Cheerleader Frat Visit

BY : Archer
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Disclaimer: I have no ownership of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any intellectual property contained within this fan-made story from which no money has been made.

Author Note: This story was originally going to be part of my story Great Lust Game (that story got derailed for a couple of issues, mainly how long it was going to end up being). It was written out though so I decided to put it as a stand alone. It's a short mostly PWP.

Buffy took one last look in the mirror to make sure her makeup was just right. Getting back in with the cheerleaders, even with Cordy’s help, had been more challenging than she expected. It wasn’t that she couldn’t keep up with their moves, and hotness certainly wasn’t an issue, but it felt like everyone was always gunning for her. One hair out of place, makeup applied not right, a skirt too short or too long, and she would suddenly become the target of their attacks.


She tried to put the social issues out of mind. Something was going on with the cheerleaders. In Sunnydale, that usually meant something dangerous. She had to keep her focus on that, though as of yet she had no leads.


She headed downstairs when she heard the doorbell. Cordelia and Harmony were waiting for her outside.


“Remind me again why we’re taking her with us?” Harmony asked.


“Uh, right here, Harm,” Buffy replied.


“I’m just saying I don’t see why we can’t drop you off a few blocks away.”


Even Cordelia rolled her eyes. “I’m more worried about being late. Let’s get going.”


Buffy nodded her head. She was looking forward to tonight. Sure, there was a lot of mean girl backstabbing with the cheerleaders, but night’s like tonight when they got to head to the college campus were certainly worth it.


As she walked toward the car, she tried to remember why tonight was going to be a lot of fun. She couldn’t remember the specifics of what was going to happen, only that it was definitely going to be fun.




Harmony glanced around at all of the college boys surrounding the cheerleaders. This was one of the best days of her life. Sure, the boys were wearing these weird robes, but that just probably meant they were in frat or something. Not only was she getting to hang around with college boys, but frat boys at that. Could this night get any better?


She’d lost track of where they were on campus, not that she was ever great at keeping track of things like that. Probably in a frat house, though it was a lot nicer than she was expecting. A rich frat then. Even better.


She was a bit surprised to see a non-cheerleader girl there. She was attractive enough, though her style was quite dated. The boys did glance at her with a grudging level of respect.


Harmony tuned the girl out, as it seemed like most of the cheerleaders did. A few words got through. ‘Remember the deal’, ‘‘if you break it you won’t have to answer to me, but to your master’, ‘this is the first time, next time we can go farther’. Nothing Harmony considered important.


“Okay, time to party. I’m your host, Sunday, follow me.”


Harmony started to move, but they were halted as Buffy called out, “Um, follow you where?”


How embarrassing, Harmony thought. To admit you didn’t know what was going on. Harmony didn’t know either, but wasn’t going to admit it. Sunday though seemed to take it in stride, “To the gloryhole room, obviously.”


“Yeah, um, that’s what I thought,” Buffy said as she seemed to realize what a stupid question it was. “Just making sure.”


They split off from the guys and, despite her instincts, she found herself once again stuck next to Buffy, and the girl just wouldn’t shut up. “Remember why we’re here.”


“To have fun?”


“Yeah, but I think we’re close to figuring out what is going on.”


“Well can you hold off on your weirdness until after the blowbang?”


“Yeah, I guess. It’s not like we’re going to discover the something weird while sucking cock.”




Cordelia stretched out her jaw as she looked at the holes that lined the walls. Most of the other girls were just staring in eager anticipation. They’d regret that soon. You didn’t go into a gloryhole competition without doing some jaw stretches. That’s how you could tell the amateurs apart from the pros.


Cordelia realized she had never been in a similar situation herself, outside of fantasies. It bothered her for a moment that she thought this was such a common activity, but also one that she had never done, but decided to think about that later.


The only girl she noticed who was also warming up was Harmony. Cordelia wasn’t surprised. Harmony might not excel at book smarts, but the girl always had good instincts.


Cordelia glanced over at Buffy who seemed to be one of the most eager girls. “I’m going to swallow so much cum it’ll look like I’m pregnant by the time I’m done.”


“Yeah, you have been putting on a few pounds,” Harmony cut in. “Pity you’ll be left out after all of the guys fill my mouth with throat yogurt.”


“You’re both dreaming,” Cordelia retorted. “Like they’ll be able to even resist me.”


“Maybe if they could see your tits,” Buffy countered, “but this is a classic gloryhole situation. All skill, only true whores excel here, not vapid pretenders like you.”


“Oh, and you’re one to talk about skill,” Cordelia said, “how much did you do with Angel anyway? You’ve got, like, one night under your belt?”


“As if you’re much better,” Harmony said, taking a rare moment to go after her friend. “I’m pretty sure Xander never got past second base, though I doubt he’d count for much.”


“I’ve had plenty of experience before I went insane and started seeing Xander,” Cordelia fumed. “You’ll see. I guarantee I’m going to have more cum in and on me by the end of this.”


“Friendly wager then,” Buffy said. “Whoever makes the most guys cum gets a favor from the other two.”


“I’m in,” Harmony agreed immediately.


Cordelia knew she had gotten into something she shouldn’t have. Harmony probably did have a hefty experience edge, and Buffy had supernatural abilities. Her chances of winning while being unable to flaunt her amazing body were not too great.


“Second thoughts, Cordy?” Buffy teased.


“Of course not. I’m in. I was just trying to think of what use either of you could ever possibly be to me,” Cordelia said as she heard the men begin to take up position behind the holes. She licked her lips, her concerns about the bet forgotten as she anticipated what was to cum.




Buffy hummed with pleasure as she felt a load of cum, her third of the night, shoot into her mouth. She also hoped her hum indicated the thanks to the nice man behind the wall who had been so kind to give her a treat.


The next cock through the hole was larger than normal and Buffy regretted not having done the jaw stretches she had seen Cordelia and Harmony doing. Apparently her supernatural powers did not extend to jaw width. Instead of trying to swallow it right away, she took the approach of licking at the sides. It would give her jaw a moment to warm up and allow her to see what else was going on.


The room was filled with the sounds of cheerleaders sucking cock. Some moaning with pleasure as they were rewarded with cum, some whose chokes indicated they were embarrassingly inexperienced, and a few who worked away with quiet professionalism.


Buffy turned her head to look at Harmony and Cordelia. Cordelia was completely focused on her task, but Buffy could tell from her expression that she wasn’t happy with her performance. She’d have to change her strategy if she wanted a chance to win.


Harmony was her real competition. Her cheerleading outfit had been stained with at least two cumshots, and Buffy wouldn’t be surprised if the dumb slut had swallowed one or two more. And the cock she had in her mouth right now seemed to be tensing up to give her another load of cum.


However, Harmony’s desire seemed to have gotten the best of her and she was plunging three fingers into her twat. Sure, Buffy could understand that, she was dripping onto the floor like all of the cheerleaders, but fingering yourself was a bad idea. Soon as those orgasms started and Harmony lost her focus, that’s when Buffy would catch up.


Except she wasn’t going to get there just thinking about it. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and dove down on the cock in front of her.




‘I’m, like, way ahead,” Harmony thought as she got another load of cum. ‘I mean, I lost count, but I’m sure I’m way ahead!’


Harmony smiled as one cock disappeared from the wall and another instantly took its place. She wasted no time in beginning to suck on this one as well.


She was confident enough in her performance that she decided to reward herself. She had been playing with her pussy, but only keeping herself on the edge so she didn’t stop sucking cock. But she decided to speed up her fingers and play with her clit. If she was going to win, she might as well do so in style.




Cordelia grunted as she felt cum shoot down her throat. She was glad to get the load of cum, but upset at the fact she knew she was behind. Worse, she was getting tired while Buffy and Harmony seemed to be speeding up.


As the next cock came through the hole Cordelia reached up to stroke it as she tried to think. Unfortunately, with the sounds of a squad of cheerleaders sucking cock in her ears, thinking was very hard to do. It was even harder than having to think when they were all chattering non-stop.


Wait, that was it. There was no talking. Everyone was silently going about their jobs. That was her edge.


“Oh, wow,” Cordelia said as she gave a light kiss on the head of the cock. “This is just beautiful. It’s so big! I really wish I could feel this monster stretching out my pussy and ass.”


Cordelia took a pause to take a few sucks of the cock. It was a nice dick, not massive by any means, but she suspected the guy on the other side didn’t know that. “I can barely fit it in my mouth. But I want to feel your thick load sliding down my throat. If this keeps up, you’re going to cum all over my pretty little face. I’ll be the only cheerleading slut in here with cum on her face and everyone will know its yours.”


None of that was true; plenty of girls had cum all over them, but it worked. The man blasted a load of cum right across her face.


As the next cock came through Cordelia took a few sucks and continued her tactic. “What is this? This is delicious. Your cock must be magic because it tastes so good. I’m going to be a little addicted cum whore if you shoot into my mouth.”




Buffy’s hearing picked up what Cordelia was saying. She was the one behind now. She kept seeming to get the frat boys with the largest cocks. Normally, she’d be thrilled, but it was making her competition much harder.


‘Come on, Slayer powers,’ she thought. ‘I’ve killed vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; finally be useful and let me get this cock down my throat!’


She pushed forward until she felt her nose pressed against the wall. ‘Fuck yes!’ A moment later she felt cum shooting into her stomach.


She tried to pull back, but felt a strong hand on the back of her head, holding her in place. “Hi, my name is Sunday. I wanted to introduce myself to you.”




“Yes, more cum please,” Harmony moaned as she squeezed the last drops of cum out of the dick in front of her. “More! More cock!”


Harmony slammed her hand in her pussy as she came again. Her words weren’t part of any plan. She was having too much fun as it was.




“Fuck, this is big!” Cordelia said with a roll of her eyes as she jerked the small cock she was dealing with now. Instead of looking at Buffy and Harmony, she looked in the other direction. She saw Aura getting her mouth fucked hard and was about to get a load of cum.


“Aura, what are you doing!” Cordelia hissed. The other girl gave her a panicked look as she pulled back. “You’re at the wrong hole! It’s so embarrassing. You’re supposed to be on the other side. Do you know what they’ll think if they find you at the wrong place!”


Aura might have been affected by cock hunger like all the girls, but the fear of social stigma outweighed that concern. She quickly got up and ran for the other side of the room.


Cordelia kept stroking the cock she had been sucking as she slid over. “You fucked that other girl’s mouth so hard she passed out. Give me the same treatment!”




Sunday had been waiting until a particularly large cock had been in Buffy’s mouth before coming over. She kept the Slayer’s head pressed forward as she knelt down behind her. She didn’t know anything about the game Buffy was involved in, she just wanted the Slayer in a vulnerable position.


She ran her hands over Buffy’s body, squeezing her firm tits. She could hear Buffy gasping for air around the cock that was buried in her throat. Sunday leaned forward and slid her tongue along her archrival’s neck. It would be so easy to bite her right now. Unfortunately, there were greater powers at work here.


She reached down and flicked a finger over Buffy’s clit, causing the Slayer to be hit by a powerful orgasm. “See you soon,” Sunday whispered.


Buffy barely registered the words as the largest orgasm of her life went crashing through her body. Even better, the cock in her mouth had become hard again. While that made breathing difficult, she was rewarded by a second load of cum.




Harmony had lost count of how many times she had cum or how much semen she had downed. Even in her haze she had never given up feasting on every dick that had pushed through the hole.


But she needed more. She pulled her hand out of her cunt and backed away. “I’m going to fuck this cock.”




Cordelia grunted with pain that was shooting through her arms. She was jerking like a woman possessed. “Cum! Give me that cum you motherfuckers!” she shouted. Her attempts at soft seduction had gone and she had taken a domineering tone. “Give me your tasty cum or I’m biting this dick off!”


She alternated between the cocks, giving her arms a brief time to rest when she used her mouth for something other than spewing insults.


She was so distracted she didn’t see what her best friend was doing.




Buffy didn’t notice either, but that was because the girl was barely conscious. The orgasm mixed with the loss of air supply had left her in only a semi-conscious state. She stayed in the position that Sunday had left her, mouth open, pressed up against the wall, a willing hole for any of the men to come up and treat like a cum dumpster.




Harmony ran her hand up and down the cock one more time. So much of her wanted to get back down and suck it, but the fire in her pussy was even more intense. She turned around and rubbed her pussy with her hand, before eagerly pushing back toward the cock.


It entered her cunt for a brief moment, and then suddenly pulled away.


“Ladies, Gentlemen, our event has concluded,”  Sunday announced as the men pulled back. The magic had limits and any of the girls moving to vaginal or anal penetration was the sign it had gone too far. As fun as it would have been to continue, it would have risked breaking the spell. 


And there were certain beings even a vampire like Sunday did not want to piss off. “We look forward to seeing everyone another time. Now, cheerleaders, get out.”




“Here,” Cordelia said as she gingerly set a mug of tea down in front of Buffy. Cordelia then grabbed two bags of ice and placed them on her arms.


“Thanks,” Buffy rasped as she began to gently drink.


Cordelia sat down next to Buffy. Normally, she wouldn’t risk her social status being seen so close to Buffy without yelling at her, but tonight was an exception. The cheerleaders were actually united for once.  A good blowbang would do that. 


“So, any idea what is going on?”


“No,” Buffy murmured. “Everything seemed normal tonight.”


“Yeah, like your loser ass getting beat by me.”


“Dream on, whore. I totally won.”


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