Living In The Big City

BY : TheChemist
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Buffy knew she had reached rock bottom, but this was still better than being the colossal disappointment back home in Sunnidale. At least here in downtown Oakland she was just some rift-raft high school dropout named Anne who worked in a greasy spoon diner. In Sunnidale, she would be the girl that was a suspected murderer, an expelled high school student and homeless, after her mom kicked her out of the house. Not to mention that everything about that demon-infested town reminded her of Angel, the love of her life that she had to kill in order to save the world. At least serving tables was work that got her mind off of who she was. 

Buffy heard the ding of the bell, meaning the food was ready for service. Buffy picked up the two large plates of grease-coated breakfast and walked the few short feet to the drop-off. She recognized the costumers right away; two truckers who ate here every meal they could.

"Anything else," Buffy said after giving the husky men their food.

"That'll do peaches," said the heavier trucker with the thick sideburns.

"You can pay at the counter then," Buffy said quietly.

"Or we could just work it off for you," the other man said, sporting a thick moustache and typical mesh hat made famous by his profession.

"Cash will be just fine," Buffy said as she turned to walk away from them.

As Buffy took a step away, she felt one of the men's chubby hands come smacking down hard on her ass, the pervert taking a hard squeeze of the lovely bottom as well. The waitress stopped dead in her tracks as she tried to calm herself into just walking away, doing her best to convince herself that this was the only placed that hired high school dropouts with no work experience. Well, this restaurant and the strip clubs and she sure as hell wasn't going to end up there!

"Why don't you turn that pretty little ass of yours around and come talk to us. Say no and I'll tell my good friend, the owner and your boss, to can you," one of the obese men said to her.

"And he values our friendship more than the services of an easily replaceable waitress," the other said as he stared her dead in the eyes.

"I can't lose this job. I'm barely making rent as it is and I refuse to be homeless," Buffy muttered to herself before taking a seat in the booth.

"Perfect. Now, since you want to keep this job so much, why not come out in the alley with us and scratch our back, if you know what I mean," Phil said to her.

"So march that tight body to the front, tell Stacy you need a break, and meet us out back," Andy ordered.

Although only 17, Buffy had used her body to get her out of more than one sticky situation in the past and this would be no different. All she had to do was suck off two truckers so that she could keep her job. Buffy headed to the counter and told her supervisor that she wasn't feeling well and needed a little time off. Having been granted the break, Buffy went out through the employees door to the back of the building.

"We thought you weren't gonna show," Phil said as he and Andy were now sitting on an old minivan bench seat.

"Come have a seat princess," Andy said as he patted the small space in between the two large men.

"Let's just get this over with guys," Buffy said as she squeezed herself into the tiny opening.

"Best thing I've heard all day," Phil said as he undid his pants and pulled his blue jeans to around his ankles.

Just like his bullish appearance, the truckers cock was equally as think and menacing, standing 10 inches and as thick as a cucumber. Andy had stood up from the 3-seat van bench so that Buffy could get into a better position to pleasure his friend. Taking advantage of the extra space, the waitress got on her hands and knees and balanced on one arm as she used the other to grip Phil's fat dick.

"Why couldn't they just be vamps so I could dust them," Buffy muttered with chagrin as she continued to give the blackmailing son-of-a-bitch long strokes on his cock.

"Waitress, I ordered a blowjob, not a fucking handjob. And I do believe the catch phrase is 'the costumer is always right'," Phil mocked as he reached down Buffy's white top to knead her perky boobs.

Buffy was hoping that she could get away without wrapping her lips around his monster, but he was too horny to allow that to happen. Seeing the glistening of pre-cum oozing from his hole made the action all the more worse for the Slayer, as she took him into her mouth. Buffy was trying to get him off sooner rather than later so she was only sucking the first half of his rod and using her hand on the rest. 

However, Phil had no intent on receiving a lame blowjob and was able to use the fact Buffy was in an awkward position to push down on her head and thrust up at the same time, making the waitress take his entire pecker in my mouth. Grabbing a handful of her short blonde hair so that he could control the Slayer's pace and depth, Phil bobbed her head completely up and down his thick rod.

Meanwhile, Andy moved behind the attractive waitress and hoisted up her white skirt so he could pull the blonde's satin thong down her tanned legs. With the Slayer focusing all her energy of not letting the other pervert suffocate her to death by holding her too long on his cock, Buffy was powerless as Andy used his fingers to enter her tight teen pussy. He started with only one of his fat fingers but quickly added a second, which really stretched the young Slayer out. Buffy gasped at the sudden insertion and Phil took full advantage as with her throat completely open he used her as a doll to face-fucked her.

"I only signed up for blowjobs, nothing more," Buffy shouted as she was able to fight off the two guys.

"You've already come this fair so who cares if we have sex too. You draw the line at sucking us off? Fine, can you say fired?"

"Wait! I can't lose my job," Buffy pleaded as the last of her dignity left her. "You can fuck me."

"Glad you came around peaches. Now where were we," Andy said. 

Andy quickly put his two fingers back into Buffy's pink pussy and pumped them in and out for a while as she continued to suck on his friend's rod. Chomping at the bit, the trucker pulled his digits out before Buffy felt his swollen dickhead rub the length of her slit. The Slayer could only grimace as one trucker fucked her from behind while the other was filling her mouth with his cock. 

"Fuck you're tight," Andy whispered in the waitress's ear as he continued to pound his dick into her. 

The Slayer was by no means a virgin, to humans or demons alike, but it had been some time since her last fuck so she was quite tight. She could feel her velvety snatch gripping tightly to his 9-inch tool as she moved at a brisk pace into her.

"My turn buddy. I wanted feel this teen grinding up on me," Phil said as he used his strength to pull Buffy off of him. 

"Okay. It sounded like this princess has a mouth like a hoover the way she was working you over before," Andy added.

"I guess it's nice to be appreciated," Buffy mused as she was grabbed by the hips to find herself straddling Phil's oversized waist.

The Slayer snaked her hand over her ass so that she could guide Phil's fat cock into her tight snatch. It slide in easier than Andy's dick because of the amount of spit she used when going down on him earlier. Wanting to get this ordeal over with quickly, Buffy rode him hard right from the start. Andy had gotten onto the bench and was waving his cock in the blonde's face until she got the hint and took it into her mouth.

"Perfect mouth on this one. You'll never be homeless if you work like this," Andy moaned as he roamed his hands through her short hair. 

Buffy was use to working a cock with her mouth so she knew when the guy she was blowing was getting close to going over the edge. With the way that Andy was twitching in her mouth and tugging harder on her golden locks, Buffy knew that he would be done in no time. To put the nail in his coffin, the Slayer stopped taking him deep in her throat and used her lips and tongue to focus on the head while using her hand to stroke off the rest of his saliva-coated member. 

"OH," Andy moaned as he shot his acidic load into the blonde's mouth before practically falling back on the dusty bench.

"Even demons taste better than him," Buffy joked to herself as she swallowed down the trucker's offering.

The Slayer was working up a sweat in the hot Californian sun as she rode Phil in her tight pussy. She figured he must use prostitutes often with the way he was able to hold out, suddenly glad the fact she made them condoms before entering her. Seeing the obese man start moaning through his bitten lip meant that he was close so she reached around her body to rub his swollen balls.

"Fuck me," Phil groaned as he came into his latex sheath. 

"Well that was fun," Buffy said sarcastically as she climbed off of the trucker, pulled up her thong and straightened out her outfit.

"Here. I want you to drink this," Phil said as he pulled off the condom and offered it to the waitress.

"Like that's going to happen," Buffy said with a look of shock.

"You would go through all that and still get fired over one last small thing," Andy said as he continued to lay exhausted against the seat.

"Assholes," Buffy said as she grabbed the semen-filled rubber. "Cheers."

And with that, Buffy pinched the end of the condom and moved the opening to her lips. Pulling it upwards and shaking it a few times, the Slayer felt the thick fluid slowly ooze from the dome and onto her skilled tongue. Making sure that the men watched closely, Buffy swallowed down the putrid liquid and then showed the men her tongue to be sure that it went into her stomach.

"So you won't tell Tom and get me fired," Buffy said as she was about to re-enter the building.

"Who's Tom? Dumb bitch, we don't even know the owner," Andy said as the two men walked out from the back and down the alleyway.

Buffy had half a mind to go after them and pummel them, but simply decided that they weren't worth it and returned to work.

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