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Disclaimer: I have no ownership of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any intellectual property contained within this fan-made story from which no money has been made.

Author’s Note: This is a story I worked out with rkimmelerre that was again the basis for a game. Unlike the Great Perverted Game, I went into this knowing that this would just be testing of a possible idea. The rough game premise is supposed to be that the player selects various events, but also presses buttons that change what sexual acts the world views as normal. However, the player does not know at the start what each button does.

Plot: The Buffy characters are on a brief vacation, but Jenny has a techno pagan device that is supposed to make things more fun, but she doesn’t know how it works.

How it Player Out: I provided rkimmelerre with a list of choices for additions/improvements he could make to the vacation house (way too many to just list here), what activities the group would do, and two letters pushed on the phrase ‘Flower Map’ (at the time, it was the best anagram I could come with).

Please note that as a game concept this would currently be horrible; this was like an alpha test to try out mechanics.

The story parts are all conveyed from the female characters and are meant to be very short. I didn’t want any characters recounting of events to be more than a few paragraphs. Also, I didn’t worry about mixing characters who never could have met in the timeline.

To sum it up, this is a story where what the characters perceive as normal changes over their vacation and I didn’t know exactly what the changes would be, because I was allowing a player to make those picks.


Day 0


God, I can’t believe I’m stuck with these losers for the next week. Xander was like: ‘hey honey, want to go to the beach?’ and I was totally into it. I should have known he couldn’t stand to be away from Buffy for a full week. This is apparently a ‘working vacation’ and by that I mean those weirdos are doing their weirdo training exercises.


Hopefully we can ditch the exercises and actually have some fun.



It’s a little weird to be on a training exercise for a week without Giles. It’s even stranger that the Watcher’s Council was willing to chip to actually pay for something. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that the ‘training center’ they sent us to was badly in need of repairs.



When I first came out to California I thought I’d be seeing nothing but the beach, but Sunnydale is missing that key aspect of California. Well, we’re here, now it's time to ditch training as much as possible.


Though it might be worth it to show Buffy what a real Slayer can do.



I brought all of the books, but I’m beginning to think that no one else really wants to do any studying or researching. We have a week away from the Hellmouth, time to focus on school and learning about the supernatural.



Well, here we are. I’ve never been good at being in charge outside the classroom, the kids look to me more as a friend than an authority figure. It doesn’t help that they all have different ideas of what to do while we’re here.


I think Giles is hoping that Xander will be the one to suggest the activities; it’s obvious he wants that boy to follow in his footsteps. Unfortunately, Xander is the only one other than me with a car, so I might be sending him on a bunch of errands. The Watcher’s may have sprung for this place, but they didn’t actually prepare anything to do.


One good note, a techno pagan friend sent over a new device that is being worked on. It’s called Flower Map, kind of hippyish, but it is supposed to have a pretty powerful impact. Unfortunately, they forgot to send the instruction manual along. It gets its name because it is a small computer screen with the phrase ‘flower map’ written down the left hand side. There are three bars next to each of the letters, except the A which has five - though the first bar has already been lit up, the W which has two, and the M which has both of a plus and minus setting.


I don’t know the specifics, but it apparently has a pretty big magical effect in making events more fun. I guess without an instruction manual I’ll just have to try out the various settings and see what we get.


I can press two buttons each night, then the magic needs time to recharge. I hit the W and A. There wasn’t any real impact so I head to bed, maybe something when be different in the morning.


Day 1

Choices made:

Fix Shower

Group actions: Talk, relax

Interact with: Cordelia

Buttons pressed: W/A



Okay, maybe I was too harsh on this place. I woke up with a decidedly pleasant feeling. Maybe it's the ocean, or just being away from Sunnydale, or it surprisingly might be Xander. He came in, kissed me on the forehead, and whispered, “Good morning, sweet tits.”


I know, strange, right. Totally unlike him. So romantic.


I would have loved to spend a little more time with him right then, but Miss Calendar had asked him to look into fixing the shower and deciding on an activity for the day. Well, we need a working shower, but I’m not expecting much.



I can’t say I’m thrilled with Xander’s choices for his first day, though the girl’s really appreciate it. Just giving them time to relax and talk is very much the vacation they had been expecting, but not the kind of seriousness that might be needed.


Though maybe not all was lost, as I passed by the girl’s conversation I heard Faith talking to Buffy and Willow, “Oh, yeah, two guys at once is doable. It requires a bit of work and talking things through at first, you can’t just jump into it like a porn. One in the twat and one in the mouth, or being jerked off, is really all you should try. None of that double penetration stuff until you’ve had some time to get used to each other.”


An impromptu sex ed class; maybe Faith isn’t such a bad leaf after all.



I wanted nothing more than to relax, now that we’re here I’m itching for something to actually do. The Watchers don’t really know anything about entertainment.


It did give me a chance to take care of the horniness I’ve had since Faith gave that overview on different ways to conduct threesomes. I really wish Willow hadn’t taken notes though. I mean, this is a vacation, try to relax.


I was worried in a house with five girls and Xander that I wouldn’t be able to find a spot to masturbate, but Willow was making use of the shower that Xander had fixed so I had the room to myself and my fingers.  She was probably taking care of the same problem I was. God, I miss my dildo.

Day 2

Choices made:

Fix Training Room, fix library

Group actions: Exercise, study

Interact with: Buffy

Buttons pressed: L/O



So we had training first thing in the morning. I thought we were just going to go out for a run or something, but Xander got the training room fixed up before any of us were awake. I have to admit, that was pretty impressive. And with the showers fixed we’re not going to be stuck being sweaty and uncomfortable afterwards.


As for the training, not too much different. We did some pushups and jumping jacks; Xander used the opportunity to pretty openly stare at Cordelia’s bouncing tits. I didn’t care, but I think Faith was annoyed that he barely noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra.


We finished up with a sparring session between me and Faith. I won, though Faith probably would argue that. If the competition had been who can ‘accidently’ get their hand into the other person’s clothing the most times, she would have won, but I don’t think vamps are going to be taken down by that approach anytime soon.


When we spar in the library, Giles usually has us end with a handshake. It’s silly and he’s all kinds of British about respect. Xander had a much better approach.


‘Why don’t you kiss to end the match’ he suggested.


It’s not like I was thrilled to be kissing Faith, and she even went ahead and grabbed my ass which was a bit embarrassing, but at least it wasn’t a stuffy handshake.



Some nice time to sit down and study today. We could use some more books, or a computer which would be awesome, but it's nice that Xander recognizes that we can’t let our grades fall behind just because we’re on vacation.



I took our time off at night to sit and watch the sunset over the ocean. Xander joined me and it was nice to watch the beautiful scene together. He led off with a corny joke about how the only thing better than the sunset was my tight ass in the shorts I was wearing. It’s always nice to have a good laugh with friends.


Not much other than that. We watched the sunset, said goodnight, I headed to Willow and my room. She was masturbating, under the covers of course. I gave her a goodnight kiss and then headed to the shower to take care of my own nighttime horniness. I realized after my second orgasm that I had left the shower door open and that Willow was watching me play with myself. That was a little silly of me, I hope she doesn’t think it was rude that she had to listen to my screams of pleasure while she tried to get to sleep.

Day 3


Choices made:

Fix Kitchen, Fix Spa

Group actions: Exercise, Socialize, Relax with Faith

Buttons pressed: L/F



Xander fixed up the kitchen and spa this morning. Impressive work, the girls will love the spa but I think it's mostly a distraction. The kitchen is nice to have in working order, we don’t have to call out for food every time now.


It could be better, but he probably sees this more as a vacation than a training opportunity.



I don’t care for this exercise program. I mean, I obviously get a lot of exercise in, just look at me, but apparently exercise for Slayers is different than exercise for normal people. We just have this big empty space with some mats so Buffy and Faith can throw each other around.


All I’m trying to do is some stretches while Buffy and Faith go at each other. Faith throws high kick, Buffy blocks; Buffy punches at Faith’s head, Faith ducks; Faith grabs Buffy’s pussy, Buffy moans and then tackles her. Buffy and Faith wrestle as their crotches hump against each other.


How am I supposed to focus over those two’s moans?


And it’s not like Xander is a help; he just stands there watching as Faith tries to immobilize Buffy by pulling her shirt over her head and trying to get at her breasts.


Boys can be so gross; all they’re trying to do is get better at fighting and there he is staring slack jawed like it's all for his entertainment. He barely even looks at my butt as I bend over trying to get his attention.



We got together today for a bit of group activity. There wasn’t much to do at the moment, but Faith pulled out a pack of cards and suggested we play strip poker.


We laughed, but turned her idea down. It was just normal cards for us. How crazy would it be to play for our clothing?


Faith as one point said she was surprised I didn’t want to play strip poker with how I was acting. She was probably referencing that I had just pulled up my shirt to flash Xander my bra. It wasn’t just me, Cordelia responded the same way every time I did it and, when she wasn’t too nervous, Willow got in on the act.


Faith just doesn’t understand what having people close to you can be like. Sure, I’m going to flash Xander my bra, and maybe bend over when he is looking, and perhaps let out a moan when he bumps against me, but that’s just harmless fun because we’re all good friends.


Evening: Faith, relaxing

It’s nice to finally have a kitchen, if nothing else it means I can take care of my midnight munchies.


Xander was there and we got to talking. It started with boring stuff, how the training went, what we should do tomorrow, if there was anything we needed, etc.


It got a little better when we got to the subject of Buffy. Xander mentioned that he thought when I was winning the fight I was going to push Buffy down and make her eat my pussy.


I laughed, it was a fun suggestion. I told him what I had really wanted was to bend her over and fuck her pussy with a strapon. I told him he probably wanted something similar.


He smiled as he responded that if he got Buffy in such a position he was going straight for her ass.


I have to admit; that was one of the funniest things I had ever heard. I told him that I’m sure Buffy wasn’t into taking it in the ass.


He agreed, though suggested he bet Buffy would let us spit roast her.


It was quite an idea. I may have had the wrong view of Xander, it’s nice to have a guy to just sit back and joke around with like that.



I had what I thought was going to be a daring plan. Leave the room in my underwear, approach Xander, and see how he reacts. Buffy would have approved of me being so forward. I was getting tired of all the attention he was lavishing on the other girls and hoped to get some as well.


Well, it didn’t go as planned. I walked out of the room, in my underwear, and ran into Xander. He tried to hide until he saw it was me.


“Hey Will,” he said, but I barely registered the words. He was completely naked.


“I bet you had the same idea as me to get a drink,” he said. “I didn’t know anyone else was still awake. I thought you might be Miss Calendar for a moment, that would have been weird to have her walk in on me.”


He laughed as he headed back to his room. I ran back to my room to masturbate. Pity Buffy had already fallen asleep or maybe she would have been willing to help.

Day 4

Choices made:

Setup Internet router, setup massage table, purchase healthy food, purchase junk food, add weights to training room, add aerobic equipment to training room

Group actions: Exercise, Socialize, Massages

Interact: Buffy

Buttons pressed: M+/F



I think I have a pretty good grasp on what Xander is trying to do. He’s trying to move people to be better, but he also wants them to have fun.


I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that he is the type that would try and make everyone happy. He’ll probably pull it off for this trip, but likely not something that can work long term.



Studying has been going a lot faster with the internet router in place. I love books, if this was a game I’d probably have like four levels in likes books, but nothing works better than a computer. Ms. Calendar was also obviously quite happy with the technology improvement.


Things went so fast that I even had time to give Xander a handjob. He’s been doing a pretty good job lately and I could tell he was tense, so as we were finishing up some chemistry homework I reached into his pants and grabbed his cock. He looked around to make sure none of the other girls were watching, that would have been a bit strange, especially if it was Faith, but they all seemed to be engrossed in their work. He then helpfully undid his pants and I got to work stroking his dick.


With how worked up he’s been it didn’t take long until he was shooting a load of cum all over my hand. He apologized for not giving me a warning; I was just grateful he was quiet. It is a library after all. It’s not like it was a big problem; I licked the cum off my hand to take care of any mess.


He gave me a kiss on my cheek before he left. Can you believe it? I got a kiss from Xander!



Back to exercising, but it seems like Xander is no longer focusing on Buffy and I. He picked up this aerobic equipment and is now helping Willow, Jenny, and Cordelia. It’s not like they need his help; Willow is perfectly capable of holding Cordelia’s breasts steady as she does arm curls and Cordelia could keep her hand on Willow’s pussy to make sure she keeps good posture while bending over.


I even let Buffy “beat” me in training so she could put me over her knee and spank my ass as punishment while telling me what a bad and naughty girl I was. I even had her pull down my pants to try and make it more enticing, but Xander barely even glanced in our direction. Apparently having his fingers in both Cordelia and Willow’s pussy was giving them the energy they need to finish their exercises.


Come on, Xander. I know you’re always trying to be helpful, but for once be a guy and stare at a girl trying to get your attention.



Every now and then Xander comes through. Fixing up the spa and bringing in some massage tables and oil really has this place feeling like a vacation. Especially after the exercise a massage is nice on the muscles.


I was a little annoyed that I was at the end of the line. He massaged Miss Calendar and Faith quick enough, Buffy and Willow took a little longer. I understand he had to take the time to give them orgasms, that was expected, but was there any reason he couldn’t wait until after I was done?


Finally he got to me. I got the same treatment as the others. Shoulder rub, back massage, finger fucking through two orgasms, even a foot massage was thrown in. It was a pretty nice massage, but I was still a bit pissed about being last.


Then he explained he waited until the end because he wanted to “fuck my big, slutty tits and give me the sticky load of cum on my face a cumslut like me needed.”


Wow, when did Xander become such a sweet talker? I mean I wasn’t going to let him cum on my face, it could get in my hair, but I was happy he liked the idea and he was completely willing to give my big tits a coating cum when he was finished. He even fingered my pussy to another orgasm after he was done and I was licking his cum from my boobs.


Sometimes it's clear why I chose him to be my boyfriend.



I went to find Xander tonight, I thought I’d give him a thank you blowjob for everything. However, his “massage” session with Cordelia went a little long, so I headed back to my room.


I had gotten myself worked up, and Willow was still pretty horny from the handjob she had given Xander, so we decided to have a friendly 69. As I tasted her pussy I wondered why we had never done this before. Probably not worth thinking about it, new experiences are what vacation is for.


Given how enthusiastic Willow was, and how good I felt after, I doubt this will be the last time we take care of each other.

Day 5

Choices made:

Purchase sex toys, clean up the beach, purchase scented candles, purchase classy food

Group Actions: Go swimming, play volleyball, play cards,

Buttons Pressed: E/P



A morning swim in the ocean is a nice way to start the day. Sure, I wasn’t going to keep up with Buffy or Faith, who of course were having a competition, but I won in a different way. Xander barely even looked at any of the other girls. The load of cum I’d swallowed from him that morning probably played a pretty significant part in that.


Wake up boyfriend with a blowjob, go for a swim, be better than the other girls; that’s what a vacation is about.



It was nice of Xander to get some volleyball nets set up. If we’re going to be on a beach make use of it, right?


It probably wasn’t so smart of him to suggest that it would be fair if Buffy and I went up against him, Cordelia, and Willow. I think he was trying to get Buffy and I to kiss and makeup given the tension between us, but I don’t think any of them realized how hard two Slayers can hit a ball.


They did get a bit of an advantage when Buffy jumped up to spike the ball at one point and I pulled down her bikini bottoms to give everyone a view of her naked pussy. She chased me around the beach, normally I would have out run her easily, but I was laughing so hard that she was able to catch me. She ripped off my top, totally destroyed it too that bitch. I decided to let it go. We got back to the game and, if we’d had an advantage before, my naked tits on display made it so the other team could barely even play.


I was even able to pull the same trick on Buffy one more time. Xander might not have been looking at us in the morning, but he was certainly getting an eye full now.



Cards again in the evening. Nice way to cool down after the heavy activity we had in the morning. Again Faith suggested strip poker; we considered it a little more this time but ultimately turned it down.


Willow and I both went out early; so our rooting interest was clear. Xander had to take down those bitches. He was obviously pretty tense, there has been a lot more work for him on this vacation then us, so we alternated between giving him a back massage and blowjob to keep his stress down. We of course went to a double blow job the two times we got him to orgasm; no need to let such a treat go to waste.


I did get Faith back for earlier in the day. During a particularly intense moment I crawled under the table when she was focused on the cards, pulled her panties to the side and pushed a dildo into her twat. She just about jumped out of the chair, but I held her in place. Needless to say a vibrating dildo in her cunt made it very hard for her to tell whether Xander was bluffing or not.



It’s been a few weeks since our vacation and things have gotten back to normal. Faith is standoffish, Miss Calendar is our teacher, and we’re dealing with vampires and school about the same as when we left.


Xander and Cordelia are tighter than they were before. Though Xander has obviously been flirting with Buffy and even me more than he used to. Cordelia probably isn’t that thrilled, but I’m not sure she’s capable of being angry with him given all the sex they are having now.


I wonder if there is a way that we can move it beyond flirting?


I’ll have to think about it more. Buffy just stopped by after her patrol. She’s been really eager for her post Slay pussy eating since we got back. Hopefully she brought her strapon along as well, we both get quite a bit out of it when she pounds my pussy.


Strange, every now and then I think I didn’t used to enjoy getting fucked by Buffy this much after Slaying, or that her pussy was quite as tasty as I now find it, and I don’t think I ever masturbated to Cordelia giving Xander a blowjob.


Isn’t it weird how vacation can make you appreciate the things that you have but never really focused on before?

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