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“Impossible!” Dracula cursed. “I don’t understand!”

“What’s the matter, boss?”

The question was asked by one of the movers who had delivered his coffin and soil from his homeland to the New World for him. He had killed one of them, using his blood to feed and grow stronger after the long flight. Meanwhile, the other would serve for now as a useful thrall. 

“This Buffy Summers. I’ve seen into the future hundreds of times now and I don’t defeat her,” the Dark Prince explained.

“She kills you?”

“No, don’t be ridiculous. I’ve long since moved past ‘being dusted’,” the infamous vampire scoffed. “But she forces me to retreat each and every time.” 

“Maybe you need to alter your strategy. I know with my soccer team, if we keep playing 4-4-2 against a team that packs the midfield then we can lose but…”

“Silence,” Dracula commanded, and instantly his minion shut up.

That gave Dracula pause. That simpleton may have provided the answer he was looking for. Dracula, being the most famous and powerful vampire to ever grace the darkness, had been used to dominating all that he entombstoneed, especially the women for which he enjoyed surrounding himself. He had many uncommon abilities, one of which was divining into the future. It wasn’t as far into the future as a Seer or Oracle was able to, but still, it was an extremely powerful tool that originally led to Dracula finding immortality in his undead state. Once more, he entered into the meditative state where he could play out different situations into the future.

“Yes! There it is,” Dracula shouted, his lips forming a wide smile. “Buffy Summers will be mine!”

*    *    *

Buffy was having trouble sleeping, yet again. Something was causing her blood to boil. Normally, it was sex, but she had definitely done enough trial and error to figure out that fucking wasn’t the answer to this burning desire within her. She had practically worn Riley out figuring that out (plus broken a bed frame). No, it was violence she was craving and luckily, it was nighttime and she was the Slayer.

“Riley? You awake?” Buffy asked in a whisper.

When silence was her only reply, the golden-haired girl slid out of bed without so much as making the soldier groan. She wore only a purple tank top and a pair of panties to sleep in, but luckily she had clothes laying about the room. Within a minute, the Slayer was slipping out the window soundlessly, wearing a black leather jacket over her tank top and a pair of form-fitting pants that fit her like a second skin. 

“Things are coming up Buffy,” the Slayer thought because within a few minutes of patrolling the graveyard, she found a target.

The vampire saw her...and immediately took off running. She loved it when they ran. It made it feel more like a hunt, with her the hunter. Within 100 meters, Buffy caught up to the vampire, launching herself off a tombstone to come crashing down against him. From there, the fight was on.

“Excellent. Just as I foresaw,” Dracula cooed, watching the fight between demon and murderer play out from the shadows.

In the visions for which he’d eventually lose to the Slayer, Dracula would watch the fight, getting aroused as the gorgeous blonde both took and gave a beating. He never initiated contact or affected Buffy in any way. However, in the future for which Buffy Summers became his undead lover for the rest of eternity, things would play out differently. 

“And now, to have a real show…” Dracula smiled as he channeled his magic.

The reason why Dracula had a lot more talents then ever other vampire was because the Dark Prince was a warlock. Rather than being a male version of a witch, in which they used spells that took awhile to set up, Dracula summoned and made pacts with demons. Therefore, his status as an undead made his magical powers grow exponentially. Hence his ability to scry into the future, shapeshift, dissolve into gas and essentially teleport, plus to make thralls.

From this range and lack of contact with either vampire or Slayer, Dracula’s effect would be minimal, but enough. Especially since he could smell the battle lust wafting from the gorgeous blonde, not to mention the darkness within her soul. She yearned for passion, especially with the denizens of evil, which was linked so strongly with her Slayer gifts.

“Stop fighting,” Dracula commanded. 

Though the Dark Prince said the words no louder than a whisper, both combatants heard the command and did as they were told. Buffy’s face scrunched up in confusion, unsre why the vampire slayer would stop her attempt in slaying the vampire before her. Before she could contemplate that further, another order was given.

“Have coitus,” Vlad the Impaler ordered.

Though most humans would be repulsed by the mere suggestion of having sex with one of the undead, Buffy was not one of them. Dracula had done his research on the Slayer, hence why he’d be willing to come in such close contact with the hunter of his kind. Therefore he knew she’d been tasted by vampires in the past, not to mention slept with at least multiple times. 

“Shit,” Buffy swore, running a hand through her silky golden locks that hung down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. “I’m super horny all of a sudden.”

The vampire standing less than 6 feet away from Buffy lowered his arms, no longer interested in pounding away on the gorgeous girl before him. At least not with his fists. Being a vampire like Dracula made the Dark Prince’s control over the young undead much easier and absolute. Not that Buffy was faring much better, likely because the abilities that gave her Slayer powers were so rooted in vampirism. 

Looking across the short distance at the vampire, Buffy was now able to size him up since she wasn’t trying to turn him to dust. She had no idea what the man’s name was, but he was roughly 6’0 with a stocky, muscular build, which completely dwarfed her fragile-looking 5’1”, 100 pound body. He was also handsome in a tall, dark and mysterious way with his face showing the ridges of his vampire nature that aroused her a great deal.

“Listen. I don’t normally like to, you know, on the first date or Slaying but I’m down if you are,” Buffy stammered, feeling her pussy dampening by the second. 

“Really want to fuck you,” the vampire groaned, his pants already tenting. 

She watched as he came towards her, slow and methodical as a predator would do to its prey. It felt wrong to her, as if she should be the hunter but the cloudy part of her brain overpowered her and allowed the vampire to stalk towards her. When the vampire was right in front of her and she could feel his warm breath on her pretty face, he took the back of her head and brought her in for a kiss. His passion was seemingly burning hot in him, matching her own lust stride for stride. Their lips smacked and soon their tongues were dancing their little dance in the space created between their mouths.

“Mhmm,” Buffy moaned inside him.

The kissing was frantic and only became more escalated when he got his hands onto her. His paws were large and his touch firm, just as the petite blonde expected from a fledgingly vampire with his hormones pumping. The nameless vamp pushed her leather jacket over her shoulder, and after a wiggle from Buffy the jacket fell to the grass, allowing him to rub the skin of her back down her spine until his fingers clutched her small but bubbly booty. Buffy moaned under the butt massage while his other hand started at her jawline and traced down her neck until reaching her breasts. Though not in the league of Cordelia or Faith, Buffy still sported a perky B-cup, making them a favorite destination for the hands of men, alive and undead alike. 

“Great tits,” the vampire commented while they kissed.

“No compliments for my butt?” Buffy pouted. “I work hard to keep it firm and tight.”

As good as his kissing was, she was happy when he broke the lip lock simply because of the end result. His lips planted small kisses down her jawline until he reached the side of her neck where the combination of his moist touch and hot breath was so arousing for Buffy that she needed to wrap her arms around his strong frame to stop her knees from giving out on her. She was also acutely aware that any contact over the bite marks from both the Master and Angel caused her to nearly drop from intense pleasure. 

“I’m gonna fuck you, then drink you dry Slayer,” the vampire hissed into the petite girl’s ear.

His hands continued to roam her slender but curvy body while she remained a puddle of lustful emotion. Despite this, Buffy was still able to get her arms to function, using her nimble fingers to undo the button of his blazer that the fledgling vampire was buried in. He broke all contact with her to shrug the jacket off his shoulders and hang it over the closest tombstone before wheeling back to the Slayer. If Buffy was in full capacity, she’d have made a comment about the vampire being worried about crease lines on his blazer when it was already covered in dirt, but that didn’t occur to her at the present moment.

“Bend her over the tombstone,” Dracula ordered the new vampire, leaving no debate open.

“Oh yeah? Why’s that,” Buffy asked playfully once the vampire relayed the order, though already turning around.

“So I can lick your cute little asshole,” he answered, pausing as though someone was thinking for him.

“Mhmmm...now we’re talking,” Buffy cooed, her hands reaching down to undo the front of her pants. “And thanks for calling my butthole cute.”

Once her pants were undone, the Slayer did as Dracula instructed and bent over the tombstone in front of her, which just so happened to be at her waist height with a wide top, smooth edges and made of marble. As she did so, the young vampire hooked his fingers into the waistband of both pants and panties and pulled them down her athletic legs. He didn’t take them completely off though, settling to leave the pants and thong midway down her thighs, making her feel like a prostitute must be when a john used her in similar circumstances.

“Oh…my…God,” Buffy swore as his flat tongue licked through her folds.

Rather than go straight for her butthole, which he could now visually confirm was cute and tiny, the vampire aimed his attention at her twat. It was already a honey pot brimming with nectar and he liked the taste of her, even dipping his tongue deeply inside her pink hole to sample more. However, Dracula really wanted him to rim her asshole so that’s exactly what he did next.

Though some girls may not have known that they liked rimjobs, Buffy was confident that everyone would love having their salad tossed by someone skilled at it. Hell, she definitely was and she was a big detractor of it initially, until Angel opened her up to the idea. Now, as the vampire flattened out his tongue and swiped over the clean, puckered hole, Buffy grunted in pleasure and even snaked her hand back to help press her face further into her curvy cheeks.

“Ohhh,” she moaned again.

Buffy was holding his head in position with the aforementioned hand while her other pushed back against the tombstone in an attempt to get more of the vampire’s tongue wedged in her ass. The undead had in fact switched tactics, going from simply lapping around the edges of her crinkled entrance to actually forming a wet point with his tongue and cramming it against the centre of her asshole.

“Tell me what you’re feeling,” Dracula had his minion ask the Slayer.

“Mhmm…it feels so good,” Buffy moaned before adding. “You’re so fair inside me.”

As much as Buffy was enjoying his oral treatment of her backdoor, she was going to like what he planned to do next more. Getting up to his feet, the vampire did a long lick starting at her asshole, down her crack, over her pink hole and hitting her clit one final time. Buffy screamed her appreciation as the new vamp got to his feet, his pants undone and around his ankles in the blink of an eye.

His 8-inch cock was already rock hard, and though he was dry as a bone, Buffy was the complete opposite. With one hand he used his fingers to separate her cheeks as much as possible while his more coordinated right hand stroked his hardened tool. He took one last glance downward, looking at her sexy ass with spit covered asshole and glistening twat.

“God…yes,” Buffy groaned.

The grunt was in direct response to the new vamp pushing half his length into her pussy in one shot. He reared his hips back so only his tip remained in her wet confines before thrusting forward and this time he was successful in spearing the slender girl with the most beautiful face on Earth with his entire manhood.

“So tight,” he grunted.

The whole situation made the encounter even hotter for Buffy. Of course she didn’t know that she was partly under the thrall of Dracula, only that the need for darkness and carnal pleasure was finally being satisfied. Riley was a nice guy and all, but he couldn’t scratch this itch of her, not like Angel or this random vampire could. 

“Fucking take it, Slayer,” the fledging vamp hissed.

Snapped back to the present moment, Buffy realized that the vampire was fucking her hard, there was no two ways about it. With each thrust forward his cock head guided back into her pussy, tunneling all the way in while the front of Buffy’s thighs pressed harder against the tombstone. His hands were busy, one hand usually around her ass to either separate to allow him to watch his cock spearing into her or simply kneading the curvy flesh. The other one was rubbing her back and occasionally using it to slap her ass, causing it to ripple and leave a red handprint.

“Fuck me,” the Slayer begged.

Buffy continued to use her hands to push back towards him to meet his thrusts. She was pleased that he wasn’t being gentle with her, like so many men, chiefly Riley, did based solely on the fact her body was so damn tiny. After all, she was the Slayer! Rather than only use half his shaft on her, the vampire had no qualms repeatedly driving the whole thing deep inside her time after time.

She didn’t think he could, but the vampire surprised her and ramped up the speed even more and Buffy was all the happier for it. It was 2 years worth of sexual frustration built up inside her, with only partial releases through small orgasms from Riley and Parker, nothing like the toe-curling scream-fest she’d have with Angel. Which was why Buffy was so pleased at the current time as she was finally able to act on her lust, and have the vampire help her release it. 

“Yeah? Like this,” he asked, doing several slow but extremely hard thrusts.

“Ughhh…yes…awwhh…please,” Buffy grunted.

Sweat was already developing a thin layer on her pretty face and she seriously worried that his fucking was actually going to break the marble tombstone she was laying on. Banishing that from her mind, she continued meeting his thrusts with as much force as she could while both his hands seized on her narrow waist to help rear her backwards.

He kept up his crazy hard force, slamming into her at a pace of once her second with her ass shaking in response. Based on the desperation in her voice and look on her face, the vampire was able to put it together that she needed to cum soon, and Dracula was more than happy to give her the climax she so desperately sought. As if on cue, she screamed loudly.

“Make me cum! Cum all over your huge dick,” Buffy begged.

The vampire didn’t change his approach too much as he maintained pounding into the gorgeous blonde with everything he had. He was nearing his own climax but knew he could survive long enough to have her squirt all over his member without fear of popping despite how tight her cunt was.

Remembering back when he was munching her tasty pussy and tiny ass, the undead man ran his hand down from clutching tightly on her rounded hips and moved towards her clit. The nub instantly hardened under his touch and as he brushed it gently it proved too much for Buffy. The vampire knew it was a successful move when he felt her go rigid, no longer pushing back at him while her back arched as the orgasm smacked her hard.

“OOHHHHH GGOODDDDDDD! YESSSS,” Buffy screamed as she came.

Her pussy gripped so tight onto the vampire’s cock that it felt supernatural, as if she had muscles he couldn’t have imagined. He had to grit his teeth and hope that he could ride out her cumming, but that would only happen if he could pull out in the next few seconds. Finally though, Buffy stopped screaming and though her face was frozen with a “O” for a mouth, it was clear to him that she was done.

“Needed that…so badly,” she huffed, coming back into the world again.

“Need back inside you,” he told her, looking down as the blonde looked back over her shoulder.

Before she could reply with more witty responses, his arms shot down and his hands hooked under her arms. With one sudden burst of strength, the hulking figure hoisted Buffy off the tombstone before spinning her around and placing her down back atop the marble slab, the cool surface of the marble against the skin of her curvy booty sending a small shiver up her spine. Buffy reached down and gave his cum-coated cock a few long drags with her hand before placing him at her entrance. The vampire needed no further help as he stepped even closer to her and speared her on his rod once again.

“God! Yes,” Buffy gasped.

He pushed inside her until his hips met her much smaller ones then withdrew nearly all the way. Buffy screamed again as he impaled her again, this time not pulling out more than halfway. He pummeled her twat like this, the close contact between the two causing her breathing to grow more and more ragged, with sweat starting to populate on her skin once more despite the cool nighttime breeze.

Her pussy being filled with his hard cock was exactly what the sexual doctor ordered for Buffy. The vampire was ending up to be a great lay, steadily building her up towards another orgasm, a sensation of cumming twice in one session being foreign to the golden-haired Slayer.

The vampire was preparing to pick up one of Buffy’s legs and place it on his shoulder to open her hips wider, but the Slayer had other ideas. Clearly a big fan of his short yet hard thrusts from in tight, Buffy hooked her legs around his waist. Her legs weren’t the longest, but they did the trick by digging her heels into his naked buttocks to help pull him into herself to the hilt.

God…uggh,” the vampire grunted.

The new vamp’s breathing was becoming more ragged with each passing minute, but so too did the volume of Buffy’s screams. There was no taking breaks to relish the feel of her wet warmth so their mutual passion wouldn’t allow for it. Repeatedly their sweaty bodies thudded together, each contact making Buffy’s braless tits jiggle and bounce.

“Harder,” Buffy begged, the need written all over her stunningly beautiful face.

“Oh I’ll fuck you harder,” the vampire agreed.

His thrusting slowed but nearly doubled in power. The vampire reared back his hips at regular speed before burying himself inside the much smaller girl with so much force that the tombstone shook. Rather than be harmed by the hammer blow, Buffy screamed out in pleasure and dug her heels in harder. Spurred on by her immense leg strength, it meant the fledgling vamp gave up any last hope of staving off his approaching orgasm. If he had slowed down and maybe changed position he could have gone for another handful of minutes, but he had come too far by this point.

“So close,” Buffy moaned into his ear.

With each ridiculously sharp thrust, the vampire drew deep grunts from himself and howls from Buffy. He pulled her in tighter, feeling her pillowy tits on his rock hard chest as they both neared their release. Buffy continued bucking towards him in an effort to outward portray the spasms of pleasure flowing throughout her athletic body.

“Cum all over my cock again,” he hissed.

His drilling into her was at a steady tempo as he tried to use his breathing to keep his orgasm far enough away to get her to climax first. He would be unable to snake a hand down and stimulate her clit this time, their bodies being too pressed together this time around so he had to do it just with his cock.

“Oh God…shhhittt….fuccckkkk,” Buffy swore as she came.

The vampire heard her screams then felt her body as it began quaking against his sturdy frame. He looked down in time to see her eyes rolling back into her head before they closed tightly and mouth slackened open. She did one last squeal before being rocked by the powerful second orgasm of the evening.

Her fingers clawed the skin beneath his shirt while her thighs and pussy squeezed his waist and cock respectively. Buffy’s skin flushed red, most notably on her face, and even as her pussy clenched his dick tighter and tighter the vampire kept gliding into her. He was too close to cumming to stop so he endured the bear hug until he had reached the point of no return.

“Need to cum,” he told her.

Dracula was never going to let his minion cum inside the young woman he’d make his Bride. Therefore, Vlad the Impaler quickly evaluated the situation. Since cumming inside the horny blonde was out of the question, that left either splashing the enthralled vampire’s undead seed onto her face or in her mouth. 

Buffy seemed to know the score of it despite having her brain highly affected by the infamous vampire, not to mention having a second powerful orgasm less than a minute ago. When she felt him move away and knock her legs from around his hips, she continued their momentum and hopped off the tombstone straight to her knees on the ground below.

“Mmm…uggghhhh,” the vampire grunted as he came.

He could feel his undead seed bubble up from his balls and travel on its path to eventually blast out of his tip and coat the back of her mouth. Buffy had barely closed her lips around his tip when the first of his ice cold cum blasts splattered the roof of her mouth. She got over the surprise, forgetting how cold vampire jizz was compared to warm human cum, and started sucking his cock eagerly, drinking up as much of his salty load as quickly as his balls could squirt it into her mouth.

Eventually the vampire stopped pumping jizz into her, though Buffy didn’t stop sucking for a few more minutes despite the well running dry. Sure that she had collected every last drop, Buffy finished taking down into her stomach the last of his load.

“Fuck,” they both panted after a few wordless moments.

“Get dressed. Stake him. Return to your house thinking nothing of the coitus portion of tonight. Only remembering the yearning for the darkness,” Dracula gave his final instruction to the Slayer only.

As the stake entered the recently satisfied vampire’s heart, Buffy shook her head in confusion. It felt like she had gone head first into the marble tombstone a few feet from her. Getting to her feet, she felt...different. The yearning for violence and darkness had passed, likely the result of slaying her prey. Happy enough, the Slayer returned home.

Just like she had done earlier, Buffy performed the same tasks in reverse order as she soundlessly crawled through the window before shedding the pants and jacket. She would have liked a shower, but that would have likely woken up her boyfriend and she didn’t want to be fielding questions from Riley. Not when her mind was still not quite firing on all cylinders. 

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