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“So do you guys wanna come in for something to eat?” Buffy asked Willow and Xander as they walked home after a quiet night of Slaying.

“No, we walked you home because we think you need our protection,” Xander joked.

Walking up the walkway, Buffy withdrew her keys from her purse. However, it was unnecessary because as she went to insert the key into the lock, the slight pressure was enough to push the door inwards. With a concerned look on her face, Buffy felt worry and adrenalin wash through her.

“You guys wait here a second,” Buffy stated, no room for debate.

Walking into her house, Buffy noted that both the dining room to her right and living room to her left were empty. More importantly, nothing looked broken or disturbed. That was until she heard glass breaking in the kitchen. Rushing head first into the danger, Buffy pushed open the swinging door.

“Mom!” Buffy shrieked, worried that she was being attacked.

A much different scene greeted the Slayer. Namely, her mom with her arms wrapped around a man’s body with his tongue deep in her mouth. Joyce and her date quickly straightened up and moved away from each other as the adrenalin rapidly left the Slayer’s body, who felt nothing but embarrassment.

“Sorry. I just, um, heard…”

“Yeah I dropped a wine glass,” Joyce explained. “You’re home early.”

“HI,” the friendly looking man greeted.

“Hi,” Buffy said, much more stand-off-ish.

“Oh sorry. This is my daughter Buffy. Buffy, this Ted,” Joyce explained, looking at the man lovingly.

As Buffy went to invite her friends in, Willow, Xander and Ted stayed in the kitchen where they prepared some snacks. Meanwhile, the mother and daughter went out onto the porch for Joyce to explain that she’d been seeing the man in secret from Buffy for months. Though Buffy was a little hurt she wasn’t told, not to mention that Buffy didn’t want her mom with anyone but her dad, she quickly warmed up to the idea of her mom being happy.

“How about we head in and you get to know Ted a little better,” Joyce suggested.

“May I just say, these are the best mini pizzas on God’s green Earth,” Xander complimented the new man. “What is your secret?”

“Well after you bake it, you fry it in butter and herbs,” Ted explained. Of course, there was another special ingredient in Ted’s cooking, but the dorky high school boy didn’t need to know that. “Buffy? Would you like one?”

“No,” Buffy answered defiantly. However, after a stern look from her mother, Buffy rolled her eyes and consented. “I mean, sure.”

“Thank you,” her mother mouthed silently at her.

“Buffy, I want to apologize to you. That wasn’t the way I wanted you and I to meet. I wanted it to be perfect,” Ted explained as he watched Buffy take her first bite of the food he prepared. “I’m rather fond of her and I know you’re the most important thing in her life. So, that makes you pretty important to me too.”

“Buffy, I really want you to be okay with this,” Joyce added as she joined Ted.

“I’m okay,” Buffy said, though softer and less assertive than normal.

“Then do us a favor and enjoy my cooking, please,” Ted insisted. “I take great pride in my skill. And I think between how happy I make your mother and my transcendent cooking, I’ll win you over as well.”

*    *    *

“I’m gonna kill him. That’s it. It’s decided,” Buffy rambled to Willow and Xander as they entered the library.

“Kill who? Oh no! Has Angel turned back to Angelus?” Giles inquired as he overheard his students.

“No. Worse. Ted,” Buffy explained shortly. 

“That’s because you only ate one of his pizzas last night. Here. Have one of the sets he sent me home with.” Xander offered.

“Mmm. Actually I am kinda hungry,” Buffy replied, accepting one of the pizzas and then stealing a second, leaving Xander with only one of his own. 

“Hey!” the boy protested.

“I’m the Slayer. Plus I let you have sex with me, like, a lot,” Buffy justified as she hungrily devoured the food.

“You okay Buff? You haven’t talked more than a grunt or groan in, like, 30 minutes.” Willow asked her friend.

“Are you guys okay here without me?” Buffy asked. It was only research time and Buffy was bad at this part of the Slaying job on a good day, let alone while distracted. “I feel like I should go apologize to my mom about the whole Ted thingy yesterday.”

“I think it’d be best for everyone if you two got along,” Ted’s number one cheerleader, Xander, explained.

*    *    *


Buffy heard the moans resonating down the stairs as soon as she entered her house. Tip-toeing softly up the staircase, being sure to stick to the edge closest to the railing as through her copious amount of experience sneaking in and out of this taught her creaked the least. At the top of the stairs, she peered into her mom’s room and confirmed that the voice that sounded exactly like her mother’s, was in fact, her mother.

“Mmm yes. Just like that,” Joyce moaned, begging Ted to fuck her.

Buffy had no idea how long the couple had been going at it. The 17 year old was so flabbergasted she couldn't think or even move. Instead, she stayed hidden from view behind the door yet her eyes and ears remained open to absorb the scene. After a few seconds, not knowing what or why she was doing it, Buffy took more of a risk by leaning further forward to have a better view of the sturdy Ted fucking Buffy’s mom. He was standing behind Joyce, who was on her hands and knees on the bed getting it doggy style while he clutched onto her hips for support. Her mom’s small but still very perky tits swayed beneath her rather tight and athletic body. In fact, other than her mile long legs, there was little difference between Joyce’s and her daughter’s bodies.

"Don't react but your daughter finally showed," Ted whispered as he sank down against Joyce's body.

"She was never known for her punctuality," the leggy MILF responded.

Though Joyce didn’t know for sure her daughter would be coming home right after school, her and Ted were willing to perform this little scene out every school day until they were caught. For the couple, Buffy's tardiness wasn't a bad thing by any stretch, in fact it just meant that Ted was able to fuck Joyce for longer. In fact, Joyce was amazed with the computer salesman’s stamina. Hell, he was like a machine! 

Prepared for when or if Buffy showed, Joyce spoke the script they had come up with. “What do you say we do a little roleplaying? Spice things up a little.”

“Yeah? What are you thinking? Naughty little maid?” Ted asked

“I was thinking naughtier.” Joyce replied with a wicked grin.

“Maybe I’m the strict dean and you're a cheating student?” he countered.

“Actually,” Buffy’s mom replied, moving forward and feeling Ted’s hard cock fall from her pussy so she could turn to face her boyfriend. “I was thinking more like that I just got home from school and I want you to come fuck me...daddy!”

“Joyce! You can’t be serious?” Ted nearly shouted in shock as Buffy had to clamp her hands over her mouth to stop from screaming in shock. “You have...you want...you want me to pretend you’re...Buffy...as we have sex?”

“Are you saying you don’t find her extremely beautiful,” Joyce questioned, knowing her daughter was overhearing every word the couple spoke.

“Well of course she is,” Ted replied.

“And are you going to lie and say you never thought about her like that? Pictured her yummy boobs or firm bum? Thought about how her tight teen pussy would feel around your big cock?” Joyce continued. “I won’t be mad or jealous...daddy. But if you are mad then you could always spank me.”

“Joyce…” Ted started.

“Joyce? I’m Buffy silly,” Joyce played.

“This is so wrong,” the man replied with a shake of his head. 

“But your cock is so hard daddy,” Joyce said, reaching out and stroking his cock.

“It is. And, I can’t believe I’m saying this, it’s all for you...Buffy,” Ted stated. Before he leaned in close so only Joyce could hear him. "I'm glad that I can actually really fuck you now." 

“Good! Then stick it in me daddy and make me yours,” Joyce shouted so her daughter could hear.

Speaking of Buffy, while Joyce and Ted settled back onto the bed in a new position, the teen out in the hallway found herself incredibly turned on. Of course, the Slayer had no warning that Ted had drugged the food, making everyone more compliant to his will. Running her hands down over her perky tits, down her flat stomach and finally over her pussy, she went underneath the microscopic skirt and moved the soaked panties aside. 

“Yes daddy. Pop my cherry,” Joyce begged her boyfriend.

“Cherry? Oh mom, I’ve lost my virginity a hundred times over at this point,” Buffy thought to herself as she watched and rubbed her snatch at the same time.

Joyce was now flat on her back with her legs spread and the hulking figure of Ted was in the opening. Rearing his hips back again, Ted unleashed a torrent of hammering thrusts deep into the MILF. Joyce was just as pleased to have her man fucking her in earnest now, spreading her legs wider from her position on her back to allow him unrestricted movement. Joyce had chosen to keep her nightie on, the black lingerie bunched up on her fit stomach and still concealing her perky tits. She didn't want to throw too much stimulation at her young daughter in order to give her less reason to be creeped out and leave, blowing her opportunity to have a threesome with her and Ted. Seeing her mother being fucked and roleplaying as her daughter was a big enough leap as it was. 

“Oh Buffy! You like that cock as it pounds your tight pussy?” Ted asked the MILF.

“Yes daddy! Fuck me,” Joyce cooed as her snatch was hammered into.

“And what about if I want to go deep and slow,” Ted asked, thrusting fully into the woman and staying buried to the hilt for several seconds. After pulling out, he thrust hard once again and stayed deep in Joyce once more.

“Whatever you want, Teddy!”

"Good answer, Buffy," Ted smirked while going back into his steady fast stride.

Buffy couldn't peel her gaze around from the scene before her. She knew she should walk away, after all she had plenty of reason to. For one, that was her mother in the middle of having sex, let alone the fact they were pretending it was Buffy they were fucking. And yet, Buffy kept her eyes glued to the scene before her. 

“You gotta make sure we don’t tell mommy about this,” Joyce cooed, her pussy being constantly invaded.

“Our little secret,” Ted replied, spearing forward with non-stop energy.

"Yesss...just like that," Joyce cooed. "Keep fucking my tight teen pussy with your big cock daddy!"

His large hands felt so good squeezing her small but perky tits, the palm of his hand feeling great as it rubbed her erect nipples. Buffy watched as her mom, pretending to be her, took one of her hands and moved it between her legs to rub her sensitive nub. It was a move that mirrored exactly what Buffy was doing on the other side of the door, well it was until Buffy put two fingers together and drove it right into her pussy. 

“Mmhmmm,” Buffy moaned while biting her lip to help stay as quiet as possible.

“I think Buffy is getting off watching us fuck,” Ted hissed down into Joyce’s ear for her only.

“Like daughter, like mother,” Joyce moaned.

“Oh? Gonna cum for me Buffy? Cum…” Ted said with a spike of his hips. “So…” Another equal hard and deep thrust into Joyce. “Hard.” A third spike down into her pussy.

“Yes daddy! Harder daddy!” Joyce cried.

Outside the room, Buffy didn’t realize that she had a smile plastered on her face, but she did. Watching and listening to her mother fuck as her was beyond sexy to Buffy. Of course the combination of the succubus’ seductive powers leaking out to mingle in Buffy’s mind, not to mention Ted drugging her was a massive motivator behind Buffy plunging two fingers into her pussy in a relentless fingerblasting of her teen snatch. Her free hand was under her shirt, tweaking her erect nipples as Buffy moved closer and closer to an orgasm.

"Cum for me Buffy!" he demanded, sensing Joyce’s orgasm drawing ever closer. 

Hearing the man she was finding hotter by the second call her name and demand she cum was too much for Buffy to handle. With an extra hard rub of her tits at the same time she drove her fingers deep into her pussy, Buffy added a palm rub of her clit for good measure. Doing her best, but ultimately failing to suppress her moan, the Slayer came hard out in the hallway watching Ted fuck her mother to her own orgasm. Ted drove his meat pole into the MILF’s twat repeatedly with hands now at her tits to tweak both her nipples, a move that worked on both mother and daughter apparently. The maneuver seemed to work for Joyce as it drew more moans and screams from the single mother. Finally after a few more hard thrusts down into her, Joyce earned her just rewards.

"Oh yes...I'm cumming...ughhh...awwhhhh...yes," Joyce screamed at the top of her lungs as she came. “Now fuck me harder baby! Fuck your naughty step-daughter. Let Buffy make you cum!”

"Where...ughh...do you want it," Ted asked, hearing her beg enough to get him to his own climax.

Joyce thought for a brief moment while Ted's strokes into her cunt became more and more erratic. "Let's give my dear daughter a show. Cum on my face."

"Expose Buffy to the true slut her mother is, I like it," he grinned.

Buffy had a hell of an orgasm, and just as her brain started to clear from the post-climax fog, she became aware that it was now Ted’s turn. She watched as the large man did a few last hard thrusts deep into her fit mother then pulled out of her twat and crawled up the bed. Ted stroked his cock a final time before taking aim at Joyce's pretty face as the cum erupted from his tip. 6 streaks of jizz shot out of his tool and plastered across the MILF’s face, coating her forehead, nose and cheeks mostly, with small dribbles running on her chin and lips as well.

"I keep forgetting you cum like a geyser," Joyce mused while whipping a glob of cum from her eye socket.

"I really should come with a warning," Ted laughed as he flopped back in bed. "She's gone by the way."

After seeing Ted paint her mother’s face in cum, Buffy got out of sight so she wasn’t caught being a peeping Tom. She didn't want to be discovered by Joyce now, after watching her get fucked by the hunky man. Even though it was her own flesh and blood, Buffy couldn't help but feel so unbelievably turned on at the sight of Ted's massive cock slicing into her hot mom then erupting onto her face.

"Damn. I think I need to take a lap to cool off," Buffy said to herself as she silently snuck into her room to change then go for a run.

*    *    *

Buffy was out for later than she thought. Now that she was fully recovered from her near death (or actual death) experience, her stamina was fantastic again. Heading out with a lot on her mind, Buffy had accidentally run a full marathon before she knew it. It was getting dark by the time she passed the school so she quickly stopped in to pick up supplies and weapons before going on patrol. After seeing her mom and potentially new stepfather fucking, Buffy completely forgot to call and check in, warning them she’d be back late. 

“I guess the window for me,” Buffy commented as she realized it was midnight.

“Not only did you come home late, you were galavanting through town,” Ted said, seated in the middle of her room and waiting for her.

“What are you doing here? And have you been going through my things?” Buffy asked, shocked and angry. “Those are my personal belongings!”

“How is it any different then you watching your mother and I performing...personal business?” Ted countered, smiling as a guilty look crossed Buffy’s face. “And what exactly is a vampire Slayer?”

“It...well...none of your business.” Buffy finally crooked out.

“Now is that any way to talk to your step-father,” Ted told her. “That’s right. As you were doing God knows what tonight, I asked your mother to marry me. And she said yes.”

“What? You can’t be serious,” Buffy replied, shocked.

“Now. I believe in a firm hand when it comes to discipline. Therefore, come here,” Ted demanded, patting his lap.

“You want me to, what? Lay on your lap? You’re gonna spank me?” Buffy questioned.

“See! I knew there was a smart girl in that beautiful head of yours,” the older man grinned. “Now get across my lap and lower your pants.”

“You can’t be serious!?” Buffy protested with a laugh as she wandered closer to the man.

Seeing that she was being defiant, Ted wasn’t fazed. She’d only had a couple doses of his drug cocktail. Now normally that was enough to make even his worst enemies love him, there was always the exception to the rule. Putting aside the wonderfully imaginative journal of Buffy’s, the large man got to his feet from the chair. As his soon-to-be step-daughter came within reach, he grabbed her by the waist as he quickly descended back to his chair. Suddenly, the Slayer was draped over his lap. With inhuman strength, Ted ripped down Buffy’s super tight pants down to her knees.

“Jesus that hurt,” Buffy swore as her bare ass was now exposed.

“You will learn to respect me, young lady,” Ted began, slapping her left cheek with medium force.

“Ahhh,” Buffy moaned, the sting of her fleshy booty ringing out around her bedroom.

“Do you understand?” Slap. “Showing disrespect.” Slap. “Being out after dark.” Slap. Slap. Slap.

Buffy knew that she could get out of his grasp at any moment. However, with his drug cocktail clouding her judgement, she believed she was where she was supposed to be. She had been defiant and disrespectful to both her mother and Ted from the start. Therefore instead of fighting the brute off, she allowed the spanking to continue with each slap getting harder and harder. She suddenly realized that she was paying attention to her stepfather anymore. She was only aware of the fact he was whacking her insanely firm ass with his open palm. He knew she wasn’t crying or telling him to stop, she was only groaning as each hammer blow fell on her caboose.

Getting a hold of himself, Ted looked down at his handiwork and was amazed. Her perfectly round cheeks were now colored red completely, made to stand out on her sun kissed tanned skin that was otherwise blemish free. There wasn’t going to be any bruising, but he didn’t envy her the next time she sat flat on her bottom.

“I have been a bad girl and you’re right to punish me,” the horny Slayer asked.

This time Ted smiled brightly as his right hand rose and fell on her fleshy ass. It was getting more and more sensitive for Buffy with each slap, even despite her Slayer abilities. It was almost like Ted was non-human, but that simply couldn’t be. With the look on his face, Buffy could tell her new stepdad liked spanking women, dominating them physically. This time, Buffy was willing and more than happy to be along for the ride.

“God. You are so fucking hot.” Slap. Slap. “And cute.” Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. “And sexy.”

Biting down on her lip she took blow after blow to her shapely caboose. Sometimes he alternated after slapping each cheek. Other times he would slap the same side 3 or 4 times in a row before switching. But more and more he was squeezing her curves after each blow, rubbing her smooth flesh before winding up and hitting her again and again and again.

“I think you’re starting to understand.” Slap. Slap. Slap. “Yes. I believe you are.” Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. “Say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, her normal voice coming out a bit more strangled.

“For what.” Slap. Slap.

“Disobedience,” Buffy said in the time it took him to rain down another trio of volleys with his palm.

“Joyce. Come in here a sec,” Ted called out. 

“Yes, Ted,” the MILF asked, appearing in Buffy’s bedroom moments later.

“I believe Buffy has something to say, don’t you Buffy?” Ted asked.

“I’m so sorry Mom,” Buffy immediately apologized.

“Words are only that Buffy, words. I think you need to properly apologize to us. With action,” Joyce insisted.

“We left you clothes to change into then we expect you in our bedroom promptly. Understood?” Ted asked, this time only rubbing her sore booty, reminding her that punishment was still around the corner.

“Yes.” Buffy replied.

“Yes, what?” Joyce interjected.

“Yes...daddy,” the Slayer corrected.

With his hands leaving her body, Buffy slowly eased up off his lap and to her feet. With a warning glare from her mom, Joyce and Ted left the Slayer in her room alone. As the door shut, Buffy was staring at clothes that weren’t hanging on the back of her door when she left for school earlier that day. Calling them clothes was a little misleading, as what was laid out was a sexy outfit consisting of only a bra, stockings and garter belt, all being a matching set of pure white.

As Buffy changed clothing, she was absorbed in her own thoughts. Standing pantie-less in lingerie, she was about to go join a threesome...with her mother! It was incest, which was wrong. And yet Ted made it seem like it was...normal. Not only that, but her own mother was the one that planted the idea in Ted’s head! Plus with the drug cocktail her new stepdad whipped up that was flowing through her system, Buffy didn’t question the ick-factor of it all, instead her legs were propelling her out of her room and towards the master bedroom. 

"Okay daddy. I’m ready..."

Buffy's words were cut off abruptly as she pushed open the door into their bedroom and found her mother already between Ted's legs with his inhumanly thick cock in her mouth. Her new stepdad was flat on his back with hands behind his head as he watched the older woman stroke her plump lips down his manhood, getting about half of it in her warm mouth before retreating back up.

In Buffy’s mind she tried to form words to speak, wanting to say that this was all too much for her. That it wasn't what she wanted anymore. There was a problem though as her lips and tongue didn't form the sentences. Her body and mind were in strict combat against each other and right now her lust was winning.

"You were tardy so I started without you," Joyce said to her daughter while using her hand to rub along his spit-slick cock.

Not trusting herself to speak, Buffy instead nodded her head in understanding. Joyce smiled at her and immediately went back to blowing Ted. Buffy couldn’t stop watching as her mother sucked off Buffy’s new stepfather with the Slayer not only present, but intending to join. After watching her mother and Ted going at each other, Buffy found herself getting turned on. She was watching with no more scorn or disgust in her big green eyes, as that was replaced with the fog of lust, which was becoming thicker by the second.

"Why don't you come join us," Ted proposed.

"Yes Buffy, come on down here sweetie," Joyce encouraged her daughter.

When Buffy stayed rooted to the floor no more than 2 feet away from the edge of the bed, Ted knew that she was teetering. Why his potent drug mix he made into the food wasn’t working on the 17 year old blonde was a mystery to him, one he’d have to fix when he had the chance. Knowing he needed to act quickly, he moved Joyce out of the way and got to his feet, his naked body rounding behind Buffy. The adorable teen felt his hard cock, wet in her mother's spit, press against her firm ass as Ted kneaded her tits through the bra.

"You won't regret this," he whispered in her ear before kissing the nape of her neck, deciding on using the carrot instead of the stick at this point.

"But...mhmmm...it's my mom," she replied, her argument sounding weak.

"Don’t you want to make your new daddy happy?" Joyce told her, kneeling at the edge of the bed and facing her daughter.

“Of course I do. But..." Buffy countered, her knees feeling weak from the kisses.

“I didn’t like having to be stern with you earlier,” Ted continued, rubbing her bare cheeks. “But I wanted to have a happy family.”

“Don’t you want that too, Buffy?” her mother added, this time reaching out and grabbing her hand.

With her mom holding one hand, Ted clutched the wrist of her free arm and brought it backwards. Even while in the middle of such inner turmoil, Buffy still didn't hesitate to close her fingers over his enormous cock and start to stroke him as it came within reach. 

"I really hope I don't regret this," Buffy thought to herself before answering her mother’s question. “Yes mom.”

Ted didn't give her a chance to rethink her choice, stepping around in front of her and pushing her down by her shoulders. Buffy didn't resist and let her new stepfather force her to her knees where she rubbed her hand down his dick one last time before opening wide and taking him into her mouth. The very same cock her mom had been blowing no more than 60 seconds earlier. 

Buffy couldn't think about that right now so she closed her eyes to block out the external world and thought only about blowing Ted. His cock was thick but her mouth had grown used to spreading wide, her lips gliding halfway down his 8 inch length before his tip hit the back of her throat. She held him there for a few seconds to spit up some spit, coating his cock richly in her saliva before repeating the process a few dozen times.

"Buffy...don't you think you should be respectful to your mother," Ted lectured.

"I can't believe I'm actually saying this but mother, why don't you come down here and suck this cock with me," the teenager asked her mom.

Joyce was kneeling on the ground beside her daughter in the blink of an eye. With the energy of any girl half her age, the fit MILF opened wide and steered Ted's cock back into her mouth, showing none of the apprehension that Buffy had done when realizing her lips were bobbing one a dick lubricated in her daughter's spit.

Buffy couldn't help but turn her eyes to the right and watch her mother in what was clearly her natural element. Her whole body swayed towards Ted as she gobbled down half of his shaft then leaned away to let him glide along her lips. After a minute of Joyce's enthusiastic blowing, Ted pulled back and angled his member back at Buffy, who was glad to take back the reins. Whether from watching her mother in action or feeling excited by being around sexual energy, Buffy didn’t know, all she knew was that she wanted her turn with the thick cock.

"I like this side of you Buffy," Joyce cooed from beside her kneeling daughter. 

"The side with a dick in my mouth as you watch," Buffy asked after Ted took his cock and placed it back in Joyce's mouth.

Ted was loving the oral attention of the two gorgeous women but he couldn't help but want more. Through the use of his helpful drug, not to mention his personality and salesman skills, he had been involved in many threesomes over the years. However, unlike the majority of them, Ted noted that there was no teamwork between the mother and daughter. Deciding to change that, he placed a hand on the top of each of their heads to control them.

“Joyce, why don’t you give Buffy a more...hands-on look with your blowjobs,” Ted encouraged.

Buffy was slightly hesitant but trusted Ted and her mom. Though she initially resisted his pressure, the Slayer eventually allowed him to place her lips on his shaft. While her mother worked an inch away sucking on his tip, Buffy ran her tongue and plump lips up and down. With each pass back up, Buffy felt Ted's hand pulling her further towards his tip until mother and daughter were touching.

"That's it...now kiss," he demanded.

Joyce had no problem with the request, to actually make out with her own daughter. Pulling her lips away from sucking him off, she wagged her tongue at his pee slit. Buffy could feel her mother’s tongue licking her plump lips as Joyce liked his manhood. Throwing all caution and apprehension to the wind, Buffy gave in as well. Spilling her own tongue out, Buffy did likewise, starting at the crown of his cock then moving up until mother and daughter were licking each other more than him.

Ted knew it was a risk getting Buffy to kiss her mom when she wasn't 100% committed, but looking down and seeing the gorgeous relatives with their lips pressed against each other was the reward he sought. He felt his dick somehow grow harder, the strain almost painful as Joyce and Buffy engaged in a full-fledged make-out session.

"Now I'm going to fuck your mother Buffy," Ted explained, pulling the slender older woman to her feet.

"Is that okay with you baby," Joyce asked.

Buffy looked up from her knees in time to see the hulking man pull her mother's tight fitting blue dress up and over her head. Joyce stood before her in a matching set of bra and panties, her still perky tits looking fantastic. Her thong showcased how fit her ass was, meanwhile her mother had not an ounce of fat on her stomach or hips. A true physical specimen even though pushing 40 years of age.

Ted was in a mood to show who was in control, thus he threw Joyce to the bed and scooped her into position before yanking off her panties in one smooth motion. Just like her daughter, Joyce was completely bare above her sex, making her pink pussy glistening with moisture stand out even more. Gripping his cock, Ted spread Joyce's legs wide with his free hand before stroking his entire length into her pussy.

"Oh My God! He's so much bigger than your father," Joyce blurted out as Ted made slow, long strokes into her pussy.

"Mom! Too much information," Buffy scolded.

Buffy was on her feet once more, standing beside Ted. Even though she still wore her high heels, the 17 year old was still a good head shorter than the salesman. Showing off his multitasking skills as if he was some type of robot, Ted kissed Buffy deeply while starting to thrust harder into Joyce's wet twat. Feeling like Buffy was truly his now, Ted had the Slayer become more involved. Apparently totally accepting of the situation, the drugged Slayer knelt on the bed without ever breaking her lip lock with her stepfather. Just to the side of her mother, Buffy was able to make out with Ted but now reached an arm down and started to rub her mother's clit as he stroked his entire tool inside her.

"Yes baby! That feels so good," Joyce cooed.

The screams of pleasure that were spewing forth from the older woman were loud and plentiful. Her mouth remained open in a permanent O as her daughter frictioned her sensitive clit and Ted's cock hit all the right places. Her tits had spilled over the top of her blue bra as well, Buffy getting a chance to see her mom's perfect natural tits as they swayed with each thrust Ted did into her.

Buffy could sense that her mom was already close to cumming even though it had only been minutes. Still leaving her hand in place, the Slayer moved away from Ted and hovered over her mother's head. Joyce looked up and reached for her daughter, their tongues first contacting before their lips pressed tightly. Unlike their first kiss, this one was full of unbridled passion, their tongues spilling out as they hungrily locked lips.

"Come on mom, cum for me and daddy," Buffy said, staring deep into her mother's eyes.

Joyce felt her daughter's fingers leave her clit but before she could protest she felt the small hands roaming her perfectly round tits. Buffy kneaded her soft flesh, squishing them together before teasingly pulling on her erect nipples. Ted took up the reins of diddling her sensitive bean and in no time the overload of stimulation was too much for the MILF.

"Yes Buffy! I'm cumming!" Joyce screamed as she reached her orgasm

"You really do make mommy so happy, daddy," Buffy stated, turning her attention back to Ted.

"I think we both know that I do," he smiled before pulling his throbbing cock from Joyce’s wetness. "Suck me Buffy. Suck me and taste mother dearest."

“Yes daddy,” Buffy replied without thought.

The demand was met with the last of Buffy's apprehension, apparently the act of sucking his dick covered in her mother's juices still seemed taboo to her. However, Buffy had always been resilient and this time was no different. Leaning over her mom's exhausted figure, the Slayer opened her mouth and caught his tip between her lips. She started slow, only bobbing on his head but after a while she was over her reluctance and began devouring his shaft, still richly coated in her mother's cum.

“I think our little girl has done this before,” Ted groaned, the teenager being way too good at blowjobs for this being her first time. “Don’t worry, I’ll punish her later for that.”

"Thank you dear,” Joyce said before addressing her daughter. “Do you taste me on his big cock, honey?”

"Yes," Buffy answered before sticking out her tongue and running it along the underbelly of his manhood. "And it's so yummy."

"That's it, now have some straight from the source," Ted dictated.

This time Buffy didn't hesitate, she only reacted to his wish. Lowering herself the extra few inches, she allowed Ted's cock to spill from her mouth, his slobbery tip tracing over her cheek until right in front of her mother's warm snatch. Though the last pussy she ate belonged to Jenny Calendar back during the summer, Buffy didn’t miss a beat. Diving right in, the Slayer placed her lips against Joyce’s well-fucked mound and Buffy began to dine on her own mother’s pussy. 

"Oh God Buffy! Feels so good with your tongue inside me," Joyce screamed as her still sensitive snatch was munched by her daughter.

Ted looked down and watched as the eager teenager stuck her tongue deep within her mother. Though neither Ted nor Joyce knew, but all the times she had hooked up with the computer science teacher, not to mention the odd adventure with Cordelia, were really paying dividends as Buffy not only looked like she knew what she was doing, but was walking the walk as well. His lust of watching daughter eat out mother, Ted’s lust reached a new fever pitch and he needed to fuck someone right away. Ted pulled up on Buffy's hair to yank her free before slamming his dick right back into Joyce.

"Oh yes Teddy," Joyce moaned with a grin. "Didn’t I tell you how happy this man was making me, Buffy?”

Still with her hair bunched in his fist, Ted pulled her higher until he could capture her lips with his. Buffy actually enjoyed the mild pain of having her hair pulled, something she got across to Ted with the depth and hunger of her kiss. He could still taste her mom’s pussy juice on her lips and tongue, something that made him spike even harder into the older Summers woman.

"Such a dirty daddy, fucking my mom in front of me," Buffy told her stepfather.

"And now it's your turn," Ted declared.

Once Ted pulled out of Joyce, the MILF started to roll out of the way but a hand on her chest by Buffy stopped her dead. Taking control of the threesome, the youngest of the participants leaned down to suck on Ted again, tasting her mother's cunt in the process. Not forgetting about her mother, the Slayer used her hand to rub through the older woman’s slit before finally pulling away from both.

As Joyce moved to her hands and knees and crawled further up the bed, Buffy took the vacant spot in front of Ted. Laying on her back with him between her meaty thighs, she looked like a carbon copy of her mother only 25 years younger. They resembled each other greatly in the face and in their fitness, with Buffy possessing a slightly fitter build on account of all the slaying.

"Yes," Buffy hissed as Ted entered her. "Fuck me daddy."

Ted had no problem giving into her request, in fact he was going to do it anyway. With one of her juicy legs resting on the bed, he angled the other one up onto his shoulder. With his hands wrapped around her thigh, he had something to hold onto and pull back as he drove forward. Despite this being their first time fucking, Ted could just tell that the blonde could handle the deep and rough penetration. Of course, neither her stepdad nor mom knew Buffy had been getting fucked so regularly in all of her holes for the past year that she would likely take two dicks in a hole at the same time for her to really struggle despite her tender age.

"Oh my! You’re penetrating her so hard, Ted," Joyce observed.

"Just the way I like it...from daddy," Buffy agreed through a series of moans, adding in the daddy part to throw her mom off the scent of how sexually active she truly was.

For a short while Ted held nothing back as he repeatedly slammed as hard and as fast as he could into the 17-year old blonde. Buffy's tits heaved inside her nice lingerie as she was tossed back and forth, her mouth held open so her screams could fill the room. Once he slowed down for a breath and to recoup some stamina was when Joyce pulled her daughter's head back and kissed her from upside down, their noses pressing against the other's chin in the process.

"I’m really going to like being part of this family," Ted grunted while picking the speed back up with his thrusts.

Ted kept fucking the screaming girl as he leaned over top her fit body so he could capture her mother's lips with his. Slipping his tongue into Joyce's mouth, the older pair kissed as Buffy kept taking Ted's cock spiking deep into her womb. Every so often Ted would break the kiss with her mom to lean down and lock lips with the younger Slayer. When Ted eventually straightened back up to prioritize the hard fucking of the teen girl, the vacancy of the Summers women’s mouths was solved by Joyce as mother kissed daughter passionately with lots of tongue.

“Mmmm. You’re dick feels so good in me daddy,” Buffy cooed. Before the Slayer knew what came over her, she was asking her new stepfather an extremely raunchy question. “Is there any chance you’d let me watch as you fucked my mom’s asshole."

"Wow! Buffy," Joyce looked at her daughter in shock.

Ted couldn't help but smile like a proud father seeing his child reach her full potential. Buffy was strong willed, as evident by how much of the drug it took to affect her, not to mention the sheer amount of spanks and incredible force he put into the slaps. However, it was more the fact of her own sexual liberation, but more importantly the succubus and the unintentional leaking of her sexual influence. The key thing for Ted was that something that he had never done before with any of his four prior wives (a mother-daughter threesome) was playing out before him as the teen daughter was with his cock buried in her twat and asking him to sodomize her mother.

"Don't worry Joyce, I have a lot of experience with this," Ted explained to his fiance.

Ted pulled out of Buffy and beaconed Joyce over to him. The MILF listened to his order even though she was still stunned from the declaration from her daughter. Regaining some composure, the older Summers opened her mouth wide and sucked on Ted once more, this time with the added treat of tasting Buffy's juices all over his rod.

Meanwhile Buffy could all but feel his eyes on her ass as she crawled back behind her mom, who had propped herself up on hands and knees to blow Ted. She used her little hands to pull apart Joyce's slim but curvy cheeks and give her better access to her mom's bald pussy. It was quite a sight for her as her folds were so pink and already moist, the daughter even found herself subconsciously licking her lips before dipping her head forward and running her tongue through her slit.

"Umm God that's good honey," Joyce groaned as her child tasted her pussy.

Remembering why she had gone behind Joyce in the first place, Buffy got to work. She flashed the man at the other end of the bed a quick glance, seeing a look of pure elation on his face as his thick cock pushed into her mom's talented mouth then focused on the matter at hand. Buffy extended her tongue again but this time as she dipped her head back down, her wet appendage was aimed at her mom’s puckered starfish. 

Buffy’s tongue glided over the sealed crinkled entrance to her back door in a broad contact several times, transferring a good amount of spit in the process. She knew that her mom would need it to take Ted's massive cock back there, and she was more than happy to help out. Narrowing her tongue now she placed it right in the very center of her asshole then crammed it inside, able to taste her mom now more thoroughly, and liking what she had to offer.

"No fair," Buffy mock protested as Ted swung her mother around 180 degrees. “I was enjoying my mother’s booty!”

"No pouting, young lady. After all, this was your idea in the first place," he told the younger girl.

Done with the playful arguing with the younger Summers, Ted gave all his attention to Joyce and more importantly her butt. Between Buffy tossing her salad and the older woman's blowjob, his cock was more than lubricated for the passage into her ass. Testing his theory, he placed his tip at her entrance, waited for Joyce to relax then pushed in. Though her asshole looked tight, it yielded with little effort and allowed Ted to get almost half his member past her anal ring before he stopped and reversed course.

"Goodness...he really is huge," Joyce exclaimed, him feeling even larger in her smaller hole.

“And you’ve done this before,” Ted made note.

“Mhhmm...yes...Buffy’s father had an anal fetish,” Joyce acknowledged.

“Eww mom! Gross,” Buffy commented with a disgusted look on her adorable face.

Ted enjoyed the banter between his fiance and her daughter, not to mention appreciated the compliment Joyce gave him as well. Focusing on fucking the 40-year old, the hulking man made thrusts with the majority of his cock and slowly added an inch every few times. It took barely a few minutes until his rounded stomach was bouncing against the MILF’s backside, making her round cheeks jiggle from the contact.

"Come lay baby," Ted beaconed to Buffy as he continued his steady but slow trek in and out of Joyce’s booty. 

The sexually liberated girl had been at her mother's head, kissing her deeply whenever Joyce wasn't using her mouth to moan in pleasure. Worming her way under her thin mother, Buffy positioned her head right overtop of her mom's bald pussy. Being on her back and looking up from between Joyce’s thighs afforded Buffy the best view in the room to watch as the entirety of Ted's cock slid into her backdoor.

Knowing how big a challenge it was to be sodomized by such a thick cock, Buffy sought to ease some tension for her mother. She was completely liberal with showing sexual affection towards her mom now which showed as she didn't think twice in sticking out her tongue and using it to swipe through her wet pussy lips and clit. As the Slayer approached her pink hole, Buffy dipped her tongue inside to taste her juices and could actually feel as Ted's dick pushed in and out just a thin barrier away from her.

"Oh My God! Yes! Lick my pussy! Fuck my ass," Joyce screamed.

“Such language, mother,” Buffy mockingly disciplined.

“I’ll allow that colorful wording in the bedroom only, ladies,” Ted smiled.

Ted was thoroughly enjoying himself as he too was looking down to partake in the view. It aroused him greatly to see such a small, firm ass taking his monster cock deep into her bowels. It had the extra thrill of just being able to make out Buffy's pretty face as she licked at her mom's pussy. Thinking he could use more lube to help Joyce, Ted pulled out and realized Buffy had the same idea, albeit he was going to look for a bottle of lube while Buffy reasoned she had a lot of natural lube right there.

"Hope this is for me," Buffy commented as she angled his cock downward and engulfed his shaft, tasting her mother's ass on him.

"I can't believe my innocent little daughter is so filthy," Joyce exclaimed, watching Buffy suck her fiance’s dick straight from her ass.

“This type of attitude will also be encouraged instead of spanked out of you,” Ted admitted before addressing Buffy. "Hey kiddo, wanna see deep inside your mom's ass?”

Sure enough, Buffy squirmed out from underneath her mom and knelt beside the big man. She knew exactly what he expected of her, she reached and and took hold of her mother's cheeks and pulled them as far apart as possible. Ted aimed at the center of her small gape and poke right into it, not stopping until he was balls deep in her ass. He held himself in her for a few seconds, allowing the anal ring to stretch around the thickest part of his cock. Satisfied, Ted pulled out slowly and showed Joyce's daughter how wide her asshole could get.

"Oh wow mom! You are gaping so much," Buffy observed, a smile decorating her beautiful face.

Ted didn't mind slowing things down for a little bit. He didn't know how long the threesome had been going at it but he was feeling the strain on his stamina. Buying himself more time with this slice of heaven, he pumped inside Joyce's ass for several strokes as Buffy watched before pulling out and turning to the kneeling girl. 

The first time Buffy wrapped her hand around his shaft to hold him steady while flashing her eyes up with a look of mischief. Knowing her role, the beautiful Slayer opened her mouth and once again took her future stepfather’s cock straight from her mother's ass into her mouth. After bobbing several times she released him and watched as he used the saliva-slick tool to plow her mom for a spell before she got another turn sucking him off.

"Your turn to show your mommy how you take it in the ass," Ted grinned wickedly.

"Mhmm," Buffy nodded. "Thought you'd never say so, daddy."

As if their movements were coordinated, Ted crawled onto the bed as Joyce rolled to the side. Flopping over onto his back so his erection stood straight up in the air, Buffy was there in a heartbeat to straddle his lap. It was her mom who had his cock in her hand, stroking him a few times before positioning his ready-to-go member against her daughter's backside.

“Have to admit it’s a little weird helping my fiance prepare to sodomize my 17 year old daughter,” Joyce commented as she lined his bulbous head in line with Buffy’s crinkled hole.

Anal for Buffy was fast becoming his favorite action, which was good because she had been performing a lot of it over the summer. Her ass was meant to be plowed deep and hard, two things that Ted was more than capable of doing. Using her body weight and gravity, Buffy showed her mom had commonplace the act had become for her by not only taking his dick into her ass without so much as a grunt, but also by riding his pole all the way to the base before she rocked her curvy hips to grind on his lap with all 8 inches buried in her colon.

"My own daughter, a filthy butt slut,” Joyce critiqued her daughter, all while her fingers rubbed through Buffy’s slit.

“Mhmm...like mother...ahhh...like daughter,” Buffy moaned out without breaking stride atop Ted.

Buffy responded with action as well as words, continuing to ride her future step dad all the way down so he was balls deep in her ass before reversing course so only his tip remained in her puckered hole. Joyce was actually amazed by the speed at which her teenage daughter threw herself down on the thick cock, feeling more proud of Buffy now than ever before.

"Yes Buffy...ride that dick," Ted encouraged before reddening each massive cheek with a firm slap.

“Feel him mom. Feel daddy through my pussy as he fucks my ass,” Buffy begged.

As Joyce reacted to her words, Buffy couldn't even equate how much pleasure she was currently experiencing with her mom sliding her finger into her cunt. With her mother's two slender fingers pumping into her snatch as she took Ted's cock deep in her ass repeatedly, it was like heaven. Anal had become so common with Buffy that it had no pain with it and the feel of her holes being stretched at the same time was too much for Buffy after such a sensual night already.

"Yes! I'm cumming," the youngest of the three thundered.

Ted noted how Buffy had slowed right down, choosing to stay resting deep on his lap with his dick buried completely in her ass. He didn't mind the break as he rode out her orgasm, able to feel her tight backdoor quiver against his manhood. He let her rest another 30 seconds before he lifted her up with his strong arms high enough until his cock sprang free and thudded against his abs.

"Look at the size of her gape," Joyce observed.

"Like mother like daughter," Ted grinned, able to assume that Buffy's asshole hung even wider open than Joyce's.

With quickness that seemed unlikely to come from such a big man, Ted sprang into action. He knew he didn't have a lot left in the tank but he would make every second count. Leaving Buffy on the bed resting on knees and her modest chest, he grabbed her slender mom and lifted her up so that when he lowered her she was resting her tits on Buffy's back.

With the Summers women stacked on top of one another, Ted had the pick of all four holes. Rather than choosing just one, he rotated between all four, starting with Buffy's freshly creamed pussy. A throbbing cock suddenly thrust inside her woke her up, even more after he withdrew and crammed her asshole full of his cock. After a few lightning fast pumps he went higher up and fucked both of Joyce's inviting holes as well.

"Won't last much longer," Ted stated, still going for one Summers woman to the other.

“Can I have him mom? Taste my new daddy’s cum?” Buffy all but begged.

Ted was going to be more than happy to give his stepdaughter who he made his own whore whatever she wanted as long as he could cum. Pulling out of Joyce he straightened up, still standing tall on top of the bed. While the mother rolled off of her daughter, both of the Summers women got to their knees in front of their man. 

"Promise to share with your mom," Ted asked.

"Yes. Just give it to me," the teen urgently demanded.

Ted normally would have rebuked the teen for demanding anything of him, but given the situation and his desperate need to cum, he was overlooking it...for now. Twisting his frame more to the right brought his tip perfectly aligned with Buffy's youthful face. As he stroked his length in front of her, Joyce decided to not to pout about missing the facial. Instead, the MILF helped her fiance along the way. She did so by ducking her head down low beneath his beating hand and taking his balls into her mouth.

Ted stroked his member for another few seconds until the first strand of white cum came bursting out. Buffy heard the familiar grunt, any man’s telltale sign of their pending orgasm before she felt the first streak of cum splatter against the back of her palate. Holding steady, she kept her mouth open wide and tongue out as she proceeded to collect his entire salty load in her mouth. Finally after what felt like her mouth couldn't hold anymore, Ted slumped forward completely spent.

"Holy crap! That's so much cum," Buffy commented, though it came out as a gurgle. 

“Don’t be greedy Buffy. Share with your mother,” Ted commanded the teen.

“You heard daddy. Come here,” Joyce added.

Knowing what she wanted and having already agreed to share, Buffy propped herself higher up onto her knees while her mom sank lower onto her's. Once Joyce's mouth opened wide, Buffy held her golden hair back and slowly drizzled the cum mixed with her spit into her waiting gullet. She stopped when her mom had swallowed about half the load then pulled Joyce towards her for an open-mouthed kiss where they pushed the jizz between their tongues until it either smeared on their lips, running down their chin or drank down.

“What do you think ladies? Do we make a great family, or what?" Ted said with the largest possible grin.

"Yes Daddy!"


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