Daughter of Aurelius

BY : Kyly
Category: Angel the Series > Het - Male/Female
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Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over anything Buffy or Angel. I am merely borrowing them from Joss et al. I do own various original characters that will appear within. I’m not making any money from this.

Pairings: Angel(us)/OFC, Spike/OFC, Angel(us)/OFC/Spike

Summary: Someone from Angelus’ past may change Angel’s future forever.

Timeline: Beginning of Angel season 5 and also flashbacks to Buffy season 2. I’m skewing the Angel timeline a bit to fit my nefarious purposes. I’m just adding more time from when Angel takes over Wolfram & Hart until Spike arrives.

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Angel followed his guide as she weaved through rows of cubicles. They were somewhere on the 23rd floor in the Research Department. He’d been at Wolfram & Hart for a few weeks but he still didn’t know all the ins and outs of the skyscraper the firm called home. Hence the need for the eager young woman trotting along a few steps ahead of him, quietly explaining where they were and the functions of everyone around them.

“The offices to your right are the heads of the department, including your Mister Wyndam-Pryce.” His guide explained. “To the left is the archives and library and through here…” She trailed off when she realized Angel was no longer behind her. She turned to find him a few feet away, his eyes fixed to a certain point in front of him, his expression very intense. “Sir?”

“You can go.” He murmured without looking at her. “I’ll find my way from here.”

She hesitated for a moment but then turned to go. She’d learned over the last few days as she escorted the vampire around that when he dismissed her it was best to disappear, with haste.

Angel was still frozen, head lifted slightly, scenting the air. There was someone familiar here, someone he knew. As inconspicuously as possible he moved forward, nostrils flaring as he followed the scent. His demon was stirring, he knew that smell. Intimately. Angel gritted his teeth as Angelus rattled his cage violently.

“Mine.” The demon hissed, over and over in his head. “Mine. Mine. Mine.”

Angel ignored him and continued forward, he turned a corner and suddenly there she was. She was perched on the edge of her chair in a cubicle, typing rapidly, her eyes focused on the screen in front of her. She hadn’t changed much in the seven years since he’d last seen her. The woman before him was tall, 5’9” if he remembered correctly. Her long dark hair was pulled up in a neat ponytail and her pale skin was bright and unblemished in the cold florescent lights. The demon crowed in satisfaction as Angel’s eyes drifted to her throat. A simple necklace adorned it, made of delicate chain link.

“Mine!” The demon roared. “She’s still mine!”

Again Angel ignored him. Is that what it meant? The fact that after all this time she was still wearing the necklace. Angel took one step forward then paused. No, this wasn’t a good idea. Not with the demon so riled up. He turned abruptly and headed toward the elevators. Once he was in his office, he fell into his chair and covered his face with his hands. What the hell was she doing here? He knew that Wolfram & Hart would hold challenges and temptations but he’d never expected to see her. He scrubbed at his eyes then stood to pace. It all flooded back to him, he remembered everything.


~Sunnydale, 1998~


Angelus let the body of the girl he’d drained fall to the ground with a satisfying thud. Ah! The taste of hot human blood! Spiced so nicely with fear and pain. Damn, it was good to be back! Dru twirled around the corner of the building, one hand twisted in the hair of a young brunette boy, the other covering his mouth, muffling his screams. The vampire smiled wickedly and she gave the boy a shove, sending him tumbling into Spike’s waiting grasp. “Dinner is served.” She said with a giggle, continuing to twist and twirl around the alley.

The blonde vampire latched onto his victim’s wrists, pulling him down to his level in the damned wheelchair. With a savage growl he sunk his fangs into the boy’s throat and drained him dry. Just as he was finishing a minion rounded the corner and stopped abruptly as Spike threw the now lifeless body at his feet.

“Any sign of the Slayer?” Angelus asked the minion. He shook his head.

“You’ve got more to worry about than just the Slayer.” A voice rang out behind them. The vampires spun toward the voice.

Where the hell had she come from? Angelus wondered. She was human, he could hear her heart beating and the blood rushing through her veins. How had she gotten so close to them without them noticing? It was almost as if she’s simply appeared from thin air. She was young, like the victims they’d just killed. Late teens, early twenties. Tall and lean, with waist length nearly black hair swirling around her in the light breeze. Although Angelus was sure she was human, she was vampire pale. She wore a simple black sleeveless top and black leather pants.

The minion took a step toward her and a cold smile twisted her lips. “I wouldn’t.” She murmured softly.

The minion looked to Angelus and the older vampire tipped his head toward the girl silently telling him to proceed.

He only made it a few steps before the girl threw her hand out in front of her, fingers flexing. The vampire stopped abruptly then screamed. Moments later he burst into flames and turned to ash before their eyes. When the dust settled the girl was smiling serenely. “Marius Aurelius sends his regards.” She said simply.

The name had its desired effect as the vampires all froze. Angelus hadn’t heard that name in a very long time. He was the Fountainhead. The Maker. The All Father. There were many names for the vampire that began the line of Aurelius. No one seemed to know for sure how old he was but it was said he was at least 1,000. He’d started the order of Aurelius in the 12th century and he was terrifyingly powerful even then.

“Do I have your attention?” The girl asked.

“You do.” Angelus answered with a nod.

“That stunt you pulled with the Judge has garnered you quite a bit of attention. Attention Marius finds to be problematic.” The girl explained.

Angelus chose his words carefully. His arrogance refused to let him fear anyone or anything but the mention of Marius Aurelius made him…wary. He flashed the girl his most charming smile, “You know how it is. We have to keep ourselves entertained.”

She returned his smile but it didn’t reach her eyes, they remained cold and calculating. “I’ve been sent with a message. Public displays like what happened with the Judge are unacceptable. This is your only warning.”

Spike, who had been uncharacteristically quiet, spoke up, “And what happens if we don’t heed your warning?”

“Then Marius himself will come to the Hellmouth and death will follow.” She answered. “I’ll be watching.” She took a step backwards, then another. As she stepped into the shadows she simply vanished.

“Daddy?” Drusilla whispered then whimpered and clutched at his arm. “Her head, I couldn’t get inside.”

“There, there, Princess.” Spike said, reaching for her hand. She took it but stayed cuddled to Angelus, whose eyes were fixed to the spot where the girl had been.



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