Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Bad Week's Sleep

BY : Muhabba
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: A Bad Week's Sleep Night Three

By Muhabba


     If there was one thing that San Francisco was known for it was hills.  Miles and miles of hills.  How

there could be so many hills so near a ocean she didn't know but running up and down those hills in

pursuit of vampires had worn Buffy the Vampire Slayer out.  Plus she was beginning to think there had

been a memo sent out to the vampires that read that since new vampires could now fly they should use

that to their advantage.  Chasing after a flying vampire on foot was definitely hard on the feet.  And she

sure wasn't going to blame her newly purchased shoes for her present limp, they were simply to

gorgeous to be blamed for anything.


     Hobbling into her room she didn't bother with the lights, it was just to exhausting to reach all that

way just to turn on a light she was going to have to turn off later anywhere.  She shuffled to her bed and

laid down with a “Wholmph,” of exhaustion and began peeling off her new shoes.  She tried to think of

someplace to hide them from her sister, the international shoe thief, but quickly gave up and slid them

under the skirt of the bed.  They should be safe there until I hide them in the morning, she told herself

before collapsing onto her back on the bed.  “I forgot how comfortable you were,” she mumbled to her

mattress with her feet still on the floor.  She began working up the energy to take her clothes off before

suddenly falling to sleep and beginning to snore lightly.


     A light giggle tried to wake Buffy up but instead she just rolled over and ignored it.  A slight murmur

of words and a chuckle tried to do the same thing but she yanked her pillow over the side of her head

and continued trying to ignore the noise.  There were simply to many hills in San Francisco for her to be

expected to wake up this early.  She squinted her eye and wondered how it could be so early in the

morning so late at night.  And then there was another chuckle and another giggle.  She wasn't alone.


     In a blur of motion, Buffy threw off her pillow and sat up in the bed, her back against the wall.  “You!”

she gasped in surprise.


     Sitting in a overstuffed arm chair at the foot of the bed were no other than former mayor of

Sunnydale Richard Wilkins III and fellow Vampire Slayer Faith.  Buffy quickly looked around and found

herself in the well lit, cozy apartment in Sunnydale that the mayor had given Faith all those years before

when she had turned bad for a short time.  The only problem was that the mayor was dead, the

apartment, along with the rest of Sunnydale, was blown up, and Faith had turned away from her evil



     Buffy tried to take everything in at once.  The apartment was just the way she remembered it during

her and Faith’s fight, the mayor was wearing a tan business suit, just the type that he had used to wear

before turning into a giant snake and dying, and Faith was wearing a light pastel sun-dress.  The sun-

dress wasn't really the type of outfit the dark haired Slayer usually wore, preferring tight, black, leather

things.  And then, looking down, Buffy realized she was wearing a similar sun-dress only her’s was a pale

blue.  Most definitely not the usual thing she wore.  


     “Well look who’s up all bright eyed and bushy tailed so early in the morning,” the mayor said happily.


     Faith was sitting on the mayor’s knee as they stared at her and Buffy stared back with a great deal of

confusion.  “How did I get here?” she demanded.


     Mayor Wilkins had one hand around Faith’s waist and his other hand on her knee that he patted

affectionately.  “Leave it to my Faith,” he said like a proud parent, “She's a real firecracker.”


     Faith sneered at the blonde Slayer.  “What can I say, B.  I got the moves,” she bragged as she wiggled

on the mayor's knee.


     “But this doesn't make sense,” Buffy said defensively.


     “Did it make sense when you killed me?” the mayor asked with a hint of anger, “Or when you put my

little Faith here in a coma?”


     Buffy thought about everything the mayor and Faith had done and everything they had been planning

to do before she had stopped them.  “Yeah, it did,” she said matter of factly.


     In a blur of motion, Faith sprang from Mayor Wilkin’s lap, flashing the under swell of her ass, and

grabbed Buffy's wrist.  With a powerful yank she threw the other girl to the floor.  The blonde Slayer’s

dress fluttered high on her golden thighs revealing her matching panties before she rolled to her feet

and assumed a fighter’s stance.


     Buffy swung out at the dark haired Slayer that she ducked and spun under, her dress pulling up

around her legs.  Faith popped up behind her and wrapped her arms around the blonde Slayer’s small



     “C’mon, B, show me what you got,” Faith sneered before licking up one side of Buffy's face.


     “Eww, gross!” Buffy gasped before sliding out of Faith’s grasp.  The blonde Slayer aimed a kick at the

brunette Slayer’s head but missed slightly as her sundress tightened around her golden thighs.  Her

panties were exposed for a fraction of a second as the hem of the dress ripped and her firm, braless

breasts swayed beneath the gauzy material.


     One of Buffy’s firm breasts popped out of the top of her dress for a moment, the silky skin pale from

her tan lines.  She quickly covered her chest with her arms allowing Faith a open shot at her ribs.  The

strap of the light haired girl’s dress slipped down her shoulder as she bent in pain, allowing a glimpse

down her body and also allowing the other Slayer to land a punch along side of Buffy's skull.


     Buffy staggered a moment before spinning around away from Faith, her dress flowing up around her

toned, bronzed legs.  She once again assumed a fighter’s stance that she quickly relaxed when she saw

what the mayor was doing while still sitting in his chair.


     “Don’t mind me, girls,” Mayor Wilkins said as he masturbated, “You two just continue playing.”


     From over her shoulder, Faith winked at her father figure before turning her head back to Buffy who

was still in shock as she watched Mayor Wilkins jack-off.  She landed an elbow against Buffy’s cheek

causing the blond girl to stagger back against the wall unaware that her pale, firm left tit was completely

exposed and jiggling wildly.


     “Looking good, B,” Faith smirked before lunging forward and pinning her rival against the wall.  She

pressed herself hip to hip, chest to chest, and breast to breast against Buffy, grabbing her wrists to yank

her arms up.  Suddenly, the dark haired Slayer slipped her tongue inside of the blonde girl’s mouth.  She

thoroughly explored Buffy’s mouth as she began rubbing her body against the other Slayer.


     In complete shock, Buffy let Faith molest her while kissing her.  The other girl’s tongue wrestled with

her own as she rubbed up against her trapped body.  The brunette villain moaned into her mouth,

shocking her further and bringing her out of her stupor.


     Buffy flexed her sun kissed body and shoved Faith back, snapping the strap of her pale blue sundress

as her arm flexed.  She kicked up at the other Slayer, ripping her sundress from her taunt thigh to her

hip and flashing her panties again, landing her target on Faith’s face.  She tried to ignore the former

mayor continuing to masturbate only a few feet from her but she couldn't help herself from noticing it.  

His penis was only of average length with a glaring purple head and a healthy set of balls below it.


     Faith smirked at Buffy distracted by the mayor.  In a flash her arm swiped out and ripped the delicate

front of the other Slayer’s dress.  The blonde girl shrieked as her dress fell around her ankles and before

she could cover herself, Faith spun around behind her and pressed herself against Buffy’s bare back with

the blonde girl’s arms trapped between their bodies.  She reached around and cupped the shocked girl’s

exposed tits.  “You have a nice set of jugs here, B,” she smirked as she squeezed the sensitive orbs.


     “Faith, what are you doing!” Buffy cried out as the other girl circled her nipples with her thumbs.  She

freed her arms andd grabbed Faith’s wrists to try to pull her hands away from her breasts but she was

still in shock and her mind was off kilter.  In front of her, the dead mayor of Sunnydale had his pants

around his ankles and was furiously masturbating while Faith, her former rival, was molesting her chest.  

It was unreal!


     Buffy was so shocked by what the mayor was doing in front of her she barely noticed one of Faith’s

hands trailing down her mostly nude body.  It wasn't until the dark Slayer’s fingers were slipping

beneath the elastic of her panties that the blonde Slayer gasped out in surprise.


     “Oh my!” Buffy gasped as she finally snapped out of her stupor long enough to struggle against Faith.  

Unfortunately when the other Slayer’s fingers slipped through her pubic hair and cupped her sex the

fight seemed to slip out of her again.  The brunette’s middle finger quickly found the blonde’s clit and

teased it to full hardness with only a few masterful strokes.


     “Isn’t my Faith talented,” Mayor Wilkins mocked as he stroked his shaft with one hand and fondled

his balls with the other.


     “Thanks, boss,” Faith said with a wink as she slipped her finger between Buffy’s pale pink pussy-lips.


     Trapped in Faith’s arms, Buffy could only shudder as the other Slayer’s finger penetrated her

vulnerable pussy.  She groaned out as the other young woman sawed her finger in and out of her and

her other hand continued toying with her plump, pale breasts.  Her eyes rolled up in the back of her

head as Faith slid her finger in to her as deeply as it could go.


     With a mighty yank, Faith ripped Buffy’s panties away and threw the blonde girl into her bed.  She

leapt on top of her on her hands and knees and smiled wickedly down at her.  “I’m gonna give it to you

good, B,” she mocked as she wiggled her ass high in the air, her large breasts dangling in her dress.


     “No, Faith, don’t…” Buffy tried to plead before Faith bent down and kissed her roughly.  The dark

haired Slayer’s hand quickly delved back in between her thighs and she sent two fingers burrowing into

her pussy leaving the blonde Slayer gasping and too stunned to fight back.  As Faith fingered Buffy, the

evil Slayer kissed down to her chest and sucked a hard, ripe nipple into her mouth.


     “God, no, please,” Buffy gasped out as she was forcibly molested and strangely unable to fight back.


     “I don’t know about God,” the mayor said as he released his cock and balls and stood up, “But I’m

here to help.”


     Buffy watched in fascinated horror as the mayor’s throbbing erection split down the middle become

two writhing tendrils.  Both cocks whipped back and forth before moving with snake like speed towards

the bed.  One evil prick wound it’s way up Faith’s dress causing her to moan around her face full of

Slayer tit while the other made it’s way towards Buffy.


     “No…!” Buffy gasped before her mouth was filled with snake-y mayor cock.  The organ began

thrusting back and forth inside of her, fucking her beautiful face while Faith molested her chest and got

fucked by the other prick.  Two more snake-dicks split from Mayor Wilkin’s groin and shot up to her

chest, rubbing themselves against her breasts while Faith licked down her body.


     As she licked down the blonde Slayer’s body, Faith groaned out in lust as a second snake-cock joined

the first one beneath her dress.  She squirmed around on the bed until she was comfortable between

Buffy’s legs and kept her own ass high in the air for the mayor to fuck.  She shoved her tongue as far as

she could into Buffy’s dripping hole while the good Slayer was mouth raped and titty fucked.


     Buffy tried to count the number of snake-cocks fucking and molesting her.  One cock was raping her

mouth while two cocks were fucking her firm, jiggling tits.  Two more had wrapped themselves around

her wrists forcing her to jack them off while another two held her supple thighs open for Faith.  Not to

mention the two cocks beneath the dark haired Slayer’s dress fucking her ass and pussy at the same

time.  It was to much sex for Buffy to keep track of and she found herself suddenly cumming, her entire

violated body shuddering in unwanted, forced pleasure.


     As she slowly relaxed into Faith’s mattress, Buffy cried out in shock as Faith suddenly released her

and the mayor’s pricks rearranged themselves.  The blonde haired Slayer struggled against the intrusive

tendrils as they forced her arms and legs apart while lifting her up on the bed.  She could see Faith

smirking at her, the brunette Slayer’s chin dripping with her juices.


     Faith quickly pulled her dress down showing that she had been completely nude beneath it the whole

time.  Her toned thighs listened with her own juices while the mayor’s prick wound themselves lovingly

around her legs.  Her large breasts swayed back and forth as she climbed up into the bed with Buffy and

straddled her groin.  She chuckled as she pressed her own pussy against the other Slayer’s, scissoring

her while never breaking eye contact.


     “No, Faith, please!” Buffy pleaded but it was to late.  Gripping her leg, Faith began rubbing herself

between her legs, humping up against her causing the helpless Slayer to gasp out as she was violated.  

Quickly, a new snake-dick began fucking her mouth while another one wrapped itself around her

bouncing tits and began fucking them.  Another cock slipped it’s way into Faith’s mouth and the dark

haired Slayer eagerly began sucking it.


     Once again Buffy lost track on the number of cocks helping Faith fuck her but she could see the

mayor, now completely naked at the foot of the bed, watching them with dozens of writhing prick

coming from between his legs.  His hips rocked back and forth despite the girls he was fucking being

several feet away from him as he smiled happily.


     Suddenly Buffy felt something nudge against her tight, pale ass and thought perhaps that it was one

of Faith’s pillows but then saw what was happening to Faith’s own ass.  One of mayor Wilkins’ dicks was

working it's way between the brunette’s tight cheeks and Buffy immediately knew what was going on.


     Her eyes shot wide open as Buffy felt the mayor's cock slip between her ass-cheeks and press against

her asshole.  It wormed it's way inside of her and began fucking her while Faith continued humping her.  

The two, evil fiends fucked her hard until sweat was rolling down her tanned body and she could feel

another orgasm rising up inside of her.  Her own impending orgasm caused the blonde Slayer to rock her

body up, humping Faith until both Slayers exploded in pleasure and lust.


     When she recovered, Faith had the mayor move Buffy around until she was comfortable.  The Dark

haired Slayer sat on the bed with her back against the wall, her legs spread, and Buffy between her

knees.  She grabbed the other girl’s hair and yanked her forward and ordered her to lick.


     Buffy tried to resist Faith but from behind her, the mayor thrust himself into her tight, wet cunt,

forcing her face-first into the brunette’s own gooey cunt.  As the mayor fucked her from behind, she

found herself forced to orally pleasure her former nemesis causing Faith to growl in pleasure and hump

herself against Buffy’s face.


     The blonde Slayer found herself squealing into the brunette Slayer’s gushing pussy as the mayor

began fucking her ass as well with another one of his snake dicks.  Another pair of tendrils began

molesting her dangling tits as she was fucked back and forth and she found herself staring up the length

of Faith’s naked body.  Two tendrils were fucking the dark haired Slayer’s large tits while she eagerly

blew another and jerked off two more.


     While one cock plunged into her ass the other cock pulled out of Buffy’s pussy only to reverse course

and plunged back in while the one in her ass slid back out.  The mayor had a hold of her hips and she

could feel him pressing himself against her pale ass.  The blonde girl’s tongue wiggled against Faith’s

gushing pussy as she grunted and groaned with each of the mayor's forceful thrusts.  His nimble cocks

squeezed and fondled her tits while above her the brunette girl held her own large tits together to let

the mayor fuck them.  The dark Slayer bobbed her head back and forth, sucking enthusiastically on

another of the mayor's snake-pricks as Buffy was fucked back and forth.


     Suddenly, Faith rammed Buffy’s head between her legs as she groaned around the dick in her mouth.  

The dark haired Slayer’s juices gushed out of her cunt and Buffy knew that she was cumming.  The

blonde girl found her own orgasm rising as her muscles began to twitch and the moaned out around the

mayor's cock in her mouth.


     As Buffy’s orgasm hit her she found herself thrown out of the bed onto the floor.  Her juicy cunt

spasmed as she came and she found herself surrounded by all of the mayor’s snake-pricks.  They

shivered and throbbed in the air momentarily before exploding, drenching her in Mayor Wilkin’s evil



     “Gahhhh!” Buffy cried out as she flung herself out of bed.  Sitting on the floor she found her pants

around her ankles with two fingers stuffed up her wet pussy.  She looked around frantically until she

was sure she was alone before relaxing.  “Thank God Dawn didn't try to sneak in and steal my shoes,”

she told herself, “How would I have ever explained her finding me masturbating in my sleep?”


To be continued…

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