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Summary: Jonathan obtains the source of all magic and decides to test it by using it to rid himself of a nuisance - Spike. Of course, he does so creatively.

“Okay ladies, ready for the descent?” Jonathan Levisan asked the two women.

“Yes, Jonathan,” Willow and Tara replied in unison.

“Let’s go get the seed then.”

In the ruins of Sunnydale High, the trio lowered themselves down further into the Hellmouth on the harness and ropes. After nearly 50 feet, Jonathan’s feet settled on the small overhang that served as a cave’s mouth. After helping the witches onto the ground, Jonathan led them down the path until the trio came upon a floating red egg-shaped object that was roughly twice the size of an American football.

“The Seed of Wonder,” Willow cooed, obsessed with all things magical.

In a basic explanation, the Seed of Wonder was where magic came from. If it was destroyed, no more magic. It was a terrible idea to move it, therefore that wasn’t what Jonathan was doing down in this cave. Instead, he had brought the witches with him to link him to the seed, which would allow him to essentially become the Source of the power and therefore control magic. It would effectively make Jonathan the God of this new reality he had made, making it so that no one and nothing could take it away from him.

“Should we get started?” Jonathan asked the witches.

Given the magnitude of power involved, the spell took some time to prepare and perform. Jonathan didn’t mind, after all, this would make him a god. Well, a god of Sunnydale, which was more than enough for the former high school loser. Finally, after hours, the witches were finished. Jonathan didn’t feel different but he decided to test his new abilities. Luckily, he knew a situation that he would like resolved, and without it being linked to him. Thus, he closed his eyes and put the wheels in motion...

*    *    *

Dear Diary,

Another edition of Dawn’s inner thoughts. This time, I have some juicy gossip. For some reason, my uptight sister has attracted the eye of yet another bad boy. This time, it's Spike! William the Bloody! I! He could do so much better. Like, way better. Like, someone cute and not created to hunt down his kind and kill him. Someone with long brown hair, big blue eyes, plump lips and legs for days…

*    *    *

As Dawn put down the pen after another session of journaling, a thought occurred to her. 

“I’m going to go find Spike and show him he’s crushing on the wrong Summers girl.”

Dawn rolled off her bed and put her plan into place. It was roughly an hour before sunset so Dawn had roughly half that amount of time to finish getting ready, which should be easy enough. She didn’t know why she was feeling so strong compelled to act on her crush at this very moment, but the teen didn't overthink it. After all, she did want Spike, it was only she didn’t think she had the courage to act on it. After all, he was centuries old and she was 16…

Then again, her own sister had done the exact same thing when she was Dawn’s age. Except Angel was even older than Spike, so Dawn was being much more appropriate then the Slayer. Or at least she rationalized it to herself.

“Buffy? Are you home?” Dawn shouted. Hearing no reply, the young brunette smiled widely as she left her room and entered Buffy’s bedroom. “I’m going to borrow some clothes. Just say no and I won’t.”

Naturally, silence greeted Dawn, and just like that, the kid sister was snooping through Buffy’s closet. Time was pressing but Dawn at least had a good idea of what she was after. She went for the dresses first and found one she liked. It was a dark blue one that fit Dawn like a second skin, showing off her budding tits and her incredibly thick ass. Not only that, but because Buffy was a few inches shorter than Dawn, the dress showed off an insane amount of the 16 year old’s lengthy legs as the dress barely came low enough to cover all of the teen’s booty.

“And now, the sexy stuff…”

Dawn left and closet and went to Buffy’s top dresser drawer where she knew Buffy kept her underwear. The majority of it was bras and thongs, so Dawn had her pick at what she wanted. In the end, Dawn decided to keep things classic as she paired a black bra with a matching thong. Stepping into the panties and dress, Dawn checked herself over in the mirror from all angles before grinning.

“Okay Spike, be prepared to fuck a Summers.”

*    *    *

Despite the fact that it was Sunnydale, the walk to the cemetery was thankfully quick and uneventful. Entering through the gates, Dawn was wise enough to stick to the shadows, though it appeared Jonathan and the Scoobies had done a good job thinning the vampiric ranks in the past few weeks. Which meant the 16 year old went through the crypt’s door shortly before sunset, sealing it behind her. The inside was nothing much, but once Dawn pushed the lid of the sarcophagus out of the way, the ladder down into Spike’s lair became visible.

“No turning back now,” Dawn commented to herself. 

Though not known for her stealth, by the time Dawn had descended the ladder, Spike was still sound asleep. The teen approached the bed, noting the relaxed way Spike rested his hand behind his bleached blonde head, and how he slept without a shirt on. The covers were down by his belly button, revealing surprisingly muscular pecs and a flat stomach.

“Spike,” Dawn breathed in a husky, sexy tone.

“Mmm...Dawn?” Spike asked as his eyelids started to open.

Just as Spike was able to confirm the visual of Buffy’s kid sister, the leggy girl clutched the edge of his blanket and threw it down towards the foot of the bed. Dawn soon realized that the vampire wasn’t only sleeping without a shirt on, but without any clothing. Her large blue eyes grew even larger as her eyes took in the sight of Spike flaccid cock resting up on her lower abdominals. As her eyes bulged and she licked her lips in excitement, a smile sprouted on Spike’s face as he drew both hands behind his head.

“Does the kid see something she likes?” Spike asked.

“Oh yeah,” Dawn nodded as she sat at the edge of the bed. “Nice.”

Whether meaning to or not, as Dawn took a seat beside the pale vampire, her eyes hadn’t left his cock for a second. Like a moth drawn to the flame, her hand came up and lightly glided along the underside of his cock. By the time she had completely one pet of his manhood, he was standing at full attention, allowing Buffy’s little sister to wrap him in a light fist as she began to slowly jerk him off.

“Not to look a gift horse in the mouth here, but Buffy will kill us both if she finds out,” Spike told the teen.

“Fuck Buffy,” Dawn hissed, not wanting to hear her sister’s name.

“I’d love that, actually,” Spike joked in his callous sense of humor. “But Dawn…”

His protest died on his lips as Dawn lowered her head to his lap and took his cock into her mouth. She started slowly, only getting those luscious teen lips wrapped just past the tip of his cock before retreating her so she glided over the neck of his cock and up over his head. Opening her mouth wide again, Dawn repeated the feat, only this time taking half of his 8-inch cock into her oral cavity. As her lips pulled off his dic, she gave his pee slit a little kiss before extending her tongue and running it along the length of his manhood, taking her time in licking every inch before arriving at his tip again.

As Dawn did another long, slow bob on his cock, he wondered if the teen girl only had one speed. Before he had time to finish that thought, Dawn started to move her head with greater speed as it appeared she was just finding her range. Now, the young cocksucker was moving at twice the pace, taking Spike’s dick until it poked the back of her throat, at which point those great lips closed around his shaft as she pulled them back over every inch.

“Oh Dawnie...that’s really good,” Spike groaned. “But you can’t ever tell your sister about this. Ever.”

“Don’t worry about little dumb Buffy,” Dawn replied. “Just enjoy this.”

Instead of continuing her blowjob, the teen Summers girl got to her feet, at which point she grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it off her slender body. Despite being only 16 years old, Dawn had quite the body already, a point that was further made as she unhooked her sister’s bra and threw it to the dusty crypt floor. Her tits were small but perky, each capped with a bright pink nipple. As soon as her bra was removed, Dawn pulled Buffy’s thong from her body as well. However, before she could toss the panties aside, Spike seized her wrist.

“Give those here,” the vampire demanded.

Spike took the panties and immediately inhaled deeply, getting the scents of both Summers' sisters on the thong. Taking it a step further, Spike placed the thong right into his mouth, favoring their flavors as Dawn watched him do so in fascination. Or at least watched him for a few more seconds before she crawled onto the bed between his outstretched legs. As she opened her mouth to suck on him again, Spike reached down and clutched his nuts, giving her the very clear instruction of what he wanted her mouth on.

Dawn flushed in embarrassment, hoping that Spike didn’t think less of her because she needed to be directed with her oral sex. However, the 16 year old blocked that from her mind as she let Spike’s wet cock rest on his stomach as she sank lower onto her knees. This time, Dawn kept her eyes staring up at the vampire’s face as she extended her tongue and did a long slow lock of not only his nut sack, but up the entire length of his cock. As her tongue ran out of manhood to lick, the teen smiled brightly before lowering back down. This time, Dawn gave the vampire what he wanted, latching her lips around one of his balls and sucking as her hand stroked him off.

“You know, I knew you had a crush on me,” Spike commented, having spat the thong from his mouth but tucking it under his pillow.

In truth, the centuries old vampire was impressed so far with the 16 year old. Even now, Dawn was still using her mouth on his balls, sucking one nut at a time as her fist lightly stroked him off. While more than a few women twice her age would still shy away from doing anything with balls, this high school girl was comfortable spending minutes gurgling his nuts, something that pleased Spike immensely. After another minute, Dawn licked back up his cock to get back to a more traditional blowjob.

“You’re so hard,” Dawn gawked. 

Rather than go back to the same sucking as earlier, Dawn used her mouth and tongue to almost tease Spike. Her lips never descended down further than the end of his dickhead, with Dawn constantly lip smacking and licking all over his tip. It was heightening his arousal to no end, leaving him nearly on the verge of begging for her to suck in deep and fast. A few seconds later Dawn gave him one of those things, increasing her speed but only rapidly bobbing on the first few inches. Keeping him off-balanced, after a minute of orally attacking only his tip, Dawn maintained that same rapid pace, but went lower to suck nearly half his length.

“Oh yes! Suck that big dick, Dawnie,” Spike encouraged. “But now I want to fuck your pretty face as you stare up at me.”

Dawn had a moment of panic about being told such a thing, but she maintained her outward cool as she slid off the bed and got to her knees, just as Spike wanted. The bleached vampire was standing before her in the next moment, both hands coming down to grip the back of her brunette head. Opening her mouth as wide as possible, Dawn felt 6 of his 8 inches push deep into her mouth, staying there for only a second before Spike pulled back on his hips.

“Leave your mouth open,” he instructed the much younger girl.

Once more, Dawn listened to her crush and was rewarded with feeling his cock push into her mouth. She kept her blue eyes locked up at his face until his tip poked the back of her throat, causing the 16 year old to close them out of reflex. Spike let her get used to having her face fucked slowly, pushing in and out with no lag time, but after a minute, he kicked it up a gear. Now, the vampire would thrust in, hold his dick down her throat for a full 3 seconds then retreat back. However, he never left her mouth completely, her tongue always stayed in contact with his cock, meaning he was fucking her mouth deeper, faster and with less breaks.

“Gllkkkk….kkwwwkkk….hhwwwkkkk,” Dawn gurlged as spit started to puild in her mouth and onto Spike’s manhood.

Once Dawn’s eyes started to focus back up on Spike’s, the vampire exposed the Slayer’s little sister to more. This time, Spike pushed 6 inches deep between her lips, but would only back out a few before pushing back in. With these short but deep thrusts, the volume of Dawn’s blowjob shot through the roof, the noise of the 16 year old’s blowjob filling the small crypt. After a dozen seconds with this technique, Spike pulled out all the way, allowing the teen to breathe deeply after she slurped back several thick strands of spit.

“Oh Dawnie!” 

Spike was surprised as Dawn was already back to work. However, she was only using her hand on his dick, his very slippery dick, in order for her lips to close around his ball sack. Knowing how much he liked it earlier, the teen’s blue eyes stared up at Spike as she sucked on one nut, followed by the other. However, Dawn knew that he wanted to fuck her face still, so the teen used her wet tongue to lick up his shaft before opening arriving at his dickhead.

“Fuck. You have such a pretty little mouth,” the vampire complimented. 

Spike figured the girl had earned some goodwill so instead of immediately seizing her head, the vampire let the girl show what she’d learnt. The answer was a lot. Dawn immediately went into a rapid blowjob, only sucking on half his length but doing so at a great pace. What portion of his manhood not able to be crammed down her throat was being pleasured by her hand, working in perfect unison with her lips to stimulate every lunch of his cock. After a quick inhalation, Dawn pushed her mouth back onto his cock, and didn’t stop until she fit nearly each of his 8 inches into her mouth and down her throat. She proudly held him there for several long seconds until her eyes started to mist, at which point she reversed course and caught her breath again.

“Little Dawnie learning a few new tricks,” the vampire commented. “Spike likes.”

Beaming in pride, Dawn immediately parted her lips and repeatedly the deep blowjob. After swallowing the first 6 inches, she felt the vampire’s hands return to the back of her brown head, which meant giving Spike the control. Dawn simply kept her mouth wide, and allowed Spike to fuck her mouth again. Instead of holding himself down her throat, he went as deep as possible, hearing that throaty, wet noise he found so hot, then reversed his motion. Dawn was getting good at keeping her gaze up at him, but every now and then he went deeper, causing her eyes to shut as her back heaved, causing even more phlegm to coat his throbbing manhood.

“Tell me you like it,” Spike demanded, his hand still pulling on the back of her head as his dick speared forward. 

“Gll llkkk wwkkk,” Dawn gurgled in her attempt to answer. After another two thrusts, Spike pulled out of her mouth and asked the teen the same question. “I like your big dick in my mouth.”

“Of course you do,” the vampire grinned. “Now spit on it.”

Dawn had a good deal of saliva built up in her mouth, but hearing a man tell her to spit on his dick was wild. After a moment’s hesitation, Dawn did as he asked and pushed the spitball from her mouth right onto his shaft before it spilled down onto the ground. This must have excited the vampire because with renewed vigor, Spike grabbed the back of her head and pushed in all the way. Resorting to staying deep in her mouth before backing out only an inch before ramming forward, the vamp did a hard fuckng of the back of her mouth for a dozen heartbeats. He allowed her to breathe and swallow the saliva that had developed in her mouth, and as she did that, Spike batted his very wet cock against her plump lips.

Spike didn’t know if Buffy’s little sister was into the degrading blowjob or just a good actor, but Dawn did a quick lick of his member before spearing her own throat on his slippery tool. The vampire barely needed to thrust his hips or keep hold of her head (though he did anyway) as Dawn was a woman possessed. After nearly 30 bobs of her head in rapid succession, Dawn kept his head pressed against the back of her throat as she twisted her head side to side in an attempt to get deeper. It made her eyes start to water, so much so that a tear escaped each of her large eyes, but the way Spike’s face contorted told the inexperienced girl how much he loved it. . 

“Okay Buffy’s kid sister, come show Spike what you got,” the vampire said as he climbed onto the bed and laid on his back.

“I’m not a kid and don’t mention my sister,” Dawn hissed as she got to her feet.

“Well then fuck me so good I forget the blonde tart even exists,” Spike retorted, pulling her by the wrist onto the bed.


As Dawn straddled the vampire’s waist and prepared to descend, a thought occurred to her. “Do we, um, need a condom?” Dawn asked.

“I’m undead. You’re safe,” was the vampire’s reply as his hands closed around her wide hips.

Dawn felt a little silly about that, so made to forget about it by sinking her thick ass down onto his lap. Spike didn’t know what to expect in terms of tightness. He knew Dawn would be super tight, but he just hoped his cock would manage to pierce her pussy without too much effort. He doubted she was a virgin just based on the way she’d been acting, which was indeed the case. All thoughts left Spike’s head the moment she sat on his cock and managed to get less than half his 8 inch member into her pink hole on the first pass. However, Dawn was the determined sort so she let gravity do the work as she pressed her body weight downward until she felt her crush’s thighs against her phat ass, which in this case was the feel of success.

"Mhmm...oh," Dawn moaned as she was completely filled by Spike.

The first few times she rode him to the top and back down were slow, allowing her pussy to stretch to accommodate his decent girth and spread her juices. Though not a virgin, Dawn had only had sex a handful of times with a boy from her art class, plus being 16 years old meant she was beyond tight, so she needed to ease into things if afforded the chance. As she got used to his size, Dawn started to ride a little faster, only working the upper half of his member and whipping the vampire into a frenzy in the process.

As much as Spike was a bad boy, after all he had killed countless people over the centuries and didn’t possess a soul, he was still letting Dawn dictate things...for now. This meant Dawn taking things somewhat slowly, riding Spike’s 8 inches from tip to base with a deliberate motion and speed. All the vampire did for now was reach around and grope her extremely phat ass, making him in awe of how a 16 year old could be a PAWG already.

"Feel that big cock stretching your pussy," Spike grunted as her snatch glided along his entire length.

"Yes...fill me...stretch me," Dawn cooed.

Feeling looser and more confident, Dawn started to ride harder. With her arms straight against the headboard, Dawn used her leverage and gravity to continuously pushed down and back, making every inch of his cock disappear as she descended. As her youthful legs took her back to the top, she repeated the same move over and over again, with each successive ride going a little faster. Of course, Spike was helping to spur her on, pushing up with his hips and pulling her down with his hands on her ass.

“Oh God! I feel every inch of your cock inside of me,” the teen moaned.

Spike took back some control, using his strong arms to help hold her propped up on her knees so that he could drive his hips off the bed and into her. His cock completely left her pussy on the way down only to spread her velvety lips as his rounded head pushed back inside. They both felt his entire dick deep inside her snatch, the wetness lubricating her tight walls and driving them both mad with hormones.

“Yes! Take that fucking dick,” Spike hissed, the pleasure starting to build.

Neither spoke or did much more than use their mouths for groaning and moaning for the next few minutes. As Dawn continued to ride the undead man, Spike was always willing to lend aid with humping up into her. His hands still hadn’t strayed from her wonderful ass, much like how his gaze never wavered from watching her perky teen tits bouncing in front of her every time she went balls deep on his cock. 

“Oh shit…fuck…yes, yes, yes,” Dawn shouted, breaking the quieter sounds of their fucking as her orgasm was building.

“Little Dawnie wanna cum?” Spike taunted, though as he teased, his hand slid from her hips and down between her thighs.

Dawn didn’t reply more than nodding her head and her moans getting louder. No longer holding anything back, Spike pushed his hips forward so that they crashed into Dawn as she was descending on his tool. The collision made a loud wet slap as flesh crashed against flesh but it achieved penetration deeper than the teen had experienced. Having lived and been sexually active for centuries, Spike knew more about sex then the vast majority of people. Therefore, when he decided to, he could bring a woman to orgasm with frightening speed. 

“God…I’m so close,” Dawn screamed. “Keep going!”

Knowing she was this close, Spike decided to deploy his secret weapon. He wasn’t sure if that fumbling teenage boy that took Dawn’s virginity knew anything about a clitoris, but Spike highly doubted it. Therefore, as his cock continued to pump 8-inches deep into her teen twat, the vampire used his fingers on Dawn’s clit, strumming it at a firm, brisk pace.

“OHHHH….YESSSSS,” Dawn shouted at the top of her lungs as she gushed her juices onto his fat dick.

Losing control of her bodily function for a moment after her intense orgasm, the sexy teen collapsed down onto his chest so her perky tits pressed against him. Spike didn’t exactly stop thrusting his hips skyward, skewering the teen each time, but he did greatly reduce the speed, and he stopped rubbing her clit. 

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long,” Dawn admitted as she showed signs of life once more.

“I’d ask if it’s living up to expectation but I think that ear-piercing orgasm was answer enough,” Spike laughed, bringing his hand down on her ass with a loud clap.

“I want to do that for you. Make you cum,” Dawn stated.

“Mmmm...thought you’d never ask,” the vampire grinned wickedly, slapping her ass on the other cheek this time.

“Okay so how...

“Come sit like a dog as I fuck you,” Spike demanded. “I really wanna see your thick ass quake as I give it to you.”

Dawn wasted no time in wanting to appease her new man, err, vampire as she got down onto her hands and knees. The next moment, Spike was kneeling behind the young teen, dick in hand as he inserted it right back into her tight pussy. She felt every inch sheath itself in her pinkness before the blonde vamp reversed course, leaving only his tip in her cunt.

“Fuck,” he grunted and reflexively brought his open palm down hard onto her thick ass once more.

“Whoaaa,” Dawn screamed, learning to like being spanked.

The spank wasn’t painful for her, at least not very much anyway, but it caught her off guard. Her high school boyfriend had never brought any rough play into the bedroom, even something as elementary as ass slapping but she had to admit that she kinda liked it so far. Spike had picked up on the fact as well so while he increased the speed at which he fucked her, he also slapped her hard on her ass again, this time on the left side.

“Mmhmm…yesss,” the youngest Summers girl groaned in another mixture of mostly arousal with a hint of pain.

Spike paced himself, despite knowing it was his turn to cum. However, something about the spunky kid told him that Dawn could cum again, so he kept himself in check to find out. Focusing on long, smooth strokes that entered 8 inches deep into Dawn’s womb, Spike couldn’t believe how tight teen girls were. And even if the feel of her wasn’t enough, staring down and watching her thick ass rippling with each stroke, not to mention her tiny tight butthole winking up at him, were both highly arousing. On top of that, Dawn kept her legs pressed together to make herself stay tighter than Spike thought was humanly possible, and at some point began wiggling her hips so his cock rubbed different places with her pussy.

Spike, for his part, was the main energy provider and he was sparing no expense. He took the occasional break where he’d slam his 8-inch rod as deep as possible into her mound and hold it in there for a few seconds as she grinded her ass into him but he mainly supplied her with a steady stream of deep thrusts that hit so hard it made her adorable ass ripple.

“I’m…ugghh…so so so close...again,” Dawn panted in between moans.

As he took on a prideful smile, Spike thought back to what worked last time and acted right away. He took one of his hands from clutching her hips and wrapped it around her body so that his finger could land within her wet folds and begin rubbing over her sensitive clitoris. The feedback was instantaneous as Dawn began to scream louder and grab the sheets in pure pleasure.

“Of course the Slayer’s sister is a sex freak,” Spike mused.

He knew that she was going to peak in no time now but he couldn’t help himself. After all, he was William the Bloody! Moving his right hand from holding her hips still, Spike brought his thumb to his mouth to suck on it then placed it in Dawn's crack between her heavenly cheeks. The vampire rubbed his finger pad against her backdoor then applied pressure and watched as his thumb popped inside her teen asshole.


Dawn screamed once again then buried her face in the pillows and silently yelled into them as the orgasm rocked her tiny body. It was another powerful climax that Spike had delivered, with the addition of something going into her ass only heightening it. However, a consequence of her intense orgasm was the spasming of her pussy, making the wet hole go from tight to relaxed and back, several times. For a man or vampire, this was simply too much for Spike to handle this far into their sexual romp. 

“Quick! Kneel!” Spike ordered. Spike wasn’t exactly sure why he made the order, after all, he would have preferred to cream inside the teen. However, he felt something like a compulsion that wouldn’t allow him to do that, as though any man’s seed wasn't meant for Dawn.

The moment Spike pulled out of her teen twat, Dawn obeyed his order loyally. Spike had left her just enough space to get to her knees and have his cock no more than a few inches in front of her face. She was hypnotized, watching as Spike stroked himself off right in front of her. Her bright blue eyes went from staring up at his face, to gazing at his pee slit, waiting for his cum. To make a better target, Dawn did what she remembered Buffy doing once as she spied on her and Riley; she opened her mouth and extended her tongue.

“Oh yeah! Fuck!”

Dawn closed her eyes right before she felt the first streak of jizz fly from his tip and strike her in a line starting at her forehead, straight down her adorable nose and onto her tongue. She had no time to move as the second rope launched out, taking her on the right side of her forehead and down over brow and eye. The next landed directly in her closed left eye, pasting it shut before it tailed off down her cheek and jawline. The final handful of smaller blasts filled her mouth after Spike slammed his tip into her and had her suck him until his balls were empty.

*    *    *

The next day, Buffy was home early from college and found her mom taking a nap on the sofa. Rather than wake her, the eldest Summers girl decided to be a help as she noticed a pile of clean clothes in the laundry room. It was all Dawn’s clothing, though more than a few articles belonged to Buffy. After making a pit stop in her room and taking back the stolen clothes, Buffy put the rest away for her childish teen sister.

“Oh...Dawn’s dairy,” Buffy commented, seeing the journal right next to birth control pills. “Oh hell no!”

Though the Slayer respected privacy, seeing her 16 year old sister with birth control pills stimulated her protective instincts. Flipping through the journal to the past week’s entries, Buffy read each of the pages before dropping the book in disgust after reading that Dawn had made a visit to Spike’s crypt last night…

“And now he’ll be William the Ash-y…” Buffy quipped before retrieving Mr Pointy, her trusted stake.

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