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Part 69

The following two weeks were interesting to say the least.

Xander’s days were filled with meetings with developers, engineers and project managers, along with site inspections as excavations began onsite, and details of the building schedule were examined fully and modified to include some more ‘specialized workers’ of the not so human variety at the behest of Senor Perez. Their particular abilities including the ability to work at night and a willingness to be paid at the daytime rate rather than penalty loading as part of a refugee workers’ agreement organized via a joint venture with the municipal government, an NGO “Emergency Immigration Advocate Organization”, and ACS. It would shorten the project timeline significantly and bolster the economy as the many newcomers were employed and not seen as taking the jobs of locals.

The meeting with the Master of Barcelona was delayed for a variety of reasons, not least of which was a conversation with Anton that promised some assistance coming from a rather unlikely source. Apparently Master el Sodorno had reneged on a deal with Wolfram and Hart’s Madrid office (something to do with resolving some import duty violations and unpaid legal fees) and the law company was assisting some of the more liberal Spanish Demon Courts in ridding themselves of the problem ‘neighbour’. Despite some lengthy negotiations there seemed to be an impasse and the Master and his Barcelona Court were becoming a real liability.

In their last week of the Spanish stay, Anton rang again, this time to request that his Childer make arrangements with the Sonclastas clan via Senor Perez, to firm alliances with all other demon clans expressing the need for a changing of the guard, and for Spike to make a request of the Mistress of Madrid, the formidable Senora Christiana, that she might send her second Childe, the deadly, progressive and highly capable, Senorina Lalida to manage the territory if (as Spike suggested) none of the old Master’s Childer were up to the task.

The evening at the Perez Villa was arranged at the end of their third week in Barcelona and was a delight. Not least courtesy of the rather unexpectedly delightful company of Lalida who flew in just in time to join the festivities.

Told of the event prior to her Madrid departure, the stunningly beautiful and statuesque Lalida was all business when Spike and Xander greeted her at the Barcelona Airport with only her second and one minion in tow. Within minutes of arriving at the El Palace Hotel, her minion was busy unpacking, second making arrangements for their longer term stay, and she was dressed for the occasion in a high fashion. Her perfect figure was emphasized by the beaded black cocktail dress, slim pale neck and fingers adorned with impressive selection of ruby and diamond jewelry, and jet black hair secured with a similarly encrusted hair clasp that held all but one deliberately loose beautiful black curl in a complicated twisted bun.

Had Xander not known she was a vampire of importance, he certainly would have assumed some society celebrity or famous head of a fashion house. And despite he and Spike dressing for the occasion in appropriately semi formal, up to the moment fashion suitable for the Immortal’s childer (or ‘high fliers’ as the case may be), Xander felt decidedly under-dressed. He fiddled with his earring (the large emerald and single diamond matching Spikes ruby one), and adjusted the thick gold bracelet as they waited for Lalida to give final instructions to her staff before departing for the party. It was a nervous gesture, and one that was so obvious that Spike sidled up behind him and took both hands in his, redirecting them to what would appear to others as a familiar hug around the waist. Xander realized his agitation was showing and made an effort to relax into his Mate’s strong hold.

Spike growled a subsonic, “What’s up luv?” so close to his ear that none of the other occupants of the room could hear.

He whispered back, “Nothing now”, before twisting a little to give his partner a chaste kiss of thanks.

Little conversation beyond common niceties had been exchanged with their guest despite it being time to leave.  Thankfully, a limousine seemed to magically appear as they stepped from the hotel.

After alighting their transport, Lalida was all business, “Master William, Mate Alexander, my Sire has spoken to yours and I have read the many reports on the current situation here in Barcelona. You are aware that it is my Sire’s intention to end the xenophobic despot, Master El Sordorno’s rule of this region. With the support of the local demon community and our liberal allies in the other vampire courts of Spain, I am determined to head a new Barcelona vampiric court and draw the other demon clans of this city and surrounds into the modern era, particularly where it comes to the refugee crisis created by human wars in beyond our borders.

“I was initially quite intrigued that your Sire indicated you had no interest in this role Master William. Forgive me if that sounds impudent, I am young and still learning regards the Immortal and his Childer, your motivations apparently so different to clan master vampires, integrity and balanced influence is hardly our way. I will, of course, bow to the wishes of our Sires. My Mistress has immense respect for your Sire, and has been right to trust his counsel in many critical matters of state throughout her three century reign.”

Lalida folded her hands and looked expectantly at first Spike then Xander for a reply.

After an appropriately polite pause, Spike smiled at the beautiful female, deliberately took his partner’s hand and answered for both of them, “It is well you are prepared to step into such a role Mistress Lalida. My Mate Alexander and I have many interests that take us far and wide, we will be happy to know that this region is to be stable and at peace, if only that the economy may recover and the demon community flourish as it should with your wise rule.”

Lalida nodded her understanding, then, with the confidence and calm of a borne leader, entered the meeting room flanked by her favoured minions with Xander and Spike following shoulder to shoulder.

An hour later all had been decided. Some of the vampires known to be open to the notion of ousting their old leader were present and more than willing to provide intelligence regarding Master El Sordono’s movements, and court generally. The decision to rid the city of the encumbant that night was unanimous and the majority of the crowd including the chosen combatants departed to enact the swiftly devised plan, leaving Spike, Xander and Herr Perez virtually alone to review the discussion and await news.

Perez ushered the two into a private sitting room and immediately poured a brandy for them all. Handing Spike his drink with a smile he said simply, “So now, friends, the outcome will be in our favour – of that I am in no doubt, but we are endebted to you both, and your Sire, for taking our local concerns so seriously, and for providing a viable solution. It will take time to settle the clans again, but at least we have a way forward.”

The old demon raised his glass as a toast, drained it then seemed to come to some conclusion. Standing to refill all their drinks, he remained on his feet, “Now, Alex, perhaps we should discuss some work matters – if you don’t mind Master William? I know your date of departure looms large and it would be nice to finalize a few things prior to our meeting tomorrow.”

Spike smiled across at his brunette Mate and stood also, “Discuss away, I’m in need of a smoke and fancy a wander around your grounds if that’s possible.”

“But of course dear fellow, the lights on the rear patio are on, though I am aware darkness is no impediment to you, just through the French doors in the next room. Alex and I will still be here no doubt, but I promise not to detain you both too long.”

An hour or so (and three cigarettes later) Spike had inspected the expansive property at least twice, extending the time by stopping to lean against huge old trees, admire night blooming plants and enjoy the sound of the water trickling through rocks of the water feature (the fountain switched off as soon as guests departed. Eventually though, he saw the two men wander out onto the well-lit patio, and moved to join them.

Xander smiled as he saw his lover’s silent approach, though Spike did announce his coming for the benefit of Senor Perez, “All good in the world of construction?”

The answer was a brief handshake between the Mate and the elder demon, “Indeed Master William. And I am happy to report that the Mistress Lalida and her supporters have been successful. It seems the Old Master was quite unprepared for his sudden ‘guests’ and a swift, rather dusty end was the result of the meeting. His Court is no more and any loyal to him have been dispatched also. A fine result I think. Now the real work begins I think.”

And with that news, Xander and Spike were able to take their leave and return to their temporary home in the city. In three days they would be back in England, and had a raft of other matters there that were begging for attention.

For the first time in three days, Spike made slow, sensual love to his partner, taking Xander first by mouth then fully face to face.

They both bit down and took blood as Xander groaned his second climax in concert with his lover, he would never get tired of the feeling of his lover’s touch, nor the wonderful sensation of cool seed filling him.

Spike rolled off to spoon his lover with a sigh, “Lookin’ forward to more of this in our own place. No interruptions… Plan on havin’ us in bed for at least the first three days – we’ll blame it on jetlag ‘n such… Whaddya reckon pet?”

Xander was almost asleep but managed a mumbled, “Sounds perfect.” Thursday could not come quickly enough.


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