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The thug was coming from Buffy's left, murder written on her face. The thug was fast, but not enough. Buffy used her weight and speed against her, taking the thugs outstretched wrist and pivoting so that the woman flew over the Slayer and landed with a crash on the forest floor.

"That's got to hurt," grinned Buffy as she quickly glanced down at the moaning figure on the floor. She was enjoying this, she was bred for battle. Only her conscience and the causes she fought for made her any better than the creatures of the night she hunted and killed. Unfortunately these weren't demons to be eradicated, but humans, wicked humans serving a vile cause, but humans all the same.

Another thug came from the right. Buffy spun and gripped the woman's outstretched arm. Snapping an arm was as easy as breaking a twig. The woman fell back screaming, her arm flapping like it was a rag doll. Buffy followed her up with a kick to the solar plexus. She couldn't kill them, but that didn't mean she couldn't hurt them.

A third woman advanced towards her swinging a stick from which sparks of electricity sparkled. She swung at the Slayer, missed and was rewarded for her failure with an elbow in the face. The woman fell back, holding her bloodied mouth.

"I hope you get a dental plan," quipped Buffy and swung her foot down low to take away the thug's leg and send her down to the floor.

"C'mon Dawn, Will, let's move," Buffy turned. And said a word her Mom had told her never to use.

She had been so engrossed in her own fight she hadn't noticed the thugs approaching behind. By the looks of it neither had Will or Dawn; not until it was too late. The redhead was on the ground, writhing in agony as one of the thugs pressed one of the electrical sticks into her chest. At least her little sister wasn't in so much agony, she was, however, pinned to the ground a thugs knee in her back. Another half dozen were approaching the Slayer warily. They had seen how easily she had disposed of their colleagues and weren't going to make the same mistake of attacking individually, they would go in as a team.

"Run, Buffy, run," called Dawn, before her captor cuffed her round the head and forced her face into the dirt.

To her credit Buffy only considered following her sister's advice for less than a second.

"Stay there," the Slayer shouted, unnecessarily, "I'm coming."

The result was a foregone conclusion. Fist flew, feet kicked, heads butted. And after a few minutes, a bruised and battered Buffy was lying on the floor, one of the electricity sticks inches from her eye and with one of the women pinioned across her feet.

A familiar face came into view, smiling darkly, "Buffy... I have a special place for people like you. I don't know whether you'll be squealing like a bitch or making one beg for you. But you won't be bothering me again."

* * *

The prison van doors opened. Buffy blinked as the sunlight flooded through. She wasn't sure how long she, Dawn and Willow had been travelling. It could have been hours, it could have been days, it might only have been minutes. However, long it had been it had given Dawn time to fall asleep; the young teen suddenly woke up startled as the van was flooded with light.

"Get your fucking asses out here," said a woman. She was dressed in a pastiche of a cop uniform, the type, all rubber dress and undone black top, only the wicked looking stick hanging at her belt told Buffy that they hadn't wandered onto the set of a cheap porn flick. A couple of similarly attired extra's stood beside her.

Slowly Buffy decamped from the van. It suddenly became clear that the guards who had brought them here weren't lying, the van's cooling system really had been on full blast because the heat outside was almost unbearable. A large concrete building was in front of the Slayer, the monstrosity wider than Sunnydale Mall and it stretched upwards as far as the eye could see, dark shadows casting themselves over the dusty compound. The light seemed different from normal and Buffy looked up, the sky was a deep blue more like sea than the sky and a second sun poked its head round the first. The guard laughed at Buffy's reaction, "Sure Slayer, you're not in Sunnydale anymore. You're somewhere much worse. Welcome to Gehenna."

Another woman was walking towards them, in her late thirties with the poise and looks of a Greek Goddess. Unlike the guard she was wearing a severe pinstripe, which added to her cold beauty. She was obviously senior as the guards straightened and tried to look a little bit more intimidating at the prisoners.

She stopped in front of the three teens and looked them up and down as a scientist might view an interesting new form of amoeba in their microscope. She turned to the nearest guard, "You can release them."

The guard stepped forward and undid the handcuffs, snatching them up and reattaching them to her belt. The Greek Goddess smiled, it wasn't a pleasant smile, but one an executioner may give his victims, just before the axe comes down, "I'm Lilah Morgan. Governor of Gehenna and you're the new inmates. You can call me Ms Morgan, if you need to speak to me, but you won't. Before we go any further a few things you should know;

"One, your powers won't work here. Any thought you had of bending the bars and getting out won't work.

"Two, if you do get out, there's nowhere to run. This entire hell dimension is nothing but desert and this jail. The last woman who got out she ended up back here, begging for water. We didn't let her back in.

"Three, I don't care what you cunts do to each other, as long as you don't interfere with my smooth jail. Bang each other until your unconscious, sell drugs, knife fights, I don't care. But touch a guard or even just talk to one without respect, and I've got magic which will turn you inside out whilst you're still alive. You understand?"

Willow and Dawn nodded. Buffy stood still, refusing to be intimidated. Lilah's eyes flicked to the nearest guard. Buffy bent over in pain as the guard shoved a stick into her lower back. Electricity surged through the blonde, and not in a good way, her nerve endings felt like they were about to rip their way loose and burrow themselves through her flesh. Buffy screamed in agony and guard withdrew her stick. For a second the Slayer gasped in pain, until the agony subsided.

Lilah gave a thin smile, "You understand?"

"Yes," replied Buffy.

The guard slammed the stick into Buffy again. Keeping it in place until the Slayer had dropped to her knees and was writhing in pain.

"Yes, what?" asked Lilah with fake reasonableness.

"Yes, Miss Morgan. I understand," Buffy had to force the words out. But there was no point fighting for the sake of it. The Governor and her apes had the upper hand for the moment, but there was no way Buffy the Vampire Slayer was going to submit. Oh, she'd pretend to, but first chance she got she, Dawn and Willow were out of here.

"Good," Lilah said. She reached forward and took Buffy's chin in her hand, twisting the teen's head so she was looking directly into her face, "I don't think I believe you, but you'll learn."

Buffy forced herself to stare at the Governor's thin lips, not either twisting away in contempt or meeting Lilah's eye in a challenge. Eventually Lilah let go off the Slayer, seemingly content she had won the round. Buffy looked down at her feet, inwardly she grinned; let Lilah thing Buffy had given in it would make things easier.

"Follow me, your cells," Lilah clicked her fingers with the motion of someone who was used to being obeyed.

They made a strange procession; the ice-cold, but statuesque Lilah at the front, followed by a red-haired witch, a blonde slayer and a brunette schoolgirl, all of them flanked by busty guards who seemed about to fall out of the small rubber or leather halter tops they were wearing. But Buffy quickly realised this wasn't a normal jail - normal jails didn't have naked young women being led round by a leash, nor did they have gangs of prisoners clustered in the yard, watching a Milf get her ass filled by a younger woman. This wasn't so much a normal jail as a porno prison, all it needed was Ron Jeremy to appear twirling his moustache for the illusion to be complete.

Except it wasn't a happy clappy porn film where all the women happily jumped from bed to bed, but a twisted BDSM nightmare, which terrified as much as it titillated. This was a porn film which proudly wore its domination on its cover, where the strong survived and weak were made into whipped and degraded sexual playthings. As they continue to walked through the main courtyard Buffy shivered as she walked past a couple, the younger girl sobbing as the old black woman rapidly penetrated her ass with her fist. A small crowd were gathered around, enough for Buffy to feel the young woman's public humiliation , too few to suggest this was anything special. And that was what terrified Buffy most of all.

It did the same to Dawn, she walked close to Buffy. Reaching out she took her sister's hand, something she hadn't done since she was a child when they went trick or treating. Buffy looked at her sister, the youngest Summer's was pale, her fear etched on her face so tightly that the creases looked like canyons.

"It'll be alright Dawn," murmured Buffy, "I'll look after you."

There was a snicker from Lilah as though she'd heard, a suspision confirmed when she repeated in a mocking tone, "It'll be alright Dawn... Buffy will look after you."

Buffy scowled, quickly rearranging her face to more a brow-beaten expression as Lilah stopped and turned. The Governor smiled for a second, not something that inspired confidence, before entering the main building, where Buffy's mouth fell open, Willow's eyes widened and Dawn let out a tiny whimper.

The prison looked somehow even bigger on the inside. Despite how many had been locked into the courtyard there were plenty of cells full of prisoners, some staring at the new arrivals and licking their lips, others looking at them with pity, others ignoring them entirely as they continued to molest each other, although for what little it was worth at least the majority of them in here seemed to be enjoying it.

Looking first up and then down the three new arrivals were disheartened that they could not see the roof or the floor.

"We have two hundred and twenty storeys going up, another two hundred going down, and we're still constructing additional levels. As the Slayer and her associates you three will be sent to the bowels of this facility along with all our other most dangerous criminals." Lilah explained as they began to descend the stairs, the sweltering heat somehow getting even worse with every step they took, the three new arrivals passing cell after cell of the most attractive women any of them had ever seen until they almost reached the bottom, at which point Lilah rattled on a cell door, "Rosie, your new cellmate, Dawn Summers. Sweet girl, a virgin as well."

The woman who came to the front of the cell was, to use the vernacular, built like a brick shit house. Her arms bulged as much as her belly and if her legs hadn't been tree trunk width they'd have broken under the weight of her body. The smell of sweat and grease wafted from her like a restaurant kitchen that was overdue a visit from Health Inspectors. The fat women licked the top of her lips as she look at Dawn, "Never been plucked Governor. And with such a sweet, tight ass as well. I can smell it."

Lilah turned to Buffy as Dawn quivered beside her sister. The Governor gave her slight cruel smile, "Dawn meet Rosie. She's your new owner... sorry, cell-mate. Her last bitch... I mean cell-mate, is in hospital. It seems Rosie was a bit energetic in her lovemaking, drove a dildo right in one hole and out the other. Nasty, blood everywhere, lots of screaming as well. Still, I'm sure she's learnt her lesson. Haven't you Rosie?"

Rosie nodded, not very convincingly and leered at Dawn. The woman-mountain hand reached through the cell bars and stroked at the teen's wrist. Dawn yelped and moved behind Buffy. The blonde Slayer took another look at Rosie, there was no way her younger sister was going in there with that thing. Perhaps if she spoke to Lilah she could convince her to put her with her sister "Miss Morgan, Dawn's never been inside before; it'll be a lot easier if we share."

"That depends, do you think you're Rosie's type?" Lilah asked with a smirk, "Are you going to bend over for her?"

Buffy blushed, "No, that's not what I meant. It's just, Dawnie has nothing to do with this. She shouldn't even be here."

This time Lilah did laugh, "Not my problem, slayer," she turned to the nearest guard, "Put her in."

The guard unlocked the door, as Rosie stood ravenously on the other side. The door swung open and the guard reached for Dawn. Buffy stepped in between them, gently, but firmly, pushing the guard's hand away before it could close on Dawn's wrist. The Slayer looked at Lilah, there was a hint of danger in her voice, for those who cared to listen, "I'm appealing to your better nature."

"I don't have a better nature," said Lilah cooly. She nodded to the guard again, "I said put her in."

The guard reached for Dawn. Buffy elbowed her in the face. The Slayer might no longer have her Slayer powers, but she was still young, fit and strong. The guard fell back, yelling incoherently. A second one charged for her, only to land sprawling on the floor as Willow accidentally put out a foot.

Buffy ducked a wild swing from a third and hammered her once, twice, three times in the solar plexus, doubling the guard over. A fourth missed her with the electrical stick, Buffy twisted and hit the woman under the chin, sending her crashing into the wall.

Rosie was out of her cell now, enraged at having her prize snatched away she charged at Buffy. The Slayer ducked out of the way, giving the bull-like woman a shove as she charged past, right into the second Guard who was just regaining her feet. The Guard and Rosie crashed to the floor in a whirl of limbs and a cacophony of oaths. Buffy glanced around, with her Slayer skills she'd have put each of the guards out for the count, without them she'd only put them down for seconds and then they were up again, hardly damaged, but angry. Buffy sighed and readied herself; she couldn't see how she was going to avoid getting a kicking.

Swearing loudly Rosie lunged at Buffy again. This time the blonde slayer was able to counter, but she was unable to strategically send the brute into one of the guards, Rosie's fat stomach hitting the guard rail and the obnoxious prisoner falling over it. Before Buffy had a chance to save her Rosie fell three storeys to the floor, landing with a sickening crack.

For a second Buffy was horrified with the prospect of killing another human being, albeit by accident via self-defence, but then the fallen ogre of a woman groaned.

"Looks like we have another one for the hospital..." Lilah said dryly, no pity whatsoever in her voice, and perhaps even a hint of admiration. While she would no doubt be trouble perhaps goody two shoes Buffy Summers would at the very least provide some amusement.

As Lilah and the guards looked over the rail at the fallen prisoner Dawn and Willow got behind Buffy, the slayer preparing to die if she had too if it meant keeping her friend and sister safe. Looking back at them the guards grinned, and began advancing.

"Stop." Lilah ordered. The guards hovered back as Lilah closed on Buffy, until she was right in front of her, "So I was right the little meek me earlier, that was an act. Good, I was beginning to worry the mighty Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be too easy. Not to worry though, because I've got money on you breaking eventually, and I'm going to enjoy watching it as it happens every step of the way. For now I'll let you share a cell with your sweet little sister. Let you be her big, bad protector, but you're going to learn there's nothing you can do to protect her. Well, there is, you just wouldn't be willing to do it."

"There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect my sister." Buffy interrupted.

"We'll see." Lilah said. A little staring match ensued before Buffy, Willow and Dawn slowly began backing into the cell, "Not the redhead. I've got somewhere specifically in mind for her."

"No deal." Buffy said, before she felt a light touch to her arm.

"It's ok. You protect Dawnie. I'll be ok." Willow said softly, stepping back.

Before Buffy could object any further she and her little sis were suddenly pushed into the cell by the guards who locked the door behind them.

"It'll be ok Buffy." Lilah sneered at the slayer, "We're just taking Willow to a better place."

* * *

Faith through the ball against the wall and caught it in her left hand. She paused for a second and tossed it again, this time catching it in her right. Throw, bounce, catch-right; throw, bounce, catch-left - she repeated the moves endlessly as she sat alone in her cell.

The Slayer was so bored she was reduced to imitiating Steve McQueen, if she had a motorbike she'd have gunned it at the wire for laughs. As she didn't all she could do was bounce a baseball against her cellwall.

Throw, bounce, catch-left.

Throw, bounce, catch-right.

God, she was horny.

Turning her head the Slayer stared longingly across the hall. She always loved checking out the sluts across from her, but they had all been recently been removed to become the private sex slaves of some new big bad which had taken over. The sluts next door weren't helping either, noises of sexual pleasure coming from above, below and side to side of her, those sluts no doubt tonguing each other's pussies and ass holes. She had warned them about doing that shit when she didn't have a bitch on hand to service her needs, and had beaten them almost to death trying to get it through their thick heads but still they did it, probably just so she would keep beating them, so eventually she gave up. That was the thing about sluts, particularly the ones that were willing to continue living next door to her without offering the Governor their firstborn child just to get away, they were tough, perhaps even tougher than the tops.

Fuck. Faith was so fucking horny she almost started fricking herself off, something she hadn't done in years, at least not to climax, and promised herself she would never do it again as long as she was stuck in this hell hole filled with sluts and bitches who should be satisfying her.

What she wouldn't give for a new bitch to break in. Or a slut for a quick and easy fuck, but there was a lock-down in the wing whilst they brought in some new prisoners, so there she was stuck on her lonesome in her cell, playing catch against the wall.

"Lehane," there was a rap on the cell door. Faith stood up and smoothed down her clothes as the door opened and in stepped Governor Morgan.

"Lehane, say hello to your new cellmate," Lilah was looking pleased with herself, something that was normally bad news.

Not this time though, the guard pushed in a newcomer. It only took a second for Faith to recognise her, the redhead's hair was shorter and she had filled out a bit, becoming a bit more bosomy and bit less gawky, but it was Buffy Summers's bestst pal Willow Rosenberg.

"Red," the Dark Slayer grinned as if she were a cat who had just been presented with a mouse with a broken leg on a silver platter.

"Faith..." Willow squeaked. From the look on her face she remembered that she and the Dark Slayer hadn't parted on best terms last time they met. Not that Faith bore a grudge, well not much of one, in fact Faith was sure that once she'd opened up Will's butt hole and made her a slave that she hardly care that Will had helped send her to this place.

"I believe you are already acquainted," Lilah had done her homework. She gave a thin smile, "And Faith you may be interested Buffy and her sister are also here. They don't know how things work around here so I thought I'd leave it to you to explain things and make introductions."

Faith grinned at Willow, "Hi Will. You know payback, well it's a bitch. And it aint the only bitch in this cell."

* * *

Buffy slammed her bloody fist against the door one more time in a futile attempt to break it. She had been doing nothing but walking up and down and trying to break the door in an attempt to think her way out of her cell to rescue Willow, her mind racing with what her friend might be going through in that moment.

"Relax Slayer, we're almost done tightening security around here, just for you. It should be about... another hour, then you can go to the nearest cafeteria for dinner and go meet up with your redheaded friend... or at least, whatever's left of her." One of the guards sneered while the others laughed.

The blonde Slayer gritted her teeth. She and Dawn had been locked in their cell for what had to be hours now, unable to do anything for the friend who had selflessly stood aside and put her own safety at risk so Buffy could protect her little sister.

Buffy swore she would find a way to help Willow and get them all out of here. After all it was her fault they were all here. If she had only trusted her instincts.

* * *

Several hours earlier Buffy's instincts were screaming at her not to meet up with the Watcher's Council, but she felt as if she had no choice. She, Willow and Dawn couldn't keep running forever and they needed a way to beat the big bad now.

A week ago Buffy Summers had woken up to a very different Sunnydale, one that was cut off from the outside world by a magical barrier and have no men, just an army of women, all of whom seemed to think it was the way of the world to fuck other women, and indeed unable to even understand the concept of men.

How the Council had been able to get through to them seemed suspicious but Willow confirmed they were able to breach a tiny part of the barrier and let them know the male population who had disappeared was safely outside the barrier with no recollection of Sunnydale or any of the women still trapped inside it, along with most of the world. The Council had its own protection against such magical spells, which is why they could remember, which all made sense, but there was just something Buffy didn't like about the situation, although that could be just because she was forced to bring Willow and Dawn with her into a possible ambush just because they had nowhere else to go.

Reaching the rendezvous point there was no one in sight, but as Buffy approached cautiously Quentin Travers appeared on the other side of the barrier as if from nowhere.

"Ok, we're here." Buffy whispered, "Did you bring it. This thing which is supposed to stop Amy?"

"I'm afraid I have Miss Summers." Quentin said, hiding his regret at what had to be done well, "I'm sorry."

"You're..." Buffy began.

"Hi Buffy." A familiar voice said behind her, Buffy turns into seeing Amy and what looked like virtually every woman in Sunnydale appearing out of thin air, trapping the last three free women in Sunnydale between them and the barrier, "Good to see you."

Buffy had never hated herself more than she had in that moment, her hatred quickly passing to the head of the Watchers Council as she turned to him.

"I'm sorry Miss Summers." Quentin sighed, "But you have made it abundantly clear this is one fight you cannot win. Perhaps if you hadn't been so quick to cast us aside you be properly trained and be able to do your duty. As you are not you leave the Council no alternative."

"Relax Buffy." Amy said, as she and her minions advanced, "It's a pretty sweet deal. They get to keep the rest of their world in tact in exchange for this backwater nothing town on the mouth of hell. Well, that and all their magical trinkets, and all the hot women I want, but still it's a pretty sweet deal. I can't wait to see if the other realities are smart enough to take the same deal."

Amy smiled, it was attractive, but cold, as if all her humanity had been drained out leaving her with perfect, but robotic features. Buffy looked at her. It was still amazing to think how the Slayer's old school acquaintance Amy Madison had become such a threat. It was not long ago she was trapped in rat form, spinning on a little wheel for years in Willow's bedroom until the redhead had finally freed her, only for Amy to start absorbing dark magic like it was candy. The witch had been sneaky about it at first, apparently collecting small bits of magic here and there for months, building up her power until finally she broke into the Magic Box late at night and absorbed every tiny drop of power from every magical item in the store, using the power to teleport around the world to steal the magic from more magical items to increase her power.

The Witch brought down her hand in a chopping motion. The first minion came from the left with murder in her eyes

* * *

Standing against the wall of her new cell Willow felt so betrayed. She had truly believe the Council would help them, so much so she had been the one to convince Buffy to meet them. Because of this Willow couldn't understand how Buffy blamed herself and not the redhead for the predicament they were in. Of course Willow didn't want to get lost in her thoughts too much, not when one of the most dangerous people she had ever met was only a few feet away, staring at her like a jungle cat waiting to pounce.

The only time Faith seem to break the stare was when her cigarette ran out and she had to light up a new one, the Dark Slayer smoking like a chimney for what felt like hours until she finally spoke, "You wanna know one of my favourite parts of breaking in a new bitch? The waiting... I know right? Weird. Normally I'm not exactly... what's the word?"

"Sane?" Willow offered.

"I was going for patient, but hey, whatever." Faith said, getting up, "Gotta love the sass though. I just love it when a bitch gets all sassy right before a breakin' in. Always gets me going... and if I remember it right you got plenty of sass don't you Red?"

As she came face to face with the redhead Faith took a long drag and then slowly, deliberately blew all the smoke into the redhead's face, causing her to cough and wheeze lightly.

"You remember that time I caught you snooping around City Hall, and then again in the private office the books of Ascension were kept? You know I always wished we got the chance to finish up rather than get so rudely interrupted, and now we're gonna." Faith said, pausing to smoke in Willow's face again before continuing, "Now where was I, oh yeah. One of my favourite parts of breaking in a new bitch is the waiting. See, I could throw you down on the bed, tear off those pants and just rape your ass right here, right now. Hell, if you were just about any other bitch I'd probably do it too, but see, you and me know each other."

Faith took another puff, quickly releasing it into Willow's face before continuing.

"Back in the day you always annoyed the fuck out of me. You were B's dorky little groupie who she was too soft to cut loose when you were doing nothing but hold her back. And you were always bitching about me to her behind my back. Fact, from what I hear you just kept bitching about me to everyone when you should've been kissing my ass for occasionally allowing B to let you tag along and get in the way. But all that's ok, because from now on you're going to be literally kissing my ass, among other things."

Another drag, and more coughing from Willow ensued.

"I'm going to take my time with you Red. Let you piss yourself thinking about what I'm going to do to you, til you're fucking begging me to just do it and get it over with."

More smoking, more coughing.

"By the time I'm done smacking you around and beating on that ass it's going to be a fucking relief when my bitch making strap on dick slams its way into your virgin ass."

More smoking, more coughing.

"Your ass is virgin, isn't it Will? Can't imagine wolf boy or that pathetic little dyke stepping up... and you smell, look, an act like a fucking virgin, so I'm guessing your nice and cherry back there. Course, I'd fuck your ass anyway, but virgin ass is like the fucking Holy Grail in this dump, and let me tell you, there's nothing better than fucking a nice tight little virgin ass."

More smoking, more coughing.

"So listen up Will and listen good, because I want you to think about this while you're walking around without a gaping shit hole and sitting down without any pain for the last time. Tonight, your ass is getting fucked. I'm going to slide the head in real slow, and then I'm going to ram the rest in one butt busting thrust. When you're screaming, crying and begging for mercy I'm going to laugh and just start butt banging you, but I'm going to do it slow the first time, make you love it, and then when you're moaning like a whore I'm going to just start raping the shit out of you. You'll scream, cum, beg me for mercy but I won't give a fuck. I'll just use your ass for my fucking pleasure, and then when I'm done I'm going to make you show me your ruined shitter, give me something pretty to look at while I catch some zzz."

More smoking, more coughing.

"Something to think about. I know I will be."

With that Faith smacked Willow's butt and returned to her bunk, slowly smoking her way through another pack while staring at the redhead, not a word exchanging between them until lockdown ended and the prison doors were opened, at which point Willow slowly left to find her friends, not taking her eyes off her would-be rapist as she exited the cell.

* * *

On their way to the nearest cafeteria Dawn clung to Buffy's hand like it was a life preserver, which in a twisted way it was. Buffy of course didn't blame her sister, and was clinging to her hand just as tightly as they passed one rutting couple after the next, even the dinner ladies bending over to take massive strap ons in their asses as they served, which Buffy was convinced couldn't be hygienic. Still, she and Dawn had been living off whatever they could steal for almost a week, and from the looks of it she'd have worse in Sunnydale High, so she and her sister collected some food and sat down. The whole time they were eating Buffy's eyes scanned for her redheaded friend, but there was no sign of her, only more women leering at them.

Buffy was just about to go look for her when she saw her approaching, joy and relief momentarily flooding her body, until she saw who was following her.

"Buffy... it's, it's..." Willow stammered, a little out of breath from walking at an extremely quick pace to reach the cafeteria.

"Hey B." greeted Faith cheerily in a tone which made it very clear although she was acting like she was greeting an old friend she was doing the exact opposite.

Moments before the cafeteria had been almost deafening as the sounds of talking, eating and fucking echoed throughout the room. Now you could have heard a mouse scurry along the floor it was so quiet, every woman in the place stopping whatever they were doing to view this, the prison's first slayer on slayer confrontation.

"Welcome to prison butt fuck B. I hear no ones told you how things work around here, so let me drop some knowledge on you. First off, I call it prison butt fuck cause that's what we do around here. We butt fuck. Sure there's plenty of muff munching and spanking and other fun things going on, but mainly, we butt fuck. Well, me and the other tops butt fuck, bitches like you get their butts fucked!"

There was a small smattering of cheers as Buffy glared upwards at her grinning fellow Slayer.

"You see B, in here you're one of three things. A top, a bitch, or a slut. Butt busting tops like myself are on top of the food chain around here, of course, and each of us owns at least one bitch. Bitches have no fucking rights in here except to be used by their top in any way the top sees fit. If that means her top pimps out her ass hole to every other top in the joint then she fucking bends over and takes it like the bitch she is. Sluts are fair game for any top, and pretty much the lowest form of pond life there is in this shit hole, but I wouldn't worry about that B, because you and your friends aren't going to be sluts, you're going to be bitches. My bitches."

This time there was a very noticeable cheer as the other tops enjoyed the idea of the mighty Buffy the Vampire Slayer being turned into a bitch, her ass available for those who could meet Faith's asking price.

Showing no signs of fear Buffy slowly got up and got in Faith's face, the dark slayer just grinning back at her.

"I've been waiting for this for so fucking long B. You have no fucking idea. I've wanted to pound your ass since the moment I met you, and it's only a matter of time now before my dick is up your butt and you're begging me for mercy. It's going to be so fucking sweet. First though, I'm going to gape Will's shit hole. I was just telling her all about how I'm gonna rape her ass till she can't shit right, and once I'm done breaking in your best friend's butt, I'm going to fuck your little sister's ass."

For the first time Faith looked over at Dawn, and practically drooled at the sight of her, never losing her focus on waiting for an attack from the other slayer, just in case.

"Fuck. Is that... little D. Fuck, she's adorable. Oh my fucking God raping her virgin ass is going to be such a fucking blast. Hey, who's bunking with little D? Any piece of bitch ass you want for that sweet little thing to be delivered to my room tonight."

"She's with me, and you're not touching her or Will, ever!" Buffy snarled.

Her grin becoming even more antagonising Faith leaned in and said very clearly, "Like I said, it's just a matter of time before all three of you are my bitches... but I want to take my time and savour it, which is why I'm going to let you keep your anal cherry for a couple more nights B, at least while I'm breaking Red's and Dawnie's asses in. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make sure no one gets to your sweet little ass before I do."

With that Faith turned her back, showing her confidence by giving Buffy the chance to attack her, and smirking when the other Slayer didn't take it, showing weakness which should help put any crazy thoughts of Buffy being a top out of the other tops heads.

Without looking back Faith strolled to the table in the centre of the room where the tops traditionally ate, far away enough from Buffy and co that even if talking, eating and fucking hadn't slowly resumed around them it was unlikely the blonde Slayer and her friends would have heard the next conversation.

There were other cafeterias, each with their own centre table, and there were tops like herself who only rarely ate at the centre table, but the thing was Faith was no fan of repeating herself, and with that in mind this table was exactly where she needed to be.

There was no official leader amongst the tops, but there were those who had been incarcerated in this hell hole longer and therefore had the respect of the other tops, even some who looked up to them. Faith did neither, but while she didn't respect them she often used the fact that others did to her advantage, like she was about to do.

Niki Saunders was not the oldest prisoner and hadn't been the longest incarcerated but she had been here for almost 10 years and was considered, by some, a fair and at times even compassionate elder. She used to be super strong, and was still stronger than the average human, but not as much as Faith or some of the bigger women stomping around. However what she lacked in physical strength Niki made up for in cunning, and an attitude and presents which had served her well over the years. Faith heard when she first arrived Niki had an altar ego which made Faith seem downright pleasant but over time Niki's two personalities have merged into one, resulting in a top who was feared and/or respected by almost every prisoner in the joint. Of course the thing that really put her over the top to was the fact that her twin sister was now one of the guards, meaning no prisoner had more influence than her. If she decreed something few would question it.

"Hi-yay saggy-tits." Faith greeted the older woman in her usual respectful manner, "I want you to let every top in this shit hole know, dibs."

Calmly ignoring the greeting Nikki looked over to see who Faith was indicating before looking back at the dark slayer.

"All three of them?" She questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, why... got your eye on one of them?" Faith asked challengingly.

"No." Niki said softly but firmly, choosing her next words carefully. Trying to argue or reason with Faith was much like trying to talk a wall into moving a few feet to the left without any form of magic, though walls didn't have a habit of breaking your jaw if you said the wrong thing, but for better or worse Niki was compelled to add, "But the blonde is the other slayer isn't she? Quite famous if I understand correctly, and so far she does certainly seem like top material."

Faith's eyes darkened in a way which would have made lesser tops tremble in fear, "That bitch is the reason I ended up in here. She got handed everything I ever wanted on a fucking platter and was willing to sell me down the fucking river the second things got a little non-PG-13."

"I hear she put you in a coma too." Niki said, a few of the newer tops surprised by her boldness, "Must really suck to have someone kick your ass that badly."

For a second Faith's eyes somehow seem to become more darker, then they lightened and a smile crossed her face, "Yeah, well only reason she got so lucky was because I was so hot-n-horny for her, but now I'm better than ever and this time, B isn't just going to get her ass kicked, it's going to be fucked an stretched out till she's begging to be my little bitch."

"If you're so fixated on her why call dibs on the others?" Niki asked.

"Cause they mean the world to her, and making her watch their butts get busted first is gonna be almost as fucking sweet as when I bust open that ass of hers for the first time." Faith explained, "But I wanna take my time with her, so that's why I want the rest of you sluts to back the fuck off."

To be called a slut was the highest form of insult for a top to receive and if it was just about anyone else the tops would have kicked the shit out of whoever said it, but none of them dared because they were smart enough to know how that would go, which was why Faith didn't blink to call them whatever the hell she wanted.

"What are you willing to offer in return?" Niki asked, forcing her mask of calm to remain as others around her gritted their teeth.

"My bitches." Faith shrugged casually.

"All of them?" Niki questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"What, getting deaf in your old age or just senile?" Faith asked, before yelling "I'M WILLING TO GIVE UP ALL MY BITCHES FOR THE NEW BITCHES. YOU GOT THAT SAGGY-ASS?"

As the rest of the lunch hall looked at them Niki's mask of calm cracked, but only for a second, "As you wish... Julie, Rory, finish up your meals quickly and go spread the word, Faith's latest collection of bitches are now available if anyone wishes to claim one for themselves, but in exchange the three new arrivals... what was their names? Ah yes, Buffy Summers, Dawn Summers, and Willow Rosenberg are off-limits to anyone who isn't Faith."

As if they were bitches themselves Julie Meyer and Rory Gilmore quickly wolfed down their food before getting up to obey the older top. Faith knew they were young, new and being associated with Nikki did wonders for their already promising reputations but the way they ran around doing Niki's bidding was just pathetic. Faith would rather eat shit then so much as open the door for this arrogant cunt or any one of the other so-called tops running around this place.

That quick eating didn't half make Faith's stomach growl though, a problem which was easily rectified as she smacked the 'top' at the end of the table round the head so hard it almost knocked her unconscious, the bitch falling down to the ground as Faith casually sat in her place and began eating the mostly untouched food with her fingers.

Shaking herself awake Danielle Van de Kamp jumped to her feet, anger coursing through every ounce of her body, begging her to seek vengeance for this insult but luckily the looks from her friends were enough to remind even her not entirely super smart mind that if she liked being a top and an anal virgin the only thing she could do was go convince the slut serving dinner to give her a second portion and find somewhere else to sit.

As a humiliated Danielle left Faith chewed noisily with her mouth open, pulling the food off other tops plates without even the courtesy of rubbing it in their faces as they meant less than nothing to her. There wasn't a single woman at that table that wouldn't have liked to stop her, but there wasn't a single one who could.

"I tell you saggy-tits, you just wait an see B's shit hole when I'm done with it. It's going to be so fucking open she won't be able to keep her shit up her ass. Food's gonna just go right through that skinny little bitch. She'll never fucking shit right again, I fucking promise that." Faith bragged as she took some food from the respected top, chewing noisily with her mouth open as she continued to talk about Buffy's butt for the rest of the meal in a way which put everyone else off eating, leaving more for her, "I tell ya, I'm going to fucking break the record for how long a bitch's ass can gape for. Fuck, I'm gonna make that bitch gape wider and longer than the biggest slut in this place. You'll see, soon the mighty Buffy the vampire slayer is gonna be so gaped you could shove anything up her fucking fart factory."

* * *

"I'm going to kill her." Buffy said, no joy in her voice but a hell of a lot of anger.

"Buffy..." Willow started.

"No arguing Will. You heard her." Buffy snapped, looking back at Faith who was eating with dinner manners which would have horrified and disgusted a pig, "She's even more psychotic than before. I gave her a chance. I gave her plenty of chances, but she's gone too far. This place has obviously screwed her up beyond repair, and I have no other choice. I'm not going to let her hurt Dawnie, or you."

Willow smiled. It was just like her best friend to worry about others rather than herself.

However this whole little rant was a result of anger and the need to protect her friends. If Buffy ever got Faith at her mercy, could she pull the trigger so to speak? Could she kill another person in cold blood?

Willow knew how much stabbing Faith the first time round had haunted her, and the psychotic slayer had survived that.

At this rate by the time they actually fought Buffy's anger would diminish, and she would almost definitely hesitate. Faith wouldn't.

"I'll be fine. I can handle myself." Willow insisted.

"What makes you say that? Buffy asked.

Willow was about to open her mouth when she was interrupted.

"Hello Buffy." A familiar face said softly.

"Cordelia, Harmony, heard you two ended up in jail after your families little tax evading scheme, but how come you both ended up in a place this bad?" Buffy asked curiously.

"Our Daddies screwed over some daemons in a business deal." Harmony shrugged.

"Really?" Buffy said, she, Willow and Dawn trying not to smirk. It wasn't amusing in the slightest that two spoiled rich girls ended up in jail. Not in the slightest. Which is why no one was smirking.

"Look, how we got here is a relevant. All that matters is what we have to say." Cordelia huffed, forcing her way in between Buffy and Willow who had been sitting pretty near to each other and in doing so forcing them to move.

Buffy scowls. New place but same old Cordelia, get out of her way or else, "And that would be?"

"That would be how you can save yourself and your little friends from getting ass raped." Cordelia said, lowering her voice ever so slightly. As a rule you had to have super hearing just to have a conversation with the person next to you in the cafeteria so it was unlikely Cordy had anything to worry about, but still, it couldn't hurt to be cautious, "Listen, Faith is a menace who terrorises this prison. She takes what she wants, when she wants, with no regard for the rules. When dealing with Faith, no ass is safe. Almost all of the tops are afraid of her because so far no one has been able to even come close to taking her down, and those who've tried previously have ended up as prison sluts, their asses fair game for every other top in the place. But you, you can stop her. You've kicked her ass before. You're the reason she got caught and got tossed into this place, so you're choice is real simple, kill her or become her bitch."

"How?" Buffy asked.

"With this." Cordelia whispered, passing Buffy something underneath the table. Looking down Buffy saw it was a knife, the Slayer looking at it warily, "Faith's got a couple of knives on her at all times, including one which looks exactly like the knife the Mayor gave her which is her weapon of choice. You gutted that bitch once, this time make sure you finish the job."

Buffy sighed, still not comfortable with the idea of taking another human life no matter the circumstances but failing to see another alternative took what Cordelia was offering her. Just then the sound of lockdown in five minutes was announced over the speakers. Buffy wished she could go in Willow's place, but if she did and she was discovered in Faith's cell with a knife she would be locked away in solitary, unable to protect Willow and Dawn from the other tops. Looking over at Willow she asked, "Do you have another knife?"

"No, why?" Cordelia asked.

"Will's Faith's new cellmate." Buffy explained.

Both Cordelia and Harmony gave a pained expression, although they were actually imagining being in that position themselves as opposed to genuine sympathy for Willow's plight.

"We've got some lube." Harmony helpfully suggested.

Glaring at the ditzy blonde Buffy turned, reached over Cordy and pushed the knife into Willow's hands, making sure it wasn't seen above the table.

"No, don't waste..." Cordelia began.

"If you want me to do it then get me another knife. I'm not letting Willow go without protection." Buffy snapped, before turning to the best friend she'd ever had, "Use this only if you have to and don't try and be a hero, just leave Faith to me. Tell her we could have been friends, but if she tries to lay one finger on you or Dawnie I will end her."

Willow opened her mouth to object, but thought better of it, taking the knife and forcing a smile which fails to defuse the tense atmosphere in the room.

* * *

Hours later Buffy and Dawn were locked in their cell, Dawn concentrating on brushing her teeth like never before as Buffy's mind tried to conjure up a plan of escape for what felt like the millionth time that day, both girls trying and failing to block out the cries, moans, groans and screams that echoed around them.

Before they were imprisoned Willow had worked out that Amy had cast some kind of spell which could make even the straightest woman completely cunt crazy. Buffy could feel Amy's magic working within her, forcing her body to become aroused at the sounds of lesbian ecstasy, but she had to resist. She had nothing against lesbians, her best friend was a lesbian, and under the right circumstances she wasn't even opposed to maybe trying it herself one day, but not like this, not in such a vile place and not when it would mean a victory of sorts, however small, to the psychotic bitch who had imprisoned her.

Amy's magic and Buffy's own heightened slayer senses allowed her to smell the unmistakable scent of aroused pussy, not just from outside her cell, but inside it. Not just her own either, but Dawn couldn't be blamed. She was a victim in all of this chaos, powerful dark magic forcing her to feel something she wouldn't ordinarily feel, and it was all Buffy's fault.

"Come here Dawn." Buffy said, beckoning her sister to her.

Spitting one final time Dawn put down her brush and slowly approached, not sure what to expect and kind of caught off guard by Buffy taking her hands in hers.

"I'm sorry." Buffy apologised, before clarifying when she saw the confused look on Dawn's face, "It's my fault you're here."

Dawn smiled softly, "The Council betrayed us. There's nothing you could have done."

"Bull. I'm the slayer and your big sister. I should have found a way to beat Amy and keep you safe. I failed you, and Willow, and everyone else. But I'm going to make it right." Buffy said firmly, not pausing to allow Dawn to argue with her little bout of self-loathing before she was able to transition to an uplifting 'hero' speech, "I'm going to find us a way out of here, and then I'm going to find Amy and make her pay for what she's done. In the meantime I'm going to protect you. What's happening to the women around us isn't going to happen to you. I won't let it. I promise you that ok?"

There was a pause and then Dawn nodded her head, "Ok."

"Good." Buffy said, gripping her sister's hands, "Now, I know it's going to be hard but we need to get some sleep otherwise we won't even be able to begin to think about escaping, let alone succeeding or even protecting ourselves. So as hard as it is going to be I need you to be a brave girl and ignore the noises, ok Dawnie?"

"I'll... I'll try..." Dawn says, a smile crossing Buffy's lips before an extra loud 'take it bitch' wipes the smile off Buffy's face, "Can I... can I sleep in your bunk with you?"

Dawn's voice was so soft and vulnerable there was no way Buffy could have denied her even if she wanted too.

"Of course, I'll just get the lights." Buffy said, clambering out of bed and hitting the light switch before returning to were Dawn was now trying to get comfortable.

There was suddenly a deafening scream that bellowed practically right next to Dawn's head on the other side of the wall, startling the brunette to the point were she practically jumped into her big sister's arms. Rather than tell her to get a grip on things Buffy held her little sibling softly to her chest, stroking her hair and cooing softly.

Trying to ignore how good the other smelt, and how good the other felt in her arms, both no doubt a result of Amy's magic which was flowing through their bodies, forcing them to feel... unusual things about the other's completely innocent touch Buffy and Dawn closed their eyes, trying to ignore the screams of ecstasy, more than occasionally mixed in with screams of fear, horror and pain. It was hours before they finally drifted off, the final thing to go through both their minds being concern for their redheaded friend trapped in a cell with a psychopath.

* * *

If Willow hadn't known Faith, she'd have thought that the Dark Slayer had decided to forget about her revenge and spend the night elsewhere. The bleak metallic voice of the tannoy had been continually issuing warnings about the closeness to lockdown, starting at thirty minutes and now down to thirty seconds. Willow didn't know what the punishment was for being outside your cell once the cells had been shut for the night, but she doubted it was going to be a well meaning chat with Lilah Morgan over soda and cookies.

"Fifteen seconds to lockdown... all prisoners to cells immediately, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three..." whoever had voiced the tannoy seemed deliberately to have killed out all emotion.

"Hey Will," Faith stepped into the cell.

"Two, one. Lockdown."

The cell door slid automatically into place, followed seconds later by a clunk as the lock hammered into place. The Dark Slayer smiled and lent against the door, the smile was pretty and open, like Faith was an old friend, which perhaps she was, rather than a dangerous adversary, which she certainly was. She pulled a packet of cigarettes out of the top pocket of her boiler suit, "Want one?" she drew them back suddenly with a smile, "You don't smoke, of course."

"No," said Willow. She remained unmoving on her bed, continually following the movements of the Slayer with her eyes as the dark haired teenager walked over to her own bed and sat down. Will watched as Faith held the packet of cigarettes in her hand and gazed down at them. If they were going to be sharing a cell Will decided she might as well try and build up a rapport with the Slayer. She nodded at the cigarettes, "They'll kill you."

Faith looked up and her face twisted in a smile, "Like a knife in the guts, Will."

It was a poor choice of words, given Faith's past. So poor a choice that it could only be deliberate. Those words made Willow think of the knife Buffy had given her, a symbol of just how desperate things were. She wouldn't need it though. At least, Willow hoped she wouldn't need it, her mind quickly recalling where she had hidden it, just in case. Faith opened the pack and pulled out a cigarette. She lit it and pushed her head back, sucking in the poison and blowing out the smoke so it formed in a cloud above her. She sat in silence until she was about half-way down before turning to Will again, "You and your girlfriend ever watch porn together?"

Will wanted to tell her it was none of Faith's business, but it was best to keep the Dark Slayer sweet, perhaps she could still stop the inevitable, "Once or twice, it never really did much for us."

"Girl on girl or boy on girl? Or boy on boy?" Faith asked.

"We were lesbians. Girl on girl," replied Will, wondering where this conversation was going.

"Shame," Faith took another draw on her cigarette, before looking at it and dropping it on the floor, "Warden doesn't like us smoking in the cells. I'll need to mask the smell. I always think sweat and pussy juice work well."

"I'm sure they do," Willow forced herself to speak in a neutral tone, like she was discussing the weather not her impending rape by an attractive psychopath.

Faith slumped into silence again, but Will could see the brunette looking at her. The Slayer had a sardonic smile on her face, full of control and lacking pity. For a few moments they sat across from each other. Suddenly Faith asked "You know the trouble with lesbian porn?"

"No men?" Will spoke lightly. From the cells around her she was starting to hear the unmistakeable sounds of female lovemaking. If she hadn't been in such a tight spot Willow would have been happy vacationing here, lots of attractive women, all lesbians.

"There's that," Faith gave a humourless laugh, "but I meant no anal. Or very little... you just don't see the gaped assholes of whores, open and bruised where they've been fucked by a cock which is too big for them. It's all lovey-dovey, not agonising, brutal fucking. You know Will I bet you've never been fucked, I bet you've been made love to..."

"They can be the same thing," replied Will.

Faith hit her hand into her palm with emphasis, "No bitch. There's no such thing as love making. One thing you and B taught me, you're either a fucker or fucked. And I'm a fucker Red, I'm a fucking fucker. I'm the nastiest fucker in this shithole. And you - you're a bitch, a bitch to be fucked up her ass like a dirty whore. None of this fucking shit about love or fucking relationships, just you face down squealing for mercy until your ass is raw and you're so broken if I say I want a shit you'll come up under me to be my fucking toilet..."

Willow sat still as flecks of spittle spat from the brunette's mouth. Had Faith always been this mad? Or was it being imprisoned here? Nature or nurture? A philosophical quandary. But as Faith was on her feet and advancing on Willow it was one that would need to wait for another time. The brunette had stopped in front of the redhead. Willow stood up, so if they're eyes weren't exactly level at least she wasn't looking up at the bottom of Faith's chin. The brunette's smile was bitter as she reached out and grabbed at Willow's wrist, "Red, there's a strap-on in the cabinet, get it out."

Willow opened the cabinet over her bed and pulled out the toy. It was large, much larger than the one she and Tara had sometimes used. She gulped and passed it to Faith. The Slayer took it, smiling evilly. For old times sakes Willow thought she should say something, "Faith... You don't have to do this. We can work together. Get out of this place and get you some help."

There was a viscous laugh from Faith, "Don't you get it, Red. I don't want out of here. I fucking rule. B's betrayal, oh it fucking hurt, but it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I could have a been a shitty slayer, always putting my life on the line for assholes who didn't give a fuck or I can be a fucking Queen here with all the ass I want... Get out of here? I fucking love this place."

Willow winced as Faith squeezed her wrist, "Faith, please. Don't do this. You'll be sorry."

The Slayer laughed as if Willow had cracked a joke so good she should be on Saturday Night Live, "Will, I'm going to fuck your ass and I ain't going to regret it. The only question is do you want to do it the easy way and do what I say. Or do you want to go the hard way and make me work for it... I always like the hard way, nothing like a little work out before a work out."

The Slayer reached forward and pulled apart the shirt Willow was wearing up. The redhead closed her eyes, one last warning and her conscience would be satisfied, "Faith, you're better than this. Don't do it."

A scowl crossed Faith's attractive face, she raised her hand, "I'm getting tired of this Red, time to learn a little lesson."

She brought her hand down.

Willow muttered some words under her breath, a magical incantation. She was more powerful than either Amy, Lilah or Faith realised. And whilst Gehanna had dampened her skills, they had not removed them. And the spell was such a simple chant...

An inch away from Willow's cheek the hand stopped. Faith staggered back with a jolt, unable to conceal her surprise. She glanced at her arm, as if uncertain whether it was still there. Cursing she raised it again, this time to thump into Willow's stomach. Again the blow was stopped, but this time it was there was an invisible hand on Faith's chest pushing her back, so she fell with a clump on the bed. She looked at Willow, anger clouding out any fear the Slayer might have felt at being caught in a cell with a powerful wiccan, "What have you done bitch?" she snarled, any trace of civility forgotten.

"I'm protecting myself," said Willow reasonably, "A small puppeting spell."

To ram home the point Willow made Faith play pat a cake on her thighs. The Dark Slayer wasn't laughing, "I'll fucking kill you... You think it was going to be bad, it's nothing compared to what's coming you dumb slut."

"Calm down, Faith, I'm not letting you out of this spell until you apologise," Will said.

Faith tried to stand up, but Willow forced her to sit down again. The Dark Slayer scowled and then slowly let a radiant beam cross her face, "You win for tonight. But they'll be other nights. Sleep with your eyes open Red, or one night, whilst your asleep I'll take you and that shapely ass. And I won't be gentle."

Willow sighed inwardly. Faith was right. This was just a temporary victory, the brunette wasn't one to forget a grudge, so the likelihood of her putting this down to experience and forgetting it were roughly on par to Xander seeing a pretty girl he didn't like. Willow always thought of herself as a good person, not perfect, not an angel, but good nonetheless. It pained her what she was going to have to do, not as much as it would Faith, but it wasn't a decision she took easily. Sadly Willow look at the brunette; she forced a firmness into her voice and inwardly shuddered as her tone made Faith squirm, "I know Faith. That's why I'm going to have to make you my Bitch."

"You think?" there was an arrogance in Faith's reply, but Willow could see in her eyes that the Slayer was swiftly realising that she was no longer in control here.

"I do," replied Will softly. She realised that she was quaking. That wouldn't do, she had to be dominant, she had to be in control. She repeated the words, more strongly, "I do."

Faith's muscles were straining as she tried to move, but the magic was too powerful, leaving her unable to do anything that Willow didn't permit. She was trying so hard that her face was contorted in pain and a trickle of sweat dribbled down her forehead. But it made no difference she wasn't able to move even a quarter of an inch. Willow walked forward, standing beside the Slayer. Take control, show you are in charge she told herself. Reaching out she flicked a loose strand of Faith's hair back, "Strip."

"Fuck you," said Faith. But her body was no longer responding to her commands. She could control her mouth, because Willow had allowed some mercy, but the rest of her body was under the Witch's control. Slowly Faith's hands reached up and began to undo the buttons of her orange prison top.

"You bitch," the Slayer hissed, using every ounce of her strength to prevent herself from lifting the top... or was Red toying with her, she couldn't tell, "You are so fucked."

Willow moved her face so that it was directly opposite Faith's and so close that their breath was on each other's lips, "I think you'll find you're the bitch and you're the one who's going to be fucked."

There was an incoherent snarl from Faith as she lost the battle, Willow tightening her influence so that Faith undid her top. She dropped it to the floor and gave Willow an uninterrupted view of her teenage tits. Willow licked her lips, it wasn't how she'd planned it, but Faith had been her first lesbian crush and on more than one night the young redhead had fingered herself as she imagined herself intertwined with the Slayer.

"And the rest," Willow's voice was cracked and dry as she instructed Faith to remove her bottoms. The redhead had to remind herself she wasn't doing this for a lust reason, but to protect herself and Dawn and Buffy as well. Okay watching Faith get naked was a turn on, but Willow was controlling her for the greater good, not because she got some jollies from sexually dominating the brunette. Though a small little voice was telling Willow that she shouldn't be enjoying watching Faith so much.

The Slayer struggled with getting her pants over her boots, her face contorting with the strain as one part of her battled to get the pants over the boots, whilst another part was loosing a battle to keep herself dressed. Finally she managed to get off both the boots and pants, leaving only a tiny thong to go. Willow considered briefly allowed Faith to keep some modicum of dignity, except if she didn't control Faith completely the redhead would have to resign herself to sleeping with one eye open until Buffy could work out an escape. Willow looked at Faith sternly, "I want to see your cunt."

Faith opened her mouth to say something and then decided not to. Instead she peeled down the thong, exposing her cute pussy. Willow licked her lips, if this had been an equal relationship she'd have been on her knees and between Faith's thighs tonguing the cute tight hole. But this wasn't a loving relationship between equals, Faith had made clear it wasn't a relationship at all. The redhead gazed at the Dark Slayer, making sure that Faith could see she was being looked at like a rancher would examine a piece of choice cattle, "Turn around, let's see that ass."

You could see that Faith was struggling not to obey, her teeth were clenched and her face strained. Grunts of exertion came from her lips as she fought against turning round. Willow let her try, it would have been easy to remove the last vestiges of free will from Faith and make her a puppet. However, it was more amusing and more importantly more humiliating for the brunette to try to resist; and to fail. Slowly Faith was turned round so she was facing the bed. She had a nice ass, Willow thought, well rounded to the point where it could be called a bubble butt, yet it was still well toned and firm without being bony, and it had a puckered back hole which looked so tight and delicious.

"Bend over and spread them," ordered Willow.

The Slayer grunted as she tried to resist. But there was no opposing the Wicca's powers. Gradually Faith doubled over and as she did so her hands came up to grip onto her butt cheeks and pull them apart. The hole was still tight, but now it looked usable Willow thought. She quickly undressed and picked up the strap-on Faith had been planning to use on her. There was just one question, which needed to be asked, "Were you planning to lubricate?"

There was no answer from the Slayer, just a look of hatred so intense that Willow suddenly knew the meaning of the phrase, 'if looks could kill'. It told her a lot, not least of which is that one night's training wouldn't be enough to break in the brunette. It also hinted that Faith hadn't been planning to lubricate, but Willow wanted to make sure - it wouldn't be fair otherwise. Firmly she said, "I asked were you planning to lubricate before you stretched my ass?"

Faith still remained silent, glowering pure hatred at the redhead, but unable to move to do anything about it. Willow sighed, she could tell that training Faith was going to be difficult, "I could use a truth spell and make you tell? You want some more magic on you?"

It was a bluff. Willow's powers had been heavily sapped by the prison. She didn't think she could manage two spells at once. Faith didn't know that though. The Dark Slayer glowered and you could see the muscles on her face working as if she was considering whether to tell Willow to fuck off or whether she would have been lubricated. After half a minute she came to compromise, "You're so dead you fucking bitch. Once I'm free I'm going to stuff my fist so far up your ass I'll rip out your tongue," she threatened, before adding, "No I wasn't going to lubricate. I never lube for bitches."

Willow grinned, "Shame."

She wasn't sure if it was or not. She'd promised herself that if Faith was going to lubricate she'd get the same treatment. If not...well it served the Slayer right. Willow pulled the strap-on up her thighs and looked at Faith, was the Slayer shaking? Or was it just an optical illusion from the shadows cast by the weak light above. The redhead stood behind the brunette and squeezed her ass, nice and muscular, firm and toned. To her horror Willow felt the excitement rising within her as she contemplated breaking that. She wondered what Tara would have thought, before quickly pushing the thought from her mind. Her relationship with Tara had been in another place, in another time, both lighter and safer. Here and now was dark, it was dangerous, Willow needed to be in control.

"Lean forward," ordered Willow, "You'll need to balance your hands on the bed."

As was now becoming customary the Dark Slayer tried to resist and as was also customary she failed. Her hands reached down and grabbed at the sheets as she pushed her ass into the air. Willow reached out and squeezed Faith's ass. She moved a finger over the cheeks, they were smooth and flawless, the skin a perfect milky hue, "I could open you up with a finger," said Willow, "Would you like that?"

She could see Faith struggling. The Slayer knew she couldn't escape an anal fucking, but Willow could see that the brunette wanted both for Willow to open her up gently and also to be able to tell the redhead exactly what she was going to do once she wasn't under the spell's control. The desire for her ass to be gently opened won, "Yes," said Faith, her teeth literally gritted, "open me with a finger."

Willow laughed. It was the answer she'd be hoping for, it showed that Faith was starting to accept that Willow was on top. But it wouldn't do for her to help Faith's ass open, the first time had to be hard to show Faith that she was the Witch's bitch. The redhead brought her hand down with a slap onto Faith's ass, "I could open you with a finger, but you know, why bother?"

For a second Faith didn't realise what was being said, but as she did her face quivered as if she was about to cry, "Please be gentle," she whined.

"No," replied Willow. She took the dildo and laid it on the top of Faith's back-hole. There was no doubt that the brunette was shaking with fright, her arms quivering so much that they looked like they could barely hold her weight. Willow grinned and slammed herself forward.

"YOUR SO FUCKING DEAD BITCH!" Faith screamed as the cock forced her butt hole open, her anal cherry now belonging to the witch. The dildo was a large one, almost certainly not designed for virgin back-passages and it didn't go in all the way in the first shove. Willow grabbed Faith's hair and pulled her head back, "Take it, Faith, take it all."

"FUCK YOU BITCH!" squealed Faith as Willow slammed into her again. The cock pushed a little deeper, but still not fully in. Willow grunted and pulled Faith's head back even further so that the Slayer's neck was almost being snapped. Again she slammed in and again and again. Until, slowly gradually the full length of the dildo entered and Willow's thighs were slamming hard into Faith's butt.

"That's it," snarled Willow and let go off Faith's hair, cuffing her forward, "I knew you'd take it like a bitch."


"We'll see." Willow said dismissively, zoning Faith out as the Slayer told her in graphic detail how she was going to rape or kill her, or both in varying orders.

As a Slayer Faith had experienced pain before but nothing compared to this agony. Not the feeling of her ass being stretched, that hurt like fucking hell at first, especially when the dead witch walking was filling her with it, but now it was nothing she couldn't handle. Thing was, she wasn't supposed to handle it. She wasn't supposed to be in this position. She was a fucking fucker. She was the nastiest fucker in this shit hole. No, fuck that, she was the fucking nastiest fucker in the whole fucking world and there was no fucking way she should be face down getting fucked like a bitch.

There was nothing anyone could have ever done to her which was worse than this, the humiliation burning every tiny little cell in her body until she was on fire with it, her rage so powerful it almost destroyed the spell, Faith feeling her body moving the tiniest little inch, but it wasn't enough and that was the worst part.

All her strength, all her skill, all her fighting techniques, or at least what remained after Gehanna's magic was done draining her, none of it could save her. She just wasn't good enough. No matter how hard she tried it was never enough.

Just as that thought of hopelessness went through her mind Faith learned that she had been wrong. There was a part which was even worse, a part which caused Faith to experience blind terror like never before, the Slayer screaming at the top of her lungs that she was going to get revenge.

Ignoring Faith's words Willow slammed harder and harder into the Slayer's butt, each thrust driven in as deep as the dildo could go, opening the Slayer's ass like it was a tin-can.

As if she was possessed by some kind of butt fucking daemon Willow pounded Faith's pooper for what felt like hours, and was at least one in reality, and over that time there was a shocking change in the Dark Slayer.

For the better part of an hour the supernatural warrior swore her vengeance on the super powerful witch, using vile language and colourful descriptions to explain exactly how the redhead would suffer at her hands, and then suddenly Faith just seemed to run out of steam, which is what Willow figured had happened, but then she heard something... something that sounded like a moan.

To her amazement Willow heard it again and again, and soon there were groans, and cries, and... whimpers! Nerdy little computer geek Willow Rosenberg had just made the big bad Faith the Vampire Slayer whimper! Oh this was heaven.

Willow couldn't believe how much she was enjoying it, she had needed to dominate Faith to protect herself and part of her had thought it might be fun. But she hadn't realised how great it was to pump the Dark Slayer, to feel her quivering beneath her and to listen to Faith's breaths coming in startled gasps.

"How you liking it, bitch?" asked Willow.

The was no reply from Faith only a sound midway between a sob and an orgasmic groan, as if she wasn't sure whether to cry from the pain and humiliation or shriek in pleasure. Willow reached down and gripped Faith's pussy, squeezing at it. The labia was soaked and as the redhead gripped more liquid slid down and washed her palm. Willow let go and rubbed her soaked hand down the Slayer's face, "Looks like your enjoying it, aren't you? You like a big dick in your ass?"

"NO... I...ahhhh!" Faith whimpered and then cried out as Willow twisted her clit.

"Tell the truth or I'll tear your clit off!" Willow yelled, scaring herself with the words and the venom in her voice but being careful not to show it. As Faith had made abundantly clear, she needed to be firm, "Now, do you like a big dick in your ass?"

There was a quick pause, and then a nod from Faith, so quick and abrupt, it would have been easy to mistake it for a twinge of the neck. It wasn't good enough, Will grabbed Faith's hair and pulled her head back and up, so hard that Faith choked until Will relaxed her slightly. The redhead scowled at the Slayer, "I asked whether you liked a big dick in your ass?"

"Yes, Will. I love big dick in my ass," cried Faith. A tear dripped from her eye at the humiliation of what she had just said.

Willow grinned. It was time to show the Slayer a touch of mercy, "If you're good I'll fuck it tomorrow night as well."

Faith sobbed and gripped the sheets hard. The dildo slammed in and out. Willow could tell the brunette was breaking, she might not admit it, but the Slayer was hers for Willow to do with as she wanted. But one final touch was needed. Willow began to speed up, moving faster and faster. She could hear Faith's groans change pitch, becoming higher and higher. Sweat dripped from both their bodies and Faith was shaking harder, not from fear, as much as the sexual tension which was building up ready to explode.

But Faith wouldn't cum. She would not allow herself. She would not cum like a bitch with a dick in her ass. The witch had used her magic to make her body respond to the sodomy, forced her to moan like a fucking bitch, had forced those words out of her, but the redhead would not make her cum. Faith didn't care how powerful Willow was. Willow could use magic to make Faith like getting butt fucked, which was the only reason which could explain how Faith could be possibly enjoying it, but no matter how powerful she was Willow would never make her cum like a bitch with a dick in her ass. No one would. She wouldn't cum, she wouldn't cum, she wouldn't cum, she...

"Aaaaaarrrrrghhhh," Faith screamed as she came like a bitch with a dick in her ass, "Aaaarrrggghhhh."

It wasn't an orgasm Faith thought as she shuddered and rocked, whirling her head round like a dervish. Orgasms weren't this powerful. The witch had done something. Another spell. It had to be another fucking spell. There was no fucking way a ass destroying top of Faith's calibre would ever cum from being butt fucked, fuck, a top like her would never even feel an ounce of pleasure from something so humiliating as being ass fucked. Only bitches and sluts liked getting their asses fucked, and Faith was no fucking slut and she was sure as fucking fuck nobody's bitch and she never fucking would be. So as the most powerful feelings of bliss she'd ever felt washed over her Faith took comfort in the fact that it was all just some trick, allusion, spell, because it had to be. It just had to be.

After at least a full hour of the end of the dildo bashing against her clit Willow came too, although her body didn't go quite as ballistic as Faith's and it didn't leave her a whimpering wreck unlike the supposed top underneath her. Of course while every part of her logical brain told Willow it was the bashing of her clit that made her cum she couldn't believe it, the redhead convinced that she came from ass fucking the bad ass Vampire Slayer to climax. Whatever the reason for it Willow's climax was like nothing she'd ever felt before, not her strongest, but there was just something about it which made her feel satisfied like never before.

With little to no energy left Willow finally pulled out the dildo. Faith's ass was gaping, so wide you could fit an 18 wheeled truck in between her cheeks. Willow grinned, do unto others as they would do unto you, well Faith had found that to be true. Willow walked over to her bed and pulled back the sheets, "Good-night Faith," she said as she lay down.

The Slayer didn't say anything, she just lay on top of her bed, little sobs coming from her. Accidentally or not she was facing away from Willow so the redhead could admire her open ass. She gradually drifted to sleep admiring her handiwork.

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