Xander's Wedding Gift

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers, Xander + Tony Harris, Willow and Spike

Title: Xander’s Wedding Gift
Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Buffy/Xander
Codes: MF, Anal, ATM, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers, Xander Harris, Willow and Spike

Summary: Season 6 Episode 16. On the day of Xander’s wedding, Buffy gives him a gift that he’ll never forget.

“I still can’t believe Xander Harris is getting married,” Buffy mused as she sat perched on a chair inside a windowless room.

“How do you think Xander Harris feels,” he replied, trying desperately to get his pants to cinch. “Finally.”

“Way to conquer those pants. Those evil, yet stylish pants,” Buffy quipped. “Doing okay? Mentally, I mean.”

“Is that why my best man...well person...sent you in here?” Xander asked, noting it was Buffy counselling him and not Willow.

“She was busy with other Best Man/Person duties,” the Slayer informed the groom. 

“Well I’ll tell you what, if I can’t get this fucking cummerbund, I’m running out of this place,” Xander complained. 

“Haha. Cummerbund,” Buffy giggled. 

In her head, she couldn’t help but think how Spike would have commented about how cummerbund kind of sounded like cum on buns, something the vampire would enjoy doing with Buffy. Well, she used to enjoy it until Buffy called it off with him a few days ago. Leaving Buffy in a state of longing for his cock, or any cock really. 

“I can’t get married without a cummerbund. Then people will see where my shirt meets my pants. That’s fucking insane!”

Hearing the normally goofy and care-free Xander cursing was a warning sign for the Slayer. Her friend also looked...terrible, to be frank. Sweaty and angry, it was clear to Buffy that he needed a break, even if it was just for a minute, or a handful of seconds. She thought of juggling for him, something she’d picked up to keep her hands and mind busy after leaving Spike, but realized there were no oranges or balls in the room.

Hoping to disarm him and hopefully distract, Buffy veered to the vulgar. “I get it. Only one pussy and ass for the rest of your days.”

It didn’t work, as Xander was too preoccupied with a combination of nervous fiddling with his tux, as well as crippling fear of his pending nuptials. “Just pussy. Anya would never do anal, unfortunately.”

“But you are such an ass guy,” Buffy pouted on his behalf.

“I know, right,” Xander smiled as he looked over at her.

“Hey! Your smiley guy now. I like that version of Xander!” Buffy quipped, seeing some life returning to his eyes.

“Talking about anal sex will do that to a guy,” Xander repied, though suddenly the darkness returned to his gaze. “Though ass will never be an option for me again.”

Buffy didn’t know why, but at that very moment she recalled a conversation with Willow that they had earlier that day. About wedding gifts. Despite the fact Buffy had agreed to be a bridesmaid and therefore had to shell out money left, right and center on things like the dress, hair, makeup and bridal parties. And then, the redheaded witch reminded Buffy that a wedding gift was essentially required, with cash being the preferred option. Money was already super tight as it was, let alone with this wedding bleeding her dry.

“You know, and I’m just being a good friend here, I could always give you a different type of wedding gift,” Buffy offered, twirling a strand of her golden hair in her finger.

“What do you mean?” Xander asked, his full attention on the girl he had always crushed on.

If it wasn’t for her recent breakup with Spike, who she had been using for hardcore sex in order to not feel the pain of loss, this conversation wouldn’t be happening. Especially since Spike was here, at the wedding, with the skankiest of all skanks. Buffy was hurt, and desperate, and more importantly, super horny. Therefore, she found herself speaking these words.

“I mean that since Anya is a one-hole only girl, that I could offer you up a final taste of, well, ass,” the Slayer said.

Xander’s legs nearly gave out on him.

“I totally get it if you don’t want to…”


The noise was the deadbolt slamming into the locked position after Xander practically ran to the changing room door to engage it. Due to him gaining a few extra pounds between his tux fitting and his wedding date, the suit which had taken a lot of effort to get done up fell off his body in seconds as Xander was now naked before the stunning blonde.

“Xander Harris! Quite the cock Anya has been hoarding for herself,” Buffy commented, seeing her friend’s 10-inch dick for the first time. “Unzip me.”

“I’ll do more than unzip you,” Xander eagerly offered, pulling the zipper down.

“Thanks,” Buffy said, stepping out of the hideous green bridesmaids dress.

“Dear Lord! Buffy in the buff,” Xander gawked at the suddenly naked Slayer. “I’ve been dreaming of this moment since I first met you.”

“And does the hype live up to expectation,” the petite blonde asked, giving the groom a slow twirl so he could see her body from every angle.

Despite being the bane to all vampires and demons alike, the Slayer had a fragile-looking 5’1”, 100 pound body. However, he build was athletic with Buffy not having an ounce of fat on her body while at the same time having a medium sized pair of tits that perfectly fit her slender frame. Since Spike had liked her pussy bald, she’d gotten into the habit of shaving everyday, making her hairless between the legs. Lastly, as she turned around, Xander got to drink in her small but bubbly ass. The very ass he would soon be pounding until he milked himself inside Buffy Summers.

“Even more so,” Xander said, stepping out of his stupor in order to press his lips against Buffy’s.

Buffy put her hands on his broad chest and pushed him back after another handful of seconds of kissing. “Listen Xander. This is a one-time thing. And since it’s your wedding gift, you call all the shots. I’m down for whatever.”

In her head, Buffy was thinking of all the hardcore and frankly sick things that she let Spike do to her. It had all started with sex after a violent fight, but after that, things progressed. The first toy Spike brought into the bedroom were handcuffs, and Buffy could still feel the scars on her wrists where the metal restraints rubbed her skin raw. From there there was all matters of sick acts, with anal sex being the lightest of their flavors. 

“Really?” Xander asked with amazement and desire in his eyes.

“I’m totally your fuck doll. You tell me what to do, and I do it. No restrictions. No hesitation. No judgement,” Buffy spelled out the rules.

With both hands he took each perky, perfectly rounded boob in his palm before giving a squeeze, feeling the flesh spill between his fingers. Narrowing his grip he gave each of her already-erect nipples a little press and pull, instantly hearing the petite girl moan as she closed her eyes, tilted her head back and opened her mouth. Trailing a hand upwards as the other continued to grope, his finger glided up along her jaw before reaching her lips, at which point he shoved nearly his entire finger onto her tongue.

"Mmmm," Buffy moaned, closing her lips around the digit and sucking on it as though it was his actual dick. He rested it against her lips after slowly pulling it from her wet mouth, allowing Buffy to playfully bat at it with her talented tongue. "Bet you wish that was something else."

"More than you could imagine. But first, turn around and bend over," Xander instructed firmly. "I want to explore."

The Slayer understood easily enough what he meant so she did as instructed and found herself on all fours atop a rickety bed, which was fortunate enough to be in the change room. By the time she was settling her hands onto the mattress she was already feeling his grabby hands pinch the soft flesh of her rump, which she was proud was as bubbly as it was given the fast she had a slender frame with narrow hips. 

It felt as though Xander could no longer control his impulses suddenly. With both hands mirroring each other, he at first used only his fingertips to squeeze her soft flesh before adopting a firmer grip with his entire palm. After a series of gropes he stopped that but only so he could rear the hands back and deliver twin blows to each cheek, slapping her naked ass and leaving the faintest of red handprints behind.

"I'm gonna take it you like my ass," Buffy commented, liking the mild spanking treatment. After all, she had taken paddles, swung with vampiric strength to her booty only a few days past so this was gentle and fun. You should play with it."

Buffy felt his hands leave her body before the sound of spit gathering in his mouth was heard as well. She wasn't sure what she was expecting but Xander surprised her by bringing his dampened fingers to her crotch then pushed 2 digits into her snatch in one stroke without warning.

"Oh! Awhh," Buffy's groan of surprise quickly morphs into a series of moans.

Once she started to moan, Xander went about fucking her with the two fingers pressed tightly together. Despite Buffy taking Spike daily, sometimes multiple times a day, the blonde was still surprisingly tight though his fingers still had little trouble blasting inside her. He gave her another handful of seconds of deriving great pleasure for her before he pulled his very wet fingers from her pussy and gave her clit a little rub. Despite this being his gift and all about his pleasure, Xander had an ulterior motive for playing with Buffy’s pussy, which was getting his gorgeous friend relaxed enough so he could have an easier time of it when he started to play with her asshole.

“You’re sure…” Xander started to ask.

“Be a man Xander and fuck my ass. You’ve always want to do it, so now you have the green light,” Buffy demanded, being firm with the man-child. “And if you show any hesitation, I’m out of here.”

With renewed purpose, Xander was like a man transformed. He didn't wait as his hand moved from her clit up about 3 inches so that his pointer finger could start making concentric rings around Buffy's tight little asshole. It initially puckered with the first touch but with each circle around it's crinkled surface Buffy relaxed enough so that her center started to gape ever so slightly. Xander took advantage by bringing the pad of his fingertip to bear on her brown eye before pushing forward with enough force to drive in up to the first knuckle.

"Ugghhh...awww," Buffy moaned as his finger slowly was worked into her backdoor with nearly half of him inside her now.

Xander focused on the task at hand, making small thrusts into her anus, getting more and more of his digit into her booty until it was in completely. Buffy reacted well so after that he made long yet slow strokes with his entire pointer finger over and over again. Xander was used to Anya, his only serious girlfriend in the past 3 years so he was amazed that the tiny blonde was getting very positive groans as a result of his methodical finger blasting her asshole.

"Mmm...yeah I like it," she admitted honestly with lust in her eyes as she looked back at him.

"Good," he asked, burying his digit all the way into her asshole before pulling all the way out. "I want you to spread it for me now."

“The way he talked now, it was like the version of Xander that was super confident after some random demon split him into his two personalities. Buffy liked this version of Xander best, which was good since she was about to fuck him.

Buffy didn't question him, only obeyed. While continuing to kneel on his bed, Buffy lowered her perky tits and face to rest on the mattress while her hands reached back to pull her cheeks to the side. Once again he went back into her asshole with his finger, probing deep several times before pulling out completely once more. Keeping her guessing, Xander used two fingers to drive into her pussy, finding that it was even wetter this time around than before. Apparently the Slayer was enjoying her backdoor being fingered, which drew a wide grin on his face. He went hard into her cunt for another few heartbeats before pulling out, much to Buffy's displeasure.

"Tease," she huffed, looking back over her shoulder at him.

"Let me see you do it now," Xander instructed.

Though Xander had last been finger-fucking her pussy, Buffy knew exactly which of her holes her friend meant. Propping herself up with her left arm, she continued looking back over her shoulder to stare in his eyes as her right hand came to bare on the small of her back. Extending her middle finger Buffy made contact between her middle digit and her crinkled starfish before giving it a testing rub. Satisfied with the result, she continued to rub and tease herself.

"I've never tried this before," Buffy admitted as her finger rubbed her starfish.

She seemed nervous about it but Buffy was tough and had never met a sexual situation that she wouldn't try. And while her backdoor had been fucked a lot, especially lately, she had never had her own fingers inside of her asshole. With her wet finger already in position, the blonde pressed her middle finger against the center of her backdoor. It was surprising to her how quickly she relaxed and let her own finger inside her asshole, penetrating herself.

"Oh...awhhh," Buffy screamed, knuckle deep in her booty.

Buffy continued probing her own ass for the eager audience of the groom. It was a lot tighter than fingering her pussy and the inside was softly ribbed. The sensation was different as well, less pleasure from a traditional perspective but it still made her feel hot and sexy. Either she could cum from finger blasting her asshole was a different story but she wouldn't rule it out.

Apparently Xander had been trying to get her attention for a few seconds, but Buffy didn't respond so her friend took matters into his own hands. Grabbing Buffy around the wrist, Xander pulled her hand away, meaning the fingers that had been pillaging her own asshole were ripped out. Moving with certainty, something Xander rarely did, he pulled apart her small but bubbly cheeks to better expose her adorable asshole. Remembering that her condition was confidence and to do what he wanted with her, Xander did just that by burying his tongue as deep into her rectum as he could.

“Mhmm! Yes! Eat my ass,” Buffy cooed, loving the feel of his wet muscle lapping inside her hole.

Xander listened to his gorgeous friend this time, though he had to tease her as well. After tongue lashing deep in her ass as she liked, Xander would pull out and only wag his tongue over her opening, rimming her sphincter only. As she started squirming he planted his tongue back in, making her happy once more. Not wanting her to get the only pleasure, Xander spat a glob of spit right down her asshole before starting with two fingers to plunge entirely into her butt, such was how much looser after the initial salvo of their anal fingering.

“You like me filling your ass,” Xander asked as his fingers smoothly pushed in and out, loosening her further.

As he continued to finger blast the 20 year old’s asshole, Xander tried not to be overawed by what was happening. After all, he was about to fuck Buffy Summers, his biggest crush since high school, in the ass no less! Instead of thinking of that, the construction worker focused on the task at hand, which meant adding a third digit to fill Buffy’s butthole. Wanting to make sure the passage stayed lubricated, Xander pulled his soiled digits from her bowels before lobbing another mouthful of spit into the brown eye. After all, he knew from porn that lubrication was key for anal, but the only lube on hand was his saliva.

“Ready to give me my wedding gift?” Xander asked, climbed to his feet on top of the bed, hard cock in hand.

“Letting you fuck my ass? For sure,” Buffy answered, reaching back with both hands to spread her cheeks for him, making a better target of her asshole.

“Good,” Xander hissed, squatting down.

After rubbing a palmful of spit along his shaft, especially polishing his head, Xander bent down until his tip hovered over Buffy’s gaping asshole. In one smooth motion he descended further, his cockhead entering her asshole with not even a murmur from the experienced blonde. Where most guys would have to do short thrusts until their girl was warmed up, Xander didn’t need to pussy foot around sodomizing Buffy. He continued pushing more dick into her asshole, watching as inch after inch disappeared inside. Finally, with little more than an inch remaining on the outside of her sphincter, the groom squatted deeper and pushed his hips further until his entire 10 inch cock was buried balls deep in Buffy’s ass.

Of course, Xander had no idea that the ease of his passage into his crush’s ass was the result of a man he hated. It likely would have soured the occasion for the groom, but then again, he was sodomizing Buffy freaking Summers on his wedding day, so nothing was likely to stop him from that. Even the knowledge that the Slayer was taking it on the regular from Spike of all people. 

“Dear Lord,” Buffy groaned, more from pleasure than discomfort. “I’m yours for the next 20 minutes Xander. Use me however you desire.”

Xander reversed course in the same slow motion, but rather than keep his tip inside and prevent the anal sphincter from tightening back up, the groom pulled out altogether so he could evaluate his hand work. Given her extensive practice with anal sex, Xander was able to stare right down into her backdoor, mesmorized as the pale flesh of her booty gave way to the purple 2-inch wide ring and finally into her darkness.

“Naughty boy,” Buffy looked back over her shoulder, knowing what Xander was staring at.

“Jesus! Your asshole is wide open for me,” Xander commented, pushing all the way back in before pulling out full once more.

“Better fuck my ass hard then,” Buffy stated confidently, not to mention because she was horny beyond belief as well.

This third time Xander sodomized his gorgeous friend, he didn’t pull out all the way. Nor did he go slowly. Instead, the groom began pounding into the slender blonde with moderate speed, using the hand on her hip to pull her back to him each time his cock buried itself to the hilt in her ass. 

“Is that good? It feels okay when I fuck your ass like that?” Xander asked in between spiking down into his friend. But as good as it was feeling, which was vast, he wanted to make sure he wasn’t giving Buffy more than she could handle.

“I’m the Slayer, Xander. Plus this is your last fuck before your married. Give me all you got,” Buffy pleaded, quieting his fears.

Xander left his cock buried fully inside the Slayer, letting her have all 10 inches of cock in her bowels at one time. As she said she could, Buffy simply moaned and even rocked her hips in response to her loyal friend soaking his dick in her ass juices. She knew it was coming this time and so when Xander started pulling out of her, the Slayer pushed her bowels so that as he exited her rear, the sphincter stayed hanging as wide open as ever.

“God, you're amazing,” Xander voiced his appreciation of her massive gape before adding more spit to lube the passage.

Running on instinct, Xander thrust back inside her, delivering 10 long and somewhat slow strokes into her booty. As he descended for the 11th time, the groom started spiking in faster, causing a slight yelp to escape her lips. Getting a surprised reaction from the slender blonde was tough given the fact she fought vampires and demons for a living, so he wore it like a badge of honor. Buoyed by this, Xander used the spring of the bed to help him fuck Buffy harder and deeper as the gorgeous girl would start to bounce up to meet his thrusts now.

“So deep,” Buffy cooed, clearly enjoying herself through the hard anal fuck.

Xander kept up the relentless ass fucking for as long as he could. Luckily for Xander, he and Anya had been fucking like bunnies in lieu of their wedding. Therefore he knew that he could only go at such a neck breaking pace for a few minutes, even though he had masturbated only a few hours ago. With one final hard push, Xander pulled out before he got too close to his climax point. 

Buffy used him exiting her back door to get her arms back underneath her so she was on the bed on all fours. Though it was only a slight variation in position, it was a new sensation for both Xander and herself as he slammed back into her rectum. However, this time his thrusting had lost all the speed and frantic pounding from moments ago. Instead, Xander used only half his length to push into her ass then exit. It was mostly slow but each time Xander lost himself to the pleasure and started poking in and out of her bowels with moderate speed.

“Stop teasing and fuck my ass,” Buffy begged. It wasn’t so much that she minded the constant pushing open of her bowels, but she much preferred him to stay inside and actually fuck her.

“Yeah?” Xander questioned, going back to pounding into her with more gusto. “The little Slayer wants big Xander”

With one foot planted on his bed and the rest of his weight resting on his knee, Xander used their slightly different position to thrust his hips with power and depth. Both arms were on Buffy’s hips so he could pull her backwards as his hips speared forward, making her take all 10 inches of cock again. With each thrust, Xander was able to watch her firm booty ripple from contact, meanwhile Buffy could feel her perky tits swaying uncontrollably beneath her. 

“That’s better,” Buffy cooed, arching her back in pleasure.

Xander kept the pace going for another dozen thrusts until he randomly stopped, still fucking her but with only half his previous speed. He stayed like this for 30 seconds, just long enough until Buffy started to push her hips back to get him to go faster, at which point he spiked forward with all his strength. Using this variety to keep the Slayer frustrated and himself from needing to cum, Xander was truly enjoying himself. 

“God damn,” Xander said after pulling out of her ass once more and examining his handiwork. “Can’t believe my dream is coming true on the day I marry someone else.”

“Glad that fucking my ass was your dream,” Buffy replied, feeling another fresh glob of spit land deep in her rectum. “Now why don’t you lay down. Can’t have you looking all sweaty during the ceremony.”

“Always looking out for me, Buff,” Xander said, rolling onto his back and pulling her on top of him. 

As Buffy swung a leg over his torso in order to straddle him, she reached back and lined up his cock with her well used asshole, Xander’s hands sought her perky tits.

“Mhmm...ahhh!” Buffy moaned as his cock was simultaneously plunged to the depths of her bowels at the same time he tweaked her nipples.

Having gone days with sex, Buffy had energy to burn because she immediately rocked from her knees to her feet, resting his his entire 10-inch dick up her ass in a power squat position. Leaning forward and planting hands on his muscular chest, Buffy was able to raise the length of his pole before thundering her booty back down to his lap, the collision making a loud slapping noise as flesh met flesh.

“God damn,” Xander moaned.

If he thought letting the slender blonde on top would help push his orgasm further away then Xander was sorely mistaken. Over and over Buffy used her leg muscles to ride him to the top of his flesh pole before riding back down. It was a pace as fast if not faster than anything Xander had set while he fucked her doggy-style, going to show how much of an anal pro Buffy Summers was. 

The groom knew that the torrent pace his gorgeous friend set was unsustainable for large periods of time. Therefore, Xander knew he just had to ride out the storm so he may as well enjoy himself. With hands reaching back up, the horny man groped Buffy’s perky chest, holding it in place and stopping the wonderful boobs from bouncing all about.

“Fuck I missed cock,” Buffy cooed to her ears only, a thin sheen of sweat appearing on her face and body, making her skin glisten in the dim lighting.

Sensing that she was starting to slow, Xander reluctantly peeled his talons off of the Slayer’s naked tits and down to her hips. Timing it right, Xander increased his strength until it was like a vice, holding Buffy so her anal ring was at the halfway point of his cock. Smiling broadly, the groom began thrusting his hips up and down, making the horny Slayer take the full length of his cock before coming almost fully out of her bowels. Just like before, Xander used the spring of his bed to help throw his momentum back upwards, therefore slamming his dick into her colon with each thrust faster and seemingly deeper than the last.

“Jesus!” Buffy screamed as her asshole was pummeled more than ever.

The pair fucked more like animals than humans, which made sense in the circumstances. This was a one-off session between the two long-time friends, and they were both horny and desperate for this. After a minute of the relentless ass fucking, Xander settled his backside flat on the bed once again. Buffy, after a moment to catch her breath from the constant moaning, picked right back up, throwing her petite body up and down his pole. It may have lacked the speed and ferosity of her loyal friend’s frantic style, but it was deep ad allowed her anal ring to glide along every inch of his lengthy cock.

Feeling her legs starting to get tired despite her Slayer’s ability, Buffy switched smoothly so her knees were on the bed instead of her feet. Already some of the weariness left her thighs, but Buffy stayed in control of the encounter by riding his back back and forth, grinding on Xander’s lap for a change of pace. The horny boy seemed to like it, given how his fingers were now digging in even harder to the fleshy caboose she possessed.

“You really know how to take a dick,” Xander panted through gritted teeth.

“Thanks,” Buffy cooed.

An added benefit of riding him in her ass from her knees is the new position allowed her hand to go between her thighs and rub her clit. As Buffy started to derive even more pleasure out of their fuck session, Xander took back control. Up and down his hips went, lifting well off the mattress in order to slam up into Buffy’s loosened backdoor. It seemed the faster he fucked her, the harder her fingers worked, though it required Buffy to re-lick the digits to add more lubrication after grinding off her natural juices from her frantic rubbing.

“Are you getting off from anal sex?” Xander asked in utter disbelief. 

“So much,” Buffy cooed, rocking back and forth as he soaked fully in her bowels. “I’m close,” Buffy announced. “Need you to fuck me deep.”

Xander always loved to make Anya cum during sex, therefore he sure as hell was going to do the same to his biggest crush. In truth, he welcomed the news that Buffy was close to orgasm since his own climax was coming on strong as well. Not to mention their allotted time together before he was needed out in the wedding hall was coming due. 

With an explosion of movement, Xander tensed his muscles before springing forward. The sudden motion made Buffy shriek in surprise as she went from straddling the groom’s lap to being rolled onto the bed so her shoulders and head were pressed against the soft mattress. Her legs were now on either side of her head and her ass was pointed up to the ceiling where Xander was looming over her, standing overtop her with his cock still buried deep in her caboose.

“Very smooth,” Buffy complimented.

“Every now and then. Now cum for me, Buff,” Xander urged.

And true to his word Xander did just that. Although the piledriver position wasn’t new to Buffy since Spike enjoyed her beneath him like that, Buffy too enjoyed the depth Xander was able to reach, slamming down into her ass with his entire length. It felt like he was reaching further down her rectum than any other position yet, which was saying something. It was also doing just as she hoped, delivering her an orgasm that had been building, though her fingers which were strumming away at her clit were helping considerably as well.

“That’s it! Harder! Faster! Deeper!” Buffy begged, knowing she was so close.

“Anything...you...want,” Xander panted under the exertion as he gave his dream girl everything she requested and more. 

Knowing that the clit rubbing was getting her 95% of the way to climax, Buffy changed tactics to get over the peak by taking 2 fingers and plunging them deep into her pussy as she could. It worked like a dream as tingling starting in her brain soon exploded, washing through her entire body as she came.

“Oh God! Yesssss!” Buffy shrieked.

Several things happened all within several heartbeats for Xander. The first was the groom feeling his gorgeous friend’s fingers along the shaft of his cock through the thin membrane separating her pussy and asshole. The next was that he heard Buffy scream out as her orgasm rolled through her being before he felt every muscle in her entire body go rigid, including her muscular anal sphncter. Xander continued to hammer down into her, but his speed and power were greatly strained given the tension she exerted against him. Lastly, as her orgasm tailed off, Buffy’s muscle tone dropped away and Xander was left pumping too hard, too fast into the Slayer, which brought him past his limit as well.

“Fuck! Cumming,” Xander grunted, his release imminent. “Where?”

“Not in me!” Buffy shouted, having enough awareness to know that a creampie was a terrible idea. “Can’t have your cum leaking down my thigh as you say your vows.”

“Buffy…” Xander urged her to get to the point as he pulled out of what could only be described as a gaping asshole.

The Slayer, despite just having a well earned orgasm, was rolling from her position on her shoulders to kneeling. Xander didn’t know what she was doing, but he watched on in a combination of amazement and glee as Buffy reached out with her hand, clutched his throbbing cock and steered it right into her mouth. The very same cock that was literally seconds removed from being nearly a foot deep in Buffy’s own colon. Watching such a beautiful girl with the face of an angel do something so nasty sent a surge of extra horniness through Xander’s already overstimulated brain, causing the groom to cum harder, longer and more intensely than ever in his life.

“Jesus Christ,” Xander hissed as he came. “Cumming Buffy! I’m cumming.”

At that moment Xander stopped caring about anything else happening in the world as cum started to fill up Buffy’s mouth. Buffy also stopped thinking about the taste of her own ass, instead she did her best to collect all his seed without spilling any. As soon as Buffy felt the first stream of warm cum land on her tongue she formed a tight seal with her lips around his cock and proceeded to milk all of his warm seed. Despite having masturbated earlier in the day, his cum was still plentiful, with the Slayer barely able to hold it all in her mouth without spilling a single drop.

"Oh my God," Xander cursed, seeming like every knot of tension in his muscles was resolved. 

"Glad you enjoyed yourself," she told him before sucking on his sensitive tip. “So did this make an adequate wedding gift?”

“I think we both know the answer to that Buff,” Xander smiled down at the gorgeous blonde, still on her knees with his slowly deflating cock still in her dainty hand.

“Just about ready Xander?” Willow called through the door, checking on her best friend.

“Oh fuck,” Xander said under his breath before starting to get redressed. “Yeah. Well, no. 5 minutes.”

“Xander,” Willow said, the annoyance plain in her tone. “Fine. But hurry. Also, have you seen Buffy?”

“Well she certainly isn’t in here,” he lied, watching as Buffy got back into her hideous green dress.

“Okay. See you soon.”

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