B's Butt Bitch

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"No!" Buffy said for what felt like the millionth time.

"Ah come on B, where's your sense of adventure?" Faith whined.

"This isn't enough adventure for you?" Buffy grumbled as she staked the last of the latest group of vampires, who had been completely stunned by what the Slayers were talking about.

"You're really that scared I might win?" Faith goaded with a wicked grin.

"No..." Buffy lied unconvincingly, "I just don't see why I have to put myself at risk, especially when you're not offering anything in return."

"Okay, then what do you want." Faith pushed, "Name your price B, and you got it."

There was a brief pause and then Buffy asked, "Anything?"

"Anything." Faith confirmed with a wicked grin.

"Alright..." Buffy said, having enough of this and wanting to end it once and for all, which was the only reason she told Faith, "You win, I... do that thing you want. But I win? You have to do it instead."

Faith suddenly went pale, "What?"

"But hey, if you don't want to put your money where your mouth is, or whatever, no big deal." Buffy quickly dismissed.

"Hey, hey, hey, I didn't say that." Faith quickly protested, "I just didn't think you'd want too..."

"I don't." Buffy admitted, smirking as she revealed her plan, "But when I win you're obviously just going to back out, meaning it doesn't matter how many times you might win, I can always back out of doing it."

Which of course pissed Faith off, "You know what? You're on! But get ready B, because tonight your ass is mine! Literally."


A few hours later as Buffy was staking the last vampire Faith hopefully offered, "Best 5 out of 7?"

"Oh give it up Faith, you lost." Buffy said smugly, "I've got school tomorrow, and we've done an entire sweep twice. You can't win, which means we can finally put this behind us. Get it, behind us?"

Faith scowled for a few seconds, before smirking, "No, we are not, because you're the one backing out of this deal, not me."

"Seriously?" Buffy whined.

"Hey, I've had guys literally on their knees begging to fuck this." Faith turned her back to Buffy, bent over and smacked her rump, "But we both know you don't have what it takes to top me, so run along home and we'll try this again tomorrow night."

Buffy glared at Faith for a few long seconds, who grinned smugly back at her, convincing her to call her bluff, "So, if we went back to yours, right now, you'd seriously just... bend over?"

"In a heartbeat." Faith said confidently, walking right up to Buffy and telling her to her face, "Because we both know you're not going to do shit."

"Don't we?" Buffy questioned.


"Ya not scaring me, ya know?" Faith protested as they entered her motel room.

"Obviously." Buffy said dryly.

"We both know you ain't going to do it, so why don't you save us both some time and just bend over?" Faith argued as soon as the door was closed.

Which only pushed Buffy to order, "No, you bend over."

The two Slayers stared at each other for a few long seconds, and then Faith grumbled, "Whatever."

Buffy couldn't believe Faith then did as she was told, specifically getting into the centre of her bed on all fours, noticeably without taking any clothes off. Which she hadn't told her to remove, but whatever. The point was that somehow Buffy found herself in a game of chicken over whether she was going to ass fuck another girl or not, and the safety of her own ass hole was on the line. Which pushed her into retrieving one of Faith's strap-ons, stepping into the harness and slowly pulling it up her thighs, not bothering to remove her clothes either as she was so convinced Faith was going to back out at any second now. She had to believe that, because the alternative was even more insane and gross.

She made sure to do this directly in front of Faith, and then Buffy asked her, "How do I look?"

"Like a total bottom wearing something she shouldn't." Faith said back.

"Oh please, like you're always the top when we have sex." Buffy scoffed.

Normally Faith would offer up a ridiculous denial, but in this case she just blushed and remain silent as Buffy retrieved a bottle of lube and covered the dildo with it. This whole thing was ridiculous, although Buffy had to admit as she knelt down behind Faith, the girl who was basically her girlfriend, even if they weren't using that label, did have one amazing ass. Buffy was always staring at it, although tonight it had been doubly so, partly because of their little bet, and partly because Faith's already tight leather pants looked like they were just painted on tonight. Hell, it was a struggle just to get them off. The little thong was easier, although for some reason Buffy just stared at it for a few long seconds before removing it.

If Buffy was the kind of twisted pervert like Faith who actually wanted to fuck asses she would probably be drooling right now, spend several minutes just staring at it and then groping it. But she wasn't, this was just something she had to do, she desperately tried to remind herself, as she pushed one of Faith's butt cheeks aside and then pressed the lube covered finger against the other girl's virgin back hole. Buffy then waited for Faith to tell her to stop, but after maybe a minute she got fed up of waiting and pushed her finger inside, and wow... it was so weird, and gross, and disgusting, and... tight! Oh God, Faith's ass was so tight, and Buffy was so fascinated by that for some reason. Fascinated enough to slide a finger in and out until she got a response.

"K B... joke's over." Faith whimpered.

"Sure thing, F..." Buffy murmured softly and hoarsely, not taking her eyes off of where her finger was sliding in and out of Faith's ass hole, "Just promise me you'll never go after my ass again, and I'll stop."

The room once again was filled with deafening silence and after a long pause Faith lowered her head and whimpered pathetically. Obviously Buffy was going to have to kick things up a notch, so she took that as an excuse to push another finger into Faith's butt hole, and when that didn't work increase the force and speed. At which point Buffy should have just admitted defeat and left. Actually she should have stop this before her fingers were up Faith's butt... but... Buffy just couldn't stand the idea of losing. Not after coming so far. And maybe a small, teeny tiny part of her, actually wanted to do it. But she desperately tried to ignore that thought in favour of giving Faith another chance to back out.

"What? Nothing to say? You wouldn't shut up about making me your little anal loving bitch before, but now the mighty Faith the Vampire Slayer, my self-proclaimed top, won't save her own ass hole?" Buffy mocked, and then once again when there was no reply she grumbled, "Fine, let's see if this changes your mind..."

Faith took a calming breath and Buffy removed her fingers and replaced it with the tip of her cock. Then while using one hand to aim B pulled apart one of Faith's ass cheeks, giving her better access, and making Faith feel even more exposed. Thankfully she was facing away from the other girl, so B didn't see her blushing, which Faith found herself constantly doing throughout this unthinkable act. Although what was more embarrassing was the little gasp she let out as her anal ring slowly began to stretch for that strap-on. Faith also tightened her grip on the bed sheets while desperately trying to relax and make this easier on herself, which was one of the hardest things she'd ever had to do.

All of this was incredibly hard for her, but it was worth it if she could just get one shot at Buffy's butt. That's all she needed to make it hers, and if this was what she had to endure to get it so be it. It's not like Faith could like it, right? That's what Faith told herself, and for better or for worse she was proven right as her butt hole stretched wider than it ever had before, eventually allowing the head of the dildo to slide into her back door, causing Faith the most humiliating pain she could have ever have imagined. Oh yeah, her ass cherry had just been taken by a total bottom, and Faith didn't think she'd ever be able to get over the pain and humiliation. Well, the pain was nothing compared to what she received on patrol, but the humiliation was unbearable.

To Faith's surprise Buffy didn't immediately freak out when the deed was done, which was super weird, especially considering the embarrassingly loud cry Faith had let out. Also, instead of being disgusted by all of this like she claimed when Faith looked back over her shoulder she found B staring at the strap-on stretching Faith's shit hole obscenely wide. The goody two shoes even kept staring as she began pushing forwards, causing inch after inch of the man-made meat to slide into Faith's rectum. Some part of Faith, a very small part, liked the fact that she seemed to be pleasing her lover with her ass hole, but she quickly dismissed such submissive thoughts and focused on imagining the roles being reversed.

Ever since they had met Faith had fantasised about butt fucking Buffy, and ironically in her current position it had never been more vivid. Unfortunately that ended up being her downfall, as those distracting thoughts not only made it easier for Faith to take the giant cock up her ass, but she ended up letting out soft gasps and whimpers of pleasure as well as pain. Which Faith wasn't even aware of it first, and then blamed on her fantasies, but then when the sodomy truly got underway she came to the terrifying realisation that she was actually enjoying it. Faith Lehane, bad ass super top, was enjoying getting her virgin ass fucked, and she couldn't even hide it as the moment she realised it was when she let out a loud moan which sounded deafening under the circumstances.

Buffy tried to remind herself that this was meant to make Faith beg for mercy, and punish her for trying to ass fuck her, and more importantly provide a deterrent from her trying it again. Because she wasn't supposed to enjoy this, neither of them were, but to her shame taking Faith's anal cherry was like, the hottest thing she'd ever done. Which was saying a lot considering the other things she had done with her fellow Slayer, but there was just something about seeing the arrogant Faith Lehane bent over in front of her and taking it up the ass which was making Buffy catatonic with lust. Especially the sight of a cock sticking out of her crotch disappearing into Faith's shit hole, which amazingly stretched to take every single inch of her cock, Buffy whimpering softly as her thighs came to rest against those full cheeks, announcing the anal penetration was completed.

"God Faith, every inch. That's every single inch of my big cock up your ass!" Buffy whimpered in amazement, before she remembered something which had her taunting the other girl, "That's what you said I'd do, remember? You said I was going to take every, single, inch of your big dick up my ass. Take it like a... what? Say it!"

To emphasise those last two words Buffy smacked Faith's ass, causing to her cry out before whimpering, "I don't remember!"

"I don't believe you." Buffy said firmly, smacking the other slayers ass again, "Now say it!"

Again there was a pause while Faith whimpered, before she answered truthfully this time, "A bitch."

"That's right." Buffy mocked, "You said I was going to take it like a bitch. That I was going to be your little up the butt bitch. Well now Faith, you're mine."

With that Buffy slowly pulled some of the dildo out of Faith's butt hole and then pushed it back in, repeating the process over and over again and thus officially starting to sodomise the other Slayer. Which caused Faith to cry out, gasp and whimper in pain and humiliation, which Buffy had been fully expecting. What she wasn't expecting was to hear pleasure within those sounds, and certainly not for it to become the main thing she heard within them. Then all of a sudden she had self-proclaimed super top Faith Lehane moaning in pure pleasure. She actually made Faith moan from fucking her in the ass, and it might just be the proudest moment of Buffy's life. Which was really sick and twisted, but that's just how she felt at that precious moment.

"Stop! Please B, stop!" Faith whimpered.

To her credit Buffy immediately stopped, but instead of pulling out she pointed out, "If I don't like it, we'll stop. That was the deal, right? If you won our little bet, if I really didn't like it, we could stop. Only, I won, and you don't just like it, you fucking love it. Don't you Faith? Huh? So, are you sure you want me to stop?"

There was a brief silence and then Faith whimpered, "Please..."

"Please what?" Buffy pushed, "If it's please stop, you'll never get my anal cherry, I promise you that."

That was obscenely manipulative, but that was the whole point of this, right? Making sure Buffy never had to give up her ass? So she went in for the kill, expecting Faith to insist they stop, and give her a rock-solid defence against another bet like tonight. But to Buffy's surprise after another pause Faith whimpered again and lowered her head, clearly submitting herself to more ass fucking. Which Buffy didn't hesitate to give her, the blonde finding herself grinning sadistically as she made the bad ass brunette whimper, gasp and moan in pure pleasure from this beyond obscene act. God, Buffy was pretty sure she had wanted Faith to insist they stop, but now she was so glad she didn't.

Ever since she had become the Slayer Buffy had a lot of moments when she felt powerful, but nothing compared to this. To have another Slayer bent over in front of her, giving Buffy her anal virginity, and loving every minute of it was beyond amazing. And something sadly Buffy could never do again. After all, there were only two of them, and Faith had only one butt cherry. Although, Buffy could butt fuck her again. God, what was she thinking? Of course she couldn't do this again. She shouldn't be doing this at all. This was wrong, and gross, and disgusting, and fuck, Buffy hated herself for it but she found that she was moaning almost as loudly as Faith, especially when she began picking up the pace of the sodomy.

Faith had received a lot of pain ever since becoming the Slayer, but nothing compared to this. Of course the pain was not physical anymore, Faith missing that pain more than anything else, as this was so much worse. This was psychological torture at its most heinous, as her body betrayed her to the point where she was acting like a total bottom. And not just a bottom, but a butt slut. Which wasn't her fault, or the fault of her body. It was Buffy freaking Summers. She was just freakishly good at everything, so of course she'd make an amazing butt fucker. And maybe it was even like, a Slayer thing, because every woman she'd butt banged said she was the best, so there had to be something to that, right?

Although exactly why Faith was enjoying getting sodomised so much really didn't matter at this particular moment. All that mattered was keeping a shred of her dignity while receiving the most humiliating torture imaginable. She couldn't stop herself from whimpering, moaning and crying out in pure pleasure. That ship had like beyond sailed. She also couldn't stop herself from cumming, and sadly that felt inevitable now. But the one thing she could do was stop herself from begging for more. Well, that and remaining as still as she possibly could, and not bouncing her ass back against the other girl. Well, maybe just a little. Buffy wouldn't notice that, right? Or if she did it a little more? And then a little more, and then a little more, and then B said something which made Faith's blood run cold.

"Say it Faith! Tell me what you are!" Buffy taunted gleefully, smacking Faith's ass as hard as she could, "Tell me, and I'll make you cum!"

Never going to happen B, Faith promised herself that. She wanted to scream it at the top of her lungs, but she didn't trust her voice right now not to betray her like the rest of her body. Especially as Buffy's hand was relentlessly smacking her ass with full Slayer strength, returning some of the sweet physical pain, which to Faith's shame was now only adding to the ecstasy she could feel. That, and the fact that she could no longer stop her body from bouncing back against B's thrusts. Briefly Faith tried to use it to her advantage and make herself cum, finally get this over with, but Buffy slowed her down whenever necessary like an professional ass tamer, leaving Faith no choice but to give up that last shred of her dignity.

"I'm your bitch!" Faith cried out at the top of her lungs, "I'm your bitch I'm your bitch I'm your bitch! I'm your fucking bitch! Fuck me B, mmmmm, butt fuck me. Fuck your bitch's butt. I'm your little up the butt bitch! I'm your butt bitch! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddd B, I'm your butt bitch! Mmmmmm, I'm your little butt bitch, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

For what felt like an eternity, but was probably only a few minutes, Faith rambled on like that, too far gone to really say much else. Then finally Buffy made good on her word and increase the pace just the tiniest bit, which was all it took to send Faith over the edge of the hardest climax of her life. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Faith frantically rammed herself back against the other girl, B more than keeping up with her, meaning that both Slayers were using every ounce of their supernatural strength to wreck Faith's rectum. Which might be literally the case, but that was a prize Faith was willing to pay, at least at that moment, for the ecstasy she was currently feeling.

Buffy had told herself that the brunette was mostly joking about making the blonde her bitch, but when they were actually in the middle of fighting the vampires Faith had started taunting her in a failed attempt to distract her. She had seen right through it and ignored it, pretended not to hear the words, but Buffy had heard each one, and they had just pushed her into making sure she had one their little bet to make sure those things didn't come true. Now she actually wanted them to come true, not for her of course, but for Faith. No, she didn't want it. She needed it. Buffy needed Faith to be her bitch. Her little butt bitch. Oh yes, Faith Lehane, Buffy Summers's little up the butt bitch had a wonderful ring to it.

As she kicked the butt pounding into overdrive Buffy became lost in that little fantasy. Of picturing Faith wearing nothing but a collar, with the words 'Buffy's Butt Bitch' on the nametag, on her knees and begging to get her slutty little ass fucked. Or better yet bent over wiggling that perfect ass at her. Oh, and maybe she could get Faith a little tramp stamp. Something like 'Enter Here' and an arrow pointing to Faith's butt hole. Or 'Buffy's Butt Bitch'. Or both. Oh yes, Buffy loved the thought of that. Of marking her property, and making sure Faith knew her place. Knew that she was hers now. That her ass was hers to use however she wanted, and God, Buffy was intent on using it just like this whenever she wanted.

Ironically even though Buffy hadn't thought it possible that she would enjoy anal sex, let alone cum, she did, and they were the hardest and most satisfying orgasms of her life. She didn't cum as hard as Faith, who's cum was literally squirting out of her cunt, but it was still hard and frequent, making her want to do this again even more. And particularly, to do this harder right now, Faith obviously felt the same way as the two Slayers somehow found a way to make the ass pounding even harder, and at that point the sound of thighs meeting jiggling butt cheeks were almost as loud as Faith's hysterical screams of joy. Which in turn made them cum harder, restarting the vicious cycle.

While Buffy wanted this to last forever inevitably the Slayers reached their limits, which were well beyond normal humans, but even then they reached them. Even though they reached them at the same time and collapsed together Buffy wasn't quite done pumping her dick in and out of Faith's butt. Which was probably a result of after-shocks more than anything, but it still pushed them both to one more satisfying climax. Then Faith pushed Buffy off of her, the dildo leaving her ass hole with an obscene sound. Faith then stumbled out of bed, causing her pants to fall down around her ankles, forcing her to bend over to pull them up, sticking her busted butt in Buffy's face. Buffy had no idea what made her do it, but as Faith was struggling to put her leather pants back on, with her back to Buffy, the blonde grabbed her phone and managed to capture a shot of the brunette's gaping butt hole.

Faith's pants had just been below her cheeks, making it look like she was pulling them down instead of up and presenting her well opened hole, giving the photo a true arty feel, which fascinated Buffy so much she almost didn't hear Faith protest, "Wha, what the hell was that?"

"What, I can't take a memento of this special occasion?" Buffy mocked, adding with delight, "How else is Willow supposed to believe me?"

There was a brief pause, and then Faith moved forward threateningly, "Delete it!"

"I don't think so." Buffy smirked, "Consider this my insurance against you trying to do this again. And your punishment for trying to do it in the first place."

"B-" Faith began.

"Oh, you want another round?" Buffy threatened, confidently remaining where she was, "Gotta love Slayer healing, right? Especially when it comes to stamina. I do have to admit, I am feeling like a bit more Faith ass. So go ahead Faith, get back on this bed, and I'll take it as an admission that my little butt bitch is ready for more."

There was a few long seconds of the Slayers staring at each other again, and then Faith just grumbled, "This isn't over B! Just remember, payback's a bitch."

"I thought we finally agreed that you were the bitch in this relationship." Buffy quipped, chuckling as Faith finally finished pulling up her pants and slammed the door to her own room behind her, leaving Buffy to return her attention to the beautiful picture of the brunette accidentally presenting her gaping ass hole and then the blonde softly murmured, "My butt bitch."

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