Kenzi's such a scene queen.

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Kenzi’s heart was beating so loudly in her ears, she was surprised no one else could hear it. The black lace blindfold obscured her vision, not quite taking away her sight but muddling it enough that all she could make out were vague shapes.

The two people standing around the king sized bed she was strapped down too didn’t seem in a hurry at the moment. Just taking in the room. The condemned house she and Bo lived in wasn’t exactly the Ritz, so she wasn’t sure what was captivating them so much about bare walls and hand me down furniture.

She was slightly insulted, there she was, bound, blindfolded, gagged, tied naked to a bed like some sacrificial offering and they were taking in the home décor.

She most have made some noise, guttural grunt, from behind the ring gag forcing her mouth obscenely wide, because one of the men chuckled at her discomfort. The bastard.

“People actually live like this?” One of the shapes said in mild disdain.

“Well,” the other shape answered with some amusement, “they’re hardly people. Just some fey fuck toy and her slutty little human pet.” Bastards.

Her head isn’t restrained, she can turn towards the voice speaking. But frustratingly, she still can’t make anything out. The blindfold is very secure, and she suspects the lace with flower patterns was made this way for the purpose of frustration, so that the outlines and shapes were apparent but still unseen.

“Do you think the suc-you-whore keeps this little race traitor all to herself, or does she let her other fey friends take turns?” Kenzi can feel her face burning, the outraged blush runs down her neck and across her chest at his words. But mostly she can now feel his fingers gliding across her belly, fingertips tracing patterns around her left nipple.

The one touching her, she thinks has a long face, triangle shaped, almost wolfish.

“Your nipples are diamond hard, you disgusting little pet.” He whispers. But Kenzi isn’t ashamed, the rooms cold, and she’s freaking naked. She sticks her tongue out, through the metal ring forced into her mouth. His response is to tweak her nipple, “all in good time. We’re going to show you what it feels like to be fucked by human men.”

She’s startled when something’s dropped across her chest. It’s long, the width almost as wide as her wrist. She can smell the leather, with churning in her belly she realizes it’s a belt.

The second man, runs the leather strap across her stomach, slithers it up her chest, then back down across her naked thighs. God please, she prays. A rough childhood with a father that was anything but kind had educated her early on what it feels like to be beaten with one of those.

She’s grunting now, making pathetic little mewing sounds through the gag. The first man laughs at her, “if anything…your nipples are even harder now. You really are a depraved little thing, aren’t you?” She shakes her head in denial, more mewing sounds, and now they’re both laughing at her.

“We’re going to make such a mess of you, race traitor. Leave you in this bed, beaten, bruised, and fucked, for your fey master to find. Do you think she’ll untie you? Comfort you? Take you in her arms and tell you how much she loves you? Or will that suc-you-bitch just take a turn?” The second man says while snapping the leather belt together, making her jump despite the restraints.

The first man had abandoned his molestation while the second threatened her, but now was back, his fingers needling at her breasts, his tongue running across her chest and up her neck obscenely.

She turned her head away, as much as she could, but that didn’t seem to deter him. He was nibbling and kissing at her neck, long fingers teasing her nipples, like some perverse parody of a lover.

Tears fill her eyes when the second man snapped the belt across her vulnerable pussy.

“I’m a lover, but he’s….he’s a fighter.” The first man whispered into her ear, before capturing her head between his hands and forcing his tongue past the ring into her mouth.

Thrusting his tongue in, rabbit fucking her mouth like some teenage boy would pump into a girl on his first time, Kenzi was now feeling the shame. She wasn’t even really a person to these men, just something to use.

“How twisted and disgusting do you have to be to take up with inhuman creatures? To share your home with a fey that fucks for energy like some whorish vampire. To be their pet. You deserve this. You deserve all of this.” The second man said before bringing the belt down across her thighs, the sting is unbearable. Made all the worse by the rancor in his voice as he described what he thought of her.

“Careful, buddy. We don’t want to mess her up too much before we take a turn.” The first has abandoned his assault on her mouth, “why don’t you have a go at her mouth. This Russian fuck doll was born to service cock.”

She can barely make out the second handing his belt over to the first, before she can distinctly hear the sound of a zipper being undone. His erection stands tall and proud, beating her most have turned him on greatly.

The weight of him shifts the bed as he crawls up her naked body, until his shaft in pointed at her face in obvious demand. She can’t force her mouth closed around the ring, and he fists her hair on both sides of her head before easing the crown of his cock inside.

The second, violent man, doesn’t stop pressing forward until he hears her gag. That, she believes, was his goal. There wasn’t anything easy about the way he fucked her skull from then, hands holding her black hair tight, as he raped her mouth.

He’d hit the back of her throat until she gagged, then pull back only to plunge forward again. And every so often he’d force his too large cock further, down her throat. Tears were freely running down her cheeks now as breathing was no longer an option. Then he’d retract until his crown was once again just barely across the threshold of her mouth before beginning his assault again.

The first man hasn’t been idle, of course. Though the leather belt doesn’t seem to be much interest to him. He’d peppered her hip with kisses while his friend shoved a cock down her throat. Her body shuddered when he licked across her belly button, as he made his way down, until it was inserted into her unprotected pussy.

The humiliation of it all burned, she could make out the pad of his thumb running across her clit as he thrust his tongue within her, using the same juvenal pattern as when he was the one within her mouth. Kenzi’s legs strain against the shackles binding her legs wide open, the restraints bite into her wrists & ankles but resistance as they say, is futile.

Worse, she can feel the tell tale signs in the fluttering of her belly. The son of a bitch is going to force her to come. The first man’s thumb and tongue never end their conquering, rubbing and licking, he has a wide tongue, if not overly long.

The sound of her orgasm is muffled by the cock down her throat, but she’s sure neither are unaware of what transpired. The words spoken from between her legs make that clear, “she really needed to come. Her fey mastered most have trained her little pussy to act on command.”

His words, mocking her, mocking her friendship with Bo, cut deep. But before she can focus on one outrage, the second man has added insult to injury as she feels his come splatter across her face and tits. “Well, at least you’re good for something other then being a race traitor fuck toy for inhumans.”

Kenzi’s forced to choke down the few strings of semen that made there way into her open mouth, least she drown. And god, wouldn’t that be an awful way to go?




“Jesus fuck.” Bo’s words echo throughout the bedroom, from where she sat in the corner, feeding off the chi and openly masturbating. The succubus’s eyes burned blue, her chest heaving, vaguely still playing with herself as she came down from the mass feed and orgasm.

“Give….gah….give me a minute.” Kenzi said, exhausted, as Xander & Vex untied her limbs and removed her blindfold. She was still to spent to move from where she lay, nor clean the cooling semen that was deposited on her skin.

“Oh my, write me down for willing & able to help anytime you crazy kids might need me.” Vex said with a leer, still tasting Kenzi across his lips.

“You said you were strictly heterosexual. Don’t blame the sex fiend for finding a way to exploit that.” Xander said with a grin while zipping his pants up and walking over to the chest of draws, where bottles of cold water were waiting.

Taking a deep draw, he then let half the bottle pour out across his face and hair. This sort of BDSM role took a lot out of you. He then handed a couple bottles to Vex & Bo, and tossed one to the prone form of Kenzi, who didn’t seem to be in a hurry to move.

“I thought it’d be weird. You know, watching you have sex with Kenzi like that. But man, that was worth every penny, 10 out of 10, would diddle myself again.” Bo informed the room, her hunger and now thirst sated for the moment.

“Why? Because of the whole sibling thing? You and Xander have known each other for like two weeks. And it’s not like you two are reenacting Flowers in the Attic, you just worked your lady boner while he made me work his actual boner.” Kenzi rasped, she needed a meal, and a shower, and a nap.

“And on that note, I’m out. Lovely evening everyone, do keep me in mind if you want a partner in the event you do reenact Flowers in the Attic. You know what they say about incest.” Vex continued to leer, at literally everyone, as he made his way out of the bed room.

“Gross.” Bo & Xander said in unison, then shared a smile. Most adult siblings didn’t get along, though one could say they’d definitely found common ground.

Neither noticed the appraising look Kenzi was giving them.

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