Faith Won

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I am making no money off of this.

This is my first attempt at smutty fanfiction. Really my first attempt at fanfic. I kept thinking of ways other fanfic could go or how to keep abandoned stories going and so I came up with this. More is planned as long as this isn't crap that I should give up on. Please comment your thoughts (even if you think I suck as a writer). EDITED Grammar was fixed thanks to my lovely new beta, Prue. 


Faith Won

I do not own Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I am making no money off of this.

Faith walked into her new house on Revello Drive. She had a choice of any house in Sunnydale. Any mansion. Any penthouse. Hell, The Mayor could get a new one built just for her. But this house had meaning. This was Buffy’s house. Some will say it still is. After all, the blonde slayer was still living there. Faith even had the address etched into Buffy’s collar. But this house was no longer Buffy’s. It hasn’t been Joyce Summer’s house for almost a year. It was Faith’s.

Speaking of Buffy, she was on her hands and knees waiting. Faith wasn’t sure how long B has been there but she was mildly surprised. Usually Faith spent half an hour checking closets or under beds before. Faith smiled at the older slayer’s improving behavior. “So no hide n’ seek B? What’s the matter? You got a tummy ache?”

“Woof, woof” Buffy barked. Faith was used to hearing Buffy bark these days, but usually it would take a direct demand if not a few good swats beforehand.

The smile of Faith’s lips quirked. “Seriously, what going on? You trying to trick me into thinking you’re trained?”

“Woof, woof.” Two barks again. The signal Faith taught her for “no” when she wasn’t letting B talk.

“Human voice B. Why were you waiting by the door for me?”

“You told me to, Mistress Faith” Buffy squeaked out, barely audible.

“But I tell you every day, B. You never obeyed before. Why?”

“I was tired of getting spanked, mistress” the blond said a little louder as her eyes explore the ground.

“Come on, B. If you were really tired of that you’ll tell the truth. It’ll be a shame if I had to spank you after you waited all day for me like a good girl.” The slayer bent down and grabbed Buffy’s chin. “Now, why were you waiting for me?”

“I saw you this weekend. When you locked me in my cage.” She tried to look away but Faith gripped her too tight. “You left the door open a crack and I saw you. With Willow Mistress Faith. I didn’t mean to spy but with slayer hearing I can’t help it”.

Faith nearly giggled “And what? Did seeing me with Red make you jealous? Or were you jealous of me? Wanting a taste of nerd?”

“No, mistress, I wasn’t jealous. It isn’t my place.”

“Then what?” Faith ordered. Any sign of glee left her face.

Buffy quickly answered “You didn’t spank her, mistress. Or at least, you didn’t punish her. Willow didn’t cry out in pure pain once. Not like you make me do mistress.” Her head shot back down.

“And did you see anything else? Anything after I made Red cream all over my fist a dozen times? Or did you stop paying attention?”

“Yes, I mean no mistress. I kept attention mistress. Willow casted a spell for you, Mistress Faith” the Blonde slayer stumbled out.

“Yes, Red did. Do you know what spell it was, B?”

“Yes mistress. It looked like the one that set up the barriers on the door.” Buffy stoically said. The blue barrier was unmistakable on every door and window.

“Don’t blame little Red. She had no choice. I still haven’t figured out what to do with wolf-boy or Xan-Man yet.”

“I realized that, mistress. That’s why I was waiting like you wanted.”

Faith took in the news, wondering why she hasn’t thought of this method to break B herself. Then again, B was too stubborn for mind tricks. She had to figure it out herself. “So, Red was a good influence on you. I should have known. Perhaps she’ll be around more often. We could have sleepovers. Would you like that B? A friend to play with?”

“Yes” the fallen slayer squeaked out hoping it was what Faith wanted to hear.

“Yes what?” Faith raised an eyebrow and circled her pet.

“Yes, mistress, I’ll like that very much. Please mistress Faith” Buffy rambles out as she prayed that slip up wouldn’t be Faith’s excuse for the day’s beating.

“There there B, don’t worry. You’ve been well behaved so far. However, if you want a play date you’re gonna have to earn it.” The Boston slayer slowly undresses, never taking her eyes off her newly willing pet. She still wasn’t quite sure Buffy wasn’t trying some angle, but it was enough. For now. But Buffy’s eyes kept darting up and down Faith’s body before they landed on the fellow slayer’s breasts.

“Like what you see B? Guess Red isn’t the only breast girl in town.” Buffy’s face scrunched in confusion. “Aww, what’s wrong? Didn’t realize your best friend was a dyke? Sure, she dated Wolfie for a while but that wasn’t lasting. Why you think she made out with Xander? Classic subconscious sabotage of a relationship that never felt right. At least that’s what Dr. Phil would say. Why you think she always followed you around like a puppy? I bet if you shoved your cunt in her face the day you met she would have licked you to your first orgasm. Should have done that. Might have saved you from all that Angel drama, B.

“But you fucked that up, B. You could have been topping your friend, now you’re my bitch. Hopefully you’re a natural like Red was.” Faith walked towards the still kneeling slayer with purpose. She grabbed the blonde hair and yanked Buffy’s face between her legs. Buffy took the not too subtle hint and started licking. At first randomly, just trying to obey Faith. But her tongue became more deliberate, trying to soak up all the liquid. Surprisingly Buffy liked the taste. And she liked the moans coming out of her rival’s mouth. Buffy experimented with the treat in front of her. She soon tried what she can only describe as “tongue fucking” (a term that the mere thought of made her blush).

Faith grabbed her hair even tighter and grinded into her. “That’s it, B. You’re learning a lot today. Come on, faster, bitch. And look for my clit. It’s about time you taste my cum. Took you long enough to get here. O, yea bitch, it’s coming”. Buffy wasn’t sure what she was expecting but she seemed to be doing this right. Which meant nearly being drowned in Faith’s cum. Although later Buffy thought that wouldn’t be the worse way out of this situation. But at that moment she was just trying to swallow as much as possible as the dark slayer kept grinding through another 2 orgasms.

“Nice job, B. Did you enjoy that?” laughed Faith as she moved away from her newly christened slave.

“Yes, mistress. It was yummy”. The image of Buffy’s face soaked in her juices almost made Faith continue. But she figured B has earned a reprieve. And a bit of an reward.

“Good bitch. For your good work, you can sleep without the shackles tonight. And I think I’ll get you another gift tomorrow. Keep this up and you’ll have a play date in no time.”

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