Buffy as BuffyBot

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers and Spike

Title: Buffy as BuffyBot
Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Buffy/Spike
Codes: MF, Anal
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers and Spike

Summary: Season 5 Episode 18. Spike is interrogated by Glory in regards to the identity of the Key. Buffy rescues him, but she needs to know if he told Glory anything. The only way is to act as the BuffyBot.

“Is it weird?” Tara asked, finally breaking the silence.

The Scoobies had just barely made it out from Glory’s apartment without any casualties. Well, maybe one. The one in which Willow was currently working on...with wires and other such implements. BuffyBot, a robot made in the exact likeness of Buffy, made by Warren for Spike, hadn’t fared so well in the fight with Glory and her minions. 

“Oh yeah,” Buffy nodded, going over and getting a good look at her robotic doppelganger.

“The personality doesn’t match but you have to give Warren credit. The physical likeness is pretty perfect,” Willow commented.

“What did you guys do with Spike?” Buffy asked after seeing Xander and Giles return. “And please let the story have a dusty ending.”

“We dumped him back in his crypt,” Xander answered.

“We asked him what he told Glory, but he was too badly beaten to make any sense,” Giles added. 

“Well, even if he told her, he’d just lie about it anyway,” Anya piped up, making a lot of sense. 

“Yeah. You can count on it,” Buffy agreed. “But I have to know. Now. If he did give us up, Dawn and I would need to get out of town. I mean, she could be on her way right now.”

“But there is no way to verify if the information he gives is correct. Not if we try to ask and force it out of him,” Giles replied, cleaning his glasses.

“Unless he doesn’t realize he’s telling us. Unless he thinks he’s confiding in, and I shudder as I say this, a lover,” Buffy stated before immediately shuddering.

“Yeah but how would…” Xander started to ask before his eyes darted back and forth between Buffy and the damaged BuffyBot. “You don’t mean…”

“You couldn’t...could you?” Willow asked, picking up on the thread.

“I have to know what he told Glory,” Buffy reiterated. 

“But...what if instead...damn, I have nothing,” Giles stammered in thought.

“Strip her,” Buffy ordered, the plan set in her mind.

“I’ll do it,” Xander immediately volunteered. When he drew the ire of all present, he flushed. “You know, to help. No other reason.”

“Buffy...you can’t be serious,” Willow stated, knowing what Buffy was potentially risking.

“I need to know. And this is the only way,” the Slayer stated, her resolve firm. “Besides, you said he was pretty badly beaten. I know hes got vampire healing an all, but sex is likely the last thing on his mind right now.”

*    *    *

Within the hour, Buffy, acting as BuffyBot, was entering Spike’s crypt. The Slayer had changed out of her normal clothing and donned BuffyBot’s appearance. Gold hoop earrings with her blonde hair worn down past her shoulders went with a pink tanktop and a matching pink skirt. Rounding out the outfit was more pink, this time in the form of high heels. Despite it being an outfit the real Buffy would never wear, the Slayer pulled it off. Of course she did, she was a stunning 20 year old with a body to die for and a truly beautiful face.

Buffy did her best BuffyBot impersonation as she strutted from the crypt entrance to the sarcophagus where Spike was currently laying. She kept her shoulders pulled all the way back in order to make her chest look bigger and more prominent, not to mention changed the pitch of her voice just enough to make her sound like a submissive housewife. 

“Spike, you're covered in sexy wounds,” Buffy observed, waking the vampire.

Spike didn’t speak right away. Instead, he opened his swollen eyes and confirmed it was BuffyBot that was addressing him. In a move that took nearly half a minute, Spike sat up in a fashion that told the Slayer how much pain he was in. Finally, he swung his legs over the edge of the sarcophagus and answered his sex robot. 

“Yeah. I feel real sexy,” Spike answered. “Where have you been?”

“I fell down and got confused. Willow fixed me. She's gay,” Buffy answered, continuing to do a good impression of BuffyBot.

“Wil fixed you? I thought they'd melt you into scrap,” the battered, beaten and sliced up vampire asked.

“They were confused too,” Buffy asked, hoping that it would be enough of a reason. Knowing it was the weakest part of their plan, Buffy immediately used misdirection. “Do you wanna ravage me now?”

“Give us a minute. Got some bones that need mending,” Spike answered before letting his words trail off. Instead, the battered vampire looked the robo-Slayer up and down before smiling. “You know what, a good roll in the sack would go a long way in making me feel better again.”

“Oh. Are you sure that’s a good idea...so soon after that mean lady hurt you,” Buffy retorted, surprised that he changed his mind. 

“Nothing would keep me from you Buffy. Now come here,” Spike growled, pulling her in before crashing his lips against hers.

Buffy knew that it was a risk when she suggested the plan of going undercover to Spike as BuffyBot. After all, it was a robot that looked exactly like Buffy, created to be the perfect girlfriend for the vampire, which amounted to lots of sex. And though Spike repulsed Buffy on a good few levels, the Slayer wasn’t exactly hating the prospect of spreading her legs for him. At the end of the day, it had been months since Buffy was fucked, plus she had a bad boy fetish, which Spike would definitely scratch that particular itch.

Spike wasn’t a bad kisser, which Buffy wasn’t sure what to think of. She was hoping that Spike was terrible, but the man had some skill. Sure, he was a little too forceful with his tongue plowing into her mouth and wrestling her tongue for control, but then again, Buffy would prefer to be submissive. Plus, the Slayer imagined that Spike programmed the BuffyBot to follow his lead, which was what the actual Buffy was currently doing. 

“Right. Get naked now,” Spike said, pulling his tongue from her mouth and sitting back on the lid of the tomb. “And make it sexy.”

“Yes Spike. I aim to please you,” Buffy rambled, hoping the ultra-peppy tone would cover her nerves and disgust.

“Top off. Now,” Spike demanded, throwing in the extra command as he saw a moment of hesitation.

“Cut that out. You signed up for this so do it,” Buffy mentally reprimanded herself.

Knowing what he wanted, Buffy reached down and slowly pulled up the hem of her shirt until it was raised over her head. Just like the robot, Buffy had to forgo a bra, therefore the vampire that repulsed her was getting to stare at her perky tits. Despite the fact his eyes could barely open, Spike seemed to drink in the image of her small pink nipples and medium sized boobs. Remembering who she was playing, Buffy put on her best smile before slowly running her hands up her flat stomach before cresting her tits and squeezing them together.

“Mmm...very nice. Now play with the nipples,” Spike groaned.

Buffy would love to say she was hating every minute of it, but she wasn’t. Maybe she could claim some type of Stockholm Syndrome though. Regardless, the Slayer pushed one of her fingers deep into her mouth before slowly withdrawing it, giving the digit a little mock blowjob. Buffy did likewise with a finger on her opposite hand, getting both Spike aroused and her fingers slippery in spit. Now, as she rubbed the saliva-coated digit around her nipple, it made them glide with ease. Not content with simply rubbing, the Slayer gripped her nipple between slippery fingers and thumb and pulled on them, stretching her boobs outwards and getting her nipples extremely erect.

“I see the lesbian witch programmed in a few new things for you,” Spike grinned. “Now the skirt. And make it sexy like that.”

Buffy immediately listened to the order, after giving her nipples a last squeeze. Releasing her tits, Buffy spun around to give Spike her back as she faced the crypt’s wall. Hooking her fingers into her waistband, Buffy bent forward at the waist at the same time she pulled down on her pink skirt. Slowly, her small but bubbly ass came into view, with only a dark blue thong blocking his view of what lay underneath. 

Knowing what he wanted, Buffy left her skirt around her midthighs so that her hands could run back up her legs. Taking a firm butt cheek in each hand, the Slayer pulled them apart to show just a hint of the outer ring of her asshole from around the thin material of her thong. Not stopping there, Buffy continued her hands up until her fingers hooked into the waistband of her thong. Steeling herself, the Slayer pulled the panties down until she felt the silk material pull out of her crack and nestle down on her thighs where her skirt was.

“I will never tire of this sight,” Spike hissed in excitement. 

Buffy was now grateful that Xander had the perverted idea to have a look in BuffyBot’s pants, just in case things did get this far. They found that Spike had ordered his sex robot to be completely hairless, and not only that, but BuffyBot’s sex zones were nearly the same as the original Buffy’s. It begged additional questions, but that wasn’t pressing at that time. Instead, Willow whipped up a hair-removal spell, leaving Buffy’s pussy as hairless as BuffyBot. Which meant, as Buffy rested her tits and face against the dirty crypt wall in front of her, William the Bloody had a perfect view of Buffy’s crinkled asshole and bright pink pussy.

“Okay Buffy, time to go through the back door. Earn your brown belt. Pack your fudge,” Spike stated, having moved right behind her with his pants off and his cock fully erect.

“Oh God! Oh God! He wants to put his surprisingly large cock in my extremely small butt,” the Slayer mentally screamed. After only a heartbeat, Buffy found her words. “Oh! The ginger witch said my bum was ruined in the fight.”

“Well why don’t we just find out for ourselves,” the vampire replied.

Spike gave his middle finger a quick suck before using the saliva to act as lube so he could push the tip right past her anal barrier and into her ass. Buffy gave a faint moan, but it was enough to make the vampire smile. She damned herself for having such a pleasurable asshole, but she couldn’t help that she loved having anything shove into it. 

Having tested the water to make sure there were no sharp edges, Spike shoved his middle finger all the way into Buffy’s asshole before wiggling it all around. As he expected of his loyal BuffyBot, the blonde cooed and awed as his finger burrowed 4 inches deep and twirled all about. Once he was satisfied everything felt right, Spike concluded that Willow must have told BuffyBot the lie in order to ruin some of the vampire’s enjoyment. 

“Take a cheek in each hand and keep them pulled apart, Buffy,” Spike almost growled in her ear.

Buffy knew what was coming so she went to a healthy place in her mind and did her best to relax. No stranger to anal sex, hell, she’d even given up her ass on her first night with Parker back in first year at school. Buffy felt his thick, pointed cock slid between the inner edges of her curvy cheeks as it continued forward. As his tip poked against her asshole, there was roughly a second’s pause before Buffy closed her eyes and bit her lip in response to her anal ring being stretched out to accomodate Spike cock up her ass.

“Ohhh,” Buffy moaned as Spike pushed a third of his manhood into her rectum.

The Slayer felt spike gave her backside a few tentative strokes, only using half his length and going rather slow. Once he was sure his BuffyBot was working properly, that slow pace was a thing of the past. Buffy felt his hands tighten around her thin waist as he used the grip to pull her back at the same time he thrust his hips forward with more speed. Right away, Buffy was taking his girthy 8-inch cock balls deep in her unprepared ass, feeling his rapid pace which took him from the very tip to the base of his manhood and less than a heartbeat. Spike kept up this neck-breaking pace for a good minute before slowing down.

“Mhmmm...can’t decide what I like more. Destroying your cute little asshole or taking my time and feeling every inch massaged by your opening,” Spike hissed in her ear.

Buffy didn’t trust herself to reply so instead she kept her mouth in the same wide O shape that it was in since her initial sodomy. As the Slayer was a constant source of moans, Spike was getting off on making her scream louder for him. Moving his hands from her waist up to her neck, Spike forced the Slayer’s back and neck to bow from the pressure of his arms pulling back on her head like the reins of a horse.

“Let’s have a look at the handiwork,” Spike commented, pulling out of her ass without warning.

Spike moved her hands out of the way so his stronger grip could replace and really pull apart her small curvy muscles. After the initial assfucking of the Slayer, a sizable inch gape was seen where her once cute, crinkled asshole had been only a few minutes prior. She felt the repulsive vampire staring deep into her poop chute before she first heard, then felt a wad of spit land right in the massive crater of her butt. 

“Oh ffuuuu,” Buffy started to swear after his dick pushed back inside her, but she cut off the curse as she didn’t think BuffyBot would do so.

Now with some lube in place, Spike found out he could really fuck the Slayer’s ass with more speed and power. He didn’t know if Willow had done some tinkering with his BuffyBot or if Glory had knocked loose a screw in his head, but Spike could swear that Buffy’s asshole felt different. He had experienced it a lot in the past few days, but now as his dick pounded the hell out of the anal ring, he would swear it was tighter and more human-like than ever. But speaking of Glory, Spike felt himself tired from the beating he took, so a change was needed. Thus, the vampire pulled out of Buffy’s heavenly asshole and spun her around to face him.

“On your knees, baby,” Spike demanded, helping her with a hand pressing down on the top of her head.

“Oh? And why do you want me kneeling on the hard, dirty floor?” Buffy asked, keeping her tone light but obviously not pleased about the order.

“Why else do you think? So you can suck me off.”

Buffy had to fight back a wave of revulsion yet again. Spike was saying he wanted Buffy to take his dick into her mouth and give him a blowjob...after he just finished fucking her ass. Going directly from her butt to her mouth with no clean up or anything. The idea was so deprived...and it made perfect sense that Spike would be into it.


“How broken are you still? I may have to ship you right off to Warren for repairs,” Spike cut her off, reaching down to pull up his pants.

“No! I’m Buffy. I love...giving ass-to-mouth blowjobs,” the Slayer forced herself to say with a smile on her face.

“Now that’s better,” Spike grinned in victory. “Beg for it.”

“Oh Spike. Please let me put your penis into my mouth,” Buffy begged, though inwardly she had to hold back bile. 

“Like you really want it, Buffy,” Spike insisted.

“Please Spike. Please let me suck on your cock. Suck it clean after it’s been fucking my ass. My tight, slutty ass. Please Spike,” Buffy poured on the degrading language.

“Much better.”

As Buffy lowered herself to kneeling on the dirty floor, the Slayer thought to herself: “This is for you, Dawn.”

At this point, Buffy showed no hesitation as she accepted her fate. Before her knees even touched the hard ground, the Slayer locked her piercing green eyes up on Spike’s face as she opened her mouth and swirled her tongue around his dickhead. Sure enough, his manhood tasted very much of how you’d assume an ass would taste, especially since his tip had been buried 8-inches deep in her pooper. Blocking out that, The Slayer wrapped her lips around his dick and immediately bobbed her head down half his length while using her hand to stroke off the other portion.

“Ew! And did I mention, ew!” Buffy mentally screamed again as the dick plunged in and out of her mouth.

Buffy didn’t want to call herself a blowjob queen (even though more than a few coeds at Sunnydale University certainly did), mainly because it sounded conceited and slut, but she was gifted with her mouth. However, her game was thrown off due to the whole tasting her own ass thing. Therefore, Spike decided to lend a helping hand. Or a pair, in this case as both hands grabbed the back of Buffy’s head and pulled her forward until his bulbous head poked the back of her throat. Buffy didn’t know why, but as soon as he took control, she went completely submissive by keeping her mouth open wide and staring her green eyes up at him. Spike obliged by holding her head steady as he essentially fucked his face, repeatedly slamming his tip to the back of her mouth. 

“Glllkkk...kkkwwwkkkk...ggglllll,” Buffy gurgled and gagged.

After a dozen of these hard thrusts, Spike speared into her mouth for a final time before leaving his manhood filling her gullet. Not content with bathing in her oral cavity, the vampire shifted his undead dick in small circles around her mouth, making Buffy’s gullet swell with even more saliva. Just as oxygen was on the verge of becoming an issue, Spike pulled his dick from her mouth and slapped it right onto the Slayer’s gorgeous face. The submissive Buffy playing as the BuffyBot was on hand to extend her tongue and lick at his slobbery member until finally cheating by using her hand to steer his dick back into her mouth.

This time, Buffy was ready with her A-game. Knowing now how Spike liked to play, Buffy reached out with her hands to grab the back of Spike’s ass before opening her mouth in that wide O. Rather than him humping her mouth, Buffy fucked her own throat on his dick by using her Slayer strength to propel her head forward. 

“Jesus Christ!” Spike howled at the turn of events.

As Buffy pushed forward once again, Spike pulled at the back of her head, dragging her even further onto his dick. Almost immediately the vampire could feel Buffy’s adorable nose was pressed against his pubic region. Spike held her there for a 5 count before he made several short but hard thrusts against the back of her mouth before finally releasing the Slayer, letting her gulp down some much needed air.

“The perfect woman,” Spike complimented as he bent down and kissed Buffy deeply. 

The kiss lasted a good few seconds before Spike helped the Slayer to her feet, though she didn’t remain standing for long. Instead, Spike backed her against the wall before he bent down and placed both her legs pressed together on one of his shoulders. With her bare back sandwiched against the wall, Spike reached down and steered his saliva-coated dick right back into Buffy’s gaping ass. This time, between all of Buffy’s spit on his cock and the fact he’d already sodomized her, his dick sank in balls deep on the first thrust with both Slayer and vampire moaning as a result.

Based on the injuries Spike had sustained at the hands of Glory, both he and Buffy knew he wouldn’t last very long in this standing position. Not when he was responsible for supporting both Buffy’s weight (as meager as it was) and generating all the power for their fucking. Therefore, it came as no surprise to the slender blonde when Spike slowed his thrusting before backing out of her used backdoor. What surprised the vampire though, was the moment Buffy was back on the ground, she immediately knelt before him before parting her lips and shoving his dick right into her mouth. 

“Yes! Clean that fucking dick with your slutty mouth,” Spike growled in satisfaction.

“Yeah? You like watching slutty ol’ me lick your cock right after it came from my ass?” Buffy asked before extending her tongue and running it along one side of his manhood before doing likewise with the other side. “Mmmm. So fresh.”

For her compliance in being such an ass-to-mouth slut for him, Buffy knew what her reward would be. Sure enough, two firm hands grabbed the back of her head and proceeded to pound into her mouth until her face started to turn red from lack of oxygen. By the time Spike pulled out, several long, thick strands of spit were connecting his dick to Buffy’s mouth, even after he pulled her up and rested her on top of the coffin lid. 

“Oh God!” Buffy shouted.

The Slayer was prepared for Spike to start sodomizing her once again, so she was caught completely by surprise as Spike’s lips latched around her sensitive clit. A combination of suction and rather skilled tongue work had Buffy screaming and jerking her body due to the intense pleasure. And Spike wasn’t just doing a token effort. Instead, the vampire seemed to be enjoying bringing pleasure to Buffy, or BuffyBot. 

“Mmmmmmm,” Buffy screamed.

“Damn! That witch really did make some upgrades for me,” Spike commented between long licks over Buffy’s entire slit. “The taste is...divine!”

After driving his tongue deep into her hole for a long while, Spike went right back to attacking the blonde’s clit. While having his tongue wag in her pussy felt great, Buffy’s clit was always the gatekeeper for her orgasm. So as the vampire made lightning fast lashes against the sensitive nub, Buffy found her hands balling into fists as the pleasure ramped to new highs. And finally, as her orgasm was seconds away, the Slayer slammed her palms down on the stone slab, gripping the edges so hard she actually cracked the 2-inch sarcophagus lid.

“Sshhhiiitttttt!!! I’m cumming Spike!” 

Buffy was still softly moaning and shaking as Spike pulled off the thong and skirt that the Slayer still had around her thighs. With extra motion available, Spike pulled the Slayer closer to the edge of the stone slab so that it was easy for his cock to fit back in the blonde’s asshole. Even though he’d only eaten her out for a few minutes, Spike found that the Slayer’s asshole had tightened up again, so it took him a good minute of slow fucking to loosen it back to his satisfaction.

As the pair started to fuck again, they both got hands on Buffy’s body. Spike’s thrusting speed and depth were getting faster and deeper while his hands groped Buffy’s small but perky tits. As her erect nipples poked the center of his palms, the blonde was stretching an arm down her body in order to rub vigorously at her clit. Not only did it feel good, but it helped to loosen her asshole up, allowing Spike to pillage her as he wished. 

Spike tried to pace himself, but it was hard. Hell, even when he succeeded, it was only short lived. After going at a neck-breaking speed, the vampire did two and then three long slow pokes deep within Buffy’s cavernous asshole, but after that he started thrusting faster than ever. Buffy’s tits jiggled wildly in front of her as her firm ass cheeks rippled as well with her screams and the sound of skin on skin filling the small crypt.

“Fuck Buffy! You’re going to make me cum,” Spike announced.

“Cum where you’d like, bad boy,” Buffy replied as BuffyBot.

In truth, Buffy was praying that Spike didn’t want to cum inside her. It wasn’t as though Buffy was worried about pregnancy, after all, Spike was not only fucking her in the ass but he was a vampire. But there was just something intimate about creaming inside someone, something that Spike hadn’t earned. However, Buffy was getting sodomized by the soulless vampire who she hated all for Dawn, so what was a creampie?

“Fuck!” Spike shouted, pulling out of the Slayer. “On your knees.”

Buffy was excited by the news, probably the first time in her life she was happy to have a guy cum on her face. The moment his dick was free of her asshole, the blonde slid off the coffin lid and onto her knees. She had barely settled when the first streak of cum shot right into her mouth, coating her taste buds in the ice cold salty goo that was mistakenly vampire jizz. The next blast went higher and to his left, roping from Buffy’s forehead, over her right eye and onto her cheek. Two more shots went onto her tongue before the next one splashed across Buffy’s forehead. Not quite done, Spike shot two more that puddled on each of the Slayer’s cheeks.

“You know the drill, tissues on the table by the tele,” the vampire told her.

Buffy did her best to maintain her cover as the robot as she walked somewhat stiffly with a smile on her face to clean up. “Spike, why did you let that glory hurt you?”

The vampire threw himself down on his bed before replying. “She wanted to know who the key was.”

“I can tell her, and then you won't…” Buffy said.

“No,” Spike shouted. “You can't ever. Glory never finds out.”

“Why?” Buffy asked, still acting as the robot.

“Because Buffy...the other not-so-pleasant Buffy...anything happened to Dawn, it'd destroy her,” Spike admitted. “I couldn't live, her being in that much pain.”

Buffy could barely comprehend the words that were coming out of Spike’s mouth. A soulless vampire confessing to care about anyone else’s feelings was extraordinary. Especially considering this was William the Bloody!

“ I'd let glory kill me first. She nearly bloody did…” Spike continued.

And that’s when Buffy did something that shocked both her and Spike. Up until this point, the still naked Slayer was playing the role of BuffyBot in order to extract the information. She had just got what she came for, but instead of walking away, the blonde let the facade drop and walked towards the vampire. Spike saw the change happen as well and now knew it was all a ruse. He knew the Slayer may well kill him now, but he accepted that. Instead, Buffy crawled on top of the bed and kissed Spike. Kissed the vampire not as BuffyBot, but as Buffy.


“You did right by me and Dawn. Now shut up and accept your reward,” the Slayer told him, staring him in his battered and bruised face.

“Which is?”

“You fucked me as your gross and obscene robot. Now, you get to have sex with the real thing,” Buffy stated. 

Spike was laying on his bed, but with the last exchange, the vampire had propped himself up on his elbows. It now served as a good vantage point to watch as Buffy, not BuffyBot, held his cock at the base and wrapped her lips around his dickhead. His cock had already started wilting after he came minutes earlier, but within a few seconds of an actual Buffy Summers blowjob, Spike was back to standing at full mast.

“God Buffy!”

Knowing what he liked from earlier, Buffy bobbed several times in quick succession before slamming his head to the back of her mouth. Not satisfied with only 5 inches in her mouth, Buffy continued to push her face down, trying and succeeding to add an extra inch down her throat before her back heaved from her gag reflex being tickled. After a brief surfacing for air, Buffy repeated her trick of several rapid bobs paired with a lengthy session of deep throating his member. 

“Yes! Choke on that dick!”

Not resting on the same movement, Buffy started with several fast bobs but this time she didn’t immediately go for cramming as much of him into her throat as possible. Instead, she threw her face down until his dickhead battered the back of her throat before sliding back up. Then did it again. And again. After a dozen times of hammering the back of her own throat, Buffy pulled her lips from him and left several long ropes of her own spit on both his cock and dangling from her chin. 

“You may be an asshole but you're an asshole with a great cock,” Buffy huffed, using her mouth to suck on his nuts. 

Spike had shown that he was a nasty man, which suited the slayer just fine. After all, Buffy was a dirty girl who hadn’t had a boyfriend that could keep up with her. Or match her. But with Spike, she may have found someone. Putting that to the test, Buffy tucked her hair behind her far shoulder and bent down lower. Spreading Spike’s legs even further, Buffy stuck out her tongue and proceeded to lick Spike’s asshole. Not stopping there, Buffy got more and more aggressive with her ass licking.

“Whoa! You’re crazy!” Spike said with a laugh. “I love it!”

Buffy smiled before going back to rimming Spike’s asshole for another few heartbeats before licking her way over his taint to get her lips on his balls. After giving each of his nuts a lick and deep suck, Buffy knelt higher up with a big grin on her face. Not slowing down, Buffy took his cock back in her hand before wrapping her lips around his pole and sucking him off once more.

“Now sit back and enjoy the ride,” the Slayer told her undead lover.

Buffy didn’t waste time crawling up the bed until she was straddling his waist. He reached up to kiss her again but this time she put her hand on his chest and pushed him back down. With her mind on a single thought, the blonde reached back between her legs and held him steady as she sank down…lower…lower…until her anus spread and took him back inside.

Spike watched in utter happiness as his purple tip disappeared completely, followed by half his length. She was still holding her cheeks out of the way, giving him an exceptional view of perky tits in the process, as half his length was being engulfed with regularity by her tight asshole.

“Oh yes…mhhmmm…awwhhh,” the Slayer moaned.

Once again used to his mammoth size, Buffy released the grip on her booty and sank down until her firm backside was resting against his pubes. The gorgeous Slayer gave him a cute wiggle while resting on his lap with his cock completely buried up her ass before riding back up and leaving only the last quarter of his shaft in her hole. This process was repeated over and over again as the blonde worked up a sweat, which made her skin glisten in the candlelight of the dirty crypt.

“Fuck…so good…” Spike encouraged, swatting her fit ass in the process.

Buffy was displaying no control or finesse, instead the Slayer was riding to the top of his pole as fast as she could before letting her legs go slack so she could be impaled with 8 inches of vampire cock all at once. Neither the blonde nor the vampire had any complaints, not if their loud, animalistic growls and moans were anything to go by. 

“Such...a big...dick,” Buffy swore, her eyes screwed shut from the pleasure.

No longer resting on her knees, Buffy planted her feet on the stained bed. Now able to ride to the top before plummeting herself down with nearly double the amount of power, the smacking of her ass against his skin rang throughout the dirty crypt. The extra tenseness in her body made her sphincter tighten even more around Spike, whose veiny cock could immediately feel it.

Over and over Buffy rode his dick right to the top so only his purple-colored tip remained in her ass before squatting back down. Going balls deep repeatedly inside the gorgeous Slayer was euphoric, not to mention the visual of her perky, perfectly formed tits bouncing in front of her every time she did so.

“Fuck…Goddamn,” he groaned.

“See. Being a good guy comes with its perks,” the Slayer grinned down at him. 

As if to make her point, Buffy slowed things down only so she could sit down fully on all 8 inches of him and began to make slow circles with her hips. As she built up some speed, Spike practically growled with pleasure as his dick was ridden in a new way. However, it was only a matter of time until the Slayer traded slow circles for practically jumping up and down his girthy pole again.

“I’m not a good guy,” Spike protested, his hands gripping tightly onto Buffy’s tiny waist. “I’m the big bad.”

Immediately after speaking, Spike exploded into motion, namely by throwing the Slayer to his bed. Though he had been tortured, cut and beaten, Spike still found the energy to toss the Slayer onto her hands and knees before saddling up behind the slender blonde. 

“My, oh, my! What a massive gape the goodie good has,” Spike commented as he lent down and spit into the cavernous backdoor. “I think you like a good fuck up the ass.”

“Damn right,” Buffy agreed, wiggling her ass for him. “Only, I’m still waiting for my good ass fucking.”

“Oh Slayer...for that, I’m gonna break your pretty little asshole in half,” Spike hissed as he immediately slammed his dick balls deep in her ass. “Gonna make it so that you can’t shit right for a week.”

“Oh God!” Buffy swore as her she had to weather the ass fucking of a lifetime. “And please don’t talk about poop as your sodomizing me.”

Spike laughed at her comment before remembering his boast about being the big bad. Wanting to prove his point, Spike drove into Buffy’s booty one more time before leaving all 8 inches of dick soaking in her asshole for nearly 10 seconds. Finally, the bleached blonde vampire pulled out of her poop chute before walking his cock right in front of Buffy’s face. The slayer was a little pissed that Spike wanted to establish his alpha level by stopping his rather pleasing sodomy, but she understood. In order to get back to the fucking as fast as possible, Buffy stared up at Spike with her gorgeous green eyes, extended her tongue and did a long lick of his entire length from balls to tip and back down.

“Look how bad you are, Spike,” Buffy commented between bobbing down on his length. “Making me taste my own ass all over your cock.”

“Damn straight!” William the Bloody beamed in pride. “Now clean my dick good and proper before I fuck that tight little ass of yours again.”

If Buffy was put off by the dirty talk or the strong taste of her own ass on the dick in her mouth, then you’d never have known it. Instead, the Slayer was loving the fact she was being treated like a little fuck doll. While she found the idea of a BuffyBot repulsive, the Slayer herself loved being treated like she only existed for the pleasure of a worthy lover. And surprisingly, Spike was proving to be good value in the sack.

Spike was back behind Buffy and taking her in the ass after another minute of her blowjob. It wasn’t that she was doing a bad job, quite the opposite in fact, but Spike just really wanted to assfuck his former nemesis again. Plus, if he was being honest, he wasn’t going to last too much longer. Even though he’d cum once already and should have been able to hold out much longer, the knowledge that he was fucking the real Buffy was playing too much in his head. The thought of it was just too arousing.

As his hips kept spiking forward and back, the vampire noted that the Slayer was showing signs of wearing out as well. After all, she’d been in yet another battle with a god, and taken some lumps. The fact that either of them were still moving was quite the feat in fact. Just as he thought that, Buffy’s arms gave out on her, forcing the gorgeous girl to plant her head on the mattress in order for Spike to ass fuck the blonde with her face down and ass up.

“Keep going. Just like that!” Buffy ordered, her hand between her thighs, rubbing her clit.

Spike grunted his approval but was receiving too much pleasure to reply with words. The vampire simply began to slam his dick harder in her asshole, pushing balls deep with all the power his hips could muster then pulled back in order to repeat the motion, fucking the Slayer with reckless abandon. This was more than enough to get Buffy off, pushing her past the point of no return, especially in combination with his frantic clitoris rubbing.

“AWWHHH MMHMMM UUGGHHHH,” Buffy screamed incoherently.

Her second orgasm of the night lost no intensity that the first one had, in fact may have been even stronger. The real kicker for the exhausted Slayer  was the stimulation from so many different areas. The cock impaling itself in her ass, the fingers to the clit, and her other hand squeezing her tit and pinching her sensitive nipple made for one power-packed, scream provoking orgasm.

“Gonna…ugghh…cum,” Spike warned, face severely twisted.

“In me. You earned it,” Buffy cooed, exhausted but still knowing what she wanted.

Spike proved to have one last surprise in him. After one final push into her asshole, Spike pulled out, much to Buffy’s frustration. After all, she’d given him permission to cum inside her, which was extremely rare. However, Spike didn’t linger long outside of her as he aimed an inch lower and sank into her pussy. He wasted no time in fucking her at a frantic pace with a hand pulling back on a fistful of her golden locks as his other arm wrapped around her body. 

“Ahhhhh! Fuuccckkkkk!” Spike swore.

The vampire went from all-out pussy destruction to giving the Slayer to final hard and deep thrusts before Buffy felt the unmistakable feeling of ice cold vampire cum shooting into her womb. He held himself inside her for a 10 count, until he felt ever last drop of jizz had milked in Buffy’s pussy. At that point, Spike finally pulled out, but kept his eyes on her pink slit to watch as his cum slowly leaked from the Slayer’s snatch.

“Jesus Christ!” Spike said, flopping onto his back once more. “God, I need a smoke.”

As soon as he was out of her, Buffy was climbing off the bed. 

“Hey! You can stay,” the vampire offered.

“This was...well...I don’t know what this was. A mistake? A mission? A good time? Maybe all of that. But I think it was also a one time thing,” the Slayer confessed as she tracked down BuffyBot’s clothing.

“Buffy, we both know that’s a lie. You haven’t been fucked that well since...ever, I reckon,” Spike retorted. “Just know, my crypt is always open...as long as your pretty little pussy and tight asshole are open.”

Buffy afforded the vampire one final sneer before she left. 

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