The Nymph's Kiss

BY : KyliaQuilor
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Author's Notes: In case the summary didn't make this properly clear, this is not a fic that is meant to be taken very seriously, or, you know, at all. The plot, such as it is, is largely a paper-thin excuse to write an id satisfying smut fic, because life is too short to take writing fanfic so seriously. All of the characters will no doubt feel out of character at times, to one extent or another, and nobody is going to act super realistically. Expect "porn logic" to apply at various points.

All the currently included content tags will show up at some point, and others may/will be added as appopriate. Where practical, I may note at the start of each chapter what the revelant tags are for a given chapter, if they go beyond some fairly standard and vanilla expections for a femmeslash fic (oral sex, fingering, vaginal sex with a strapon)

In a very nebulous sense, this fic starts sometime after the events of 3x12 "Helpless", but that doesn't really matter much, as - insofar as it matters - canon will go off the rails with this fic. The only significant divergences from canon are that Angel never came back from hell, and Amy never got stuck as a rat.

All characters are 18 years of age or older - anywhere the canon has their birthdays happening after when this fic takes place, consider it changed for the purposes of this fic.

The Nymph's Kiss

By Kylia

Chapter 1: Sealing the Deal

It had all started because Amy Madison was horny.

Not that that was a particularly unusual state of affairs for her - she was a healthy teenage girl who finally admitted to herself that she was gay, and went to a school with too many girls who were annoyingly sexy.

The problem was that as far Amy knew, none of them were gay or even bi - some might have been, sure, but no one was out and Amy had no desire to become even more ostracized than she was by coming out to anyone on the off chance that the girl she tried to chat up was also into girls.

Not on just a chance.

A sure thing, maybe, but...

Well, that was what had brought her to here in the attic, kneeling skyclad - naked, but sounding better - in a circle of lit braziers, each one burning a different herb - one sage, one lavender, one basil, one rosehips and one marjoram.

The idea had occurred to her, just a few hours ago, that there had to be some sort of magic to like... tell if someone was gay, or bi, or even just curious. Right? Telepathy spells existed, though Amy had decided she didn't really want to know every thought other people were thinking unfiltered, so there had to be some sort of... orientation detecting magic? Right?

Nothing like that had turned up in her mother's spellbook, but that didn't mean Amy just stopped looking. Her mother had had the one main spellbook, but since taking up magic, Amy had realized just how many eldritch tomes and texts her mother had accumulated, though given just how dusty they'd been when Amy had claimed them from the still abandoned house she'd once lived with her mom in, her mother had never used them.

And so she'd gone up to the attic and started going through the books. And that's when she'd found it.

She couldn't remember it being among the books she'd brought back from her mom's house, but there were a lot of them, so maybe she'd just missed it. Still... the cover art was distinctive - two nude women entwined around each other, the art too high quality and elegant to be just 'porn' - it was erotica, and tastefully presented, suggestive and hinting.

Amy wouldn't deny that she'd just stared at the cover for a long moment, before deciding that it was as good a place to start as any, if not better. She'd opened it, and begun to read.

In the present, she looked down at the book in her arms, carefully sounding out the Ancient Greek text in her head. She had no interest in getting the pronunciation wrong and having the spell backfire on her. 

It was bad enough when she'd turned her hair blue for several hours, but a backfire with a spell like this?

The book was written mostly in an unintelligible script Amy couldn't place, but for the first few pages which were in English with the Greek chant. Surprisingly modern English too, for such an old book.

The book was, to put it simply, a book of sex magic.

It promised that mastering the pages within would 'unlock pleasures limitless and passions infinite' and teach spells that could enhance every sensation, assure one all the lovers they could want, perform acts impossible without magic, and more.

It all sounded too good to be true, but Amy had already discovered that magic could do a lot. So why couldn't it do this? 

The trick was unlocking the book's magic. According to the text, the book needed to be attuned to her as its owner with a proper ritual, and then she'd be able to read it.

Amy wasn't an idiot, she'd read over the ritual carefully, and made sure she understood it, but as far as she could tell, there was nothing nefarious about it. No downsides here. No risks.

Closing her eyes a moment, Amy took a deep breath, and then looked back down at the book. Speaking carefully, but clearly, she started to chant the Ancient Greek spell. Calling on the magic of Aphrodite, the power of lust and sex, binding it to her.

The fires in the braziers around her suddenly changed colors, from orangey--red-yellow to purple, blue, pink and white, roaring into foot-high columns of flame. Heat radiated, almost feeling too much for Amy, but not enough to burn, and she managed to keep going, feeling short of breath - and the heat switched almost immediately from being uncomfortable to leaving a tingling on her skin that went straight between her legs. Amy squirmed at the unexpected feeling as she kept going, barely managing to avoid stumbling over a word and then she reached the last line, feeling her voice crackling with the power of the spell going through her.

The last word left her lips and then the fires roared even higher, all the way to the attic roof and combined above her head, forming a multi-colored dome of tingling heat. Part of Amy's mind felt panic, but somehow she knew this was safe, that nothing would happen to her, nor would the fire actually burn anything -

Then her vision went black.


"Well, well," a feminine voice murmured in her ear, smooth and rich as the darkest chocolate, the feeling of it at the edge of Amy's senses like liquid sex - it alone sent a spasm of desire coursing through her, right down to her core.

"Well, well..." the voice said again, and Amy realized she was lying down somewhere, something soft underneath her - not a bed... she bunched a hand, and realized it was...


"It has been a long time since anyone performed that ritual. A long time indeed." Amy shivered as she felt a finger running along her stomach, working upwards slowly to her chest. Why wasn't she opening her eyes? Why wasn't she moving? Why was she just... laying here, on this... moss? Why was she laying on moss? Naked? Where was she? How did she- 

"Calm your thoughts, mortal," the voice commanded. "I can feel the panic coming off of you. Your physical body is not here - it's wherever you left it when you cast this spell, perfectly safe. Your mind has projected here, to me." The hand ran up to Amy's breast and circled slowly around it. Amy shivered again, letting out a soft gasp. 

"You aren't moving because your mind isn't used to this. Clearly it is your first time astral projecting, little witch." The voice went on, another hand touching Amy's side gently, gently caressing. "Focus your will on the here and now, on the sensations you're feeling. Open your eyes."

Amy tried to force herself to calm. She was astrally projecting? She'd heard of it, but the power required for such magic... Amy hadn't thought she'd be ready for anything like that. And yet, here she was.

She tried to zero her mind on the feelings of the fingers on her breast, now circling around her nipple, the electric touch sending constant little jolts of pleasure down her spine. She gasped again, louder, as focusing on the sensations seemed to strengthen them, and then her eyes snapped open.

The first thing Amy noticed was the woman above her.

She was tall, taller than Amy, it was hard to tell how tall from this angle. She had olive skin that had a soft, sun-kissed glow, looking achingly soft to the touch, and just looking at it had Amy's mouth feel dry. She raked her eyes up to the woman's face, which seemed too perfect to put to words. Gorgeous seemed too simple a word to use, too vulgar, but it was all Amy could think of. The woman had ears slightly elongated, drawn to a point at the end, like an elf from a fantasy novel, but that wasn't the only inhuman thing about her - her eyes were vertical slits in yellow, like a cat's. But somehow, neither inhuman thing detracted from her beauty.

It only added to it, the exotic hint the perfect complement to everything else about her. 

Amy licked her lips slowly, unconsciously, as she lowered her gaze along the woman's long neck, past the collarbone, to her breasts, which seemed almost too large for her frame, and yet, perfect for her. The woman wasn't petite, or thin, but she was slender, her body practically the definition of an 'hourglass' figure, with proportions that seemed - that were inhuman, though not enough to be comical, or disturbing.

Then again, she's not human, obviously. If the woman's earlier use of 'mortal' hadn't been a giveaway, the ears and eyes would be. The woman had rich, silky-smooth long dark brown hair, cascading in waves past her shoulders. 

Just looking at her had Amy feeling like she was on the verge of orgasm. She looked like the physical embodiment of sex.

"It is always quite entertaining, watching a mortal see me for the first time." The woman smirked, the expression causing Amy's breath to catch. "Welcome to my home," she pulled away from Amy a bit, and gestured grandly, taking one hand off Amy's side, though the other still idly teased her breast.

Amy followed the woman's gesture, looking around. She was in... it looked like an Ancient Greek temple, all white marble and Corinthian columns, but it was in ruins, overgrown with the soft, almost luxurious moss on the floor, vines growing around the columns and sunlight peeking in through the holes in the roof - at least what sunlight came through the dense cover of the trees that towered overhead. 

"I... where... what-" Amy started, then she licked dry lips again, and swallowed, cheeks hot in embarrassment. The woman laughed softly, a golden cascade of sound. 

"Let me summarize for you, my dear," she murmured, pulling her hand away from Amy's breast, leaving the witch feeling bereft. "You found one of my tomes. Millennia ago, I created them and spread them around Earth, enchanting them to find people that would be inclined to use them." She leaned back a little, and Amy couldn't help but stare at the woman's chest. The woman raised an eyebrow, and smirked, cupping one breast with her hand, teasingly caressing it for a moment, then dropping her hand by her side again.

"We'll get to that soon, little witch, but first, focus," she snapped her fingers in front of Amy, who flushed again, but she moved her gaze to the woman's face for now, the task taking some effort. "You performed the ritual that you believed will atune the book to you. In truth, that ritual was only half the process."

Amy's throat clenched a little as she heard that, the full reality of what had happened to her and where she was and how she'd gotten here crashing into her mind. You should have known there'd be a catch! It wasn't true that magic always had a catch, but -

It did a lot. That incident with Xander and the love spell was only the most extreme example she'd seen since taking up magic.

Can I even leave here? Am I trapped here? Did I just sell my soul to-

"Calm your mind, witch," the woman said again, voice soft. "Nothing will happen here that you don't fully consent to, I swear by Aphrodite." 

Amy didn't fully relax, but she slowly nodded. "I... sorry." She took a deep breath. "Who.... what are you?"

"My name is Kallistrate," the woman answered. "And as for what I am, I am a nymph. One of the most powerful of my kind." Even though part of Amy knew she should know better, she relaxed a little at hearing the woman - Kallistrate - identify as a nymph. Greek Mythology pretty much always had nymphs as benevolent creatures, Salmacis being one of the few exceptions.

And what little lore she'd learned about real nymphs since discovering that magic and demons and everything else she'd thought was just a fairy tale, suggested that they were generally benevolent.

"And what is your name, little witch?" Kallistrate asked, looking Amy over in a way that should have felt demeaning, but only turned her on more, leaving her squirming where she lay on the moss.

Amy took a breath and tried to force herself to still, then slowly, sat up, so she could at least feel like she had some semblance of control over the situation she'd found herself in. Whether Kallistrate was benevolent or not, Amy was still in another... dimension? World? And that left her feeling unmoored. 

"Amy. Amy Madison," she answered, looking down at herself and flushing once more, self-conscious at her own physical imperfections compared to Kallistrate. It wasn't like Amy thought she was ugly - without being vain, she could say she was at least pretty, but she had a few more pounds than she'd really like, her skin was-

"Stop feeling self-conscious, Amy," Kallistrate commanded. "You are quite lovely to look at, and judging yourself by the standards of how I look would be absurd. I am neither mortal, nor even typical of nymphs."

"How - can you read my mind?" Amy asked, trying to avoid letting the thought of that panic her again. 

"I can feel your emotions, as I can for any mortal. Yours are a roiling storm at the moment, though it is understandable." She reached out her hand and cupped Amy's cheek. Amy couldn't help it, and she turned her head into the woman's hand, sighing at how good it felt to be touched by her. "You found my book - or perhaps I should say it found you - and you performed the ritual, so obviously, you wish to master the magic it offered."

"I... yes," Amy admitted. "Though I guess... I guess it depends on what the other things I need to do are." Nothing happening without her consent was good, but what sort of price would this nymph charge for using the magic of her book. What even could the book do? It promised a lot, but if she was going to agree to something, pay some cost... she had to know what she was getting out of it, right? Something more than vague promises.

"We'll get to that in a moment," Kallistrate dismissed. "Before we make a deal, I'd like to know who I'm making a deal with. Be sure you're worthy of what I offer." She gently ran her thumb over Amy's skin, just under her eye, then pulled her hand away a moment, the back of her hand caressing down Amy's face and neck until her collarbone. Amy sighed again, despite herself.

"So responsive... are you a virgin, little witch?" She asked, another smirk playing across her lips.

Amy flushed - she was flushing so much, so deeply she wasn't sure if she'd even stopped once, but her cheeks warmed more intensely, anyway - and looked away, swallowing. "I... not exactly."

"Virginity isn't generally an ambiguous quality," Kallistrate chided with a soft chuckle. "Have you had sex."

"Once... with a guy," Amy made a face. She'd been questioning whether she was really gay, or just bi, and Michael Czajak had been so easy to get to have sex with her. Even allowing for it being her first time, the whole experience had been profoundly unsatisfying in every sense. 

"And you don't like men." Kallistrate wasn't asking a question. She chuckled, "They do have a tendency to be quite hopeless, especially when at your age, though I've found some can be quite useful, myself." She shrugged, "But useful to know, Amy. I look forward to being your first woman."  She smirked again, which somehow only made her even sexier.

Amy squirmed again, feeling dampness between her legs at the nymph's words and expression, the implication.... "You - I-" Kallistrate's smirk was maddening, and Amy looked away, trying to regain some control of herself - and failing utterly.

"Part of the terms of the deal." Kallistrate explained. "The terms are quite simple, really. To be able to use the magic in my book, to experience all that it promises, you must have sex with me here, in my realm, and in doing so, attune yourself to me."

Amy refrained from looking at the Nymph directly, and looked around the ruined temple they were in. Why was it ruined, anyway? What else was there in this place beyond this temple? 

"That... that seems too simple," Amy swallowed. "I mean... it can't just be about the sex, you're - well, you're you and I'm-"

"Quite lovely, as I said, Amy," Kallistrate interrupted. "And you are correct, it is not just the sex. I have many lovers in this realm of mine, though I always value the experience of someone new." Many lovers... Well, that made sense, no one person could be equal to this woman, and obviously she had power and...

Did she have some sort of harem?

Amy couldn't help but imagine it, Kallistrate surrounded by dozens of beautiful women, all naked or scantily clad, waiting on her every whim, servicing her as demanded. She felt a momentary surge of jealousy at all those women who got to enjoy her-

If you take the deal you're going to get to have sex with her as well! Amy scolded herself, though putting that into words - even in her own head - set her pulse racing even faster and the dampness between her legs get more so. She shifted, trying to find a more comfortable posture to sit in. 

"But since the book was created by me, I must mark you with my magic for you to be able to use it, and given that I am a sex witch, the way to do it is with sex," Kallistrate explained - it was weird, hearing such a bland, matter-of-fact discussion of sex in a voice that turned Amy on just to hear it. 

"And my magic must be renewed every year," Kallistrate explained. "But as you said, it's not just the sex - at least, not just the sex that marks you. There is a price you pay, and more than one thing I get out of the deal, beyond just the pleasure of your company." She leaned forward, putting a hand under Amy's chin and tilting her head so their eyes met.

Amy watched those catlike eyes, wide and expressive now, licking her lip again. She was expecting to almost feel hypnotized, looking into them, but instead, her head felt clearer than it had in a long time, her thoughts unimpeded by any distractions.

"If I grant you the power you seek, you must agree that on your death - which my magic will be able to help stave off, but not forever - your soul will come here, to my realm, rather than to whatever other afterlife it would be due." Kallistrate said, as if she wasn't asking Amy to sell her her soul.

Some tiny part of Amy's brain shouted at her to reject this out of hand, but the rest of her wanted to understand what exactly she would be agreeing to.

"I - so to be clear, does that mean... like... heaven is real? Hell?" She knew demons and magic and ghosts and vampires existed but... heaven? Hell? Afterlives? It was all too much.

"Heaven is a name some mortals give to some of the afterlives that exist," Kallistrate confirmed. "There are many fates for the souls of mortals after they die, dependent on many factors - not simply morality, as most mortals would think, though it plays a role." She chuckled, "But in making a deal with me, you would be setting all that aside to join me here, as one of my lovers, after your death."

"So... in exchange for your magic, I become your sex slave after I die? Forever?" Amy demanded, revulsion and outrage rising in her.

"No!" Kallistrate pulled back, dropping her hand, her expression hardening. "As I swore to you, nothing will happen without your consent. And that will always be true - I do not enjoy the company of any of my lovers except when they wish it." She held her hand up, one finger raised, scolding Amy, "There is no greater crime than to break such consent, and you will refrain from implying that I commit such acts."

Amy shrank in on herself a little, "I... I'm sorry," she murmured quietly, looking away. "I didn't... I just..."

Kallistrate's expression softened. "My realm was once full of life, full of nymphs like myself. But now, it is far emptier. I am always seeking to add to it. There is much here, beyond just this temple, beyond the trees around us. You would never be required to do anything of a sexual nature against your will, as one of my lovers." Her tone took on a cautioning note. "But," she warned, dropping her hand, "this is my realm, and I am its Queen. And while there is much pleasure to be had here, sexual and otherwise, you will have responsibilities, as do we all." 

Amy swallowed, digesting those words. It seemed simple enough, though she still had a thousand questions - but she couldn't even grasp where to start. She didn't even know if she could really believe this nymph when she said what she said, though Amy wanted to believe that she could believe her.

"What... what sort of powers would I be getting, if I made this deal?" Amy asked. "Your book was..."

"Vague? Enticing? Nonspecific?' Kallistrate supplied. Amy nodded. "My magic is the magic of lust and sex, passion and pleasure. You would gain in power every time you pursue pleasure with another - as do I, with every gain you make." Kallistrate's words explained what else the nymph would be getting out of the deal.

So what, I get power through sex and she gets a small portion of it? Like some sort of... sex tax?

Amy couldn't help but giggle at the thought, then she swallowed, "Sorry." She murmured. 

Kallistrate looked at her, confused for a moment, then went on. "My magic can do many things - you can use the power you gather for more... conventional magics, though you will not find it efficient. But you can use it for anything in pursuit of your own passions quite easily - you can heighten the sensations of your lovers, or numb them. You can see who might be interested in becoming one of your lovers -" Amy must have reacted to that one, because Kallistrate's semi-constant smirk grew knowing, "and will find it easier to attract such lovers, or make anyone potentially receptive more willing to act on their desire."

"...but I can't make anyone do anything against their consent, so how does that...?" At least Amy would have to assume, given the way the woman had reacted to the mere implication of nonconsenual sex.

"You can only make someone more inclined to act on something they could have considered under the right circumstances. You can help people get past their inhibitions - you mortals always have so many hangups about your bodies, about sex, and about having many lovers." So... like if there was anyone closeted, it might make them more willing to... Amy swallowed. That was good, right? She could see who was interested, and then, she could -

"The simple act of becoming a sex witch will make you more desireable - and you can use your magic to change yourself, or others, as desired, for pleasure. You may... conjure whatever implements needed for your pleasures, hide yourselves from prying eyes, protect yourself and your lovers from judgemental fools and idiots. You can use the magic to stave off age and disease, for a time, for yourself and your lovers, and invigorate those you have sex with, make them stronger, faster, if so needed." Kallistrate listed off, and Amy couldn't find anything in the list that she disliked or...

"Change, so like..."

"As simple as giving your partner a more ample bosom, or as complicated as completing changing someone's body. Only through their agreement can a change be made permanent." But then Kallistrate smirked and leaned in, her lips at Amy's ear, the breath ghosting across her skin enough to make Amy shiver and shudder. She felt so close, teetering on the edge just from all this light teasing, just being around this nymph.

"Though there's nothing stopping you from changing someone first, and showing them why they might want to agree," she murmured, teasingly. She pulled back, "The pleasure you can grant your lovers will be the greatest tool in your arsenal." 

Kallistrate put a hand on her own shoulder and ran it slowly down her body, passing between her breasts and stopping short before she reached between her legs.

"So, Amy," the Nymph asked, "will you take the deal? Will you take the power I'm offering, and join me after?" 

Amy looked at the woman, swallowing. Part of her couldn't believe the deal was so simple, that there were no hidden catches, but the catches seemed so simple, so obvious... 

She wouldn't become the woman's slave... but she would be in a realm where Kallistrate was Queen. But - there didn't seem to be anything wrong with that. Not with how much she seemed to care about consent.

And all of this would be... after she died anyway. She would have a full life with everything Kallistrate was offering.

All the power, the pleasure...

Before she could chicken out, Amy took a breath and spoke. "Yes. I take the deal." 

Amy barely had a moment between her words, until Kalistrate pounced - she was there, and then she was atop Amy, pushing her back onto her back with firm but gentle force, looming over Amy, straddling her. 

"Then let us seal it in pleasure, little witch," Kallistrate purred. "And I will begin by granting you the release you've been aching for since you first felt my touch. Then... then we can truly indulge." She pressed a hand between Amy's thighs, gently nudging them aside, and Amy, pinned to the moss by one hand on her shoulder and by the nymph's lips lowering to her neck, didn't even think to try to give resistance as her legs were spread. The nymph's lips hit her neck and Amy moaned, angling her neck, giving her better access without even thinking, and then a finger touched her folds, gliding along Amy's wetness, slipping easily inside. Amy's mind nearly blanked at the sudden surge of pleasure, every nerve alight as she cried out -

Kallistrate curved her finger just a little inside Amy, and that was all she needed - she screamed wordless pleasure, bucking, back arching as she came, body clenching tight, her legs trying to clamp around Kallistrate's arm and hand and she felt the nymph's teeth against her neck, biting, marking, sucking. Amy's eyes rolled back into her head, the orgasm ripping through her indescribable - to say it was better than anything she'd given herself would be like calling a sunrise brighter than a candle.

Amy drenched her thighs, the hand between her legs, and the moss underneath as she finished, collapsing against the ground, throat feeling raw, chest rising and falling fast as she gasped for air, seeing stars. Her hair was fanned out below her as her head lolled from side to side, her entire body feeling immobile, boneless, as she basked in... in what seemed like the very definition of afterglow.

Amy slowly opened her eyes as she felt Kalistrate's finger leave her core - the witch whimpered with need, despite herself, then let out another, longer whimper, as she watched the nymph suck on her finger, sticky with Amy's come, moving it in and out of her mouth, tasting her.

Kallistrate's eyes met Amy's, and she removed her finger from her mouth, now clean, and licked her lips slowly, exaggerating the motion, sending a spasm through Amy all over again as she felt arousal rising once more, despite what she'd just experienced. 

"Delicious," the nymph purred. Amy shuddered and squirmed, biting her lip. 

Kallistrate leaned forward again, and pressed her lips to the spot she'd bitten on Amy's neck, licking gently - the skin seemed impossibly sensitive, and Amy moaned again, angling her neck to expose as much of it as possible to the nymph, who licked, kissed and nibbled up and down Amy's neck, her hands roaming over her torso, caressing, teasing. Kallistrate's breasts pressed against her body, and Amy's entire world was reduced to lips on her neck, hands on her skin.

Kallistrate pulled away from Amy's neck after a long moment, and Amy whimpered again, desperate, but the nymph instead kissed downward, along her collarbone, to her chest, kissing downwards in a trail...

Amy arched her back as lips found her nipple, sucking and nipping oh so lightly. Amy had fantasised about this, about -

But nothing was close to the real thing, the pleasure coursing through her, from her breast straight to her core. She willed herself to keep her eyes open as she watched Kallistrate, hair cascading down the sides of her face, continued her ministrations on her breast, licking around the nipple, then sucking again, first gently, then harder. Amy bucked, pushing her chest up, into the Nymph's mouth, trying to get her to do... something, anything more.

The nymph's roaming hands continued to tease and caress, one creeping up her side, and then finding her other breast - her fingers kneaded and the twin sensations left Amy gasping for breath. 

"Please... please... more, fuck," she babbled, not sure what she wanted more of exactly, but needing it, as Kallistrate's fingers started to lightly pinch her nipple, the sharp, sudden sensation somehow both painful and not - and also pleasurable, sending yet another jolt of electricity through her, her entire body aflame, every nerve on edge and she moaned as the fingers on her nipple started to roll it between them, Kallistrate's lips still wrapped around her other.

Amy bucked, lifting her hips, pushing against Kallistrate's body, writhing on the moss, feeling pressure mounting in her core. She gasped, pleading half-incoherently for more, somehow more, lost in the feelings rushing through her - her head was empty but for the pleasure she was experiencing and the promise of more to come - her mind flashed with images of what was to come, of Kallistrate's lips and tongue moving lower, of feeling her fingers in her core again, of kneeling before this goddess and tasting her, eating her out-

Bucking wildly again, Amy felt a wave of pleasure mounting in her again, thrashing on the moss underneath Kallistrate when suddenly the lips and fingers pulled away from her breasts.

Bereft, empty, Amy whimpered, "Please..." she begged. She bucked against Kallistrate, but somehow, despite being so close, as she felt that mounting wave of pleasure ready to break free, she was so close to coming, painfully close, and yet, nothing seemed to happen, nothing seemed to increase - or even lessen, now that she was without stimulation.

Kallistrate laughed softly, smiling, "I know you crave release again, so soon under my touch, but not yet. There is more for you to experience, Amy, and you will come when I allow it." Her eyes glowed liquid gold a moment, as Kallistrate leaned forward again and before Amy could protest or beg again, the nymph's lips were on her skin again, kissing down her stomach. Amy gasped again, breath catching in her throat as she felt the other woman lick along her skin - then watched her dip her tongue into her belly button a moment, before continuing downwards, moving achingly slowly, stopping now to lavish attention on what felt like every inch of skin as she went, licking, nipping, kissing, her hands on Amy's thighs, caressing them, holding them, gently pushing them apart -

Then she felt lips on her thighs, a tongue, lapping where her juices had stuck to her skin from her previous orgasm, from the endless teasing at the hand and lips of this goddess. Amy tried to keep her eyes open, wanting to watch Kallistrate, but she couldn't, and her head lolled to the side a little, eyes half-closed as she was overwhelmed - she was so close, so fucking close and she couldn't- she -

Amy let out a scream as that expert tongue touched her folds - but still, her body stayed on edge, teeterting more and much. Hands held her thighs down as she bucked, and Amy screamed again as Kallistrate's tongue swirled around her clit, then trailed down, lapping at her, expert, short licks, each one teasing at her entrance. Despite the hands holding her in place, Amy thrust her hips forward, desperate for more contact.

She rolled her head from side to side, her entire body seeming to move of its own will as she was pushed closer and closer to the edge, yet without falling off. Whatever magic the nymph was using to stop her from coming wasn't stopping the pleasure from getting more intense.

Kallistrate's tongue started to thrust into her core, curling upwards and touching her in ways she'd never even imagined.

"Please, please fuck fuck fuck- PLEASE!" Amy begged, screaming the words out as desperation mounted - if she didn't come soon, if Kallistrate didn't give her release-

Amy's hands clawed at the ground underneath her, trying to find purchase, something, anything to hold her to the here and now as she was lost on the sea of passion coursing through her, that amazing perfect tongue pushing her - 

She didn't even have the words to describe what Kallistrate was doing to her, what she was making her feel - the nymph's hands dug into her thighs, nails pressing into flesh in a way that should have been painful, but somehow only made every sensation stronger, more heightened, pushing Amy even more on the edge-

And then, finally, as Kallistrate's tongue pulled away from her folds, returning to her clit, it happened. For a moment, as she fell off the edge, plunging into that ocean of pure pleasure, Amy didn't even realize what was happening, didn't even realize she was the one screaming incoherently as the wave that had been stalled crashed through her - she came, covering Kallistrate's face, back arched again, hips thrusting forward and up -

She didn't even have a chance for her hips to hit the ground again before another orgasm hit her - she came again, the second on the heels of the first as Kallistrate kept licking her, long, slow licks, somehow able to keep herself in place, hold Amy's thighs down even as she thrashed about, her entire body spasming and writhing, twisting uncontrollably as yet another - a third - orgasm ripped through her, driven by Kallistrate's efforts, pushing her out of her body, floating on a sea of bliss -

Amy's throat was raw as she could scream no more, all sensation but the tongue on her folds and clit and the seemingly endless waves of pleasure burning through her gone, and even that felt muted as she lost all sense of time and space-

One more orgasm - Amy had lost count - and then, everything ceased.


Sensation finally returned to Amy... eventually. She had no idea of when, no idea of how - 

Amy's eyes were still closed, she didn't feel like she had the energy to even open them, but she could at least think, take stock of what her senses were telling her.

She was still in that ruined temple, the soft, almost plush, moss cushioning her body as she lay there. Her entire body felt boneless, and even if she'd had the energy to move, Amy wasn't sure she'd have been able to.

She heard Kallistrate humming, and with her own sensitivity to magic, Amy could feel the magic in the humming - it was a spell, the magic flowing into her, and Amy could feel... something in her changing. Something was coursing through her, something that felt wonderful - it wasn't pleasure, at least not like what she'd just experienced before blacking out, but pure contentment, like soaking into a hot bath after a long day, coming home after a miserable day at school to her dad having made brownies, but more, all at once. It was feeling an utter sense of belonging, of understanding who she was and where she belonged, and knowing that forevermore, she would always have a place here, with Kallistrate as one of her lovers, when the time came.

It was bliss - a soft, gentle bliss, rather than the overwhelming, overriding bliss she'd felt before, but it was bliss nonetheless, and Amy embraced it.

But Kallistrate wasn't just humming - as Amy continued to take stock of what she was feeling, she realized that the Nymph's hand was tracing small circles and other shapes over her upper thigh, moving slowly, idly.

Amy tried to open her eyes again, wanting to look at Kallistrate, to see the magic in action, but she couldn't muster the energy.

"Ah, you're awake. Much sooner than I expected," Kallistrate murmured. "You've taken to the magic well, far better than I expected," she added, and Amy could just imagine the woman's smirk. "You will be quite the talent with the power I'm gifting to you." Kallistrate's hand started to trail slowly upward, caressing Amy's stomach. 

"Of course, the process is only halfway done. You've achieved your release, but I haven't." Kallistrate continued, voice closer, nearly at Amy's ear. "That doesn't seem fair, now does it?" Amy couldn't answer, couldn't move her mouth, but then Kallistrate's lips were on hers, and she gently pressed her tongue at Amy's lips.

Amy tried to open her mouth, but she couldn't - then she felt the tongue gently forcing her lips apart just a little, a warmth spreading from Kallistrate's mouth into her own, and her mouth fell open as Amy moaned in pure contentment, and she felt feeling return to her limbs. She opened her eyes, meeting Kallistrate's as she started to return the kiss with as much vigor as she could muster - she moaned again, the feeling of Kallistrate's lips, so soft and full, the kiss firm and powerful - she tasted the Nymph's tongue, and it was like sweet nectar. Amy didn't care how ridiculous it sounded, it was true - the woman was practically a goddess, or so it seemed to Amy, so it made sense everything of her would taste divine.

She lifted one arm, placing her hand on the back of Kallistrate's head, gently pressing, trying to deepen and prolong the kiss. Kallistrate's eyes widened a moment, but she didn't stop, instead moving, swinging her legs over Amy, straddling her as she kept the kiss going, that warmth still flowing into her as she felt her body invigorating, able to move again, feeling returning to all parts of her - their breasts pressed against each other's partially, and Amy felt a small thrill run through her every touch of her skin on Kallistrate's, building in her, heat pooling at the base of her stomach.

Amy wanted the kiss to last forever, or at least close to that, but soon enough, she felt a burning in her lungs, a catch in her throat, and Kallistrate pulled back, the hand on the back of her head slackening enough to let her do so without resistance and Amy gasped for breath, sucking in great gulps of air. 

"You recovered faster than I expected..." Kallistrate murmured in wonderment. "Your soul is much more receptive to my magic than I could have ever anticipated..." her expression grew to a smile, and then a soft grin. "I am curious to see what you do with it."

Amy took one last breath, then slowly sat up, pushing herself into position, feeling just a little unsteady. "I... what do you mean, more receptive?" As much as she yearned to return the favor, to lay her lips against Kallistrate's skin, suck on her breasts, kiss down to her folds and taste her - and more, however much her efforts would be a pale shadow against Kallistrate's skills - her curiosity was getting the better of her.

"Time moves differently here than in your dimension... little time indeed has passed there since you arrived, but here, you have been unconscious for many hours - but most would have been so for at least a day. And for most, even after I invigorated them, they should still be recovering, barely able to move, rather than."

Kallistrate shrugged, "Some mortals have souls more receptive to my magic than others, and it seems you are one of them - you have absorbed it well, and quickly." She smirked yet again, "It would seem you were always destined to be a woman of great sexual appetites."

Amy flushed. From anyone else, it would have sounded like she was being called a slut, but... well, Kallistrate had a harem. If she was calling Amy a slut, she thought that was a good thing.

Well, it can't be a bad thing to enjoy having lots of sex, damnit! Amy knew that society had tons of sexual hangups, and she had too many of her own, but if she was going to use this sex magic, then she needed to ditch them.

Basically, I need to embrace my inner slut. Somehow, Amy didn't feel the blossoming of shame that thinking such a thought might have given her. Instead, she felt certainty and assurance. She would embrace the power it could give her, having all the sex she wanted. 

"I see," Amy didn't really understand how it worked, but it seemed to just... be, so there was that. "It isn't fair, I agree."

Kallistrate raised an eyebrow, as if she didn't understand what Amy was saying, but the knowing smirk on her face, and the way her eyes seemed to sparkle with mirth made it clear she was playacting, "What isn't fair?"

Amy chuckled a little, but played along, "That I've gotten my release, and you haven't. I'd like to fix that."

Kallistrate leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to Amy's lips, then pulled away. Amy let out a soft whine deep in her throat, but Kallistrate pressed a finger to her lips. 

"Ah, ah, little witch. No protesting, especially when I'm about to give you what you crave." She pushed herself to her feet, body flowing with almost liquid grace as she stood. "Stand." She commanded, and Amy pushed her hands against the ground, to steady herself as she stood, and Kallistrate spoke again, "Carefully. You're doing better than most mortals, but I rather doubt you'll be entirely steady on your feet."

Amy couldn't deny that was probably true, and sure enough, as she rose to her feet slowly, she did feel unsteady, but she managed to keep herself from falling over, closing the short distance between herself and Kallistrate.

The nymph cupped Amy's cheek again, caressing her face with her thumb, "You've never pleasured a woman before." It wasn't a question, but Amy nodded anyway. "Just try to copy what I did to you, little witch," Kallistrate told her. "And take your time."

Amy swallowed, then nodded. Kallistrate moved her hand to run through Amy's hair, short nails gently teasing against her scalp. Amy had to look up to meet Kallistrate's eyes - she was level with the woman's collarbone, so she wasn't that much taller than Amy, all said and done. Slowly, Amy leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to the nymph's skin, savoring the taste of her - the shin sheen of sweat didn't bother Amy at all, and she carefully lapped along the collarbone, trying to force herself to go slowly.

She wanted to go right to the nymph's breasts, worship them, but she managed - somehow - to restrain herself, though she wasn't sure how she managed it. Slowly, she kissed down, lavishing attention on every inch of skin along her collarbone, down her chest - but soon enough, even though it felt like an age, she'd reached Kallistrate's breasts.

Almost reverently, Amy licked along Kallistrate's breast, feeling rewarded by the nymph's sharp inhale of breath as she licked again, working inwards, trying to mimic the circling motions that Kallistrate had done to hers, hearing Kallistrate's breathing quicken just a little. Amy felt herself get wet all over again, she pressed her legs together as she continued to kiss and lick the breast, loving the feeling of it under her lips, her tongue -

She'd dreamed of doing this to a woman, and now she was, and like everything else that had happened here, it was so much better than reality. Amy brought one hand to gently run along Kallistrate's stomach, working it's way upwards - or at least she tried to be gentle, trying to copy the light caresses-

"A little softer, little witch," Kallistrate murmured, voice a little higher pitched than normal, breathy, "you just want the ghost of a touch," her hand wrapped around Amy's wrist and started to demonstrate what she meant, her other hand burying in Amy's hair, holding her close to her breast as Amy finally latched onto Kallistrate's breast.

She started to suck on the breast with as much force as she could, and for a moment, it seemed like the hiss coming from Kallistrate meant she was doing exactly what the nymph wanted, but then she spoke:

"Not with so much force to start, work your way up to that, just gently, don't forget to use your tongue." Kallistrate instructed, and Amy tried to obey, suckling gently, practically nursing from her breast as the nymph let go of her wrist, letting Amy trail her fingers oh so lightly up towards Kallistrate's chest, finally cupping her other breast, moaning into Kallistrate's chest at the feeling of it in her hand.

Gently, she kneaded the breast, massaging it, feeling rewarded by the soft moan that escaped Kallistrate. She continued to circle the nipple in her mouth with her tongue, slowly increasing the force of her suckling, hand moving with slightly more force over her breast.

"Yessssssss..." Kallistrate hissed in pleasure. "Just like that, little witch," she let out another soft moan, pushing her chest out towards Amy, pressing her hand against the back of her head even harder, really trying to keep Amy in place -

Not that Amy wanted to move. She gently nibbled at Kallistrate's breast, teasing a tiny bit of the sensitive flesh with her teeth, thrilling at the gasp she elicited, doing it again, a little harder, then scraping the nipple oh so lightly with her teeth, her hand moving to caress Kallistrate's other nipple, trying to stimulate them both at the same pace, though she could tell that despite her best efforts she wasn't managing it, her tongue moving faster, easier than her fingers as she tried to roll the nipple between thumb and forefinger like Kallistrate had done to her, teasing it. She wasn't doing it as well as the nymph, but from the way the woman was moaning at her efforts, she was doing well enough.

Amy continued for what felt like an age, but eventually, Kallistrate pulled her head away from her breast, the nipple escaping Amy's lips with a soft popping sound. Kallistrate's hand on the back of her head forced Amy's head to tilt upwards lightly, so Kallistrate could look her directly in the eye.

The nymph's eyes were lidded, pupils narrow, chest heaving with quick, shallow breaths. 

"As enjoyable as your efforts are, Amy, I think it's time you go lower."

Amy hesitated for only a moment - as much as she had loved playing with Kallistrate's breasts, she craved eating the other woman out - eating any woman out for the first time, for that matter - even more. Especially this one. 

Amy nodded and Kallistrate loosened her grip, allowing Amy to return her focus to Kallistrate's torso. She placed one last kiss on the saliva-slick breast, and then started to kiss down Kallistrate's stomach, not letting herself go too slowly, but trying to take her time, lavishing licks along Kallistrate's skin, savoring the anticipation...

As she kissed downwards, she lowered herself more and more, reaching Kallistrate's lower stomach, not quite crouching, and then she found herself oh so close... so close to Kallistrate's folds, so close to tasting her.

So close to eating my first pussy...

Amy took a deep breath, then dropped to her knees, leaning forward to press a kiss to the inside of Kallistrate's thighs. She got her first look at Kallistrate's folds, wet, glistening, ready for her tongue. Amy kissed back and forth between the inside of one thigh, and then the other, working her way up, inching closer and closer as the hand in her hair started to tighten, curling, almost pulling, but not quite.

"Get on with it," Kallistrate growled, voice thick with desire. Amy slowly reached out her tongue and licked across her folds, starting at the base and going upwards, a long, slow lick. Amy moaned, eyes closing involuntarily at the exquisite taste, the impossibly sweet nectar of Kallistrate's juices - just the taste had Amy dripping wet herself, but she didn't even think to distract herself from servicing the goddess before her.

Her one, long, slow tentative lick was now replicated, again and again, faster, and faster, as she started to lap at Kallistrate's core moaning, thrilling at hearing more moans and gasps - softer and more muted than her own had been, but still there, still real - at her ministrations. Amy's hands played lightly along the inside of Kallistrate's thighs, caressing her legs and holding herself steady - even kneeling as she was, the heady taste of Kallistrate on her tongue, as she enthusiastically ate the nymph out was leaving her feeling almost drunk, or at least tipsy.

Amy channeled everything she knew or could imagine about eating a woman out into this - such as it was, drawn from what Kallistrate had done to her just before, and from porn online. It wasn't much to go on, but she did her best, licking vigorously, drinking everything she could from the other woman's folds, savoring, thrusting her tongue into Kallistrate's core just a little, making as much of every second as she could.

Kallistrate's hand in her hair started to pull on her hair, pressing her against her core, then started to give instructions, guiding Amy. "That's it... you're getting - ah! - you're getting better by the second, little witch. More, faster, right there-" Kallistrate instructed, and Amy tried her best to obey, following the commands, wanting, needing to make Kallistrate come.

Amy tried to redouble her efforts, pushing as much as she could, ignoring the slight pain in her scalp. She started to focus her attention entirely on the top of Kallistrate's core, in the vicinity of her clit, working her way closer and closer to it, still savoring every taste she got - she pushed Kallistrate's folds apart with her tongue just a little, finding the clit, free from its hood, and flicked her tongue across it.

Kallistrate didn't scream - she had far too much control for that - but the cry of pleasure that escaped her was unmistakable, as was the way her hips bucked as Amy finally started stimulating her clit. But Amy didn't stop there, licking it, circling around it with her tongue, brushing her lips against it - she focused all her attention on it, as if it was the only source of water in a scorching desert. Amy felt her thighs sticking together a bit from how wet this was making her, but as much as she ached to touch herself, she held back, Kallistrate deserved all her attention, all of her focus.

Amy kept going, the sounds spilling from Kallistrate music to her ears as she did her best to bring the other woman to the edge and more as she had her - as close as she could, anyway. The witch captured the nymph's clit between her lips, sucking on, gently at first, enjoying the fresh, louder cry of pleasure as she did so, slowly increasing the intensity of her sucking as she flicked her tongue across the sensitive bundle in her mouth.

Again, and again she licked, sucking harder and harder, Kallistrate's hips bucking, pushing her core into her face a little more - by now, Amy was she her face was covered in-

Rational thought left Amy as she heard Kallistrate let out a long, low, throaty moan, legs pressing tight to the sides of Amy's head, tight as she bucked again and again, harder than before, and came, gushing over Amy's face.

"Yes, Amy, yessssssssssssssssssssssss," Kallistrate cried out.

Amy tried to lick Kallistrate through her orgasm, tried to swallow all of the nymph's release, but having never done anything like this before, Amy failed rather miserably at drinking all of her come, which squirted over her face, but she did her part, moaning - the nymph's bucking made it hard to keep constant contact on her folds, but Amy was mostly managing it, delighting in having been able to get this goddess off...

Amy didn't manage to sustain Kallistrate's orgasm into a second or third, and as the throes of pleasure died down, Kallistrate pulled her head away from her core, looking down at Amy, pupils narrow, still breathing heavily.

"Very good, little witch," Kallistrate murmured as she let go of Amy's hair, gesturing for Amy to stand, which she did. Teasingly, Kallistrate ran two fingers over Amy's cheek, gathering some of her own juices and then licking them off her finger slowly, sticking the finger in her mouth and sucking it clean. "It seems I made quite a mess. Perhaps you should see to that," she added with a smile, and Amy copied Kallistrate's gesture, running her fingers over her face, gathering Kallistrate's come then licking it off her fingers, trying to go slowly to copy Kallistrate's teasing sucking gesture, but it was impossible - Amy licked her fingers clean quickly, greedily, like licking the brownie batter from the mixer, unable to control herself.

It was just so fucking delicious, and Amy realized she was moaning as she finished cleaning off her fingers. Despite everything she'd just been through, experienced, Amy felt her cheeks flush as she saw the amused smirk on Kallistrate's lips.

"There is no shame in enjoying the taste of your lover, Amy," Kallistrate purred, shaking her head. "As I said when you arrived, it has been a long time since anyone performed the ritual, a long time since one of my lovers had me for the first time. It is a sight I delight in," she put a hand on Amy's shoulder, running it down her arm - this was no caress, but a reassuring gesture. Amy leaned a little into the touch nonetheless.

"The magic is completely attuned to you now," Kallistrate explained. "I can send your spirit back to your body right now, if you wish - as I said, very little time will have passed in your realm." Kallistrate's free hand made an arcane gesture, and the Nymph's eyes glowed gold once more, and in a momentary and small flash of light, a leather harness appeared in her hand.

A leather harness with a toy built in, the dildo looking more reasonable in length and girth than some of the ones Amy had seen in porn. Amy clenched her legs a little, feeling her body react to the thought of Kallistrate wearing that, driving it into her....

"Or, I can fuck you before I send you back," she added, smirking yet again. "It is your choice, little witch."

Amy swallowed, staring at the toy. She felt a moment's apprehension, but only a moment, her mind dismissing any minor concerns quickly. 

"Fuck me, please," Amy gave her answer, and Kallistrate chuckled, stepping into the harness and pulling it up her legs, securing it around her hips. Amy felt a jolt through her at the sight of the goddess before her wearing the strapon, her whole body heating at the thought of what was about to happen. 

"Unless you have another preference, little witch, I want you on your hands and knees," Kallistrate's words weren't quite an order, but Amy had no problem obeying them. She turned, dropping to her knees, and then bending over, hands on the ground, swallowing as she was suddenly acutely aware of just how exposed she was. She shivered, feeling like she had goosebumps all over her skin as a light breeze passed by her, a sudden and momentary feeling of cold.

She spread her fingers a little, trying to keep her hands steady as she heard Kallistrate moving behind her.

"With my magic, you'll be able to conjure any sort of toy you can imagine," Kallistrate explained. She heard the nymph kneel behind her. "Including enchanted ones." Kallistrate pressed the toy against Amy's ass, not pushing it into her yet, just letting Amy get used to it's presence.

Kallistrate leaned forward, lips at Amy's ear as she grabbed Amy's breasts with her hands, kneading them, whispering in the witch's ear as she moaned:

"I'll feel everything from fucking you, I'll feel everything that happens to the toy inside you. Just imagine having one of these yourself."

Without trying to, Amy found herself doing just that - she imagined Willow, a frequent target of her fantasies, spread out underneath her on her back, the redhead crying out in pleasure as Amy worked her hips, driving a strapon into her core, feeling Willow clenching around the toy as she came, feeling the wet heat of her...

Amy squirmed at the thought. She had no idea if she'd be able to do that to Willow, but she could hope, right? Maybe she's just a little into girls... something I can work with. Just lower the inhibitions, make her horny enough...

Of course, Willow wasn't the only one Amy would be able to-

Amy was driven back into reality, violently forced from her fantasies of the future as she felt a sudden intrusion, Kallistrate practically shoving the toy into her all in one go, her hips crashing into Amy's ass, hands still kneading her breasts roughly.

Amy screamed, bucking, but the scream was all pleasure - the sudden intrusion like that should have hurt, even with as wet as she was, but it didn't. She felt impossibly full, the toy inside her core completely.

"You took it so well, little witch," Kallistrate murmured, kissing behind Amy's ear after speaking. Amy could feel the nymph's breasts pressing into her back as she felt the toy withdraw from her, the nymph pulling her hips back until just the tip was still inside her.

Then Kallistrate rammed it all the way back in again, and Amy screamed once more, arching her back downward as she pushed against the toy inside her, trying to get more penetration, even though she knew it wasn't possible, Kallistrate's hips flush against her., Amy needed more, she-

"Fuck me, harder, faster, please," Amy begged - she could barely believe she was saying this, she could barely believe it was true, but she was on the verge of orgasm already, and she needed more, needed to experience that hard, fast claiming that she knew Kallistrate could give her. "Please!" She begged again, and she heard a throaty chuckle from the nymph.

"Very well, Amy," Kallistrate agreed, and then she pulled back, and rammed back in, quickly, pulling her hands away from Amy's breasts, lips away from her ear as her hands grabbed Amy's sides, fingers digging into the witch's hips using her body as leverage to fuck her harder.

Amy bounced against the toy driving in and out of her, crying out in pleasure with wild abandon, screaming, starting to babble Kallistrate's name over and over again, interspersed with the words 'fuck' and 'yes' occasionally, her whole world being reduced to the toy driving into her over and over and over again. Amy felt full, she felt violated and taken and claimed in the best possible way, and she needed it to continue, needed more. 

Kallistrate's hips kept slamming into her, grinding against her, keeping the toy moving, not letting Amy get too used to anything, changing angles, touching every sensitive spot inside her. Faster, harder, she fucked, Amy gasping for breath between screams, barely able to think. She needed more, had to have more, 


Amy's arms gave out from under her as the ruthless assault battered her, half-collapsing to the ground, her knees still holding her up but only barely as she felt her core tighten around the toy inside her, a mounting wave within her, her body tensing -

Amy knew what was coming.

"FUCK! I'M-I-" She screamed, the loudest yet as she felt another orgasm ripping through her, her inner walls clenching tight around the toy - she half-registered the sound of Kallistrate moaning behind her, experiencing an orgasm of her own as Amy's body shook and writhed underneath her.

Amy's body burned with pleasure as her senses dulled and dimmed, everything cutting out entirely for a few seconds as she reached the crescendo, tumbling over every edge into an endless sea of pleasure as she collapsed entirely underneath Kallistrate, the only thing partially holding her up the hands on her hips and the toy in her core.

As Amy's body shuddered from the aftershocks of the orgasm, Kallistrate pulled the toy from her core, leaving Amy to whimper as she was left bereft and empty, though she felt removed from her body at the same time, floating away...

"I look forward to a year from now, little witch," Kallistrate murmured in Amy's ear, the words feeling distant, impossibly far away as her surroundings blurred. "But it's time you went home, for now."

Everything went black once more.

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