be concerned about? Potentials don’t turn into super-vampires hell bent on destroying the world or aren’t immune, are they?” Darla chuckled.

“Well those will be questions best asked before your impromptu siring. But no, well no more than usual. If she was a slayer, that’ll be different. But I doubt even Dru is crazy enough to do that.” A raised eyebrow from Faith prompted Darla to continue. “It isn’t unheard of for a slayer to become a vampire. But the vampire is stronger than a slayer and without morals. Most vampires are too cowardly or smart to create the competition.”

“Cool. So you can take the newbie with you, right? Just show her the ropes.” Faith was realizing how big of a move she made without asking. But she never was one to plan.

Darla looked over at Dru. She was still cradling the now lifeless body of Simone. Darla was surprised she wasn’t looking for a grave to bury her in. Drusilla enjoyed the classics. “Yes. Dru can get attached to those she turns. I imagine she won’t leave her ‘daughter’s’ side for a while. Although we do have to make a pit stop before we fly home. A new vampire is famished and fresh food is always best for a newborn.”

Faith looked at the closet. A loud bang was coming from it. “Well, if you need a blood bag I think I know where one is. Just make sure she lives. I’m sure you can find some way for her to earn her keep. I’m sure demons will pay extra to fuck a potential.” She turned over to where Kennedy is. The slayer was so silent Faith nearly forgot about her. “This is ok with you? I know it’s a lot.”

Kennedy just shrugged. “Satsu was always a bitch. Her and Vi would have killed their own mothers if the Watchers told them it will earn them a cookie. So what now?”

“Now we gather up the potentials and send them on their way. How many of you rug rats are there anyways?” Faith hasn’t seen any of the others.

“About 10 were kept here. Only the ones 16 or older were told about the ‘greater plan’ as they called it. Another building houses another 20. Most are young though.” Kennedy made her point clear.

Faith took out her radio. “Lilah, did you find the other kids? Listen, make sure they get back home. All of them. Back to their houses where they can forget about vampires.”

 “But what if”

“I said back to their houses. And if I hear any of them somehow found their way into one of Wolfram & Hart’s experiments or brothels the Mayor might reconsider his working arrangement with you. You hear that?” Faith shut off the radio. “So Ken-Doll, ready for the trip home? We can put that red-head of yours to good use on the flight.” Kennedy glanced at Vi and smiled.



“Wakey Wakey mini-Red.” Vi’s face was slapped a few times until she opened her eyes. She saw the pale, dark hair Faith inches away from her. She tried to punch her but found her hands handcuffed behind her back. And she was naked. “So let me give it to you straight, kid. The Watcher Council are all dead. Anyone except the potentials are all dead. I think the news called it a gas leak. Don’t worry, all the baby slayer wannabes got out in time. They’re being sent home and if this shit show of a world is kind I’ll never see them again.

“But I couldn’t let you go. Not the noble, goody-two shoes who swallowed the Watcher’s bullshit that offing you all to build a slayer army for the greater good. I mean really, how desperate to be special do you have to be? And do you really think it was going to be entirely luck? As if those tweed bastards wouldn’t take the chance to off the more rebellious ones. Hell, Head Tweed himself had a journal with his favorites. Lucky you, you were #2. Guess you didn’t suck enough cock to be the favorite. That punk or whatever Simone had an X next to her name. I wonder what that meant? Probably had less than the 60% chance you all did. But I’m monologuing.” Faith dragged Vi onto the floor. She was quiet as she took in the words. But what was it about 60%? Travis told her himself the odds were 80%. Then again why will this bitch of a slayer tell the truth? “So Ken-Doll, this ginger cunt wanted to off you, right? Only fair you get first go. You can even keep her if she’s worth it. If not, I’m sure we can find you a pet in Sunnydale.” Faith looked right into Vi’s eye as she said this. The potential knew the unspoken threat. Behave or else.

The newer slayer was still stuck on Faith’s words. “60%? Was that it? Damn. Those old bastards told us 80%. What do you think of that Violet? 2 out of 5 chance of death.” Kennedy sat in her seat on the plane. She spread her legs and pulled down her jeans and underwear. “Anyways, Come here Vi. Crawl over here. You know what I want, right? A little brown-noser like you is just itching to get called on. Well now come on. Eat me out.”

Vi crawled on her knees. She knew she had to survive. Just long enough for The Council to regroup and rescue them. The handcuffed girl crawled and wiggled to her roommate. She was grabbed and shoved into the girl’s cunt. Vi wasn’t sure what to do. “Go on, lick me babe. Just stick your tongue out and do everything I say. MM, that’s good.”

The potential slayer stuck her tongue out and licked. She felt stupid, like a kid trying to kiss for the first time but not knowing you were supposed to close your eyes or what to do with your tongue. But she had instructions. “Go on, lick around. That’s it baby. Explore me with your tongue. Go a little deeper. MM, yea. Swirl it around a bit. MMHMM that’s good.” Vi just followed Kennedy’s words. They were the only things she had to hold on to. And apparently she was doing something right. The slayer’s moans got louder and louder as she continued.

“Damn, looks like baby Red is a natural cunt lapper. Looks like you wasted all that time as roomies Ken.” Faith sat down next to her fellow slayer. “Mind if I get a go?”

Kennedy pulled Vi up by the hair. “You heard her, Vi, the other slayer wants that obedient little mouth of yours.” The redhead was once again shoved face first into a slayer’s pussy. “And yea, she seemed more interested in The Watchers than her fellow potentials. But she takes instructions well.”

Vi instantly lapped the new cunt in front of her. “Come on, mini-Red. Just tongue fuck me. AHH YES Just ram that tongue of yours into me. Killing all those damn Watchers got me all hot and bothered. No time for foreplay.” Faith shoved Vi even deeper in. “If you find my clit flick it or suck on it like the slut you are.” Vi continued to obey. She hammered her tongue in and out of the rogue slayer. And then she felt a small nub. Vi sucked it between her lips. “AAAHHH YES THAT’S IT”.

Faith grabbed the redhead’s hair again and shoved her once again deeper. “O YEA, AAHHH. I’m cumming, going cum all over your face. You’re just a fuck toy now.” Vi continued to lick, suck and whatever she could think of as Faith grinded Vi’s face into her. The taste of cum didn’t even register as it flooded into her face and mouth. Later she would describe it as spicy and not unappealing but right now she was just following orders.

Finally Faith let go of the potential slayer and pushed her back. “Need some more training, but she isn’t bad. You want her to finish you off Ken-Doll?” Faith pulled out a cigarette and lit it.  

“Maybe later” Kennedy said. She pulled Vi up onto her feet and kissed her. “Right now I think she earned a little award.” The new slayer shoved a few fingers into Vi’s cunt. She hissed at the penetration. “Well Vi, you fingered yourself before right? I heard you in the shower a few times. You really underestimated slayer hearing. But yea, I want you to grind yourself on my fingers. Ride me til I see you scream and wreathe all over my little fingers.”

“Yes, Kennedy.” Vi moved experimentally at first. Kennedy sat back down as Vi tried to grind. She was stiff. Kennedy pulled her down and kissed her again. She tasted Faith on Vi’s lips. Vi moved more natural as the kiss deepened. She moaned into it as Kennedy gentle pumped her fingers in and out of her. The slayer slipped in a third finger as Vi relaxed.

“Come on, you had to have danced, right? Well this is just dancing without clothes on.” Vi grinded up and down on Kennedy’s fingers and moaned.  She slowly timed herself with Kennedy’s rhythm. Her entire body was moving. “That’s it, you really are hot in a nerdy librarian type way. MM, I’m going have so much fun dressing you up. You like that, right? You told me about that cosplay shit you did. Well, no reason that has to end.”

Vi was barely playing attention. At this point she climbed entirely onto Kennedy’s lap and was riding the slayer as fast as possible. She didn’t have slayer speed but the Council made sure they were ready. Kennedy bent over and sucked on her perky tits. That was enough to send her over the edge. “Oh, OH, OOOOOHHHH”.  She slowed down and came to a stop.

Surprisingly Kennedy was not done with her. The slayer flipped them around so Vi was in the seat. It took the blissed-out potential a few moments to realize Kennedy added another finger. “OOOHHHH, OOOOHHHHHH, PLEASE, PLEASE” she screamed. Vi did not know if she was begging for her to stop or continue. Probably both. “OH MY GODDDDDDD” she felt another orgasm hit her as Kennedy managed to fit her entire fist into her.

“You’re so pretty when you cum with my fist up your cunt, you know that Vi? I really wish we did this earlier. I wonder what Travis would have said if he walked in on us.” Kennedy continued fisting in and out of the petite girl. Vi was unable to respond coherently. She felt orgasm after orgasm hit her. Then for the second time that day Vi passed out.

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