The Two Faces of Angel(us)

BY : TheChemist
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“So how is Angel doing?” Willow asked Buffy as the pair walked home in the Californian sunshine.

“Getting better,” Buffy answered.

Angel had been still reeling from the ass kicking he took at the hands of the Slayer. Kendra, not Buffy. When Buffy ‘died’ at the hands of the Master, even if for only seconds, it was enough to trigger the Prophecy. Thus, another Slayer was called. Kendra came, kicked ass of vampires including Spike, Dru and unfortunately Angel. She made a hell of an impact in her week in Sunnydale!

“And are you loving playing nurse?” the blonde asked with a wry smile.

“Very much so!”

“So you have a nurse costume too?” Willow asked.

“Wait. Willow?! Are you asking if we are roleplaying?” Buffy playfully replied.

“Well I guess I was,” Willow answered.

“I’m sad to say, but no.  I can’t believe it but I didn’t think of it,” the Slayer admitted.

“So you’re saying that I came up with a super naughty idea before you did?” Willow beamed in pride.

“Either Oz is rubbing off on you or you are going to corrupt that poor boy in no time,” the blonde retorted. “But to be super honest, we haven’t done it, you know.”

“But I thought you two slept with each other the night you killed the Master?” Willow inquired with a confused look on her face.

“We did. We most certainly did,” Buffy answered with a pleased look on her face. “But after that he had to chase down and clean up the vamp situation while I was recovering. And then since I’ve been back to full capacity, we’ve either been dealing with miscommunication about the whole Dru thing or now just getting to know each other.”

“So you’ve been taking it slow?”

“Exactly. But I can’t say I haven’t been thinking a lot about it lately,” Buffy admitted.

“So your place or mine for homework today?” Willow asked.

“Yours. I think I’ll need to borrow something for tonight.”

*    *    *

Angel was just stirring to life after his sleep. Though there were no windows in the vampire’s lair for obvious reasons, but the clock on the wall read that Angel had slept in. He found this happening more and more while he was injured, using the extra time to heal. However, a grumble in his stomach also let him know he slept through his normal ‘morning’ feeding. Though Buffy had been coming every night to re-dress his burn wounds from the sun and pour him the pig’s blood, he supposed she wasn’t able to make it today.

"Silly, Angel," Buffy said, stopping the vampire from getting off his bed. "I believe it's time for your check-up."

“Buffy?” Angel said, unaware that the Slayer was present. Turning his head in the direction of her voice, Angel’s eyes nearly bulged out of his skull. “Wow. Buffy!”

Obviously Buffy had been rather motivated by Willow’s comment from earlier that day. The blonde had no issue lending her previous year’s Halloween costume to the Slayer, especially since Willow had chickened out and worn a different outfit. Standing in Angel’s lair with only candles as illumination, the Slayer looked a true vision. Dressed in what could only be described as the most stereotypical slutty nurse costume, complete with black fishnet stockings and white high heels. Covering her body was an extremely tight-fitting white dress with a red cross on the chest. 

"Now, how about you take off that shirt so I can begin my exam?" She set down the "medical" bag, her skirt short enough to show off she was not wearing panties when she bent over.

“You might have to check for a fever because I’m having a hard time trusting my eyes,” Angel did his best approximation of a joke.

“That’s a really good idea,” Buffy replied, turning around to face him as he laid propped up in bed. “Please pull down the bed sheet.”

Given their massive age gap, Angel was always being more passive when it came to sex. Other than their first and only time doing the deed the night Buffy needed the additional energy to fight the Master, they had been playing it really slow with their budding romance. Obviously something had changed given Buffy’s unexpected appearance and urge to daddle with some roleplaying. 

Seeing that Angel was once more playing it cool, Buffy decided to take the initiative. She was getting used to this so she didn’t mind strutting her fit body over to his bed, her heels clicking on the cement floors with each step. Arriving before him, the nurse reached to grab the edge of his sheets and pulled them to the foot of the bed. Wearing only a pair of comfortable yet still attractive pants, Buffy decided that he was overdressed so she pulled them off as well. 

“In my experience, the best place to get a true reading on a patient’s temperature is through their penis,” Buffy commented as she crawled onto the bed between his spread legs. “Specifically while using my lips to get the best results.”

With his dick more or less hard just from her appearance in what could only be described as a slutty nurse costume, Angel got to full erection the moment Buffy applied a kiss to his cock. Starting low at his base, the Slayer gave a short kiss before inching her way up his 8 inch cock, always moving up along the underbelly of his manhood until reaching the tip.

“Verdict?” Angel asked.

“Definitely burning up. I’m going to have to use extreme measure to cool this down,” Buffy replied with a mischievous grin.

To Buffy, the best way to cool off a cock that was displaying signs of a fever was by running her tongue from root to tip and back again. Angel wasn’t going to argue with the scientific process, especially since he was feeling a lot better already. By the time she completed another half-dozen full length licks of his cock, Buffy decided that his balls must have been a little too hot as well so she extinguished their heat as well. Parting her lips wide, Buffy closed her lips around the first of his oval-shaped nuts. Her hand took over the job of stimulating his cock by giving it a thorough but slow jerk while her cheeks hollowed from the suction on his balls.

Looking down, Angel observed as Buffy stroked his long shaft a few times before parting her lips and engulfing the first several inches inside her warm orifice. The gorgeous blonde with her golden locks pulled back in her typical ponytail changed tune from the soft playful vibe as she immediately got down to business. After taking a few long sucks at only the tip of his cock, using her tongue to lick his sensitive pee slit, Buffy pushed over half of his length into her mouth until his head was pressed against the back of her throat.

"Ugghhh," Angel grunted his approval.

Satisfied with his response, Buffy removed him from her palate so that she could get in some much needed air before repeating the procedure over and over again. Though that technique tended to get all her previous hook-ups all hot and bothered, Buffy found that any one style could get boring after a while. It was a key lesson to have learnt, made more impressive considering Buffy was only a tender 17 years old. 

Buffy continued to swallow over half his healthy cock, taking him to the back of her throat a dozen times until thick strands of spit decorated and lubed his cock. However, it wasn’t a sloppy or hard blowjob, as she was using a great deal of tenderness. She was making her actions much slower and more deliberate than she had with any of her previous conquests, given the fact this was for love, not lust. With the spit acting to aid her hand’s smooth passage up and down his pole, Buffy was able to multitask. The kneeling blonde wasn't happy in only pleasing him through his cock however, as she was once more opening her mouth to take both of his testicles into her mouth to suck on them as well.

“Yes, I believe this is working rather well,” Buffy concluded, shifting back into her nurse role.

“Are you sure? I still feel flushed,” Angel grinned, getting more into the scenario as well.

“Oh well in that case, I may have to do a more diligent job,” the horny teenager replied. “In fact, I’m feeling a little warm myself.”

Buffy looked up at her boyfriend, his nuts still in her mouth and hollowing her cheeks from the pleasurable suction. The glint in those green eyes told Angel he was about to continue getting blown for his girlfriend with her wonderful boobs out. Sure enough, while Buffy continued to take turns with one of his nuts in her mouth at a time, she used the hand that wasn't stroking his dick to unbutton her top. As the nurse’s top fell open, Buffy deftly unhooked her bra and pulled it from her chest, all without breaking contact between her eager mouth and his spit-covered nuts. 

“Damn those are some perfect breasts,” Angel thought.

Seeing his arms starting to reach down for her, Buffy made it easier by getting out of such a low crouch position. This meant that she had to stop her awesome job on his sack, so she gave each ball one last suck before moving her face upward so that she could wrap her lips around his pole once again.

Angel gave a grunt of approval, and another as his hands clutched onto Buffy’s boobs. Angel had been impressed with the gorgeous girl when they met a year ago in one of Sunnydale’s numerous cemeteries. She was just barely 16 at the time, but already had the body of a woman for the most part. An extra 18 months had her body really blossom as not only did her ass get a little thicker from all the working out, but her tits grew nearly a full size in that time. Though not the high perky set that Cordelia boasted, Buffy’s B-cups were perfect in his opinion. Not only did they suit her small frame well, but they were perky, fit into his palm and were capped with a small pink nipple that made them look oh so delightful. 

“I’m happy you like the girls so much,” Buffy cooed as he softly groped her pillowy tits.

Once her boyfriend had his fill of feeling up her great boobs, Angel settled back by reclining so his back was resting against the bed once more. With Buffy able to shift positioning once more as well, the blonde got back to work, bobbing her head with pace up and down her man’s cock, taking a little less than half his 8 inches between her lips while her hands rested on his thighs.

While Buffy’s head wasn’t exactly a golden streak bobbing towards and away from her boyfriend’s lap, she was still moving quite swiftly. She was still employing her technique of no hands, instead only using her lips to rocket along half the length of his pole while her tongue licked the underbelly. It was a slower paced blowjob, meant to maximize pleasure while not worrying about getting the man off too swiftly. After all, she had a lot more planned for Angel than a good suck, regardless of how amazing it was. In a tried and true move developed from hundreds of trials and practices, the Slayer pulled her mouth from his fleshy tool and leaned forward so her cheek could rest against the patch of short pubes, even feeling a little tickle on the inside of her nostril. Ignoring that, the gorgeous blonde open-mouthed kissed the base of his cock with steady pressure before lifting her head so her tongue could broadly lick the top of his shaft from root to tip and back again.

“Oh God, Buffy!” Angel grunted, reaching down and giving her blonde head a little squeeze with his fingertips.

“I think we are going to need a more vigorous method of testing your condition,” Buffy commented, sitting up onto her knees.

“Yes, I believe you’re right,” Angel said, starting to lift up.

“Not so fast,” Buffy stated, a hand on his chest pressing him back to the bed. “You're the patient. I’m the nurse. Therefore, I do all the work.”

Buffy was already kneeling on the bed between his legs so it was a short trip to crawl up the bed and find herself straddling the vampire’s lap. The Slayer sat down on top of him before she shifted her hips, dragging her wet pussy along the underside of his cock, causing Angel to twitch, seeing as how he was still a little oversensitive from her blowjob.

“Someone’s excited,” Buffy smirked down at him, raising higher up and off his lap so her hand could snake down between her thighs.

“You could say that,” Angel replied, his dick held in her hand as the teenager centered it with her snatch.

After the sensual blowjob and the extra heat provided by the roleplaying, Buffy needed his cock inside her. Wanting to make that a reality, she put her hands on his chiseled chest to balance herself before lowering enough so that his tip comfortably slipped into her wetness. As soon as she felt her snatch breached, she amped up the pleasure even more by sinking down fully to take him as deep as she could.

“Ahhh! Yes Buffy,” Angel groaned at the same time she grunted her feelings as well.

Rather than raise back up, Buffy took a more measured approach. With his dick fully impaled in her pussy, Buffy rocked her hips back then arched her back so her velvet lips glided along the bottom portion of his manhood. She used that momentum to push her lithe body skyward to massage the rest of his dick before slowly sinking back down to repeat the process.

“It feels so good feeling you stretch me out,” Buffy seemed to purr into the vampire’s ear.

Leaning forward so her modest tits were right in the vampire’s face, Buffy continued her slow, methodical approach of fucking her boyfriend. Angel didn’t mind as her pussy gripped every inch of his cock as she rose and descended in measured strokes. Especially not if it meant he could take turns sucking on Buffy’s erect nipples that were graciously placed in front of his mouth.

“How are you feeling now?” Buffy asked, grinding her ass into his lap after each ride down his pole.

“Better by the second,” Angel answered, his hands massaging the firm flesh of her booty.

“You like what you found,” the Slayer commented with a wink without ever breaking stride.

“Very much so.”

To accentuate his point, the vampire with a soul pulled his right hand off her body then sent it crashing down with a flex of his wrist to smack her sun tanned ass with a playful slap. Buffy simply smiled widely at his new tactic, which encouraged him to do it again, this time with his other hand. Throwing back her head, the Slayer took his cock deep into her pussy and sat on it without any other movement. 

“So deep,” Angel stated as his hands roamed up her back.

Opening his eyes as wide as he could, Angel imprinted that moment into his brain forever. Her naked skin seemed to glow in the scant light that dimly filled the room. Buffy’s perky tits were bouncing in front of her with each ride downward, well until his large hands went back and corralled each, filling his palm perfectly. Her lean but powerful legs were propelling her moderately intense riding, while the view in the mirror behind her afforded Angel the luxury of watching her slender yet bubbly ass clap down onto his invisible lap.

“God, you feel so good filling me out.” Buffy cried.

As the passionate fuck went one, each second brought more and more of their lust to the forefront. Therefore, though Buffy had originally been taking a slow approach to their lovemaking, that was at an end. Angel didn’t know why the Sayer had shown up at his house finally willing to make their relationship sexual, nor did he care at this point. Over and over Buffy used her seemingly endless energy to ride to the top of his pole only to collapse back down as soon as she got there. The vampire helped feed more of his dick into her greedy pussy by thrusting up just as she got to the end of his pecker, driving deeper into the horny girl. At this point, his hips were spending just as much time resting on the bed as they did up in the air with the regularity of his thrusts up to match her riding speed.

“Keep going Angel! Fucking my tight pussy with your big cock,” Buffy screamed. 

Angel had no intention of doing anything but that. He could feel his own resistance ebbing away the harder he thrust upwards, but he didn’t care. He wanted to deliver a powerful, screaming orgasm to the Slayer even if it meant he came sooner as a result. Therefore, the vampire planted his heels on the bed to help power his bucking of his hips wildly into her from beneath in response to her words. 

“Mmmm…yes…keep giving me that dick!” Buffy swore. “I’m so close Angel. So Close. Make me cum.”

With wilder thrusting of his hips from the passion of their encounter, Angel drove his meat pole into her tight twat repeatedly. His hands moved from her tits in order to tweak both her nipples, a move that worked in their only ever time together that made her cream herself. The maneuver seemed to work again for the horny Slayer as it drew more moans and screams from the younger girl. 

“Oh yes…I’m cumming…ughhh…awwhhhh…yes,” Buffy screamed at the top of her lungs as she came. “Cum with me! I want to feel you inside me as you cum!”

Buffy curled both hands that were on the bed into fists, her knuckles turning white from the strain. Her orgasm hit her like a truck, running up her spine like an electric current, lighting every nerve ending on its travel. She panted and groaned as pleasure screamed throughout her body, yet still maintained enough wherewithal to grind her tight little butt onto Angel’s lap to finish the bigger man off. 

“Oh Buffy! Gonna cum. Need to so bad,” Angel warned. “Yes! Cumming! Yes!”

Buffy’s own pleasure was dialed up another notch, almost delivering another mini orgasm when she felt the vampire’s cum inside her. Though the shots of semen were icy cold given his undead status, it still lit a bit of romantic warmth in her core as he held her tight. He brushed her hair aside and kissed her neck softly while his cock pumped her pussy full of his cum.

“I love you Angel,” Buffy cooed as she laid against his chest, his cock wilting within her.

“I love you too Buffy,” the vampire replied, his cum leaking from her pussy as his dick slipped out.

*    *    *

The pair instantly passed out after their romantic fuck session, despite the fact Angel had only just woken up. However, shortly after they fell asleep he was wretched awake as his chest felt on fire. Rolling out of bed as to not wake the slumbering Buffy, Angel crawled his way to the back door of his lair. Luckily it was dark outside, though rain continued to fall. His whole body felt ablaze in pain. After he stumbled another half-dozen steps down the alley, Angel collapsed, unable to withstand the pain any longer.

“Buffy…” Angel crooked as he felt like his very soul was ripped out.

*    *    *

“Hey man, you okay?” a woman’s voice called out.

“Ugh,” Angel groaned, slowly getting to his feet.

The vampire had no concept of how long he had been laying in the gutter as the rain slowed up. He was soaked through, but most importantly it was still the darkness of night. And then he remembered.

“Need me to call someone?” the woman asked again as she walked up to him.

With lightning quick reflexes, Angel sprang forward. His left arm curled around the woman’s back, keeping her pressed against his powerful chest. His right arm tilted her head to the side, exposing the side of her neck. Most importantly, giving him excess to her carotid artery. Face scrunched up as only a vampire can do, his extended fangs pierced her skin with ease before puncturing her artery. Within seconds she was dead.

“Doing much better now,” Angelus said with a satisfied smirk.

*    *    * 

“I see you helped yourself to my shower,” Angelus commented as he returned to his lair.

“Angel!” Buffy jumped, unaware he was there. “I guess I fell asleep and wanted a shower to help wake up. Where have you been?”

“Was feeling a little...crowded so I went out for some air,” the vampire replied, throwing his leather jacket haphazardly on his sofa.

“Oh. Okay,” the Slayer replied, trying not to appear hurt by his comment. “You look like you’re feeling better,” Buffy commented, looking like a goddess still with her skin glistening from the water and hair still slightly wet. “Anyway, I need to get home. My mom will worry if she wakes up and I’m not home.”

“Stay. Drop the towel,” Angel instructed as he went about undressing himself.

“Really? I just seemed like you wanted to be alone.” Buffy replied, acting desperate for his approval after his initial cool attitude towards her.

“Why would I want that? Seeing you in only that towel has me rock hard,” her boyfriend grunted as his hand slowly stroked his manhood.

“,” the adorable Slayer blushed.

“Well? Since you’re responsible for it, shouldn’t you do something about it?” Angelus hissed.

Buffy was caught offguard by Angel’s behavior but his proposal of morning sex was a better offer. She gave the vampire a smile before turning around to find a place to hang her wet towel. After removing it, Angelus was on her with both hands wrapped around her to clutch her tits rather hard. Instead of kissing her mouth, which she would have for sure tasted the metallic flavor of blood, Angelus instead kissed her neck deeply, causing the younger girl to moan. Tossing her head back and reaching her arm around her to hold his head in place, Buffy encouraged more from her boyfriend.

“Fuck. Am I ever gonna tear you up,” the vampire warned her with an animalistic growl.

Slowly, still walking behind her so his erect cock could be pressed on Buffy’s bare ass and so his lips could stay kissing her neck, the couple stepped closer to his bed. It didn’t take long before Buffy was kneeling on the mattress, her vampire boyfriend behind her and groping her tits again. However, his hands left her chest so that he could press her down to the bed so her face and boobs were laying down with her booty still up in the air.

“Like what you see,” Buffy asked, quirking an eyebrow back at him as he pulled apart her butt cheeks.

Coming to rest behind her, Angelus pulled apart her firm cheeks to better expose her asshole, which was gaping just wide enough for his liking. Of course it helped that Buffy was pushing out, controlling her sphincter to go wider, knowing it would drive him mad with lust. Sure enough it worked as the horny vampire quickly pulled his shirt off before surprising the Slayer by quite literally spitting a glob of saliva right down her poop chute.

“Gonna fuck your ass now,” Angelus told her rather than asked as he climbed to his feet on top of the bed, hard cock in hand.

“Oh...well...yeah that’s fine,” Buffy managed to get out despite being stunned. Thinking quickly, reaching back with both hands to spread her cheeks for him, making a better target of her teenage asshole.

“Good,” Angelus hissed, squatting down.

After rubbing a palmful of spit along his shaft, essentially polishing his head, Angelus bent down until his tip hovered over Buffy’s tight asshole. In one smooth motion he descended further, his cockhead entering her asshole with not even a murmur from the experienced blonde. Where most guys would have to do short thrusts until their girl was warmed up, Angelus didn’t give the Slayer the option as he sodomized her. He continued pushing more dick into her asshole, watching as inch after inch disappeared inside. Finally, with little more than an inch remaining on the outside of her sphincter, the vampire squatted deeper and pushed his hips further until his entire 8 inch cock was buried balls deep in Buffy’s ass.

“Dear Lord,” Buffy groaned with a mix of pain and pleasure of having her bowels forced open and plundered so deeply.

Rather than reverse course right away, the sadistic vampire stayed pressed fully inside the Slayer’s rectum for a handful of seconds. Right as Buffy began to squirm from the discomfort of her rectum being forced wide and 8-inches deep, Angelus pulled out slowly. Rather than keep his tip inside and prevent the anal sphincter from tightening back up, the newly soulless vampire pulled out altogether so he could evaluate his hand work. Given her extensive practice with anal sex in the last year, Angelus was able to stare right down into her backdoor, mesmorized as the pale flesh of her booty gave way to the purple 2-inch wide ring and finally into her darkness.

“Fuck. You asshole is wide open for me,” Angelus commented, pushing all the way back in before pulling out full once more.

“It’s all...ugh...for you,” Buffy groaned.

“Me and any other guy with a pulse. Or without,” the vampire laughed.

This third time Angelus sodomized his girlfriend, he didn’t pull out all the way. Nor did he go slowly. Instead, the soulless vampire began pounding into the fit blonde with rapid speed, using the hand on her hip to pull her back to him each time his cock buried itself to the hilt in her ass. 

“You like that? You like it when I fuck your ass like that?” the vampire hissed, spiking down harder to make his point.

Angelus left his cock buried fully inside the sexy Slayer, letting her have all 8 inches of cock in her bowels at one time. Like the professional she was, Buffy simply moaned and even rocked her hips in response to her boyfriend soaking his dick in her ass juices. She knew it was coming this time and so when Angel started pulling out of her, the 17 year old pushed her bowels so that as he exited her rear, the sphincter stayed hanging as wide open as ever.

“You certainly can take an assfucking,” Angelus voiced his appreciation of her massive gape before adding more spit to lube the passage.

Running on instinct, Angelus thrust back inside her, delivering 10 long and somewhat slow strokes into her booty. As he descended for the 11th time, the sadistic vamp started spiking in faster, causing a slight yelp to escape her lips. Getting a surprised reaction from the horny blonde was tough given her Slayer strength, so he wore it like a badge of honor. Buoyed by this, Angel used the spring of his bed to help him fuck Buffy harder and deeper as the gorgeous girl would start to bounce up to meet his thrusts now.

“So deep,” Buffy cooed, clearly enjoying herself through the hard anal fuck.

“Only sluts like getting fucked in the ass. You know that, right?” Angelus tormented.

“Uh huh,” Buffy found herself answering subconsciously.

Angelus kept up the relentless ass fucking for as long as he could. Through being alive for over 4 centuries, the man originally named Liam had amassed a great deal of sexual experience. Therefore he knew that he could only go at such a neck breaking pace for a few minutes, even though he had cum only hours ago. With one final hard push, Angelus smiled as a plan formulated in his mind.

“Tell me how much you like my dick in your ass,” the vampire hissed, slowing his thrusting but taking her balls deep.

“I like it,” Buffy managed to get out around her grunts of pain and pleasure.

“Like you mean it,” he urged with a thunderous spank.

“I love when you fuck my ass,” she said, this time with that slutiness she knew he wanted. “Ruin my asshole for all others!”

Knowing how much she was enjoying herself, despite every reason not to be, the vampire known for his savage villainy continued the punishing, thumping rhythm. Clutching onto her hips tighter, the horny vampire lengthening his strokes into her butt after having been only using half his shaft as sort of a breather for him. It didn’t take much longer before his stomach tapping against her small but bubbly booty again as his entire pole was sheathed in her tightest of holes. As her asshole continued clenching tightly onto him, trying to milk him every thrust, Angelus decided to push the Slayer to new levels of depravity.

“Come on, I want you to suck my dick straight from your asshole,” he demanded.

Buffy was so lost in all the hard anal fucking and dirty talk that the words really didn’t sink in. Yet here he was, slipping out of her ass and throwing her onto her back. As he straddled her chest, Angelus reached down and tangled a fist in her shiny gold hair. Without further delay, the man pulling her hair transferred his moist cock right onto her waiting tongue and pushed it further inside until hitting the back of her throat. This caused Buffy to spit up and cough a bit but she regained her composure in order to apply suction and suck off any traces of her asshole from his cock.

“God, you really are an anal whore,” he said with a combination of astonishment and horniness. “Say it. Tell me what you are.”

“I’m your butt slut,” Buffy freely acknowledged. The words felt both degrading and yet correct.

Looking down and watching as the enemy to his people choked down his meat pole which hadn’t long been removed from her asshole was quite the image. Wanting his approval, she was willing to get assfucked as hard and rough as possible, and suck him off straight from her backside. Overflowing with lust for the Slayer, Angelus pulled back on her hair and instantly Buffy’s mouth pulled away from his dick, giving a little murmur of pain in the process. Before she could question why, his tongue was crammed into her open mouth and his lips pressed against hers. The pair kissed deeply until the vampire broke the lip lock and rapidly spun them over so his back was on the bed and the Slayer on top.

“Ride me. And hard this time. No pedestrian pace like last night,” Angelus warned.

“Oh,” the Slayer replied, looking hurt. “Okay Angel.”

Buffy only replied with a shrug of her shoulders, knowing her boyfriend had a valid point. As she swung a leg over his torso in order to straddle him, the gorgeous blonde reached back and lined up his cock with her well used asshole, Angelus’s hands sought her perky tits.

“Mhmm...ahhh!” Buffy moaned as his cock was simultaneously plunged to the depths of her bowels at the same time he tweaked her nipples.

Not surprisingly, being the Slayer came with a wealth of energy to burn because Buffy immediately rocked from her knees to her feet, resting his entire 8-inch dick up her ass in a power squat position. Leaning forward and planting hands on his muscular chest, Buffy was able to raise the length of his pole before thundering her booty back down to his lap, the collision making a loud slapping noise as flesh met flesh.

“There’s my girl,” Angelus grinned with a wicked smile.

Though Angelus was having a great time pounding the Slayer’s asshole, doing his damnedest to destroy her, this was a nice change. Not because he wanted to relax, but rather because it meant the virtuous teen was degrading herself by riding his dick. Over and over Buffy used her leg muscles, developed with years of cheerleading and training in vampire slaying, to ride him to the top of his flesh pole before riding back down. It was a pace as fast if not faster than anything Angelus had set while he fucked her doggy-style, going to show how much of an anal pro Buffy Summers had become despite her tender 17 years of age. 

The soulless creature knew that the torrent pace his girlfriend set was unsustainable for large periods of time. Therefore, Angelus knew he just had to ride out the storm so he may as well enjoy himself. With hands reaching back up, the horny vampire groped Buffy’s firm chest, holding it in place and stopping the pillowy globes from bouncing all about.

“God, Angel. This just feels right with you,” Buffy cooed, a thin sheen of sweat appearing on her face and body, making her skin glisten in the dim lighting.

Sensing that she was starting to slow, not from lack of energy but for romance, Angelus reluctantly peeled his talons off of the blonde’s perfect tits and down to her shapely hips. Timing it right, the now evil vampire increased his grip strength until it was like a vice, holding Buffy so her anal ring was at the halfway point of his cock. Smiling sinisterly, the vampire began thrusting his hips up and down, making the horny 17 year old take the full length of his cock before coming almost fully out of her bowels. Just like before, Angelus used the spring of his bed to help throw his momentum back upwards, therefore slamming his dick into her colon with each thrust faster and seemingly deeper than the last.

“Jesus!” Buffy screamed as her asshole was pummeled more than ever.

After a minute of the relentless ass fucking, Angelus settled his backside flat on the bed once again. Buffy, after a moment to catch her breath from the constant shrieking, picked right back up, throwing her petite body up and down his pole. It may have lacked the speed and ferosity of Angel’s frantic style, but it was deep and allowed her anal ring to glide along every inch of his lengthy cock.

Feeling her legs starting to get tired once more, Buffy switched smoothly so her knees were on the bed instead of her feet. Already some of the weariness left her thighs, but Buffy stayed in control of the encounter by riding his back back and forth, grinding on Angelus’s lap for a change of pace. The horny undead man seemed to like it, given how his fingers were now digging in even harder to the firm flesh of her booty.

“You really know how to take a dick,” Angelus hissed through gritted teeth.

“Thanks...I think,” Buffy cooed.

An added benefit of riding him in her ass from her knees is the new position allowed her hand to go between her tanned thighs and rub her clit. As Buffy started to derive even more pleasure out of their fuck session, Angelus took back control. Up and down his hips went, lifting well off the mattress in order to slam up into Buffy’s loosened backdoor. It seemed the faster he fucked her, the harder her fingers worked, though it required Buffy to re-lick the digits to add more lubrication after grinding off her natural juices from her frantic rubbing.

“You getting off with my big dick filling your ass,” Angelus asked, slowing to a crawl as he slid every inch of flesh into her hole.

“So much,” Buffy cooed, rocking back and forth as he soaked fully in her bowels.

Buoyed by the fact that Angelus had cum only hours ago and because Buffy had an elastic asshole, the pair continued to fuck in this manner until they each grew sweaty and their limbs started getting heavy. It was justified given the fact that for one minute Buffy would practically sprint up and down his dick before taking an equivalent break so that Angelus could take over the unrelenting hammering of her brown eye. It was great having the near boundless energy of a vampire and a Slayer!

“I’m close,” Buffy announced. “Need you to fuck me deep.”

Angelus heard her declaration about her pending orgasm, but didn’t care in the slightest. His softer, soulful self would have done anything possible to deliver the pretty girl to her climax, but Angelus could care less. Especially since the soulless vamp was on the verge of his own. After all, tonight was about him so he didn’t actually care if Buffy came. All the sadistic killer was worrying about was how tight her teen asshole was trying to milk him of his jizz again.

“Cum with me. I’ll cum if you cum,” Buffy begged, feeling the savage vampire fuck her harder but more erratically. “Ugh...cum in me Angel,” Buffy begged through a groan.

“No. Face,” Angelus hissed.

“Oh. Okay,” the Slayer replied, shocked with his curt answer.

Buffy didn’t realize that Angel didn’t care if she came or not. Right on the edge of her climax, Buffy felt the orgasm retreat away as Angel pulled his cock from her ass and tumbled her off his lap. Using her Slayer reflexes, it saved the blonde from clattering to the floor unceremoniously. Instead, the 17 year old rolled with the throw and landed on the ground on her knees, knowing where and how Angel wanted to cum.

“Beg your favorite fuck for his jizz,” slowing down his beating off as she waited with her mouth open and tongue out.

“Please Angel…”

She was cut off as the first cum streak propelled itself from his tip and across Buffy’s face, hitting her in the nose all the way up to the forehead. The second streak hit the same target then Angelus decided to paint another area of her pretty face. The next one splattered into her closed left eye while the fourth jet hit the side of his prey’s head and nestled into her golden hair. The last remaining squirts didn’t have the same quantity as the earlier ones, but there was still enough left to coat the rest of her adorable face, including a few drops actually in her mouth.

“Here. Taste my vampire cum and your dirty ass, slut,” Angelus hissed, already pushing his dick into her mouth.

Though Buffy was no stranger to ass to mouth, hearing Angel demand it of her shocked her. Not only demand, but do it regardless of what her answer was going to be. Covering her teeth with her lips, Angelus poked the back of Buffy’s mouth and nearly made her gag before essentially using her mouth as just another of her holes by thrusting in and out of it. Buffy could taste his cold, salty jizz mixing with the warm, earthy flavor of her own ass before Angel pulled from her mouth and strutted satisfied to his couch.

“Shouldn’t you be leaving?” Angelus casually commented as he laid back on his sofa. “Won’t mommy wonder where her baby girl is?”

“Angel, are you okay,” Buffy asked, getting to her feet with cum still caked on her face and the taste of her ass on her tongue.

“Of course, babe. Just think I may need a little space, if you know what I mean.”

“No. I don’t think I do. Is this about last night? And this morning,” Buffy inquired, a hurt expression on her face.

“What? No. Of course not,” he replied with a smile. “You were...fine. I’m just used to...I want to say better but that will come across as cruel.”

Buffy couldn’t even reply. Instead, she sought out her clothes and jacket and rapidly threw them on before practically running from Angel’s apartment for what would be her last time.

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