Buffy's Party

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"You call this a party?" even though he was standing in the shadows Willow could tell by his tone that D'Hoffryn was appalled and not just at the coloured drink she had brought out to him.

"Well it's not really a party, more a get together with some friends," Willow tried to explain, "If it was a party, we'd have boys here..." Willow tailed off as D'Hoffryn snorted. Then realising her new master wasn't interrupting her to say something she continued, "and we wouldn't have it at Buffy's when her Mom and sister are around."

D'Hoffryn made another noise like an elephant standing on its own trunk and stepped from behind the bushes into the light. He surveyed, first the drink that Willow had come out to give him and then the house, the lights blazing in all the windows, silhouetting the guests. There was a CD playing in the background and laughing and conversation. Willow blushed, "It's a kinda party, not a real one. A get-together with music."

"And alcohol," D'Hoffryn sniffed at the drink so suspiciously that Willow wondered if he was teetotal.

"Just a little," she confirmed, "and none for Dawn, she's only sixteen."

"You know why I recruited you?" asked D'Hoffryn and before Willow could speak he supplied the answer, "Chaos. Chaos and mischief." She nodded, "And Tara," he added, "If you want her, or any other girl you want."

Willow blushed, "Yes."

"Now let's do as planned, cast a couple of spells and get this party started," D'Hoffryn beamed happily and downed his drink in one.


It had been a good idea of Will's to suggest the get together, though why she had suggested no boys Buffy wasn't sure. Admittedly Xander was on some out of town building project for a week and she didn't think it was Giles' thing, but she could have brought Riley over, he seemed kinda cute, and surely some of Will's friends in the Wicca circle must know some guys. It also hadn't seemed a great idea to have it at her house, even if it did mean they could have some beer (her Mom took a more tolerant attitude to college kids drinking than did the college administration). However you could hardly go wild when your Mom was in the kitchen chatting to some friend of Willow's and even less so when your kid sister was sitting on the couch pretending to be cool. Still a bit of rest and relaxation was what was needed after the chaos of the last couple of weeks, especially getting engaged to Spike - she didn't want to go through that again in a hurry.

"You having fun?" Faith sidled up to her fellow Slayer interrupting her thoughts and passing her a glass filled with some cocktail Will had provided, from the look on the brunette's face she'd already supped some and found it more than passable.

Buffy sipped at the drink, the colour was strange and the taste unusual which she couldn't place and it seemed to be warm and cool at the same time. It was also delicious, she took another sip, "Yes, it's good to do something in the evening which doesn't involve me ending up covered in goo and slime and with bruises on my unmentionable."

"You're preaching to the choir, sister," Faith laughed and her eyes swept round the room, "who knew Red had so many hot friends. If her Witches' Circle has this many sexy cuties I might need to join it myself." She grinned.

Buffy nodded, slightly surprised, she'd always figured Faith for a guys only gal, she certainly had never shown any interest previously in women. Still Buffy had to agree, Willow knew some very sexy witches. She continued to sweep her eyes round the room, until she found Willow smiling and talking to Tara, the shyer blonde laughing at a joke, with Anya standing on glowering and showing every sign of not enjoying being a third wheel in the conversation. Willow saw Buffy was looking at her and turned and smiled. Buffy grinned back, aware that Faith was talking again.

"LA looks like its been good for Princess C, she really is smokin' hot," the brunette nodded towards Cordelia, who as the former Queen of Sunnydale High would surely have not taken kindly to Faith's demotion of her. She was holding court, surrounded by a bunch of girls who would have not been able to even orbit her in their own High Schools, wearing a dress which was obviously the latest fashion in Los Angeles and therefore was at least six months in the future for Sunnydale. Cordy always looked good, but she looked especially hot in it tonight and from the admiring glances of the witches Buffy suspected she wasn't the only one appreciating her frenemy

"Seems like little D is enjoying herself," Faith continued. "I never realised how flirtatious she is."

Buffy followed her friend's gaze over to where her sister was sitting on the couch, laughing with fake sincerity at the jokes off one of the witches, whilst coquettishly tossing her long hair over her shoulder. The blonde Slayer felt a stab of irrational jealousy towards the witch who was the subject of her sister's attention. She pushed it down, why should she feel jealous her sister was flirting with another woman? It wasn't as if Buffy thought of her in that way, she was her sister not a hot cutie... or at least she was her sister and a hot cutie, so totally out of bounds.

Her thoughts were again interrupted by Faith; as a new song began to play from the speakers the brunette Slayer grabbed Buffy's hand, "I love this, let's dance," she said. Before Buffy could reply either positively or negatively she was being dragged into the centre of the room. She followed, blushing a little, she had put the music on for some background atmosphere, not to dance to, without any guys it wasn't that type of party and certainly no-one else had yet decided to use the space as a dance floor. Not that Faith seemed to be put off the brunette, starting to wiggle and gyrate in time with the tune. As she moved she glared at Buffy and the blonde took the hint and began to move in time with her friend.

"That's it B, you can dance if you want to," Faith grinned and swung round so that she was behind Buffy, her hands moving up and down the Slayer's waist as the brunette rose and fell. Buffy moved with her, having an irresistible urge to wiggle her ass in Faith's face as the other Slayer slid down her. "That's it Summers' slut, work that butt," laughed Faith from behind, her body moving up Buffy's so close that the blonde could feel Faith's firm tits brushing at her back. It sent a small wave of excitement through her body and she pressed back, leaning the back of her head on her friend's shoulder as Faith's hands slid sensually round her stomach, pulling her back and melding them together.

To Buffy's surprise no-one seemed to be sniggering at the dance or looking away in embarrassment. Instead others seemed to be joining them, giggling and tittering as they too began to dance, young women swinging and swaying their hot bodies to the music. Willow was there as well, gyrating and moving and Faith swung from Buffy to her, repeating the moves she had just used on the blonde with the redhead. Buffy watched them as she herself continued to dance, her pussy felt a small itch as she watched Faith crawling over Willow and the redhead press herself back. Then Buffy felt a touch behind her, "This looks fun, like the LA clubs," a familiar voice sounded close in her ear as Cordelia began to move her body in time with Buffy's.

"Cheaper, more like the Bronze," Buffy said, though she'd never seen the Bronze so full of sexy women without ugly looking guys trying to feel them up. It felt liberating and she allowed herself to fall back against Cordy, the two of them dancing with a sexily charged vigour, confident they wouldn't be interrupted by an overly confident pimply faced boy. Buffy grinned, smiling broadly as Cordelia's hands moved up to her tits, gently holding them through the top.

More dancers were joining the floor, some very sexy witches, Tara and Anya, and Janice, Dawn's friend, who had somehow managed to wangle an invitation. And Dawn herself, being led by the hand by one of Willow's witchy friends. Buffy felt jealous, But ignored the emotion. her sister began to wiggle and sway, the young wiccan who'd led her to the floor coiling round her like a vine around a tree. Dawn smiled sexually and rocked her top, her tongue just on the outside of her lips, licking them sensually. Buffy danced in front of her, noting how her sister moved, her tits jiggling under the tight top, the nipples visible. Her own nubs were hardening as Cordelia's hands played with them, the brunette crushing herself close to the blonde.

"What's happening here?" Joyce asked as she came in from the kitchen. Buffy wondered if her Mom was going to stop them dancing, before it got out of hand; it wasn't what she'd agreed to when Buffy and Willow had asked if they could have some friends over for some drinks and pizza. However, she didn't seem cross, only curious and as she looked Buffy could see a smile crossing her Mom's face, as she relaxed and enjoyed what she saw.

"You should join us Mom," giggled Dawn, breaking free from the witch who was sliding round her and moving over to grab her Mom's hand and lead her into the middle of the floor.

"Yes," agreed Buffy, who suddenly thought it was a good idea, her Mom was kinda hot, she was single, and she was sure there were plenty of young women here who'd be happy to know her better. She took hold off her Mom's other hand, dragging her in to the dancers.

Her Mom blushed and let her daughters lead her in. She began to rock and move in time with the music, albeit in a style that had probably gone out with the eighties. Dawn moved and began to dance with Janice, the two teens facing each other, inches apart, wiggling their sexy bodies in unison as they moved up and down each other. Buffy in turn moved behind Anya, wondering what Xander would think as she slid her hands over his girlfriend's stomach and swivelled so close to her she could hear the ex-demon's breathing even over the music. Even as she brushed her body against Anya she was watching her Mom twist and shake, the smile on her face evidence that she was enjoying herself.

More and more young women were crowding the dance floor, the air around them turning humid as they gyrated, twisting round each other, body pressed against body, hands moving and exploring. Giggles and laughter filled the air as the young women pushed and turned, rubbing and touching. Buffy felt Anya's firm stomach, felt the other blonde's excited breathing, an excitement that seemed to mount as Buffy ran her hands upwards, up to her boobs. She squeezed at them through Anya's top, thinking how lucky Xander was to have these titties to play with when he wanted. She squeezed harder and danced against the other.

It got hotter, so many rocking young women clustered together in a small space, the warmth so great that the air above almost shimmered, steamy and sweaty. It still surprised Buffy when her Mom reached down for the bottom of her pullover and yanked it up over her head. Everyone cheered as the Milf held it up like a trophy, still dancing but now just in her bra. Even that didn't last long as Joyce tossed the jumper over the dancers and into the corner of the room and reached round to unhook her bra. It wasn't the first time Buffy had seen her Mom's tits, though it wasn't a regular occurrence, it was however the first time she'd seen them bouncing as her Mom danced, the large mounds swinging and bouncing like two baubles on the end of a chain.

Around them the other dancers hooted and cheered the Milf's decision, including Dawn, Buffy noticed. She whistled herself, it seemed the thing to do and they were a gorgeous pair of titties, almost as good as the pair she was feeling. Around them a couple of other dancers were also shedding their tops, bouncing their titties almost like it was a competition. It didn't really surprise Buffy that Faith was one of them.

The blonde squeezed again at Anya's boob, feeling the plump pair wobble beneath her fingers. Anya didn't, as Buffy was half expecting her to, slap the Slayer round the face for her presumption. She did however turn round and still pressing her body at the petite Buffy placed her mouth also on the teen's. Buffy opened her lips and kissed her, enjoying the sensation of Anya' mouth opening and moving round hers. They kissed passionately, Buffy's hands falling down to the ex-demon's ass, as Anya's rose to hold Buffy's head. Their mouths moved together, slurping at each other, their tongues driving forward, not caring about the other dancers around them. After a few moments they broke, a thin trail of saliva trailing between their mouths speaking of their enthusiasm. "Wow," giggled Anya, "You can kiss."

"It's a skill I've picked up," admitted Buffy with a smile, "You were hot yourself."

"Let's go to the couch and make out," Anya didn't pull any punches.

Buffy nodded, gripping Anya's hand to thread themselves from the centre of the dancing throng. As she led her she noticed that Dawn had also removed her top and was busy jiggling her pert teen tits in time with the music; she had the talent, Buffy thought. Thoughts of her sister's tits were banished once they got to the couch, another couple - who Buffy didn't know - were already there, tonguing each other enthusiastically. Buffy took the spare side, patting her lap for the vengeance demon (retd.) to sit on. Anya did so, immediately bringing her mouth back against Buffy's. The two of them kissed with an intensity Buffy hadn't known before, not even with Angel, it seemed as if the Slayer and the ex-demon had been born to it. Their mouths moved against each other, enveloping the lips, their tongues stabbing forward.

The couch shuddered and Buffy felt a bump from the next door couple as they made out as hard as she and Anya; Buffy ignored them and concentrated on the blonde on her lap. Her hand reached up to grope and fondle Anya's titty and ex-demon broke the kiss to moan in pleasure, her head shooting back. Buffy squeezed it harder, enjoying the soft plumpness.

"MMmnnn," Anya moaned again, shuddering in excitement. She reached down and pulled up her top, it should have surprised Buffy but didn't, that Anya hadn't bothered with a bra. Her tits however did look awfully sexy and so without asking permission Buffy moved her mouth to one and began to suck and lick it.

Anya approved, "Oh yes" she moaned, "Oh yes." The couple next to them on the couch ignored her moans and continued to make out passionately. Buffy ignored them in return and slid her tongue round the rapidly hardening nipple before taking it in her teeth and gently tugging. The ex-demon gasped and moaned louder, "OOoohhh, yes, Buffy, yes. OOohhhh suck my tits."

Buffy slurped at the boob greedily, before switching to its partner. Her lips closed round it, sucking it in, her tongue playing through her teeth and scraping the erect teat. Her hand was between Anya's legs, rubbing at the top of the inner thigh, inches from hitting a base. The ex-demon gasped and squeaked, rocking on Buffy's lap, her hands clasped round the back of the Slayer's neck, as if she was worried that if she let go she'd fall off. Buffy tugged again at the tittie, her teeth nipping and pulling at the nub and Anya squeaked again, her fingers' claws in Buffy's neck. The blonde switched tits again.

She was dimly aware that there were less dancers than there were and more kissers, couples on all the couches, making out like her and Anya, up against the walls, vanishing into other rooms to find some space. The blonde stroked Anya's thigh, sucking and licking tit as she did so, switching regularly between the two magnificent boobs. After a while she lifted her head and moved to Anya's mouth again. The ex-demon responded enthusiastically, her lips encasing Buffy's as her saliva stained tits pressed at the blonde. They continued to kiss, their tongues exploring each other, until Anya broke, wiping the saliva off her lips. "I'm thirsty. Drink?"

The way the party was going Buffy wasn't sure whether this was a sexual invite or not. She nodded. "Beer?" she said weakly. Anya nodded and moved towards the kitchen. She didn't make it very far when a topless dancer reached out her hand and grabbed Anya, pulling her into the throng of gyrating young women. Buffy gave a small snort as Anya, quickly reacted by starting to kiss one of the nearest. Not that Buffy minded her friend going off with someone else, it looked like it was that type of party, but what was irritating was that she'd have to get her own beer and that meant giving up her seat.

With a sigh she stood up, briefly glancing down at the couple on the couple next to her, she thought they'd changed, but she wasn't totally sure. Threading her way through the kissers and dancers she headed to the beers. Next to the kitchen a topless Faith was kissing a girl against a wall and it took a moment to realise that the equally topless teen her fellow Slayer was kissing was Dawn. Buffy felt another moment of jealousy, of which of them she wasn't sure, but she decided to take the moral high ground and ignore them, walking past without a word.

The kitchen wasn't empty. Her Mom and Tara were there watching Cordelia, her dressed pulled down to her hips, give Willow oral sex, the redhead sitting on one of the chairs her skirt up and her panties (or at least someone's panties) on the table. Buffy decided to stay for a moment and watch as she sipped her beer - she wasn't a chugger after having had bad experience with heavy drinking earlier in the year. She looked down, it seemed that Cordelia had a talent with her tongue that wasn't talking as Willow gasped and squealed in pleasure.

"Buffy," her Mom suddenly said in a tone she used when Buffy had done something wrong.

"Mom?" Buffy turned to Joyce, smiling innocently and sweetly. Her Mom's tits really were gorgeous, it was surprising Buffy had never noticed before.

"Your still wearing your top," her Mom frowned, "Everyone else is going topless, you need to get into the swing of the party."

Buffy blushed. She hadn't meant to be the odd one out, her only excuse was that she'd been so engrossed in kissing Anya and then seeing Cordy tongue Willow that she hadn't noticed that everyone was topless. Well not quiet everyone, Will still had her blouse on, but as she was having her pussy lapped no-one could accuse her off being a party pooper. "Sorry Mom," Buffy said, putting down her beer and taking off her top, swiftly following it with her bra.

"I'm not scolding you Buffy," Joyce said, ignoring the fact that had been exactly what she was doing, "but I wouldn't want you to miss any opportunities if everyone thinks you have a prude thing going." She looked down at Cordy and Buffy blushed a little, it did kinda look fun.

The kitchen door opened and a topless Janice Penshaw appeared, looking first surprised and then guilty, at seeing anyone in. Her eyes swept the room, her gaze alighting on the iced cans sitting ready for drinking and her reason for the visit became apparent, "Um, Mrs S, I don't suppose Dawn and I could have a couple of beers."

"No," Joyce was willing to relax the drinking laws for the eighteen, nineteen and twenty year olds but not for the two sixteen year olds. "Though I could lick your cunt instead."

The teen paused for a second, considering the options, "S'okay then," she agreed and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down her panties, sitting next to Willow.

Joyce dropped to her knees in front of the teen, spreading Janice's legs open so she could dive down. Buffy half sat, half leaned on the table watching as her Mom went to town on her sister's best friend, whilst her own BFF was squeaking and gasping on the chair beside her as Cordelia lapped the pussy. It certainly looked like they were all enjoying. The blonde Slayer reached over and opened a can, offering it to Tara, "Want one?"

The blonde witch shook her head, blushing slightly at being addressed, "No... thanks." Her dress was pulled down to her waist and she tugged it down all the way. Her panties followed so that she was only wearing a pair of boots, which might have been stylish in the seventies, but probably not. Still, she was kinda curvy and Buffy wondered if Willow's friendship was entirely innocent; seeing the way Tara was looking at Cordy slurping between Will's legs - a mixture of jealousy and desire - Buffy thought Tara at least was hoping they'd be more than buddies. Willow was ignoring her, and from what Buffy could see she could hardly blame her. Cordelia head was banging away, as her tongue slurped up and down the redhead's cunt with energetic enthusiasm.

"Aaarrrghh, oooohhh, yessss, yessss," Willow squealed in enjoyment, her hands clenched round the wooden seat and heels outspread and drumming on the tiled floor, "Ooohhh, aaaaarrghh."

Joyce must have also been a champion pussy muncher as despite Janice's later start the teen was squeaking and yelping as loudly as Willow, her youthful body shuddering in pleasure. "OOohhhh, aaaaarrghhh, Mrs S, ohhhh, this is so hot. Aaaarrrghh make me cum."

Buffy sipped her beer; it was a little warm, left out for too long "Aaarrrghh," Willow screamed, "Fuck, ooohhhh that's right Cordelia, get that slut tongue deep into my cunt."

Buffy wasn't an expert, but she thought Cordelia complied. Certainly Willow's screams became louder and the chair rocked so violently Buffy was tempted to step in and catch her friend before she toppled. However, the redhead managed to keep her balance without Buffy's help, her screams become louder and louder, "Aaaarrrrghhh, fuuuckk, aaaarrghh, make me cum, fuuucckk make me cum." Her head went back and she screamed again, longer and even noisier than before, "Aaaaarrrghhh, fuuuuckkkk!"

Cordelia's head withdrew and Buffy could see the cum dripping from her chin as she turned her head towards the blonde and sensually licked her lips. Willow was slumped in the chair, looking as relaxed as Buffy had ever seen her, panting as if she'd run a thousand yard dash rather than having been licked into orgasm. After a few moments she managed to regain her breath, "You should have a go Buffy, Cordelia really is the champion licker."

"Mmmmnn, ooooohhh," beside them Janice bucked, almost looking like she was going to disagree.

Willow ignored her, "I've never had such a great tonguing."

"It was nothing," giggled Cordy, "Come on Buffy, get your pants off and let me go down on your sexy hole."

Buffy put down her beer and undid her jeans, "Okay," she said, wondering if Cordy was a good as Willow was painting or if her friend was just being polite as the brunette was still knelt in front of her. She guessed she'd soon find out. She got down on the chair in front of Cordy, the seat still warm from Willow. On the one next to her Janice continued to squeak and squeal in excited ecstasy as Joyce lapped the teen. Buffy spread her legs, glancing at her Mom once and then ignoring her as Cordelia's head came down between her legs.

"Looks tasty," giggled the brunette, her fingers reaching up to spread the Slayer's quim open.

For a brief moment Buffy wondered if this was the right time and place to have her first lesbian experience, with her best friend looking on and her Mom slurping teen pussy beside her. Then she mentally shrugged, she was feeling horny and Cordelia seemed willing - what did an audience matter? "Go on, lick it Cordelia," she smiled as her frenemy lowered her mouth towards the slit.

It was even better than Willow had said, Cordy's tongue sweeping into her hole and round, a finger joining it to open the slit and create space for the tongue to work. Buffy gasped as with a few exploratory licks Cordelia found a sweet spot and proceeded to give it a proper tonguing. And as she did so her thumb was finding Buffy's clit and pressing it gently as she moved it in small circular motion. Buffy gasped and pressed back at the chair, fighting to keep her balance, "Ooohh, urrrrrhh, eat me Cordelia, yes, ooohhh."

The brunette pounded the hole with enthusiasm, her teen tongue as talented as a championship sprinter. Buffy gasped and groaned, her body stretching and relaxing, moving and rubbing at the chair.

"Oooohhh, Mrs Summers, ooooohhh, yessssss," Janice gasped as well, enjoying Buffy's Mom's tongue as well.

Willow smiled and slipped her arm round Tara, gently easing the dress over the hips so that her fellow witch was wearing only her panties and socks. Neither of them lasted for long as Willow grinned and said, "Looks like everyone's having fun, you want to give it a go as well."

The blonde witch nodded shyly and removed the rest of her clothing as Willow pulled up a chair beside Buffy, smiling at her friend, "I told you Cordy could lick cunt."

"Ohh, yesss, oohhhh," Buffy grunted in agreement as the brunette continued to pound her hole, making it even wetter and slicker.

Tara dropped to her knees and joined Cordelia and Joyce in tonguing the Buffy's, Janice's and Willow's twats. The three teens gasped and shuddered, squeaking in pleasure as the holes were invaded by friendly forces, the tongues digging as deep as the owners could manage, fingers joining them for maximum enjoyment. There were moans and gasps from the main room, suggesting it wasn't only in the kitchen that pussies were being pleasured.

"Ooohhh, fuuuckk, oooohhh, yes, yes, Cordy, lap my cunt," Buffy gasped and pushed the brunette's head, thrusting her face further into the wet cunt. The other young woman responded with an energetic and enthusiastic series of licks that sent Buffy into a stratosphere of ecstasy, her body trembling as every nerve went its own way. Buffy thrust her cunt forward, driving her hole at the tongue. Cordelia lapped quicker, like she was in a race and one that Buffy was winning. "Aaarrrghh, yeessss, yessss," gasped the blonde, her back arching and pressing hard at the wooden seat, "Aaaarrrghh."

She was dimly aware that her Mom and Janice had finished, the teen sitting on the seat recovering as her Mom got up and started to take some cans from the refrigerator to the table. Buffy squealed again as Cordelia's tongue raced in, the brunette's thumb pushing at the clit, making it zing as well.

"OOhhh, God Tara, ohhh God yes," Willow panted with enjoyment, her second pussy lapping seeming as good as the first. She reached out and squeezed Buffy's hand in friendship, Buffy squeezed back.

The two of them orgasmed together, squeaking and shrieking as Tara and Cordelia's tongues pounded their special spot, "Aaaarrrrghhh, fuuucckkk, aaaarrrghh," the kitchen reverberated to their cries, "Aaaarrrggghh, yesssss, aaaaarrrghhh." Cum squirted and spurted, soaking face and floor, covering Cordelia and Tara and dripping down their naked chests.

"I could do with another beer," said Willow.

"Here you are," Joyce passed her one, "Buffy?"

"I'm good, thanks, " Buffy pushed Cordelia away from her pussy and stood up, her legs weak, "I've still got one from earlier."

"It's getting warm," Willow said, but Buffy just shrugged, she wasn't a heavy drinker and after her pussy licking she intended to nurse the alcohol for at least another half hour, warm or not.

Buffy slipped her pumps back on, she noticed that the floor was a mixture of cum and beer and she didn't fancy walking through either. A couple of witches from Willow and Tara's coven came in and sat down on the seats, Cordelia grinned and dropped down in front of one of them, "Want to join me?"

"Why not?" said Willow, "Let's see who can make them cum first."

Tara stayed to watch, but Buffy decided that as it was her party it was anti-social to stay in the kitchen with her Mom and went through to the main room.

The party was going on there as well. About two dozen young women were clustered in the main room, the most conservative still wearing socks and shoes, the most liberal completely nude. About half of them were still dancing in the middle of the room the rest were around the couches and carpets, making out, licking out, fingering in. Dawn was in the middle of the dancers, dressed only in her slippers. She saw her sister and waved for her to come join her. Buffy paused, wondering if dancing with her nearly naked sister when almost nude herself might be inappropriate; it probably was but that seemed to matter less than it should.

"I've just had my first sixty-nine... with Faith," Dawn beamed and grabbed Buffy's hand. The Slayer felt a moment of jealousy, though she wasn't sure of who. Dawn didn't seemed to notice, instead pulling Buffy into the middle of the throng and turning to face her. "Great party," the younger teen grinned.

"Yeah," Buffy agreed, "I had my cunt licked out by Cordelia."

"Cool. She's hot. You're not exclusive with her? Can I have a go."

"No, I mean yes, it was just a thing, she's still available," Buffy blushed, wondering why she was being so free with her secrets; if she wasn't careful next she'd be telling Dawn she looked so sexy wearing nothing but her slippers.

The younger brunette grinned and as if she was reading Buffy's mind, brushed her long hair over her shoulder so her tits were uncovered. She moved closer to Buffy and the blonde moved closer back, so that they were literally dancing together, their naked bodies rubbing together as they twisted and turned, weaving round each other, tits brushing, stomachs touching, eyes meeting.

The two sisters danced closer, reaching out to clasp each other's hands, taking it in turns to slide their naked bodies up and down the others. Buffy still felt it should be wrong, she still didn't care; nor did it seem did anyone else. Actually Buffy noticed as she gyrated round Dawn, that wasn't true, she and her younger sister were definitely drawing attention, but the glances were admiring rather than disgusted. Buffy grinned and slipped round behind Dawn, dancing behind her sister so close they were rubbing, her hands on Dawn's waist massaging it.

"It's lovely to see my girls getting on," Joyce was dancing as well, her naked tits swaying, Faith's hands resting on her butt as the brunette Slayer moved to the Milf's beat.

"We always get on," giggled Dawn, lying through her teeth.

Buffy nodded and slipped her hands round the teen's front, the pussy felt so soft and silky as she rubbed the lips, so sexually hot. Dawn giggled and pressed her head back against Buffy, her hair scratching at her sister's chest as her back seemed to fit perfectly against the blonde's stomach. "You're such a good dancer," the younger teen purred.

"You as well," said Buffy as Dawn made a sudden twist to face her. Their bodies closed together as one, tit to tit, leg to leg, mouth to mouth. The kiss was hungry and passionate, totally wrong and unbelievably right. Buffy couldn't believe how good Dawn kissed, her sister's mouth matching hers, the tongue probing gently, but erotically. Their hands both shifted to the other's tushy, squeezing and fondling the butt cheeks.

"You should fuck," giggled their Mom as she danced by.

"Here?" asked Buffy.

"Mmmnn, hot," murmured Dawn and rubbed her body sexually at her sister.

A selection of strap-on seemed to have magically appeared, sitting on the bookcase next to glossy treatises on African Art and Aztec Architecture. Buffy wasn't sure where they had appeared from, but now she saw them she thought that fucking Dawn seemed like a very good idea. She was about to break away from the teen and get one when Anya appeared at her side, holding a large bulbous dildo attached to a pair of fake leather panties (the ex-demon wasn't keen on real leather or fur, she thought it was cruel). "You should get into these," she smiled, being more helpful than normal, which Buffy put down to the beer.

"Okay," the Slayer nodded and as Anya bent down she stepped into the strap on panties, working with her demonic friend to pull them up and into position.

Dawn giggled, "Be gentle, I'm a virgin."

"Not for long," laughed their Mom, still dancing close with Faith.

"Hold on," Buffy said to her sister. Gripping her under the ass she lifted the younger teen, for once not regretting being a Slayer and the extra strength that came with it. In quick succession Dawn squeaked, grunted and then laughed. Buffy grabbed her sister's butt, lifting her higher, "Wrap yourself round me," she instructed and for once Dawn did as she was told, pulling her body closer to the Slayer, her legs round Buffy's waist and her hands clenched at the back of Buffy's neck. For quarter of a minute Buffy stood still, looking at her sister's pretty face to gauge when the teen moved from anxiety to trust, relaxing in Buffy's strong grip. Then she gradually began to dance, moving her legs and swaying, the dildo attached to her, bouncing and rubbing underneath Dawn's ass.

"Whoah, this is something," giggled Dawn, jiggling lightly to her sister's moves. Around them the other dancers were clapping and giggling, whispering to each other in admiration of the Slayer's strength and jealousy of Dawn's position. Buffy ignored them, now that Dawn was in position she needed to get herself in, shifting one hand over so that she was holding both Dawn's cheeks and keeping the teen up, as she moved the other one to the toy, grabbing it and forcing it upwards.

It didn't take long to find the hot sexy slit of her sister. She thrust the toy in, it entered like it was designed to and Dawn gasped in pleasure. Buffy moved both her hands to the teen's ass, gripping her tightly. She began to jerk her hips, thrusting in and out at the same time as she lifted and dropped Dawn, letting the teen pound down, gravity doing it's work.

"Ooohh, oooohh, yes, Buffy, fuck me, oooh," Dawn grunted in excitement, her legs squeezing at Buffy, her hands gripping the blonde tighter.

"That's it Buffy," called their Mom, "Bang your sister."

"Give it her, B," called Faith, her hands gripping Joyce as they danced.

"Fuck that tight little pussy." "Ram her good." "Slam that dick in." Calls of encouragement came from the other dancers, the young women moving aside to give Buffy and Dawn some room, for what was turning into a public sex show. Buffy didn't mind, not when she had her hot sister clinging to her as they fucked, the dildo pounding in and up the teen's wet fuckhole.

"Oh yes, Buffy, oooohhh yesss," Dawn squeaked and shuddered, her body bouncing under Buffy's control. Her feet shot out and back, jiggling and wiggling like she was trying to find some ground, her body pressed at Buffy, her head on her sister's shoulder, her hands gripping the Slayer tight. Buffy continued to pound, not quiet in time to the music, but close. She held Dawn, making sure that her sister was safe and secure, as well as getting the maximum amount of plastic cock. With every shove Dawn was squeaking and squealing, her naked tits bouncing at Buffy. "OOhhh, urrrhhh, yes, Buffy, ooohhh God, yesss!"

Buffy could hear the audience cheering and clapping. But with her Slayer sense she could also hear the conversations, "I'm jealous, she's so hot." "Buffy is so acrobatic." "My God that brunette is loving it." "Is that her sister? My Goddess I wish mine was that bangable." "This is making me so horny, let's go upstairs and fuck."

Buffy pounded harder, slamming her body at her sister's, reaching under the younger teen's legs to keep her up. The toy shot in and out, cum dribbling down it with every thrust, Dawn squealing passionately, her head dipping back and her long hair trailing down like a dark waterfall. "Oh yesss, Buffy, yesss," the teen called out, "Ooohh yesss, fuck me, ooohhh yesssss."

Buffy was enjoying screwing her sister more than she ever thought possible, their near naked bodies banging together constantly as the Buffy impaled the younger teen. The only problem was the position was hard on Buffy's knees, making them ache as they held not only her up, but Dawn, and as a Slayer Buffy needed to keep her joints in working order at all times. She gripped Dawn hard and still keeping the plastic dick in her, lowered themselves down. Dawn gasped and held Buffy tighter, a moment of panic quickly being replaced by confidence in her sister's Slayer strength as the blonde lay her down and ended on top of her. For a moment they paused as Buffy repositioned herself, her hands moving from the teen's ass to the carpet either side of her. "Fuck me, ram my slutty cunt," Dawn gasped in the interval.

"Carry on banging her Buffy," someone called.

"Ram that tight twat."

"Fill her pussy."

"Hammer her hard," that last call was there Mom.

Buffy did as the crowd suggested and restarted her slamming, driving the dildo deep into Dawn's delectable hole. The brunette squealed and gasped, her body shuddering with pleasure as her fingers clawed at her sister's back and her legs wrapped round the blondes. Buffy rammed in as hard as she could, giving her sister the full length of the big dick and feeling the teen tremble with each thrust. "That's it Dawn, God you're so hot and sexy, you're cunt is made for fucking."

"Ooohhh, yessss, yessss, Buffy fuck me, fuck your little sister to heaven," the teen squealed.

Around them the dancers continued to dance, giving them space to fuck, applauding and cheering each time Dawn let out a squeak of pleasure. Another couple joined them, someone Buffy didn't know and Janice. And then on the other side a Cordelia and some redhead who looked a bit like Willow, but wasn't. The crowd thinned to give the newcomers some space and cheered them on with the same enthusiasm as they yelled out for Buffy and Dawn.

"Ooohhh, oooohh, oooooohhh," Dawn gasped and people cheered.

"Fuck her," someone shouted, to Buffy, to Janice or possibly the woman ramming Cordy.

"Fuck them all," someone else shouted.

"Ooohhh God, watching this is making me cum," Anya groaned, rubbing her wet pussy with one hand whilst she drank beer with the other.

"Aaaarrrghh, yesss, yessss, harder Buffy harder," Dawn shrieked.

"Turn her over and fuck her ass, Buffy," shouted Faith.

"Yes, yes," shrieked Dawn in excitement, "Ram me in the butt."

Buffy pulled herself up, hovering over Dawn as the teen turn around and lay face down on the carpet. Buffy pushed down, finding the virgin back hole. The sphincter resisted for a moment, but a hard thrust from Buffy and toy was in, Dawn squealing in ecstasy as she lost her second cherry of the night. Buffy rose and fell, shoving the toy deeper and deeper, her sister wiggling her ass to help the toy in, "Yes, God, yes, bang my butt."

Buffy moved harder and faster, filling her sister's anal passage with the plastic dick, stretching it as it had never been stretched before. A small part of her mind said that lesbian anal with your sister was wrong, the larger part was saying Dawn had the tighest, most bangable tushie on the entire planet. She went as fast and hard as Dawn's ass could take, and from the excited squeals, Buffy could tell that was a lot. Her naked body slammed down on her sisters, her boobs squashing at Dawn's back, rubbing against the brunette's long hair.

"Ram that tight teen ass" a dancer called.

"Hammer that butt, Buffy," another shouted.

"Fuck that fuckhole," a third yelled.

Buffy rose and fell, slamming the tight hole. Beside her Cordelia was shrieking like she was being set alike as she was fucked and Willow had replaced Janice and was thrusting into some hot brunette, who was so sexy that Buffy was surprised that she'd joined the UCLA Sunnydale Wiccan society. But it was Buffy the audience were concentrating on, she was in the middle, she'd started first and she was banging the hottest girl in the party in her ass. Buffy grinned at the cries and cheers and went harder.

"Give it her Buffy."

"Fuck her sexy ass Buffy."

"Slam that tush wide open B."

Buffy rammed with enthusiasm and Dawn squealed out in ecstatic pleasure, "AAarrrghhh, yessss, aaaaarghhh." Buffy slammed harder and her sister screamed louder, "Yessss, aaaarrghh, aaaarrrghh, you're making me cum Buffy, aaaaarrrghh you're making me cum!!!"

Underneath Buffy Dawn bucked like a bronco, her entire body shaking with a passionate intensity and her fists thumping at the floor like she was having a fight with it. Buffy carried on slamming down, thrusting the toy as deep into her sister's anal chute as it could go. The brunette teen squealed louder, "Aaaaarrrggghh, fuuucckkk, yessssss, aaaaaarggggh, aaaarrgggghhhh! I'm cumming, aaaarrrgggh, I am cumming so hard!"

Buffy pulled the cock out and staggered to her feet, panting with the exertion. She reached down and helped her sister up, the younger Summers also struggling and gasping for air, her skin flushed red with pleasure. On the floor next to them Willow had slipped her cock into the backhole and was doing the dark haired hottie doggy style, whilst Cordelia was remaining conventional, lying on her back as she was pounded in her cunt. Buffy threaded past them, loosing Dawn somewhere in the throng of on-lookers. Coming out the other side she saw her Mom and Tara over bent over opposite sides of the armchair, kissing each as Faith and Anya respectively took them from behind. Buffy gave a small wave and went into the kitchen, it seemed fair enough to have a second beer, it'd cool her down.

Two blondes were sitting in the chairs having their pussies licked by some brunettes and another couple were bent over the couple, fucking away with a strap-on. Buffy opened the refrigerator and got out a beer, it was nice and cold and tasted much nicer than she remembered cold beer tasting. She sipped it and leant against the table, regaining her strength whilst she watched the on-going sex shows.

After a couple of minutes Willow joined her, still wearing a strap-on, and a pair of shoes. Buffy offered her a beer and Willow took it, "Great party Buff, I bet Xander wishes he was here."

"I'm kinda glad he isn't, these things should be women only, it doesn't really work if there's a guy around - even Xander."

"I know what you mean," Willow took a swig of her beer from the can before picking up a glass and pouring the rest into it, "You looked like you were having fun with Dawnie."

"I kinda feel I should feel guilty, she is my sister," Buffy replied.

"Yes, but she was hot. Anyway she wasn't trying to fight you off - the opposite it seemed to me."

"I suppose, but yeah the party seems to be going guns. I thought it'd be a more a sedate get together, a couple of drinks, maybe order some pizza later, instead it's turning into a full blown lesbian orgy," Buffy smiled.

"Which reminds me... you fancy joining me and dping Cordelia in your room? She's up for it" Willow smiled.

"Sure why not?" Buffy put down her half-finished can, no matter its taste, it didn't compare to the chance to double-fuck the ex-queen bee of Sunnydale High. "You want ass or pussy?"

"Why don't I get her cunt, you can use that Slayer strength of yours in opening that tight butt," Willow suggested.

The first thing Buffy noticed when she entered her room was that someone had rearranged Mr Gordo in a suggestive pose with one of her old Barbie dolls, the second was that Cordy was lying naked on her bed, working both her holes at once with a couple of dildos. The brunette smiled invitingly as her two old sparring partners entered the room, their strap-ons jiggling in front of them, "You come to fuck me? Both of you together?" She pulled the toy out of her butt and lifted it to her mouth, her tongue slipping sensually around the dildo, like she was teasing a real dick.

Willow nodded, "You said you wanted a dp Cordy."

"Mmmn, yes," purred the brunette, pushing her tongue round one toy whilst she shoved the other in and out of her soaked cunt. "Mmmmn, I want you both to ram my holes and make me cum."

Buffy sat on the bed, after first rearranging her toys back to more innocent positions, and patted her lap, "Come on, Cordy, come sit on my dick."

The brunette giggled, dropping the toys she was using onto the bed and clambering, athletically, onto Buffy. She placed her feet on the Slayer's thighs raising her ass as Buffy took hold off it and spread the cheeks. They were round and sexy, wobbling as Buffy squeezed them tight, as she guided the brunette down. The do-it-yourself toying had prepped Cordy's ass nicely and she slid down the toy with the ease of someone who was far from an anal virgin, groaning with enjoyment as she descended. Buffy moved the cock up and down, providing the little help needed in making sure her friend fully enveloped the toy. As Cordy came down deeper Buffy moved one hand to the brunette's waist to balance her and one to her pussy to stroke and spread her. "You ready Will?" she grinned.

"I never thought I'd be sharing Cordelia Chase with you Buff," her friend grinned, nodding happily. She held her fake dong in her hand as she stepped between her two friends' legs. "Open that pussy," she smiled as she pressed the toy at the entrance. Buffy pulled it between her fingers, spreading the hole. "Yes," Willow giggled as she entered, "Fuck yes."

The redhead moved forward, sliding her fake phallus into Cordelia who reacted with the same enthusiasm as if it was a real one, shuddering and moaning loudly. Her hands gripped the top of Willow's shoulders, pulling her down and in. Willow didn't resist, shoving her toy deep and hard into the waiting hole. "Mmmnnn, yes, fuck, yes," the redhead moaned in excitement, "I can't believe we're double-fucking you."

Buffy nodded, "It's great isn't it. Her ass is so fuckable, what's her cunt like?"

"Heaven as well," Willow grinned and eased the toy in so far that she ended up leaning her naked body at Cordy's. For a second she paused and then she lifted her head to look Buffy in the eye, "Let's bang these holes properly."

"Oh yes," grinned Buffy and gripping Cordelia's waist hard began to thrust vigorously upwards. Willow slammed as well, ramming her cock deep into the hole and Buffy could feel the hard smack of her friend's dildo vibrating through Cordelia, the thump as they came together apart from the thin membrane of the wall. The brunette squeaked and squealed in pleasure, her feet scrunching on Buffy's thighs as every muscle seemed to tense in ecstatic joy. Buffy rammed harder, spreading Cordy's back hole like it was butter and she was a hot knife. "Oh yes," she grunted, "Oh yes, yes, yes."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," squawked Willow, her naked body banging at Cordelia's as she fed her dick into the hole, "Fuck, fuck, fuck."

"Oooohhh, yessss, dp me, fuck both my holes, share my slutty body, ram me deep, oooohhh, urrrrhhh, aaaaarrghh," Cordelia gasped as she was bounced between Slayer and Witch, "Aaarrrrghhh, harder, fuck me harder... aaaaaargghhh, open me, make my fuckholes sing... aaaaaarrrggghhh yesssss."

Faith sauntered in, a strap-on dangling from her waist and a beer in her hand. Faith drained her drink, squeezing the empty can, before tossing it to land in the middle of the stack of favoured stuffed toys sitting on Buffy's chair. "Having fun?" she asked,

"AAaarrrghh," shrieked Cordelia, which was an answer in itself.

"Want a go?" giggled Willow and pulled the sopping toy out of Cordelia.

"Hell, why not?" asked Faith and as no-one gave her an answer she took her place in front of Cordy and drove in.

If Buffy had thought Willow fucked hard, she'd not seen anything. Faith thrust like she was possessed, the cock going in so fast and hard that Buffy was surprised the friction didn't set Cordy alight. Not to be outdone by her fellow Slayer she upped her own speed, slamming up the ass like she was a racing driver with a record to beat. Cordelia didn't seem to mind the upping of tempo, her face contorting with pleasure and her body shaking as she came loudly, "Aaaaarrrrgghh yessss, aaaarrrggghh."

Willow got on the bed, "Lie down Buffy," she laughed taking her friend's shoulders and pushing her gently.

Buffy went with Willow, still pounding upwards even as she was lying on her back looking at the ceiling - it needed a lick of paint. However soon her view was blocked as Willow pushed Cordy down so she was lying on Buffy. The view became even more obstructed as Willow got up onto the bed, standing over them both. "You've taken two Cordy, want to take three and become air-tight?"

"Oh yes, Willow, yes, let me suck that plastic cock," the brunette squeaked.

Willow lowered her haunches, squatting down and feeding Cordelia the plastic dong. The brunette opened her mouth and sucked at it greedily, her head bouncing against Buffy as she took the dick deep. Buffy slowed down, gripping Cordy's tits and squeezing them, allowing Faith and Willow to compete, the other Slayer and the Witch continuing to move fast and deep. Buffy could feel Cordelia tremble in ecstasy, a never ending shudder of pleasure as she was totally filled with dick. The blonde squeezed her frenemy's tits, pulling at the stiff nipples, making Cordy arch and shake even more. Buffy was sure that if Cordelia had been able to speak, she'd have been squealing in spaced-out pleasure, but as she couldn't Buffy provided the sound effects, "Urrrh, uuurrhh, harder, faster, ram her cunt, slam her mouth, fill her slutty holes with those big plastic pricks."

"Sure thing B," grinned Faith ramming forward, sending the full length of the toy into Cordelia's leaking hole.

"No wonder all the guys at school enjoyed Cordy," giggled Willow, "I never thought I'd say this, but when I say she's all mouth, I'm meaning it in a good way." She pushed down, making Cordy choke and gargle.

Buffy grinned, "I never thought we'd be doing this either, three plastic pricks, three Cordy holes."

"Three by three," laughed Faith and shoved her dick back down deep.

There was some giggling from the doorway and though she couldn't see anything apart from the back of Cordy's head and the insides of Willow's thighs, Buffy knew they had an audience, which didn't gross her out as much as it should. Nor did it seem to worry Cordy who continued to rock with wild abandon, riding the multiple dicks like she was a jockey for hire. Buffy continued to slowly move in and out, letting Faith and Willow do the hard work, the blonde enjoying the vibrations coursing through her as her two allies hammered in.

"Mmmm, she's such a slut," grinned Willow and slid the cock out of the brunette's mouth.

Instantly Cordelia began to shriek in pleasure, "Yessss, yesssss, aaaaarrrggghh, fuuuuckkk me, aaaaarrghhh, yesssss!"

With Willow out, Buffy sped up, pounding hard to meet Faith's speed, the two Slayer's driving the dick. Buffy could see that Willow wasn't stopping fucking though, the redhead laying a naked Tara down on the bed and spreading the blonde's plump round cheeks to ram her ass. She screamed almost as loud as Cordy... almost.

"Aaaaaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrrrghhh," Cordelia shrieked, her body swinging like a towel on a clothes line in a gale. The two Slayers thumped away, thrashing her holes like they were boxing balls. "AAAarrrrrghhh, aaaaarrrgggghhh," Cordy screamed, "OOohhhh God, aaaaarrrggghhh."

Buffy could tell Cordelia couldn't take much more, not if her ass and pussy wanted to be fuckable any time soon. Faith must have noticed it as well as she pulled out, standing back and panting. Cordelia slipped off Buffy's cock, falling forward onto the floor, gasping for air, her ass wide open. Faith reached down and helped Buffy up, "Enjoy B?"

"Mmmm yeah, Cordelia's butt was fine."

"Her pussy's kinda hot as well," Faith nodded and looked at where Will was fucking Tara, "Seems Red doesn't waste time moving from mouth to butt."

"Yeah, I never guessed she was gay; come to that I never guessed I was."

"Another beer?"

"Not sure, I've had a couple already, how many have you had?"

"Eight, but who's counting?" Faith grinned and turned from the bed, easing her way past a couple who were kissing in the doorway, "They're free... to me anyway."

She headed down towards the kitchen and Buffy decided to go with her, if only to make sure that the brunette didn't drink all the remaining beer and pass out on top of the oven. There was a queue outside her Moms bedroom and water streamed a across the bathroom floor as a couple of naked students frolicked in an overflowing bath.

Janice was in the kitchen, having sex with Anya over the table. Buffy ignored them as she opened a can and poured some into a glass before handing it to Faith. The brunette frowned and then seeing that Buffy wasn't planning to hand over the full can leant against the wall and contemplated the fucking pair. "Gotta say blondie, this is the best party."

"It's going with a bang," admitted Buffy and sipped at the beer, more to stop Faith going for a top-up than because she was thirsty. "Though I never knew there were so many sex toys around the house, I didn't even think we had a strap-on."

"Probably people brought them when they arrived," said Faith. "Seriously though, for a High School kid, Dawn's friend really can fuck."

"She can, though its not just her, Anya's putting in a lot of effort, that dick really has to be carving up her ass," Buffy replied. She continued to watch, stepping to one side as another kissing couple came in, making out as they tried to get some beers at the same time, before dropping to the floor and interspersing the drinking with pouring it over each other's pussies and licking the amber nectar out.

Faith nodded, moving to get a better view and licking her lips as if the sight made her hungry, and if she felt anything like Buffy it did, even if the hunger wasn't for food. The brunette drained her beer, "You fancy seeing what was happening in your Mom's room, if there's a queue it's gotta be good."

"Sure," said Buffy, putting down her own drink. Faith must be jonesing for some more pussy and ass as she didn't even make a grab to finish it off, but headed for the stairs.

There was an older woman fucking a teen on it and Faith pushed her back to the wall to get past them without interfering. Buffy glanced down and then up at Faith who was looking at the woman quizzically, as she hadn't been there earlier. The blonde Slayer provided an explanation, "It's Janice's Mom, she must be hear to pick her up."

"Like mother, like daughter," Faith drawled, "She's really banging that babe, B."

Buffy nodded, the Milf was certainly slamming down hard, ramming the tushie of a teen she'd only just met. She watched for a moment or two, her own pussy steaming with lust as she imagined she was the one ramming down. She quickly turned and followed Faith up the stairs, past the kissing couples on the landing and to her Mom's room.

The queue outside the door had gone, but there were still plenty of hot young women in the bedroom itself. Some were making out, leaning against the walls as they kissed or sitting on her Mom's comfy chair, legs intertwined, arms all over each other. Others were going further, on their knees licking the slots of the cutie they were currently hooked up with or using their strap-ons, fucking back or front holes against the walls. However, there were still plenty watching the show on the bed as Joyce and Dawn got fucked in their asses by a couple of strap-on wielding blondes.

Buffy wasn't sure how long they'd been there, though from the speed the two young women on top of them were going they were either secret Slayers or the two Summer's asses were well opened. Buffy guessed the latter, especially as the bedding under her Mom and sister was soaking with sweat and cum suggesting they'd been in position a while. Not that it seemed to have dampened their ardour. Both Summers were shuddering and rocking, squealing out "More! Harder! Fill my butt!"

"You're sister is pretty hot," grinned Faith, "Mind if I join the queue for her."

"You should," Buffy remembered what it had felt like, "She really is. What about my Mom?"

"I'd do her," grinned Faith.

"You already have," said Buffy dryly, "Is that a recommendation?"

Faith gave a shrug and a smile, which Buffy took as a yes. Her Mom certainly looked like she was a good bang, the blonde fucking her grunting, with eyes wild with pleasure. Even as Buffy watched the young woman gave a grunt and pulled out, collapsing to the side of her Mom. Buffy looked at her Mom's ass, the hole was gaping, the final bit of evidence that her Mom had probably been up here getting her tushie rammed with Dawn since Buffy had last seen them. She didn't have long to admire the view as an extremely pale brunette jumped on the bed and took her turn.

"Aaaarrrghh, yessss," screamed Joyce and the onlookers shuffled a little closer.

There was another squeal from Dawn, the teen bucking like she was a horse on heat. The young woman behind her pounded a few more thrusts in, grunting and panting with exertion before dropping away, revealing Dawn's ass and showing it was as open as her Mom. Then another young woman, dark skinned and light haired came up behind the teen and inserted her strap-on into the well-used hole. Dawn squeaked and gasped in pleasure as she was rapidly and vigorously penetrated. Buffy took her eyes of her sister long enough to glance at Faith, the brunette Slayer was enraptured, looking at the youngest Summers with a face bathed in lust. Not that Buffy could blame her.

She turned back to watch her Mom and sister get butt-banged, the two of them shuddering and shaking, shrieking and squealing, their bodies rocking and writhing as they were hit from behind. Buffy found it a bigger turn on than she ever thought it would be, before this evening her Mom having sex was like the workings of Government, she knew it was happening but was content that the less she knew about it the better. Now she was getting wet at the sight, her pussy heating up like a pan on the boil, a sexual itch so powerful that it almost hurt burning at her. The only thing that kept her from exploding was the knowledge that soon she'd be deep in her Mom's butt, fucking her.

The pale girl moved away, sweating and panting, her energy sapped as if Joyce was a sexual vampire. There didn't seem to be an organised queue, but everyone seemed to know who was next as another blonde, a little on the chubby side, Buffy thought, took her position and began to pound in. Joyce screamed and bucked, her hands gripping the bed and her back arching, "AAaaarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrghh."

The screams of her and Dawn reverberated round the room, echoing shrieks and orgasmic cries coming from elsewhere around the house as copulating couples banged away. Buffy waited in excitement, glancing at Faith who still looked transfixed by the thought of having Dawn. Another couple of young women replaced those banging Mom and daughter, the two newcomers grinning broadly as they slammed their dicks down the gaping butts. The bed bounced and banged against the floor, the sheets rumpled and stained, the pillows crumpled and out of place. Another pair of women stepped up to replace those fucking Dawn and Joyce, the two of them smiling like Cheshire Cats; the two Summers shrieking in ecstasy as their asses were penetrated again. All over the house sex filled the air, squeals and shouts, grunts and groans, the rhythmic bang and slurps of tongues and toys.

And then it was Buffy's turn.

The two young women fucking the Milf and teen withdrew, panting and sweating. Instinctively Buffy knew it was her time with her Mom, that the rest of the crowd were onlookers, wanting to see what she could do. Faith was already moving onto the bed, shuffling behind Dawn her dildo in her hand ready to guide to the gaping hole. Joyce turned her briefly and seeing who was next for her smile, "Come on Buffy, come and fuck my butt."

"Sure thing Mom," Buffy grinned and got on the bed. The hole was already as stretched as she could imagine it would go, red rimmed and gaping. So bruised and battered that after this she expected her Mom not to be able to sit for a week.

Not that Joyce seemed to be having any regrets, "Fuck me hard, ram my ass so fast I get friction burns."

Buffy lined up behind her, the hole so wide she barely had to aim. The toy went in easily, even without her Slayer strength it would have gone all the way in. Joyce groaned and gasped, her hand moving to rub her already soaking cunt as Buffy gripped her waist and began to thrust.

It felt so good to be balls deep in her Mom, even if it was a taboo Buffy had never imagined she'd even think about breaking. It might even be as good as when she butt-banged Dawn earlier, though it was hard to compare - Dawn had been tight and definitely a virgin, the excitement coming from her eager, but amateur enthusiasm. Joyce ass was a lot looser and Buffy didn't know whether she was an anal virgin or not (it wasn't something she'd ever thought of asking over Sunday Roast), but if she had been she was a quick learner. The Milf squealed and rocked, her ass crashing back against Buffy so the Slayer only needed to do half the work. Buffy went faster and harder, almost like a blur and she could hear the gasps of appreciation from the audience as she pounded her Milf Mom in a way none of the non-Slayers could manage.

"Aaarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrghh," beside her Dawn was also enjoying her ass reaming, her head jerking upwards like she was a wolf howling at the moon, "AAaaarrrghhh yesssss!"

"Fuck, Dawn is good B, you were right," Faith grunted as she pounded in and out.

"Am I ever wrong?" asked Buffy rhetorically as she slammed back and forth.

"Aaaaarrrrghhh, yessss, aaaaarrghhhh," Joyce and Dawn shrieked together, their bodies rocking to the beat of the Slayers.

Harder and harder Buffy and Faith went, ramming the holes like they were targets in a training session, the two strap-ons hammering all the way in, so that the Slayer's thighs slapped loudly against the red skinned butts. "AAAarrrrghh," screamed Joyce, "Yesssss," squealed her daughter.

Then as if by telepathy the two of them moved their heads together and began to swap tongue, licking and lapping at each others mouths as they were banged side by side. It was so hot Buffy wasn't sure whether to speed up to sate her horniness or slow down so they could make out properly. After a few seconds she decided on the latter, suggesting to Faith she do the same.

Joyce and Dawn moved their mouths together, kissing deep and passionately, their lips trailing together. There was a hum from the watching crowd, appreciative of the scene in front of them. Buffy kept herself going at a relaxed pace to allow her Mom and sister time to enjoy each other, then she nodded to Faith and like a switch had been flicked sped up to maximum. Joyce broke the kiss, but her screams of passion didn't give any hint that she minded, "Aaaaarrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaaarrggghhh."

"Having fun?" grinned Willow, dropping down on the side of the bed next to Buffy and leaning on the bed board.

"Best party ever," said Buffy in response, "Where's Tara?"

"She's in your room being made airtight by Janice, her Mom and someone else - your neighbour? youngish, dark curly hair? looks like she should be in an eighties movie?"

Buffy wasn't sure who that was, but didn't really care; as long as they didn't steal the silverware they were welcome to party. "You want to spit-roast my Mom with me?"

"I thought you'd never ask," laughed Willow, getting up and moving round to Joyce front. The Milf greedily wrapped her mouth round the redhead's plastic dong and began to suck, her head jerking forward, down the toy, as her daughter's thighs smashed forward.

"Aaaarrrgghhh, yesssss, aaaarrrghh," Dawn shrieked, words Joyce would surely have replicated if her mouth hadn't been full.

Buffy gripped her Mom harder and slammed forward, lifting her head to smile at Willow opposite her. The redhead was dripping Joyce's shoulders, using them for balance as she slammed her dildo in and out of the Milf's mouth, face-fucking the older blonde enthusiastically. Her pert teen tits bounced and her shoulder length red-hair shone in the light; she'd make a catch for someone Buffy thought, perhaps Tara now her friend seemed to be getting over her break-up with Oz.

"Mmmpfff," Joyce grunted in pleasure, the noise whistling out through the gaps between her lips which weren't plugged with thick cock, "Mmmpppfff."

"Fuck yes," panted Buffy in agreement.

There wasn't anyone left queuing, if the room was still full it was because they were watching, even those who had been fucking against the walls and in the chair had stopped, sated and exhausted now the witching hour was long passed. They lay relaxed and naked, intertwined, sometimes kissing, but mainly just watching as the two Summers on the bed were fucked to eternity. The rest of the house was quieting now, as well, the young women sexually fulfilled and utterly spent, collapsing and lying where they fell. Buffy continued pounding.

"Aaaarrrrghhh," screamed Dawn, "Aaaaarrrrghhh, fuck me Faith, fuck me so hard, this is heaven." Buffy wondered whether this might be the start of a relationship between her sister and the other Slayer, they seemed so sexually compatible. She wondered whether she'd mind; it was about time Dawn started to go steady with someone and more than time that Faith did - she just wasn't sure that Faith would be good for her sister - the Slayer was too much a bad girl rebel. Then she decided it was none of her business and continued to spit-roast her Mom with Willow. "Aaarrrrghhhh, yesssss," Dawn shrieked some more.

"Mmmnnn, this is so hot," groaned Willow, "Your Mom is such a slut."

"So's your sister," grunted Faith.

"We're a family of dyke sluts," smiled Buffy as she rammed her dildo further into her Mom's back hole.

"Mmmpfff," grunted Joyce in enthusiastic agreement.

The bed continued to creak as the three Summers and friends banged away, cum soaking the bedding, sweat dripping down their bodies. Dawn continued shrieking and gasping her cries loud and passionate, Joyce grunted and shuddered, her body rocking enthusiastically as she was bounced between her daughter and Willow. Her back arched as she came, her eyes open wide and alight, her cunt pumping juice out like a stream. "Aaaaarrrrghhh," screamed Dawn, orgasming beside her Mom at the same time, "AAAaarrrghh!"

But however much her Mom and sister were loving it Buffy also knew they were just normal humans, a Slayer might be able to take the hours of anal punishment without let-up, but her Mom and sister weren't. Reluctantly Buffy pulled the cock out of her Mom's ass, staring down at the gaping hole.

"MMmnn that is so hot," grinned Faith, still humping at Dawn.

"Yeah," grinned Buffy. She didn't want Dawn to think that she was being bossy if she told Faith to stop so she could just grabbed the brunette and kissed her, dragging her away from Dawn at the same time.

Dawn sighed and collapsed forward, utterly spent, her ass as wide as a meteoroid crater. Willow slipped her cock out of Joyce's mouth and the Milf fell forward beside her daughter, moaning with delayed pleasure.

"I'm going to get a beer," Willow stood up and stepped over a couple of the guests who'd fallen asleep on the floor.

"Okay," said Buffy breaking the kiss with Faith and waiting to see if her fellow Slayer was going to go and get one.

"Bring us one," the brunette called and then collapsed back on the bed, it seemed her stamina wasn't as much as it should be, a sure sign she'd been skipping on one too many training sessions.

"You want one Buffy?"

"No, I'm good thanks" Buffy shook her head and lay back in a heap between her Mom and sister, letting them both cuddle into her.


In the back yard D'Hoffryn was sipping a Coca-Cola, Willow wasn't sure whether he'd taken it from the kitchen or whether the hell dimension he came from stocked cool soft drinks. He smiled as she walked through the back door and towards him. She shivered, but from the cool air, not any fear; after an evening of sweaty sex the outside had a chill. "How was that?" she smiled.

"You have a gift," he said, "Chaos and disorder reigned and when they wake up..." He sipped the coke, "...I would love to be a fly on the wall as everyone tries to explain it, especially the Slayer banging her Mom and sister."

"I enjoyed it," Willow smiled, "Now just wait to see what I've planned for next weekend..."


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