Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Bad Week's Sleep

BY : Muhabba
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This is a work of complete fiction.  It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share

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what's good for you.  No one over legal age should read this for the same reason.  All

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: A Bad Week's Sleep Night Four

By Muhabba


     Buffy Summers, the premier vampire slayer, had never seen a more comfortable couch in

her life.  She had spent most of the night tracking and slaying three vampires and then

slouched home, completely exhausted.  Stepping into the large house she shared with her

friends, the couch was the first thing she saw and it was all but calling to her.


     The exhausted Slayer slouched over to the couch and flopped down with a deep sigh of

relief.  She had planned on just taking her shoes off and resting for a moment but before she

knew it she was deep asleep.


     The couch was so comfortable that she could barely hear the voices around her but

unfortunately, try as she might to ignore them, they just got louder and louder.


     “I can't believe that she's just ignoring us!” one of the voices said.


     “Are you kidding?” another voice said, “She’s no respect for the chain of command!”


     It was the strangeness of that statement that made Buffy squint to see who was talking.  

And then when she saw who was talking she opened her eyes wide in surprise.  During her

time in college, before it blew up with the rest of the town, the American government had

tried to harness the power of demons.  It hadn’t gone well.  They had set up their secret

base beneath the college and had used one of the frat houses as their secret entrance.  Every

young man in that frat had been an Initiative soldier.  And Buffy was now surrounded by



     The young Slayer looked around at where she was and was shocked to discover that she

was in the frat that served as the Initiative’s secret entrance in the main living area.  Then

she noticed what she was wearing.  Tight Capri denim pants that showed off her brightly

colored socks and white tennis shoes.  Her white shirt was a midriff baring tight T-shirt that

showed off the school’s logo and transparent enough to show off her brightly colored bra.  

She ran her hands through her blonde hair and found that it was up in tight pig-tails.  Then

she realized that she was dressed like a porn version of a slutty co-ed.


     “She’s not even paying attention to us!” one of the soldiers yelled.


     “I doubt she even remembers any of us,” another soldier added.


     “I know what’ll jog her memory,” a different soldier said before grabbing Buffy by the

wrist.  He yanked the bewildered Slayer off the couch and dragged her upstairs and down

one of the halls.


     Before they were even halfway down the hall, Buffy could tell where they were going.  

Riley’s room.  Riley had been her boyfriend in collage and she had treated him very badly,

ignoring him almost completely and all but pushing him away until he had rejoined the Army

and left Sunnydale.  Down the hall she could see that the door to his room was already open.


     The soldier threw Buffy into Riley’s room and then the group followed.  She stumbled and

landed on her ass on the floor as the soldiers filed in and surrounded her.  She tried to jump

to her feet and just managed to make it to her knees when her mouth was suddenly blocked,

cutting off her air and startling her.


     The soldier with his cock in her mouth grabbed the sides of her head and began fucking

her face furiously.  His balls slapped wetly against her chin as he thrust himself in and out,

her pink lips stretched tightly around his shaft.  He buried himself balls deep inside of her,

holding himself still and enjoying the feel of her gagging around him before releasing her.


     Just as Buffy managed to take in a deep breath, another cock slipped past her lips.  The

soldier gripped her pig tails as his prick slid over her moist, wiggling tongue.  Her eyes were

wide in surprise as his cock-head slipped into her throat and he groaned in animalistic lust.  

Her arms flayed wildly around her as she tried to get some kind of hand hold somewhere

while her beautiful face was raped.


     The Slayer squealed in pain as her hair was yanked and she was pulled off of the dick in

her mouth.  She tried to cry out but her voice was cut off as another hard cock suddenly

violated her mouth.  The new soldier jackhammered inside of her, drool escaping from

around her mouth and dribbling down her chin.  Suddenly she was jerked backwards causing

the prick in her mouth to spill out.  Her gasping face was forced to look up at the ceiling

before a new dick from behind her filled her vision before it plunged into her.


     As the soldier’s cock drilled into her tightly clutching throat, the shocked slayer felt hands

start to crawl over her chest.  The mass of hands gripped and squeezed her sensitive tits and

pinched her nipples.  She was pinned to the floor by the prick fucking her throat as she tried

to slap the hands away from her breasts but she couldn't see whom to hit with her vision

blocked by a hairy pair of balls slapping against her forehead as the cock fucked her mouth.


     Just as the invading dick was pulled out of her mouth, Buffy managed to take a life saving

breath before another dick plugged her mouth.  She braced herself and tensed her muscles

to spring into action just as her barely there anyway shirt was ripped from her body.  

Mentally off-balance again, she felt the soldiers’ hands crawling over her bare skin before

yanking the cups of her colorful bra down to free her firm, pale, silky tits.


     With so many hands groping and molesting her breasts, the Slayer’s nipples pulled up

hard, capping her white breasts.  Her tan lines seemed to draw the men in and she quickly

felt a pair of mouths latching onto the sensitive nubs of her firm orbs.


     As the men took frantic turns raping her mouth and violating her chest, Buffy’s hands

were pulled up and her fingers were wrapped around a pair of hot, hard cocks.  The soldiers

used her limp grip to fuck her fists as more hands trailed down between her denim clad

thighs and tightly covered groin.  She squealed again in more shock at being taken advantage

of in such a off-putting manner.  Oddly enough, Spike had been the only villain to try to take

advantage of her during a fight and she had wound up dating him.  She wondered what that

said about her for a moment before turning her attention back to the lust controlled soldiers.


     As more soldiers violated her mouth and tits, the blonde girl was treated more roughly,

yanked back and forth across the carpet.  Hands and mouths covered her chest and tits as

more hands delved between her legs and across her ass.  Drool escaped down her chin and

dripped down to her violated chest as several cocks pushed and rubbed against one another

as they tried to plunge into her gapping mouth.  She finally managed to shake off her shock

at being attacked and tried to make a fist but discovered that she had forgotten that her

hands were already busy jerking off two Initiative soldiers.


     Her face screwed up in determination as Buffy prepared to leap to her feet and kick some

rape-y soldier butt when suddenly she was yanked to her feet any way.  “Hey!  Wha…!” she

gasped just as her tight pants were yanked down her legs, “Wha…!”


     Buffy was thrown roughly onto Riley’s bed and instead of being shocked that her breasts

were clearly visible and jiggling wildly or that she was wearing a colorfully matching thong

with her tan legs akimbo, she was instead shocked that the bed clothes still smelled like Riley.  

She inhaled his scent deeply, missing the moment to escape just before her legs were yanked

down the bed.


     Soldiers grabbed her arms and legs, pulling her spread-eagle in the center of the bed

wearing only her brightly colored bra, setting starkly against her tan skin with the cups pulled

down to expose her pale, molested breasts, her matching brightly colored thong was pulled

tight against her pussy mound to show the tan lines around her hips, and her sneakers.  And

then the thong was ripped off of her body.


     “Wait a sec…” Buffy started to say before her mouth was once again stuffed with

unwanted dick.  A pantless soldier jumped onto the bed and straddled her chest, cupping her

breasts in his hands and wrapping them around his throbbing cock.  He began tit-fucking her

as she felt another of the Initiative soldiers crawl up between her lewdly spread thighs.  Her

head was yanked to the other side of the bed and filled with more dick as her pale, pink

pussy was viciously attacked by a hungry lips and invasive tongue.


     Despite her face being assaulted by dozens of strange cocks, Buffy couldn't get the smell

of Riley out of her nose.  Flashes of everything they had done in the bed flashed threw her

mind and a different cock took it’s turn fucking her tits, a different cock took it's turn fucking

her mouth, and a different mouth took it's turn tongue-fucking her vulnerable cunt.


     Memories of Riley above her, inside of her, behind her, and below her filled the blonde

slayer’s mind despite the fact she was being repeatedly violated.  And since smell was the

strongest sense tied to memory, she couldn't help but respond to all the good memories she

and her boyfriend had made in the bed.


     So enamored of her memories of Riley in his bed, Buffy barely noticed the soldiers moving

around her nearly naked body until the one that wound up between her widely spread legs

slammed his hard cock inside of her wet cunt.  “Noooo…” she screamed out as the young

Initiative began fucking her.  Her nubile body shook up and down, her firm tits jiggled in the

lowered cups of her bra as she was taken forcefully.  Her head was yanked to the other side

and a cock plugged into her mouth again as another soldier straddled her chest and began

fucking her pale, jiggling tits.


     As the helpless slayer was violated again and again, the soldiers soon lost all their soldier-y

discipline and dog piled on top of Buffy.  Not a single inch of her luscious tan skin was safe as

the mouths, tongues, hands, and prick molested her.  The dicks in her mouth multiplied by 2

and then 3 and as the three dicks in her mouth fucked her face, another cock joined the first

fucking her pussy while a single, lone cock slithered it’s way up her ass.


     Buffy was pounded by cock after cock every which way on the bed as she wallowed in the

memories she had shared with Riley.  And even though she had loved Riley and loved what

they had done in his bed together, enough was enough.  Tensing every mystical muscle in her

body she let her Slayer’s strength flow through before flexing.  Every soldier that had been

on the bed with her, using her to sate their own perverted lusts, was thrown off completely.  

“And now it’s time to show you what a Slayer really means,” she threatened as she sat up in

her elbows, her chest out-thrust.


     And then she saw, standing at the foot of the bed, a futuristic nightmare.  “I would very

much like that.”


     The creature known as Adam had been the Initiative’s ultimate experiment.  Part man,

part machine, part demon, and all sociopath.  It stood at nearly seven feet tall and was a

patchwork creation that would make Frankenstein’s monster look handsome.  And currently

it was staring down at the vulnerable slayer impassively.


     Buffy’s fight or flight kicked in to late for her to escape, instead she tried to cover herself

despite the fact that all she was wearing was her brightly colored bra with the cups pulled

down and her sneakers.  It was only for an instant but it was enough time for Adam to attack.


     The mismatched monster raised his arms and two tentacles each shot out of his wrists.  

The slimy appendages wrapped themselves around Buffy’s wrists and ankles and she found

herself once again spread-eagled.  Shirtless, the man-machine-monster was wearing camo

pants that began writhing and bulging at the front and suddenly ripped open as four more

thicker tentacles burst forth.  One wrapped itself around the Slayer’s neck while another

wrapped itself around her heaving chest.  A different tentacle wrapped around Buffy’s

slender waist while the last one wrapped around one of her golden thighs.


     Adam stood still while his tentacles attacked.  One appendage whipped itself around

Buffy’s jiggling breasts, squeezing the firm orbs together before the tip plunged into her

cleavage and began fucking her tits.  The wiggling tentacle around her throat moved until the

tip was swaying in front of her face before plunging into her gasping mouth.  The slick

tentacle around her waist plunged unceremoniously into her tight, abused cunt while the

one around her thigh snaked up below her and slipped itself into her ass.  And then all four

monstrous appendages began raping her, thrusting in prefect, machine like unison.


     Buffy’s pink lips were stretched tight around the tendril in her mouth.  The dirty digit slid

over her wet, wiggling tongue as it pulsed inside of her.  With every thrust it buried itself

deep into her mouth and then into her tightly clutching throat.  She tried to cry out but the

disgusting prick like appendage was constantly cutting off her air, pulling back only long

enough for her to get a small gasp of air through her nose as it fucked her face.


     “Interesting,” Adam said as he stared curiously at the writhing Slayer.


     The tentacle fucking Buffy’s pale, jiggling tits was slimy enough that it didn't need any lube

to violate her warm, silky cleavage.  The tendril slid wetly over her hard nipples as it

titty-fucked her, stimulating her even more after the smell of Riley’s sheets had already

turned her on.  The hard, erect nubs were sizzling with unwanted desire as she was rocked

back and forth and her breasts swayed like ballasts with ever thrust.


     “Very interesting,” Adam commented as his head cocked slightly to one side like a curious,

hideous dog.


     The tendril in her pale, pink pussy filled her more than any of the Initiative soldiers’ dicks

had.  It thrust deep up inside of her, pulsing obscenely as it rocked her nubile body up and

down.  Her juices dripped down the writing shaft as it engaged every erogenous zone inside

of her, fucking her like she’s never been fucked before.  Unwanted pleasure courses through

her and she found herself cumming over and over again, her warm, slick juices dribbling

down onto the bed she had shared with Riley.


     “Most interesting,” Adam stated as he stated curiously at the young, writhing girl while

holding her suspended over the bed.


     Buffy's eyes went wide with shock and horror as she felt a second slimy tentacle nosing

around her back-door.  She felt it probe next to the first tentacle fucking her ass and tried

desperately to struggle and escape as it began slithering inside of her.  She tried to scream

around the disgusting demon cock raping her mouth as the two tentacles began raping her

defeated ass in unison.  One tendril would reach up deep inside of her stomach before

sliding almost completely out as the other one slithered back in.  And despite the double

intrusion she couldn't stop herself from cumming over and over again.  The human body was

made for sexual satisfaction whether the poor slayer wanted it or not.  She was slowly being

defeated by simple human biology.  And there was no doubt in her lust addled mind that it

had been Adam’s plan all along.


     “Extremely interesting,” Adam said with a strange note in his monotone voice.  His cold,

calculating eyes roamed over the Slayer’s body as she was fucked from every direction.


     And then the cyborg human monster hybrid released her.


     Buffy’s slick, slime covered body dropped limply and suddenly to the bed.  She had lost

her bra during the attack, but somehow kept her shoes, and her sun tanned skin gleamed in

the light, her tan lines across her breasts and groin standing out in even more stark contrast

then before.  Her eyes were glazed and her vision was blurry as she attempted to sit up on

the bed.


     As her eyes slowly began to clear she noticed that Adam was still at the foot of the bed

staring at her and she attempted to close her legs for modesty’s sake despite everything he

had already seen and done to her.  The tentacles appeared to slide back into his body and

she noticed that he had lost his army issue pants and something was gleaming between his

muscular legs.


     As Buffy's vision began to clear her eyes went wide with fear.  Between the man/machine/

monster’s powerful thighs it had a massive chrome cock.  The shiny prick had to be nearly a

foot long and as thick around as the Slayer’s wrist.  The blonde monster hunter was

transfixed by the bizarre phallus and couldn't take her eyes off of it.  And then the motor



     Buffy squeaked in surprise and tried to crawl backwards when she realized what the

motor was connected to.  Adam’s technological penis slowly rose to attention, pointing

straight between her legs as it came to attention.  The noise of the motor grew louder like

the engine of a muscle car as the shaft slowly slid back part-way and then snapped forward

again with a metallic thunk.  The helpless slayer shudder at the monster’s massive

self-thrusting robo-cock as it primed itself to enter her.


     Like a deer caught in headlights, Buffy couldn't stop staring at the gleaming pistoning cock

as it thrust itself forward and back.  Suddenly the hybrid monster lunged forward and

grabbed the Slayer’s spread legs by the ankles and roughly yanked her down the bed.  The

frightened blonde hero squealed as the much stronger monster held her spread apart.  

Without him moving his hips, Adam’s monstrous machine lurched forward, spearing Buffy



     The already well-fucked Slayer screamed in pain as well as a unwanted pleasure as she

came.  Adam held her ankles wide as he pinned her to the bed like a naked, tanned insect.  

He didn't move but she could feel the reverberations of his engine traveling through his cock

and deep into her abused body.  She twitched and writhed as her orgasm tore through her

caused by the vibrations and her abused cunt gushed in unwanted pleasure.  Her chest

heaved as she struggled for breath, her breasts swaying back and forth.  And as she slowly

began to come down from her orgasm, the vibrations began to increase.


     Buffy’s eyes rolled back in her head as Adam’s gleaming metal cock began vibrating inside

of her wet pussy.  She moaned out as her body reacted to the giant cock buried deep inside

of her violated body, the vibrations coursing from between her spread thighs all the way up

to her head making her scalp tingle.  She began writhing on the bed as she was held still by

they monster-borg’s unmatched muscles.  Her moans began getting louder as the vibrations

increased, her brain reeling and her pussy churning.  And then at the top of Adam’s prick

where the base met his lower abdomen, a gleaming rod poked out.


     The instant the small, vibrating probe touched Buffy’s sizzling clit, the trapped Slayer came

again.  She screamed out in lust as her young, fit body shook and gleaned with sweat.  

Without Adam moving his massive body, the machine-monster’s vibrating chrome cock

pulled back and then thrust forward sounding like a hammer on an anvil.  Another orgasm

rolled through the Slayer before the previous one had fully receded.  The massive cock

pounded her again and again while the vibrating metal probe slide across her enflamed clit.  

The helpless girl’s body shook with every hammer blow of the man-monster’s robo-cock.  

She was far to lost in unwanted sexual pleasure to move on her own, her arms outstretched,

her muscles limp, her tits jiggling with every thrust.


     Buffy’s brain was dazed, her eyes glazed, as she stared blankly up at the ceiling, her mouth

gaping open as she drooled stupidly, her legs spread wide open as Adam held her ankles

apart and violated her indescribably.  “So very interesting,” Adam said in his off-putting

monotone as he raped the nearly catatonic Slayer.  Buffy barely heard the villain and barely

understood what was going on as she was unabashedly used and came over and over, her

body limp and helpless.


     Suddenly Adam dropped Buffy's legs and let them fall bonelessly on the bed with the rest

of the sodden mess that was the Vampire Slayer.  The man-machine-monster let out a small

grunt before he came with the force of a fire hose.  His thick, warm, first shot of cum

splashed against Buffy from her groin to her chest.  His next shot completely covered her

face causing her to cough and sputter before she drowned in his seed.  His next shot was

sprayed back and forth across her prostate body covering her completely.


     Buffy coughed and sputtered as she kicked out and fell off the couch.  On her hands and

knees she looked around but luckily her embarrassing fall into the floor hadn’t woken her

friends.  Her clothes were twisted around her body and she could feel a very noticeable wet

spot in her underwear.  She slipped a hand between her legs and, yep, her wet dream had

seeped through her pants.  She sniffed the couch cushion and then wrinkled her nose, it was

wet too.


     “Shoot,” she grumbled to herself as she stood up, “I’m gonna have to wash that cushion

before anyone notices.”  She stripped the cover of the couch cushion and headed to the

laundry room.  “Looks like sleep is gonna have to wait a little bit,” she said, “Of course, with

dreams like I’m not exactly in a hurry for bed!”


To be continued…

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