Scooby Gang Time

BY : Deadman
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I can do this... yeah, it's not that hard, course they might be. As soon as they see what I'm wearing, or not wearing, I'm sure they'll all be.

I clutch at my long leather trench coat, holding it closed as good as I can. They push me a bit towards the door I kinda don't wanna go in but kinda do.

"W-what if the coach comes in or something?"

"He won't Dawn. He always makes his big speech and then goes to his office to watch the tapes of the game he just watched. He likes to do it so he can tell them all exactly how they screwed up every play."

I look at Cathy.

"How do you know?"

She smiles at me and winks.

"He told me."

Oh great.

"Well, you know, the room isn't just used for the football players. There could be, the marching band and, and the soccer team or... or the chess players, I hear they're kinda mean..."

I look at Darlene next to me and she's got her raised eyebrow pointed my way.

"I've heard... only heard..."

The four of them start to push me a little more and I put my weight back against them to try and not go.

"Well if they are in there, and that's a HUGE if, just tell them you're not there to play them at chess. You're there to make them happy, I'm sure they won't mind."

"Well, okay, but um... you know, uh, I don't really want to get a reputation as the campus slut you know? I don't think my sister would really appreciate that."

"I don't think you have to worry about that, there are plenty of girls who've done worse than what you're about to do. Kennedy did a lot worse you know?"


"That's what she told us."

"Well, I mean, I'm just not sure I really wanna do this."

"Getting cold feet are we?"

"Actually my feet are pretty warm in these heels, it's the rest of me that's getting cold."

"Well you should get in there then, we guarantee you'll warm up in no time."

"You wanna get in don't you?"

"Uh, yeah, really badly yeah but, I mean isn't there something else I could do? Get whacked in the ass a couple hundred times?"

"I'm sure you'll get whacked in the ass at least a few times this way too, besides, it's gotta be something you've never done before. And we know you've never done this. So go..."

"Uh, okay but..."

They give me a good hard shove, not letting me finish and I stumble into the guy's football team locker room.

Okay that could've been a lot worse, I could've fallen over and they would've seen what I'm not wearing. Of course, I don't think the fact that my hands are on a guy's really, really... REALLY toned chest is doing me much good either.

I look up at the guy whose face belongs to that really toned naked chest I've got my hands on.

"Uh, okay um..."

I take my hands off his chest and back up a few tiny steps.

"Whew um... sorry about that I uh... it's just you know, they pushed me and... um..."

Stop looking at his chest Dawn, stop looking at his chest. Look at something else... no don't look at the towel he's wearing, stop looking at it.

"You know... with the... heels... and um, I'm sorry..."

"Yeah that would've been bad. I might have had to make you work off your apology."

Stop looking at his towel, look at something else. Look at his face, his arms, hell even stare at his chest again just stop looking at his towel.

"Oh um... I'm sorry what?"


He looks me up and down.

"What are you doing in here?"

"Oh, uh... right, doing... in, in here with um... yeah uh, funny story..."

One of his buddies notices us talking and stands next to him, slightly more dressed. A football jersey and... oh, underwear.

Get control of your eyes Dawn.

"What's going on?"

Okay whoa...

"Nothing, um... at least, nothing that would really interest you um..."

"It got my attention."

I was so focused on the two hot guys in front of me I didn't notice a third. I laugh nervously as I feel myself start to sweat and smile big. All three of the guys start looking me over, one of them walking around behind me, blocking my exit. I wrap my arms around my coat, squeezing it to me as hard as I can.

See, I kinda expected this, but I didn't really know it would feel like this. I didn't know it would leave me feeling all exposed and vulnerable and... well I guess I am naked, except for my coat. I guess that was kinda the point though, coming in here with all these half naked guys, some fully naked though thankfully none of them have come over yet.

"So what are you doing here?"

"Uh... here?"

His eyes travel around the room and then settle back on mine.

"Oh, right uh, here... in the, men's locker room cause... cause you know, I'm a girl."

The guy behind me comes up closer and pokes me in the back, making me yelp and jump forward suddenly.

I really don't wanna know what he poked me with.

"We did actually notice that yes."

"Uh... well, like I was saying with the... it's actually a funny story..."

The two guys in front of me move closer, closing the gap between them and the guy behind me.

"Is it now?"

"Well I'm sure we'd love to hear it sooner or later."

I look back at the guy behind me who's so close I can hear him breathing kinda heavy. It makes me start to do the same.

"Preferably later..."

"Oh, uh... heh..."

"You know, you must be getting hot in that leather coat, what with the showers and the steam room going."

I pull the top of my coat closed as I notice the two guys in front staring. Not that there was any cleavage or anything, it's just the staring.

"Well, actually... um, yeah I am feeling a little hot in this but..."

The strong arms behind me reach out and start to undo the belt on the front of my coat, the one that's holding it closed.

"Well let's get that off then..."

He fumbles with it a bit.

"Uh... oh, well um... you know, I think this might be moving a little too fast for me. Maybe you guys could throw a couple names at me?"

The belt comes undone and he starts to pull the coat open. I grab my coat and hold it shut.

I've been involved with a few guys before this, even gave up my virginity to one of them, but I've never been with this many guys at once. It's usually just one on one slow and romantic. Something tells me these guys have no intention of being gentle.

"Uh, you know, maybe we could start out with a little conversation? Maybe we could get everyone going with a lively debate?"

The guy in the towel looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

"You come in here, looking as hot as you do, wearing what you're wearing, and you wanna talk?"

I look around the room, a few of the guys, some of them naked, have started to notice me.

"Um... yes?"

The three of them laugh at that.

I know it was a bad joke but people don't always have to laugh at bad jokes.

"Come on honey, loose the leather."

The guy behind me starts to pull my collar back. I move one hand up under my neck to keep it closed.

"When I'm ready..."

The guy in the jersey calls out to everyone in the locker room.

"Hey guys, we got ourselves a prime piece of ass here. Come and get it."

Did he have to say that?

I look around as the other football players in the room notice me and a collective smile comes across their faces. The guy behind me puts his head on my shoulder. I can feel his breath on my neck. It makes my own breathing speed up a bit.

"Ready yet?"

He takes a really, REALLY good long lick of my neck and I don't have time to react when he moves my hands out of the way and pulls the collar of my trench coat down over my shoulders, to my elbows, pretty much stopping me from covering up my almost complete exposed body. I try to pull the jacket back up but he's holding it down so all I can do is cover my breasts. I look around the room at the now growing number of guys looking at me.

How many guys are there on a football team anyway? There's like 7 of them around me and there's more coming. Hoots and hollers go out as they look at me standing there barely clothed, on display for the growing number of guys heading my way.

"What do you say fellas? Have we got ourselves a pussy or not?"

There are all sorts of yelling and chanting saying hell yeah and stuff.

"I say we got ourselves a pussy."

Uh, okay... WHOA!

All the sudden I'm pulled completely off my feet and into the air. He carries me into the locker room.

Well geez, I guess wearing stilettos didn't really work out.

As I'm on my way to wherever it is they're taking me I feel them grab at my coat and pull it off me, leaving me completely naked except for my heels. The football team, whose numbers have grown to at least 15 maybe, starts chanting.


"Umm, listen... hey guys, uh... umm... since I'm gonna be, you know, with all of you uh, would you mind? Would you mind not calling me, pussy?"

He plops me down on one of the benches between two rows of lockers and someone throws my coat up on top of a locker, where I can't get at it.

"I'm not a slut you know? I'm only doing this to get into a sorority. Maybe you guys could treat me with a little more respect?"

My head turns and I come face to head with a really big penis.

"I got your respect right here babe."

I look up at the guy, whose gotta be at least 6 feet tall and then stare at his penis again.

"Oh um, hi... uh... wow... you know, I don't think I've ever seen one of these this big before."

"Well, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll..."

He pokes me in the face with it and I just jerk my head back, kinda mesmerized by the sight of such a huge dick.

"Get to know it pretty well by the time I'm done."

The guys around me laugh and I kinda chuckle a bit, looking from guy to guy and licking my lips.

You know, maybe they were right about me doing this. Maybe it will be kinda fun, it's certainly starting to feel that way.

I'm about to reach up and touch it as two other guys come up next to him for my apparent unavoidable pleasure when someone stops them.

"Hey, you guys know the rules. The quarterback always gets to play the sneak on the new meat."

The guys back off, some of them upset.

I gotta admit, I'm a little disappointed myself.

I look at the guy behind me, the same guy who carried me here from the door.

He's the quarterback? He's so... chiseled and, big... wow I... I didn't notice till just now. I didn't get a good look at him cause he moved behind me so quickly. I... wait...

"Sneak? What um... what's a sneak, exactly?"

"It just means I get first shot at you."

"Oh... well I guess that's all right. I was kinda hoping we could start slow."

He walks straight up to me, pulling his jersey off, making him completely naked inches from me.

"Oh don't worry babe, I'll get ya started all right."

"Good, that sounds like the best idea for all concerned."

"Right... stand up would ya? I wanna get a good look at how beautiful you are."

Now that's a cheesy compliment if I ever heard one, but I stand up anyway.

He reaches out a hand and I take it, he uses it to twirl me around on my heels, nearly making me fall over.

"Damn girl, you're quite the hottie you know that?"

I regain my balance just barely before answering.

"Well, um... thank you... I think."

"Let's get started."

I close the gap between us and lean in to kiss him but feel his hands come up on my shoulders to stop me. He looks down and then pushes on my shoulders, telling me he wants me to go down on him.

"Oh, um... you want me to?"

"If you don't mind..."

"Uh... right..."

I start to get down on my knees in front of him, my stilettos not making it easy on me. I get down there, my knees against the cold floor, face to face with his penis.

My knees are really gonna hurt after this.

I look straight at the head of his cock.

Course my knees will probably only be the first thing in a long list of things on me that will hurt. He's huge, I don't know if I can fit all of that in my mouth, and I'm betting he really wants me to. I tried to do that with my last two boyfriends, it didn't really work out so well. Thank god I don't have a boyfriend now. If he found out I was doing something like this he'd totally break up with me. Maybe one of these guys will go out with me later, if I can walk.

"Do you need help?"


"No... no, no I... um..."

"You're not a newbie are you?"


"A newbie?"

"Yeah, a newbie, a virgin..."

"No, no I'm not a virgin. I've, I've had sex a couple times actually, I'm just... I've..."

"Ah, you're a Shelby."

Do guys have a weird name for everything?


"Yeah, you need to be broken out of your shell. I'm betting you've never had sex with more than one guy at a time."

I look around the room at the eagerly waiting guys, their hands on their dicks, looking at me and waiting their turn with me.

"Well, actually... no, actually..."

"I guess it's time to change all that then."

I look around at my best guess of 20 guys that have kinda formed a circle around me and the quarterback.

I guess it is.

"Go ahead any time."

I reach up and put my hand around it, it's so big I'm almost scared of it as I lick my lips and open my mouth to take it in. I put my lips around the head and start to take it into my mouth. He's bigger than any guy I've ever been with, and I think some of these other guys are bigger than him. I take more into my mouth and slide my hand down to the base of his penis.

"There we go, don't be shy there babe, take some more of it."

I take a little more into my mouth and I feel his hand on the back of my head, guiding me to take more of it, and I do. His penis hits the back of my throat and I start to move my head up and down on it.

God, this is so totally insane. I can't believe I'm doing this, but I am. I'm completely naked on my knees in the middle of a guy's locker room with a football team looking to do me. And I didn't think I would be, but it's so totally exciting. It's such a turn on that every guy in this room wants me really badly, and it's an even bigger turn on that I know I'm gonna have to give it to them. There's no way I'm walking out of here without giving each and every one of them a little something, and when I do I'm probably not gonna walk out of here anyway, but that's okay. I know every moment leading up is gonna be pure pleasure.

"Speed it up there pussy, you're gonna have to be quicker if you wanna take us all on."

I pull my head back to take his penis out of my mouth, stroking it with my hand so he'll let me talk.

"Um... you know I thought we, we talked about this calling me... pussy thing..."

"Just keep sucking dick there girl, the guys will get too impatient if you don't hurry."

I look around the room at all the tall, muscular men and it gets me all tingly in my nether regions. His hand moves down to the base of my skull and he guides my head back to the dick in my hand. I stare up at him as I put my lips on his penis, sucking it in quicker this time, moving my head faster while still keeping my eyes looking up at him.

"Yeah, there ya go pussy. You know, the second I saw her something told me she'd be good at sucking cock."

The guys around me laugh at that as I start to use my tongue against his dick.

Should I be taking that as a compliment? Maybe I should laugh, show them I'm playing along.

I laugh into the penis in my mouth. He looks down at me and smiles.

"It sounds like our piece of pussy is enjoying herself. I think it's time I give her another reason to enjoy herself."

He grabs me by the hair and pulls my lips off his cock um... penis.

"Would you mind getting up?"

I start to stand up, trying my best not to fall because of the stilettos.

I don't think I'm exactly thinking straight either cause of how turned on I am at the situation.

"Uh, sure..."

"Put your hands on the bench there for me?"

I look over at the bench and then back at him.

"Um, okay... why, if I can ask that?"

A couple of the football players chuckle and the quarterback grins at me.

"Never taken it doggie style, have you?"

Doggie style?

I look at the bench again and think about how he wants me and it suddenly occurs to me what he's talking about.

"Oh, uh... well yeah I did it like that before... once I think, I can't remember."

He puts his hands on my shoulders, turns me around and slaps me on the ass hard.

Ow! Well the girls did say I'd get whacked on the ass a few times.

"Then why don't you go and bend over for me."

"Oh, um... right..."

I take the few steps back to the bench and bend over, putting my hands on it. He comes up behind me and I look behind me as I feel his hands on my butt. He puts a little grip into his touch and my hips roll a bit at the sensations running through my body in anticipation.

"Ya see that boys? We got ourselves a fine piece of ass who fancies herself a slut."

A slut?

"Um... I'm not a, a slut..."

He puts a hand on my hip and I feel his cock brush against my pussy um... vagina lips. I can't help but shudder with need as I let out a gasp.

"I think you are..."

He rubs his cock against my vagina again and I moan, closing my eyes for a split second.

"You just don't want to admit it."

Don't focus on the dick touching your p-pussy. Focus on anything but the big dick running itself all over your ass.

"I'm, I'm not..."

"You're here aren't you? You walked into this locker room, wearing only that leather coat and those slutty heels."

The very tip of his cock presses into my pussy and I groan, rolling my hips a little.

"You came in here to get fucked, by me and every guy in this room. I say that makes you a slut."

"I... uh... I'm not..."

"Guys... Why don't you give her something to convince her?"

The guys all laugh and I hear a few of them walking this way. I open my eyes that I didn't even realize were closed and dicks are being waved in my face.

"Oh, oh my god I... I feel..."

Two cocks slap me in the face and I know my vagina is dripping wet.

"Like a slut, say it."

God I... I think I wanna say it.

A third cock slaps me on the cheek and I snap at it to get it in my mouth.

"I... I'm a..."

"You wanna get fucked don't you?"

My head drops to keep my eyes off the cock in front of me.


"Say you're a slut and I'll fuck you."

Just say it Dawn, say it and you'll get what you want.

"I'm a... slut..."

"I'm sorry, what was that?"

"I'm a slut..."

"Good girl..."

He grabs my butt and spreads the cheeks open. I arch my back, presenting my vagina to him. His dick pushes its way inside me.

God damn, he's so big. He feels bigger than he did in my mouth.

I look behind me and I think he's only half way in.

"Oh... gee..."

I don't think I've had a boyfriend that was this big before. I don't think I'll want a boyfriend that isn't this big after this. I feel his body press against my butt and I know he's all the way in.

"We got ourselves a tight one here boys. I say it's time to stretch her out."

Hoots and hollers go out across the room and honestly I couldn't care less. He's filling me so much I just really want him to do me.

He starts to pump into me at a slow pace, slowly picking up speed and I groan in absolute pleasure. He really starts picking up speed, pounding into my... me like I've never been done before. My knees get weak as he pounds into me and the heels I'm still standing in start to make it really hard to stand.

Okay focus Dawn, just because he's giving you the best sex of your life doesn't mean you can't have some kind of control.

"You, you know... oh... I... this w-... would be a lot easier if... if I was-wasn't wearing... heels... oh, god..."

He slaps me on the ass and picks up speed.

"Leave them on sweet cheeks, you look sluttier that way. You wanna look slutty don't you, to turn the guys on?"

I throw my head back as his huge dick inside me starts hitting me like a mach truck and my eyes roll back into my head for a split second.


My knees and elbows start to buckle with the pounding he's giving me and I so just wanna fall over. His big strong hands grab my hips though and it keeps me upright.

"Geez bitch, if you can't take one guy fucking you like this, how are you gonna handle all of us?"

"Oh... I... uh, yeah I... god..."

He's, right... I'm never gonna survive all these guys if I don't at least try and stay conscious through a pounding like this... god he's just so...

"Oh my god... I, I'm gonna..."

He starts to slow down a bit just as I'm about to cum.

"All right, I think there's one more thing I want to do to you before I hand you over to the rest of them. I want a piece of that hot ass of yours.”

I breathe heavy as he pulls his dick out of me and I look back at him.

"You... you want a p-piece of... aren't you already... um... unless you mean you..."

He looks down at my ass as I stand up.

"But I... I mean, I've never... I don't usually let um..."

"Well today's the day you let us then. You can't take care of all these guys using only 2 of your three holes babe. You're gonna have to take it up the ass at some point, I promise I'll be gentle enough but I can't make the same promise for the rest of the guys."

I look around the room at the naked football players surrounding me, each of them with a big grin on their faces and I just know he's right.

These guys aren't gonna play gentle, and with that much dick in my face I don't think I could stop them if they wanted to do me in the butt. I guess if I have to get screwed in the butt it might as well be by him.

"Um... okay, but you said you'd be gentle."

"Oh I will, now go ahead and stand facing against the lockers for me."

Against the lockers?

I walk up to the lockers and put my hands against the cold locker doors.


He comes up behind me and presses his body full against my back, except for his crotch. I feel the tip of his cock press against my ass and it makes me tense up.

"Spread those legs for me honey? It'll open you up a bit, and just relax... this should hurt a bit at first."

I try to relax as I feel him push the head of his dick into me but being up against the lockers like this isn't making it easy. He pushes himself in further and I clench my butt even more. He takes some of his weight off me once he knows he's in and he reaches into the space between the cold steel of the locker and my heated body, grabbing a breast in one hand. He teases the nipple with his thumb, making me groan with pleasure and offsetting some of the pain. He pushes himself into my butt more but his other hand moves its way down my body, grazing over my clit on his way down between my legs.

"My boys aren't gonna be this gentle you know?"

He shoves himself deeper into me.

"I, I know..."

I do know.

"They're gonna fuck you eight ways from Sunday..."

"I know..."

He pumps himself all the way into my butt with one final thrust sending a shot of pain right through me.


"But you want it don't you?"

He starts to pump into me in quick and hard thrusts, the pain of being done in the ass offset by his fingers brushing themselves over my puss... vagina lips over and over.

"Uh... god... yes..."

"You wanna get fucked by all these guys don't you?"

"I... uh... yes..."

"We're gonna fuck you so hard you're not gonna be able to walk, and you still want it don't you?"

His fingers play with my clit and it's turning me on so much I'm gonna cum in no time. He picks up his thrusts into me and every one brings me closer to orgasm.

"Yes... god... oh... yes..."

"Say it for me."

Say... what?


"Say you wanna get fucked by the whole football team."

"I... I wanna... get... f-done by... the whole football team."

"No, say it with the word fucked. Say you wanna get fucked by the whole football team."

"I wanna... get fucked... by the whole... football, team."

He pushes the tips of his fingers into my vagina and continues rubbing my clit with his thumb.

God, I'm so close. I can feel myself start to really tense up, but his dick never slows down.

His thrusts start getting so hard he's shoving me up against the locker with every hard thrust.

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum in that sweet little ass of yours you know that?"

My cheeks start to squeeze his dick and I know that's only gonna bring him closer.

I don't care though, I just wanna cum so badly.

With a single final thrust into my butt he shoves me against the lockers, pinning me there as I feel him cum inside me. He pinches a nipple on my breast and runs his thumb over my clit as he does though and it sends me over the edge, cumming on his hand as he fills my butt with cum.

"Damn, this is one fine fuck we got here boys."

He pulls himself out of me and takes a few steps back, leaving me leaning against the locker.

"Wow... just, whew... wow..."

I turn around and lean my back against the locker, not caring that the 20 some guys can see me in all my glory as I slide down the locker to the floor.

"Wow... I had, no idea it could feel... that... good."

"Well now you do sweet cheeks, and the fun ain't over yet."

I open my eyes to see three guys approaching me, their dicks eye level to me.

"Oh... uh, right... um..."

I almost forgot they were here.

I pull myself up to a kneeling position as the three of them crowd around me. I reach out and touch the closest dick to me, wrapping my hand around it. I start to stroke it slowly as another dick is presented to me. I take it in my other hand and stroke it gently as another dick is put in my face.

"Uh... oh um..."

I open my mouth to take it in but can't get my lips around it. That doesn't last long though as he grabs the base of his cock and a hand comes down on my head, holding it still.

"Don't worry babe, I'll help you with that."

I look up at him as best I can with my head held still.

"Oh um... thanks..."

"Say it with a cock in your mouth."

He guides his cock to my mouth and I put my lips over the head. I squeeze the dicks in my hand a bit as the taste of one in my mouth makes me moan.

"If you like the head of my cock so much, just imagine how the whole thing will taste."

He starts to push my head down on his man pole, making me take as much as I can. I stroke the dicks still in my hands again, moving my head back and forth on the one in my mouth, guided by the hand on my head. I moan into the dick in my mouth as the sensations of what I'm doing washes over me again.

"Don't be a pussy hog Jeff, she's gotta have a turn with all of us."

The hand on my head leaves and another one grabs me by the hair, pulling the dick out of my mouth. My head turns to the guy on my right at his insistent hand and I start sucking him off, moving my left hand to the guy I was just sucking on. I put my right hand against the locker to support me. They start to move away from the locker though and I walk on my knees with them, trying to keep the dick in my mouth.

"Let's move you to a better position shall we?"

I start sucking him off again as we make it to the bench.

"I know what position I want her in."

The team laughs at that but I honestly couldn't care. He pulls me off his member.

"Why don't you sit on the bench?"

I lift myself up off my knees and throw one leg over the bench so I can sit down. He lets go of my hair and a guy comes up to my left. I lean into him and start sucking. I reach out with both hands and grab onto the nearest cocks in reach, stroking them both.

"Damn, getting fucked in the ass must've done something to this chick, cause now she's begging for it."

I pull away from the dick in my mouth long enough to take a couple deep breaths, my breathing getting really deep now, before going back down on him. I try and take him all in my mouth but I can't quite do it. I pull away and look up at him before turning to the guy I have in my right hand, taking him in my mouth.

This is so completely nuts. I still can't believe I'm doing this. Me! Dawn Summers in a football locker room, trying to suck off the entire team. No one who really knows me would ever believe I'd do something like this, not in a million years. But here I am, sitting on a bench in the football team's locker room with my legs wide open, sucking off a guy while I jerk off two others. And I'd be willing to bet not one of them would ever think in a trillion years that I'm actually enjoying it.

I take my hands off the guys I'm currently whacking off and replace them with two other guys who I haven't gotten to yet. I stop sucking off one guy and watch him move out of the way as another guy takes his place who immediately guides my head down to him.

I actually kind of like the situation I'm in. I was a little nervous at first because I'd never really considered doing something like this, having this many guys on me at once. But after I got fucked by the quarterback, I'm starting to think this could actually be fun, especially if all of them are as good as him.

I feel someone sit behind me on the bench and I stop sucking long enough to look behind me as I feel a pair of big strong arms come around me and his hands grab my breasts.

God he's got huge hands. He can grab like my whole breast in one hand and I'm almost a C cup. Someone grabs me by the hair, forcing my eyes away from the guy behind me and straight into a cock that's being shoved in my face.

"Worry about him later honey, just keep sucking and you'll be fine."

I take the dick in front of me in my mouth and moan into it as the guy grabbing my tits starts to massage them.

"You've got some nice tits here girly."

I try to pull my lips off the dick in my mouth to thank him but a hand on my head keeps me from it. I just mumble it into the cock. He pinches my nipples kinda hard and I yelp, shifting a bit on the bench. I change dicks in my mouth, leaning to the right and reach behind me, trying to grab the one of the guy behind me, kinda hoping if I jerk him off he won't pinch me so hard. I touch him as I start to bob my head on the new one and its kinda slick.

I must've already given him head.

"Damn, I think she wants to get fucked guys."

Oh god would that be good.

"Get up on that bench for us would you pussy?"

I lift myself off the bench, stopping the onslaught of sucking for a few seconds while I put my knees up on the narrow metal bench. As soon as I'm up on all fours I feel a pair of hands from behind me grab my hips. He runs two fingers over the wetness of my pussy and it makes me shudder a little. The head of his penis presses against my southern lips and I gasp as he starts to push his way into me. A hand in my hair keeps me from enjoying it too much, pulling my head up and opening my eyes to the sight of a penis in my face again.

God there's so many of them, I don't know if I can handle it all. I'm gonna try though cause this is really turning me on.

"Hey, don't think just cause you're getting fucked that you don't still have work to do, now get sucking."

"Oh, mmm..."

In goes another cock into my mouth as one enters me from behind. He slowly builds up a rhythm in me which starts to push me into the dick in my mouth.

I've never taken two guys on at once before. I guess this is a day of firsts for me then. First I get done in the butt for the first time, now I take on two guys at once, and I'm betting it won't be long before I'm taking on three at once. He really starts picking up speed behind me and I groan, making the guy in my mouth feel real good. I pull my mouth off the guy in front of me and drop my head between my shoulders, my body set on fire by the pounding I'm receiving.

"God... FUCK!"

"You like that bitch? You like it when you get pounded?"

"Uh... oh, yes..."

Laughter goes out through the locker room.

"I think we got ourselves a slut in training here boys. Take my big fat cock there bitch, take it and like it."

"Yes... fuck... me..."

A hard slap comes down on my butt and I yelp.

"Ow... god... f-damn..."

Another random hand of a football player grabs me by the hair, wrapping it up. He turns my head to him on my right. His dick slaps me in the face once and then hits my chin a couple times before he starts wiping it on my cheeks. I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, trying my best to lick it while pushing back on the guy doing me.

"She's got such a sweet innocent face. I almost hate the idea of cumming all over it and messing it up... ALMOST..."

The whole room laughs and I really couldn't care, I just wanna keep getting fucked.

"Oh... uh..."

"But first I think I'm gonna fuck you."

The guy behind me slows down and my groan is muffled by the cock of the guy who said he's gonna do me being shoved in my mouth. It's quickly pulled out though as a final thrust into my southern lips pushes him all the way in me. My head drops between my shoulders again, letting my hair fall over my face as he lets go. I moan as he pulls out and someone takes his place. I lift my head up and push my hair back behind my ears as a pair of hands grip my butt, spreading my cheeks and I know he's gonna do me either way.

"Hmm, you know I don't think this girl is working quite hard enough. I think maybe we should up the stakes for her guys. I say we do a triple play on this here bitch."

Triple play? Isn't that a baseball term?

I look behind me at the guy with his hands on my butt.

"What's a triple play?"

"Just relax and do what we tell you and you'll find out."

One of the hands behind me grabs my hair and pulls on it.

"Get up on your knees, would ya pussy?"

I stand up on my knees like I'm told, the metal digging into my knees from my weight. The guy who was about to do me comes around in front of me.

"I think I'm good for the pussy."

He sits down on the bench in front of me.

He's good for my pussy?

"I'll take the ass then, it's better than my girlfriend's."

"Uh, take the ass? Um... what are we doing? I'd kinda like to know since I'll be doing all the work."

A hand rubbing against my nether regions makes me moan and lose a little concentration.

God, concentrate Dawn, you gotta find out what they're doing.

"What... are we doing?"

"Don't worry about it baby cakes, just enjoy yourself."

He grabs one of my breasts and plays with the nipple, his fingers still gliding over my vagina.

"Oh... okay..."

A guy behind me puts a hand between my shoulders and pushes forward and a hand on my hip makes me fall forward on my hands and knees again, my hands on either side of the head of the guy under me. I look at him as my hair falls forward and his hands move from my body's sensitive parts.

"Uh... hi!"

"You might want to spread those great legs of yours, it'll make things easier."

"Oh... uh... right..."

I take my knees off the bench and stand pretty shakily with my heels on the floor.

"So um... how are you?"

"I'll feel better when I'm fucking you."

I curl my hair back behind one ear and look down at him.

"Yeah see, about that? I uh... I'm a little worried about it because you haven't told me what a triple play is, I'd kinda like to know since I'm kind of a key part of..."

"You should pull your hair back. Do it up like that."

My hair?

"You think so? I was actually thinking about doing something with my hair, maybe cutting it short."

"Actually I was thinking it'd be easier to fuck you if your hair was tied up or something."

"Oh... uh, right... I think I had a scrunchy in my jacket that you guys threw somewhere."

Someone grabs my jacket from on top of the lockers and fishes through the pockets, pulling out my scrunchy. I take it and do my hair up in a ponytail.


"Much, thanks..."

"No problem, I wanna do this the best w..."

The head of a dick presses against my butt.

"W... uh..."

It pushes into me.

I forgot what I was saying. God damn, he's huge. Are all these guys hung like a horse?

The force of his cock makes me bend at the knees a bit and I feel another one touching me from the guy under me. My eyes go wide.

Oh my god, are they going to...? I think they are. They're going to do me in both places at once.

I moan as I'm filled in my pussy by the guy under me.

"Feels good doesn't it?"


It does feel good, great even. I'm already breathing hard again and all they've done is put themselves inside me. I feel... filled. God do I feel filled. I thought it was incredible when I had sex for the first time, but this feels 10 times better. I don't know why I didn't try this sooner.

The guy in my butt starts slowly pumping into me, which pushes me into the guy in my vagina.


I saw this on a porno one time that my ex-boyfriend made me watch. He really wanted to try this with another guy but I totally turned him down, I probably shouldn't have. This feels just... wow.

They start to pick up speed, pumping into me harder with every thrust. My breath catches with every thrust into me, building a rhythm and turning me on at the same time.

"Oh... uh... y... yes... f-fuck... me..."

Faster and faster they pound like pistons into me, my mind all but shutting down at the sensations they're pumping into me. My eyes close and my head starts moving back and forth, moaning and biting my lip to keep from screaming out how incredible this feels. Someone grabs my ponytail and I force myself to open my eyes as I continue to get pounded. A dick is shoved in my face.

"You're rounding second there babe, time to slide into third."

"Oh... umph..."

He slides his cock deep into my mouth and I try my best to suck on it as he almost immediately starts sliding it in and out of my mouth.

Oh... oh my god... it's, incredible. I think, I think now I understand why a woman would put herself through something like this. I get why there are so many gangbang videos out there. It's an incredible feeling, being filled in three places at the same time. It's a turn on to be completely at the mercy of so many guys, all wanting to screw you all at once. It's great.

I feel a pair of lips against my breasts, sucking my nipples good and hard and making me moan into the dick in my mouth. I relax into the movements of the bodies surrounding me, trying to feel every thrust, feel every overwhelming feeling. It's so much, so much all at once.

I groan as a dick is pulled from my mouth and the guys in my other places start alternating thrusts, the second one pulls out the other pushes in. I close my eyes and try to focus on pushing back against the thrusts into me but a hand grabs my ponytail, forcing me to focus on the cock put in my face. I open my mouth, gasping and moaning with every thrust into me as he pushes past my lips and into my mouth. I try my best to suck as hard as I can but the being fucked thing makes it hard, his grip only helping a little.

"All right, let the rest of us have a piece."

The pounding slows to a stop, both guys pushing their way full into me one last time. I take my mouth off the dick I'm sucking and gasp as I feel the guy in my butt start to pull out. I look behind me as he pulls out and I get a slap on my ass for my trouble.

"You got one fine ass there babe."


A pair of hands from beneath me grabs my hips and tries to lift them a bit.

"Get off for a sec there? We got to switch up."

I steady my legs as best I can on my heels and start to climb off of him, letting him slide out of me as I do. As soon as I'm off him a hand is on the back of my neck, urging me to bend over so I do, coming face to head with a cock... um, dick. I grab it and start to suck as best I can. I lean down a bit, spreading my legs to get more in my mouth. A pair of hands grabs my butt, spreading my cheeks as wide as they can, making me moan into the dick in my mouth. It isn't long before I feel a dick press against my pussy and enter me.

"God damn this chick is tight."

My hips rock back against the guy now pounding into me and try my best to keep sucking the dick in my mouth while I'm done from behind. I pull my mouth off the cock in it and look behind me at the guy doing me while stroking the dick I was just sucking on.

"Oh, in the butt... someone do me in the butt..."

He smacks me hard on one cheek and I yelp at the mix of pain with the incredible pleasure.

"Ask and ye shall receive bitch, and receive, and receive and receive..."

The crowd laughs as he slows down and pulls out of me, letting the next guy take his place. He grabs me by my butt cheeks and squeezes them a bit.

"Let's get her back on the bench, give her some work to do."

Oh god, what now?

I let go of the dick in my hand and stand up a bit as the guy with his hands on my butt slides it up to my hips and starts pulling me back towards the bench, making me nearly fall over in my heels. We stop near the bench and I look behind me as the guy who pulled me over sits down on the bench.

Okay so we're going back to this are we?

I turn around and as I'm throwing my leg over the bench it's caught by the guy I'm about to do.

"Ass first baby, you said you wanted it in the ass."

Ass... I mean, butt first?

I turn around so my butt is facing him and then look back. I put a hand on his rippling abs to hold myself up as I swing my leg over the bench. I put my other hand against his chest to balance myself in this position. I look at a few of the guys watching me.

"What now?"

I look behind me as a hand goes on my hip and I feel a dick press against my butt.

"Now you ride the dick babe."

"Oh, um... all right..."

I try to relax my cheeks as I put my weight down on the guy below me letting him slide into me.

I still can't get over how huge these guys are. They fill me so much I almost feel like I want to go off just from having them inside.

I get about half of it in me and then I start to pull up, sliding myself slowly up and down on the dick in me. The hands of the guy under me go to my hips as I slowly start to ride him, helping me stay steady. My breaths coming short and fast I do my best to straighten up, get a little leverage on the guy I'm riding. I lean forward, putting my hands against the steel of the locker room bench and try to ride the dick even harder.

"Oh, god... oh... yes... damn I..."

It isn't long before I get another dick put in my face and I lick my lips before he guides my head down onto it, doing my best to swallow it in one go. I bob my head up and down on the one in my mouth while still trying to ride this dick in my butt. I pull away to take a breath, leaning back a bit on the guy under me to really drive it into me.

God I'm so turned on.

I reach down between my legs and finger my clit, taking me higher, closer to orgasm.

"Looks like she needs a little extra attention eh boys?"

The guy I was just sucking on sits down in front of me on the bench and I look at him straightening up but not stopping. I slow down a bit as he gets real close, dick in hand.

"What... what are we... doing?"

"Extra attention babe, just enjoy it."

I slow to a stop at riding the dick in my butt while another one is put right beside it at the opening of my vagina.

Oh god, not again.

I push my hips forward to open myself up to him as he slides his dick into me, filling me in my other hole. I wiggle my hips a bit to let the new dick really get in there. My hand goes out and I grip the naked shoulder of the guy in front of me for balance. I start to wiggle my hips more and every time I thrust them forward I'm filled just a little bit more by the guy in front of me, and vice versa. I try my best to ride both cocks at once, bouncing as best I can without losing the dicks inside me.

"Oh, my... um... oh... gosh I... uh..."

The guy in front of my grabs my breasts in his hands, squeezing them, playing with my nipples, making me so much hotter than I already am. I feel a pair of wet lips on my nipples as they begin to suck on them, making me move my hips even harder against the two of them.

Geez, oh... it's a good thing Buffy trained me to kill vampires, making me exercise and stuff, otherwise I would've passed out by now. All that endurance training and everything really paid off.

I put my arms out around the neck of the guy who's tongue is swirling itself around one of my areolas. Throwing my head back, I gasp at the maneuvering of his tongue, which has switched to my other breast. It makes me ride them even harder.

"Oh, oh geez, like that, oh... yes..."

If Buffy knew I was using the endurance training she showed me for this she'd kill me, or get grossed out or something. I don't have anywhere near the stamina my sister does, she could probably take on 50 guys if she really wanted to. I bet she has. She can be such a slut sometimes, flaunting herself to every tom dick and, pussy within eyesight.

Both guys start thrusting up into me, breaking my train of thought.

Okay Dawn, probably a bad idea to think about your sister while you're doing a room full of guys.

"Mmm, damn, I think I'm gonna cum in this chick."

Whoa, um... cum?

I slow to a stop and look at the guy in front of me.

"Oh don't worry babe, I'd much rather cum all over those great tits of yours."

He grabs my breast in his hand, squeezing it hard.

"Uh, all right..."

He puts his hands on my thighs, kinda pulling on them, indicating he wants me to get up. I push myself up a bit letting the dicks slip out of me and the guys I was just doing move out of the way before my legs give out and I plop down on the bench. I lean forward onto my hands and take a few deep breaths.

"Whew, wow, I... I didn't realize I was so, tired."

"Well fucking a whole room of football players will do that to you."

I take the scrunchy out of my hair, running my fingers through it a few times before wiping the sweat off my naked chest.

"I did it though, I did a whole room full of football players."

"You really did, and you're one hell of a good fuck. But it's not over yet."

I look up at the three guys who are joined by three other ones, all stroking their dicks.

"It's not?"

"No but don't worry..."

He puts his hand against my collar bone.

"All ya gotta do is sit back and let it come."

I lie back on the bench like he wants me.

"Or maybe I should say, just let us cum."

The guys all crowd around me as they start whacking off.

Oh, are we...?

I look at the guys standing above me. There are two guys with their dicks right above my head, two just over my chest, and two just over my stomach.

You know, I heard about these things, cum baths I think they called them. I never really understood what they're all about. Baths are supposed to make you feel clean, not dirty. I guess now I'm gonna find out why some people like them.

I hear one of them grunt. I close my eyes and open my mouth, sticking out my tongue. The first spurts of jizz hit my face and something about it makes me moan. It's kinda warm on my face and it's joined by more on my breasts and stomach. Some more cum splashes on my forehead and nose and it's joined by more on my stomach and breasts. I use my index finger to wipe the jizz off my nose that almost got in my eye and lick it off.

"Hey guys, try not to get any in my eyes. I'd rather not be blind after this."

"We'll do our best babe."

After a few more spurts of cum hit my face the two guys standing beside my face move away and I can tell by the shadows blocking the light that two more are there now. I reach down and start spreading the cum over my breasts and stomach making my skin feel warmer as they continue to cum all over my upper body. The four guys standing over my breasts and stomach move away and four more guys take their place.

I spread the cum over my nipples, pinching them gently and making me moan. More cum hits my face and rub it over my cheeks and down my neck. My hips raise off the bench as my skin is plastered with more cum. Guy after guy lets his load go over me, covering me all over with cum. It gets on just about every part of my breasts and stomach, on my shoulders and neck, all over my face, some of it gets in my eyes. As the last guy grunts and starts cumming on my face I wipe the cum from my eyes and look up at all the guys standing around me. Some of them have started getting dressed again.

"Did you have fun babe?"

"Oh, oh I really did. So much fun I don't know if I can walk now."

I lick the cum off my fingers and run them through my hair, trying to get the cum out of it.

"And I think I need a shower."

I sorta sit up on the bench, combing out my hair a bit more. My legs feel kinda weak.

"Well feel free to use the shower room if you like. It's not like there's anyone here who hasn't fucked you."


"No problem sweet cheeks. With the way you fuck it's the least I can do, if your legs work that is."

I try to stand up but one of my feet slips on what I think is sweat, plopping me back down on the bench. I think I need some help.

"Umm, could you do me another favor?"

"That depends on the favor."

"My um, my friends should be outside. Would you mind going and telling them I need some help in here?"

He reaches down and cups one of my breasts, squeezing it and one of the nipples. Then he slaps my breast and walks toward the door, as he's already dressed.


"Thank you."

I pull my left leg over the bench so both of them are on one side and my thighs burn as it goes over. Oh yeah, I definitely think help is needed.

I lean forward and take a few deep breaths as a bunch of guys walk by me fully dressed. A couple people come in and head my way as I try and stand up. My legs give out half way through and I fall backwards, tripping over the bench. Someone catches me though, a couple of people actually. I look up at them.

"Oh, Cathy... Sarah... good thing you guys were there."

They smile down at me and so does Jenny.

"We can see that."

I'm still leaning on their support, they haven't helped me up.

"Umm, since you're here would you mind helping me up?"


They help me stand up but when they let me go I almost fall over again.

"Wow, I guess they gave you a pretty big work out there eh Dawnie?"

I put my hands on their shoulders for support.

"You could say that, I think I need a nap."

"Well let's go then, do you know where your jacket is?"

"Umm, I think they threw it on top of the lockers. But I'm pretty sure it'd be better if I had a shower first, or something. It probably wouldn't look good if I left here all covered in icky sticky cum."

I sorta shuffle on my feet to face towards the shower area.

"They said I could use the shower if I want. I could use a hot shower... but I'm not sure I can get there under my own power."

"We'll help with that Dawn, don't worry."

They help me toward the shower. I try my best to stay on my feet despite my heels and the fact that my knees feel like they want to collapse. We make it up to the doorway and it occurs to me my heels are gonna get wet.

"I, I should take off my heels, I don't want them to get wet and soggy and fall apart."

"Good call..."

We stop and one of them grabs my hips as I sorta bend over to take my heels off. I slip the first one off and bend over again to take the other one off. Someone grabs my ass and I barely get the shoe off before my foot slams into the ground and I stand up quick.

"Oh, um... who did that?"

"Relax Dawn, let's just get you in the shower and all cleaned up okay?"

I look around at each of the four girls standing around me, all of them my friends, before we go into the shower room. Not sure how I feel about them grabbing my butt, but then I wasn't sure about having sex with a room full of guys and it turned out to be a heck of a lot of fun. We walk up to where one of the shower nozzles is and I stand under it with their help. I lean forward and put both my hands against the shower tiled wall to hold myself up.

"So Dawn, did you have a fun time?"

I look over at Jenny.

"Actually, I did Jenny, thanks for asking. I wasn't really sure at first that it would be fun, but once I realized that every guy in the room was hot for me it was kind of a turn on to be honest."

One of them, I'm not sure which reaches down and turns on the shower. I close my eyes and let the water rain down on my head.

"All those guys, all wanting to have sex with me, and I'm pretty sure they all did. All of them doing me till I can't stand up."

I run my left hand through my hair, letting the water get deeper in my hair, washing out some of the cum. The hot water washes over my shoulders and down my back. I pull my head back so the water comes down right on my face to wash off the cum. I wipe my face down which gets rid of some of it and running my hand all the way down the front of my body. A hard hand touches my back and I look behind me to see what's going on. Sarah's got a bar of soap in her hand against my back.

"Don't worry Dawn we're just trying to help."

I turn my head back under the shower.

"Mmm, thanks..."

I don't think I should argue with her, especially with the way she's running the soap over my back. The water feels so good on my skin, so warm. It's making my joints ache. I grab my shoulder, kinda massaging it.

"Is your neck sore?"

"Little bit... I think I need to work out more, especially if I wanna do that again."

I look behind me as Cathy's hands start to slide over my shoulders, replacing my own in my massage.

"Again eh?"

I smile a bit as Sarah's hand moves lower over my reddened butt.

"Well... yeah I mean it's like I said, I had a lot of fun. I'd kinda like to do it again sometime. Not today though."

"That suits us just fine Dawnie, I'm sure the sorority can arrange that if you like."

I moan as I really start getting into the neck massage.

"Pass the soap Sarah? I need to get her front."

"Sure thing Jenny..."

Sarah passes the soap to Jenny, she kneels down and starts rubbing the soap over my front where most of the cum is. Sarah uses the soap still on her hands to finish washing my back. All the sudden Jenny runs the soap down between my legs and I jump, changing my footing quickly.

"Oh, um... okay you know, I think I'm clean enough to go out there now."

"Are you sure?"

I turn the water off.

"Yeah, I think I'm good, I just wanna go back to my room and get some rest. Long day you know?"

"Okay Dawn, whatever you want."

"Yeah I, I just need a towel to dry myself off and I think I'm good."

Jenny gets up and I put my arm around her for support.

"I'll get you a towel."

Cathy goes into the locker room while Jenny and Sarah help me make my way there.

"Where's Darlene by the way?"

"She had to go back to the house and start the set up for your party. But she said to say she's impressed that you did it."


"Yes, really..."

"Well okay cool..."

We make it between the lockers again and Cathy hands me a towel before reaching up and getting my leather coat for me.

"Thanks Cathy..."

"No problem Dawn."

I wipe my face down with the towel and Jenny and Sarah help me sit down. I rub myself down as quickly as I can and as soon as my feet are dry enough Jenny hands me my stilettos. I put them on and then dry my hair with the towel as best as I can.

"Okay, I think I'm dry."

Cathy hands me my leather coat and I put it on, tying it in the front as tightly as I can.

"All right, I think I'm good to go."

"I'd bet the football team would agree with that."

We all laugh as they help me up and we head to the door.

"So there's a party eh?"

"Yes, an initiation party. We're throwing it in honor of the sister of the founder getting in."

"Well, um... Faith isn't actually my sister, she's more like... well let's just say my sister and Faith are really into each other."

"It's still a big deal though. Dawn Summers has been initiated into the Slayers Caum Laudi Sorority. It calls for a party, a big one."

"I guess... the party's not tonight though is it? Cause I don't think I'm in the partying mood."

"No, it'll be in a few days. Come on let's get you back to the house, and your new home."

We leave the football locker room and head back to the sorority house.


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