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Disclaimer: I have no ownership of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any intellectual property contained within this fan-made story from which no money has been made.

Welcome to the Great Lust Game (GLG). This story is a continuation of the Great Perverted Game (GPG) which can be found here: This story will follow a lot of the same concepts as that one - Xander is playing a game that determines the actions of the ‘world’.


Author’s Notes: A few things before reading this story.

1: Oric is the player for this game. I thank him for his help and feedback leading up to the start of this story. When I originally contacted him I thought it would be a couple of weeks until the story would start. It turned into a couple of months and I thank him for sticking with me.

2: I also would like to thank rkimmelerre, the player from the last story, again. Since the end of the GPG he continued to give me help and feedback on a large number of projects. I really hope he enjoys this story as well.

3: Unlike GPG, the game file was completely finished (barring a few bugs) at the start of game play. It is a much larger game with many more options than the GPG. As such I will try to spread out to the explanation for how things actually function over multiple turns - otherwise there would be a giant info dump for turn one.

4: This game will also use more characters than GPG. There are eight girls and Oric has to give at least some focus to all of them. This means if I tried to write all eight girls each turn it would be impossible - so sometimes certain girls will fade into the background

5: If you would like to play the game file that Oric is playing, just email me The game itself doesn’t have a lot of story, but I think it can be enjoyable to play on its own with some imagination.

6: Kendra is one of the main characters. I’m not going to try to do her accent or speech style.

7: Each of the girls had their sexual preferences determined by a random setting. I debated including that in the story so the reader would have an idea what was coming, but decided to keep it between Oric and I so readers could be surprised by what girls are into.


Reading this: Each turn will be divided up between Xander’s choices (the actual playing) and the story (what those choices result in). In theory, I hope people who are bored by Xander considering his choices will be able to skip those parts and just read the story. The only exception is this intro chapter.


I greatly appreciate feedback and it can be left here or sent to (if you would like a reply, it is best to email). You can give me thoughts on the story, the game, or both.


The Great Lust Game: Intro


Xander walked into the library with his head low. He was expecting to see Giles, probably hear more about how irresponsible he had been for the love spell, but he didn't see the librarian.


Instead only Buffy was waiting for him, her eyes full of rage.


"Listen, before you beat me into a pulp," Xander began hopefully, "I want to say I'm sorry for what happened."


Buffy looked away from him for a moment, "I do have to give you credit for one thing, Xand. When things got bad you didn't take advantage of the opportunity."


"So can we move past this?"


"There might be hope for you yet," Buffy said. For a second Xander felt relieved, but then she picked him up and threw him across the library and into a stack of books. "Just not today."


"Damn," Xander muttered as he heard her leave the library. "That could have gone better."


"In the main reality it did. Your friends are very forgiving. I mean they even accepted an ex-demon amongst them."


Xander glanced up to see a woman beside him. "Who are you?"


"Who am...oh, stupid alternate realities," she said as she snapped her fingers.


Xander bolted to his feet. "Anya what are you...shit, I'm in the game."


"Right," Anya said as she pointed to the computer on the table. "Time to get the next round underway."


"I don't suppose you can tell me what is going on? Like with the game and the Apocalypse?"


"No, I can't, and you learned that it is dangerous to probe too deeply. The basics are simple. Win, prevent the Apocalypse, for the moment. Lose, the world and everyone in it dies."


Xander understood and didn’t pursue it any farther. "Are you in the game this time?"


"You wish. However, I did argue on your behalf to create a game ideal for your talents."


"Yeah, I'm really enjoying it so far," Xander said as he rubbed his shoulders. He guessed this time the worlds weren't completely separate.


"Sometimes you need a bad start to make the payoff later worthwhile. You know where, and when, this is?"


"Sunnydale library, after I cast the love spell, but this time it doesn't seem like I'm back on good terms with everyone."


"Correct. You see, this time the spell didn't just end and poof back to normal. The girls had some pretty severe after effects - their arousal has been increased substantially and it is still mostly directed at you. So this time instead of pursuing sexual relationships to get yourself points, you have sex with the girls to keep their arousal under control. Really you're doing it for their benefit."


"Yeah, I'm sure that is they'll all see it," Xander said as he walked over to the computer. "Why did Buffy end up so mad at me?"




I grinned as I pushed Xander back to the steps. “Buff, not like this,” he protested weakly.


Of course he was playing hard to get, but his mouth might have been saying one thing, but his eyes were saying another. As I undid the belt on my trench coat I could see his eyes taking me in. My naked body, my breasts, my bald pussy - I could tell he really appreciated that. I had been looking so forward to this moment, but now that his eyes were on me it was even better.


I could feel my juices running down my legs with how wet I was. I was so looking forward to the next step until I heard the door open behind me.




Xander grabbed his head as the images hit him. “I forgot how annoying that is.”


“I can’t believe you are complaining about seeing Buffy naked,” Anya replied.


“Well, not all of it is bad, but the headache is still very real. I see things went farther with Buffy, that could be part of why she is angry. How did it go with the other girls?”


“You probably shouldn’t have asked that,” Anya said before things went black again.




“Get away from him,” I said as I marched into the library.


Buffy spun on me, her naked body on display. I have to compliment her on being bold enough to go after Xander in public. That had been my plan as well. If I had been a few minutes quicker she would have walked in on my true love stretching out my ass as he bent me over the table.


It was annoying to have to deal with Buffy first, but love was worth a little delay.




I smiled as I came up to the library. Buffy and Amy were going at each other. Fighting over Xander. Of course, who wouldn’t. I certainly wasn’t going to let him go without a fight.


It’s not like I could take either of the supernatural girls on in a physical confrontation. Or, for that matter, could I compete with Xander’s obviously massive crush on Buffy. But I’m a thinker, and I came with my own game plan.


The girls stopped fighting for just a moment as I walked in. I was happy that they noticed that Xander’s eyes also turned to me.


“Ms. Burkle,” the world’s most perfect man said as his eyes bugged out of his head.


“Hello, Xander,” I said as I ran my hands over the Princess Leia slave outfit I had put on. “You like?”




“I was up all night playing with myself while thinking about Xander,” I told Cordelia as soon as I saw her. “You make me sick. You never loved him.”


I could see that Cordy was thrown off by the truth of my words, but I wasn’t here to listen to her for once. Instead I smacked her in the face.


“You whore!” Cordelia shouted at me. I smiled at her words as we tackled her.


“Get this bitch’s clothes off!” I commanded as we started to tear her outfit apart. She put up a fight, but we quickly used her own shirt to bind her arms behind her back.


I took a moment to admire her naked tits as she cursed at me. I was trying to think of what to do with her next, but then Xander appeared. We were so enraptured that we lost focus and he was able to grab Cordy and run away from us.




“Of course you’re with her,” I said as I found Xander and Cordelia running out of the school. “And I see that she is trying to seduce you with her tits. Is that why you didn’t take me last night?”


“Will, come on, you don’t want to do this,” Xander protested.


“You think this is easy? I should have thrown you on the bed last night and fucked you until couldn’t remember that cunt’s name,” I said as I leveled the ax at them. “But I’d rather you be dead than have you fucking that bitch.”






“Kendra?” he said in equal surprise as I opened the Summers door. “What are you doing here?”


“I was coming to visit Buffy and her Mom let me in. There was a call from the library and she went to check on Buffy. What’s the problem?”


“Just, your normal Sunnydale craziness,” he said as he rubbed his head.


“Oh, you’re hurt. Cordelia, there’s some bandages upstairs I think. Can you go up and get them?”


She nodded and headed up the stairs. Good, time to make my move.




A perfect man. For hundreds of years I had been around. I had seen the stars, the moon, the spirits and souls of so many, but never a perfect man.


“I don’t suppose you are going to spare me,” he squaked.


So adorable, so cute. I thought about biting him, but I couldn’t risk hurting such perfection. I was hungry, but for something else.


“I want your cum,” I whispered to him as I pulled down his pants and got on me knees.




I collapsed as I finally made it back to my house. Fucking Xander. Going off and casting a spell to try and make me fall in love with him. Sure, I may have been a bitch, but he had really crossed a line. I’d had my clothing torn apart and been chased around by an angry mob. A mob of a girls I didn’t control.


It was infuriating.


Then why was I so fucking wet?


I tried to put the thought of all those girls ganging up on me out of my mind, but as soon as I accomplished that my mind just moved to the run in with Drusilla. Xander saves me from Angel, and then what?


He gets his cock sucked by Drusilla.


Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have just watched from the window. At least it served as a distraction for the oncoming mob. They all stood transfixed as they watched Drusilla blow him.


They were under a spell. What was my excuse?


I’d think about it later. After I had gotten myself off. At least three or four times.




“Fuck,” Xander cursed as he grasped his head. “You couldn’t have just told me what was going on?”


“What makes you think I got to make a decision?” Anya said, though there was a slight smirk on her face.


“It just would have been easier to tell me.”


“Okay, in this reality girls got a lot more sexual with you before the spell was broken. There were a few consequences of this. One, they didn’t just accept you, or necessarily each other, as friends at the end of it. Two, they still had a strong, lingering attachment. Three, they all backlashed against sex once the spell was concluded. Also, Fred is a teacher at Sunnydale, not Jenny, and Kendra had come to visit Buffy, got whammied, and is now sticking around.”


“Yeah, see, easier to just tell me than to show me.”


“Xander,” Anya said as she leaned forward. “All the system determined is what I told you. The rest of it, the actual scenes that happened, that was your brain. The system determines the broad outline, but your own mind is the one that decides how that actually happened.”


“What do you mean?”


They both stopped as the world seemed to shake around them. “I haven’t broken any rules, but just remember your subconscious mind is the one actually creating the realities; the system is just determining the settings.”


Xander nodded. Not because he understood, but if Anya was going to risk breaking the rules than there must be something important in what she was saying. Hopefully he could figure it out later.


“What next?”


Anya pointed to the chair. “We get started. First, up, sex settings. I’m looking forward to it.”


Xander sat down at the computer and was greeted with a screen very familiar to the last time he had played.


Welcome to the Great Lust Game! Currently customizing the world for your preferences. The world has the following default settings.


No Sexual Diseases: There is no such thing as a transmittable sexual disease.

Pregnancy Control: Women have control over when they are seeking to get pregnant.

Always Ready to Go: Impotence, at least for your character, never occurs.

Gender Balance: Only about 25% of the world's population is male. A man having more than one girlfriend is tolerated more by society and his lovers, but not, by default, automatically accepted.

Dirty Talk: People are very vocal during and about sex.


This game is contested under Lust Game rules. The following activities have become normal for those affected.


Clothing: Women normally dress in a sexually provocative manner.

Objects Can be Sexual: Female use of an object that is not a sex toy for a sexual purpose, including during masturbation, is normal.

Incest Not Forbidden: Incest is seen as only slightly taboo, just enough to make it hot.

Sex Talk: Friends commonly discuss sex. Not just talk about sex, but descriptions about what has happened and what they might want to happen.

Threesomes: If a man has already established a relationship with multiple women, having sex with them at once is normal.

Female Bisexuality: All women are at least partially bisexual. Lesbian sex during a threesome/orgy is not even really considered a lesbian act. A lesbian act is defined as female/female sex with no male involved.

Kinky Couples: Committed couples are expected to have more unusual sexual activities. Having anal sex with a girlfriend is considered normal, not special, for example.

Out of Control: Affected girls can become out of control with their arousal. As such this can result in contact between a very horny individual and one who is not. This is viewed as an annoyance, not a violation.


The world has more specific events that can occur. This game doesn't wish to put you in any scenario you don't want. Please choose your options from the following list.


If there is no 'continue' button then the list is a one of priority. As you go down the list everything above it is true. If there is a continue button, then each option is unique.


The first choice is about female on female non-con contact. This can occur when one girl goes over lust or during a 'Competition' event. Thus all of these answers apply to a scenario where people are already a little bit out of control.


Girls Okay Making Other Girls Give them Orgasms

Girls Will Force Other Girls to Orgasm

Girls Will Sexually Punish Other Girls



“I’m just going to embrace the sexual nature here,” Xander said as he selected all of the options.


“I thought you might,” Anya replied.


“If I learned anything from the last game, or porn, or my fantasies, some angry lesbianism alwasy works out in the end anyway,” Xander said as he went to the next screen.


There are scenarios where girls may be in contact with men other than you. When girls go to other men it is usually because something bad has happened, like need/lust going out of control. It will always be bad in game terms, this just describes the extent it can happen. To what limit can sex occur with other men?


Very Little, Girls Only Interact with Me - Girls may desire other men, they may end up in situation where they are touched groped, but no sex.

Some Limited Contacted - If not properly taken care of, girls can have limited, light sexual contact with other men, but it ends there.

Sex With Others Happen - Hey, if I can't handle their lust, they do what they have to do to take care of their needs

Free for All - Girls will pursue other male lovers, even if they have a strong sexual relationship with Xander.


“Now, this is a tough one,” Anya said. “Feeling exclusive? Want to create a large party?”


“Feeling fair,” Xander said as he selected Sex With Others Happen “I’m not going to be denying anyone else a release if they need it.”


There may be situations in the story where you will have the option of unethical behavior. Girls will view his behavior as annoying, but nothing more than that. He's behavior is like the pervy characters in anime, something that might get him slapped but nothing more than that. To what extent will he go? If none taken you will peep on girls, but nothing more.

Light groping, touching, as an "accident" - You hands tend to 'slip' a lot during situations.
Aggressive Touching - If there is a sexual situation, you takes advantages of it. Girl bends over, you are going to slap her butt.
Sleeping/Restrained - You will have no problems touching/playing with girls who are asleep/unconscious/restrained/bespelled/etc.
Cum in Food/Objects - If there is a situation to get girls to interact with your cum, you can't resist. Cum in food, beauty products, etc is an exciting fetish for you.
Full Sex - You will take the above activities to full sex.


“Seriously?” Xander asked as he looked over the options. “I get to decide how much of a pervert I am?”


“It is a game for perverts, so yeah. If you don’t want any, don’t take any. I mean, if you want to be boring.”


Xander thought about it for a few moments and then selected Light groping, touching, as an "accident", Aggressive Touching, and Sleeping/Restrained. If he was going to be a pervert in this reality, might as well do it in all of the situations.


Touch with male buttocks/anus is a tricky subject; how do girls approach it in this world? Early options involve only situations where the girl is pleasuring you, later situations modify girl dominant situations.


No contact

Rim Jobs

Submissive/Light Fingering

Dominant Fingering

Dominant Strapon Usage

Strapon Usage all Scenarios - This makes girls licking/touching/fucking Xander's ass possible during a dominant, submissive, and/or neutral sexual encounter.


“Oh, kinky,” Anya said excited. “I don’t want to ruin the fun by talking about what we got up to; how do you want to play it?”


Xander took a few seconds to think before selecting Dominant Strapon Usage.


“Adventurous,” Anya giggled as Xander moved on to the next screen.


When girls have sexual contact with other men (also monsters), how do they deal with it in regards to you?


Never Comes Up - Girls never tell you about other sexual exploits so it never comes up in story dialogue (except all lesbian encounters).

Telling, with Jealousy - It may come up between the girls and you, but this will always make you jealous/unhappy/angry.

Telling, with Acceptance - It may come up between the girls and you, and you accepts that this is something that happens.

Telling, Situation Dependent - It may come up between the girls and you: your reaction is dependent on the girl. If she is a friend without much sexual attraction you’re cool with it, if it’s someone with a high degree of sexual attraction it will make you upset.


“This is an easy one,” Xander said as he selected Telling, Situation Dependent.


“Why is it easy?”


“I don’t want any of the girls hiding things from me,” he replied as the next screen came up.


There are scenes in the game where the girls will be the dominant and you are on the receiving end. What type of female dominant activities can happen during these scenes?


Power Bottom - You still do the fucking, the girls are just demanding of it.

Multiple Male Orgasm - The girls will try to draw as many orgasms out of you as possible.

Multiple Orgasm Receiving - Girls will demand he give them an extensive number of orgasms, such as via prolonged pussy eating.



Anya rubbed her legs together as Xander took all three of the options. “This is why I thought you’d be perfect for this type of game. Always willing to try out what the girl wants.”


Rough Sex: During rough sex, punishment, and domination scenes, what is the limit on physical violence.



Paddling - Spanking, but using objects

Slapping - Rough sex is very rough and can involve slapping of breasts, pussy, face, etc.


“I’m going to keep with my earlier theory” Xander said as he took the Slapping option. “Getting the anger out is better in the long run.


Cock Size: What are you packing?


Normal - You have a normal sized cock and rarely is detail given about it.

Big, Unspecified - You have a large cock, but other than the occasional 'it's so big' references, the size is never deliberately specified.

Enormous - You have has an enormous cock and girls both marvel at and vividly describe its size.

“I’m comfortable with me,” Xander said as he took the Normal option. “No need to be making a huge deal out of it.”


“Huge deal,” Anya said with a laugh.


Xander sighed as he went on to the final screen.


Supernatural: the magic and demons of Sunnydale make many additional sex scene possible. What could be caused the supernatural surroundings?


NonCon Sex With Monsters

Consensual Monsters

Futa on Girls

Futa on Xander

Trance States

Finished: Begin Game


“I was beginning to think you were getting boring,” Anya said as she watched Xander take all of the options.


“Let’s chalk it up to karma. With all of the magic and bad intentions in Sunnydale, there should been a lot more things that resulted in sex.”


“Agreed. It would have been more fun that way.”


Xander absently nodded his head as he selected ‘Begin Game’.

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