Great Perverted Game: A New World

BY : Archer
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Turn 10 Game

Actions: 8

Points: 220

Mojo: 51

Turn: 10

Sunnydale Health: 55


“And we’re sure we can’t immobilize him again? Or just teleport him out of town” Willow asked.


“He’s become immune to the spells we’ve been using,” Tara answered. “We have to take him on.”


“Any other options?” Willow asked nervously.


“If we don’t do something he’ll destroy the town.”


Xander glanced at the numbers on the computer. Sunnydale had 55 health. He took a moment to scan through what was going on. The Judge would do 50 damage, Veruca 7, and the vampires 10. They could take out Veruca and the vampires, he was sure of that, and still survive until next turn.


But he didn’t want to allow that to happen. One, there was too much of a risk that the opponent had some card up his sleeve that would whittle off that last bit of health. Second, he didn’t want to to win but have Sunnydale left over as a lifeless husk, even if it was an alternate Sunnydale. It was now or never.


“What can we do?” Xander asked.


Willow tapped the books on the table, “More spells.”


“I thought we’d already weakened him.”


“He isn’t the kind of demon where you cast one spell and then boom he’s done. He has layers and layers of protection that we need to work through.”


“Not to mention his touch can kill almost instantly,” Tara added. “And beyond that he probably has a lot of just pure demon strength.”


Xander nodded as he considered the options. More research, more spells, would lower the Judge’s strength. As a party they were pretty powerful, much stronger than they had been when they had actually faced the Judge. That didn’t mean they couldn’t be stronger.


He took a quick look through the characters. Willow was 0.25 experience away from another level of Battle Mage. That had to be done. Unfortunately, that was pretty much all that could be done on improving his allies. Using turns to train wouldn’t help enough.


He took care of the first thing that needed done, getting Willow leveled up. A patrol against 5 vampires wasn’t even a challenge for them anymore, though the turn was more valuable at this time than any points.


Actions: 7

Points: 220

Mojo: 51


He went down and looked at the Judge. Only two people could be on the front lines with two in support. Buffy and Willow at the front with him in support, meant that it would take 800 points. Way too many, so he moved onto the research options.


He researched the Judge twice, for 45 points, then lowered its magic and physical resistance for 38.


Actions: 7

Points: 137

Mojo: 51


He looked to fighting the Judge again: it was down to 340, but he needed to rebuild his points first.


He looked up and saw that Willow and Tara were intently poring over their books. Buffy was reading too, but she was in the back corner, by herself.


If they were saving the world, they were going to do it together. He first decided to improve his traits: adding a level of Nice and one of Physical Appearance to himself for a total of 90.


Actions: 7

Points: 47

Mojo: 51


Now for the points. Xander first took a level of gain mojo for 45 and then selected the group sex option, surprised at himself for how rarely he had taken it during the game. Having a sex action with Buffy, Willow, Tara, and Dawn cost 70 mojo, but got him 165 points in the process.


Actions: 5

Points: 262

Mojo: 26


He had to immediately spend 60 points to restore Buffy and then looked over her options:

You have a friendship rating of 24 with Buffy, a social difficulty of 3, and a standing of 75. You can take the following actions to improve your relationship:

3: Causal Interaction: You will have a very basic interaction and improve your standing by 12

9: Regular Interaction: You will have a positive meeting and improve your standing by 25

20: Friendly Interaction: You will have a very friendly time with Buffy and improve your standing by 36

45: Great Interaction: You will have an amazing event and improve your standing by 51                


Sexual Interactions: Buffy has -    

Desire: 6    

Casual: 19    

Serious: 33    

Universal: 5    

Current Relationship: 116    

0 Mojo: Casual Flirt: You have a light, flirtatious meeting improving your relationship by 9. This does not use one of this character's actions.    

15 Mojo: Heavy Flirting: You have a more intense, flirtatious meeting. This increases your relationship by 16, gains 20 points, improves standing by 0 and reduces Buffy's stress by 16.    

22 Mojo: Go on a Date: Take the character out on a date. This increases your relationship by 27, gains 25 points, improves standing by 5, and reduces Buffy's stress by 22.                

31 Mojo: Lovers: Start a more intense relationship with heavier sexual actions, get 20 points per turn, and 20 points right now.        

164 Mojo: Committed: Go to a committed relationship with all sexual actions open, get 50 points per turn, and 100 points right now.    


He first went back and took two levels of gain mojo for 90. He then took lovers for 31. That dropped the cost of commitment to 56 and took it as well.


He finally had Buffy committed, but it left him with only one remaining action.


Actions: 1

Points: 342

Mojo: 29


He then went back to the Judge and began to spend points, 60 to lower its magic resistance again, 29 to lower its physical resistance twice, and then 44 to lower its combat strength twice. He then selected combat again, put Buffy and Willow on the front lines with him and Tara in support.


Cost to Beat the Judge: 200


Actions: 1

Points: 211

Mojo: 29   


That was it, Xander realized. He’d done it. All he had to do was click the button and he’d won the game and saved the world.


He glanced around the room. Buffy had rejoined the table with Willow and Tara. They all looked tired, but happy. That was just what Xander wanted.


He clicked the button.


“Congratulations, Xander,” the robed figure said as he appeared on the other side of the room. “You played a good game.”


Xander tried to get up out of his chair, but before he could everything went black.

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