Jonathan Levinson, Superstar

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Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy & Dawn Summers, Jonathan Levinson, Willow, Giles, Tara, Xander and Anya

Title: Jonathan Levinson, Superstar
Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Buffy/Jonathan
Codes: MF, Mind Control, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy & Dawn Summers, Jonathan Levinson, Willow, Giles, Tara, Xander and Anya

Summary: Similar to the season 4 episode 18 episode in which Jonathan Levinson uses a spell to take himself from zero to hero. Buffy stops by Jonathan’s manor after he helped them take out the nest of vamps at the beginning of the episode. She properly thanks him for his help

“Oh my God! I did it,” Jonathan remarked, his voice nearly shouting his excitement. 

Jonathan Levinson had not been having a good run of late. Well, almost since he entered school, the short boy had been teased, picked on and generally hated his life. But that was changing now. He had come across a magical book on sale through eBay of all places, with the promise that he could rewrite a slice of his reality. It would affect the town only, but that was more than enough for Jonathan. 

However, the spell had a cost, namely a monster would be created. Essentially, with the original spell, a long-armed monster would be the worst of the worst in a cosmic way to balance out Jonathan greatness. But then a moment of genius struck Jonathan. What if he could tweak it, just a little bit. After all, spells could be improved, but only incrementally, not by doing too many changes. Thus, his solution was simple - rather than have the spell create a monster, what if it gives another person the Opposite effect of Jonathan. Whereas Jonathan was now great at everything, succeeding at everything he does and everything always works out, his opposite would be his balance.. 

*    *    *

“That was some hunt, right guys!” Xander commented as the Scooby gang left the crypt.

Everyone in the gang nodded their heads vigorously, except for Buffy, who pouted as she followed along. Sensing her demoralization, Jonathan fell back to her position at the back of the group and checked on her.

“I didn’t even get one,” the Slayer commented, her bottom lip puffed out.

“No, but you tried,” Jonathan retorted. “Besides, we got all five vampires, didn’t we?”

“Yes,” Buffy agreed. “But I’m the Slayer. And I didn’t, you know, slay any.”

“Not this time, but I’m sure you’ll get one next time,” he replied before addressing the rest of the group. “Shall we have a debriefing session back at my manor?”

*    *    *

The debriefing after the Scoobies had taken out the nest of vampires was fairly short. After all, it was business as usual for the gang. However, as the group slowly dispersed, Buffy lingered behind, staring into the fire. Finally, now that they were alone, Jonathan went over to her. 

“Talk to me,” he offered.

“It feels like I can’t do anything right these days. That I’m bad at everything. And failing at everything I try...and  anything that can go wrong for me, is going wrong,” Buffy admitted.

“I can see how that would feel,” Jonathan replied, actually meaning every word of it. “But Buffy, I think you are very special.”

“You...Jonathan Levinson, think I’m special?” Buffy asked, shocked he would say something so nice to her. “But I’m not…”

“Hey!” Jonathan corrected her, making her look him right in the eyes. “I think you are amazing, Buffy. Sure, you’re having a bad run of form, but any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“Any guy?” Buffy asked hopefully.

“Anyone with a brain,” the Superstar agreed.

“I know you’ve...been bedding the two Swedish Twins…” Buffy started before being interrupted.

“You mean Inga and Ilsa, the reigning Miss Universes,” Jonathan added.

“Yes...but I think that, if given the chance, I could make you very happy,” Buffy blurted out after gathering her courage.

“I don’t doubt that,” a super confident Jonathan replied. Before he continued, he walked over towards Buffy, putting his finger under her chin and lifting her head until they were staring into each other’s eyes. “But before anything happens, I need you to know one thing. If you and I are to item, then I’m not sharing you. You’re mine.”

Buffy stared up at him for a good few seconds before she nodded her head The moment her head even twitched in a motion towards a yes, Jonathan pressed his face forward and planted a deep kiss on Buffy’s lips. Not only was the blonde hoping for this moment, but she replied with an opening of her mouth so his tongue could invade forward. Which was something the superstar did without delay.

As their kissing intensified, so too did their pawing at each other. Buffy’s hands were rather active, immediately going to the buttons of his dress shirt and undoing each before peeling the garment off Jonathan’s body. As her fingers traced over his surprisingly muscular chest and abdomen, Jonathan became more active as well. Originally super respectful with hands only touching the side of her face and resting the other on her waist, with the removal of his shirt made his touch hungrier. One hand came down to grope her small but bubbly ass, while the other targeted one of her tits, kneading the perky breasts through the top she was wearing.

“Two can play that game, mister,” Buffy quipped as her hand began rubbing his crotch. “Now are you going to show me where your bedroom is?”

“Right this way...the future Mrs. Levinson.”

Despite having to navigate hallways, doorways and even a stairwell, the new couple never took their lips from each other. Sure, sometimes the kissing went to neck nozzling, but the Superstar and Slayer were matching each other’s intensity perfectly. Finally, they entered into a spacious bedroom that came complete with a fireplace, and more importantly, a large 4-post bed.

“I’ve been waiting a really long time for this,” Buffy cooed as her hand once more rubbed his dick through his dress pants.

“I don’t see anyone stopping you now,” Jonathan replied before kissing her neck again.

The Slayer couldn’t argue with that comment, thus her hands made right for his belt, undoing it in seconds. As they continued to play tonsil hockey with their tongues, Buffy’s hand made a light fist around his surprisingly massive cock. Like, really large. Like, the Slayer was barely able to close her hand around the slab of 12-inch meat that Jonathan called a penis. 

“Oh wow!” Buffy gawked, staring down at the cock her hand continued to stroke.

“Don’t won’t bite,” Jonathan mused with a wicked grin.

Buffy gave him a matching smile before she slowly made her way down to her knees. Wanting nothing more than to impress the Superstar, Buffy sought about giving her best blowjob ever. It helped that the 19 year old had a lot of experience to call upon as between Angel, Parker and Riley, the Slayer had spent a good deal of time down kneeling before men.

Her hand stopped stroking and held his dick pointing straight up at the ceiling. Bending even lower, Buffy extended her tongue and ran it along the underbelly of his huge cock from base to tip.Once at the head, Buffy closed her lips in a tight O around his pole before descending down. As her piercing green eyes stayed locked on his, Buffy started with a few short bobs on just his tip before adding another inchm then another, then another. What started as a swallow blowjob quickly escalated to Buffy opening her mouth as wide as possible and pushing as much of his cock down into her mouth as possible. Despite the girth of his member, Buffy succeeded in bobbing down a good 7 inches, a highly impressive feat.

“Glllkkk...ggllllwwwkkkk,” Buffy gurgled as his cock stayed 7-inches down her throat as she twisted her head to add further pleasure.

With her green eyes starting to get a little misty from her near-deep throat blowjob, Buffy retreated back up his cock, leaving a thick strand of her saliva on the topside of his manhood. In fact, Buffy continued moving a good foot away from his 12-inch dick, a long spit string still connecting her mouth to him. Finally, the Slayer slurped the spit back into her mouth before immediately coming back towards him, her tongue extended to lick at his piss slit.

“Ah! God Buffy!”

“I’m just getting started, Jonathan,” Buffy bragged, her tongue licking out at his pee slit a second time with a smile decorating her pretty face.

With thick strands of spit already on his manhood, as Buffy closed her lips back around his cock, she pushed the spit down his length as she bobbed her head. After a half-dozen short but rapid strokes with her mouth, Buffy went back to opening her mouth wide and cramming him to the back of her throat and holding him there for as long as she could. This amounted to a good 5 seconds, at which point her back slightly heaved and she retreated her mouth back towards his tip. Once more, the Slayer left even more spit behind on his cock, even after she slurped some back into her mouth as she swirled her mouth around his sensitive tip.

“This might be the best cock ever created,” Buffy commented with a slightly hoarse voice.

Buffy retreated her deep throating technique again, this time not bothering with the short bobs first. Instead, the Slayer was only interested in showing off her A-game when it came to oral sex. Happy now with the amount of spit covering his foot-long dick, Buffy went for speed, fueled by her Slayer abilities. With her mouth bobbing on the first 4 inches, her hand stroked the remaining 8, sliding effortlessly along his spit-covered shaft.

“Jesus Christ Buffy,” Jonathan croaked.

“Lay back and enjoy, baby,” Buffy offered.

Jonathan listened to the golden-haired beauty and took one step back so he could sit back on the edge of his bed. Buffy followed, crawling after him until her mouth was seeking his crotch once more. This time, she tilted his completely soaked manhood upwards, exposing his ballsack beneath. With an extended tongue, Buffy corralled one nut to suck deeply on before spitting it out gently and replacing it with the other.

“Yes Buffy! Suck on my balls,” Jonathan groaned, looking down and watching her skilled mouth suck deeply on his sack. 

“They taste so good,” Buffy cooed as she swapped nuts again.

“Oh yes, just keep sucking,” the Superstar encouraged.

That was a request Buffy had no problems obeying. Using the copious amounts of her spit that her deep-throat blowjob had created, Buffy would lick a good deal of spit onto his nuts before sucking it back up as she suctioned his balls. She took turns, giving him the wettest tea-bagging of all time, but also the most pleasurable one. 

“Suck my dick again,” Jonathan ordered.

Buffy listened as though it was a command, instantly sucking her spit back into her mouth before latching her lips around his manhood. This time, Buffy prioritized speed, only bobbing on a good 5 inches, but doing so at an extremely fast level. After showing him a good deal of her techniques, Buffy went with yet another. This time, she gave him an expert blowjob without use of her hands. Instead, her mouth did all the work, taking turns with a dozen of her medium-depth but rapid bobs, followed by plunging as deep down his shaft as possible for a few seconds, coughing another healthy amount of spit on his member. Rinse and repeat on a near endless loop.


Buffy’s squeal was in direct response to Jonathan reaching down and effortlessly pulling her off the ground and onto the bed. Despite Buffy being only 100 pounds, it was still an impressive feat of strength, as was his hands ripping down her leather pants, which were practically painted onto her lithe form. Having taken her thong off her as well, nothing stopped Jonathan from burying his face right into her ass cheeks, his hungry tongue piercing right into her soaking pussy.

“Mmmm yes! Oh Jonathan!”

Buffy had stayed laying on her stomach, her hands making fists in the sheets as Jonathan stayed between her spread legs, feasting on her. Much like everything he did, the Superstar was fantastic at eating a girl out. He immediately started with poking and retreating from her pussy, tasting all of her sweetness before driving deep and wiggling his face against her. After the deep tonguing with the twist, Jonathan backed out so he could give her exposed clit a tongue lashing before starting the routine over again.

“Oh! You naughty boy?” Buffy stated as she felt his tongue slide out of her pussy and over her crinkled asshole.

“Shall I stop?” Jonathan offered as his tongue made a gentle circular motion around her backdoor.

“Absolutely not. Eat my ass...if you want,” Buffy encouraged.

“Oh trust me, I want.”

While Buffy didn’t have the thickest ass in the world, it didn’t stop Jonathan from burying his face between her toned cheeks and driving his tongue as far as possible into Buffy’s asshole. This immediately brought a window-shattering shriek of pleasure from the Slayer, who clearly enjoyed having her salad tossed. Gripping onto each cheek, Jonathan used all the strength at his disposal to pull them apart, making her butt gape. Jonathan took advantage of the slight opening of her backdoor to drive his tongue into her with even greater depth, licking a good 2 inches deep inside her tightest of holes.

“Ahhh! Ohhh! Yes!!!”

As naughty and sexy as it was  to be eating out the Slayer’s asshole, Jonathan had more on his mind then rimming her. Hooking his hands under her knees, Jonathan pulled his face from her butt cheeks in order to roll the tiny blonde over onto her back. The moment she was on her back, Buffy hooked her fingers into the hem of her top and pulled it up over her head to exposed her small but extremely perky tits. Her nipples were rock hard in excitement, especially after Jonathan went from a quick lick of her pussy to kissing her deeply.

“Please Jonathan. Fuck me,” Buffy begged.

Jonathan didn’t leave her waiting a moment longer than necessary. Grabbing his cock, he gave his head a drag through her pink folds before butting it against her opening and pushing forward. 

“Mhhmmm! Yes, yes, yes!” Buffy cooed as she was entered.

Jonatan immediately sank half his epic length into the tiny Slayer before pulling back. He wasted no time in fucking her with half his length, but he needed more. Buffy was on the same page as she used her Slayer training to spread her athletic legs extremely wide, helping him to fuck her deeper. Jonathan obliged, pushing more dick into the petite girl until he felt his pelvis smack against her hairless cunt, meaning all 12 inches of impossibly thick cock was buried in the 19 year old Slayer.

“Oh my God,” Jonathan huffed.

Jonathan couldn’t believe how unbelievably perfect this moment was. He had been lusting after Buffy Summers since she talked him out of committing suicide back in high school. In truth, he wanted her long before that, but had never talked to her until that moment. And now, here he was, balls deep in the gorgeous blonde, fucking her deep and hard. Hard enough so that every time his dick bottomed out in her womb, Buffy’s perky tits jiggled from the contact. However, even with his legendary abilities in the bedroom, this pace was unsustainable, even for him.

He drove deep one last time before he pushed forward so he could cram his tongue into Buffy’s wanting mouth. As the pair kissed, Jonathan went into a push-up position with Buffy’s legs outside of his arms, allowing the Superstar to spear straight down into her pussy. Buffy felt all 12 inches enter her snatch, only this time it was at a quarter of the speed he had most recently been deploying.

“Yes! So deep Jonathan!” Buffy cooed in delight.

Of course, when there was two super people fucking one another, these periods of slowness would only last brief times. Within a few heartbeats, Jonathan was back to his thumping rhythm, rearing his hips high so nearly all 12 inches were within from Buffy before he spiked back down into her, forcing the blonde to take him all. This was exactly what the Slayer wanted anyway.

“Mmm yes! Hard like that,” Buffy begged as the sound of their bodies slamming together filled the bedroom.

Buffy dropped her hands from cradling her bouncing tits so that she could reach above her head. Finding the wooden headboard at the top of the bed, the horny Slayer pushed against the wood, helping to meet Jonathan’s thrusts into her snatch. Taking a leaf from her book on leverage, Jonathan leaned over the blonde, resting both hands on the mattress just outside of her shoulder to help generate more thrusting power.

“Take it, Ugh,” Jonathan groaned.

This was how the next several minutes went. No words other than the guttural moan or incoherent begging for harder or more. Buffy was alternating between begging for more, leaving her mouth hanging wide open in a large O or biting her bottom lip. Jonathan was a bit more one-note in his expression, opting for what could be described as a snarl as he used his arms and hips to thrust down and up into Buffy’s wet snatch. Of course, he was aided by the tiny Slayer, who was using her aforementioned arms to push back against him, as well as her heels digging into his glutes with her legs squeezing tightly around his waist.

Buffy continued to arch her back and squirm in pleasure beneath his strong torso as Jonathan continued to pound his hard cock into her. His erect cock slid effortlessly into Buffy’s smooth pussy, her moist juices coating him and making his relentless thrusting effortless. Moaning as the Superstar dominated her by pushing harder into her, the slender teen pulled an arm from pushing against the headboard and used it to reach down between their bodies. As his lengthy cock continued stretching her hole and rubbing against her G spot, Buffy added a third stimulus by using her deft fingers to grind her clit

"Keep going..." Buffy breathed with urgency.

"Yeah? Gonna cum," Jonathan asked with a tone of superiority for outlasting her.

“God! Ahh! Yes,” Buffy nodded her head vigorously and continued to rub her clitoris even harder.

Based on her whelping, screaming and body thrashing, Jonathan could assume the Slayer was enjoying a powerful orgasm. It had some lasting power as well, the Superstar not knowing if it was as a result of her Slayer abilities or his own magically enhanced powers. Regardless, he was impressed that her orgasm lasted for nearly 30 seconds, the tiny blonde nearly birthing his eardrums in the process. Finally, the tiny girl went limp and silent, with Jonathan slowing his thrusts down accordingly.

“Now, is there any life left in that magnificent body…”

Jonathan didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence as the Slayer was on the move. Though not overpowering the Superstar, Buffy nonetheless had Jonathan steered onto his back with the Slayer straddling his lap. Figuring that Jonathan had done most of the work so far, Buffy felt like it was her time to make her man feel good.

“Let Buffy make everything all good,” the Slayer cooed as she sat down on his manhood.

The new couple kissed deeply as Buffy steered his manhood back inside her womb, sinking down fully on his pecker. Buffy simply didn’t just sit with all 12 inches buried inside her. No, instead Buffy immediately began riding atop him, letting all 12 inches of his hard flesh pass up and down her wet pinkness.

The couple tried to go slow and prolong things, but as Buffy rode down onto his lap before grinding back against him, the pleasure was just too great. Instead, as Buffy rode faster and faster, Jonathan was groping with both hands on her firm booty while her mouth latched onto one of her nipples, sucking hard. 

“Good girl Buffy! Feels so nice in you,” Jonathan complimented, his hands continuing to rub her body.

“I just want to make you feel great, baby,” Buffy cooed, rocking her body down even faster.

The pace could only be described as frantic as the new couple cycled into a more energetic pace. Buffy did indeed use her strong legs to her advantage in riding up his pole then crashed back down, made even more forceful by the upward jab of Jonathan’s hips. Despite it being their first time hooking up, the pair shared great chemistry, no doubt fueled by their own attraction to the other.

“Oh God! Your cock is so big,” Buffy cooed.

The feel of her pussy gliding along his cock and now her compliments of his manhood seemed to pump up the horny man even more. Jonathan was using one hand to knead her small but perky chest, giving her rock hard nipples a little twist at the end to elicit a small yelp from the Slayer. With his other hand, Jonathan used it to slap Buffy’s firm tushy or to simply grab and squeeze the jiggling cheek.

“God your ass is amazing,” he praised, thrusting even harder into the Slayer.

“Awwhhh…so deep,” the blonde moaned. “Your dick feels so good in me.”

Jonathan decided it was time to start spur Buffy on to ride him to one hell of an orgasm. One that even the Superstar hadn’t felt before. He was getting close already, but now Jonathan was doing whatever he could to milk even an extra little bit out of Buffy’s stellar performance. Starting with a few hearty spanks to her firm ass, it seemed to have the Slayer throwing her pussy down on his cock even faster. Next was leaning up and closing his lips around a nipple sucking deep. Finally, all while sucking her tit, Jonathan used his fingertips to rub around her crinkled asshole before dipping a finger inside her butt.

“You really are a naughty boy,” Buffy cooed, giving Jonathan a seductive look.

Instead of shying away, the gorgeous blonde threw herself down onto his lap even harder. Not only did it mean she speared herself on his mammoth cock, but his middle finger pierced inches deep into her asshole. Spurring herself on, Buffy rode hard and faster, determined to milk every last drop from her man.

“I want you to cum deep within my pussy,” Buffy begged, sensing how close Jonathan was.

“Your my...ohhh...command,” Jonathan quipped.

Buffy went into a series of motions, determined to make him cum. Every few seconds she would switch from lightning fast bobs on half his length, to sitting deep on his cock and pushing back down against his lap. Jonathan had pulled his finger from her asshole, as well as released her boob from his mouth in order to let the Slayer ride him unencumbered. It was a wise choice as Buffy knew exactly what she was doing. 

Hearing his grunts getting deeper and louder, Buffy rode her man faster. Her small ass was a blur of motion as she bounced it up and down on his lap, drawing his orgasm closer with each movement. As he grunted more frequently, Buffy’s smile lit up the room. With a final plummet down his manhood, Buffy grinded her pussy on his manhood a final time before his hands dup deep into her hips.

“Ugh! Uhhh!” Jonathan grunted, cumming deep within the blonde.

Buffy couldn’t stop smiling as she stopped riding him and simply let him blast wad after wad of jizz deep in her teen womb. It felt warm, having him splash up inside her, but Buffy was so happy to have him cum in her. Feeling his load emptied, Buffy let his cock stay in her as she leaned down and kissed the dark-haired man. After a lengthy makeout session, Buffy crawled down his body, feeling his deflated cock spill from her pussy before a small trickle of his cum starting leaking out of her as well. 

“Oh my God, Buff!”

Not quite done, Buffy crawled down his body until her tongue could extend and lick his half-deflated cock from balls to tip and back again. The strong taste of her sweet pussy juices mingled with the warm, salty taste of his jizz as Buffy went about sucking him dry. Once her mouth was done cleaning off every last trace of his cum and her pussy from his shaft, Buffy went about licking up the small dribble of his cum that had dripped out of her and onto his stomach. 

“That,” Buffy cooed after she finally released the man’s cock.

“I think you and I are going to be very happy.”

As Buffy crawled back up the bed to rest her head on Jonathan’s chest, the pair cuddled in. After a kiss to her forehead, Jonathan looked down and saw that looked like a tattooed on Buffy’s lower back. The very same tattoo Jonathan had on his left shoulder blade. A tattoo of a triangle with three intertwined lines in the center of it.

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