Jonathan Levinson, Superstar

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“Jonathan! Jonathan!” Dawn shrieked as she stormed into the Superstar’s manor.

“Dawn! You can’t just barge into someone’s house, especially Jonathan’s,” Buffy reprimanded her hysterical sister.

“You shut up, you...cunt,” Dawn hissed before running further into the mansion.

Buffy was stopped in her tracks by the latest insult from her baby sister. Dawn had called her a lot of names in the past 16 years, but never busted out that colorful swear word. However, Buffy had dusted the last person Dawn had slept with so Buffy supposed she partially deserved it. With a shrug, Buffy continued her chase of her sister.


Dawn’s shout was replaced by astonishment as she turned the corner from the hallway into his main chambers. Buffy wondered what had caused her sister to go from insane to shocked, but she had her answer in short order. Standing by the fireplace of his office was the man, the myth, the legend himself, but Jonathan Levinson wasn’t alone. Kneeling before him with his very large and very hard cock in her mouth was a blast from Buffy’s past.


“Hi Buffy,” Cordy waved before turning her attention back to Jonathan.

Buffy had known that she and Jonathan were exclusive. After all, how could the blonde even hope to have the Superstar all to herself. No, it was just too great a challenge. She was more than happy to pledge herself to him fully, but she didn’t expect the same. It was still shocking to see Jonathan with another woman though, even if the Slayer was the one invading the privacy of his house.

“Buffy...Dawn...good evening,” the dark-haired man replied. 

“Should back?” Dawn stammered.

“What? Oh, because of Cordelia? No, no. She’ll only be another minute. 5 at most,” Jonathan answered. “Just have a seat and I’ll be right with you two.”

Despite the fact that Dawn was in a murderous rage and Buffy was still beyond pissed about her sister sleeping with Spike, neither made a move to leave. Instead, together, they walked over to the leather sofa that was stationed no more than 10 feet from where Cordelia Chase was sucking off Jonathan Levinson. 

If Cordelia was bothered by the Summers girls barging in during her blowjob, then you’d have never have known it. As Buffy took a seat, she found she couldn’t take her eyes away from the show in front of her. For one, she had no idea that her former nemesis-turned-Scooby was even back in Sunnydale. Last she heard, Cordy was working with Angel down in L.A., so she didn’t know why the brunette was now here, in Sunnydale...with Jonathan Levinson’s dick in her mouth.

“Wow! She’s good,” Dawn commented.

With a wicked grin on her face following Dawn’s compliment, Cordelia licked her lips before guiding his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. The Superstar couldn't help but let out an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over, resuming her excellent oral performance that had been temporarily interrupted. 

“I’m better,” Buffy muttered in a combination of pride, jealousy, but also truth.

Cordelia would have sneered at the Slayer in any other circumstance, but Jonathan squashed the urge in her with a simple thought. While suppressing her rivalry with Buffy, Jonathan also put a little suggestion into the busty girl’s mind to make quick work with the rest of her blowjob. After all, his plan was falling perfectly into place and he wanted to finish with this appetizer so he could get to the main entree. 

Right after his mental command was given, Jonathan instantly felt the tempo of Cordelia’s bobbing speed up. With one hand holding her silky dark  hair out of the way, Cordelia used her right hand to stroke his shaft in perfect timing with her lips gliding along behind it. Although his mind was already onto the next step of his evening, Jonathan was impressed with his new lover’s ability to need to surface for air since she began blowing him in earnest. Up and done her head rose and fell, the soft hum of her moans emitting from her mouth as she put her plump lips and deep throat to excellent use during. 

"Sllrrrppp....ggrrrggglll....ssllllrrrpp," Cordelia noisily continued her sucking, using lots of spit since she was taking him so deep repeatedly.

Jonathan was more than pleased with himself for returning Cordelia to Sunnydale to act as his new maid. Making her dress in the classic French maid outfit, waiting on him hand and foot...and, of course, getting to use her as yet another sex plaything.

"That's it. Be my good little plaything and finish me off," Jonathan implored before turning to the sisters. “After all, I have a fight that needs mediating.”

Cordelia heard the command her Master gave and did everything she could to make it a reality. The former popular girl in high school put every ounce of energy she had into accomplishing her goal. Her head was a blur as she constantly pushed into him that backed up off, her lips dragging along his veiny shaft in the process. Her hand went from massaging his full sack to rubbing the spot right where his shaft met the rest of his ripped body, a particular sensitive spot for the young Superstar.

"Yes! Cum for me," Cordelia begged when she felt his hands tighten in her hair. 

“Gonna cum in your mouth,” Jonathan warned.

“Yes please. Cum in my mouth,” Cordelia encouraged before returning her mouth to around his cock. 

Rather than descending most of the way down his spit-covered member like she had been, this time the sexy girl in the French Maid outfit had pulled him back enough so that only the head of his cock was between her lips. Still keeping steady pressure with her plump lips, Cordelia maintained heavy suction as her shiny brown hair kept making tiny bobs down on the top several inches of his cock.

“God…here it comes,” he groaned.

Cordy didn’t need to hear his words to know the body language of her man. Sure enough, right on cue the first spurt of jizz came shooting out of the end of his dick. She paused a bit as the hot semen plastered the roof of her mouth but regained her composure quickly to swallow down the initial burst and returned to sucking his member. Jonathan was extremely pleased that he used his new magical abilities to recall Cordelia Chase back to Sunnydale, especially as she bobbed on his tool while hungrily sucking down all of his sticky seed that his balls were pumping into her mouth. While she was a good girl and continued to slurp up any last remaining trace of jizz, after she was satisfied she’d collected it all, she let his cock slip from her talented mouth and straightened up.

“Adequate Cordelia. Now go freshen up before getting started on cleaning the dining room,” Jonathan ordered.

“I strive to please, Master,” Cordelia replied before making haste with her exit.

Once Cordelia sauntered out of the room, Jonathan turned towards the still stunned sisters. “Now what’s the trouble, ladies?”

“She killed Spike!”

“Not killed. Slayed. As in, the Slayer did her job and removed another murderous creature from this world,” Buffy retorted.

Before Dawn could snap a response, Jonathan silenced them with a twitch of a finger. “Now ladies, let me get this right. Buffy slayed Spike, a vampire. Am I right so far?” When a nod was his answer, he continued. “But Dawn, you are extremely upset. Now something tells me he meant something special to you.”

“They had sex!” Buffy blurted out.

“She read my diary!” Dawn countered.

“Okay. Okay. Simmer. Remember, you are both sisters and you love each other. Correct?” Jonathan asked and waited for a reply.

“It’s why I did it. I love you so much Dawn that the thought of you with someone so beneath you was the final straw and I finally snapped on Spike,” Buffy admitted.

“Well we all can’t have Jonathan Levinson as our boyfriend. Some of us have to slum and lower our expectations,” Dawn replied.

“I’ve given this some thought ladies and I believe I have a suitable solution. Now Buffy, you did your job in Slaying a dangerous and vile demon. We can all agree on that. However, part of it was in order to take away your sister’s new plaything,” Jonathan explained. As Buffy went to voice complaint, Jonathan stopped her with a raised finger. “Now Dawn, I see no reason for you not to be brought into my growing harem. It solves every issue.”

Dawn and Buffy let the details sink into their minds, which were made to be more agreeable by Jonathan, who since being linked with the Seed of Wonder could control all magic. Finally, the two sisters looked at each other, shrugged and nodded their heads in acceptance.

“Wonderful! I thought as much,” the Superstar concurred. “But first, I believe I need to see if you two can work together or else this won’t work.”

“No!” they both shrieked. “We can,” Dawn stated before Buffy added. “We will be everything you want us to be.”

“But how do we make this whole teamwork thing a reality?” Dawn asked.

Buffy had the idea pop into her head, which made a smile sprout onto her beautiful face. Dawn watched as her older sister took two steps towards her before the Slayer reached an arm out and cupped the back of Dawn’s head. Despite the fact Dawn had a good 4 inches on the 19 year old, Buffy used her Slayer abilities to pull her younger sister effortlessly towards her until their lips pressed together. Dawn didn’t fight it as something in her brain was screaming that this felt so right, despite the fact they were sisters.

“See. We can get along,” Buffy confirmed with Jonathan.

Buffy, nor Dawn, remembered having their pants removed but the next thing they knew was that they were all seated on the leather sofa with each Summers sister on either side of Jonathan. With a sister on either side of him, Jonathan was currently enjoying Buffy’s mouth as his tongue invaded inside her. Meanwhile, Dawn went from watching her very attractive sister make out with the Superstar, to remembering she could do more than that. Therefore, little Dawn leaned in and started to kiss Jonathan’s neck, all while he groped each of their bare asses.

“I didn’t forget about you,” Jonathan stated, pulling his tongue from Buffy’s mouth.

Dawn had enough time to lick her lips in anticipation before Jonathan crashed his mouth against her. The 16 year old had only been with a few men so she was grateful that Jonathan took control, dominating the kiss as he tilted her head back in order to kiss her deeply, just like he had done with her older sister. 

When Jonathan felt Buffy’s lips kissing his neck, he encouraged her to come further up and along his jawline. With a hand still behind young Dawn’s head, Jonathan pulled his head back and allowed sister to kiss sister once more. Unlike the first time, this time around the passion was there as the moment they touched, their lips were parting and tongues were wagging. It was hard to tell who was dominating who as their tongues were twisting around in their war, not that Jonathan minded watching at all.

“Mhmmm...I’m pleased you two are capable of getting along,” he stated, his hands groping Buffy’s small, firm ass and Dawn’s considerably thicker booty.

“Thank you Jonathan,” both Summers girls replied in unison before going back in for more kisses with each other.

“Now what do you say, Buff? See what little Dawnie has under her shirt?”

“Yes please,” Buffy replied as her hands immediately shot to the hem of the 16 year old’s shirt.

Dawn only pulled her tongue back from Jonathan’s mouth when it was time for Buffy to pull her shirt up over her head. Despite being only a sophomore in high school, Dawn had a woman’s body already. To go with the aforementioned thick booty, Dawn had budding tits that already needed a B-cup. The fact that her stomach was flat without an ounce of fat and a hairless pussy to match didn’t hurt the brunette's striking appearance either.

“Ohhh Buffy!” Dawn moaned.

The moan was in direct response to her older sister leaning down and latching her lips around one of Dawn’s small pink nipples. As Jonathan kissed her neck, leaving little love marks on her skin, Buffy sucked hard on her tits, going back and forth between the jiggling pair in order to make both nipples hard in arousal and slippery from the Slayer’s spit. The only think that was making it all better was Buffy using her Slayer strength to grip Dawn’s phat ass in order to suck even harder at Dawn’s youthful boobs.

“We didn’t forget about you,” Jonathan spoke to Buffy.

Jonathan took charge of undressing the 19 year old so that Dawn could get in position kneeling on the sofa so her head would be hanging over the Superstar’s lap. Jonathan didn’t bother lifting Buffy’s long-sleeve top over her head. Instead he grabbed the neckline and simply tore the garment in half down the middle, leaving Buffy’s small but perky tits exposed to both her man and her kid sister. After giving her tits a firm grope, Jonathan removed his own shirt, leaving the sisters to work together in undoing his pants and pulling out his already hard cock.

“Oh my God! He’s soooo much bigger than Spike,” Dawn gasped at the sight of the foot-long monster that stood erect staring up at her.

In her moment of shock and awe, Buffy couldn’t help but think how adorable her sister looked. Unable to stop herself, not that she wanted to anyway, the 19 year old reached out and pulled her curvy teen sister in for another passionate kiss. Buffy was a little more practiced with group sex, so while she kissed Dawn, the Slayer’s hand was reaching down and stroking Jonathan’s lengthy and girthy tool.

“I want to watch you suck his cock now,” the blonde demanded when they finally surfaced for air, breaking their lip lock.

Unconsciously, Dawn’s right hand crept forward towards the object that had caught her eye and imagination. Wrapping her fingers around the midpoint of his shaft she gave him a long pull along its entire length going down then back up again. She had to remind herself to swallow the saliva in her mouth for fear of drooling all over his impressive manhood.

“Impressive, right?” Buffy knowingly asked as her own fingers rubbed along his smooth shaft as well as she knelt opposite her sister on the sofa. 

Bending down to within striking distance, Dawn ran her tongue up the entire length of his erect member until arriving at his bulbous tip. After a few swirls with her wet tongue, Dawn opened her mouth wide and popped him into her receptive mouth for some sucking. Jonathan and Buffy both looked down and watched as the eager teen ate up half his length as she bobbed. Her lips felt great as they glided along his smooth manhood while her wet tongue massaged his underbelly as she went.

“Come here,” the horny Slayer said to her Superstar, pulling him in for a lengthy kiss.

Dawn was oblivious to the kissing going on two feet above her as she was concentrating on blowing the dick in front of her face. From her knees she drove her face towards Jonathan’s hips until his tip hit the back of her mouth. After a few times of this she switched things up and used her tongue to run the length of his shaft all the way to his base before reversing course.

“That’s it. Show Jonathan how good you are at sucking cock,” Buffy demanded of her little sister.

Buffy was back to kneeling beside her, watching the dark-haired beauty with keen interest. Dawn felt the hand of her more experienced sister grab the back of her head, but she didn’t do anything yet. Wanting to impress both the handsome man and her sister, Dawn was determined to put on a show. Already warmed up, the 16 year old started throwing her head up and down. Despite her young age, Dawn still knew her way around a cock, which was on show as Dawn alternated between the lightning fast bobbing motion, by then slowing things down as she started to put inch after inch between her lips. As his tip poked the back of her mouth that’s when Buffy’s hand put pressure on the back of her head, not forcing her to gag in an attempt to deep throat, but rather to hold her down. After a few seconds, her face started turning a darker shade of red and Buffy’s pressure eased, allowing Dawn to pull her face slowly away from Jonathan’s groin.

“Yes. That’s a good little cocksucker,” Jonathan encouraged as the dark-haired girl pulled back and left his manhood dripping in her spit. “Again.”

Of course, Dawn had no issues with that command. Between her own naturally high levels of hormones, and the lust for Jonathan that was permanently affecting her and any other women he desired, Dawn’s pussy was dripping wet with excitement. Knowing that Jonathan was referring to gagging herself on his pecker, Dawn still used her lips to glide up and down his shaft first, her hand a blur on the bottom portion of his dick. Repeating the task that Jonathan wanted, Dawn took roughly 5 of his 12 inches inside her mouth at one time, Buffy’s pressure returning on the back of her head to help and holding her sister for several seconds.

“Glllkkkk….gllkkkk,” Dawn spat as even more saliva decorated his cock now.

“God! That’s so damn hot,” Buffy swore as her lust ran wild. 

The wet sounds of Dawn sucking his cock were replaced with other wet noises as the two girls kissed once more. This time they were far sloppier since the dark-haired girl’s mouth was full of spit, not that Buffy seemed to mind getting Dawn’s spit all over her lower face. In fact, Jonathan could even see saliva spilling out from both their lips as Dawn still maintained a slow stroking of his cock with her fist.

“Show me how sharing sisters can be with my cock,” Jonathan told the kissing pair.

“You heard him,” Buffy smiled at the younger girl as they slid from kneeling atop the sofa to getting down on the floor between his spread legs.

They broke their kiss and with her position directly in front of the lucky man, Dawn had first crack at him, something she took advantage of immediately. Opening her mouth and pushing her gorgeous face forward, Dawn wrapped her lips around the first half of his dick. Buffy didn’t mind her sister taking the lead as she stuck out her tongue and licked the other portion to be sure nothing was left out from the warm embrace of their mouths.

“Mmmphm…ammmahhm,” were the sounds being emitted by Dawn’s mouth as she noisily slobbered on his fleshy rod.

Inch by inch, as Dawn pulled back while bobbing on the man, Buffy let her mouth push closer to her. Finally the 16 year old was left just sucking on his tip until it was just her tongue making little circles around his piss slit. Buffy gave her sister a kiss then edged her out completely, pouncing to engulf half his length in one go, then held him in her mouth with his tip at the back of her throat for what seemed like an eternity. She was an enigma as the next moment she was feverishly bobbing her head up and down his cock with speeds that were sure to give her whiplash if not for her Slayer abilities.

Jonathan was loving the dual attention of both Summers siblings, yet it was only getting started. Dawn may have initially been unsure what to do next but she had decided to sink lower on her knees and moved her head even closer. Opening wide before closing on his closest ball, she sucked on the sensitive sack before taking the other to roll around her mouth with her skilled tongue.

“So good,” he complimented, a hand on the back of Buffy’s head as she swirled with every bob along his length.

For the next several minutes the sisters continued to work in unison to bring great oral pleasure to the lucky man. Buffy had followed her younger sister’s lead shortly after Jonathan’s first audible groan so that they each had a nut in their mouth and sucked away while one of them stroked his manhood.

However, much to his pleasure, both girls now found themselves occupying half of his shaft with their lips at the same time. They craned their necks to the side so that they were looking into each other’s eyes with their noses touching as they pressed their open mouths along his dick sideways. With noses and lips now touching as well, they moved as a well drilled team to slide up and down his lengthy shaft while massaging the underbelly of his manhood with their tongues.

“When we aren’t fighting like cats and dogs, we make a hell of a team,” Dawn finally commented with a wide grin.

“We may have to make a habit of this,” Buffy replied, giving her sister a tongue-filled kiss.

“You most certainly will,” Jonathan added, drawing large smiles from each of the sisters. “Now Dawnie, I think we give Buffy first crack with me.”

“Awwhh,” Dawn pouted, pushing out her lower lip.

Before Buffy could discipline her little sister, Jonathan cut her off. “Dawn...not only does Buffy have seniority, but I think it’ll be best to see my, well, horse cock in action before you attempt to wrangle it.”

“Oh. Good point,” Dawn agreed. 

“But don’t worry. Buffy will take good care of you, won’t you, big sis?” 

“Yes Jonathan,” Buffy nodded her golden head eagerly. 

The trio moved quickly, all following the Superstar’s mental commands. Since obtaining the powers of the Seed of Wonder, Jonathan found that mind control was a useful and fun bit of magic! Dawn took the seat on the sofa previously occupied by Jonathan, with her long legs spread wide. Between her thighs was the gorgeous face of Buffy Summers, who had eyes only for the pink slit her sister had spread before her. And finally, kneeling behind the quadruped Slayer was Jonathan, his thick cock in hand with the saliva of both Summers sisters acting as lubricant.

"Can't wait to feel this monster inside me," Buffy cooed before bending her head down and licking Dawn’s snatch from clit to opening.

“Oh! Buffy!” Dawn shrieked in response. “Lick my pussy!”

Jonathan didn’t penetrate Buffy right away, instead he decided to watch the Slayer’s oral performance for a minute. The Slayer took a quick second to smile before pressing her lips back against her sister’s pussy and sticking her tongue deep within her hole. Buffy took pride in how rapid she found her stride in pleasing another girl since she hadn’t done it before, though something told her this was only the tip of the bisexual iceburg from now on. 

“Damn you taste good, Dawn!” Buffy commented before her mouth went right back to work.

With Buffy confidently munching on her first ever pussy, Jonathan decided she could handle some multitasking now. Not bothering with a condom since he was now the master of the Seed of Wonder, and thus of magic, he didn't think twice before putting the head of his cock against her folds, running it up and down her slit a few times to gather extra moisture before pushing forward.

"Ahhh," both groaned in satisfaction as Jonathan pushed half his length into her snatch.

Within a few thrusts, the Superstar was sawing his entire 12-inch member into the mind controlled Slayer. Just as she did when they fucked last night, Buffy felt amazing, her wet velvety folds completely hugging his dick from every angle. Not only was the 19 year old extremely tight despite long since being a virgin, the Slayer was so tiny and Jonathan’s cock was so big that the visual of looking down and watching added a whole new level of eroticism to the threesome. 

"Feel so good," he grunted his approval.

Jonathan was making sure that his foot-long cock was making smooth strokes that weren’t rocking Buffy’s lithe frame too much. This allowed the Slayer to not only be the vessel of pleasure for Jonathan, but for her sister as well. After being distracted for a dozen or so seconds with the initial penetration by the Superstar, Buffy dived right back in, drilling her tongue as deep as possible into Dawn’s sweet honey pot. The blonde was keeping her sister/lover off guard by the constant change in her strategy. Now Buffy had switched from the slow and methodical approach to one of speed and power.

“Buffy! Oh God!” Dawn panted, her hands running over her own body to cup her tits. “Best use for your mouth!”

“I beg to differ,” Jonathan commented. “Her blowjobs are extraordinary.”

As well as Buffy was dishing it out to Dawn with her mouth, she was taking it just as well from Jonathan and his horse cock from behind. Despite her tiny body and the sheer girth of his member, the Slayer was able to take a hard fucking and keep ticking, much to the Superstar’s satisfaction. Holding onto the blonde’s narrow hips, Jonathan used them more to anchor her in place as his hips thundered against her fit ass cheeks before backing his cock nearly out of her completely. 

As his hips started to pump into slender blonde faster, Jonathan’s hands were working overtime. Originally holding her body steady, now the Superstar used them both for groping her firm ass, which made the pale flesh turn red in short order. However, he didn't forget her other quality feature; those perky tits that were a perfect handful and capped with a bright pink nipple that poked into the center of his palm as he kneaded them. 

Needing to feel them once more, Jonathan ran one hand up her back and onto the back of her head. Once more he got a good grip of her thick golden hair before pulling back sharply. Buffy hissed, but more in pleasure than actually pain, as her head snapped back. This, unfortunately for Dawn, took the Slayer’s mouth out of licking range of her sister’s teen twat. With her chest heaved up in the air, Jonathan reached around and roughly kneaded her chest all while fucking her even harder.

"Yes...pull my hair," Buffy cooed as he crushed her firm boobs with his hands. "And so deep."

Her slutty words only encouraged him to fuck her harder and faster. Ignoring Dawn altogether, Jonathan pulled back his hips before he spiked them forward until the fleshy sound of skin slapping skin rang around his study. By the time he smacked against her ass he was already retreating back to deliver another blow once only his tip remained in her wet inferno, her firm backside in constant rippling from his heavy blows.

" like my big dick wrecking your tight pussy?"

"Yeah. Keep going, just like that," the blonde pleaded, using her arms to shove back onto his dick.

“Hey! Don’t forget about me,” Dawn whined, though not in nearly as annoying of a tone as usual.

Jonathan remembered he was in a threesome and couldn’t devote all this time to one of the girls, even if that girl was Buffy fucking Summers! Before stopping though, Jonathan brought his hips back so he could quickly plow back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her slick sex. He seemed to be thrusting deeper than ever before into Buffy’s hot pussy to both of their enjoyment. He looked down to watch as his lengthy cock powered inside the sexy girl, with the moment it disappeared fully causing her bubbly ass to ripple in response. However, he only did this one more time before he pulled out.

Making sure Buffy didn’t have any resentment towards Dawn for essentially making him stop fucking her, Jonathan cupped each of the sisters by the back of the head. As Dawn sat up on the sofa, Buffy got off her hands and knelt tall so they could press their boobs together moments before embracing in a tongue-filled kiss. Dawn tasted her own pussy on her taste buds as Buffy’s tongue invaded her mouth. Though she normally loathed to admit it, the 16 year old had to agree with her big sister - she did taste really yummy!

“I didn’t forget about you, Dawn,” Jonathan stated. “Now put that youth to good use and go for a ride.”

Jonathan was back on the sofa, laying down so that Dawn could straddle him with her long legs. Before Dawn could lower her hips, she found her ass blocked by something. Looking down, she saw that her phat booty was literally sitting on her sister’s golden head. Apparently, the Slayer had either wanted to clean Jonathan’s cock of her pussy juices, or add more lube for the Superstar’s maiden voyage inside what was sure to be an insanely tight teen pussy. 

“’re not the only one that tastes good, baby sis,” Buffy said to the brunette

After choking on his cock one more time, Buffy was pleased with the thick strands of her spit she left behind on the horse dick. Moving out of the way, Dawn immediately lowered herself down, at which point Buffy aimed Jonathan’s cock through her sister’s slit before lining it up with her hole. At that point, gravity and the ample amount of natural lube took over, allowing Dawn to sink halfway down his dick.

“Holy moly!” Dawn shrieked in pleasure. “You’re so big!”

“I get that a lot,” Jonathan smirked.

As they had made their comments, Dawn had risen twice up his shaft and lowered that massive ass down lower each time. After another few bounces, the 16 year old was accomplishing the feat of taking all 12 inches of the Superstar’s girthy cock into her womb. Dawn was still prioritizing depth over speed, riding all foot length of manhood in her snatch at a medium pace as her pussy was given the chance to stretch to his crazy limits. 

“That’s it Dawnie, up and down,” Buffy encouraged, kneeling on the floor by their laps.

Spurred on by her sister’s words, Dawn found herself riding a little faster. Not only that, but when Buffy placed her hands on Dawn’s insanely thick ass and started to add a scooping motion to the 16 year old’s hips, Dawn felt like she was taking Jonathan even deeper now. Buffy watched as the muscles of Dawn’s legs bunched with the added exertion as her baby sister rocketed up and down Jonathan’s tool. For a girl having little sexual experience and no Slayer powers, Dawn was doing beyond fantastic tonight. 

“Jesus Christ!” Jonathan grunted, especially since Buffy was currently rubbing his nuts as her baby sister rode him vigorously.

With Dawn showing no signs of stopping, Jonathan needed a little break. Despite having cum during Cordelia’s blowjob, the Superstar had still been on the receiving end of a lot of sister pleasure in the past half hour. Therefore, Jonathan pulled up on Dawn’s hips so his cock fell from her tight and wet pussy, but before his member could fall, Buffy had it wrapped in her hand with her mouth lowering on him.

“Yes Buffy. Taste my pussy on the Master’s cock,” Dawn cooed, reaching back to push her hand on the back of her sister’s head. 

Buffy went for a rapid-fire approach for her blowjob, making Jonathan’s sexual endurance stretch even further. Luckily, she soon adopted her deep-throat style as she plunged his dickhead to the back of her mouth and held him down there for several long seconds. Finally, as the Slayer’s back heaved, she retreated his dick from her mouth, once more leaving several long ropes of her spit for added lube.

“God Dawn, you taste so damn good,” Buffy cooed after recovering her breath.

The scene continued like this for the next several minutes. Buffy would let Dawn exhaust her legs for a minute at a time riding Jonathan like a stallion before pushing her off and sucking off the Superstar. Even though it was whittling down on his stamina with each passing second, having the Summers girl work him over at the same time was too good to pass up. Besides, Jonathan knew he had endless time with Buffy, Dawn and everyone else of Sunnydale. However, Jonathan was beaten to the peak of climaxes by Dawn, no doubt aided in large part to her older sister.

“You’re gonna make me cum, Jonathan! I’m going to cum!”

Hearing that her sister was so close, but unable to get at her clit, Buffy went for the next best thing. Dawn had been riding Jonathan at such a rapid pace that she could barely get close to her kid sister’s amazing ass until Dawn finally slowed in order to take all 12 inches into her womb. At that point, Buffy leaned in and used her tongue to pierce Dawn’s virgin asshole, licking deep in the taboo place.


“Sadly ladies, I’m on my last legs,” Jonathan warned as his infamous stamina finally faltered as well.

“It’s okay. You can give Dawn your cum tonight,” Buffy conceded. “She should know how great it feels to have your seed inside her.”

“What a magnanimous gesture,” Jonathan complimented the older sister.

Even though Dawn knew little about it since she was lost to the thralls of passion, her body was still gyrating atop Jonathan’s cock from her orgasm. After fucking both Summers sisters, not to mention their oral teamwork, Jonathan was close enough to cumming that Dawn’s quivering was enough to push him over the edge. As his cum started to squirt inside the 16 year old, Dawn couldn’t tell if her orgasm was extended or if she hit a new climax. All that she knew was how the pleasure center of her brain was once more flooded in emotion.

“Don’t lift up yet,” Buffy said to her sister. Dawn was barely conscious, yet she took the order and waited with all of Jonathan’s dick and jizz still in her pussy. “Okay. Now.”

Dawn wasn’t aware that Buffy was now laying with her face up and the top of her golden head pressed between Jonathan’s thighs. As Dawn lifted up, Buffy pulled her hips back a few inches so that her sister’s pink slit hovered right above her mouth. After only a slow trickle of white goo started to slide out of Dawn, Buffy used her tongue to poke deep in her cunt, at which point a torrent of Jonathan’s seed came pouring out and into the Slayer’s grateful mouth.

“Mhmmm,” Buffy cooed, holding all of Jonathan’s cum in her mouth. Basking in the mix of his salty goo and Dawn’s sweet juices.

“Buffy...share with your sister,” the Superstar urged.

Knowing what Jonathan wanted and having already agreed to share, Buffy rolled over and got to her knees, just as Dawn did the same. Though she hadn’t snowballed cum before, Dawn had the jist of it by parting her lips. Once her mouth opened wide, Buffy held her golden hair back and slowly drizzled the cum mixed with her spit into her sister’s waiting mouth. She stopped when her younger sister had swallowed about half the load then pulled Dawn towards her for an open-mouthed kiss where they pushed the jizz between their tongues until it was either smeared on their lips or drank down.

“Well I’m happy to see you two girls finally getting along,” an exhausted but thoroughly pleased Jonathan concluded.

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