Facultatem Saeva, Capacity for Cruelty

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter. I make no money on this fiction.

A/N: Proceed with caution. This fic is about bad things being done to good people. And some bad things might also happen to some bad people. It does have a plot and some character arches, but this is the only chapter that does not contain sex or torture. The ending will probably be sort of happy but I’m not sure yet as I’ve only written the first 40,000 words so far. We will find out together. But I am here to press the cruelty and sexual boundaries of my writing capability. Please let me know how I do. Fanfiction is where I have fun, but it is also a way to improve my writing through feedback. I've always been shy about sex scenes and violence scenes so I'm gong to the extremes and seeing if I can force myself out of my box.

This is going to be very mean to an under-aged Xander, which I do not condone in the real world. But that is kinda the point of the story, isn't it - Cruelty. Which is why it is also very mean to a full-grown Severus Snape after the first few chapters.

WARNINGS: Child abuse (Xander is 15), rape/non-con, incest (Mostly in chapters 2-5, but the memory comes up again after that), emotional abuse, gas-lighting, belittlement and humiliation, bondage, and generally fucked up torture. Also, let’s see… BDSM without safe words, cherry-stealing, sleep deprivation, bullying, temperature extremes, metal table, gloves, orgasm delay and denial, dry orgasm, forced orgasm, animate objects/tentacles of a sort, vibration, and where would it be without a Crucio or ten? What else? Enema/inflation with some bladder control, predicament, piercing, clips, some blood (without drinking), several people’s cum (with some drinking), anal, oral, handsies, object insertion, fisting, starvation, counting, cock and testicle torture, fucking machine, forced masturbation, exhibitionism/voyeurism, large things going in weird places, water torture, breathplay, over-stimulation, multiple orgasms, psychological manipulation, shaming, victim blaming, sounding, and a very mean little elf.

NOT MINE: The characters are from BtVS, which is Joss' baby, and Harry Potter, Ms. Rowling's creation. Neither of these worlds is mine, but I am pressing them into uncomfortable service anyway. Please don't sue. I’m in enough trouble as it is.

SETTING: A couple AU elements, mostly that we are using fanfiction magic to be able to apparate between Scotland and California. Also, when I say “machine”, which I do in a couple chapters, please assume Xander thinks it is a machine because he does not know magic and technology do not generally mix. Obviously, it is a magical doohickey that just looks like a machine. Just go with it.

BtVS: This begins a week or so before Sophomore year for Xander, so just before Buffy arrives and the chaos we all know and love ensues in Sunnydale. Xander is 15, as he is when we first meet him in the show.

HP: After Snape’s graduation but before Lilly dies. Severus freaked out at Voldemort over his threatening Lilly. He met with Dumbledore. Now this test is what he must pass in order to be welcomed back into the ranks of Death Eaters so he can spy. That makes him what? About 21?

BTW, Voldemort is a jerk.


Severus Snape sat before the old wizard, dark eyes hidden by straight black hair. The strain of the last few days had taken its toll on him, making him look older than his 21 years. He certainly felt older. His was uncharacteristically disheveled. When he spoke, his voice rasped. But his back was straight, and he did not flinch from the truth.

“Before I begin,” Severus said, “I want you to know that I do not find children to be physically attractive. I am bisexual but only regarding adults. I generally would consider this to be none of your concern but before I can tell you the details of what has occurred, you must understand that I did not do any of this out of … lust or a desire to cause this unfortunate young man an ounce of harm.

He looked into the headmaster’s eyes. “I did it to save them all, as you instructed. I did it to infiltrate Voldemort's camp so I could bring him down - him and every last one of his death-eaters. I did it because of what he said he would do to Lilly and all the people she loved. What he said he would do to her unborn son.”

Dumbledore looked on as Severus rose, tired as he was, and began to pace the extravagant office.

“Of course, it didn't go as I planned. I don't know if that is good or bad, but in the end, I am a single individual.” He looked at his old headmaster. "I did my best."

Dumbledore’s calm face glanced at the crumpled form under Fawkes’s perch. “I understand it has been a trying time for you. However, if I am to approve this action, I need to be apprised of the full extent of your interactions. Please, take me through everything the boy experienced.”

Severus sat again. His shoulders finally slumped as his elbows rested on his knees. He felt the weight of the portraits’ gazes on his every breath, judging him.

“I don’t know how, Sir.”

The elder wizard smiled at Severus. “Mr. Snape, I imagine the beginning would be the best place. Would it not?”

Severus turned his gaze to the thin teen held in stasis. His deep voice was quiet and calm as he recollected the events of the week.

———— Five Days Prior ————

Severus looked at himself in the muggle’s grimy mirror and took a deep breath. To become more than what they said he was, he would have to do this. To deserve his place on the side of good, he would have to see just how horrible a man he could be. If he wanted into Voldemort's camp, he had to pass their Facultatem Saeva Test. They must judge his "capacity for cruelty".

Alexander Harris hadn’t done anything to him, but that would not save the boy. The wizard could tell from watching for just a few hours that the teenager’s life was riddled with misfortune. Surely it would be better to hurt him, than someone who had never known pain before. Less... damning. He shook his head.

The young muggle was constantly belittled by his mother, who called him Alex. His friends called him Xander - a ridiculous name that only proved the boy was already building a wall between his home life and his daily facade. The constantly inebriated father just called him “the bastard”. As in “Tell the bastard if he doesn’t do a better job cleaning the floor, he’ll be cleaning blood off the linoleum next time.”

The young brunet appeared to be in his early teens, about 15 years old, which met the Dark Lord’s standards of youth, though only barely. He looked a mess under his shaggy hair. Severus imagined he must crop it himself. He recalled his own clumsy young fingers before he had learned the appropriate charms. In observation throughout the day, he had seen the boy make dinner, clean the kitchen top to bottom, and do a load of the ugliest laundry Severus had ever seen.

But it was the bruises that told the story. It was the look in his father’s drunken eyes that said it all. The young man was balancing on the edge of innocence and corruption and his father was clearly interested in pushing him off that metaphorical precipice.

Severus could admit to himself that he would like to assist the unfortunate creature. He seemed kind, if a bit rambunctious and sarcastic. Instead, he was tasked with finding a suitable pawn for his Facultatem Saeva test. If he could figure out a way, Severus would obliviate him and deliver him to somewhere safe afterward. He understood that muggles had facilities for poorly kept children. Perhaps he could find one and convince them to accept the awkward young man. He would try. Though if he were honest with himself... he wasn’t even sure if he would be able to keep the young Mr. Harris alive.

Charmed to be unnoticeable and light-footed, he stepped in front of the boy’s bed where he lay staring at the ceiling. With a wordless spell, he caught and held the brunet’s gaze, immediately thrusting him into Alexander’s nightmarish memory.

Xander's life had recently gotten much worse than even the bruises suggested. Verbal and physical abuse had taken a new turn.

Severus saw it all play out through the legilimens as if it were happening to him. He felt the vulnerability and fear as if it were his own mind. Despite his discomfort, he watched to the end. After all, he was about to inflict even more damage himself. He deserved to suffer in return.

Merlin save them both.

A/N: Next chapter is Xander's dad being a creepy perverted drunk.

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