Reign of the Governess

BY : AViciousOne
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Buffy groaned. Her head was throbbing. She tried to prop her head up on her hand, but the clank of a metal shackle around her wrist kept her from moving her arm. Suddenly startled, she snapped fully awake, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness.

She was in some kind of basement, with nondescript concrete walls and fluorescent lighting. There were several cabinets with metal doors on the far wall, and a table about ten feet in front of her. A long metal staircase led up to the only door. She was standing in the center of some kind of frame, a square comprised of three gleaming silver bars. Each of her wrists and ankles had a cuff locked around it, which were secured to the corners of the frame by a few heavy links of chain. They stretched her limbs wide, leaving her in a taught, spread-eagle pose with practically no room to move. Some kind of fabric was packed in her mouth, secured by what felt like a wrapping of tight duct tape. Whatever was in her mouth, it tasted foul.

She jerked her limbs inward, trying to break her shackles, but to no avail. The metal would not give, and she could barely budge.

The last she remembered, she had been fighting Faith on the rooftop. Faith broke the handcuffs that held them together and quickly spun behind her. Then everything went blank. Based on the pounding in her skull, she figured Faith had knocked her out, then brought her to wherever she was.

She pulled against the shackles again, still no luck. She let out a groan, and let her head slump forward in frustrated defeat. A kernel of fear welled up in the pit of her stomach. Whatever Faith had planned for her, she had clearly gone to elaborate lengths to make it happen, and Buffy was sure it was nothing good. With one last desperate tug on her bonds, Buffy resigned herself to the fact that she could do nothing but wait.

Her wrists and shoulders grew sore and stiff. It was hot in the room, with no airflow of any kind. Soon she felt sweat bead on her forehead, and her clothes began to stick with her. Faith had discarded the leather jacket she’d been wearing, a fact she was now grateful for in the room’s stifling heat. Her white shirt and tight red paints remained, slowly growing sodden.

It felt like hours - It was hard to say for sure, as there were no clocks in the room, and time doesn’t exactly move quickly when you’re hanging from a metal frame waiting for your nemesis to appear and do god knows what to you. And yet, Buffy felt strangely grateful when she heard the door open above. Her fear spiked as well, causing her breath to quicken, but at least something was happening.

Just as she’d suspected, Faith stepped through the door. Buffy raised her head, looking up at the dark slayer in anxious defiance. She could feel Faith radiating smugness as she looked down upon her captive.

“Good morning sleepyhead” said Faith, as she slowly began descending the staircase.    

“That was quite a tussle we had last night. Couple of times there I was actually worried. I shoulda known you didn’t have what it takes to put me down proper.” She stepped off the bottom stair and approached Buffy. “Definitely exciting though. You know nothing gets me riled up like a good fight. I’ll give you one thing, B. Even if you don’t have the guts to be a real fighter like me, you sure look good doing it. Still...” She now stood directly in front of Buffy, looking the captive blonde in the eyes. “I think I like you even better like this.” She smirked, then spat directly in Buffy’s face, causing her to flinch and turn away. Faith reached behind Buffy’s head and roughly grabbed a handful of her hair, dragging her face back toward her so the two were again looking into each other’s eyes, now only inches apart.

“You and I,” Faith began as she pulled something out of her waistband. “Are going to have so much fun together.” She concluded, as she brought her signature two-pointed knife between their faces. Buffy, determined, glared defiantly at Faith, but inwardly quaked. She was completely at Faith’s mercy, and the Dark Slayer was no doubt about to subject her to brutal torture.

Faith lowered the knife, letting the tip rest on the bit of exposed stomach just above Buffy’s pants. She grasped the hem of her shirt and brought the knife upward, cutting through the thin fabric until the front of Buffy’s shirt hung open. She then sliced from the center cut up each of the sleeves, causing the shirt to fall away entirely. Buffy’s pants followed, each leg receiving a long cut down its length. As the knife severed the waistband with a quiet ‘snk’, the garment fell to the floor, leaving Buffy standing in her simple black underwear. 

Buffy glared in quiet, helpless rage as Faith stripped her. Anger was her only tool to mask her state of pitiful, terrified humiliation. 

Faith then gently pushed the blade of her knife upward into the center of of Buffy’s panty-clad crotch, a thin layer of black fabric the only thing separating her tender sex from the cold, sharp steel.

“Whaddaya think, B? Should I cut these off just like this? Of course, I’d probably cut your pretty little pussy up pretty bad if I did. I could be a bit nicer, if you want.”

Buffy only glared in response.

“Really B? The silent treatment? Can’t we both act like grown ups here?”

Buffy let out a muffled grunt through her gag and rolled her eyes, taking the opportunity for a sarcastic jab to remind Faith that she couldn’t talk if she wanted to.

Faith chuckled. “Alright B, fair point. Tell you what. If you want me NOT to filet your vagina like a fish, just shake your head. If you want me to cut you open along with your panties, nod. Or just go ahead and glare silently.”

Buffy remained motionless. She didn’t want to give Faith the satisfaction of obeying her in any way. Then Faith increased the blade’s pressure, so she could feel the sharp edge digging painfully into her.

“You sure B? I mean, if that’s how you want it. Last chance. 3... 2...”

“Mmmph.” Buffy let out a stifled grunt and shook her head back and forth.

“See? Was that so hard?” Faith lowered the knife, causing Buffy to exhale in relief. “I’ll tell ya what. Since I’m feeling really nice, I’ll even do your bra first. Let you hold on to your last little scrap of dignity a little bit longer. How does that sound?” Faith flashed a sickeningly sweet, mocking smile. Buffy’s glare became even more baleful in response.

Faith ducked under Buffy’s outstretched arm and walked behind her. With a quick snip snip, Buffy’s bra straps were severed. The cloth now hung loosely, barely hiding Buffy’s breasts.

Returning to the front, Faith slipped the blade of the knife between the front of Buffy’s bra and her skin. The captive slayer’s breath trembled as she felt the back edge of the knife press into her flesh, but Faith soon pulled the knife away from her body, stretching the bra with it until it finally severed.

“Not much in the tits department B,” Faith mocked, surveying her captive’s exposed chest. “But I guess we knew that already, didn’t we?” Another mocking grin. “And see, this way we saved the best for last!”

In two deft movements, Faith hooked her knife into each side of Buffy’s waistband, turning the last of her clothing into a useless scrap on the floor. Buffy now stood completely naked and unable to cover herself. Faith paused for a moment to examine her nude form.

Then, without warning, Faith drove her fist into Buffy’s stomach. Bound as she was, Buffy couldn’t even double over from the force of the punch. Gagged, she couldn’t gasp for air. Her eyes widened and she let out a muffled grunt as her lungs emptied themselves, and she struggled to regain some air. Before she’d even begun to get a breath in, a second blow followed, leaving her silently heaving as her diaphragm convulsed. She slumped, hanging by her wrists as her torso collapsed, though her posture barely changed.

Faith clearly enjoyed the pitiful reaction.

“Alright, let’s see what we’re working with here.” As Buffy struggled to find her breath, Faith squatted down so her face was level with Buffy’s pussy. “Nice and smooth. Good job B, at least you keep this thing presentable, even if no one ever fucks it.” She grasped Buffy’s labia in her fingers and roughly wrenched them apart, inspecting her pink hole. 

Buffy, still struggling to breathe, could muster no resistance as Faith evaluated her intimacy.

Faith then moved behind the blonde. Due to the wide angle at which her legs were spread in their shackles, Faith already had a decent view of Buffy’s asshole. Faith looked for a moment, before deciding she needed a better view. Grasping one of Buffy’s cheeks in each hand, she wrenched them apart, completely exposing the puckered hole. 

Tears formed in Buffy’s eyes as she finally successfully drew in a ragged breath. She was utterly powerless to stop Faith from doing whatever she wanted to any part of her body. Her humiliation only increased as her tormenter roughly shoved a dry finger into her virgin anus. She squealed and arched her back, pushing her hips forward in a futile attempt to escape the probing digit. Faith pushed forward until her finger was buried up to the knuckle, then began roughly twisting and curling her finger around, exploring every inch of Buffy’s anal cavity. Buffy hung her head and cried silently as she was violated.

After a few moments of rough fingering, Faith was satisfied. She slowly drew her digit out of Buffy’s anus, then stood up and again stood in front of her. Faith held her finger up in front of Buffy’s face. It was coated with anal mucus and a few smears of brown. 

“Pretty nasty, B”, Faith quipped, “I have to say, I thought your ass would be looser, seeing how big a stick you’ve always had jammed up it.”

Without warning, she jammed her finger into Buffy’s nostril. The blonde recoiled from the stinking instrument, but Faith roughly grabbed a fistful of her hair, holding her head still. She treated each of Buffy’s nostrils to a deep invasion, then wiped the rest of her finger clean all over her face.

Buffy glared with a newly awoken rage. She wanted to break Faith’s finger clean off, but of course she was powerless to do so. She blew sharply out of her nose, trying to rid herself of the smell of her ass, but succeeded only in causing strings of snot to dangle from her nostrils. Her captor smiled back at her, patronizingly.

Faith then exited Buffy’s field of view, walking somewhere into the room behind her. Buffy heard the sound of metal doors opening - apparently there were more cabinets in the back half of the room. Faith briefly reappeared, depositing a thick black whip on the table in front of her, with a grin and a wink, before disappearing again. This time, Buffy heard clanking metal and what sounded like a blowtorch being lit, but even craning her neck as far around as it would go, she couldn’t get a clear view of what Faith was up to.

Faith returned soon enough, though, and once again stood uncomfortably close to Buffy’s face. She reached around the back of Buffy’s neck, and began undoing the layers of wrapped tape that held her mouth closed.

“I think,” Faith said as she unwound the tape, “I’d like to hear you for this next part”.

Once the last layer of tape was removed, she pulled out the wadded fabric that had filled Buffy’s mouth. It was a disgusting rag, sodden with spit and horribly stained.

“I pissed on this before I put it in. Just a little treat for you.” Faith said with a mocking giggle.

Her mouth finally free, Buffy took a few deep breaths. She opened and closed her aching jaw, and spat a few times. The fact that she’d been sucking on Faith’s piss rag disgusted her, but seemed almost irrelevant in light of every other aspect of her current situation.

Once she’d caught her breath, Buffy raised her head and looked up at Faith, who had picked up the whip.

“What do you want, Faith?” It was the only thing she could think to say.

“What do I want? What do I want... what do I want...” Faith mused as she let the whip unfurl. It was about 5 feet long, long enough to get a serious swing behind it, but not so long as to be unwieldy. It was thick, over half an inch even at its tip, and made of braided black leather.

“Well, here’s how I see it B,” Faith began, stepping under Buffy’s arm and letting the whip trail over her bare, outstretched thigh. “You and all your little friends think I’m some kinda big bad now. Probably did before I even killed that guy. And hey, that’s ok with me. After all, it’s not like you don’t have a reason to.”

As she concluded her sentence, Buffy heard a quick woosh before her back exploded in pain. The whip had cut a diagonal blow from shoulder to hip. Her body went rigid, straining against the shackles, her back arching the small amount it could.  She gritted her teeth, determined not to give Faith the satisfaction of hearing her scream.

“So I figure, as long as I’m the bad guy anyway, I might as well lean into it. Really play the part, you know?”

The whip cracked across Buffy’s hamstring, causing the outstretched limb to shake and twitch.

“It’s not like I really have a choice at this point. And if this is my fate, well...”

A line of pain appeared across Buffy’s ass. Faith remained silent as she strolled in front of Buffy, twirling the whip menacingly.

“I might as well have some fun with it.”

With a horridly evil grin, Faith swung the whip upwards, striking Buffy directly in her exposed pussy.

Buffy couldn’t bear it anymore. She threw back her head as her clit exploded with pain and let out a ragged, agonized cry. 

“Now that’s what I’m talking about.”

Faith continued whipping Buffy. Criss-crossing over her exposed stomach and ribs, her thighs. Sometimes a heavy blow across her whole chest, others a painfully accurate strike to a single nipple. Faith alternated between strings of rapid blows, then paused, letting Buffy gasp and shake, before delivering a ruthless blow between her legs, or to other sensitive areas, ripping new cries of pain from the slayer’s throat. Buffy lost all composure. She screamed freely with each lash, and tears streamed from her eyes.

On paper, it wasn’t the worst pain Buffy had felt. She’d been slashed and gored by talons, and borne blows so devastatingly strong they sent her flying across the room. But those pains had been deadened by the heat of combat. As soon as she’d felt them, she was able to react to them, their agony lost in the rapid counterattacks she unleashed on her foes. This was different. She was powerless to respond, her body quivering, chains rattling, unable to dodge or defend herself in any way. This wasn’t injury. It was torture. The merciless cruelty with which Faith wielded the whip was different than the savage blows of demons. Faith wasn’t trying to kill her. Just to hurt her, to deliver pure, overwhelming pain.

After a long time, Faith paused. Buffy was completely soaked in sweat, her body twitching with exhausted spasms. She was covered in red welts, many of which dripped blood. Her head hung limply. In a daze, she drew ragged breaths, and watched droplets of sweat and blood fall to the floor beneath her.

A small part of her began to hope that maybe it was over. But she dared not hope too strongly. Faith had done this several times already, pausing long enough to give her the hope of relief before returning with redoubled force.

Finally, though, she saw Faith walking towards the table. She raised her head and saw her put down the whip. Inwardly, she sighed with relief. Faith turned, approached her, and gripped her firmly under the chin, raising her head so they were eye to eye.

“How ya holding up, B?”

Please, no more, was the only thought that ran through Buffy’s mind, but she said nothing. She would cry, and scream, but she would not beg. Her dignity and willpower, which Faith had hacked away at brutally, still held together enough to deny her that. She would not beg.

“Well, you still seem conscious, at least. That’s good. That means we can continue.”

Buffy’s heart sank. She was well past the limit of what she thought she could bear, and there was still more to come. Faith dropped her head, and once again it lolled loosely. She glanced toward the table without raising her head, but Faith had disappeared from view, and the whip stayed where it was. Whatever was coming would be something new.

She heard footsteps behind her, but ignored them. Whatever Faith was preparing would come. That was unavoidable. For now, she closed her eyes, and breathed deeply, rallying what little spirit she could to bear whatever was next.

Her reprieve was short lived. After only a few moments, her half-closed eyes saw Faith’s boots return. She looked up, and was immediately frozen by a previously unknown level of fear. Her body went rigid, her head snapping upward with eyes wide, her breath catching in her throat. Faith stood before her, wielding a long, metal rod, which widened into an egg shape at the tip, which was glowing red. Faith approached her, holding the glowing ball just inches from her face. She could feel its menacing heat.

 The dark slayer wrapped her arm around the terrified girl’s waist, pulling her into a menacing embrace. When she spoke, it was directly into Buffy’s ear, barely above a whisper, so close that Buffy could feel Faith’s lips brushing against her. The feeling made her skin crawl.

“You asked me what I want, B... I want to be the bad guy, I want to have fun. It seems like the most fun thing I could do...”

Buffy stared in wide eyed terror at the glowing metal, barely an inch in front of her eye. As Faith trailed off, she drew slightly away, so they were again eye to eye.

“Is break you,” Faith concluded, and pressed the red hot metal into Buffy’s cheek.

Her screams were completely unfettered this time. She wailed uncontrollably as the rod seared her tender flesh. She jerked her head, trying to escape the horrible burning, but Faith followed her every movement with ruthless precision. After a few seconds, Faith pulled the metal away. Buffy hung her head and sobbed. Hardly a second later, her side ignited, as Faith pressed the brand into the crease below her right breast. The pain was unbearable. It made a lash from the whip seem like a tickle. Buffy screamed and screamed, jerking about in her chains but hardly moving as she felt her skin burn to ash. Again Faith removed the iron, rotated it slightly, and replaced it on Buffy’s left thigh.

After the third burn, Faith stepped away. The iron had faded to a dull red, barely glowing. She disappeared briefly, then reappeared with another, identical rod, this one glowing bright yellow, freshly heated. This one found its home in the crease of Buffy’s hip, only inches from her beaten pussy. Then her left buttock, and finally on her back. Everywhere the brand had been, ovular burns remained. Faith switched out her tool again. This time, the rod did not flare at the end, instead narrowing to a sharp point. Faith squatted down and wrenched Buffy’s ass cheeks apart, sending new waves of dread coursing through the broken girl as she imagined what tender areas were about to be burned. Her question was quickly answered as faith dug the tip of the rod into her taint, barely a hair’s breadth separating it from her tender holes. 

Thankfully, though unbeknownst to Buffy, Faith didn’t want to damage any of her fuck holes yet, so she let Buffy’s cheeks close, before laying the rod flat across Buffy’s ass, burning a long thin line across both cheeks.

The pattern continued. Three excruciating burns, then a brief respite while Faith exchanged the cooled metal for a freshly glowing one. Buffy screamed uncontrollably until her voice gave out. She sobbed until nothing more would come. Her body was covered in burns like spots on a cheetah. Her head hung, dead eyed, tears flowing and drooling freely, but otherwise completely motionless. 

Faith returned her current rod and raised the head of her unresponsive victim. Her eyes were glazed over, showing no signs of focusing. Faith gave her a hard slap on her unburnt cheek, but still the blonde gave no response.

“Awww, c’mon B. Don’t give out on me now!”

Buffy was barely aware. Faith’s words were just fuzzy noise. Her whole body was throbbing in pain, her mind a clouded, foggy, barely conscious mess.

Suddenly, she was ripped back to consciousness as a freezing wave crashed over her. Faith had tossed a bucket of frigid water over her, causing her to snap her head sharply up and gasp. The water made her burns sting even more. Now shivering with the sudden chill, Buffy stared, terrified, through sodden strands of hair at Faith.

“Ah, there you are! Welcome back sleepyhead!”

Buffy just trembled.

“Now B, I’m sure you’re feeling pretty helpless right now. And that’s because, well, you are. But don’t worry, you do have some control here. I’ll let you make some choices. After all, this whole game is a lot more fun if you participate too.”

Earlier, Buffy would have glared defiantly. Now she simply waited, trembling, confused as to what Faith meant.

“Let’s start with a simple one. I could keep going all day, but I imagine you’re pretty spent by now. So, we can keep going - I’ve got plenty of fun ideas left - or, we can stop for now. What do you think?”

Buffy nodded, dumbly. She couldn’t go on.

Faith chuckled, “How dumb are you B? Two options and you just nod your head. Come on, tell me what you want. All you need to do to make this stop - at least for now, anyway - is to ask. Nicely. And don’t forget to say please!”

“Please, Faith. No more. I can’t take any more, please. Just let me rest.” 

Her voice was hoarse from screaming, but the words spilled from her mouth freely. All her previous resolve had been burned away by the hot iron. A fresh wave of tears fell from her eyes, but no more resistance remained.

“See? Was that so hard? I promise, if you can just be a little compliant, do what I want you to, when I ask, speak the fuck up, show some manners, this won’t be so bad for you. I mean, it’ll still be pretty terrible. I am going to make your life hell, that’s not up for debate. But if you just participate a little, remember your pleases and thank-you’s, do what you can to make my life easier too, I’ll be at least a little nicer to you. Nicer than I could be, anyway.”

Faith spoke like she was lecturing a small, petulant child. Buffy felt her last bit of dignity crumble into shame, as she felt relieved at Faith’s words. She didn’t care anymore. She just wanted the pain to stop. She nodded again.

“See, though, that’s not gonna cut it. Remember B, manners? Speak up, and address me by name when I talk to you.”

Buffy looked up. No more hatred or defiance lingered in her eyes. Faith was happier than ever that she was the taller one, that she could stare down condescendingly at her defeated rival, eyes full of fear and exhausted despair.

“Yes Faith. I’ll try.”

“Good girl B!” Faith grinned. “Let’s get you down from there.”

One at a time, Faith unlocked Buffy’s wrists from their position. Buffy involuntarily groaned in relief as she was allowed to lower her arms. As soon as they were free, though, Faith locked her wrists together behind her back. Next came her splayed legs, again bringing great relief as her hips finally relaxed. Her ankles, too, were quickly locked together. Now standing upright, Buffy waited apprehensively. She watched as Faith went to one of the cabinets and brought out a thick metal collar with a long chain leading off it. She stood obediently, unresisting, as Faith locked the collar around her neck. After all, what could she even hope to achieve at this point?

Once the collar was in place, Faith jerked the chain roughly forward. Bound as she was, Buffy teetered helplessly for a brief moment, before toppling forward, landing heavily, face down, with a thud. Her burns exploded in pain where they touched the ground.

“Up, B. Get up, on your knees.”

Every move brought new waves of pain to the burns that peppered her body. Grimacing, Buffy awkwardly rolled until she could get her knees bent under her to lift herself up. With her wrists and ankles locked behind her, it was a difficult task. 

Faith then gripped the chain leash and led Buffy across the floor. She shuffled awkwardly on her knees to keep up. Turning around, she realized most of the room’s interesting details had been behind her, out of sight. The back wall was covered by a grid of metal beams, slightly in front of the wall itself. At regular intervals, metal semicircles protruded from the beams. In one corner of the room was some kind of shower, though it had no head - just a tiled area with a drain, a faucet, and a hose. On the right side were more cabinets, and she could now see a small furnace, an insulated cylinder atop a gas burner, where Faith had been heating the irons. Buffy shuddered at the sight of it.

By the time she made it to the back of the room, her knees already felt bruised from the awkward motion. Faith brought her up to one of the metal beams and turned her around. After a brief moment of unlocking and relocking, the short chains between her ankles and wrists ran through one of the metal loops, several inches off the floor. It was just high enough that it lifted her feet off the floor, putting all her weight on her knees. Coupled with the awkward balance created by having her wrists locked practically to her feet, it was a very uncomfortable position. 

“Ok B, I’m gonna head out for a while. But before I go, I’ll give you one more choice to make,” Faith stepped forward, placing one foot on either side of Buffy’s legs. Her crotch was now directly at eye level. “I have to admit, you do have a pretty hot little body. Sure, your tits and ass are pretty small, but they’re perky and well shaped. You should be proud of yourself, you look damn good writhing in chains. Anyway, all this torture has got me pretty riled up. So, I’ll give you a chance - you can use that cute little mouth of yours to help me get off, and if you do a good job, I might just unlock your hands so you can actually lay down on the floor. Waddaya think B?”

Buffy was dumbfounded. Some part of her wasn’t surprised. Faith had stripped her naked and violated her ass, after all. But even after the brutal torture of the day, sexual humiliation seemed like more than she could take. At the same time, though, her whole body was in agony. Her joints were stiff and sore, her skin was covered in burns and welts, and the idea of being locked in this painful position for an indefinite period of time was even more daunting. Buffy somehow felt herself sink even deeper into humiliation as she looked up and spoke.

“Yes Faith. I’ll try.”

“Try what, B? What are you gonna do for me? Ask me nicely, and be specific.”

Buffy swallowed. Recovered slightly from her earlier delirious agony, she could once again process this debasement.

“Please let me lick your pussy, Faith. Please use my mouth to cum.”

Faith smiled. “Well, since you asked so nicely.”

She stepped forward and grasped the back of Buffy’s head, pushing the kneeling girl’s face into the crotch of her pants. Buffy could smell Faith’s arousal and feel the warmth of her sex through the leather. Faith grinded and humped Buffy’s face for a few moments before turning around and shoving her face into her ass. The pants were so tight that they separated Faith’s ass cheeks, Buffy finding her face buried in the crack of Faith’s leather-clad ass. Her face was smothered with such force that she became unable to breathe, helplessly gasping in leather as Faith rode her face. Finally, with a gasp, she was free, and Faith stepped away, unbuttoning her fly. 

The dark slayer wasted no time disrobing, exposing the pale skin of her toned legs. Buffy noticed there was a wet patch on the front of her panties. It disgusted her to see how aroused Faith had become from torturing her, and to know that she was about to satisfy that sadistic lust. The damp undergarments were soon discarded, giving Buffy an unobstructed view of Faith’s cunt. Unlike her own, hairless pussy, Faith had only shaved the labia and below, leaving a dark brown bush atop her vulva.

With mocking seductiveness, Faith strolled toward her kneeling prey. She again took her stance, spread-legged, directly in front of Buffy’s face. Buffy could see that Faith’s folds were indeed soaked, glimmering with slick juices.

“Well, get to work B,” Faith said dismissively.

Buffy had never gone down on a girl before. In fact, until now her mouth was completely virgin. Her only lover had been Angel, and in the throes of her deflowerment, foreplay had been bypassed. Hesitantly, she stuck out her tongue and ran it up Faith’s slit.

As soon as she tasted Faith’s juices, two things became abundantly clear. One, that she was totally, completely straight. The taste was bizarre and unsettling, and the soft, satisfied moan Faith let out as her tongue awkwardly explored her sex made her skin crawl. Second, she truly had no idea how to pleasure a woman. She simply ran the tip of her tongue up and down the length of Faith’s vagina, unsure how to proceed.

Faith looked down in disappointment. “C’mon B, no need to be shy. Get in there and do some work!” She thrust her pelvis forward, forcing Buffy’s mouth deeper between her lips.

The poor girl tried her best, but the end of a day of brutal torture is a difficult time to learn to please a lover. Buffy lapped like a dog at the dripping hole in front of her. Faith’s cream smeared around her mouth, stinging her burned cheek as it ran down. After the one initial moan, likely caused by the satisfaction of Buffy’s submission rather than physical pleasure, Faith remained quiet, showing no signs of enjoyment.

“Christ, is that really how you think this works? I know you have a vagina B, I was whipping it all afternoon. Don’t you know how your own pussy works? Come on! Lick my clit already!”

This chastisement made Buffy’s cheeks burn with further humiliation. She’d given herself up to be sexually used by her most hated enemy, and apparently she wasn’t even good at it. Of course, while she was sexually inexperienced, she did masturbate. Part of her knew that the clit was the key to an orgasm. But in the surreal haze she found herself in, the knowledge hadn’t come to the surface.

She tried to correct herself. Angling her mouth upwards, she flicked her tongue around the peak of Faith’s crease, struggling to find the tender bud. In the slippery, sightless world of her mouth, finding the clit proved much more challenging than with her own fingers. She managed to strike it a few times, causing a couple small breaths of pleasure to escape Faith’s lips, but each moan ended in frustration as Buffy quickly lost her mark. After a few minutes of this mediocre display, Faith had had enough, and pulled away.

“Jesus B, you really are hopeless. Let’s see if you can handle something simpler.”

Faith turned around so her ass was in front of Buffy’s face. She bent forward slightly at the hip, and reached back with one hand and spread her cheeks open. Buffy stared dumbly in stunned disgust at the puckered hole.

“You don’t need me to explain this to you, do ya B?” said Faith, looking over her shoulder. “Your tongue. My asshole. Two part equation. No clit no nothing. Reeeeeaaal easy for ya.”

In the heat of the room, beneath the tight leather pants, Faith’s ass had become quite sweaty. It’s pungent aroma filled Buffy’s nose as she processed what she was about to do. She knew if she didn’t obey, Faith would make things harder for her. Yet, somehow, a small kernel of pride had reconstituted after her grueling agony, and she felt stubborn indignation returning. She’d always been disgusted at the idea of anal of any kind, much less sticking her tongue up a captor’s ass. She froze for a moment, unsure. She thought of how thoughtlessly and roughly her own anus had been violated earlier. Her pride won the day. She would not debase herself like this. She clamped her mouth shut, and like a disobedient toddler, shook her head.

The look of playful condescension disappeared from Faith’s face.

“Well, look who still has a little unbroken spine left after all.” Faith stood up straight and slowly turned to face Buffy. Suddenly, she was smiling again. “Oh well, just more fun for later!” she said with an eerie cheerfulness. “I’ll just take care of myself for now.”

Suddenly, she grabbed the back of Buffy’s head with both hands and shoved her face back in her cunt. She roughly bucked her hips, grinding her cunt up and down the whole length of Buffy’s face. Though the helpless slayer’s mouth remained closed, Faith’s mouth now spewed for moans of pleasure and obscenities.

“MMmmmm, fuck! This is how I should’ve been doing it all along! You can’t lick pussy for shit, but your face makes a great fucktoy!”

Buffy cried out as Faith’s thighs rubbed her burned cheek, but if anything Faith started thrusting even harder. After several suffocating minutes, Faith cried out in orgasm, her legs clamping on either side of Buffy’s head, and a wave of fresh pussy juice flowing from her hole, immediately spread into Buffy’s eyes, mouth, and nose. 

After gripping Buffy’s unwilling face tightly between her thighs for a few more moments as she bucked and twitched to the end of orgasm, Faith finally released her captive’s head and stepped back. She smiled at the vacant expression that occupied Buffy’s cum-smeared face. She’d pushed the girl past the brink of what she could even react to, the blonde slayer now gazing dumbly at the floor.

“Well, nice try B. I know you did your best at first, but man, your pussy licking skills are truly abysmal. And then you had to go and make it even worse by getting all defiant on me at the end. I mean seriously, do you know how many guys out there would PAY to shove their tongue in my ass? What are you, too good for me?”

Faith turned and spread her ass with one hand as she mocked Buffy.

“Anyway. Good hustle at first, but really that was not enough of a show for me to give you any mercy. Especially since you acted like you still had pride or dignity or some bullshit. All that’s gonna have to go if you want to get on my good side.”

Faith knelt down and lifted Buffy’s chin with her thumb and forefinger, forcing their eyes to meet.

“And I promise, B. Cross my heart. If you cut all that shit out and just submit to me, be a good, compliant little slave girl instead of some kind of unruly pet, things are gonna get a whole lot better for you here. Just answer my questions, show some fuckin manners, go where I tell you to, do what I say, don’t make me fight tooth and nail for every little thing - it won’t be so bad down here. It won’t be good, it won’t be pleasant, but it’ll be a whole lot less brutal than it could be. So I’m gonna leave you just like you are for a good long while, and let you think about what kind of a participant you want to be. Sound good?”

Buffy nodded weakly. Her eyes were glazed over, barely grasping what was going on or being said.

Faith dropped Buffy’s head and shrugged. “Whatever suits you, B. I’m flexible.” Then she turned, put her pants back on, and walked up the staircase and out the door, turning the lights off behind her.

Buffy, kneeling uncomfortably in her shackles, plunged into complete darkness, began to weep softly.

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