Angelus Vs. The Buffyverse

BY : BillytheKidd
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Laundry was a weird thing. Angelus had been doing it for hundreds of years. He hated it, and yet he was always doing it. It wasn’t his fault that the whores he chose to associate with kept soiling their clothes while he fucked them senseless. It also wasn’t his fault that both of them were too dead at the moment to wash their own clothes. Thinking back on it, he almost  regretted gagging both of his bitches with their thongs and panties, as that meant he would have to do another load. It was worth it though, for the moment of confusion and disgust they would experience at having their first act in their second life to be gagging as they removed their soiled undergarments from their throats.

Angelus added Cordelia’s discarded clothes and bra into the washing machine with Fred’s dress. He pulled Lorne's body off the ground, stripped off its clothes, before tossing the body into the incinerator. He did the same with Wes, and again with Gunn. He added all of their clothes to the wash, hoping that his harem would add them to their wardrobes, as he found women in too large men’s clothing as sleepwear to be incredibly sexy. 

Angelus spent the hour until the load of laundry was done by checking the rooms of his victims. He started with Fred. As expected, he only found two bras, both entirely too sexy for everyday wear, probably purchased for the pleasure of one Mr. Charles Gunn. All of her panties were surprisingly sexy, likely for the same reason. And, to his complete shock, he found a ball gag, dildo, and pair of handcuffs. He had never pegged Fred to be that kind of girl.

He moved onto Cordelia’s room, which fell closer in line with his expectations. Mostly sexy clothing, a couple of vibrators, and even a pair of fuck-me heels. Finding another pair of handcuffs surprised him, as she had never used them with Angel.

After looting the guy’s rooms, and taking any particularly cool belonging of theirs, he moved the wash load into the dryer. It was about this time that the girls should be getting close to waking up. 

Angelus opened the door, to find an already  waking Cordelia. She began to gag around her panties, before ripping them out of her mouth. They were wet, stained with cum and blood and spit.  

“What the hell did-” Cordelia started to say before Angelus slapped her into silence.

“NO!” Angelus shouted, “When you talk to me, you address me as master. I saved you from death, and you will respect me, bitch!”

“Yes, master,” Cordelia said, bowing her head. She had never been this submissive in life, so it was almost strange to see for Angelus. 

“Now, what were you trying to ask me?” Angelus asked.

“I just wanted to ask what you put in my mouth, master.”

“They were the panties that you were wearing before I fucked you to death. I was hoping they would keep your whore mouth shut for a little while longer, but, alas.”

Cordelia opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off by the pounding on the bathroom door. 

“So the other strumpet has woken from her slumber. I’ll let her out.” Angelus said. He then turned and walked to the door. He turned the lock, and opened the door. Fred Burkle, no longer supported by the door, fell into his arms. Her soft, pale, moist skin felt good against his hands. His dick began to grow slightly.

Fred was still soaked, as she had spent the last several hours in Angelus’s tub. Angelus grabbed a towel from his Linen closet, and tossed it to Cordelia. Cordelia looked up at him with a quizzical look on her face. 

“Dry Her!” Angelus yelled, frustrated at how dense his hotter harlot seemed to be. Cordelia rushed over to where Fred was leaned on the wall. Cordelia slowly unfolded the soft green towel, though not too fast as to risk Angelus’s wrath. 

She began by drying Fred’s face, slowly wiping the water from her pretty visage. If she had been the type of girl that would have worn a lot of makeup in life, it would have come off on the towel, but fortunately, she was not.

After that, she moved onto Fred’s shoulders and breasts. As the terry-cloth brushed her pink nipples, they hardened and stood erect. Cordelia moved on to dry her back, then stomach and legs. She then turned Fred around to dry her ass. Cordelia had a famously beautiful ass, but Fred’s was nothing to be ashamed of either. It was small, but perky and heart shaped. Angelus loved it.

As Cordelia moved on to the skinny girl’s cunt, Fred began to moan like she was starring in a bad porno. It made Cordelia’s cunt begin to wet, and Angelus’s dick was good and hard. Fred’s erect nipples didn’t help matter either.

It was at this point that Angelus realized that Fred still had her panties in her mouth. Angelus had no idea how she could stand having them inside her head for so long while she was awake. It probably meant that, in her immortal state, she would be amazing at giving head. He would have to test that later. 

Most of the time, A sire would start by feeding his underlings. That would produce an ideal vampire for hunting and fighting. But these two ladies were not meant to be fighters. Angelus found them to be far too fragile to be warriors in his demonic court. They were less combatants and more concubines. So he would start their second lives by giving them both the fucking of one. 

He started by walking over to Fred, and opening her mouth with his hands. He then reached deep in, and grabbed her saliva coated thong, and yanked them out. They dripped on the floor as he tossed them into his clothes hamper, along with the towel he had given Cordelia to dry the skinnier vampire. 

He kissed her deep on the lips, and stuck his tongue down her throat. She didn’t even flinch. He broke the kiss, to shove one arm under her armpit, and the other behind her leg to pick her up in a bridal style. He carried her to the bed, before roughly dropping onto the right side of the bed. He did the same to Cordelia on the left, though she fell a little harder, due to the weight of her thin, though full body. 

He then stripped off his own clothes, so all three of them were fully naked. Fred saw his cock in detail for the first time, and even with her increased vampire strength, she was frightened by the concept of taking that inside of her again. She looked over at her friend Cordelia, the fear visible in both of their undead eyes. Sure, neither of them were virgins, not even close, having both been fucked to death by Angelus just hours earlier, but both had been pretty out of it before. They were both fully conscious, and fully afraid now. Though, they were both comforted by having each other.

Unknown to Angelus, They had actually been in a similar situation about two years ago. They had both fucked Charles Gunn, but it had only happened that one night. 

While Fred had been lost in thought, she failed to see Angelus, now fully naked, jump on top of her. She sure felt it, and shrieked as his dick plunged to the hilt in her soft, velvety quim. He humped in and out, shaking the bed, and making a noise that, had anyone been in the hotel to hear it, would have deafened them.

He brought his mouth down to her tiny tits, and sucked on them, switching back and forth from her left to her right nipple. She shrieked as he bit her left nipple hard enough to make it bleed. He drank deep from her tit. He continued pulling in and out of her, before slamming all the way in as they came simultaneously.

He stood up, leaving both women on the bed. He grabbed Cordelia by the hips, flipped her over, and put her on her hands and knees. 

“Spread your legs,” Angelus said, motioning toward Fred, “Lick her.” He said to Cordelia. She slowly lowered her head, before Angelus shoved her face into Fred’s snatch.

Angelus lined up his dick with Cordy’s cunt, and plunged in, as she began to lap the smaller girl's silky slit. Fred moaned, and Cordelia’s yowls of pleasure from her fucking were muted by the girls velvety vagina. 

Angelus fucked her doggystyle for three straight hours, getting the girls to cum 9 times each. He was still fully awake when he pulled out and jizzed on both of the tired girls.

“Sleep now. When you both awake, take a shower together and come down to the lobby. I will have clothes for both of you, so do not dress first. We will then go and find something to eat. Until then, have a peaceful slumber.”  Angelus said to the tired girls, before he scooped their panties off the floor, and left the room and closed the door.


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