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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS) or Angel the series, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Story Note: 

This is an unofficial sequel to a fic I can no longer find on the internet. I've tried to find on the interwebs, but it looks it's been gone for years. Pretty sure it was called Angel's Bitch. I'd credit, but I have no idea who the author actually was,

It was basically an Anti-Riley dark fic. Premise was that a strung-out junky vamp bite addicted Riley Finn makes his way to Angel while the vamp detective is having his dark downwards spiral in Season 2. Riley in bad shape offers himself to Angel. Angel is still angry about Riley and Buffy, so he takes his former rival up on his offer. He beats him and then screws him (maybe bites him? I think he might have saved that as a carrot.). Basically turning Riley into his sex toy. the one line I sort of remember is: "Showered Riley didn't look much different, than Junky Riley, but at least he smelled better." or something to that effect. Just to give an idea of the tone of the original story.

It made for a perfectly fine dark fic, but I was always more interested in what happened when Angel started coming back to himself. After he goes back to Angel Investigations. What happens to his toy then? He just used and abused this guy and then tossed him away?**********************************************************


He …. stank. There wasn’t any other word for it. The demon they had been tracking spewed slime, and Angel was covered from head to toe in the stuff. His pet could smell it, too, judging by the look on the boy’s face as he knelt nude and collared, awaiting the souled vampire’s return. The mortal’s nose was adorably crinkled in disgust, but he made no comment.

“Sorry, pet,” he winced. He should have stripped downstairs. This mucus wasn’t particularly healthy for humans, part of the reason he’d taken the brunt of the creature’s attack. For once, he wished Wesley had actually said something.  “Stay where you are, okay? This stuff is pretty toxic to human skin. I need to strip and clean this up, okay?”

“Yes, Sir,” his pet nodded obediently, staring out with unseeing eyes. It had been nearly two years, and Angel was still wracked with guilt. He’d practically put a neon sign on the kid and then left him virtually undefended. It didn’t matter what his pet said. It was Angel’s fault. “Aside from the obvious, how did the hunt go? No one was hurt, I assume?”

“It was fine, y

ou know, aside from the slime mucus. The only real victim was my wardrobe. How was school?” Angel asked, starting to strip out of his ruined clothes. He was proud of the boy for going back to university to finish off his degree. It was difficult for anyone to go back, but the boy’s impairment caused unique challenges.

“Fine,” the boy responded, pouting. It was Wednesday today, which meant Professor Baumbaugh, which he suspected accounted for the lack of enthusiasm.

“What happened?” Angel demanded, deciding that his clothing was beyond salvaging and simply opted to dispose of it in the kitchen trash bin. He needed to make sure to throw the trash bag down the chute tonight and wipe everything down so that the blind mortal wasn’t inadvertently exposed to the mucus.

“More of the same, she forgot to send her lecture notes ahead of time, again. A lot of the presentation was graphs and visuals on screen. And she didn’t read the assignment details off the board,” his pet sighed, obviously not keen on having this discussion again.

“Pet,” the souled vampire admonished.

“Please, Sir. Can we not? Kelly gave me her notes again. It’s fine,” the human assured him.

“What she’s doing is illegal, darling,” Angel reminded the boy. “It’s not right. And if she’s doing it to you, she’s probably doing it to others.”  

“Sir… Look, I know you think I should file a complaint, and I know you’re right, but you don’t know what it’s like. The constant grumbling about me being given an unfair advantage. Why should professors have to re-arrange things just for me?” the kneeling man sighed.

“Because it the law, sweetheart,“ the dark, now naked vampire reminded him.

“I know, I know it’s selfish, but I just want to get through her class and be done with it. Let someone else shake their fist at the man this time, please, Sir,” the young man begged.

“Riley, I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do. Just please consider it. You shouldn’t have to put up with that,” Angel reassured him.

“Thank you, Sir. And thank you for not taking matters into your own hands. I know it must be tempting,” Riley acknowledged. It was. He wanted to poke the wretched woman’s eye out or at least lock her in a pitch-black pit for several days on end. Then they’d could have a conversation about how unreasonable the former soldier’s accommodations were. But he knew trying to intimidate the awful woman would just upset his pet further.

“You’re welcome, pet. Now I think it’s about time I took a shower,” the souled vampire announced.

“That would be good,” his pet sniffed in distaste, rising in one swift motion and heading towards their bedroom. “You know the sooner, the better… Sir.”

“Oh, someone is just asking for a bedtime spanking,” Angel growled, without much heat. He was overjoyed that Riley had gotten to a point where he was comfortable enough to tease his owner. Unfortunately, that hadn’t always been the case.

“Promises, promises,” his boy replied saucily, turning his head back coquettishly over his shoulder and giving his owner a wicked little smile. Alrighty then.

“Oh, you are in for it now, boy. Go kneel by the bed, And Riley?” the vampire ordered.

“Yes, Sir?” the boy whispered breathily.

“Get your sweet little hole nice and wet for Daddy while you wait,” Angel commanded.

“Yes, Sir,” his pet gulped, quickly scurrying into the bedroom.

The scent of his pet’s arousal almost made the stench the demon had left all over him bearable… almost. Angel shook his head indulgently and followed his boy into the bedroom. He smiled as he watched Riley grab the lube from the nightstand and begin to finger himself. Angel whistled to himself as he made his way into the master bath for what he’s sure would be a fantastic shower, made all the better by knowing his pet would be ready, eager and waiting for him when he got out.



Los Angeles, Two and a half years earlier.


The boy had been sitting outside the hotel sobbing for the last thirty minutes. In the pouring rain, in LA. Well, it wasn’t Angel’s problem anymore. He’d done the right thing ending things. What they’d been doing wasn’t healthy, especially for the mortal. It’s not as though he’d thrown the boy onto the street. Instead, he’d given him money, enough to buy food and for a ticket back to Minnesota or wherever the Hell in the Midwest the kid was from. The former commando needed to go. The human had started shivering. Damn it.

He stormed outside, standing in from of the younger man. The boy’s arms were wrapped around his middle, and he was rocking back and forth, unconsciously trying to self-soothe.  “Why are you still here? You can’t stay here,” the souled vampire shouted. The others would be back tomorrow. They already thought so little of him. If they found out about his little dalliance with Buffy’s Ex…

“Please. Please… Angel… Please, I’ll do whatever you want… Please,” the trembling mortal begged, bawling his eyes out.

“What I want is for you to get the Hell away from my hotel,” Angel snapped. “Go home, Riley.”

The boy just seemed to shrink in farther on himself at that. “Please… I’m sorry… Please…just… tell me… what… I did wrong…. Please,” the boy pleaded. The kid’s teeth were chattering. ”Please… I can do better… Please.”

“Jesus, you want to be my little suck toy this badly?” Angel spat. Riley apparently took that as an overture, dropping to his knees and reaching for the vampire’s fly. The burly vampire angrily shoved the human away, leaving him sprawled on the ground. The boy curled in on himself, all resistance seeming to leave him as he continued to cry. Then, shaking his head, the vampire started to head back into the hotel.

“Please… if I… can’t… please… End this…,” Riley whispered. He turned and really looked at the emaciated young man at his feet. The boy wouldn’t go home to the farm, Angel realized. He’d been deluding himself about that. Instead, he’d go out into the LA night and find someone to do what Angel wouldn’t or worse, to continue the treatment that the boy somehow believed he deserved. This was Angel’s fault. He’d know the boy wasn’t well. Known he was sick. He’d needed help, not to be abused and fucked for months and then carelessly discarded when he was no longer of use.

 “Riley, you can’t really want this. To be used as some sort of whore?” He knelt down beside the boy, reaching out and stroking the mortal’s forehead, moving drenches hair out of his eyes.

“I need it,” Riley confessed. Angel had made him need it.

“Don’t you want to go home? Be with people who love you?” Angel tried to convince him one last time.

“Who’d… want me… like this…,” the boy was shivering hard. It was an unusually cool night, Angel realized, and Riley’s clothes were completely soaked through. Sighing, Angel made his decision. He scooped the shaking man into his arms and headed back into the hotel.

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