Great Perverted Game: A New World

BY : Archer
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Disclaimer: I have no ownership of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any intellectual property contained within this fan-made story from which no money has been made.

This is my second go at using a game format for a Buffy story that was inspired by TattleTale’s Per-Verse. I understand some people might be upset with that plot arc being abandoned, but I was at a dead end for a number of reasons. Maybe one day I’ll try to finish the plot, but it requires some rebuilding of the structure of story.


This time around I have an actual player who is making Xander’s choices. I make the game file, the player makes the decisions, and then I write the story. I believe that will help both the game development and the story.


The player for this story is rkimmelerre. They obtained this lofty position by being the person who responded on the forums. While they were the only person who came forward, they have been extremely helpful with feedback and ideas. I really could not have had a better person at the start and I thank him for his help. I hope to be able to use other players in the future, but we’ll see if the format is still interesting by that point.


If you would like to read more about what derailed the last story and ideas on this story and it as a game design, please check out the topic in the forums. You can also view the different game setups that have been sent to rkimmelerre and you can play through and see if you would have made different choices, as well as make comments on how you think the game can be improved.


Reading this: Each turn will be divided up between Xander’s choices (the actual playing) and the story (what those choices result in). In theory, I hope people who are bored by Xander considering his choices will be able to skip those parts and just read the story. The only exception to this is this page and the setup turn.


For those who have read the original the Great Perverted Game, some early parts are copied from that.


Please leave feedback or send it to It always helps to hear ideas and comments, even if it's just expressing enjoyment of the story.


The Great Perverted Game



Bad news, Champion.


Xander rubbed his eyes as he looked at the message and tried to remember where he was. Wait, eyes? Something about that didn’t seem right, but he couldn’t pin down why. Last thing he remembered he was…well, he couldn’t actually remember the last thing he had been doing. It was like his memories had been all jumbled and didn’t have any type of order.


He looked around and saw he was in the Sunnydale High School library. He was sitting at the table and there was a computer monitor in front of him. He didn’t remember coming to the library and he distinctly had memories of…something happening to the library, but he couldn’t place what.


“Buffy? Willow?” he called out, but there was no reply. Even for the library it was extremely quiet.


“I really hope this is a dream,” Xander said as he looked back to the computer and saw there was a message on the screen.


Bad news, Champion. We regret to inform you that the world has come to an end. We, the forces of good, have lost.


“Shit, not a dream,” Xander cursed. It wasn’t that the world ending was an unusual subject for his dreams, just that it normally didn’t come in text form.


However, we do have a slight bit of good news. A glimmer of hope. Should you succeed at the following task then the world will be restored. As a Champion, we are sure you have been in this position before.


“Buffy?” Xander called out again. “Anyone heroic?”


When there was no reply he looked back at the screen. As a condition of the Apocalypse Gambit Treaty 7000 B.B.C.E, in the event that the forces of evil should ever be victorious, a Champion shall be chosen and granted one final opportunity to preserve the world. Should that Champion be victorious, then time will be reset, and Armageddon averted. Those who ensured Armageddon can choose the rules for the Great Game, while the Powers that Be will choose the Champion


In simple terms: the Great Game allows the creation of miniature alternate realities so that powerful beings can mess around when they get bored. For this game the rules are “Perverted”, the Champion chosen is “Alexander Harris”, and the randomly determined setting is: “Sunnydale, High School”.


Good luck, we really hope the world doesn't end due to your failures.


“Uh, what?” Xander said as he looked over the screen. “A Perverted Reality? What’s that…and should I be insulted that I was the Champion chosen for this?”


The computer did not reply and Xander was just left staring at a link that said ‘begin game’.

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