Angelus Vs. The Buffyverse

BY : BillytheKidd
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Hey Everybody, sorry its been so long. I've had a bad case of the writer's block, and it's crippled me artistically. But I seem to be getting better. Thanks for reading, and please leave a review with your opinion of the story, and if you have any idead as to what you would like to see, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!


Angelus woke up. He was in bed, once again between to naked brunettes. He decided to let them sleep as he got out of bed. He put on a pair of pants, and walked to the room he had left Willow in. He knocked on the door, but heard no response. He opened the door anyway, and found Willow asleep on the floor. He picked her up in his arms, her smooth skin soft against his bare chest. He carried her down the stairs into the Hyperion Dining hall. She stirred as he laid her down on the cold floor. He left her there, and walked back to his room, and roused Cordelia. She woke as he stopped shaking her.

“Evening.” She said as she swung her bare legs out of the bed and stood up. Angel leaned down and kissed her on the lips. He pulled her into a sweet hug, putting one hand on the back of her head to force her lips harder into his, and the other on the small of her back, right above her ass. She wrapped her arms around his neck, before jumping up  and hooking her legs around Angelus’ waist. Angelus shoved her back up against the wall, never breaking the heavy kiss. 

“Evening,” He said, smirking as he broke the kiss. “As much as I’m enjoying this, we really do need to get a move on. The summoning spell is coming along nicely, and I’m gonna need you and Fred to help Willow. “

“What should I wear?” She said, sexily smirking as she spoke. 

“Naught but your skin, lassie.” Angelus said, bending down and kissing her nipple, dropping into his irish accent, something Cordelia had found funny in life. 

“Okay.” She said, kissing him again, before hopping down from him. Angelus let her away from the wall, and walked over to Fred. Before he could wake her, Cordelia bent down and kissed her full on the lips. Fred smiled.

“Good Morning.” She said, smiling sweetly.

“It’s evening actually, Sweetie,” Cordelia replied, “But close enough. Angel needs us to help him with a spell, so you need to get up.”

“Okay. Let me get dressed.” Fred said, as she threw off the covers and swung her legs out of bed. 

“Not this time, honey. I think we gotta be naked for this spell.” Cordelia said. 

“Or I just like the way you ladies look.” Angelus said, with a sly smirk.

Fred stood up, and kissed Cordelia on the lips again, before moving on to Angelus. She kissed him on the mouth, before he kissed her on the forehead. “Head on down to the Dining Hall, ladies. I need to get a few supplies.”

“Okay.” Cordelia replied, giving Angelus a quick kiss before grabbing Fred’s small, silky smooth hand, and led the young woman towards the door. Angelus paused to watch as two nearly perfect asses walked out of the door.

He walked to another room and grabbed a can of paint, a brush, a jar of magic sand, a few candles, and a book, with a Polaroid of Darla bookmarking a summoning spell. Angelus took a second to focus. He was about to see Darla for the first time in more than 100 years. Sure, Angel had seen her a few times several years ago, but that wasn’t him. Not really anyway. 

He headed down to the Dining hall. As he opened the door, he saw Codrelia and Fred on top of one of the long tables, making out. Cordelia’s hands were in Fred’s hair, pulling her lover’s lips into her own. Fred had one hand on Cordelia’s ass, and the other on Cordy’s left nipple. The shellac coating on the table was freezing cold on the Young Texan Vampire’s back and butt, but the heavy kissing with her lover made up for it. 

Willow, on the other hand, had her back up against the wall, legs spread, and her left hand up her smooth cunt. She was moaning as she tried to get herself off, but was obviously having a hard time of it. Angelus ignored them, as he moved some tables against the wall to clear some space on the floor. He painted a large pentagram on the floor and lit a few candles, before flipping off the light. This seemed to shake all three of the naked undead women out of their stupor. 

“Alright, Ladies, Let’s get this show on the road. Willow, get over here and start reading this page. I will pour out this sand on the Polaroid of Darla, Cordelia, Fred, hold these candles. When I say so, blow them out.” Angelus said. 

Willow pulled her fingers out of her twat, and sucked the sweet juices off of her fingers as she walked up towards the pentagram on the floor. The two Brunettes untangled their naked bodies and hopped off the table, before both kneeling and picking up the candles.  The Red-Head knelt upon the floor and opened the book to the page Angelus had marked off. She began to read.

“In nomine lucis Hecate praefecit, Godess De Magia ei: Obsecro te spirituum, cito eius, qui mortuus est et resurrexit.” She said, as Angelus poured the magic sand on the Polaroid of Darla, which sat on the floor, next to Willow. He did not realize that a few grains of sand bounced onto the ginger’s naked thigh. He did, however, see the whirlwind of magical power swirl around the pentagram on the floor. The light grew to a blinding level.

“Blow out the candle!” Angelus said, hollering to be heard above the howling wind.

“Surge! Surge!” Willow cried, finishing the spell as the room went black, and a magical force knocked Angelus off his feet.

When he got back to his feet he couldn’t see, so he ran and turned on the lights. Darla was lying in the middle of the pentagram. Angelus was elated, but confused, because Willow was also there. But not his Willow. His Willow was naked on her knees sitting on the outside of the pentagram, a look of shock frozen on her face. This Willow was dressed in leather pants, boots, and a bustier, closed with metal clasps up the front, with red silky fabric on the sleeves and neckline. It struck Angelus that she was wearing exactly what the vampire Willow that he and the scoobies had seen a few years ago in sunnydale. 

Darla was laying in the pentagram too. She was wearing a white silk button up shirt, and black capri-jeans. 

“Angelus!” Darla said, her eyes lighting up with glee, because she could smell that Angelus’s soul was gone. She jumped off the floor, and into his arms, her lips mashing into his with force. Angelus reciprocated the duplicate Willow leaving his mind as he kissed the woman he loved for the first time since 1899. 

When the kiss broke, Angelus realized that all of his vampiric harem had crowded around the second Willow. Apparently the kiss had lasted longer than he realized. The second Willow stood up. Before anyone could say anything, Second Willow grabbed Willow and kissed her on the mouth.

“Hey babe, nice tits,” She said, drooping her eyes to ogle her naked doppleganger. 

“Thanks, I like your top,” Willow said, smirking back at her smoking hot clone.

“Umm...Is anyone else confused?” Fred said, a quizzical look spreading across her face. 

“There are two...Willows,” Cordelia responded, sounding equally as confused as her friend.

“Willow, did you mess up the spell?” Angelus asked, smirking as both Willows looked up at him. 

“Maybe?” they both replied in unison. 

“Okay, this is going to be confusing. So Willow that just got here, I’m calling you Rosie, Okay?” Angelus said.

“Why should I listen to you. In my world you're just a pup-” Rosie said, before she was silenced with a punch across the face from Darla.

“This is Angelus, master of this house, and you will respect him!” Darla said, standing above the now supine vampiress. 

“And this is the Mistress!” Angelus said, scooping Darla into his arms. “Ladies, show this little bitch her place,” He continued, carrying his lover from the dining hall, leaving Cordelia, Fred, and Willow to reprogram Rosie. 

“Where are we going, Angelus?” Darla asked, as Angelus carried her past the weapons cabinet and into the hotel’s lobby. 

“Where do you think, my love?” He replied, as he made it up the stairs, after placing a quick kiss on her lips.

“Your bed, Angelus?” she said, smiling as he opened his bedroom door and closing it behind him, the lock clicking shut.

“You bet your pretty little arse!” Angelus said, sounding more like Liam than he had in a long, long time. He tossed her onto the unmade bed, and jumped on top of her, kissing her deeply. He forced his tongue into her mouth, as she tried to battle it back. He broke the kiss and grabbed the collars of her shirt, and yanked, ripping over her shirt, and tossing buttons across the room. He kissed up her bare chest, from navel to throat, and then back down to her breasts, popping her nipple into his mouth. She moaned in ecstasy, as Angelus switched to her other tit. 

“Ohhhhh, Angelus,” she screamed, as he moved down to her pants, unbuttoning them before yanking down the zipper, exposing her baby blue panties. He tore off her pants, before rubbing her twat through her knickers. He stood up, untying his pants, dropping them, and letting his erection spring free. 

He bent back down and, with both hands, grabbed her panties and gently pulled them off. He brought them up to his nose, inhaling deeply, smelling her familiar scent. She was clearly deeply aroused, as evidenced by the sweet smelling dampness of her knickers. He dropped them to the ground, before getting back on the ground and crawling up to her face. 

“In me Angelus, now!” Darla screamed. Angelus lined up his dick with her dripping cunt, before pushing all the way in. Darla howled in pain, and Angelus moaned in pleasure. He started pumping, as she rolled over into the cowgirl position. Her boobs bounced up and down as she bucked her hips, nearing orgasm. As Angelus’ huge dick pushed her over the edge, she threw her head back and screamed, moonlight illuminating her face, morphing into it’s vampiric form. She bit into Angelus’ jugular as he came, filling her pussy with his seed. 

After a moment, she pushed herself off of his softening member, and laid down beside him. He pulled the covers over them as she snuggled up to her immortal lover, cold semen leaking out of her moist twat, soaking her smooth inner thighs.

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