The Cookie Monster

BY : LL72
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"Would you like a cookie, Buffy?" Ted pushed the open jar across the table towards the blonde teen.

Would she like a cookie?

That was like asking Yogi Bear whether he wanted a picnic basket. The Slayer tried to appear coy and reluctant, not wanting to appear greedy to the man who looked like he was well on the way to becoming her new stepfather. He smiled and pushed the jar closer to her. That was all the encouragement Buffy needed to reach in and grab out not a cookie, but several, wolfing them down like she hadn't eaten for a week.

"Buffy, dinner will be ready soon," her Mom said reprovingly, even though it was Ted who had put the cookie of temptation in Buffy's way.

"Yes Mom," Buffy agreed, without managing to concede she had done anything wrong. Her Mom's dinners had certainly improved from their previous throw everything in a pan recipe since she had agreed with Ted to give up the gallery and become a full-time homemaker. But compared to the cookies Ted baked it was sawdust versus culinary perfection. Her Mom continued to look at her as if she was expecting more; faced with that expression Buffy decided to add, "I'm sorry," though she wasn't at all.

Ted gave her a secret wink, showing he was on her side, and pushed his chair back from the table, patting his knee. His girlfriend approached, tittering like a schoolgirl, not a Mom the wrong side of forty. As she got nearer Ted grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him, sitting her on his lap, one hand on her thigh, the other moving up her waist. Underneath the pinafore Buffy could see her Mom was only wearing a small skirt and a vest that hardly covered her braless tits, Joyce's dressing had got more daring since she'd been seeing Ted; Buffy approved, Ted did too. He was pulling Joyce's head round, kissing her deep as Buffy watched. That was something else that had changed since Ted had come into her Mom's life, the older blonde's sex life had moved up the scale from freezing to burning. Not only did Buffy often find them making out, she had several times had to quickly retreat from a room she had just entered on finding her Mom on her knees with Ted in her mouth. And from the cries that were coming from her Mom's room when the teen returned from patrol that wasn't the only hole he was sticking his dick hard into.

If her Mom had slipped from Ted's lap and onto her knees Buffy would have made a tactful exit, but as she didn't the blonde teen waited for them to finish kissing. If she left every time they made-out she'd be moving round the house like a pinball trying to escape. After a few moments Ted broke from her Mom, though her kept his hand on Joyce's thigh stroking it as she looked adoringly at him.

"You know Dick Snyder?" Ted asked Buffy.

The only Snyder Buffy knew was her High School Principal and she didn't know his first name, though she had a feeling it began with an R. "I know Principal Snyder, he's an evil little troll."

"He's not little where it counts," Ted grinned squeezing Joyce's leg so she tittered, "Have a cookie." Buffy quickly complied, munching the delectable and delicious delight. Ted pulled the jar back towards himself, to Buffy's disappointment, as he turned to his lover, "You should have one as well."

Joyce was so eager she almost snatched the cookie, before jamming it in her mouth and eating it with same evident eagerness as her daughter had just displayed. Ted waited a moment for the two Summers to finish and wipe the crumbs from their mouths, licking their lips and sucking their fingers to get all of the flavour from it.

"He's a buddy of mine. I was talking to him earlier about my hot girlfriend," he squeezed Joyce's thigh again, "and her equally hot daughter." He looked directly at Buffy and the teen blushed. Her face got even redder as Ted continued, "It seems you have an admirer."

"He never seems to show it, he's always picking on me," Buffy grumbled.

Her Mom gave her a look that suggested this counted as contradicting Ted, something she shouldn't do. But the man himself didn't seem to mind. "He can't show favouritism, you know that, especially to a little hotpot like you; rumours would spread, lies told, careers wrecked."

"I guess," said Buffy and eyed the cookie jar.

Ted saw where her gaze was resting smiled and upped the jar slightly, tempting her with the goodies within, but keeping it just out of reach. "Anyway as he's single, I thought we might invite him over to dinner and he could be Buffy's first."

"Um..." Buffy certainly wasn't in agreement with that but wasn't sure how to say it without looking like she was arguing with Ted.

"He'd be much better for you than that Angel you seem to like hanging around with," Ted said and looked at Joyce.

Her Mom immediately gave support, "I always thought Angel was too old for you, what age is he? Twenty five, twenty six?"

"Um..." Buffy said again, desperately thinking of an excuse. Luckily Ted gave her time to think by moving the upturned cookie jar nearer and shaking it in invitation. The teen quickly reached in to grab a cookie and stuff it in her mouth. It was just as delicious as the others were and even as she chewed she began to wonder if Ted's idea wasn't a good one. Okay Snyder might not be handsome like Angel, far from it, but be wasn't undead and even if her Mom's logic was seriously skewed on age she was right that Angel was way, way older and that Snyder actually was nearer her own age. But what clinched it, what made her nod and agree was that it would make Ted happy and she liked making her soon to be stepfather happy.


Buffy wasn't sure how quickly Ted contacted Snyder; the next day as he told her off for being five seconds late for class he seemed to leer over her, but it might have been her imagination or something he always did and she'd just mentally blocked before. However, it was soon arranged he'd come over for dinner and fucking tomorrow. That night Joyce came into Buffy's room and presenting her daughter with a butt-plug and a dildo. They were to help prepare her virgin holes, Ted wanted everything to go well for his friend. Buffy didn't mention she'd already used a toy on her pussy, but took them gracefully - she too wanted to please Ted.

The day itself seemed to drag, Buffy wandering around listlessly unable to concentrate. She wasn't looking forward to this at all, and half regretted agreeing to entertain the Principal. Luckily Ted was more than generous with his cookies, baking up a new batch of ultra-low fat (but equally tasty) which he let Buffy sample. They were delicious and just a nibble made the teen forget her worries.

She snuck a few more whilst Ted and her Mom were out shopping and by the time they arrived home in the late afternoon she actually felt quiet relaxed. "I'm going to have a shower," she announced as her Mom said she was going to start on dinner.

"We've got you something to wear tonight, I'll leave it in your room," said Ted as Buffy took another cookie from the jar and headed up the stairs.

The water cleansed her and further relaxed her, leaving her feeling fresh and energised. Wrapping the towel round herself, she padded back to her room. Ted was as good as his word, a bag lying on her bed when she entered. She opened it and pulled out what they'd bought her, a tiny skirt which barely reached the top of her thighs and a tight top which covered her tits and nothing else. It was the kind of things her Mom wore now and which Ted liked, so Buffy reasoned that he'd have thought Snyder would like the same. As she got into them she suspected Ted might be right. She'd have been sent home to change if the Principal had seen her the school corridors like this, but somehow she felt he wouldn't mind when he saw her now she looked hot and slutty, a teen dream lusting for dick.

She wondered whether to wear panties or not, her Mom didn't when she around the house, explaining Ted liked quick and easy access. Still, this was a first date with Snyder and whilst she was expecting to be dicked hard and long she wasn't sure whether it made her seem a little too forward. She was just considering when the door opened and Ted walked in. He gave an appreciative smile, "The clothes fit you well."

Buffy nodded, "Should I wear panties?"

"I wouldn't bother, you'll only be taking them off," Ted grinned, the friendly smile lighting up his face and making Buffy so proud that he approved of her. "Bend over and pull your skirt up, let me have a look."

Buffy did so, letting Ted's eyes run over her naked tush and her tight little pussy. "Sny's going to enjoy those holes," Ted grinned, before shouting down, "Joyce come up here and take a photo of Buffy." He turned back to her, "This will make a picture for the album, your last afternoon of virginity."

"I'm here," her Mom announced standing in the doorway with the camera.

"Bend over further Buffy and spread that pussy wide, let your Mom take a shot of that still virgin pink," Ted said. Buffy did as she was told, eager to please him. She reached up and eased apart her lips, showing her hole to Ted and her Mom, who snapped away. "Now reach for your ass and show us the other hole," Ted instructed, "these will make great shots." Buffy hands found her cheeks, gripping them she pulled, exposing her rosebud to the camera. She could hear the click as her Mom snapped a couple of shots.

"Why don't you join her Ted, I'll take one of you both together," Joyce suggested.

"I could sit on your knee," added Buffy, feeling a real father-daughter vibe, he wasn't her real Dad, he was better.

"Shoot, okay," said Ted and sat on the bed. Buffy quickly joined him, lifting up and spreading her legs for the camera, her short skirt falling back to reveal a pussy freshly showered and shaved. Ted's hands reached for the inside of her thighs and he spread her supple legs even wider, smiling at the camera as he rested his head on her shoulder.

"That's one for the bedside cabinet," Joyce smiled and lowered the camera.

Ted gently pushed Buffy off his knee, standing up. "Let me take a picture of my two favourite girls."

Buffy blushed and nodded excitedly, she'd known her Mom was his favourite girl, but never believed she'd made second place; it felt good. Her Mom was also nodding, moving to stand beside Buffy, like her daughter wearing a very tight and small top and a tiny mini-skirt. "What about we pull our boobs out over our tops?" she asked and Ted nodded.

Standing close to her Buffy followed her Mom in yanking down her top. Her tits weren't as big as her Mom's but they were firm as she put her hands under and lifted them. Ted grinned and snapped. He continued taking shots as Joyce, guided her daughter back to the bed and onto it, pulling back the Slayer's skirt and lifting her legs apart, before she placed her head between them, posing for one more shot. "I think this one will go in the landing," Joyce said, and Buffy knew where she meant, a collage of family shots of Buffy and her Mom from baby onwards.

"That's great," said Ted. He looked at his watch, "You should finish dinner, Joyce, Sny will be here soon."

"Can I have a cookie?" asked Buffy, "Pleeease..."

Ted smiled, "Just the one."

Buffy almost raced to the jar, munching on the cookie as she went to sit on the couch and watch some TV whilst waiting for their visitor to arrive. The early evening seemed to drag, not now because she was dreading it, but because she was looking forward to making Ted proud by showing how much she could entertain Principal Snyder.

She didn't have long to wait before the doorbell rang. She looked expectantly at Ted, who lowered the newspaper he was reading and gave the teen an encouraging smile, "Why don't you let your date in?"

Her date, Principal Snyder, it seemed so strange, something that she'd have laughed our loud a couple of days ago, but if Ted thought it was a good idea so did Buffy. She got up scampering to the door, calling out to her Mom (probably unnecessarily) "He's here."

She opened the door to Snyder. He was dressed in what was probably his version of civilian attire - slacks and a shirt. He leered as she opened the door, his eyes slowly sliding up and down her body. Buffy posed playfully, leaning against the door and letting his eyes wander over her butt as she stuck it out and wiggled. "You scrub up nicely Summers," he said and, as no one ever got an invite to enter in Sunnydale, pushed his way in.

"You're looking good yourself, Principal Snyder," she purred, even if he didn't, and she pushed her body gently against him, rubbing at him through the clothes as she reached out and shut the door behind him.

"Why don't you go and get me and Dick a couple of beers?" Ted said.

"Okay," Buffy giggled, sliding her body against Snyder's one last time. He smiled lecherously, his eyes continuing to concentrate on her behind as she walked towards the kitchen, deliberately wiggling it at him.

She quickly poured a couple of beers into glasses as her Mom smiled at her and said, "It's so good of Ted to arrange this isn't it. Not many men would set up their girlfriend's daughter with a date."

"I am lucky," agreed Buffy, "He's great. I'll make him proud."

Her Mom nodded in agreement, "Ted said he was sure Snyder would want some butthole, so make sure you give it him."

"I will," confirmed Buffy, making a mental note to ensure she did just that.

"Tell Ted dinner will be ready in ten minutes," Joyce added as Buffy took the beers through to the main room.

She handed it first to Ted, telling him the meal timings, as she did. Then to Snyder, wiggling herself as she bent to give it him and biting her lip gently as she gave a coy look and then whipped and turned, wiggling her ass as she walked away over to the fireplace. She pretend to rearrange some ornaments on the top, making sure she stretched herself so that her skirt swayed over her tight ass as she did, before turning back. Her little show seemed to have had an effect on Snyder, a trickle of sweat was visible on his brow and he'd drained half of the cold beer in under twenty seconds. There was also a visible lump under his pants, and whilst Buffy couldn't claim to be an expert on dick sizes, the bulge suggested that despite being a little man he was big.

"Shall I join you on the couch and you can tell me about yourself, I know so little," Buffy purred, sashaying slowly over, her hips swinging. Snyder nodded and drained the rest of his drink.

He began to tell her about himself, where he was born, where he'd gone to college, his uncaring Mom, his distant Dad. Buffy half listened, just so that she could add encouraging, "Go on" and "That's terrible" at appropriate moments, whilst really concentrating on making sure Snyder was aware she was both available and willing. She pressed up close to him, swinging her legs onto to the sofa and sitting on them as she knelt towards the Principal. One hand twirled a finger through her blonde locks seductively, whilst the other hand moved across his body, down and around his chest, massaging over his thighs and finally slipping over the massive mound, feeling it stir as her palm lightly glid over it.

"Dinner," her Mom called.

Buffy slowly unwrapped herself, standing up and shaking her ass as she slipped her hand into Snyder's "The table's this way," she purred in a sultry tone, as if they were going to fuck on it right there and then. He followed her uncomplainingly and as she looked over her shoulder to give him a sexy smile she saw that Ted, behind them, was beaming approvingly; a rush of pride went through the teen.

Snyder took a seat at the table as Buffy helped her Mom serve the dishes and pour some wine, before she sat opposite him. Ted led the conversation as Buffy kicked off her pumps and slipped her foot up and down Snyder's leg, going higher and higher until she was between his thighs, massaging the lump with her toes. Her knee bumped at the table and both Ted and her Mom, gave her an encouraging smile and raised their glasses to stop the wine sloshing over the top. Snyder's face contorted and he grunted something, evidentially finding it hard to eat. The teen withdrew her foot for a moment and let him shovel something down, before she returned. Her toes crept upwards until she found the target, as hard as iron and as large as an elephant. He gave a lecherous grin, more ready than before and paused in his eating to let her slip and slide round. Buffy grinned naughtily. The teen continued to rub and massage him as they ate.

"That was great," said Snyder pushing forward his empty plate; he was looking at Buffy not Joyce.

"Mmmnn, lots of it as well," giggled Buffy placing her own knife and fork together and slipping her foot up over the bulky package between the Principal's legs.

"Dessert?" Joyce stood up and began to clear the plates.

"Not for me," said Snyder, leering at Buffy.

The blonde teen licked her lips seductively, her tonguing gliding over the wet, red flesh, "I was thinking I might have some dessert, a large one, which would fill my mouth." Her foot slipped over his mound and she lowered herself down her chair and half under the table.

"Joyce, let's give them some space, you can clean up later," Ted grinned standing up and winking at Buffy.

As the door closed behind them Buffy slithered fully under the table and onto her knees. There wasn't much space as she shuffled forward between Snyder's legs. "Oh God Summers," he groaned in anticipation as she undid the zip of his pants and fished in under his Y-fronts to pull out the meat. Her hand gripped round it, even thicker than she imagined it would be and she could feel its throbbing intensity, pulsing with desire, as she pulled it out. The length matched the girth, without a ruler Buffy was guessing but she thought it had to be ten inches - at least.

Her tongue went out and she slid it around the tip of the cock, sliding over the sensitive head. It was the first time she'd ever touched a cock and it felt both naughty, exciting and empowering, like she was becoming a woman at last. She wished Ted could be here to see how she was doing and to take pride in her for pleasuring his friend. Her tongue slipped down, slowly traversing the shaft, twisting round and round, leaving a glistening trail of saliva in its wake. She got down to the balls, her mouth opening so her could gentle suckle at them, swallowing the sack into her mouth.

"Oh God Summers, fuck," moaned Snyder and she could feel his legs shaking and shuddering next to her, stretching and relaxing all at once.

Letting go off his balls Buffy resumed the licking of his shaft, slowly taking her tongue upwards, slipping it over every vein and bump so that it was wet with her spit. Except when she got to the top she didn't trail back down, instead she opened her mouth and swallowed him. She had heard that guys enjoyed blow jobs and from the stuttering gasp from Snyder that was true. "Oh fuck Summers, suck my cock," he groaned, pushing the table back so that he could see down and she could see up.

It also gave her more room and Buffy took it. Her head began to bob as she hammered back and forth. The cock was so large she was only taking a fraction in and she gripped the shaft working it into her mouth as she forced herself down. Snyder snorted and shuddered in appreciation, one hand gripping the table as if to stop the chair overbalancing, whilst the other gripped the back of her head pushing her forward.

The extra force helped and Buffy felt more of the thick cock entering her mouth. It was tasteless, or at least with a flavour so weak it was bland. But it still felt so good to have it in her mouth, knowing she was giving pleasure and would be making Ted proud (still, she did kinda wish it could taste as good as the cookies). Snyder seemed to be enjoying it immensely as well, albeit for different reasons, he pushed down on her head, "That's good Summers, suck me like the dirty slut you are, take my cock all the way in."

Buffy wasn't sure if she could swallow the whole monster, Slayer skills only went so far. But she was determined to try. She went with Snyder's push, forcing herself further down the shaft. The dick pressed hard at her cheek and then slipped forward and round, threatening her throat. She could feel the gag reflex switching it, leaving her choking and gasping, flooding her mouth with bile. It spurted between her lips and down the cock. She looked at Snyder, he was thankfully smiling, not seeming to mind that the teen had spewed her saliva all down his cock and balls. "Deeper, I want to be balls deep in your mouth when I cum," he ordered, pushing her head again.

Going with it Buffy went down. She gagged again and again, but managed to still carry on, pushing past the reflex until the cock was filling her mouth. Her eyes watered and streamed so much that all she could see was a blur like a view through a car windscreen when the wipers were broken. She knew her eye shadow and lipstick, so carefully applied, must look a mess. But still she carried on, proud of herself and hoping Ted was as well. Her lips were pressing at the older man's balls and whilst she tried to open her mouth to take them as well her jaw wouldn't move enough.

Not that Snyder seemed to mind; he was humping her now, thrusting his dick in and out, pushing it hard between her lips. "God Summers, I am going to cum soon, I am going to cum in your slutty, dirty mouth and you're going to swallow."

If she'd been able to Buffy would have nodded to show her agreement, but with a cock jamming her throat and Snyder's hand still on the back of her skull, she was pinned. She hoped she gave her enthusiastic agreement with her eyes, but as they were still clouded and watery her rapid blinking might have just been trying to clear them. Luckily, however, Snyder didn't seem to need her to reply. He have a small grunt and exploded within her. For a millisecond Buffy just felt the cum, blasting against the back of her throat and flooding down and then she could taste it as well; salty, bitter, but so good, the apex of her satisfying Ted's buddy. She swallowed as quickly as she could, drinking down the thick liquid ignoring the flavour and just enjoying the knowledge that without her it wouldn't have happened.

Snyder kept his dick in and his hand pushing her forward for a quarter minute, letting the cock empty itself, before pulling it out. Buffy continued to swallow, aware that so much was in her mouth it was dribbling down her chin. She drank all that was in her and then ran her tongue out to take the rest, rubbing her hand to wipe it away and then licking her hand. Snyder was grinning happily, half-dazed, his large cock hanging down in front of him.

"How was I?" the blonde asked as she scrambled out from under the table and reached for a cloth to give her face a rub.

"You're such a slut, Summers, you polished that cock like a pro," Snyder said.

Buffy beamed at what seemed a compliment, she hoped he might mention it to Ted so that he could see how well she'd done. "Would you like another beer?" she asked and Snyder nodded as he ticked his massive dong back in.

The teen poured him another drink, passing it to him with a smile as she opened the door into the main room, "Hi, we're finished in here."

Her Mom and Ted both looked up from the TV, a twinkle in their eyes and smiles on their faces. Ted gave her a supportive wink and thumbs up as her Mom stood and said, "Do you want to help me do the dishes?"

Buffy didn't but Ted nodded, "Good idea. Me and Dick will have a couple of beers in front of the TV whilst you women tidy up."

Joyce and Snyder swapped rooms, Joyce shutting the kitchen door behind them so they would disturb the men with the noise of cleaning up. The older blonde picked up a cloth, "So?" she turned and smiled at your daughter, "Did you give Principal Snyder a blow job?"

"Yes," Buffy smiled and nodded. "It was so big, but I got him all the way in," she added.

"Oh Buffy," her Mom gave her a hug, "That's so good. Ted and I are so proud of you. Ted was just saying that he thinks Snyder may be the man for you, to stop you misbehaving and hanging around with delinquents like Angel or that Giles."

"Do you think?" Buffy wasn't sure herself, but if Ted thought so...

"He does. He was so proud that you took the initiative on going down on Dick Snyder. In fact..." her Mom smiled, " a treat he said we could have a couple of freshly baked cookies each..."

"You should have started with that..." Buffy reached for the jar.

"... once we finish tidying the kitchen," her Mom said stopping her from unscrewing it.

The kitchen was soon as clean as it ever was and in record time as the two Summers women munched the cookies, savouring every last crumb, before going to the main room to join the men. Buffy sashayed over to where Snyder was sitting and without asking for permission, cheekily sat on his lap, spreading her legs over his and leaning back against him. The older Principal didn't seem to mind, continuing to talk to Ted about something boring to do with how well (or badly) the US economy was doing and it was all the doing (or fault) of the President.

However even as he was talking his hands were wandering over the blonde's nubile body, slipping over her naked thighs and waist, moving up to rub and squeeze her titties under the thin top. Buffy giggled and rubbed herself back against him, feeling the hardness of his massive cock pressing at her butt. On the other couch her Mom was also snuggling up to Ted, her body pressing sensually at his. The two men took it as their due, carrying on the conversation and letting the two Summers snuggle and rub against them.

Keeping a hand on her tit Snyder moved the other one to her thigh. He slipped it upwards and under her skirt; and then, for the very first time, Buffy was touched by a man. His finger slid over her shaven slit, tracing a pattern round it, gently stroking the lips. Buffy giggled and laid her head back on her shoulder, not interrupting the conversation, but showing that she was happy with the attention. Snyder began to say something about the inflation rate, though Buffy was unsure whether it was too high or too low, as his finger pressed into her pussy. She gave a little stifled gasp, followed by a giggle, shaking herself and sliding slightly to get into a better position. Snyder continued to finger her in and out, as her Mom sat, nibbling at Ted's ear, just a few feet away.

Snyder began to explore, his finger moving around her pussy quicker and quicker. Buffy stifled a gasp, but still shuddered in pleasure as he thrust at her increasingly damp hole. Snyder squeezed harder at her titty, gripping it strongly, holding her. Her pussy was soon sodden, she could feel the warm wetness spreading from her hole and over her lips and mons. Snyder pressed harder, his elbow juddering so fast it was impossible to ignore what he was doing. Buffy squeaked and gasped, "Oooohh, ooohhh, ohhhh."

Joyce smiled and Snyder pulled the finger out, wiping it on her skirt.

"You might want to show Dick your bedroom," grinned Ted.

"Sure thing," giggled Buffy, sliding off Snyder's knee. She turned back to him and offered him her hand, "Would you like to see my bedroom?"

"Oh, yes," Snyder grinned lecherously.

"We'll see you tomorrow Sny," Ted grinned.

Joyce giggled, "Have fun Buffy. Show Dick a good time."

Taking hold off Snyder's hand Buffy led him to her room; it wasn't the first time she'd had a guy in there, but it was the first time with her Mom's knowledge. She shut the door and quickly gave him a tour of the room, "That's my desk, very important for studying. My bookshelf, lots of very important books and Mr Gordo. My dresser, where I make myself look beautiful. My wardrobe, where I hang my clothes. Oh and my bed..." She pointed to the last item and gave a small seductive titter. "I can do lots of things there..."

She took a step towards Snyder, reaching up and pulling her top off as she did. She felt she should feel a little shy at letting a man see her pert, but firm, tits, but she didn't, just thinking how proud Ted was off her. She came forward, looking at Snyder and seeing the lecherous look on his face as he stared at the two beautiful boobs bouncing as they approached. Buffy took them in her hands and pushed them up and together, "What do you think?"

"That even for a teenage reprobate you're a dirty whore," he grinned and licked his lips.

"I am," smiled Buffy sexily getting closer and reaching down to undo his shirt. "I'm a terrible delinquent, a bad, bad girl who needs to be tamed." She slid the shirt off, slightly surprised to find he had a vest beneath it. "There's not many who could manage me." She pulled the vest up and over him. "Only someone who knows what a I need and want.... a real man." She reached down and slid her hand over his mound, he was as hard as iron again. "Are you that man, Principal Snyder?"

"You know I am Summers," he snarled lustfully, reaching for and dragging down her skirt as he spoke.

The teen stood in front of him, the skirt round her ankles, her twat and tits bare and exposed. She could feel the excitement in her pussy, knew it was replicated in his dick. Both of them together were reaching for his pants, undoing the buttons, zip and belt in a frenzied partnership. He kicked off his shoes and he yanked down the pants and the underwear underneath, stepping out of them and standing as naked as the blonde Slayer, his cock hard and large, pointing at her.

They came together, Snyder body pressing at hers, his hands gripping her cheeks as she grabbed round his back. He staggered forward, pushing, guiding her back to the bed, until she was on it and he on her. She could feel his mountain of cock pressing at her, her pussy seeping with the thought it would soon be in her. He reached for her wrists, pinning them to the bed as his mouth went for her tits, licking and sucking them, taking the nipples in his mouth and nibbling and stretching them out. "OOoohh," Buffy moaned in pleasure, "Oooooohhh, yes, Principal Snyder, play with my titties."

He slurped one and then the other, sucking the pert tit into his mouth as far as he could and letting his tongue play with her erect and sensitive teat, leaving her shuddering in pleasure. Even as he was nibbling a nipple, one of his hands was coming down to her pussy. For a moment he contented himself with stroking its outside, before slipping a couple of fingers in and easing it open. Buffy knew she was about to lose her virginity and she was happy it was someone who Ted had set her up with and evidentially approved off, better than loosing it to Angel, who Ted didn't think much off.

And then he was in and Buffy wasn't a virgin anymore. It was only a couple of inches at first, pushing past her lips and into the hole. The teen still moaned, though at least some of that pleasure was due to the tongue still slipping round her nipples. Snyder began to push, moving himself so that he was fully on top of her and penetrating down. Her tight pussy gripped round the large dick, slowing it down. Snyder thrust harder, placing his hands either side of her and ramming down, his legs rubbing at hers as he went. "Take it Summers, take it," he grunted.

"Ooohh," Buffy moaned, "oooohhh."

Snyder thrust harder, ramming his cock into her hole. Her tight teenage pussy resisted, though not through any wish of Buffy's, but Snyder was going to hard and fast and its walls gradually retreated allowing him to slam all the way, even if they gripped and slurped at his large prong. Buffy squealed and gasped, feeling herself being transported, the pleasure surging through her. "Ooohhh, yesss, ooooohhh."

"Take it, take my big dick you dirty little slut," Snyder snarled commandingly, his hands reached out and grabbed Buffy's wrists again, pinning her down as he fed her cunt his full length, the heavy balls slapping against her with every thrust.

"Ooohhh, yessss, yesss," cried Buffy, "Aaarrghh, fuck me, fuck my tight teen pussy hard."

"Urh, urh, you slutty little delinquent whore," Snyder panted on top of her his chest hitting hers as he drove in and down.

"Aaaarrrghh," gasped Buffy, her pert tits bouncing and her back arching. The orgasms flowed through her like a molten wave, each thrust from Snyder sends ecstatic volts through her, frying her brain and making her muscles feel weak with pleasure. He was driving his hard cock all the way into her, finding places she had never found with her fingers or the toy hidden away in her Slayer box, with stakes, holy water and throwing axes. She screamed again, her back bending and her head driving at the mattress. He was so big and pounding her so deep, she couldn't believe how much pleasure she was getting. Mentally, or at least in that part of her brain that was still functioning, she thanked Ted for setting her up, without him she'd have never known this pleasure. Her hands opened and closed, still pinned down by Snyder's grasps, "Aaaarrrrghh, fuck me, aaaaarrrghh ram my tight hole so good."

"You little slut, you dirty whore, you nasty reprobate skank," he grunted, "You need a real man to fuck and tame you, make you a good girl, just begging for my cock."

"Aaaarrrghh, yessss, yessss, I'll be a very good girl," Buffy screamed, "Just fuck me harder!"

Snyder did so, redoubling his efforts and hammering her so hard that the bed almost took off. "Aaaaarrrghhh," screamed Buffy, "aaaaarrrghhh fuck me." She was screaming so loudly she was sure her Mom and Ted would hear and know what a time she was having and how she was being obedient to Ted's wishes. "Aaaaarrrghh, fuuuccck meee, aaaaarghhh, yessss, harder, harder, more!"

The High School Principal pounded his student harder, slamming his cock in with all his stamina and speed. Buffy squeaked and squealed, wrapping herself round him and encouraging him with her nubile body. His sweat dripped onto her, the cold perspiration sliding between their bodies and adding another source of wetness apart from her soaked hole. "AAaaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrghhh!"

More orgasms tore through her, more powerful than before, bringing with them almost as much pleasure as Ted's freshly baked cookies. The teen shrieked and wailed, her body bending like it was made of rubber as her pussy clamped and stroked the hard dick pounding it. "AAAaarrrghhh, yessss, aaaaarrghhh."

"Uurh, urrhh, God yes," grunted Snyder which was the only warning Buffy got before her pussy was filled with his cum, his large cock spurting it deep into her hole. It dribbled out as he withdrew, oozing down and over her lips and down her tunnel. "Aaah," he panted, "Ted was right, you're a bangable delinquent."

"Mmnn yes, Ted's always right," she said. Her pussy ached, bit in a good way; it had been stretched and strained, but the orgasms had been so powerful they seemed to act as a healing wave and the cum leaking down it was soothing and comforting. But even more important that her own enjoyment was Snyder's, especially if Ted had bigged her up for him. She looked at him, lying on his back, breathing heavily as he got his breath back, he seemed satisfied, but she could do more she knew and perhaps with her encouragement he could as well; let him give her top marks for her performance.

The blonde teen slithered down the bed, until her head was opposite his cock. Even flaccid it looked large and thick, like an elephant's trunk dangled between his legs. She glanced up at him, smiled, and then eased forward to kiss and lick the huge dong. It was still wet and sticky with his and hers cum, a thin sheen of glue-like membrane covering the prick and making it so that with every kiss, her lips gently tightened to it as she pulled away. Up and down she went, covering the dick in little pecks and licks, making it gently unfurl and stick upright, so that soon she was able to sweep her tongue up and down in long, slow, sensual laps.

"You are such a slut Summers," said Snyder, but the teen was sure there was approval in his voice.

"Mmmnn, yes," she agreed, sliding her tongue around the shaft. "Do you want to take me again, stallion?"

"Oh, I do," said the older man, eyeing her appreciatively. He licked his lips like she was a tasty morsel of a mouse and he was a hungry cat, "And there's a hole we haven't used yet."

Buffy giggled, she didn't think many people gave their first blow job, lost their virginity and then had their anal cherry popped all on the same night - especially from one man. Either Snyder was much more manly than he looked or Slayers were so fuckable they could raise anything. Or both...

She ran her tongue round the cock one last time, a slow and seductive lick which left the shaft wet with her spit. Snyder grunted and grinned as she then moved onto her hands and knees, wiggling her ass at his face. "It's yours, take it as you want."

Reinvigorated by the sexy jiggling cheeks Snyder was up behind her, his hands gripping the buttocks squeezing them hard and easing them apart to rub his hard cock in the crevasse between them. The teen moaned and giggled as the iron dong slid over her tight, virgin rosebud. Snyder gripped her cheeks harder, moulding them like play-dough, his fingers digging deep and his palm pressing and rubbing all at once. "I am going to slam this slut asshole and make you gape so wide you could fit your fist up there," he promised.

"Fuck it deep," moaned Buffy in excited anticipation. Her hand crept to her clit which she stroked enthusiastically, her fingers soon as damp as her slit. Snyder's cock continued to rub between her cheeks as he squeezed and played with the buttocks. Then one of his fingers moved to her hole and she gave a small whinny as he pressed at the sphincter. The ring gave way...

"That is such a tight looking ass Summers," he leered, "I'm going to enjoy ruining it."

"Oooh, yes, stick it in, ram your massive big prick down my virgin hole and smash it open," Buffy was almost screaming with excitement, every part of her body waiting for the huge invade to enter her back hole. She had never imagined being taken in the ass, never thought it was a hole you should use for sex; without Ted introducing her to Snyder she might never even have thought about it; she was sure Angel would have been too gentlemanly to suggest it. Which was another reason why she was glad it was Principal Snyder behind her tonight... "Fuck me, oh please fuck my butt."

He pushed his finger deeper, twisting it around her bowel and easing apart the walls. The teen gave another groan as his knuckle swivelled round, stimulating her - though not as much as her own fingers rubbing over her dripping cunt. Both their fingers moved faster, Snyder's jacking up and down to loosen her, Buffy's sweeping back and forth to dampen her. After a few moments Snyder pulled his out and Buffy could feel the tip of his dick against her (soon to be no longer) virgin asshole. "Let me test how tight this ass is," he said as he began to push.

The sphincter put up less resistance than the French Maginot Line as the dick pressed past the rosebud and into the dark tunnel. Buffy twerked her ass, wiggling and jerking it up the dick as Snyder gripped her waist and pull himself forward. The massive dick entered deeper, go into territory that was untouched and unsullied. The blonde teen shuddered with excitement as Snyder's dong found spots of pleasure, waves of joy flooding through her as the hidden places were found, the nerves singing in pleasure as they were stimulated. "OOOohh, urrrrhh," she grunted, her fingers working over on her pussy, her other hand stretched in front of her, as her chin rubbed and bounced at the bed, "Oooohh, yesss, yessss."

"This ass is fuckable," Snyder said, "It's the hole of a fuck whore."

"Ohhhh, yeesss, Principal Snyder, fuck it, ram it hard, give me all your dick," Buffy squealed in response, her fingers rubbing furiously at her clitoris.

He did, slamming at her harder and faster, until she could feel the slap of his thighs against her and is balls bouncing at her butt in a fast rhythm. she gave another shriek of pleasure, her back bending as her face pressed at the bed and her ass rose to meet his vigorous thrusts, "Yesssss, aaarrghhhh, yesss. Fill my ass, make me cum so good, oooohhh go deeper."

"You're a little slut, Summers," Snyder grunted, though luckily these words didn't signify any slow down on his part. In fact even as he was talking he was gripping her harder and thrusting even faster, driving his big dick deep into her.

The blonde squealed again, gasping out her pleasure, aware how lucky she was to have such a great near step-dad in Ted.

Then without warning Snyder pulled the cock out. He roughly grabbed Buffy's shoulders and twisted the teen so she was facing him, "Suck on it, Summers, swallow my fat cock."

Despite the fact it had just been in her mouth Buffy complied eagerly, stretching her jaw open so that she could take it deep. Her head bobbed up and down, ignoring the taste, just concentrating on giving 'her man' pleasure. From the look on Snyder's face she succeeded, his expression a contortion, his eyes rolling and his mouth lolling open. He gripped her shoulders hard and worked back and forth, thrusting his dick in time with her head's roll forward. She gagged as the tip pressed at her throat, her saliva covering the cock. Snyder yanked it out, "On your side, lie down."

The blonde teen did immediately as she was told, if only she was this good in school she'd have been top of the class, she realised. Snyder was rolling her so that she was balanced. Then he moved behind her, lifting her top leg up so he could swing his into the gap. He grabbed the uplifted leg, holding it tight like he was using it as a lever as he pushed again into her ass. Buffy moaned with utter satisfaction as his cock pushed down, quicker this time, her ass looser, his dick slippery with her saliva. "Yes, Summers, take my cock," he grunted as he began to thrust back and forth,

"Ohhhh, yessss, ohhhhh," the teen groaned out, her body shuddering and pressing back against the older man as he pounded faster and harder, his huge member slamming in all the way.

It felt so good, a little sore and achy, but not much more than from a strenuous workout and like during exercise the outcome was worth the effort. "Oooohh, yessss, aaahhh," Buffy squeaked as the pleasure rode her, speeding through her body. "Ooohhh, ahhhh, aahhhh, yes, yesss, ooohhh yessss!"

The High School Principal fed his anal student his full length, his body battering against her with every thrust. He let go off her thigh, letting her keep her leg up on her own and moved his hand to her pussy, rubbing and stroking it with the same vigour with which he was hammering her back hole. Buffy squealed and shuddered some more, her back bending and curving into Snyder, slipping against him like they were moulded. "OOoohhh, yessss, harder, harder, aaaaahhhh!"

"Take it Summers, that's it you dirty little slut, let me shove my dick deep into that tight hole, let me fuck it like it should be fucked," he grunted in her ear.

"Yesss," Buffy shrieked in agreement, "Fill me, fill me up. I want your dick ramming my butt, I want to be fucked like a whore and you're my pimp. Oooohhh, aaaaarrghh, yesssss!"

The bed squeaked and squealed, swaying like a raft in the storm as Snyder pounded in. Each thrust was ecstasy, her mind exploding into a million shards as the cock stimulated and energised her. She rocked back with an eager enthusiasm, using her body as a weapon, encouraging Snyder deeper and harder, the pleasure threatening to explode through her. "AAAArrrhhh, aaaaggghhh, harder, yesss, aaaaarrghhh, that's it, aaaaaggghhh, fuck my butt hard!"

Snyder grunted in reply, hammering her hole with a brutal passion, stretching the walls like they'd never been stretched, his huge dick pounding balls deep into her anal chute. Juice dripped from her soaking pussy, helped by his fingers as Snyder played her clit like a guitar; he was a maestro. She squealed again, her body bending like it might break and her tits bouncing, the nipples stiff and sensitive. "AAaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrghhh."

"That's it," grunted Snyder, "I am going to cum in your slut butt."

Even as he was speaking Buffy could feel the warm, wet goo exploding in her hole, swamping the chute with his seed, the silvery semen seeping deep down into her and at the same time dribbling out and down her ass crack as the Principal pulled out. She groaned in pleasure, one last time, and rolled forward onto her bed, "Oh Principal Snyder, you're a stud."

"I am," he said as he slipped away from her and onto his back, "and you get an A for anal."

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