After The End Of The End

BY : Eagleblaze
Category: -Buffy the Vampire Slayer > FemmeSlash - Female/Female > Tara/Willow
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Disclaimer: I do not own the show Buffy The Vampire Slayer or the characters. This is for entertainment purposes and no profit is made from this.

"Come on Willow.. You need to do these. The doctor said they were important." Tara sat across from Willow on the floor, the redhead pouting. Willow shook her head, 

"Hurts." Tara sighed, reaching for her hand. {At least shes talking a little again..}

"I know sweetie, we knew it would. You havent used your muscles in a while." Willow continued to pout. "What if I give you snuggles after?" The other girls pout lessened as she debated that, finally giving in and trying to lift her arm. She winced, but with some help from Tara, she was able to stretch and use the muscles there. Tara had her lift her arm above her head for a little bit, before letting her lower it slowly. "Make a fist and bend your elbow." Willows pout returned for a little as she did so. After a little while, with lots of urges, whimpers and promises of snuggles, they got through the exercises to help build Willows muscles up again. 

"Snuggles?" Tara smiled and nodded, helping Willow back up and onto the bed. Her heart warmed at the wide smile on Willows face as she helped her lay her head across her chest, moving her hand to stroke her girls hair gently. Willow gratefully burrowed her face into Taras chest, sighing in contentment. 

"Love you…" Willow purred sleepily, her eyes fluttering. 

"I love you too Willow.." 

"Always..?" Tara kissed her forehead, smiling as Willow fought sleep to hear the answer. 

"Always." With another small sigh, Willow fell asleep, Tara soon following.

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