Willow the Watcher

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Faith Lehane groaned as she heard a deafening banging. Rolling over on the glorified mattress that was her bed she prayed whoever it was would just go away. Of course like all her prayers it wasn't answered and the banging only seem to get louder and more insistent. The only thing that changed was she realised it was someone banging on her front door, and it quickly became clear they were not going to go away unless she told them very firmly to fuck off. So with another groaned she opened her eyes and looked around. For better or worse there was no one in bed with her that she could kick out in order to go and answer her door so grumbling angrily she rolled out of bed, stumbled to her front door and practically tore it off it's hinges.

"WHAT?" Faith exclaimed angrily.

If she wasn't so hung over Faith would have probably been happy to find a cute redhead around her own age standing on her doorstep, and honestly she still got a kick out of it from the way the other girl blushed furiously. Then looked down and blushed even more, trying not to look again and failing miserably. Which would have probably been annoying if it was her landlord or something, but despite herself Faith couldn't help but find it cute. So much so, she unintentionally smiled. Which was actually a rarity for her, and the kind of freaked her out, so she quickly switched to a flirtatious grin which got another cute little blush out of the redhead.

"See something you like?" Faith asked flirtatiously.

Ignoring the question the redhead blinked a few times, looked up and asked, "Faith Lehane?"

"Yeah..." Faith frowned, "Who's asking?"

"I'm Willow Rosenberg. your new Watcher." Willow grinned brightly.

"What's that? Some kind of outreach program? Fuck that." Faith frowned, moving back to slam the door in the redhead's face.

"No, no, no! Wait! Just wait! Please?" Willow quickly pleaded, and then when Faith hesitated for some reason, quickly added, "Have you been having weird dreams lately? Dreams about blood? Monsters? Girls?"

Faith stopped and glared at the redhead, "What if I have?"

"Then I can help you." Willow said, before looking around, "But erm... can we do this inside? Trust me, you'll be wanting to sit down for this."

Faith looked Willow up and down and then sighed, "Fine, but make it quick. I have things to do today."

That was a blatant lie, but the pretty redhead didn't need to know that. Fortunately the other girl didn't push the issue and simply walked in when Faith moved aside to look around, and then blatantly lied herself, "Erm, you got here."

"It's a shit hole." Faith grumbled.

"I've seen worse." Willow insisted, then when Faith gave her a look quickly blathered, "Okay, maybe not personally, but I've seen pictures, and this places isn't terrible. Just a little... neglected."

"Funny." Faith said dryly, sitting down her busted couch and putting her feet up. "Let's get this over with, who are you?"

Willow frowned, "I already told you."

Faith rolled her eyes, "I meant... what are you doing here, what's going on, and what's a Watcher? And most importantly of all, how can I stop having those dreaming?"

"Could, could you put some clothes on first?" Willow asked, and then when Faith just for show folded her arms, which inadvertently or not those covering her, Willow added, "Erm, well... it's kind of a long story."

Faith frowned, "I'm not going anywhere."

There was a brief pause, then Willow relented, "Fine, you can stay like that, but you have to listen to everything I say without interruptions."

"I make no promises." Faith scoffed, only to cave when Willow gave her a look, "Fine, whatever, I'll do it."


About a minute later...

"Vampires? Really?" Faith questioned, "You really think I would buy that?"

There was another brief pause, then Willow softly said, "I know it seems crazy, but are you saying you've never seen something you couldn't explain? That you never felt like something was a little, strange? That you never met someone you thought was a bit off? And oh, what about the dreams? What would those things be in your dreams if not vampires?"

"I don't know. Just dreams?" Faith suggested nonchalantly, before putting out, "But yeah, I've met someone I thought was a bit off. In fact, I'm meeting her right now."

There was yet another brief pause, then Willow lifted her hands up, and smirked, "Oh, you have no idea..."

With that, the redhead sat down on Faith's bed, so they were sitting next to each other. So take a second for Faith to turn her head to what this Willow Rosenberg was looking at. Namely, her pillow, which was currently floating in the air. Before that could even register, things all around them started lifting up into the air by some invisible force, and then just held there for a few long seconds. Which would've been disconcerting enough, but the last thing was the bed, which understandably completely freaked Faith out. Which had the knock on effect of startling the redhead, causing everything, including the bed they were sitting on, to go crashing down.

"What the fuck?" Faith said repeated softly without really realizing it when she first saw the flying pillow, and then once the bed lifted upwards she then repeated herself a lot louder, "WHAT THE FUCK!"

There was a brief pause after Willow lost control, and that everything fell, which had the redhead seriously second guessing herself, to the point where she apologized, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. It's just that, I thought it might help, you know? In my experience, if you learn one supernatural thing is real, it's easier to believe the rest. And, you know, seeing is believing..."

When Willow finally trailed off Faith defensively grumbled, "I wasn't scared."

"Sure." Willow said dismissively, then on a hunch, pushed things by smirking, "Sure, you weren't."

"Hey, I wasn't." Faith protested, before grinning, "Actually, that was kind of cool."

"I know, right?" Willow grinned, before forcing herself to add, "But, as the saying goes, with great power, comes great-"

"Responsibility? Yeah, I know." Faith said dismissively, before questioning, "So, you're like, what? My fairy godmother?"

"Something like that." Willow smiled softly, before quickly adding, "Technically, I'm a witch, and I'm just supposed to advise you, and point you in the right direction. You know, watch over you, hence the name? But The Watcher Counsel is, kind of, like, under new management. So, instead of an old British guy who's book smart..."

"I get a young, cute witch to be my guide?" Faith grinned.

"Thanks." Willow blushed, then she quickly said, "Well, my cuteness aside, this is very serious. Some demons, and even vampires, can sense Slayers. And trust me, trouble will find you wherever you go."

"Oh, you have no idea." Faith scoffed.

"So you need to be prepared." Willow continued like she hadn't been interrupted, "Luckily, we have reason to believe there was a vampire attack last night. Well yeah, that's also a bad thing, because the deaths of civilians, and all. But that's the kind of thing we're trying to prevent, and the fresh graves mean, there's a good chance that one of them will rise tonight. If they do, they'll be strong, but not prepared to face a real challenge like you. And we'll have plenty of time to prepare. That's why I got here early, so we can totally spend all day working on fighting strategies. You're my first Slayer, and I so want this to go well. And for you to be okay, obviously."

"It's cool, I know how to fight." Faith said dismissively, before quickly adding when the cute girl gave her a look, "I get into a lot of fights."

"Bar fights are one thing, but vampires don't just want to hurt you. Blood is like a drug to them, with Slayer blood being the best around. They will do anything to kill you, and get it." Willow said, before quickly adding, "But, even if things go south, I'll be there to help. I won't let anything happen to you Faith, I promise."

Faith knew no one could really promise that, but it was sweet of this girl to say, so she replied with a smile, "Thanks, Red."

There was a brief pause, then Willow said, "Sooooooooo, how about you put on some clothes, and we'll train? Or are you going out like that?"

"Well, I'm sure this would distract any vamps." Faith grinned, standing up and giving a little twirl for the redhead, showing off her body and making the other girl blush. Then she looked Willow up and down, and suggested, "But, you know... it's still pretty early. What's the rush? There will be plenty of time later for whatever. But for now? Let's just... stay here. Surely we could find something to do?"

"Faith, like I said this is a matter of life and death, so we really should-" Willow protested.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay?" Faith questioned, closing the distance between them so that her tits were right in Willow's face.

"I'm sure." Willow insisted, although it was unconvincing, and came after another brief pause.

"Okay." Faith said dismissively, after another brief pause, and as she started getting dressed, she asked, "So, what do you have in mind?"


Normally, Faith wasn't the type to back down, and she was fairly confident that if she kept going, she could have changed Willow's mind. But, if her life was going to be on the line tonight, she should give herself the best chance for survival possible. And honestly, she thought she could have a lot more fun with Willow, if she spent the day teasing her first. And she was totally right. Hell, it was ridiculously easy to make the mousy girl blushed redder than her hair, and yet, it never seemed to get old. Especially given that they spent the day with Faith bending all kind of positions, allowing her to easily show off everything she had to the clearly very, very gay little witch. Then, before she could really capitalized on that, the sun was setting, and it was showtime. Or at least, it was supposed to be.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Faith grumbled, not for the first time.

"Yes." Willow grumbled, also not for the first time, then quickly adding, "And I told you, I didn't know how long it would take. It's not a science thing. It happens, when it happens."

"Well, can't you speed up the process?" Faith whined, and then when the redhead gave her a look she protested, "What? You're a Witch, and my Watcher. Isn't it like, your job to help?"

"By raising the dead?" Willow questioned sarcastically.

"Well, if they going to raise anyway what's the difference?" Faith complained.

"Faith, do you have any idea what it takes to raise the dead?" Willow questioned, quickly answering for her, "No, you don't. It would take everything I have, and leave me pretty much useless when you need me the most. I'd just be a burden, that you'd have to protect. Which could get us both killed. I can't do that. I won't."

There was a brief pause, then Faith softly said, "I can't imagine you ever being useless. Or a burden."

"Thanks." Willow blushed, before quickly adding to hide it, "Besides, if I tried, we would just get zombies, not vampires. And probably disturb everyone and the surrounding area who wasn't going to rise tonight. And I never had to control a zombie horde before, so I don't know if I even could do it. And why would I want too? It would be gross, and I would feel bad for them."

"Yeah, I hear ya." Faith scrunched up her face at the idea, then questioned softly, "So, resurrection not a thing. Got ya."

"Well, it's possible. But it's really, really hard." Willow explained, "But, from what I understand, it's kinder to just let them go, as apparently it's worse than death. Speaking of which..."

Despite Willow's magic trick, Faith had still been skeptical about all of this. She was more than half expecting a camera crew to jump out of the bushes, and some smug TV presenter to stick a microphone in her face, telling her that she had been punked, or whatever. In fact, she was kind of hoping for that. Sure, it would be embarrassing, but if she landed one good punch on the presenter, chances are they wouldn't use the footage. And even if they did, she might get recognize once or twice for a week, and then everyone would forget about it. It would be like it never happened. But if that hand that burst out the ground was real, then the story would change her life forever.

If it was some kind of prank, they were really going all out, as a second hand shot out, and then some dude with a messed up face pulled himself out of that grave, and started crawling towards her. She gave it a few more seconds, then she surprised him with a spin kick, knocking him to the ground effortlessly, and wow! Willow had insisted she tried lots of acrobatic shit, which she wouldn't normally do during a fight, but it really did come easy when the time came. The guy had to be twice as her size, at least as far as weight goes, and yet she easily knocked him down. And it was so fun, she did it a couple of times, using a different series of strikes, feeling more powerful with each one.

"Faith, stop messing around. Finish him!" Willow insisted.

"Relax, I got this." Faith brushed off, doing a flip, landing on top of him and then driving the stake into his chest, causing him to burst into dust. Without missing a beat Faith then quipped, "Easy peasy."

Before those words were all the way out of her mouth, she knew that she was tempting fate, but by then, it was too late. And sure enough, as if on cue, hands shot out of all the graves surrounding her, the occupants slowly crawling out of them, and surrounding her. For a moment, Faith felt overwhelming fear, but then she saw out of the corner of her eye, Willow glowing red, and fireballs appearing in each of her hands. Wow, that chick really lived up to her nickname. No one had ever been so protective of before, and Faith found it overwhelmingly sweet. She gave the Witch a warm smile, before flipping out in danger, and driving her stake into another vampire's chest.

Next few minutes were below, has Faith moved on pure instinct, effortlessly knocking each vamp down for the count like she'd done this a thousand times before. Willow had promised it would happen eventually, and it would get easier, but honestly, it felt easy, right from the get-go. Faith didn't even feel bad for killing them. They clearly weren't human, and they attacked her. She was defending herself, and her Watcher. God, it felt really good to be able to defend herself like this. And Willow. And fuck, by the end of it, her heart was racing, and she felt so alive. She'd never felt this alive. And horny. And given it was now just the two of them, she found herself marching over to the witch, who had dismissed the fireballs, and the glowing magic, in favour of beaming at her happily.

"Oh Faith, that was amazing. I'm so proud of you!" Willow exclaimed happily.

Willow opened her mouth to provide more praise, probably embarrassing herself in the process, only for her to be cut off when Faith pulled her into those now supernaturally strong arms of hers, and roughly kissed her. Poor Willow didn't even have time to think. It all just happened so fast. One minute she was talking, and the next she was being kissed. And kissing back. Which probably wasn't the right thing to do, but she couldn't help it. Her Slayer had been relentlessly teasing her all day, and just watching the fight had adrenaline coursing through her. And well, Faith was just ridiculously hot. So while she had planned to be a professional, the witch just couldn't help herself.

Of course, given the encouragement of Willow barely pausing to kiss back had Faith smirking against the other girl's lips, and then pushing them apart with her tongue. At which point it was the Slayer's turn to be taken by surprise, as the Witch slammed her back against a nearby tree, and took over the kiss. Unlike with her previous lovers, this wasn't easy, Faith fighting her every step of the way, which only made this more enjoyable. Especially when Willow used her magic to increase her strength, so she could pin the other girl in place, and then bully her tongue into submission. Then, biting her Slayer's lips roughly, causing them to pull back, and allow them to regain some of their breath.

After a few long seconds, Willow questioned, "Are you sure about this?"

Which made Faith laugh breathlessly, "I thought that was my line."

Willow bit her lip, and then questioned, "Do you remember what I said? About certain things being, heightened? Well, this is that. Slaying makes you-"

"Horny?" Faith grinned.

"Well, yeah..." Willow admitted bashfully, before quickly adding, "It'll pass."

"I don't want it to pass. Not without screwing you." Faith admitted.

"Really?" Willow questioned.

"Hell yeah." Faith confirmed, "You're, amazing, Red. No one's ever been there for me, offering advice, protecting me and shit, before. And you're so damn cute, and sweet, and I just want to-"

Willow cut her off with a deep but brief kiss, and then told her firmly, "Okay, but we do this my way. Got it?"

"Whatever you say." Faith said nonchalantly, and then when Willow gave her a look she shrugged, "What? I said fine. I'll be good."

"We'll see." Willow grinned, before she muttered an incantation, transporting them back to Faith's Motel room.

"Holy shit! You can teleport?" Faith grinned happily, before frowning, "Wait, then what was all that wondering around for?"

The obvious answer to that was, it was part of Faith's training, and Willow couldn't just go around teleporting them everywhere. It would be a waste of magic, and dangerous, given she would be transporting them some where which wasn't necessary empty. But instead of expanding all that, Willow found a better use for her lips. Which was of course, to press them against Faith's. Which in turn, had the Slayer grinning into another lip lock, and only too happy to kiss back. Something which the two women became lost in for a few long minutes, before the Watcher undid her jeans and then grabbed the waistband to her panties. However, as she pushed them downwards, she wondered one final time with this was the right thing to do.

Before being recruited by the Council, Willow would never consider doing something like this. Hell, back then, she hadn't even known she was gay. She had been just another shy nerd, unsure what to do with herself. But during her time in the Council, and learning about the supernatural, had given her courage she didn't know she could have. And she would use everything she learned in that department now on Faith, and put this uppity little bitch in her place. At the same time, this was the kind of thing which could have gotten her fired under the old regime. And it did feel like a big risk. But, for better or for worse, it was a risk that Willow just couldn't resist taking. So, after that pause, she pushed those jeans down, taking her underwear with them, before grabbing the back of Faith's head and shoving it downwards.

"Get to work, slut." Willow ordered with way more confidence than she really felt, "Mmmmmmmmm, show me you can be a good girl."

Faith could've put a stop to this, if she really wanted too. Because sure, the little Witch seemed to have a little bit of superstrength, but she was confident that it wasn't quite on her level. And even if it was, before getting superstrength of her own, she had overpowered the guys twice her size. It was all about catching them off-guard, and knocking them off balance. Hell, she was confident that she could have complained, and Willow would have stopped. But honestly, having someone being so forceful with her was hot. Especially considering they were like super nerdy, and seemingly an obvious bottom. Faith was mostly a top, especially with women, but she could definitely roll with this. At least for now.

It helped a lot that Willow seemed willing to jump right into the action, which was always Faith's preference. It had always been easy to get her going, and it was a miracle she hadn't jumped the other girl sooner, considering she had spent all day flirting with her. Then there was that, extremely one-sided, fight, which left her feelings so powerful. And just all the making out had definitely pushed her in the right direction. And apparently, she wasn't the only one. No, once Faith allowed herself to be pushed down onto her knees, she was confronted by Willow's neatly trimmed pussy, which was already intoxicatingly wet. Damn, the Slayer already found herself salivating at it. So much so, it wasn't long before she leaned forward, and got to work.

Once she was at her destination, Faith was quick to stick out her tongue, press it to the bottom of Willow's cunt, and then slid it upwards. She did this pretty slowly, at least by her standards, giving her plenty of time to savour the flavour. Faith had loved the taste of pussy from her very first lick of one, but this one was particularly yummy. Was that because Willow was her Watcher? Or did they have a connection beyond that? The new Slayer didn't know for sure, and she didn't care. All she cared about was getting more of that yummy liquid. And pleasing her Watcher, of course. So the brunette started lapping away at the redhead's twat, much to the approval of the other girl.

During that first lick, Faith was very aware that she moaned happily against that tasty treat, which she knew from experience, only enhanced the enjoyment that Willow was feeling. And of course, her moan was drowned out by the one that the other girl let out, that little nerd then continued to let out those happy sounds as they settled into a steady little pussy licking. Which Faith could have done a little sooner, if she had wanted. But she was having a lot of fun, even at this pace, given this was one of the few things that she enjoyed going slow as much as she enjoyed going fast. But that would come later. Ideally, when she was sitting on Willow's pretty little face. Among so many other things.

Willow had managed to teleport them next to a wall, so first she just leaned back against that, and enjoyed everything Faith had to give her. But, even with all her experience, it quickly became just a bit too much for her to stay on her feet. So, with a firm grip on the back of Faith's head to keep her in place, Willow shuffled over to the bed. Which was a little awkward, given that her jeans and panties were down around her ankles, but she was just about able to do it. And it was definitely a relief when she did, given just how weak her legs were feeling after only a few minutes of pussy licking. Telling her that she definitely wouldn't have stayed on her feet if she came, or even received a little more than this.

For better or for worse, Faith seemed in no hurry to give her that orgasm. Which honestly, was kind of surprising, given everything she knew about this girl's personality. Then again, maybe this was her Slayer trying to take charge? Funny, she had been trained for that kind of thing, but nowhere in The Watcher's Handbook was there anything about topping from the bottom. But given how things were going, maybe she was going have to write a new handbook? Just thinking of someone else reading that made her blush furiously, but also filled her with a twisted sense of glee. Especially, because she got the feeling that Faith would be all for it. Even after everything she had planned for her.

Of course, Willow couldn't afford to get ahead of herself. Or really concentrate on what was happening. Not if she wanted to be able to truly enjoy this. After all, she was taking a big risk here. There was a very good reason why the Watchers of the past centuries had crazy strict guidelines about keeping Slayers at arms length, and absolutely not pursuing romantic feelings for them under any circumstances. Oh, if only those Watchers could see her now, a woman representing them. Especially as a Slayer ate her pussy. And exactly what she wanted to do to this Slayer. But again, she tried not to think about that right now. Or even the fact that this was her Slayer, that she had been intrusted to protect.

She tried to think back to the fight. The one were she thought that she may lose her first ever Slayer on the very first day. God, she had been so afraid in that moment. But Faith hadn't been. Oh yes, somehow the brand-new Slayer had been a natural, taking on a whole group of vampires without breaking a sweat. Hell, she even laughed adorably while doing it. Which was another thing Willow tried not to concentrate on, given that again, it was only pushing her into wanting more. However, it was no use. Every thought she had just bought her back to Faith being ridiculously hot and sexy, and so very, very good at eating pussy, until she just couldn't take it anymore. At least, not without pleading...

"More!" Willow moaned softly, and without meaning too. Then she added more firmly, trying to act like she meant to do this, "Oooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, give me more. Oh Faith! Mmmmmmmm fuck! Give me, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, lick me just like that! More on my clit. Good girl. You've done this before, huh?"

"Once or twice." Faith quipped, predictably pulling her mouth away to do so, before getting right back to work.

"I'm sure." Willow said dryly, before quickly adding, "I'm sure, it's more than that. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, I'm sure Faith Lehane has eaten a lot of cunt. Just like she's licking mine. Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, lick me good. Mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, show me just how good it can be. But don't make me cum! Not yet. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, I'll tell you when you can make me cum. Until then, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, just lick me just like that. Ah fuck! Oh Faith! Oh yes, ooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss, good girl!"

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take much encouragement for Faith to increase the speed and the force of the licking. And more importantly, where she licked. Because sure, the first long, lingering lick had brushed over her entrance and her clit, but since then, Faith had avoided those areas. At least for the most part. But once she received encouragement, the clearly very experienced pussy pleaser was only too happy to glide her tongue along each of those places, and even lingering on them. Maybe especially Willow's clit, which the other girl even took into her mouth at one point, and gently sucked on it. Any harder, and Willow would have cum for sure. And it felt like a miracle that she didn't.

Given what she knew about this girl, Willow was 99% sure this was on purpose. Again, Faith finding a way to be in control, even when she was on her knees. Not that it was hard. No, Willow's grip on her head was weak at this point, and the Watcher quickly became an incoherent mess, to the point where she could barely give her Slayer permission to make her cum. Hell, there was an argument that sheshould have answered sooner, to save her strength. However, for better or for worse, the Witch held off, truly believing this would help establish in the long run who was supposed to be in charge. And either way, what she had planned next should do the trick. Provided, she could talk Faith into it.

The thought of which ultimately had Willow whimpering softly, "Now! Ooooooooooooh, you have my permission to make me cum. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, make me cum with your hot little mouth! Ah fuck! Yesssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck me fuck me FUCK ME! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, OH GOD, FUCK ME HARD!"

Just like a few minutes ago, Willow didn't say as much as she would have liked, before getting interrupted by her Slayer. Only this time, instead of simply words, Faith chose that moment to take her Watcher's clit into her mouth, and suck on it, until Willow was on the edge of orgasm. Given that it was another increase in the pleasure, this time by a lot, it was impossible to complain. Especially because the Witch wasn't sure she could get a coherent sentence out, in that particular moment. Luckily, it wasn't needed, as she had waited long enough, and the redhead's sounds of enjoyment made it very clear what she really wanted. And this time, the brunette not giving it to her right away was a good thing, as it meant she got to enjoy this for that much longer.

In a way, that was true throughout, but this was particularly blissful, and something Willow never wanted to end. She even laid back, so she could relax on the mattress, and more easily savour this wonderful moment. That, and even keeping her upper half in the air felt like a chore in that moment. Although, she somewhat regretted it, as Faith's bed wasn't particularly comfortable. Something that she knew particularly well, thanks to taking off her shirt and bra during the pussy licking. Which gave Faith something to reach up and grab, as she finally shoved Willow over the edge of orgasm. Which was something she did over and over again, the Slayer giving her Watcher multiple orgasms like it was the easiest thing in the world.

Faith wouldn't call this easy, exactly. She'd worked hard to get this good at going downtown, regardless of gender, and she was very proud of herself for being able to make anyone pop. Women were arguably more of a challenge, but it helped that she had the same equipment, letting her know just how to tease her pray, until they couldn't take it anymore. Admittedly, she might not work this hard with anyone else, but she really enjoyed teasing Willow as much as possible. Partly to show her what's what, and partly because this was just such a yummy little cunt. Hell, she might not mind a repeat performance, which was rare for her. But was pretty much guaranteed, when she tasted the beautiful redhead's girl cum.

As soon as that hit her taste-buds, Faith was 100% determined that this would become a regular thing. Luckily for her, she had the skills that would have this girl eating out of the palm of her hand, and begging her for this kind of treatment 24/7. It also helped that she had enhanced speed, strength, and most of all stamina. Oh yes, that made it nice and easy for her to glue her mouth to Willow's entrance, swallow everything the other girl had to give her, and then start really tongue fucking her. Namely, by shoving her tongue inside the other girl's fuck hole, and then pumping it in and out. She then did the same thing with a couple of fingers, while going right back to licking and sucking Willow's clit.

Over and over again, she switched between these techniques, and while she tried to give them equal time, she definitely preferred keeping her mouth as close as possible to the entrance to that honeypot. Besides, she could always keep her hands upwards, fondling Willow's perky little boobs, pretty much attacking this hottie in every way she could. And as a result, she left this extremely powerful Witch writhing helplessly in her grasp. Fuck, this kind of thing was always so hot, but never more so than now. And Faith was more than prepared to fuck Willow into unconsciousness. Even if it meant she would have to get herself off. Luckily though, it seemed that the Watcher had other ideas.

Not that she firmly told her, of course. No, there was just a gentle tug on the back of her head, in a silent command Faith recognized as come up here and kiss me. Of course, she had a long and proud history of disobeying authority, and it was tempting to do so here, so she could enjoy a little more of this heavenly liquid. However, she was also aching for some attention herself. So ultimately Faith chose to move upwards. Something she did nice and slowly, so they could savour the moment, Faith grinning proudly at what she had done, especially when she saw the look on Willow's face. Briefly, she thought she might be out of luck, but to her delight, she was pulled into a passionate kiss, allowing the two women to share the taste of girl cum and pussy cream.

After a few long minutes of kissing, a rejuvenated Willow broke the kiss and growled, "I wanna fuck you."

"Good, cause I wanna be fucked." Faith grinned widely, before suggesting, "So, are you up for me sitting on your pretty little face, or what?"

"Actually, I had something else in mind." Willow revealed. Which of course, earned her a raised eyebrow from her Slayer, but before Faith could say anything the Watcher quickly added, "Bend over. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I want you on your hands and knees, on the bed. Oooooooooooh fuck yeah, I have something special planned for you."

There was a brief pause, as Faith was clearly taken off-guard, then she nodded cautiously, "Okay Red, I'll bite."

The Watcher than watched her Slayer's athletic body move into position, making sure she got the best possible look at that heavenly backside, which almost literally made her drool, and then Willow moaned, "God Faith, you've got a great butt. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I couldn't stop staring at it all day."

"Yeah, I noticed." Faith grinned smugly, before crying out as her ass was suddenly smacked. Something she normally wouldn't have tolerated, or the greedy groping which followed it, but she was really enjoying the mousy girl coming out of her shell, so instead of getting mad the Slayer grinned again, and quipped, "Wow, you really are that kind of girl, huh?"

"Oh, you have no idea." Willow grinned wickedly, before leaning down, "But you're gonna."

"Oh fuck!" Faith moaned, her eyes going wide with shock for a moment, before once again it was replaced with a wicked smile, "Oh fuck yes, mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, love that. Fucking love that shit. I thought you were just going to play with my cheeks, while eating me out. Well, you are doing that, ah fuck, but I didn't think it would be while you were eating my fucking butt hole, you nasty bitch! But I love it. Oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm, eat that fucking ass hole, you dirty little butt slut. Oooooooooooh, are all you Watchers butt girls, who love rimming their Slayers? Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I hope so. Oooooooooooooh shit, every Slayer should have a Watcher like you, Red."

Willow was curious whether Faith would still feel that way, when she found out everything her Watcher intended on doing to her. Which did make Willow feel a little guilty, as she was supposed to be the one person that her Slayer had in this world to rely on. To keep her safe. To protect her. Then again, given the way that she was very much enjoying the rim job right from the start, strongly suggested that Faith would enjoy this kind of thing. Hell, she had seemed to enjoy having her butt smacked and groped, two things which the redhead promised herself she would be doing a lot more to the brunette's beautiful booty in the near future. But for now, she just couldn't keep her lips and tongue to herself.

She tried to give those well-rounded cheeks some attention, sliding her lips all over them now and again, in between nearly constantly massaging them with her greedy hands. But for the most part, Willow was very much focused on the prize in between them. Or at least, one of them. Because Faith's pussy definitely deserved some attention, and she promised it would get it, one way or another. For now though, her lips and tongue were very much focused on Faith's tasty little butt hole. Something which Willow became lost in for several long minutes, which at first the loudmouth Slayer very much approved of. Then she wanted more, and got it, without realizing what she was getting herself into.

"More!" Faith moaned a few times, before elaborating, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, give me more. Come on, Red. Get me off! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooooh fuck, finger me while you eat my ass. Or at least rub my clit a little. Come on, mmmmmmmmmmm, give me more! Just fucking ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, ooooooooooooh yesssssssssss, that's it. That's what I want! Ah fuck! Fuck, are you really trying to tongue fuck my butt? Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit, that's so dirty. I love it, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, fuck me, Red! Fuck me and make me cum! Oh yes, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Happy to oblige, Willow reached underneath her Slayer, and started rubbing Faith's pussy. At the same time, she increased the tongue work, swirling it all around that cute little back door, and then even trying to push it inside. Unsurprisingly, she didn't get very far. Although what was maybe a little surprising, was that she didn't get any further. Like, at all, no matter how long she did it for. Fuck, she knew that the supernatural healing would make Faith tight back here, but she didn't really think it would make her virgin tight. Unless, she really hadn't done this before? Which wasn't something that Willow had been anticipating, given that she thought this was truly the kind of girl who would be into that. Of course, if that was true, it would increase her enjoyment of what she planned next, by like, a lot

As it increased her enjoyment. when it came to pressing a finger against Faith's butt hole, and slowly pushing forwards. Oh fuck, it took so much effort to get even just the tip inside, at which point it felt like a finger was being crushed from the tightness. God, it was maybe the most amazing thing Willow had ever felt. Something clear from the way that she was whimpering and crying out throughout pushing that finger into that hole. Which continued to happen, when she started sliding that finger in and out of Faith's ass hole, preparing it for her cock. The one she summoned with magic, and then used her free hand to cover it with the other girl's pussy juices. However, given that her Slayer was suddenly quiet, and maybe even nervous for the first time tonight, the Watcher was duty bound to check up on her first.

"You good?" Willow asked softly.

"Yeah..." Faith said softly, "It's just..."

"Just what?" Willow pushed.

"This is a new one on me." Faith admitted bashfully.

"Really?" Willow questioned with a raised eyebrow, "I thought you'd be all about this kind of thing?"

"Having a finger up my ass? Yeah, totally. But like, in the middle of eating my cunt. But this is more than that, isn't it, Red?" Faith questioned, and then when there was a telling silence, she admitted, "Now, if we turn the tables, we be back to the same old same old. Mmmmmmmmm, and I sure would love a piece of your cute little ass."

"I'm sure you would." Willow smirked, before adding, "But you agreed to do this my way, remember?"

"Yeah, but..." Faith began, before trailing off and swearing as Willow curled a finger against her G-spot, through the wall separating her front and back passage, "Ah fuck!"

"And you do have an ass which was made for fucking." Willow grinned widely, before offering, "So how about I prove that to you, huh? Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmm, I'll stretch this little hole out, and fill it with my cock. Make you love it. But, if I can't? Ooooooooooooh, you can do whatever you want to me. Deal?"

There was a brief pause, then Faith admitted. "I don't know..."

"I'll let you skip training tomorrow.?" Willow offered, quickly adding, "Or just sleep in?"

"Deal." Faith smiled softly, before quickly adding, "But if I say stop?"

"We'll stop. I swear." Willow quickly promised.

Faith knew she was going to regret this, one way or another. Normally she would never even consider something like this, as it was way too much of a bottom thing to do. But, Willow had just been so helpful today, and given her a sense of purpose, something she hadn't had in like, ever. And, as much as she didn't want to admit it, that rim job and anal fingering had felt really, really good. Then again, that was part of the problem. Faith had always been on top before, regardless of gender, and now she was a Slayer, AKA, stronger and faster than she'd ever been, it felt like she should never even consider bottoming. Although, that's also what made this whole thing so very hot. Along with so many other things, which she should have said, instead of just lying there dumbfounded, as Willow continued having her way with her ass hole.

Clearly she wasn't the only one unsure and nervous about this, given that after that little conversation, Willow spent another few long minutes fingering that back door, eventually adding a second finger along the way to make sure Faith was as relaxed as possible. Something that Faith definitely appreciated, given what was about to happen. Not that she would admit it. And she definitely wasn't about to reach back and spread her cheeks, like some kind of total bottom. Hell, part of her was hoping that Willow would have the audacity to ask, knocking her out of whatever stupor that she had fallen under, and turn the tables back to what they should be. Although for better or for worse, it was not to be.

Instead, Willow seemed perfectly content to push one of those cheeks apart with her left hand, while using her right to guide a dildo to Faith's rosebud. Fuck, when did she attach a strap-on? Oh right, this was a Witch she was dealing with. Faith should probably consider herself lucky that she wasn't about to take a real dick in there. Then again, maybe that would've been easier? Hopefully, she would never be able to compare, as it was incredibly embarrassing and painful to feel her shit hole stretching open to allow something inside. Something much, much bigger than simply a couple of fingers. Something which had her crying out loudly when that back door finally opened wide enough to allow Willow inside it.

"Fuck!" Faith swore loudly.

"Fuck..." Willow swore at the same time, eventually adding, "I can't believe I got your butt cherry..."

This caused Faith to blush, and worse, whimper a little. Willow sounded so amazed, and happy, which to her shame, made a big part of the new Slayer preen with joy. God, she had barely known this girl a day, and she was already getting off on pleasing her, more than any other lover in the past. And honestly, that feeling made it easier to relax, causing the pain to fade away, and just leaving her with humiliation, which was also kind of getting her off. And it was the same story for what followed. And even at it's worst, the pain was bearable. In fact, she'd had a lot worse. And, oh God, she was already enjoying this way too much, which suggested that Faith was well and truly fucked. In more ways than one.

Willow had found herself doing a bunch of really wonderful things under the tutelage of Joyce Summers, but she had never taken an anal cherry before. And the fact that it was an anal cherry of a Slayer, HER Slayer, made it a million times sweeter. Hopefully one day she would be able to compare the two, but she couldn't imagine how anything could be better than the heavenly moments that the head of her cock slid through Faith's anal ring, and into that insanely tight butt of hers, signifying that Willow had in fact taken the anal virginity of this bad ass chick. God, she almost came from the overwhelming experience, and then again when she began pushing her hips forwards, and thus causing inch after inch of the dildo to disappear through that back door and deep into Faith's back passage.

Of course, first she just had to grin like an idiot at the prize in front of her, even risking spreading both those cheeks with her hands so she was getting the best look possible at her prize. Something she sadly had to stop doing after only a few seconds, given that Faith's ass was so tight, it almost automatically pushed her out. Something which, for now, was truly unthinkable. Oh yes, her cock would never again leave this ass! Well, maybe that would be difficult, given that they were supposed to be fighting the forces of darkness. But she would definitely make sure that Faith Lehane's butt hole would never again fully close, and her Slayer would be a complete anal slut. Her complete anal slut.

Before they met, Willow had all these plans of how things with Faith would be, which after all of a day, she was already throwing out completely in favour of something much more mutually fun. And during several points throughout the butt fuck, she inevitably allowed herself to think about all of those plans. But not right now. No, while it would have been easy to get lost in her head, as usual, it had been never more important for Willow Rosenberg to concentrate on the here and now, as she was stuffing her Slayer's shit-pipe with her dick. Something which to her credit, Willow just about managed, along with a long slow butt stuffing, until she had no more cock to give. Then, when her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, she let out a gentle whimper, savoured the moment for a few long seconds, and then started babbling.

"Oh my God..." Willow whimpered over and over again, having less of a pause each time, until she blurted out, "I did it! I got every inch inside you! Or should I say, you did it? Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, my Slayer just took every inch of my cock up her virgin butt! Oh my God, Faith, I'm so proud of you. Fuck, you're tight! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh, this butt is so tight! It's the best ass I've ever had. I love it I love it I love it! Mmmmmmmmm, and you love it too, don't you? Huh? Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooodddddddddddddd, Slayers really were made for butt fucking! Oh yes, take it Faith! Take that big dick in the butt! Oh yes! That's a good girl. Good little anal slut!"

Luckily for her, Faith seemed to be too preoccupied with adjusting to the feeling of having a cock in her ass to even try to respond. In fact, this was the most quiet she'd been all day, which Willow would've probably found scary, if she too wasn't also distracted by the heavenly view in front of her. Which of course, only became more distracting as she began pumping her hips back and forth, and thus causing the dildo to pump in and out of the Slayer's butt hole. Oh yes, her big dick was sliding in and out of her Slayer's most private hole, officially meaning that Willow Rosenberg was fucking Faith Lehane in the ass. Giving the other girl, her first ever ass fucking. One she was determined would be the first of many.

Faith had found Willow's earlier rambling to be adorable. Because of it, and so many other things, she thought topping her would be a breeze, but instead she found herself bent over her own bed, and taking it in the ass like a total bottom. As if she was Willow's bitch. Oh God, in that moment, that's exactly what she was. Which was a horrifying thought, and everything about this was working for her. Even the other girl's current rambling, something that Faith found almost unbearably humiliating, was somehow causing her treacherous body to relax and enjoy getting her shitter reamed out and filled with a big dick. So much so, that she actually wanted more.

Even before she became a Slayer, Faith Lehane wasn't the type to beg for more. She would often demand more, but she couldn't be sure her words would sound demanding now. In fact, she could pretty much guarantee that they wouldn't. And there was only so much humiliation she could take. Just as, at the same time, there was only so much of this slow shit she could take. Oh God, Faith wanted more. It only felt like they had been doing this for a few minutes, and while it was definitely longer than that, it wasn't by much. Fuck, was she really a natural anal slut? Were Slayers really made for butt fucking? Whatever that meant. Or was Willow really this good at butt fucking?

Given the implications, Faith was definitely hoping for the latter more than the former. Although, in that moment, they both felt like the gospel truth. And there was definitely some enjoyment to that. For Faith to find out that she had been wasting her time topping, and she was destined to be a bottom. And worse, an anal loving bottom. And for her to be taught that by a shy little nerd girl was so fucking hot. When they met, she could have never imagined Willow had this in her. And yet, with every passing second, the little bookworm seemed more like a butt busting top. God, just looking over her shoulder, at her Watcher looking so confident and commanding, had the Slayer losing it.

"More!" Faith whimpered, "Give me more! Fuck Red, oooooooooooooh shit, fuck my ass! Pound it! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, pound my tight little ass hole! Make it a fuck hole! Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, that's good! Sooooooooooooo gooooooooooooddddddddddddd, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Fuck me! Fuck me Willow, fuck me hard! Harder! Ooooooooooooh, slam my little shit hole! Oh yes, oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, fucking ruin my slutty little ass! Make me an ass whore! Make me your ass whore! Just fucking butt fuck me, you bitch! Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss, AH FUCK! OH GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

As she begged more and more shamelessly, Faith started pushing back against the gentle thrusts that Willow was giving her. Thankfully she wasn't stopped, and the now needy bottom almost was able to make herself cum like that. However, just before she got there, Willow suddenly started increasing her pace, until her top had to be giving her everything she had. Although, more than anything else, it was thinking of this girl as her top, which had Faith crashing over the edge of the greatest orgasm of her life. And it was then followed by another and another and another, as the two girls work together to maximize their enjoyment, and maybe literally wreck that previously virgin butt hole.

Willow knew that it was impossible to truly wreck a Slayer's ass hole. Their supernatural healing would take care of that. In fact, it made it as good as new, meaning that Faith would always be as tight as she was in the beginning. which in turn, pretty much guaranteed that Willow wouldn't be able to keep hands off of her Slayer. Something that she would no doubt feel guilty about later, but right now, the Watcher didn't feel an ounce of guilt or regret over what she was doing. And she didn't have an ounce of compassion for Faith or her butt hole. Why would she, when she no longer sorry human being in front of her? No, bent over in front of her was the perfect fuck hole, with a perfect fuck hole, which had literally begged her to use it.

So that's exactly what nerdy little bookworm Willow Rosenberg did. She used every ounce of her strength to brutalize Faith Lehane's most private hole. And when that wasn't enough, she used magic. Oh God, she used every spell that she knew to increase her strength and stamina, so she could truly give her Slayer everything that she needed. Because Slayers weren't just built for butt sex. No, they were literally made for killing demons and vampires, and more importantly, taking the most brutal rectum wreckings. That was the purpose of their existence, and as her Watcher it was Willow's duty to teach that to Faith. And in that moment, she felt ashamed that she had ever thought different.

It was crystal clear to her now that Faith didn't need a friend. She needed a top, who could give this perfect ass of hers everything it needed. Everything she needed, Willow meant. Whatever. The point is, this butt needed daily, and maybe even hourly fuckings. And Willow promised herself it would get it. And she made sure to start out in style, by holding back for as long as she possibly could on her own orgasm, so she could maximize Faith's enjoyment. However, as powerful a Witch as she was, everyone had their limits, and ultimately, the Watcher went crashing over the edge of some truly wonderfully powerful climaxes. Which was likely more down to the sheer joy of sodomizing HER Slayer than the other end of the dildo hitting her clit. Although the latter helped.

To her credit, she was able to push herself through it, but it was the beginning of the end. Poor Faith was probably too far gone to truly realize that, but her instincts clearly kicked in, given that she was somehow able to put her all into thrusting back against Willow for the last few passionate minutes of that anal pounding, which truly turned into a hellacious rectum wrecking in the process. Then they collapsed together in a sweaty heap, while desperately gasping for breath. At which point, the guilt that Willow had been expecting hit her like a ton of bricks. Oh God, what had she done? She was supposed to be this girl's protector. Everyone Faith had known had screwed her, one way or another, and now her Watcher was no different. But, how could she even start to make it right?

After who knows how long, Faith broke the silence, "Fuck Red, does every Watcher butt fuck their Slayer?"

Which caused Willow to blush furiously, and stammer, "I, I don't know. I don't think so. Well, definitely not in the past. But... I, well..."

"The Watchers are under new management?" Faith grinned, remembering their earlier conversation, "Mmmmmmmmmm, doesn't that make me a lucky girl?"

"Really?" Willow raised an eyebrow.

"Hell yeah!" Faith moaned, before admitting bashfully, "Well, I wasn't expecting to be fucked in the ass. Or to like it. But... fuck Willow, you're such a stud! Mmmmmmmmm, you can fuck my ass anytime."

"Really?" Willow again questioned, this time excitedly instead of sceptically.

"Yeah..." Faith repeated, although this time she said it a lot less sure. Then she quickly clarified, "Look, I'm not a relationship girl. I don't want to hold your hand, or exchange flowers, or be monogamous, or any of that mushy shit. But... I'm down for being fuck buddies. Or, I guess in this case, butt buddies. Just... whatever it takes to give me more orgasms like that."

There was a brief pause, then Willow pushed, "Okay... you still have to do what I say? In and out of the bedroom."

"In and out, huh?" Faith grinned wickedly, "You have a list of places you want to fuck my butt? Huh? Like, oh, I don't know, bend me over a gravestone? Mmmmmmmm, or maybe you want to be the one sitting on it, while I munch your yummy little cunt? Oooooooooooooh fuck, mmmmmmmmm, such wonderful possibilities."

"You know what I mean." Willow said with a disapproving frown.

"Awww, you're no fun." Faith pouted, before sighing, "But yeah, whatever my Watcher wants, she gets."

"Good to hear it. And I think I just proved I can be fun." Willow grinned wickedly, proving her point by curling her hips, churning the dildo inside of Faith's bowels. Which would've been agonizing for most, especially after what they had just been through, but this anal slut cried out in mostly pleasure, prompting Willow to add, "Speaking of fun, spread your cheeks. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, I'll show you just how much fun I can be."

"Promises, promises." Faith teased, before doing as she was told.

Willow then started slowly pulling back, causing inch after inch of her big dick to slide out of Faith's butt hole. Something which was on perfect display, thanks to her Slayer grabbing hold of those cheeks moments before, and spreading them nice and wide. Something she kept doing, after the dildo came all the way out, leaving behind a gaping crater. Oh God, Faith the Vampire Slayer's ass hole was gaping wide open. And it was nerdy little Willow Rosenberg who was responsible for that. This was something that both girls savoured for a few long seconds, before with a wicked smile the Witch conjured up a high-quality camera, and pointed it at her delicious target. And instead of trying to get away with it by doing it quickly, she drew attention to it.

"Say cheese." Willow ordered, before quickly changing her mind, "No! Say it again. Mmmmmmmm, say, Willow Rosenberg is a stud."

"Really?" Faith laughed, but she just couldn't resist the hopeful look on the other girl's face, "Willow Rosenberg is a stud."

The supernatural warrior, who had effortlessly taken out a whole group of vampires, then stuck out her tongue childishly. Something which made Willow chuckle with delight, as she took the photo. God, it was such a weird contrast. This supernaturally powerful woman, who was effortlessly confident, and seemingly dominant, was exposing her freshly fucked butt, while acting childish. Which in a way, made for the most relaxed post butt fucking Willow had ever enjoyed. One in which both girls shared a laugh, as the Witch took photo after photo of the Slayer, Faith only too happy to pull faces, stick out her tongue, and eventually smile for the camera, as she absolutely shamelessly showed off that gaping butt hole of hers.

"Mmmmmmmm, good girl. Now..." Willow praised, as she moved back to the bed, sat down, and ordered, "Suck it."

Which made Faith's eyes light up as she questioned, "Seriously?"

Which in turn made Willow bashfully point out, "Well, you did just say, and I quote, whatever my Watcher wants, she gets."

"Oh, I wasn't complaining." Faith grinned wickedly, finally pushing herself away from the bed, and crawling in between Willow's legs, "It's just, fuck Red. You really are a lot nastier than I thought you'd be."

"Oh..." Willow initially blushed, before forcing herself to confidently add, "You like it."

"I love it." Faith grinned wickedly, before reassuring the other girl, "Keep this up, and we'll get along just fine."

With that, Faith took the cock into her mouth, and immediately started bobbing her head up and down it. Clearly she was looking to show off, as in short order she took the entire length into her mouth, and then even down her throat. However, she did pause for a while shortly after the beginning, clearly taken aback by just how much she liked the taste of her own ass. Something else Willow just had to take a picture of, while sending a couple of choice shots to a few of her friends, fellow Watchers, and most importantly, the whole Summers family, and a shameless brag of how much progress she had made already. She even attached the pictures with 'First Day with my New Slayer'.

Once the cock had been thoroughly cleaned, Faith stood up and dismissively said, "Well, you should probably get going."

"Really?" Willow questioned softly, before pointing out, "It's late. And, as you've just found out, it can be dangerous out there."

"You've proven you can handle yourself." Faith said dismissively, but then made the mistake of looking directly into Willow's puppy dog eyes, and then against her better judgment side, "But... I guess if you need a place to crash, there's a second bed. It's shit, like everything else in here. Sorry, I can't do better, but..."

"It's fine." Willow quickly added, "I'll take it."

"You're funeral." Faith grumbled, then after another awkward pause mumbled, "Well, erm, good night."

"Good night." Willow said softly, watching as Faith retreated to the bathroom, giving her one final good look at the other girl's gaping ass hole as she went.

It was pretty late, and Willow was quick to use the bathroom afterwards, so she could brush her teeth and get ready for bed. Something which was easy to do when you were a Witch, along with a spell to ensure there would be an alarm if anyone tried to break in. Also, just a little something to ensure that while those beds might not look comfy, they would be good enough to sleep in. Something which earned her a weird look from Faith, but she said nothing about it. She supposed she could understand why, and she hoped she hadn't ruined a good thing. No, she would ensure she wouldn't. After all, Willow Rosenberg was nothing if not a planner, and she found herself once again laying awake thinking about how to be Faith's perfect Watcher. And now just as importantly, her perfect top.

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