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Willow sighed, slamming her book and rubbing her eyes. 

"Nothing in this one." Xander looked up from his own book with a grumpy expression, 

"Come on Giles, why do we need to look stuff up about this new vamp chick? Can't Buffy just hunt her down and get with the staking?" Giles turned only his eyes up to glare at Xander sternly, 

"Because this 'vamp chick' has killed every slayer she has encountered. She is undefeated in every fight she is known to have had." Xander pouted and looked back down at his book. Willow pulled a different book off the pile, flipping the cover open carefully. 

"If she's so dangerous, why is Buffy patrolling alone tonight?" Anya asked irritably, slamming her book closed and tossing it aside. Giles hesitated before answering, 

"Its her duty. Just because there's a dangerous vampire for her out there, doesn't mean she can let the other vampires kill innocent people." Anya shrugged, 

"Doesn't explain why no one went with her." Giles paused, searching his mind for an answer, 

"We uh.. Need to research for her. Knowledge is our best virtue." Willow finally chipped in, 

"As much as I agree with that, and as much as I like a good book, we haven't found so much as a name tonight. We're all tired and hungry. Wouldn't we retain the knowledge better after a good nights sleep with full bellies?" Giles closed his book in defeat. 

"Well, someone should tell Buffy we're heading home." Willow grinned in triumph, 

"Xander and I can go." Anya shot her a look through narrowed eyes, 

"Oh no, don't you think you two can go out alone so you can seduce him without me. I'm going too." Willow shrugged, getting up, 

"If you want to. That whole phase of mine is over with Xander. I just figured you'd want to head home instead of trekking through the cemetery." Anya stared at her suspiciously, 

"I'm still going." Willow rolled her eyes, going to say goodnight to Giles, 

"Be careful out there you three." Giles commented, grabbing his coat as they did theirs. "I'm going to search some more once i'm home." 

"Let me guess - with a nightly cup of tea." Xander quipped as Willow held the door for everyone, following once they were out. Giles skipped over his comment, 


"Goodnight!" Willow called back, hurrying after Xander and Anya, who were already down the sidewalk. 

"So what happens if /we/ run into this vampire...ress..?" Xander asked, turning to enter the cemetery. Anya shrugged again, 

"If she's as dangerous as Giles says, I'm guessing we die." Willow paused, 

"Do you guys hear that?" Grunts and blows could be heard from behind a mausoleum, 

"Sounds like Buffy. Let's go."  Willow pulled a cross and stake from her back pockets, rushing towards the sounds of the fight. Buffy was surrounded by vampires, but didn't seem phased by it much, staking one swiftly before returning to the fight. As Xander and Anya rushed to help, Willow caught sight of a figure sitting on a stone coffin, watching the fight. Hearing Xander call for help, she turned away from the figure for the time being. Anya leaped onto a vampire that had backed Xander up against the mausoleum, punching its chest as it struggled to pull her off. Willow spotted another group vampire rushing to help their comrades as Xander staked the one fighting him and Anya. Willow gulped, dropping into a fighting stance. {Where are they all coming from?!} Buffy was completely surrounded by now, but called out to her suddenly, eyes fixed behind her. 

"Willow! Behind you!" Willow didn't have time to spin around before her arms were pulled tightly behind her back. She grimaced as her shoulders strained painfully, trying to kick her attacker and wiggling around in the grip. Vampires had now surrounded Xander and Anya too, holding them in a similar way. Buffy was grabbed too, and they were all turned to face the figure Willow had seen earlier. The figure pushed itself off the coffin elegantly, strolling over slowly. Willows heart dropped when she recognized her from the drawings Giles had showed them. She was a tall blonde with shimmering blue eyes that examined each of them. 

"A slayer with friends. Thats something new." The blonde commented, "You fight well. Heh. Finally some sort of a challenge." She got closer to Buffy, examining her closely. "You're different from the others." The woman paused, moving past Buffy to examine the others also. She started with Xander and Anya, not seeming impressed. Then she stopped on Willow, tilting her head slightly. She stared at her longer than the others, reaching a hand out to pull one of her red locks through her hand. Willow pulled away as best she could, fear pulsing through her. The vampire holding her growled in her ear, causing her to flinch and shut her eyes. The vampiress stared at her a couple minutes longer before backing up to address her minions, "Release them." The other vampires tensed in shock, 

"But Mistress-" The woman fixed the minion with an icy warning glare, 

"Enough. We're leaving." Grudgingly, the minions released Willow and the gang. Buffy looked like she wanted to attack, but knew they were beaten. 

"This isn't over." Buffy called to the vampiress. The tall girl paused, not looking back, 

"Oh, I'm sure of it. We'll meet again." Then she continued walking. For some odd reason, Willow couldn't take her eyes off her. 

"Well, shes nice." Xander remarked, snapping Willow back to reality. 

"Buffy, are you okay?!" Buffy dusted herself off before smiling half-heartedly at Willow, 

"Just a few scratches. I thought you guys were doing the book thing?" 

"We uh.. Persuaded Giles to let us go home early." Xander replied, glancing at Anya. Willow shot him a glance, 

"But he's still working at home and I think we better tell him what just happened." Anya shook her head firmly, 

"We can't. Xander promised lots of orgasms." Xander just sighed, shaking his head. 

"I can swing by his place on my way home. We should all get some sleep.. Saturday means rest and fun for most… for us.. It means a long day of demony research." Buffy declared, heading towards the exit of the cemetery. 

"I'll go with her.. We're going the same place anyway and I don't like walking home alone in the dark anymore. Well.. I never really did." Willow paused with a teasing look to Xander, "No need to interrupt your.. Orgasms." Xander stuck his tongue out at her before heading in the way of his home, Anya close behind. Willow rolled her eyes with a smirk, going to catch up with Buffy. Buffy smiled at her, putting her stake in her back pocket. Willow frowned, tilting her head and raising an eyebrow, "You should be careful with that, you might sit on it." Buffy smirked at her sheepishly, moving the stake to a coat pocket instead. 

"That might have actually happened once or twice.. Not too pleasant, I'll tell you." Willow grinned, pulling her hands up in an 'I surrender', 

"I'll take your word for it." They walked a little ways in silence, until Buffy broke it with a question, 

"Were you ever afraid of the dark?.. I mean, before you knew about vampires and demons and stuff." Willow blinked at the randomness of the question, so Buffy explained herself, "I heard you say you've never liked walking home alone in the dark. Was it the alone part or the dark?" Willow thought about it for a second before answering, 

"I never really liked being alone, it just happened a lot, so I got used to it. So thats not really the part I was afraid of.. And neither was the dark." Buffy looked at her in confusion so she continued, "Its the stuff in it that scares me. Even before I knew what was really out there.. But I mean, in Sunnydale its always been a question, even before you came along. But just in general.. Monsters, Creeps… Frogs.." Buffy tried to hide her smirk at the last one, but Willow caught it and gave her arm a light smack. "Everything looks cute and innocent until its hopping and sliming all over you." 

"Mhm.. Absolutely. Gotta watch those frogs." Buffy stopped, "This is my stop. You good to walk the rest of the way home alone?" Willow smirked,  

"Yup. Got my handy stake and cross to accompany me." Buffy nodded, heading for Giles' door, 

"Call me when you get home so i know you're safe!" Willow nodded, 

"Roger that!" As Willow walked down the street, she couldn't shake off the feeling that she was being watched. Hurrying her pace, she grabbed the stake and cross in her pocket, keeping it hidden until the danger made itself clear. Shockingly, she made it home and safely inside her door without anything bad happened. Shrugging, she headed up to bed, joking to calm herself,

"Probably an owl wondering 'hoo' would be out so late.." After changing into a long t-shirt, calling Buffy and shutting the lights off, she climbed into bed, not noticing the eyes that watched her fall asleep from outside her window. 


((So I guess I'm going to try posting this too? I didn't want to post anything else until the other stories were done, but now that they are, I still kinda want to be working on and adding chapters still to a story. I started this one as just a side idea because it came to my head, but I've started thinking more into the future chapters so I'm pretty sure I'm going to continue it. I already have almost seven chapters done, I think, because I wanted to get my ideas down. Enjoy!))

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