Time Turned Backwards

BY : caliadragon
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Chapter 3

"Let's sit down and I'll tell you everything that has been going on." Spike raised an eyebrow, but sat down in his recliner and wached as the boy found a way to make himself comfortable on the floor.

Taking a deep breath Xander began to tell Spike every thing that had been happing since Adam's defeat. As he spoke Spike surged to his feet and began to pace as he listened in growing horror as the boy told him about the future. Spike cringed as he was told that he fell in love with Buffy, nearly raped her and ran off to get himself a soul. The whole idea sickened him. When Xander got to the part about the First Spike actually whimpered.

When he was finished he waited to see how Spike would react to the news. Doyle was also shaken. He knew why he had been brought back, but hearing all that Xander and his friends had suffered was shattering to the former demon.

"I want to help. We've got to get Buffy to admit she loves the tosser and we need to get Joyce into the hospital as soon as possible. She's a good woman, she invites me over for cocca." Spike told Xander as he passed.

Xander reached up and pulled Spike down into his lap. Both Spike and Doyle were surprised by this, but Xander didn't give them time to question. "Don't worry about Joyce. I know how to heal her. Right now I'm worried about you. You need human blood or Sire's blood to heal from what happened with the Initative right?"

Spike was confused, but nodded in agreement. He yelped in surprise when Xander lifted him up and turned him around so that they were face to face. "I want you to feed from me."

"WHAT?!" Doyle and Spike shouted at the sametime.

"I want you to feed from me. I know it won't set your chip off, so feed. You won't kill me." Xander's voice held utter confidence and trust. That alone was enough to convince Spike that he was telling the truth. The Xander he was used to didn't trust him or care for him in anyway.

Hunger began to drive at him and Spike could admit, if only to himself that he was starving. When Xander offered his throat to Spike again, Spike took the offer up and delicatly bit the boy's neck.

Doyle watched in bemused silence s Xander fed his blood to the vampire. He feared that Xander's trust was misplaced, but Spike stopped after only a few minutes. Doyle released a deep breath and watched as the pair parted.

Spike shivered with surpressed emotion. It had been far to long since he had fed off of a human. It was even more incredible for him that it was offered so freely. From Xander no less. "What do we do next?" he asked euphoric.

"I gather the other two and take them back to the basement and you go there with Doyle. Then I go get the components of another spell and get rid of that fucking chip." Xander told him.

Spike looked at him in confusion. "Why would you remove my chip, are you going to soul me?" Fear made his voice crack.

"Never! Getting your soul drove you insane for awhile. I wouldn't do that to you. However I will bind you so that you can only feed on murderers and rapists, you know evil humans."

Spike gapped at him then laughed with relief.

Doyle chuckled, "There's an idea we need to give to Angel, the broody one needs more than animal blood also." The other two looked at him for a moment before laughing again.

"Look out world here we come." Xander chuckled again and looked at his helpers.

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