Glory, Glory, Glorficus

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"Dawn, this is very disappointing," said Willow sternly. In Dawn's defence she did look suitably penitent, shuffling her feet and twisting her fingers, whilst looking downwards not wanting to catch Willow's eyes. Willow looked down at the essay paper with the 'B' in the corner, bright red and circled to make sure it couldn't be missed. She raised her head again, pausing before she spoke to make sure Dawn was aware of the importance of her words, "You are a straight A student, this is just poor, I might allow it from Buffy, but not you. So what do you say?"

"Sorry," said Dawn in a small voice, "I was busy and I rushed it, I thought I could get by with doing less work."

Willow tore the paper in half and dropped it on the kitchen table, where Joyce immediately picked it up and dropped it in the trash - accurately deciding that was where it belonged. The redhead gave a small nod to her wife to show that she'd done the right thing before turning her attention back to her teenage stepdaughter, fidgeting nervously in front of her. If she'd been Buffy a B would have been acceptable, as long as it was obvious she'd been trying, but Dawn was brighter and the school expected her to being getting A on a regular basis. For many teens one poor paper wouldn't have mattered, but the performance of her stepdaughter's reflected on Willow and as an acolyte Priestess in service to Glorificus ("The Golden" or "The Great" or just Glory) that mattered.

"After dinner," Willow said, "You will get changed and go down to the cellar where you'll be punished." Willow ruled her family with a rod of iron or more literally a whip of leather, a paddle of wood and a cane of rattan.

Dawn paled a little, but she knew better than to complain. Instead she gave a meek little nod and turned to help her Mom and sister set the table and finish preparing the meal. Willow sat as they worked around her, she was leading the lunch time worship of Glory in school tomorrow and she wanted to make sure her sermon was a good one, which gave full reign to their love to the deity. Only when Joyce was putting the final dishes on the table did Willow put away her papers in rucksack and return to her seat at the head of the table, gesturing to her wife and step-daughters to sit. They did so, Joyce opposite and Buffy and Dawn on either side. Willow held out her hands and the others took hold, sitting in a ring as Willow said a prayer, "Oh Glorificus, hear us, hear our love and devotion to you, let us be your willing slaves and do your will, whatever the cost, forever and ever, Glorificus our Goddess."

The others repeated the prayer of devotion, before Joyce served the food (Willow first). "You are coming to the worship tomorrow, Buffy?" Willow asked.

The blonde nodded, sounding almost offended, "Of course. I wouldn't miss a chance to worship Glory."

"Twice in one day, we'll be going to the temple after I assume?" Joyce said, smiling happily at the thought.

"We always go to evening worship," confirmed Willow, surprised the question was even being asked. She would have attended even if she wasn't a Priestess, but as she was it was mandatory - she didn't actually know the punishment for her not attending, but didn't want to find out. She gave a glance at Dawn, "However don't think that doesn't mean you won't be punished - we have plenty of time before we go."

Dawn nodded dutifully and picked at her food, she wasn't looking forward to her punishment - well deserved though it was. Buffy ignored her sister's silence and carried on speaking, explaining that she'd volunteered for the cheerleading team to keep herself in trim, now that she had to patrol a lot less. Willow was glad that Buffy was doing so, she had been a little worried that Buffy would rebel against Glory's dominance and reject the religion, but the blonde had quickly acquiesced, agreeing with Giles that Glory was a Goddess to be worshipped. Still it was good, that she was finding other activities, whilst hanging round graveyards looking for vampires wasn't banned, with Glory's mousy-minions doing the patrolling Slayers weren't encouraged for fear of friendly fire. "I think cheerleading is good, Glory will approve."

Buffy blushed and Joyce gave her eldest daughter's hand a quick squeeze of encouragement, before she said, "I saw Glorificus whilst I was tidying up some flowers in the temple grounds, she was taking a walk and she smiled at me, it was glorious." She gave a smile of such rapture it was almost like she was orgasming and Willow certainly knew what those smiles looked like.

She also knew what it was like to bask in the Goddess's glow and nodded, "All praise to Glory."

"All praise," the others repeated, before Joyce stood up, gesturing at her daughter's to do the same, so they could clear the table.

"I'm going to work on this sermon," Willow said, "Tell me when Dawn is ready for her punishment." So saying she went to the small study to work on tomorrow's sermon.

She was just finishing her sermon when Joyce arrived at the door. "Dawn is ready for her punishment," the Milf said. Willow nodded and followed her wife down to the cellar.

There was a carpet on the floor and a small heater which gave out a warm glow, otherwise there was little comfort in the room. Nor that there was supposed to be, it was where the Summers were punished when needed. As Joyce had said Dawn was already there, standing in a sports bra, which clung to her shapely breasts. Her bottom was bare, nothing over her pussy or ass which could act as a buffer between her and the caning she was about to receive. Beside her stood Buffy, unlike her sister, she was fully clothed and looked relaxed, knowing she wasn't the one to be punished. Willow gave a small curt nod of acknowledgement before going over to the cupboard on the wall and pulling out the cane. She flexed it between her hands and gave an experimental swish, not that she expected it do anything it do anything but bend and swish through the air. As it did both satisfactorily she turned back to her step-daughters and wife. "The B was so poor and below what you should be achieving that you need a full pussy whipping as punishment."

There was an involuntary sob from Dawn, it was the most painful and humiliating of the punishments that Willow inflicted. But it was deserved and so she got herself onto the table, sitting on it and sliding back as her Mom and sister pulled down the rope nooses from the ceiling and looped one around each ankle. They pulled them backwards, spreading Dawn's legs so that she was almost at right angles, the teen grimacing slightly as she was split. Willow gave another swish of the cane, before stepping in front of the teen brunette.

"Do you want Buffy and I to stay?" asked Joyce.

"Yes," confirmed Willow. She had quickly realised that punishing one of the Summers in front of the others was both more humiliating for the one being punished and also acted as a lesson to the pair watching.

The redhead looked down at the target, Dawn's pussy lips had been stretched apart leaving a pink slit to aim at. Positioning herself, Willow raised the cane, gauging the distance it needed to travel and the velocity it would strike with. She fervently believed that the first cane was the most important - it was the hardest and most accurate, the most agonising and shocking, it set the standard for what was to come. But she also didn't neglect the build-up, waiting until both Joyce and Buffy were standing next and behind her so they could get a perfect view of the youngest Summer's opened snatch. The pause wasn't as painful as the caning would be, but Dawn still whimpered and shivered as she waited.

Finally Willow was satisfied she was ready and brought the cane down. It literally whistled as it cut through the air, before striking its target with the accuracy of a guided missile.

"Aaaaiieee" Dawn shrieked loudly as the cane thrashed into her slot, smacking at her sensitive pink insides. Behind Willow the redhead could sense both Joyce and Buffy wince, but neither said a thing - they too knew that the punishment was just. Willow raised her arm again and brought the cane down, it screamed through the air and Dawn screamed with it as the cane landed. Willow was pleased that the accuracy of her second strike was as near perfect at the first, cracking down between the pussy lips and onto the soft flesh.

"I don't expect to be seeing any more B's on your essays," she said as she raised her hand. There was a sob and cry from Dawn, which might have been agreement. However, two strokes were hardly a punishment, so Willow brought the cane down again. It was a blur in her vision, only becoming solid again as it smacked onto flesh, Dawn jolting and crying as she was struck. "This is your own fault," Willow continued.

The cane snaked down for fourth time, as expertly placed as the others, dead into the slit. The teen shrieked and bucked, desperately struggling at her bonds. "Aaaaaiieeee," she screamed as the cane was brought down again, artistically forming little red weals that arched from the top and bottom of her slit, where the cane had cut into her mons. Willow aimed for them again and was pleased that she landed dead in the centre of two of them, making it look like one line, so close were they. Another strike, another yelp of agony from the teen.

"You'll be here tomorrow and the day after and every day, if your grades don't improve," warned Willow as she caned either side of the lips with two successive strikes.

"Aaaieeeee," shrieked Dawn shrilly, "I'll improve, straight As all the time."

Willow believed her. Dawn might have been lazing, but she wasn't lying, at least not intentionally. However, good intentions don't last and Willow didn't think that her step-daughter had fully understood how serious Willow was taking the teen slacking - anyway she didn't want either Joyce or Buffy to believe that if they did wrong her punishments would be short. She raised the cane and brought it down, again and again, beating a rhythm against the open teenage cunt. With each blow Dawn twisted as if she was trying to get away and screamed, sometimes managing to let out a few garbled words of apology between her cries.

A dribble of sweat ran down Willow's forehead and she paused to give herself a quick breather. "Would you like a drink, Will?" Joyce quickly realised what her wife needed and Willow nodded her agreement.

Joyce quickly scooted up the stairs to get her a juice as Buffy stood quietly, examining her sister's battered cunt and hopefully learning some important lessons herself. Dawn meanwhile sobbed a little and wriggled as she tried to make herself more comfortable. That wasn't acceptable, so Willow said, "Retighten the ropes Buffy."

Her blonde stepdaughter nodded and pulled back on them so that Dawn's legs were spread open as wide as they could go. Joyce had returned by then and Willow quickly drained the juice, before resuming the position.

"Aieeeee," screamed Dawn as she was pussy-caned again. Willow had lost track of the number of strikes, but if she wasn't counting she'd know when it was enough and it wasn't yet. She raised and brought down the cane, striking along the existing weals and keeping the cane landing between the open lips. The brunette shrieked harder, tears forming in her eyes. To her credit whilst she babbled apologies and promises of reform, she didn't ask for any mercy, obviously accepting her punishment.

Up and down went Willow's arm as she caned Dawn's cunt until the skin around it was raw and bruised and the cunt itself turning from pink to a darker red. She gave one final strike, listening to the scream, before bringing the cane back and holding it menacingly between her hands, "I think you've learnt your lesson."

"Yes, Willow," sobbed Dawn, "I'll study properly from now on."

"Good, if you don't you'll be down here again and again until you improve and next time I won't be so gentle," Willow reminded her. The brunette nodded her understanding as Willow gestured for her Mom and sister to untie her. As they did she glanced at the clock, "Once she's untied we'll all need to get ready for tonight's worship."


It wasn't the only temple to Glory in Sunnydale, with over ninety percent of the town's inhabitants as fervent Glorificans there were near half a dozen, and that wasn't including those in neighbouring counties. However it had been the first and was the one Glory usually attended, which meant attendance was strictly limited and by invitation only. Not that this was a problem for Willow and her family, she had been an early worshipper of Glory and was now one of her Priestess's - so close the great one had spoken to her personally, several times in fact. She was nodded through the gates, pausing as she waited for Buffy and Dawn to pick up their blow job numbers.

That done Willow led them into the main building; an old factory converted into a temple, the machinery all gone, the smashed windows replaced by stained glass and the concrete floor hidden by a plush carpet. Right at the front, raised on a podium so she could see her worshippers, was Glory's throne - all the temples had one, but this was the only which was regularly occupied in person. Not that Glory was there, she only arrived as the service began, though the fact that Faith was sitting in front of it, wearing nothing but a smile and a tiny dark bikini suggested the Goddess was, as expected, going to be here.

Taking a seat near the front, Willow gestured for Joyce and the girls to sit. Joyce, as befitted the wife of a priestess, was wearing an expensive black dress with real pearls dangling round her neck. It was slit at the front to make the most of the Milf's ample cleavage, which threatened to burst out and up her legs so that you could see all the way up to her hips as she walked. The teen girls were dressed less conservatively, if it was important Joyce was seen as married to Willow, it was important that Buffy and Dawn were showed off for the sex sensations they were. So both teens wearing hot pants which barely reached their thighs and dug in round their pussies and tight sport vests, which clung to their chests like magnetic mines.

Around them the temple was filling up, Willow noting Principal Snyder and Giles arriving, then Xander (who gave her a smile and a wave before taking up position next to his family). Then came Cordelia and Harmony, together with the cheerleaders, all dressed in as little as they could get away with, which was very little indeed. Others from her school and past, followed, a few of them seeing her and making sure they gave her respectful nods.

"Out of the way, am I supposed to apologise? Out of the way," Anya came in, if not exactly late, certainly cutting it fine for a Priestess to Glory. She got to the row Willow was on and saw there was a spare seat next to her. Without an excuse me she barged past Buffy and Dawn, pausing for Joyce to move back against her seat (which probably counted as politeness), before sitting down next to Dawn. Like Willow she was wearing the robe of the sect. It was wrapped round her waist in a style that meant could see her legs, leaving a gap round her stomach to expose her belly button with a bejeweled ring and then wrapped loosely round her top, so that as she moved you could see the sides of her tits. She smiled "Just in time."

"Yes," Willow agreed. She wouldn't have said she and the ex-vengeance demon were close, she was sure Anya had only become a Priestess after she'd been failed as a vengeance demon, rather than true love for Glory, but she was a fellow acolyte and it meant she would be polite.

Luckily any further conversation was forestalled by the banging of the gong. Willow prostrated herself on her knees, sensing rather than seeing, that everyone else was doing the same. She chanted the opening mantra as she did so, knowing it by heart and living it with every fibre, "Great Glorificus, I worship you, I adore you, I live for you, I would die for you, I am your slave." The congregation undulated and waved as everyone raised their heads momentarily before dropping them back down their hands outstretched in supplication. The chant continued, louder and with the passion of truth running through it; unlike the old God(s) the worship of Glorificus needed no faith - how could it when the Goddess walked amongst them and appeared on TV nightly. It meant Glorification (as the religion was called) was the already the largest religion in the US by a healthy margin. In fact given its centrality to life there was already serious talk going on about amending the Constitution so that America became officially a Glorifican state, something Willow wholeheartedly supported.

The chanting continued for so long Willow's back ached, not that she either complained or slowed, but she had to admit she wasn't unhappy when the gong rang again to allow the congregation to stand up. Whilst they'd been bowing Glory had taken her throne, sitting looking out at her worshippers and smiling in satisfaction, stroking Faith's head as her current fuck toy, rested her head on the Goddesses naked thigh. "Do you love me?"

"Yes, yes, yes, we love you Glory," Willow cried out, shrieking her adoration for her Goddess as loud as she could. Her shouts were lost in the general bedlam as everyone else also affirmed their deep and abiding love for the Goddess. Glory basked in their appreciation, tossing her hair playfully and smiling as she looked round. It might have been Willow's imagination, but she even thought Glory caught her eye and smiled at her, which almost made the redhead faint and made her scream even louder so her vocal chords stung.

Eventually Glory grew bored and lowered her hands, gesturing for her worshippers to stop. She launched into a story about her day and how she'd got some new shoes, Willow listening in rapt attention, knowing that by the Goddess's powers the same tale was being heard in every temple to Glory, where ever it was in the world. She had never known listening to shoe-shopping could be so enthralling, even more so than buying the shoes.

"Now sing for me," Glory reached the end of the story and moved onto the next part of the service - "There's a new hymn, Glory, Glory, Glorificus..."

The accompaniment to Battle Hymn of the Republic began to play and Willow and everyone else launched into the new and improved words.

"Glory, Glory, Glorificus..." the last word being drawn out to fit the music
"Glory, Glory, Glorificus..."
"Glory, Glory, Glorificus..."

"My eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Glorificus
"She is the most glorious Glorificus, glorious Glorificus"

The hymn continued, sung lustfully by thousands of voice in temple, tens of thousands across Sunnydale and millions across the US (probably billions across the world), everyone singing the truth of Glory. The Goddess sat smiling beatifically on her throne, opening her legs for Faith's head to go under the dress and worship her in a more personal way. Willow felt a little jealous, but that wasn't unusual, everyone felt jealous and would have loved to lick the Goddess's sweet pussy. Few were chosen, though Willow looked at Buffy and wondered if she might follow in her fellow Slayer's footsteps to be Glory's sexual plaything - Willow hoped, for Buffy's sake, she would be.

The hymns continued as the gong was banged for a third time and the single young women peeled away from the rows, they were standing in, walking over to a series of numbered cushions which they knelt on, waiting expectantly. They didn't have long to wait, as the guys who'd been lucky enough to pick a number walked over, as the rest of the congregation sang the continued praises of Glory. Up on the throne Glory was looking at the kneeling women lustfully, whilst she preferred pussy (as could be seen by the fact Faith was still deep between her legs) where a live sex show was concerned she was happily bi.

Without stopping her singing Willow gave a side-long glance to where her step-daughters were kneeling. It seemed Jonathan Levinson had got Dawn, the teen was already fishing out his dick and slipping her mouth round it. Buffy was still waiting eagerly, fidgeting and unsure whether to sing whilst she waited or not. However, soon Xander stopped in front of her and said something. From the grin on his face, and knowing her old friend, Willow could tell he was going to enjoy this, it was something he'd been wanting ever since the blonde had arrived at Sunnydale High. Willow grinned, Buffy was great at blow jobs as well, several worshippers who'd been lucky enough to pull her number from the lottery had complimented Willow on what a hot cock-sucker, the blonde was. She certainly seemed to be making sure Xander was at his ease, giggling and murmuring at him as she undid his zip, her head moving forward to take his cock.

A new hymn began, this time to the tune of  'Morning has Broken', though the lyrics were not dissimilar to what had come before

"Glorificus is glorious,
"Glorious is Glorificus..."

Willow sang with gusto, belting out the words as she returned her eyes to the Goddess, who was definitely enjoying herself - though the extent to which that pleasure was caused by her worshippers' singing, the sex show happening to the side and Faith's enthusiastic cunt lapping was open to debate.

The last words of the last hymn ended and as the gong hit, the worshippers who were not involved in the sucking to the side, dropped to their knees again. Willow had a final glimpse of Buffy and Dawn's head's bobbing and then her face was on the floor as she supplicated herself. The mantra which ended the service boomed from a thousand mouths, "I worship you Glory, you are the light of my life, who I will dream of at night...." The script never varied and it was never less than ten minutes long, everyone droning the same words, the blow jobbers joining in as soon as they made their man cum.

Sadly, as Willow could have continued praising Glory until dawn came, the chant came to an end, a final gong marking the end of the ceremony. Willow stood up, looking at the throne - it was empty and there was no sign of Faith either, the Goddess and her sex toy going to do other things. Anya was away as soon as she was able to stand, pushing past people rudely, ignoring the tuts (though no-one would say anything out loud to one so favoured as to be a Priestess, even a trainee one). Willow watched her go, slipping her arm round Joyce's waist as she waited for her step-daughters to join them.

They soon reappeared, both grinning broadly. Dawn still had cum over her face and chin, the mark of her womanhood; Buffy had obviously swallowed, though her hair was tousled where Xander had gripped her to encourage her down. And speaking of Xander he was heading towards them, a wider smile than even the Summers' sister. Willow smiled back, over the last few months, what with school, Joyce and worshipping Glory they hadn't nearly had enough time to hang out. She gave him a small wave to confirm she was glad to see him, sometimes people could be overawed by her being a Priestess and would avoid her. Xander luckily didn't, giving her the same goofy smile and then looking Buffy up and down appraisingly, "That was the best blow job since Glory came to town," he said to both Willow and Buffy, "and since I wasn't getting any before it has to be the best ever."

Buffy blushed and muttered something. Willow gave her a warm smile, "Well done Buffy," she said as Joyce touched her eldest daughter's arm with a gentle stroke of pride. Willow turned to Xander, "Thanks for saying that Xander, I've said to Buffy and Dawn, there's few better ways to show your love for Glorificus, than sucking off your fellow worshippers; I'm pleased she's been listening."

"That and some," said Xander, looking at Buffy again, his gaze moving from her chest down to her ankles and then back up again, as if he was committing her to memory. He grinned, "I was wondering about us being able to do it again?"

Buffy looked at Willow expectantly. But Willow shook her head. She liked Xander a lot, he was her best friend and he was a regular worshipper of Glory since the near the start. However that didn't matter, not where Buffy was concerned and the need to keep her available for if Glory decided she wanted her. Giving blow jobs during the ceremony was acceptable (Faith was known to give them if she was not pleasuring Glory), but that was as far as Buffy could go.

"Never mind," Xander gave the smile of someone who was bitterly disappointed, but trying not to show it. "We should hang out sometime though, catch up?"

"Just a minute Xander," Willow smiled as she had an idea. "Dawn, come here a moment," her youngest daughter having taken the opportunity to start chatting to her friend Janice. The brunette teen immediately obeyed, her earlier pussy thrashing making her more than usually swift in responding to her step-Mom's word. Willow grinned and placed her hands on the teen's shoulders turning her back to Xander. "Dawn, pull down those shorts and show Xander your butt."

"Sure thing Willow," said Dawn, pulling her hotpants down to her knees and exposing her sexy round rump.

Xander eyed it appreciatively, even more so when Willow gripped her step-daughter's buttocks and jiggled them, Dawn giving a sexy giggle as Joyce and Buffy looked smilingly on. "Dawn's sixteen now," confirmed Willow, "a proper woman."

"So I see," nodded Xander, his disappointment was fast vanishing.

Letting go off Dawn's ass, Willow said to her, "Pull those cheeks apart and let Xander have a look at your hole." The teen did and Xander's grin reached rocket powering intensity, especially when Willow reached down and stroked the sphincter with a finger as she talked, "It's all tight, virginal isn't it Dawn?" The brunette nodded her confirmation, whilst tugging even harder at her buttocks, making sure the rosebud was wantonly displayed. "I've been thinking that Dawn needs some cock, she's of an age she can be a slut for Glory."

"I think so," agreed Xander.

"What about you come round on Saturday afternoon, we can catch up and you can road test Dawn?"

"It's a date, well not a date, kinda, you know what I mean," said Xander.

"See you then," grinned Willow.


Getting fucked was all that Dawn talked about on the way home, telling her Mom, sister and step-Mom how excited she was and how she couldn't wait to tell everyone at school she was going to lose her virginities that weekend. Willow was torn between being happy that her step-daughter was so pleased and wondering if, after the early punishment, this might not be seen as a reward. She did want to get a chance to see Xander and catch-up, but did wonder if she should have offered Joyce instead. It was too late now, so she just nodded to Dawn's prattling and then sternly reminded her that Xander would want her at her very sluttiest, so to look forward to an aching butt. Not that Dawn seemed to mind, in fact she seemed to be looking forward to that - which made Willow change her mind again and think she'd made the right decision, her youngest step-daughter was ready to slut for Glory.

Buffy was quiet, if she was jealous she didn't say, but Willow wouldn't have been surprised if she was. There was no doubt Buffy would have loved to be being fucked by worshippers of Glory to reward them for their adoration of the Goddess, but the blonde also accepted her step-Mom knew best where her sex-life was concerned.

After giving their Mom and step-Mom polite kisses on the cheek Dawn and Buffy went to ready for bed. Willow put some finishing touches to her sermon, before going up herself.

Joyce was already waiting for her wife, just the way Willow liked it, naked and wanton, rubbing her shaven slit with anticipation. She gave a dirty giggle as the teen entered, getting up off the bed, as Willow closed the door behind her, and sashaying over. "I'm not sleepy yet," she gave the younger redhead a sexy smile, her tongue swinging round her lip as if the teen was an ice-cream.

"Me neither," said Willow, she always left time at the end of the day for Joyce, the blonde Milf was so fuckable that not banging her would have been a waste. She stood still, letting Joyce slip her out of her Priestess's robes, the blonde moving her head down to kiss and lick a titty as soon as it was exposed. Willow groaned, relaxing and stretching at the same time as Joyce continued to unwrap her, the Milf's mouth moving to the second tit as she undressed it as well. The tongue went round the hardening nipple, her mouth moving forward to enclose it and suck as her hands slipped the robe away from the redhead's pussy.

It was obvious that Joyce wanted to go down and lap the sweetness, but she was too well trained and even as the robe came away to show Willow in her nakedness Joyce was folding it neatly up to put it away. Willow took advantage of the brief pause to get on the bed, spreading her legs open, "Come and eat me," the teen instructed once Joyce had placed the robes in the drawer.

The blonde Milf jumped eagerly onto the bed, almost salivating as she lowered herself onto the hot cunt. She began to kiss the lips and mons, peppering the flesh with tiny butterfly pecks, a prelude to the main event. Willow growled and strained in anticipation, her toes already tingling with excitement. It had only been months since Joyce had gone down on Willow for the first time, the new Glorifican dedicating herself to the redhead acolyte of the Goddess; it had also been the first time the previously heterosexual Joyce had tongued another woman. She had been nervous and slow, Willow barely orgasming; now she was keen and experienced, her mouth skilled in the arts of lesbian love.

"Mmmnn, you know what I want," said Willow, reaching down to press gently, but firmly, at Joyce's head. The Milf did, her tongue sweeping out to lick over the lips as she reached a hand up to pry them apart. The redhead gave a satisfied moan as Joyce's tongue slipped into her, sliding around over her pink flesh and lapping the juice. Willow had thought Joyce was hot the first time Buffy had introduced her friend to her Mom, but at the time the teen had never imagined that Joyce would be lapping her pussy with such eager enthusiasm. The teen moaned and thanked Glory, yet again, for the blessings she bestowed on her loyal and loving worshippers.

The Milf's tongue was going deeper, finding Willow's erogenous zone, as it had done so often before, and wiping over it, making the teen gasp and groan in lust. "Yes, that's it Joyce, ooohhh yes, my loving wife, tongue my cunt, ooooohh that is the right spot, just there, keep at it, harder."

The cunt hungry Milf powered down, her thumb rubbing and playing with the clit as she did so, making Willow's vibrations even wilder, "Ooohh, yesss, make me cum, you're so good at it... fuccckk, yesss."

The pleasure was burning at Willow, making her cunt drip with lust. Joyce's tongue swept up the juice, drinking it down greedily as she pressed herself as deep into Willow as she could go. The blonde didn't stop as her wife cried out in excitement, carrying on her eager eating, spearing away at the hot hole. Willow's eyes closed shut, as she gripped the bed and her wife's head, feeling the power of the pleasure rushing through her so that every part of her seemed to be flickering in and out of another dimension - one filled with pure ecstasy. "Go on... urrrrhhhh, tongue me harder, you know what to do, oooohhh fuck, yessss!"

Joyce had become a champion cunt licker, so good she could have won prizes. Her tongue swung and lapped skilfully and with pace and power, finding the right spot and subjecting them to her passionate lickings. Willow gasped and cried out, not worrying if her step-daughters heard (and actually hoping they were, so if they ate cunt they knew what to aspire to). The teen's Mom licked harder, she didn't care if the girls heard as long as she made her wife climax and she was doing that. Willow squealed again, her back arching and her fists clenching as the pussy-blasting orgasm slammed through her, "Aaarrrrghhh, fuuuccckkk, yeessss!"

Willow could have got her pussy lapped all night, but she wanted to take back control and return the pleasure. She pushed her wife's head back from the soaking twat and grinned down. Joyce smiled back up, her lips smeared with cum, and knowing why Willow had stopped her. The teen quickly confirmed, "Get me a strap-on."

"Which one?" Joyce was stilling smiling as she got off the bed and walked over to the drawer where Willow kept the sex toys.

After a moment's consideration Willow replied, "The purple one." It was probably her favourite, ten inches long and thick enough that her fingers could barely reach round it, with a knobbed head and ridges for extra pleasure as it ploughed down a hole and vibrating ring at the other end which stimulated Willow's cunt as she fucked her wife. The grin from Joyce was confirmation that it was a toy the Milf enjoyed as well. Willow stood up as Joyce knelt in front of her and slipped the straps round the redhead's thighs, tightening them up and making sure the cock was in place, the back at Willow's pussy. She looked up the redhead, "Which hole?"

"I'll let you chose," said Willow, safe in the knowledge her wife knew what the correct choice was.

"Let me make it nice and wet," said Joyce, "so you can fuck my butt."

"Great choice," agreed Willow, smiling down as Joyce's tongue began to move over the toy. The blonde nodded and tittered, opening her mouth and guiding the cock to it, gently stroking the toy as she fed it in. Willow helped her take it, rocking her thighs to push the toy forward into the Milf's mouth, whilst putting her hand on the back of her wife's head to stop any involuntary retreats. Sometimes it was nice to stuff the dick all the way in and give Joyce a proper throat fucking, feeling the older woman choking and jerking as she took the cock. However it tended to leave her limp for butt-fucking or at least, needing time to recover and regain her breath, so Willow didn't go for deep-throat, not going any further once she felt cock was bouncing against Joyce's cheek. She continued to buck her hips, thrusting gently at the soft silky flesh.

The Milf continued at it with enthusiasm, her head bobbing back and forth as she matched the redhead's moves, eagerly sucking and gulping at the dick. There was little doubt that the blonde was a good a cock sucker as she was a pussy licker and if Willow had not quickly snatched up the single Mom she was sure one of the early male recruits to Glorificity would have been getting their dick polished. It turned Willow on to think about it and she squeezed Joyce's shoulders, encouraging the hot Mom to suck harder.

Which she did...

The cock was soon soaked with saliva, Joyce hands resting on her wife's naked buttocks encouraging her to keep going. The redhead grinned and slid the cock forward again, feeling it vibrate as Joyce sucked it greedily, her eyes raised upwards so she could see Willow's face as she did. Willow grinned down at her, showing her wife how much she was enjoying the strap-on blow-job. "MMmnnn, you're making my dick nice and wet, soon it'll be ready for that hot Mom ass of yours."

Joyce sucked even more eagerly, obviously keen to make sure the dildo was nice and ready for the main event. Willow was sure it was, but she didn't hurry, the dildo was rubbing nicely at her, raising her own libido like a rocket burning its boosters before take-off. She squeezed Joyce's shoulders harder and upped the speed with which she was jerking her hips, watching down as Joyce increased her speed to match, her head banging up and down the dildo.

"I think that's ready," grinned Willow stepping back and easing the dripping dildo from Joyce's mouth. "Up you get and onto the bed," she added, unnecessarily as Joyce was already doing that; unlike her youngest daughter Joyce seldom needed any discipline.

She got onto her hands and knees, opposite the mirror, waving her ass at her young wife, "Come and fuck it," she purred.

"Spread those cheeks for me, let's get a look at my target," grinned Willow, getting on the bed. Joyce did as she was asked, dropping her head so that she was face down on the covers as her hands gripped her cheeks and exposed her rosebud to her wife.

Licking her lips with anticipation Willow rubbed her toy between the crack, letting the ridges shimmer over the hole, the touch of them making Joyce vibrate with pleasure. Her wife loved anal almost as much as Willow, and it was strange to think that she'd never been banged in the booty before the redhead had introduced it to her. Willow thanked Glory yet again, without the Goddess she'd never have had the tight ass in front of her and Joyce would likely never have known the pleasures of taking it in the tush.

"Spread those cheeks wider," she instructed and a black pinprick appeared in the centre of the sphincter as Joyce pulled at her cheeks and spread it. Willow pressed the tip at it, holding the toy with her hand and pressing it forward. The blonde Mom gave a passionate groan as the toy entered, the rosebud opening to its favourite intruder. Willow carried on pushing it in, watching the dildo slowly disappearing into Joyce's butt, the round hole gripping hard round the toy so there wasn't even space for a sheet of paper. The tunnel resisted, not too much, but enough that Willow pulled back and put some pressure into her next shove. Joyce gasped again, her hands gripping her cheeks and making sure they were pulled as far apart as she could manage. Willow grinned and carried on advancing, her wife's feet slowly beating the bed on either side of her.

"Fill me up Will, fill me up with your masterful cock," the Milf moaned.

"This ass is so hot and fuckable," Willow grunted in return, "You know I'm going to fuck it raw."

"Oh do, please. I want to be limping by the time you've finished butt-banging me," Joyce groaned. Her hands scooted round to the front to grasp the bedding as Willow pushed deeper and deeper, the redhead's own hands reaching down to grasp the round rump and dig her fingers into the soft and sexy rear. She massaged and played with it, before moving round to take hold of the blonde's waist.

"I'm going in, all the way," Willow said as she pulled back and thrust in again. As she expected the toy continued down, not stopping until Willow's thighs smacked at Joyce's behind. The Milf bucked and squeaked, enjoying the cock. Willow grinned and retreated and attacked again, quicker and more powerful, getting herself into a butt-fucking rhythm as she filled her wife with dildo joy.

"Aaaarghhh, fucking fill me with that cock, Willow, ram me hard and fast," shrieked Joyce as if that wasn't what Willow was doing. The redhead didn't mind her wife's, comments though, it showed how much the Milf was enjoying her anal dicking. She squeezed Joyce's waist and then raised a hand to swat at the round buttocks, making them jiggle as she spanked across it. Joyce squealed, not in pain, but in passion, "Yesss, yesss, Willow fuck me forever, gape my ass until it bleeds."

Willow wasn't going to do the latter and the former was actually impossible, but she did intend to ride Joyce hard, making sure her wife's ass was both aching by the time she was finished, but also totally satisfied. By the screams and shudders from the blonde she was making a good start. She swatted Joyce again, her hand leaving a red print on the blonde's buttocks, she quickly overlaid it again. Even if Joyce didn't actually need disciplining, a little reminder never went amiss, especially if it was merged with an anal reward. The blonde screamed and her back arched, her hair flaring, "AAarrrghhh, yesss, Willow, yesss, you're making me cum, aaaargggghhh fuuuckkk!"

Looking in the mirror's reflection Willow could see Joyce's face contorting and twisting as the climax hit her. Her own face was open and grinning like she had won first prize in a piano recital. She drove forward, faster and harder as the asshole loosened. The toy rubbed at her pussy and she could sense the juice leaking out as the vibrations rolled up it. "Uurrhhh, yes," she grunted as the pleasure welled within her, "Take it Joyce, take my big dildo."

"All the way," her wife screamed in agreement, "Fill my ass up. Aaaaaarrghh, yessss, that's it."

Sweat slipped down Willow's face and between her breasts. She continued pounding, despite her heat, desperate to give it her all. Her breath came in pants and the power of her swats lessened as she placed all her effort into sodomising her wife's shapely ass. She knew it was time to switch positions and let Joyce do the work.

"Sit on my dick, work it," grunted Willow as she pulled the dildo out and sat on the edge of the bed. Joyce clambered onto her, lowering her open ass reverse cowgirl, onto the waiting joystick. Willow gripped her waist, guiding her down and looking in the mirror to help her. She could see her wife's mouth open in an O as the cock pressed at her ass and then entered, the expression changing from mild surprise to ecstatic pleasure as she carried on down, the dick vanishing up her ass.

"Fuck it," ordered Willow and for a few moments Joyce gently worked herself up and down, getting into her stride, until she was there and moving fast and hard, pounding her ass down the cock and at Willow's cunt. The redhead groaned and grinned, keeping hold off her love's waist, squeezing it as the Milf went up and down.

"Uurrrhh, urrrh, urrrrrh," panted Joyce, now the one exerting herself.  Her large bosoms were jumping joyfully, bouncing up and down like beach balls. Willow's hands moved up to grasp them and grip them, holding them in position as she squeezed them tight. At the same time she began to ram upwards, recovering her mojo as her breath returned. The Milf squealed in delight and regulated her own bounce so that she was timing it with Willow. "Uuurrhhh, uurrhhh, yes, this is so good, my ass is so fucked."

"Good, let me go faster," grinned Willow and thrust upwards. Soon Joyce was squealing again, her entire body rocking and writhing as she drove herself back at Willow. The redhead squeezed the Milf's tits harder and slammed in, giving her what she needed. Her own pussy streamed in pleasure as the dildo pushed back at it and she gave a groan in Joyce's ear.

"Aaarrrghhh, yessss, yessss," Joyce writhed and shuddered. Willow could see her wife's hand rubbing herself, skimming over the cunt and clit as her back hole was filled. "AAArrrghh, yessss, you're making me cum, ohhhh Goddess Glory, you're making me cum."

Willow rammed harder, gasping as an orgasm hit her, the climax making her clench her teeth and close her eyes. Harder and faster she pounded into the down coming Milf, opening the butt like it was butter and her dildo a red-hot knife. The powerful pleasure hit her again and her back bent, her long red hair falling down her back like flames. "Yesss, yesss," she squealed, "Take it in the ass."

She wondered if Buffy and Dawn were being kept awake by the screams of the two of them; Dawn especially could be grumpy if she didn't have her sleep and a grumpy Dawn was one that often need chastisement. Luckily she wouldn't need to find out until the morrow and by then she'd have got her strength back - she hoped. It was certainly about to go now, it was willpower which was keeping her going, that and he hottest ass in Sunnydale.

"AAAarrrghh," shrieked Joyce again and drove down, "AAAarrrghh, fuccckkk."

"Yesss, yesss," Willow cried in response, falling back onto the bed.

Her wife was too consumed to stop and continued to ride the teen's large cock. From where she was lying Willow could see the curvature of the spine as her wife bucked and rocked, watch the sweat trickle down her back and the bounce of her curly hair as she dick-jumped. Harder and harder Joyce rode, squealing and shrieking with wild pleasure. The toy went in and out of her passage, stretching it open.

"Aaarrrghhh, aaaarrrghhh," the Milf came once more.

She didn't stop and her weight landed down on the dick, pressing it at Willow and making her quiver and quake as she in turn gasped her pleasure, "Yesss, fuck, yessss!"

Joyce came down once more and then stopped, gasping and panting as she tried to draw breath. Willow gently pushed her off, "Bend over," she said and Joyce did as she was instructed, and then without needing to be told further placed her hands on her buttocks to pry them apart to show her hole.

It was gaping, stretched open like a dark tunnel. "Does that ache?" asked Willow, keen to see if she'd achieved her ambition.

"Yes," said Joyce, "but it was worth it."

Willow grinned happily.


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