Influence of the Demon

BY : DevilDuck
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Influence of the Demon: Movie Night

There was nothing normal about movie night, there never was, it was just something you did when you wanted to be normal. Tonight wasn’t any different, just another attempt by their mother to pretend that Buffy wasn’t a Slayer, that Dawn wasn’t really a ball of magic, and that there wasn’t a fugitive sleeping on their couch. That was just her way, somewhere between denial and acceptance lay ‘The Cutting Edge’. Joyce had figured out that something stressful was going on in her daughters’ lives or else she wouldn’t have organized this marathon but she didn’t know the details.

Buffy did; she was at the center of the latest crisis, it was her body that was changing, so she had a harder time losing herself in the romance on screen then her family. When she finally did, just when she started to feel the stress drain away, her sister put her hand on her cock under the blanket. At the start of the night the blanket and the way Dawn had cuddled against her beneath it had seemed sisterly enough, the type of thing they did whenever they weren’t fighting over every square foot the house. But that changed as soon as she started stroking Buffy through the denim of her pants.

By all rights the thick material of her jeans, thick enough to at least somewhat keep the monster sprouting between her legs in check, should have deadened the sensations to the point where they remained distant and meaningless. Except that ever since she’d grew this dick Buffy’s libido has been in overdrive so just the knowledge of what Dawn was trying to do, that she was trying to her jerk her off through her clothes not ten feet from their mother, turned her on. Almost instantly she was rock hard, the sharp bite of a seam digging into her shaft the only thing keeping her from reaching full mast.

Swallowing a groan she shifted hoping to relieve some of the pressure on her groin and to keep her mother from getting any clue what was going on. Dawn knew, Dawn knew the effect she was having, how all it took was the lightest of touches to tease out a reaction, and how just using the smallest bit of force when she ground her palm over Buffy’s cockhead could make her sister’s whole body stiffen.

It also caused a reaction in Faith sitting on the floor, for the ‘view’, with her back against Buffy’s legs. When Buffy tensed she tensed as well her senses opening to take in everything going on behind her. She could feel every time the other Slayer shifted, hear the faint rustle of cloth as Dawn’s hand moved, and she could smell Buffy’s precum.

That was a smell Faith was very familiar with, a smell she dreamed about nightly, a smell that made her mouth water and her pussy ache even before she knew it was real. Inches behind her head, and getting closer, the Slayer’s cock was leaking a delicious, sticky treat. It would be so easy for her to turn around and get some of that for herself. She wouldn’t even have to fight Dawn for it; it wasn’t like the teen was sucking her sister’s cock, struggling to take the even a portion of the monstrous length into her mouth and throat, meaning there was nothing between Faith and that challenge save a few layers of cloth. And the presence of Mrs. Summers.

The fabric wasn’t much of barrier; Faith was sure that the other Slayer’s prodigious production of precum would soak right through her pants if given time and a little help, if Faith could just suck hard enough. If not she could always chew through the denim, tearing it apart to get to what it held back. No what was truly holding her back was Joyce, and the one and only rule that Buffy tried to enforce. They were never to reveal what had happened, how Buffy had changed, or do anything even remotely sexual where anyone, especially Joyce could see them. Dawn was pushing the limits of that rule but Faith couldn’t do the same, you could not subtly suck cock, forcing her to almost vibrate with frustration.

“We’re out of popcorn,” Joyce shook the last kernels around the bottom of the bowl, “do you girls want more?”

“Yes,” Faith and Dawn responded with one distracted voice, it was unclear if Buffy could speak or what she would have said. If she had thought about it Faith’s answer wouldn’t have changed, she wanted to fill her mouth with something salty and popcorn made a decent second choice.

“And I guess I have to go make it? Be good.”

“Finally.” Dawn waited until her mother had made it to the kitchen before throwing the blanket aside, momentarily covering Faith, and bouncing up to her knees. Moving with surprising speed she attacked Buffy’s fly getting the zipper down, revealing only a small portion of her shaft, before either Slayer had a chance to react.

“Dawn, stop.” Buffy’s voice was tight, straining for control but she did nothing to backup her words. In fact she actually helped, lifting her hips so that her pants could get pulled down so that half her length was exposed and her sister could fish out the rest. It took two hands for the teen to completely encircle the beast, holding it up as it finally got erect. Full of blood the Slayer’s shaft pulsed, the dark skin that covered most of it helping to conceal some of the veins that throbbed along its length, its flat head wobbling in its own little arc drawing the eye almost as much as its contrasting light color.

Not that any of that was needed to get Faith’s attention; she had been focused on the other Slayer’s dick since it had come into view, before that really, so she drank in these details quickly, almost in passing as she locked onto what she really wanted. There was already a smear of precum on Buffy’s cockhead making it shine and more was sure to come; all it would take was a little time, a little teasing, and for Dawn to start moving her hands.

“Dawn,” both Slayers growled softly urging her to do something; to start jerking, to start sucking, or to get out of the way so Faith could take over. Though maybe only Faith thought that, maybe Buffy would rather have her back off so that she could tuck her dick away and pretend she was watching the movie. No matter what it was she wanted Dawn started stroking, her fingers forming a tight ring that she slowly pushed up her sister’s shaft like she was trying to milk her. While that might have been her intention it wasn’t until she reversed direction, started moving her hands back down, that more precum welled up forming a whitish puddle on the flat end of Buffy cock.

For a moment it stayed there, trapped by surface tension, before breaking over the edge. That edge was one of the things that separated the Slayer’s dick from a normal one, aside from the fact that she didn’t have one a week ago, normal dicks didn’t have so pronounced a ridge separating head from shaft, or a flat head for that matter, so liquids could just follow the curve and run down their length. On Buffy it, her own precum, dripped off this ridge missing her shaft completely to hit the hands holding her. At least when those hands were holding her upright but as those hands moved, as her sister’s strokes picked up speed, the angle changed and the flow shifted. When Buffy’s dick tilted back towards her the precum could run down her shaft or drip on her belly, when her dick tilted the other way her precum would clear Dawn’s hands to drip down onto her balls, dark swollen orbs still trapped in her jeans.

These drops also landed near to Faith who had actually pushed the other Slayer’s legs apart as she her shoulders in between her knees to get closer. She was close enough now that it was almost painful not to touch, not to lick, not to taste. No she could taste Buffy already, her smell was so strong that at this distance just breathing filled Faith’s mouth with the taste of sex, sweat, and all other sorts of nastiness that made her so irresistible. Fueled by need, and to remind Buffy just how eager she was, Faith’s hands took a firm hold of the other Slayer’s thighs to drag herself closer only to blocked before reaching her goal.

“Dawn.” Buffy’s voice was louder this time, less controlled, threatening some sort of violence that only got held off when Dawn dropped her head. The teen didn’t try to cover her sister’s dick, not all at once any way, instead she latched her mouth to the side of the shaft cleaning up the precum coating it as her hands moved faster. With surprising speed she worked her almost all the way up to the top, and a fresh supply of stickiness, before she was interrupted.

“Dawn, don’t pick on your sister,” Mrs. Summers voice came from the kitchen.

“Mmmrh,” Dawn’s reply was muffled as she finally tried stretching her lips over her sister’s cockhead which only made things worse as it forced an involuntary grunt out of Buffy.

“How about you come help me with this machine? That will keep you out of trouble.”

“But mom?” It was amazing how clear the teen’s voice was given the amount of cum and spit fell out of her mouth.

“I mean it,” the woman’s voice became clearer, “don’t make me come get you.”

“Alright,” Dawn’s first attempt to wipe the precum off her chin just managed to smear the mess from her hands onto her face but repeated efforts and the sacrifice of the blanket got her clean before she left the cover of the conch, “coming.”

Faith barely noticed the teen bounce up and away, couldn’t spare the thought to be impressed by how unaffected she appeared despite the quantity of precum she must have swallowed, as her attention was focused solely on the equine cock in front of her. Without any support its own weight was enough to pull it down slightly, so that it was almost pointed straight at her giving her a clear view of the opening from which even more precum welled. When she saw the other Slayer’s hands move at the edge of her vision she thought that she was going to get a front row seat to Buffy jerking off, and blond finally came Faith would be the most natural target.

That is not what happened. Buffy’s hands did not wrap around her shaft but instead tangled in Faith’s hair, they did not jerk up and down at an ever increasing pace but rather pulled Faith in forcing the Slayer’s lips over her dick. Well maybe not ‘forcing’, Faith’s mouth was already open and was more than willing to stretch her jaw wider she just wasn’t given the time. Buffy didn’t give her a chance to adjust to having an equine monster filling her mouth before shoving it into her throat and even that didn’t seem to be enough for her.

The Slayer kept pulling, trying to bury herself down to her base within Faith’s head but that angle just wasn’t quite right. There was only so far she could push before she hit the back of the other girl’s throat; it didn’t matter how much strength she used or how hard she thrust her cockhead always hit that barrier while inches of her shaft remained untouched. Driven by a similar need, or a desire to relieve some of the pressure in her throat, Faith worked her way to her feet, slowly standing even as she kept her face in the other girl’s lap so that she ended up bent over.

This was better. Even if blood was rushing to her head, this was better as it gave Buffy an open path for a smooth stroke. It was a miracle that Faith didn’t gag or that neither of them moan loud enough to be heard in the kitchen over the sound of popping. It was even a little surprising the couch didn’t squeak enough to draw attention as Buffy thrust ever faster upward as she built towards climax. With all the teasing that Dawn had done earlier, not to mention how the danger of exposure both then and now added to the thrill, she didn’t have far to go.

After one especially hard thrust Faith’s head was held down while the other grunted and came down her throat until there was too much for her to swallow even with the almost direct deposit, until the cum leaked out wherever it could. And still Buffy kept coming. Her orgasm lasted long enough for the other Slayer grew dizzy and have her knees lock up as she tried not to collapse. When she finally finished, stopped pumping out thick wads of cum, Faith barely noticed as she was still busy swallowing not really getting relief until the fat dick was pulled from her throat.

Of course she fought that, pulling on Buffy’s hips even as she was pushed away, not wanting to give up the still hard cock but she was weak from lack of breath making the other Slayer seem even stronger. As it was she had to struggle just to not fall on her ass and could do nothing to keep Buffy from taking her dick away. Or walk away.

Twisting out from under her Buffy let Faith fall face first onto the, thankfully only slightly, sticky couch cushion while she stood up. It took amazing willpower not to stroke her cock, not too much anyway, but the relative silence from the kitchen warned her of her family’s return and a much more urgent need. She had to hide to the strange, equine dick between her legs and there was no way she could get into her pants so she had to leave. It meant leaving a cum drunk Faith on the floor. It meant missing the end of the movie and a ‘serious’ conversation with her mother at some point in the future but that was better than jerking off in front of her so she left. She hurried out the house, not even stopping to get a change of clothes before sprinting out into the night, leaving the mess and explanations to others, as she went to burn off some energy.

Crawling up onto the couch, taking the other Slayer’s abandoned spot, Faith covered up the worse of the mess, what little she didn’t have to lick off her own face. Settling in under the blanket covered up the rest leaving her comfortable and clearly satisfied by the time Dawn returned with nothing but popcorn to fill her up. Since that was all she had she didn’t bother sharing it with the Slayer.

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