Angelus Vs. The Buffyverse

BY : BillytheKidd
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Disclaimer: I own no characters from the Buffy verse, nor the buffyverse itself.This is merely a work of fiction, and I make no money. Reviews would be greatly appreciated.

Angel was gone. His soul whisked away into the universe. In his place, in the cage, in the basement of the hyperion hotel, where he had called home for the last two years, was a decidedly more evil creature. It was called Angelus, and though he shared the same charming visage as his benevolent other half, the evil inside was a terrible force, not to be taken lightly. 

And that was the point of the cage that contained him, the chains that bound him, and the crossbows pointed at him, courtesy of Charles Gunn, and Wesley Wyndham-Pryce. The green-skinned demon, Lorne was also down there, as well as Cordelia Chase, and Winifred Burkle. It was the last two, in particular, that aroused Angelus,

Angelus was infamous for his terrible horniness. He had practically never left the warm, wet, tightness that was his lover, Darla’s, pussy. Only when he needed to feed was he not having sex, and sometimnes he did both at the same time.

“Darla,” he thought, “As soon as I am free of here, I need to find her, and spike and dru while I’m at it. It should only take a few moments.” 

Neither of the women were fighters, but he knew full well that Wes and Gun could take him if they really had to. So they would have to be killed first. Lorne would go easily, and if he could knock Cordelia unconscious, he could have his fun with Fred without interruption. 

For Wes, it happened in slow motion. Angelus’s chains shattered like glass, each shard deafening him as it hit the ground.The bars of the cage were bent away like thin-gauge wire, and Angelus was between them and out of the cage in seemingly no time at all.

Angelus got to Gunn before he could even lift his crossbow, and the demon snapped his neck with a sickening crunch. Gunn’s body hit the floor with a thud, as Wesley fired his crossbow. But Angelus was too quick, grabbing the Englishmen, and pulling him close. Angelus held Wesley in front of him, standing in between the rest of the gang, and the door , which was the only way out of the basement. 

The Demon looked Fred in the eye, before biting the man, and draining him dry. Wesley was dead before his body hit the floor. In  a flash, Angel had shoved both Fred and Cordy into the cage, and bent the bars back together. Lorne took his chance, and ran for the door.

Angelus caught up to him about halfway up the stairs, and dragged him back into the basement. 

“No, Angelcakes, please-” Lorne said, cut off by the snapping of his neck.

Angelus sauntered back into the basement. 

“Hello Ladies!” he said, with his signature sinister smile. Fred whimpered in fear, while Cordelia, always stupid, stood firm. 

“You gonna kill us too?” asked Fred, her trademark texan drawl coming out in a way that Angel had always found adorable, but his counterpart found annoying. Angelus didn’t answer, as it was more intimidating to remain silent. He bent open the bars again, before closing them behind him. And just like that, Angelus had two beautiful women trapped with him in a cage. 

He debated with himself who would be best to ravage first, before settling on Fred. Thus, he grabbed the small texan, and removed her from the cage, before closing Cordelia inside again. 

She wore a thin red dress, with spaghetti straps, and a neck-line that was slightly lower than normal, but not terribly risque. It was patterned with flowers that were a single shade of red darker, such that if you glanced at her from afar, you might fail to notice them at first. Angelus’s hand easily fit around her thin arms, as he dragged her up the stairs.

She screamed in protest, trying to reach out to what was left of Angel, but the calls fell deaf on Angelus’s uncaring ears. He dragged her into the lobby, and tossed her on to the couch, before locking and bolting the doors. He then placed various pieces of furniture in front of the doors, knowing full well a girl like Fred could never move them. 

Fred knew it too, so she simply cowered on the couch. When Angelus finished, he sat down on the couch.

“Stand and strip,” he said.

“What?” Fred said, fear and confusion in her voice.

“I said stand and strip, you mewling harlot!!!” Angelus said, standing, grasping her by the neck, lifting her up, before grabbing her dress, and yanking it down, tearing the straps off her thin shoulders, as the crimson fabric piled on the floor. She wore no bra, as Angelus had often suspected. She was now clad only in a lacy black thong, which was Charles’s favorite. She had planned on fucking his brains out later that night, but when she had put them on this morning she hadn’t had the slightest idea how bad things would go today.   

Angelus tossed her back onto the couch, smirking at the unexpectedly erotic panties she wore. He noticed how erect his dick was for the first time, as he looked down at the helpless, crying girl, who covered her small, naked breasts with one arm, and hid her lace covered pussy with the other. “I promise, it won’t hurt a bit,” he said, as he reached between her thin thighs to grab her panties by the center, his knuckles brushing her sensitive clit before he made her completely naked. 

He also stripped himself naked, seemingly instantaneously. Even in her scared state, Fred wondered how he always seemed to move so fast. He lifted her up, moving his throbbing member to her gentle folds, before pushing himself all the way in.

Fred screamed in pain. She had fucked Charles plenty of times in her years as his girlfriend, but he was tiny compared to Angelus. She had never felt so much pain in her life as right now, when Angelus was practically splitting her apart. He sawed in and out of her cunt like a knife through butter. Her and Angelus’s orgasms built simultaneously, as a thin sheen of sweat began to cover her. 

Despite her best efforts, Fred came like a geyser. Angelus dropped her to the ground,  and came on her naked and bruised body. She was sticky from a mixture of semen and sweat, and Angelus had no desire to bite her like this.

So he grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her up to his second story room. It hurt her, but at this point she was numbed from a mixture of exhaustion, exhilaration, and orgasm. He opened his door, and walked into the bathroom, before dropping Fred into the tub. Her skull cracked on the tub, and she started to slip out of consciousness.

Angelus turned on the shower tap at full cold, causing Fred to shiver from the freezing water. While Fred shrieked and soaked, Angelus cut open his hand, and smeared his blood all over his still erect cock. 

As Fred began to drown, Angelus yanked her unconscious body out of the filling tub, and bit her neck, draining her until her heart began to slow. He then shoved his bloody cock into her mouth, letting his blood flow down her throat. He was making her a vampire, as she was hot enough that he wanted to fuck her for eternity.

He shoved her thong down her throat, using it as a gag to make her wake up as uncomfortable as possible. He closed and locked the bathroom door behind himself, and went downstairs to get dressed. He then headed down to the basement to fuck that fine peice of ass named Cordelia Chase.


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