Time Turned Backwards

BY : caliadragon
Category: AtS/BtVS Crossovers > Slash - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or AtS. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Time Turned Backwards
Author: Caliadragon
Spoilers: Indigo on Buffy and latest episode of Angel.
Category: AU Crossover
Pairings: Xander/Graham, Doyle/Oz Spike/Angel
Rating: PG 13 - NC 17

Warnings: Character Deaths, Angst, Slash, Violence

AN: Answer to my own What If Challenge. What if Buffy confided in Xander what happened between her, Wood, Spike and Giles? What if she told Xander everything that was said, and what if those words began to plague on him? I don't remember the name of the episode, but I remember that the big eye thingy said that Buffy, brought on the First Evil herself. This will go AU after Indigo. Fred calls back to tell Willow that Cordy has been corupted by the First. This is the last step for Xander, he sees everyone around him falling apart.

Part one of the challenge is that Xander knows magic. Secretly he has been learning it since Buffy's resurection. He preforms a revelation spell that tells him the exact moment that awakens the First and what it was that made Buffy lose hope.

Part two: The Spell reveals that Buffy loses hope after Riley leaves town. She really did love him and was unable to express it. Buffy was suppose to call on Angel and the LA gang for help, but pride prevented it.

Part three: Knowing the truth Xander preforms a spell that turns time backwards back to just after Adam's defeat. Xander must keep Riley and Graham in town and bring Angel and Crew there. In the midst of preforming the spell Xander brings with him a savior and a unifier: Doyle.

Chapter 1

Xander listened as Willow told them all what Fred had just told her. Pain and rage filled him. He looked over to where Buffy and Spike sat side by side. Spike was still covered in bruises and Buffy was ignoring Giles. It hurt to see everything that was happening. His friends were falling apart and now Cordy had been sucked in by the First.

Taking a deep breath he stood and made his way towards the door. "Xander?" Willow called softly. Xander turned back to her and shook his head. He then walked out the door. It was time to stop this. All he had to do was find out what started it in the first place and how to fix it.

Four hours later....

Xander sat in the middle of a circle of power. Around him white candles burned at the four corners. In his cupped palms were two clear chrystals. Closing his eyes he began to chant.

"Reveal to me the moment of change.
Reveal to me the moment of evils awakening.
Reveal to me what can reverse the awakening."

A few seconds later images and feelings began to play through his mind. Riley getting onto the chopper. The feel of Buffy's heart shattering. Then Glory's coming and Buffy ignoring her instincts in care of pride. Not calling Angel in for help, because she didn't want him to see that her life had fallen apart. Then words poured into his mind and a spell took form.

Xander gasped and looked around him in shock as the s end ended. Knowing that he already had what he needed to complete the spell Xander began to chant again and to pray that it worked.

"Darkness has descended
Darkness has called
Evil is taking hold
Send away the evil
Bring back the light
Bring back the soul
Send away the evil
Turn time backwards
Turn time straight
Changed the worlds doomed fate
I offer my blood
I offer my heart
Turn time backwards
Turn time straight
Change the worlds doomed fate."

As the last word is spoken dark golden light fills the room and Xander disappears.

Xander groaned and opened his eyes, for a few minutes he was confused and disoriented. Then memory returned and he shot up right in the bed. Looking around him he wept in relief. He was in the basement. Shock ripped through him as he saw the man laying beside him.

Doyle was a bit startled himself. He looked up at the handsome boy in confusion for several seconds then cleared his throat and sat up. "Hello there, it seems the spell worked." Xander nodded in dazed agreement. They sat further up and leaned against the headboard.

"Okay first thing we need to do is get a hold of Angel and Buffy. We need to bring the LA crew here and keep Riley and his friends from leaving. Then we need to get Spike." Xander ticked off as he rubbed his forehead.

Doyle grinned and looked over at the boy. "Right then, how do we explain to them that I'm alive and that you changed time?" Doyle asked amusement in his voice. Xander looked at him blankly for a moment then grinned.

"Well Angel and Cordy trust you and the Scoobies trust me. So you get The LA crew and I get the Scoobies. Though I think you got the better bet. Then we need to find a way to get Oz back here. The group needs him even if he didn't realize it. Also we need to get our hands on Andrew and Jonathon. I want to keep them from falling under Warren's influence." Doyle shook his head in amazement. Xander was not content with saving a few people, he wanted to save them all.

"I think we should start with those two and Spike first. Then move on to the others. We can chain them up if we have to." Doyle and Xander snickered over that. "Okay lets go get Spike." Xander nodded in agreement.

The two men stood then froze as they realized they were naked and blushed. "Maybe we should get dressed first." Xander said looking away shyly. Doyle agreed and they raided his closet.

Doyle chose some of Xander's less loud clothing. "I'm getting out of this basement again as soon as possible." Xander growled as he pulled on his clothes. "Shit I gotta break up with Anya. So not looking forward to that."

Doyle winced, the boy had a lot of changes to make and very little time before Glory showed up. They could kill Ben, but neither man wanted to do that. Instead they wanted to find a way to separate the two and kill Glory. To do that they needed to get everyone together.

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