Not Looking For a Dad

BY : Jack-of-Spikes
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Dawn walked into the magic box and let her  backpack slump into a nearby chair, it had been a half-day at school but she hadn’t told anyone. She had a plan and if it had a chance of succeeding at all she needed to be sneaky about it. She may not have had powers like buffy but over time she’d learned to use what she did have. It started by accident. Her drama teacher had been looking at her with this funny expression on his face. She liked it and couldn’t really say why but it happened more and more the further she pushed the line. The invisible line of etiquette between teacher and student. Then after she turned 16 more men started getting that funny look in their eyes. Xander, Riley, Spike, even Giles... Somehow when Giles looked at her that way it was different, it made her look back. They’d been looking, hard, for months now and no one seemed to notice.


Giles wandered out of the backroom and was startled to see her standing there in a sweater that was too tight and a skirt that was too short. 


“Dawn? Why aren’t you in school? Is buffy...”

 Dawn smiled back at him and he seemed to calm as he waited for her reply, “buffy’s fine, I’m fine, everything’s fine. School let out a bit early today and i thought to myself, ‘self, lets stop by the magic box and check on old-man Giles. I didn’t think i’d give you a coronary.”


Giles eyes had started roaming her figure the moment the thought of impending danger had passed. “Yes, quite, uhh, err, well...”


“You know...” Dawn could feel her desire dripping down her legs as he watched her, “... looking at me the way you do. You could give a girl the wrong impression.”


Giles gaped at her. Immediately removing his glasses he began cleaning them manic-ly as he stammered around an apology, but that’s what she had been waiting for. In those few moments she closed the gap between them and grabbed him by that big beautiful bulge she’d been eyeing like a present on Christmas morning.


“Of course the wronger it is, the righter it’ll feel. At least that’s been the case when I’ve been on my own, I’m tired of handling those oh so wrong feelings all on my own. It never quite gets the job done.”


Giles grabbed her wrist and pulled it off of his now throbbing member and began to lead dawn towards the door. “I don’t know what you’re playing at but i’ll not be any part of it. Buffy is like a daught...”


Dawn stopped them at the door and turned to face him, “exactly /buffy/ is like a daughter to you. I’m not looking for a dad, I’m looking for someone to call daddy as he pulls my hair and pops my cherry over that table over there.” She pointed at the center table where the scoobies would do their research and looked at him straight in the eyes while unfastening the top button of her sweater. Then she undid the next. He looked at her coldly and it sent shiver down her spine. He reached behind her and just as his hand was about to reach the knob it arc’d upwards and hooked the door-jam in place. His hand reached for her chin and she whimpered as it held her firmly in place. His mouth covered hers and her tongue crashed against his like waves, her hand found his zipper and pull it down, his cock spilled from his trousers like a dam had burst and he felt his heat in her grip. Slowly she pumped it up and down. Sinking to her knees she made sure to look directly into his eyes one more time. She hoped she’d be good at this. She’d been practicing as often as she could, on her drama teacher, spike, and a purple toy she’d found in willow’s night table. The cock in front her now though was at least 3 inches bigger than the biggest she’d had. All she could think about for so long was getting this thing inside her but now it was a little bit intimidating. She kissed the head, never breaking eye contact. She needed it wet if she was going to throat him the way she’d seen the girls online do it, so she licked and suckled at his shaft and head, trailing her tongue along his length and then stroking him. Clear precum dribbled from the end of his massive cock and she greedily sucked it down, eliciting a moan that gave her all the confidence she needed. She locked her lips around the head of his member and began to suck him down her throat. Her eyes watered as she brought him deeper. He began to involuntarily push his hips into her mouth, fucking it as she worked him over. She bobbed and twisted and sucked him like she he was the solution to every problem she’d ever had. She moaned and he felt her vibrate around him. Her hand reached up and massaged his balls just in time to feel them suddenly tighten. The hot spurts of cum never touched her tongue. She felt them hit her stomach and she pulled back just so his head remained between her lips. She delighted in sucking the last remnants of cum into her mouth where she tasted him for the first time. He tasted good, she wanted to wear the taste of him on her lips like gloss. She knew at this moment she had more cum inside her than she’d ever had before but rupert was still hard. His breathing started to normalize and dawn took this as a sign to movie forward. If she wanted him before, it was nothing compared to how much she wanted him now, “So you gonna stand there all day or are you gonna make sure i never survive a horror movie.” He looked befuddled. Dawn sighed, “because only virgins do. You are so old” 


“Not to old to bend you over my knee.”


“Promises promises, and here i stand cherry intact with a belly full of daddy-giles cum.”


He didn’t need any further prompting, giles pulled her sweater the rest of the way open only to find she was bare underneath.


“In case you’re wondering my underwear matches today.” She took his hand and put it up her skirt so he could feel her clean shaven, sopping went pussy on his finger tips. The look he gave her she could have sworn she was looking at ripper. He moved his fingers to his lips, sucked her juices off of them and then kissed her again. The taste of her desire on his lips and his cum on hers mixed made her dizzy. 


“So help me old-man if you don’t fuck me right here and now i’ll never forgive you.” He lifted her off the ground and hiked her skirt up, carrying her over to the table he pushed her back down onto it and scooted her to the table’s edge. Her feet hovered over both his shoulders. He rubbed the swollen head of his cock on her tight, virginal, opening. Rubbing her clit, making her beg for him. And beg she did, with whimpers, and moans, and the soft whispering of “please, please, please...”


Finally he could hold back not a moment longer and he pushed in, stretching and tearing her hymen as he slowly filled her with every inch. The sharp pain sent tears to her eyes. She expected him to offer to stop but he didn’t and she was glad for it. The more he treated hear as an object the more she wanted him. He began to move in and out of her and what had been a stark and painful start turned into something unbelievable. He gripped the back of her neck and used it for leverage. All the pain had ebbed away and been replaced by the kind of pleasure she’d only ever seen etched on the faces of the girls she’d seen on the internet. It was hard to breathe and harder to stop. She panted and he filled her insides from every angle. His deep penetrative thrusts threatening to send her over the edge. Her body started  responding all on it’s own. She met his thrusts in a kind of heat that went beyond thought and into the realm of instinct. “Don’t stop!” She breathed at him in a raspy desperate voice. He growled in response and yanked her to her feet, spinning her around and pushing her face down on the table. Her eyes rolled back into her head as this new position and rough treatment combined to force her orgasm to rise within her nearly all at once. “Fuck! Fuck! fuck!” Her fists pounded the table as her young body set every nerve inside her on fire with the release orgasm brings. Her throbbing insides milked his cock of ever drop of cum left within him. Hot spurts flooded her velvety insides. He grunted and gasped, thrusting harder with each hot rope. When he pulled himself out of her she could feel him dripping down her inner thighs. It took forever for her to stop shaking and pull her panties from her discarded backpack and pulled them up her slender legs. 


He slumped back into a chair, his cock covered in both their sin and rested his face in his hands. She leaned down and kissed his cheek. “Thanks big guy, and don’t go telling my sister about any of this. I mean unless you like being headless, she’s told you her exacto-knife story right?”

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