Faith Won

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Sorry for taking so long between chapters. This is much shorter than usual. I planned for this chapter to be massive and include 5 seperate sex scenes. Instead I am splitting them up. I have so many thoughts of what I want to write in this that I often freeze up when finally writing. Hope you all enjoy this brief chapter. 


The Bronze Part 1-Dawnie takes a photo

Buffy looked around confused, fearful, and deep down curious. This was the first time she left the house since the graduation. Since she lost all those months ago. And here she was, back at The Bronze like any Friday. Except she was completely naked on a leash tied to Faith’s table. And the clientele were mostly vampires and demons. And the human staff was topless.

Willow was with her just as naked but without a leash attached to her red collar. As quietly as possible she whispered. “Don’t worry, Dawn will be fine. Mistress just needs to show everyone who’s in charge. Both us and them.” A few demons around them were clearly staring at the subservient slayer. “Not all of them want to fuck you. Remember Buffy, demons prefer dead slayers.”

Buffy just looked at her friend and realized. “But if I die, another will be called.” That was her hope. That was why Faith kept her alive.

“We don’t know that, Buff. Kendra died and Faith was called. What if the line only goes with her death?” The two friends went quiet as Faith returned alone.

“You two bitches behaved yourself? That’s good for you, B. Keep it up and I might take you out on walks more often.” Faith said, paying more attentions to those around her than her pets. “Little D just wanted to get some pics of tonight. You know how teens are.”

Buffy looked over at the new addition to The Bronze. She noticed it before but couldn’t figure out what it was for. Unlike the stripper polls, chains, and even the sex swing on stage the photo booth didn’t scream sex. And then a man approached the booth. He inserted 5 bucks into the machine quickly.

Dawn knelt down in the modified photo booth. The usual bench was removed to make room for kneeling and the camera was angled down to capture people in that position. And below the camera, right in front of little Dawnie’s face was a hole. A hole with a cock through it. She grabbed it in her hand and began stroking it slowly. It quickly hardened. 

The Bronze’s music prevented her from hearing anything. She didn’t know if the guy was moaning or just waiting for her to get to the good part. It didn’t matter. She knew Mistress Faith told her to do this and so she did. Dawn was just glad the cock looked human this time.

And it was warm in her hands. This customer was not a vampire. Dawn smiled as she leaned forward and showered the penis in kisses. Her lips traveled down the cock until she got to the wall of the photo booth. She licked back to the tip. Her mouth opened and Buffy’s little sister began sucking cock.

Dawn engulfed the cock with her lips and took it in. The tip was at the back of her mouth when she pulled back. She wanted it nice and wet before going further. She began to lick the shaft in her mouth as she continued the blow job. It pulsed and shuddered in her mouth in a way vampire cock just couldn’t do. Dawnie pulled up until just the tip was in her mouth.

For a few seconds she played with the tip, darting her tongue around it as she tasted the first few drops of precum. She savored the salty taste and then went back to bobbing back and forth. Once the cock hit her throat again she swallowed. She gagged but continued down the cock. The pain barely registered any more. Soon her lips hit the wall of the booth and she held it for a few seconds. The tightness of her 16 year old throat was enough for whoever she was sucking to remain still.

The cock was slathered in Dawn’s spit as she bobbed a few more times. She suddenly stopped again as the cock was halfway down her throat. She forced her gagged reflex this time. Spike complained about the lack of a struggle while throat fucking her the last time he was in town. She quickly learned how to make herself gag on cue. Last thing she wanted was for Faith to grow bored of her.

As she gagged the dick pulsed. Cum flooded her throat and quickly took it out of her mouth. Her hand was already stroking the cock as cum landed across her face. It went from her mouth to her forehead and all in between as she pumped every ounce of cum out. She even spit out most of the cum in her mouth. It was currently dribbling down her chin and onto her young tits. Her eyes were closed to keep out cum.

As the cum dripped onto her hand the cock retreated. Dawn sucked a cum covered fingered as she “looked” at the camera. It flashed several times as Dawnie smiled and wiped the cum from her eyes.

The guy zipped up his pants and to the picture dispenser. 10 photos of the young teen covered in his cum came out. He will go home and masturbate to them later that night. And tomorrow. And probably months from now as he saw how hot the teenager was. And if he ever passed on her on the street she will never know who he was.

As he turned around Faith was there. “Hey dude, what’s up. Enjoying the night?”

“Yes, it’s great, hey do you want”

“Maybe later, right now I’m busy. But let me see those photos. That slut is something, isn’t she?” She took a single picture from the dazed man. He barely noticed as he stared at her cleavage until she turned around and showed off how tight those jeans were. “Ok B, I’m back. Just had to get a little souvenir for you.”

Buffy just looked at the image. Her little sister was there, cum on her face as she smiled. She remembered always knowing when her sister was lying or putting on an act for mom but here she wasn’t sure. Did Dawnie like this? Or was she just surviving? “I think we’ll put this in the Summers’ family album tonight Bitch.”

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