Xander's Ocean Cruise

BY : red_jacobson
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TITLE: Xander's Ocean Cruise

PART: 01 of 02
AUTHOR: Red Jacobson (red.jacobson@gmail.com)
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SUMMARY: Xander meets an old 'friend' from High School while decompressing from a year in Africa, and it leads to a very interesting experience

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RELATIONSHIPS: Xander/Harmony/Parvati Patil (Harry Potter)
WARNINGS: If You've ever read any of my stories, you know what to expect: Oral, anal, Femme-slash, dom/sub, multiple partners, and Femme-cest.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: The major difference to be aware of from canon, is that Harmony survived Graduation and wasn't turned into a vampire. For any episodes of Angel or Buffy that featured Vampire Harmony, just substitute one of the airhead Cordettes for her.

ADDITIONAL AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a much more light-hearted story than the ones I've been publishing lately. Hope you enjoy it.

BETA'D BY: Theo (Starway Man) All mistakes are mine


Aboard the Princess Sun Chaser

Somewhere in the Mediterranean Ocean

January 12th, 2006


If somebody had told me before I left London on this cruise that I would start my 25th year with a threesome that included Harmony Kendall of all people, I would have laughed directly in their face! Shows how much I know about prophecy, doesn't it?


Well, actually, there was no prophecy, nobody said anything about having a threesome at all. The closest anybody came to that was Faith hollering, “Yo, stud! Hope you get lucky!” as I carried my suitcase out the door.


Heh, maybe Faith has some special 'get people laid' powers in addition to her Slayer abilities. Actually, that may not be as much of a joke as I thought it was - she always did seem to have an extra bit of knowledge about anything sex-related, even back in Sunnydale before things went bad. Either way, she’s going to get a huge present the next time I see her. I found this gorgeous set of throwing knives and a carrier in a shop in Madrid that I think she’ll really enjoy. And, hell, if she decides to thank me again the way she did that night in Sunnydale, at least I have a hell of a lot more experience now to keep up with her!


It all started not long after the Sun Chaser had left port in Dover. I had already unpacked my luggage and wanted to see what the ship had to offer. Fortunately, the cruise line provided a map of the ship with my ticket, and it was easy to find my way where I wanted to go. My first stop was going to be the souvenir shop, so I could pick up a few little somethings for Buffy and Will and the rest back at Watchers Headquarters. But I got distracted by the sounds that any 80's kid will recognize; the music of Pac-Man chasing his ghosts!


The souvenirs can wait! Grabbing my wallet, I fished out a five dollar bill and headed to the token machine. Collecting the tokens, I went into the arcade and looked around. I must have been grinning like a lunatic at all the machines. I saw Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pac-man, Ms Pac-man, and so many others my inner geek didn't know where to start.


Heaven did exist, and goddamn, it existed aboard this cruise liner of all places!


Making a decision, I headed over to where the Pac-man games were, and found an open game. There was a blonde with a nice body at the machine next to mine, and I checked her out briefly before feeding tokens into the game.


I lost myself in the game for several minutes, until the ghosts got the last of my lives. I was grabbing another token to feed to the game when the blonde next to me started bouncing in place and squealing with happiness. “Hah! Take that, you ectoplasmic bastards!”


My eye widened, I knew that voice! Okay, I hadn't heard it since Graduation, when she thanked me and the others for getting them organized - but it could only be one person. Turning to look at the woman, I saw I was right; it was her!


“Harmony?” I managed to choke out, “What are you doing here?”


She turned to me in surprise, and Harmony’s eyes widened when she recognized me as well. Then she did something I would not have expected in a thousand years. She smiled widely and then she hugged me! I wasn't going to complain at having a good-looking blonde wrapping her arms around me, especially when she was pressing her breasts against my chest, but I was still not expecting that reaction.


When Harmony released me she said, “Oh, Xander, wow - this is amazing! I can't believe I ran into you like this. What are you doing here?” Then she paused and giggled, and, so help me, it was actually a cute giggle, not the annoying sound she made in high school. “Oh, wait, you already asked me that. Well, I'm taking the cruise to celebrate finally being free of the jackass that Daddy pressured me into marrying. He was the son of one of Daddy's business partners, see, and Daddy wanted to keep him happy; so, voila, instant trophy wife! I finally got evidence that he was cheating on me, not to mention how he was involved in some pretty sketchy deals, though. So my ex gave me the divorce I wanted, and several million of his Daddy's dollars!”


I whistled softly, “Damn! I'm sorry you had to go through that, Harmony, it doesn't sound good at all.”


She shrugged, doing interesting things to her chest, “It wasn't all bad, and, in high school, I probably would have been content with it. After all, that was what my mother did, and Cordy's mom, and most of the other mothers in our social circle. It's just the way things were. But...” she paused and looked up at me with a serious expression I hadn't seen before, “after what happened at Graduation, and that gang member biting me before I got away, well... it changed my attitude, and I realized that I wanted more out of my life than to be arm candy for some rich guy until I got older and he got bored with me, ya know?”


I nodded, “Yeah, I do know. I had the same thing happen to me right after Buffy came to town, when the gang members kidnapped Willow and Jesse. We were able to rescue Willow, but, Jesse never got out alive, and I made it my goal to keep any other kids from being lost like that. I'm still doing it to this day.” Taking a breath, I quirked a grin at her, “In fact, that's how I ended up on the cruise. Buffy, Willow and a bunch of other people I'm working with decided I was working too hard, and they got together and forced me to take a vacation. And, to be honest, I really didn't argue with them too much. I could use a break from the constant stress.”


I could see that Harmony understood what I wasn't saying about Jesse, and she looked at me with a bit of sympathy in her eyes. That really surprised me; the Harmony I knew all those years ago was far too shallow to care about anybody's feelings but her own. But she had definitely grown up over the last few years, and not just gotten older. I think I could actually like this Harmony, which shocked me.


Making a sudden decision, I said, “You know, I think I've had enough of video games for the time being. Would you like to join me at the Tiki Bar, so we can get a drink and catch up?”


She grinned, “That would be fun, yeah. I mean, we haven't seen each other in years, and I'm sure a lot has changed.”


Gathering up my tokens, I offered Harmony my arm, and she took with that same cute giggle. I grinned to myself; unless my memory was deceiving me, that was Harmony's flirtatious giggle, and this cruise just potentially got a whole lot more interesting.


It didn't take long for me to realize that Harmony was going way beyond flirting, and I found that I was just as interested as she was. We were sitting in the sun on the top deck, sipping our Tecate when she looked over at me, and said, “You know, Xander, I didn't show it, I couldn't really, but I had a massive crush on you in high school.”


My face must have shown my surprise, because she smiled a little sadly,


“It's true; especially after you started helping Buffy out, you were kinda drool-worthy. I wanted to approach you, but, well... I was Cordelia’s second-in-command, and it would have been social suicide to date outside of the 'proper people'. And then you were dating Cordelia, and hey - I'm not the brightest girl around, but I knew better than to try to poach from her! And then, after you two broke up so nastily - and, honestly, what in the world were you thinking there? I mean, Rosenberg? Really? You could have done so much better than her.”


I held up my hand to interrupt her at that point, “In my, and Willow's defense, it wasn't exactly our fault. There was a demonic lust spell cast on us - we didn't find out until a couple of years ago, but it did answer some questions that I'd been asking myself ever since that whole fluke thing happened. It had to do with a 'higher being's' plans, we're still not sure exactly what they were - but our sources told us that the particular being has been destroyed by the other higher powers, so I'm not going to worry too much about it.”


Harmony looked at me in shock, and then huffed out a laugh, shaking her head. “Well, that's a better reason than I thought you had. I thought you just had an epiphany where you realized that Willow had tits, and then fell and landed on her lips!”


I smirked at her, “No, Harmony... I was well aware that Willow had tits, that wasn't a surprise. And besides, yours are better.”


This is where things could go either way, but she’d opened the door to the comment, and now to see how she reacts...


She smiled at me! Score! I did a little mental happy dance that things were moving along.


“Well thank you, I'm glad you noticed. And they're all natural, by the way; I work out an hour a day to keep my shape, and, I'll admit, I like seeing the reactions of guys and girls to seeing me when I'm out and about.”


The smile dropped into a wicked grin, and she continued, “In fact, that leads into the next part of my confession.”


She leaned forward, giving me an excellent view down the front of her shirt as she whispered in my ear, “That high school crush never went away.” I smiled encouragingly, and she went on, “I'm single, you're single, we're both adults, and I'm on the pill. Do you want to take this somewhere else, and continue the conversation with a lot less clothing on?”


I'm not an idiot, contrary to what some people might tell you; I was never going to turn that offer down, but I felt that I need to let Harmony know what she was letting herself in for before things went too far.


“Oh, I'm absolutely interested in continuing the conversation, no doubt about that. But, before we get up from the table, there is something you need to know. Harm, I've discovered over the last few years that I have to have control in the bedroom, that's an absolute requirement. Are you okay with that?”


Her eyes grew smoky, and I could see her nipples pressing against her shirt, and knew right then that she was more than okay with the idea. But she still managed to lick her lips and ask, “When you say control, just what do you mean?”


“Did you ever see 9 ½ Weeks?” I asked, seriously.


Her eyes closed, and she shuddered briefly, before opening them and looking directly at me. “If you can live up to my fantasies after watching that movie, I may be open to keeping this going after we dock.”


Finishing my beer, I stood up and took her hand. She tossed the empties into the trash bin, and we hurried down to my cabin.


Xander's Cabin


Once we were inside, and the door closed behind us, I released her hand, and said, “Okay Harmony, it's play time. Take off your clothes!”


She looked down at the ground, her voice soft, and demure, “Shall I dance for you, sir?”


“No, not this time, I've fantasized about having your in this position since we were freshmen at Sunnydale High, and I don't want to wait any longer to see the body I've dreamed about!”


I moved to sit on the bed, and she stood in front of me, She kicked off her shoes and unsnapped her jeans, tugging them down over her hips. I smiled at the suspiciously dark stain on the front of her panties, and I couldn't wait to put them in her mouth so she could enjoy the taste.


Tugging her jeans down her legs, she stepped out of them and I admired her legs briefly; they were just as nice as they were when she was a cheerleader, which definitely boded well for the rest of her body.


She reached for the buttons on her shirt, but I put up my hand, “Not just yet, Harmony. I want you to turn around and put your hands flat on the floor. I want to get a good look at that ass of yours!”


I saw the hint of a grin on her face as she turned toward the wall and bent at the waist. I'll admit it, I stared at Harmony’s ass for several seconds; but I couldn't help myself, the girl was wearing a thong, and the entire thing was visible to me.


“Magnificent,” I said. “You know that you won't be leaving this room before I fuck that fantastic ass, don't you Harmony?”


She giggled from her bent over position, “I'm looking forward to it, sir, it's been part of my fantasies for years.”


“Good to know, and I promise I will do my best to help you live out all your fantasies. But you can stand up and turn around now. I want to enjoy the rest of you.”


Harmony didn't hesitate as she rose and turned to face me, the tails of her shirt covering the front of her panties. She quickly unbuttoned the shirt and pulled it apart, showing a vast expanse of tanned skin before stopping at the fancy bra. Taking the shirt off, she struck a pose - her shoulders back, her arms behind her back and her breasts thrust out.


There was no point denying it, Harmony really did have fabulous breasts. I felt a little disloyal in even thinking it, but they were even nicer than Cordy's. Giving me a nod, Harmony reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, sliding it off and showing herself to me. I blinked when I saw that she had a small ring in each nipple, not something I was expecting to see. Faith had piercings, and Rona had piercings, but I wasn't expecting Harmony to have them. Although, after experiencing Rona's tongue piercing, I wouldn't complain if Harmony had one there as well.


“Piercings, Harmony?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.


She smirked, “Yes sir, they were a gift to myself, and a final 'fuck you!' to Allen - my ex. He was a complete stick in the mud, and an absolute dud in bed, refused to try anything the slightest bit interesting. Can you believe he never even tried to have my ass? I mean, I'd do my ass!”


I couldn't help it, I laughed. “I'm sure you would Harmony, but unless we can get our hands on some polyjuice potion and a girl willing to turn into you, I don't know how we could make that happen.”


Harmony looked at me curiously, “Polyjuice? Like in the second Harry Potter book? You mean that actually happened?”


It was my turn to be confused, “Wait, what? There are books about Harry out there? When did that happen? More important, how did that happen?”


Harmony shrugged - which did even more interesting things to her chest, now that her shirt and bra weren't in the way - and said, “I first remember reading them back in high school. I think the first one came out our sophomore year, but I'm not sure. There have been six of them so far, but I only read five of them, the sixth one was too stupid for me. I mean, Harry and Dumbledore wasted most of the guy’s sixth year watching memories of Voldemort; how the hell is that going to help in killing him?”


“Memories? What the hell? That's not what happened! Ted Tonks managed to get in touch with one of his cousins who was with the Watchers Council, and they had their seers and mages tracking down Voldemort's Horcruxes, while Harry and his support team were being trained for the final bat-”


I suddenly stopped talking, as I realized just what I was doing. I had Harmony fucking Kendall standing nearly naked in front of me, and I'm talking about ancient history? Hells, no! I ain’t that dumb!


Looking directly at Harmony I said, “You know what, that's not important right now. We can talk about it later, but right now, I want to see those panties on the floor!”


She smiled widely, “Yes, sir!” and she shoved the thong down away from her pussy and slid it down her legs. I admired the neatly trimmed bush, and was slightly surprised Harmony actually was a natural blonde, contrary to comments that Buffy and Willow had made.


“Very nice, and I like your grooming. Now, get down on your knees and hand me your panties.”


Harmony lowered herself to the carpet and picked up her soaked underwear. After sticking out my hand, she put the cloth into my palm and waited.


“Good, now put your arms up, bend your elbows, and lace your fingers together behind your head.”


I took a moment to enjoy the view of her body, with her shoulders pulled back, presenting herself in the First Position.... Wait a minute! What in the name of Zeus' Thundering Scrotum am I doing? Am I seriously considering training her? After what happened to Tara, and Ahn?


Besides, this cruise is only 10 days long, who knows if Harmony will still be interested in keeping things going? She's probably going back to California, and I'm going back to work in London. And I haven't even asked her if she wants me to train her, I might not even be the right Dom for her...


Before I could work myself into an even greater panic, I heard a voice in my mind; it was the memories from that memorable Halloween back in junior year. I thought I had gone as just a generic soldier, but the dog tags I grabbed had actually belonged to a Navy SEaL by the name of Mike Harmon. And, for some reason, the memories didn't fade away, and even developed their own form of awareness.


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Get a grip, Harris! You're freaking out for nothing. First off, the odds are so far against what happened to Tara or Ahn happening to Harmony as well, they aren't even worth calculating. To start with, you aren't on the Hellmouth anymore, so forget about that. Second, she's already said that she'd be willing to keep things going if you lived up to her expectations, and with my memories to guide you, plus your experience with Tara and Anya, and what little training you did with Rona, you're not going to have a problem giving her the fuck of a lifetime!


So what if she decides to go back to the warmth of California? Who says you have to stay in London? Hell, who says you even need to keep working for the Watchers? With the money from Anya's investments that she left you, you're already a millionaire a couple of times over. You obviously don't need the paycheck anymore. And finally, so you haven't asked her if she wants you train her? Boo fucking Hoo! After you fuck her brains out, let her recover from the orgasms, and ask her! I'd be willing to make a bet on it, but you'd have to come out to the Balkans for me to collect, and they aren't real hospitable to tourists this time of year. Anyway, ask her, she'll say yes. She already likes and trusts you, and you know as well as I do that it all starts from there!


Now, you've wasted enough time staring at her tits, so get moving and fuck the girl!


When I focused back on Harmony, it seemed that she hadn't noticed my internal debate. I smiled at her and said, “You can put your arms down, Harmony, you presented yourself very well. I'm pleased.”


She smiled, but looked at me quizzically, “You called me by name? Don't you want to call me slut, or whore, or cunt, or something?”


“Do you want me to call you those names?” I asked her. Sure, I don't have any problem using terms like that, when my partner was into it - but that was very uncommon unless we were in a particularly heavy scene.


She shook her head firmly, “No, not really, but I thought that's how it works.”


I grimaced, “Harmony, as far as I know it only seems to work that way in badly written porn. Or in stories you can find on the Internet written by people who've never even seen a naked woman, let alone touched one.”


She snickered, and I continued, “What you have to understand, is that in a true, healthy Dom/sub relationship - the keys are mutual trust and respect. It's something I go over with my sub before we start her training. In porn, it's just feeding some perverted little boy's fantasies of having total control over a woman. The women I've met who were in a real relationship would kick the ass of any guy who tried to treat them like you see in those movies.”


“Anyway,” I said, unbuttoning my jeans and pulling down the zipper, “We have definitely talked long enough. I believe you know what to do.”


I heard her mutter, “Finally!” under her breath, and I chuckled as Harmony reached up and pulled me out of my boxers, letting my cock bounce in the air.


Her eyes widened when she saw me, and she licked her lips. I could swear I heard her whisper, “Cordy was an idiot to ever give this up!” as she reached for me and wrapped her warm hand around my shaft.


She stroked me a few times, rubbing her palm over the head of my cock before licking me, teasing the skin at the base of the head. I had a hard time keeping in my groan of pleasure, because she was already getting to me. Granted, it had been a couple of months since I'd been in this position - the women I'd encountered during my time in Africa searching for Slayers hadn't had the time or inclination for any naked pleasures.


Opening her mouth, Harmony wrapped her lips around the head, and teased my slit with her tongue, before looking up at me with a twinkle in her eyes and slid me further inside. 'Damn! She could have taught Anya a thing or two!' I thought, as she tightened her lips around me, giving me a quick suck before releasing.


I'll admit, I’d heard all the rumors about Harmony back in the days of yore, but like most of the guys I’d mostly discounted them. Hey, even the virgins like yours truly knew well enough that the majority of rumors about anybody were bound to be false. But with the skill she was showing, I started to wonder if some of them might not be true? I was never going to ask, but if Harmony wanted to tell me some stories I'd be happy to listen.


Yeah, yeah, I'm a pig, as a lot of women would define the term - but sue me, there is just something incredibly sexy about a woman telling you some of her favorite experiences. And, more often than not, I'm inspired to try and give her an experience that’s even better!


I stopped thinking after that, the pleasure she was giving me was far more important than thinking, with my big head anyway! I just braced myself on the edge of the bed and watched Harmony as she gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life!


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hold out as long as I'd liked, because of the African ‘dry spell’. And all too soon I felt the pressure building. “Harmony, I'm going to cum!” I managed to say, and she pulled her head back, so that just the head was in her mouth. Since she obviously was intending to swallow, I relaxed and let the orgasm hit me. She swallowed everything I gave her easily enough, sucking me until I was spent, before pulling her face away and sticking out her tongue, showing the last of my cum resting there. She winked at me before pulling her tongue back and swallowing.


Harmony grinned and licked her lips, before licking me clean. Looking up at me, she just said, “Yummy! I can already tell I'm going to want more of that! You must have an amazing diet to taste that good.”


Turning away, she crawled over to where her purse was sitting, giving me an excellent view of her ass and swollen pussy lips as she moved. When she got to her purse, she fumbled around inside it until she pulled out a small green bottle. She took a swig and rinsed it around her mouth, before spitting in the trashcan and turning back to me.


When Harmony saw me watching her, she smiled a little sadly and said, “I know what my reputation was like in school, Xander; and, honestly, part of it was true. But that's not why I carry mouthwash in my purse. I'm a little OCD about having fresh breath, and I always carry a toothbrush and toothpaste so I can brush after I eat, and I like the minty taste of the mouthwash.”


Holding out my arms, I said, “Harmony, come here,” when she came to me, I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “We are both very different people than we were in high school. And, if you check the pocket on the side of my pants, you'll find a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush in there. I don't carry mouthwash, because I'm always afraid I'll bump into something and break it.”


Harmony smiled widely, and lifted her head to kiss me back. “Thank you! I was worried you'd think I was the same person I was back in school, and I'm not, honestly!”


I didn't bother answering her - not verbally, anyway - as I lowered her onto her back and rolled on top of her, kissing her firmly. She moaned against my mouth and eagerly opened up for my tongue. Reaching between our bodies, I ran my fingers through her silky blonde hair, and slipped a finger inside her. She opened her legs wider, and I added another finger at her obvious invitation, giving a silent prayer of thanks to Aphrodite that I'd remembered to trim my fingernails that morning.


I moved my fingers inside her pussy, gently at first, and then building up as she started moving against me and moaning into my mouth. Adding my thumb, I found her clit and gently brushed it, and smiled against her mouth as Harmony jumped on the bed, giving little mewling sounds as the sensations washed over her.


I kept pumping my fingers into her clenching pussy, brushing against her clit every few strokes, until she was jerking and panting under me. I could tell she was getting very close, just needing a little bit more to get her over the edge, so I moved my other hand down and worked it under her body. Silently thanking Anya for all the training in splitting my concentration, I slid a finger between her ass cheeks.

Rubbing the ring of muscle for a minute or so to relax it, I put the tip of the finger against the ring and popped it.


Harmony’s eyes shot open and she screamed against my mouth, before her eyes rolled back in her head. She was babbling incoherently as I working my fingers in both of her holes, but the way she was tightening around my fingers and shaking against me told me that was absolutely enjoying herself. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, and breaking the kiss, slipped the fingers, coated with her juices, into Harmony's open mouth. She instantly started sucking them, releasing huge sighs of pleasure as she did so.


After a few minutes, Harmony's breathing eased and her body stopped shaking as she recovered from her climax. Her eyes opened up and she grinned at me around my fingers. Sliding them from her mouth, I grinned back, “Enjoy yourself, Harmony?”


“Fuck, yeah! I haven't come like that in years! If I were Cordy and you made me cum like that, I would have gone down on Rosenberg myself to keep from losing you!”


I'll admit it; I went to my happy place for a few seconds as I pictured what she was describing, before coming back to reality. “Would you really, Harmony? If Willow was here right now, would you let her ride your face while I fucked you stupid?”


“Hell yes, I love the taste of pussy as much as I do a cock in my mouth. If it wasn't for Cordy visiting me occasionally over the last few years, I'd have never gotten off!” Okay, that was it, I was rock hard and ready instantly, and Harmony felt it. “Oh, you like that idea, don't you? You like imagining me on my knees in front of Cordy, with my hands tied behind my back as I use my tongue to make her cum? And then she gets out a strap on and takes me doggie style, on the living room floor?”


“No more talking!” I growled out, as I moved between her legs and put her calves on my shoulders. Putting my cock at her slick entrance, I pushed forward until I was buried balls deep in her pussy. She gasped as I filled her, but was soon moving with me, helping set a rhythm. Reaching down, I grabbed her wrists and held them over her head, pressing them into the mattress. I could tell Harmony really loved that and started clenching around me again, using her legs on my shoulders to lift herself up so I could go even deeper inside her.


“Do you like this, Harmony? Do you enjoy me holding you down as I pound you into the mattress? I'm going to make sure I pick up some handcuffs for you before the end of the cruise, so I can cuff you face down on the bed and fuck your pussy and ass while I spank you! I bet you'd get off on that, wouldn't you? Maybe I'll even have you find another girl for us to play with, so you can lick her pussy while I'm fucking you in that tight ass of yours! What would you say to that?”


Harmony obviously liked that idea, she clenched down tight around me and gasped, “Hell yes! That's what I'd say! I'd love to do that for you, and I'd even buy her a strap-on so she can fuck me while you're balls deep in her ass! I'll even call Cordy and buy her a ticket so she can join us, that way you can watch me licking her pussy while she's sucking your cock!”


It was taking all of my hard-learned control not to lose it right then. “Damn it, Harmony! Are you looking to get a spanking? Because you really are going about it the right way, if you are! If you keep putting those kind of pictures in my mind, I'm going to flood your pussy and then make you lick up what drips out onto the bedspread. And I'm going to be spanking you until you get everything!”


Harmony surprised me then; I was expecting the mention of spanking to push her over the edge, but it didn't. Instead, she growled at me from deep in her throat, and broke my grip on her wrists like it was nothing. The next thing I knew, she had rolled us over so that I was flat on my back looking up at her as she played Ride'em Cowgirl! With my cock!


It took a couple of seconds for me to register what had happened, and I said, “Oh, hell no! Not going to happen, Harmony!”


And so I reached up and tugged on the rings in her nipples. It must have come as a surprise to her, to feel the pain coming from her nipples, because it broke her concentration and I was able to roll us over again. Pulling my cock from her grasping pussy, I flipped her over on her stomach and pulled her up on her knees, before shoving back inside her.


I started giving her half-strength spanks as I pumped into her pussy, not wanting to hurt her, because this wasn't a training session. She surprised me again, by encouraging me to spank her harder, and even harder, until I was using my full strength, and she finally was satisfied.


I managed to hold on until Harmony started cumming, and then I let go, blasting inside her pussy, flooding her with my cum. I could tell, by the way she reacted, that feeling me cumming inside her triggered another peak from her - which, to be honest, made me feel pretty damn good!


It was a little later, when Harmony was laying naked on top of me, a satisfied smile on her face, that I asked her the question that had been bugging me for a while. “Harmony, what you said earlier, about bringing Cordy into this. First of all, were you serious or just trying to wind me up? And, if you were serious, are you certain that it would be a good idea? You know how I felt about her... and, honestly, I'm fairly sure it wouldn't take much for me to feel that way again, and I don't want you to be hurt.”


I wasn't expecting her to laugh at that statement, but that's exactly what Harmony did. She lifted her head off my chest and kissed me softly, before pulling back, “You don't have to worry about hurting me, Xander, but it means a lot to me that you are worrying about my feelings. You see, I'm really hoping that you do start feeling that was about Cordy again.” I gave her a raised eyebrow, because I knew there was an explanation for that statement, and she gave me a wicked grin, “After all, you aren't the only person I had a crush on in high school that hasn't gone away.”


I felt myself getting hard again at the thought of the three of us together, and blessed Halfrek's old engagement present to Anya and I once again. It was so nice having the increased stamina and reload, especially in a situation like this. But, unfortunately, a part of me decided to be practical, damn it!


“I can see why the idea appeals to you; and, to tell you the truth, it really appeals to me as well. But do you think Cordelia would be interested? Our break-up was pretty nasty, after all.”


Harmony shrugged again, and I really do love watching her do that! But then she said, “Actually, I'm pretty sure she'd be interested. One night, when we were cuddling after, see - Cordy got to talking about how she really had wanted to try again with you, but then that thing with Faith going bad, and the IRS mess, and Graduation, and… well, the time was never right, before she finally left town. I think she would really enjoy getting to know you again.”


She snickered, “Of course, after that, it wasn't only after sex that we talked about you; there were plenty of times when one of us used a strap-on, and we talked about you during!”


Okay, I just lost the capability for coherent speech!


“Huh? Wha-?”


Harmony’s voice brought me back to reality, as she said “Actually, that happens a lot, now that she's staying with me. She had to get out of LA after that mess with Angel Investigations getting destroyed a couple of years ago, ya know.”


I nodded, my brain focusing on something besides naked Harmony and naked Cordy. “I'd heard about that, but I was already in Africa by then, and… ah, hell, I didn't get much information about all that.Well, except that Angel had managed to get himself burned to ashes taking out a dragon. I'll admit, I'll never be a fan of the guy; but that took balls!”


Thinking about what she said, “So you aren't living in LA, then? Where are you staying, are you still in California?”


“Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm a Cali girl through and through. I live in San Francisco, in Pacific Heights, actually; it’s a really nice place, and it’s got a gorgeous view of the Bay. Cordy is staying with me while she works on getting her inheritance from her grandparents transferred into her name.”


“That's still going on? Jeez. I didn't think it would take so many years, since she was listed in the will and everything from what I heard.”


“Yeah, well. The IRS is still trying to cause her trouble, wanting to get their hands on some of the money, but Cordy isn't playing their games. From what she told me before I left, it should be resolved within a month or so; the courts slapped the IRS down pretty strongly the last time, and, since it wasn't her, or her grandparents who weren't paying their taxes, they don't have a leg to stand on.”


“I'm sure she will be thrilled to get that done,” I grinned, “Somehow, the idea of Cordy without money isn't really Cordy to me.”


Harmony giggled, “I know what you mean. But, Cordy grew up a lot over the years, just like we had to... and she's not the spoiled rich girl you dated anymore. She actually helps out in the Mission District a few days a week, and she’s going to college, studying pre-law.”


I laughed, picturing it. “Yeah, I can actually see Cordy as a lawyer, she always could out-argue anybody. Okay, yeah, helping out the homeless isn't something that I could see her doing back in the Nineties; but, like you said, we've all had to grow up.”


“Doesn't it suck? It was much more fun being a shallow rich-bitch than having to be responsible and crap like that.” She looked at me seriously, “Will that be a problem for you, the fact that both Cordy and I have money - and you, well, don't?”


I started to give her a smartass answer, but paused, actually engaging my brain for a change. “Not really. Because, while I'm not in you and Cordy's territory, I've actually got a couple of million in a few different bank accounts, plus the residuals from a lot of investments that Anya made over the years. I'm not a Rockefeller, but I'm not going to be going hungry anytime soon either.”


She nodded, and I continued, “Look, more importantly, we've been dancing around the subject for a little while now - but, we're talking about keeping this going after the cruise is over, aren't we?”


She looked at me curiously, “Well, yeah, we are. I thought that's what we both wanted.”


I had to chose my words very carefully here, I didn't want to piss off the naked woman in bed with me. “It is, but it suddenly just hit me how big a change we’re thinking about. We've just seen each other for the first time in years, and we are talking about building a relationship together with Cordy as part of it. I'm certainly in favor of the idea, don’t get me wrong; but I'm also thinking about having to leave my job and my friends here, and starting a new life with you. My friends have been my life for the past decade or so, and I hope you'll forgive me if the idea of leaving them behind takes some getting used to!”


I must have used the right words, because Harmony just looked thoughtful, instead of hurt or angry, so I just kept quiet and waited for her to speak.


“Okay, so the main issue is leaving your friends and your job, right? It's not the paycheck, you've got money, so it's feeling useful and helping people, right? How am I doing so far?”


I smiled, thinking about what she's saying. “I'm with you so far, I like the feeling of being needed and helping people out.”


“I understand, Cordy feels the same way. So why don't you keep doing that in San Francisco? I mean, we don't have a Hellmouth, but there are still people who need help, both against the vampires, and against the human type monsters. You could get a Private Investigator’s license, and I could be your Gal Friday! Who cares about the money - I think you'd look great in a trenchcoat with a couple of days of stubble!”


I stayed quiet for a couple of minutes, thinking it over; and, I have to admit, the idea did sort of appeal to me. I always enjoyed the Rockford Files and Mike Hammer, and I'd still be helping people. I would be a lot more active than I was with the Watchers, which I liked the sound of, and… okay, fine, Angel had been an undead private dick in LA before ending up dust, and I didn’t want anyone (including Cordelia) comparing me to him. But then, why would they? Buffy wouldn’t. Neither would Willow.


Oh, what the hell, may as well go for it!


I quirked a grin at Harmony, and said, “Well, Miss Kendall, once I get my license, I think you've got yourself a job. But, I think I'd much rather see you wearing a trench coat, with just what you’re wearing now underneath.”


She grinned, “So you can flip the back up and bend me over your desk at lunchtime? Kinky, I like it!”


I laughed, “Me too! But, speaking of kinky, if we are going to be building something together, either with or without Cordy, I want to hold off on the Dom/sub 9 ½ Weeks stuff until after the cruise is over. Once I move to San Fran on an official basis, we can sit down and have a serious conversation about your boundaries, and training you to be the submissive you want to be. Will that be okay?”


Harmony took a deep breath, “Wow. Okay, I had no idea how much would be involved in a relationship like that; I thought it was just you or Cordy telling me what to do, and I do it!”


I shook my head, “That's being a slave, Harmony, and I really don't think you wanna go there. At least, not without a whole lot of talking and thinking beforehand. I know that I'm not ready to have a slave, and I doubt that Cordy would be either. That's something we can discuss in a couple of years, after you've been trained and determine if this is the life you really want for yourself. Being a submissive can be ended, but being a slave is a long term, even a life-long commitment under the right circumstances.”


She nodded, “I'm glad you know what you’re doing, because I'm afraid I'd just make a mess of things if I tried it on my own.”


I grimaced, “Probably, but you won't have to worry about that. I've already made the mistakes, so you won't have to!”


Deciding to light the mood and get us back on track, since this was far too serious a conversation for two naked people to be having while laying on a bed together, I said, “Of course, that doesn't mean that I won't grab some ties from my closet and tie your wrists to my headboard so I can stretch you out and fuck that ass I've been fantasizing about for years!”


“And I've been fantasizing about you fucking my ass for years! So break out those ties, 'Master',” she grinned, and I climbed off the bed and rummaged through my clothes until I found a the ties that I'd packed. Grabbing four of them, and the tube of Astroglide that I'd included, I hurried back to the bed and put Harmony into position. Of course, it wasn't exactly difficult because she was already stretched out face down on the bed with a folded over pillow under her hips.


“Have you ever taken anything in your ass before, Harmony?” I asked her, lubing up my finger.


“No, not even a toy. I guess somehow I knew I should save my ass for you!”


“Don't worry, I've got a lot of experience; I'll make sure you enjoy yourself,” I reassured her.


Coating my finger, I rubbed it around the ring of muscle before pressing into her, making her grunt as she felt the new sensation. I moved my finger around, loosening her up, before adding a second finger. Reaching around her, I rubbed her pussy with my free hand, making her squirm in her bonds. Eventually she was relaxed enough to take four of my fingers, and I pulled out, while keeping my other hand fingering her pussy.


“Are you ready Harmony?”


She didn't speak, just nodded, and and I gripped my cock and put the head against her starfish, before pushing forward so the head was inside. She squealed at the pressure, and I held still, letting Harmony get adjusted to feeling me in her arse. Arse? Damn, I've been hanging with Giles too long! Her ass, feeling me in her ass! I kept fingering her, and she relaxed even more, letting me move deeper inside her.


“Are you okay, Harmony? I'm not hurting you, am I?” I didn't think I was, but it never hurts to check.


She shook her head as much as she could from her position, “No, it doesn't hurt;, feels weird though.” she responded.


“It always does at first, but it’ will start feeling good very soon!” I promised her, based on my experience with all the other girls I'd introduced to the act.


I kept pushing forward, stopping to let her get used to me, until I was all the way inside her. My thumb was rubbing her clit and my fingers were stroking her walls as I slowly moved forward, until I was able to tease a small climax out of her. With that, Harmony relaxed completely, and I started pumping her ass, drawing moans of pleasure from her throat.


I hadn't been lying; I've gotten enough girls to enjoy the feeling of my cock in their ass that I knew how to make sure they enjoyed the experience. Anya, of course, had been enjoying it for centuries when we got together, but I still pleased her with my skills. Tara, Faith and Rona had all been virgins to the act, and Buffy, the one night she came to me, to apologize for my eye, had only tried it one time.


Even Tonks, the weekend that we spent together when the Aurors needed our help to track down a clan of vampires, had only done it a couple of times. Of course, from what she told me the last time I saw her, now that she's with Harry, she's gotten a lot more experience!


Thinking of Harry, I'm going to need to talk to him at some point; if for no other reason than to get some advice on being involved with multiple women. From what I remember hearing, he's got four wives now, and was currently dating the girl who was going to be wife number five.


That can wait, though; Harmony started moving against me, pushing herself as far back as she could with the ties holding her in place.


Leaning down, I said, “Feeling good yet, Harmony? Taking the man who is going to be your Master deep inside your virgin ass? And knowing that, when you truly belong to me, I'll be having your ass whenever I want it, and having different girls riding your face at the same time, so you can show them what a good little pussy licker you are!”


Just as I expected, the picture I painted in her mind, when she was already really turned on, set Harmony off like a rocket! I kept up the pace, pumping her ass as she enjoyed herself.


When Harmony came back to herself, I was still moving, and she groaned, “No, please, no more. I need a break, I’m really getting sore, Xander!”


I stopped moving instantly, and pulled out, making her sigh in relief. When I released her hands and legs and let her turn over onto her back, she smiled at me until she saw that I was still rock hard. A look of regret appeared on her face, and she said, “Oh no! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to leave you hanging like that!”


I muttered something about taking care of it, but she shook her head firmly. “That's not happening!”


Gripping her breasts, she pushed them together and said, “Grab the lube and fuck my tits! I'm not taking you in my mouth, not until you wash up, but you can fuck these babies and then cum on my face!”


Well, there was no way I was going to turn that offer down, and I was soon straddling Harmony’s belly and my cock was buried between those magnificent breasts of hers. Harmony had her head propped up on a pillow and was watching me.


“Are you enjoying this, Xander? Fucking the tits you jerked off over in high school? I’m really enjoying the feeling, y’know, my tits love any kind of sensation. That’s why I got my nipples pierced. Did you know that I actually came when the needle went in? I did, it was so embarrassing! And Cordy was with me, the whole time. I was trying to get her to get pierced with me, but she wouldn’t.”


I swear, it took an act of Zeus to keep me from cumming right then!


“Just imagine, in a couple of weeks, you can watch me sucking Cordy’s pussy juices off your cock, and then, when you cum in my mouth, I’ll kiss her, and share it with Cordy. And after that, I’ll kiss my way down her body until my mouth is at her pussy and I start licking her, and I won’t stop until she cums!”


That was it! I managed to gasp out, “Harmony!” and she closed her mouth and her eyes and smiled. I was so worked up that the first shot went wild, and landed in her hair by mistake. I was able to control the next shot, and it splashed across her nose, with some hitting her closed eyes. I lifted myself off her belly and aimed again, and I was able to hit her chest with my final blast. She wasn’t kidding about her breasts being sensitive, she shuddered in pleasure as my seed landed on her tits.


By the time I finished, I was spent. So I climbed off of Harmony and took her hand, leading her to the cabin bathroom. Running some warm water, I helped her was my cum off her face and eyes, and, when Harmony was able to open her eyes, she looked in the mirror and started laughing.


“Damn, Xander, I'd heard you liked 'There's Something About Mary' - but this is taking things a bit too far, don't you think?”


I didn't understand what she meant at first, until I focused on the mirror, and saw her hair where my cum had landed. It looked just like Cameron Diaz's hair from that scene in the movie, and I started laughing as well. In fact, both of us collapsed against each other, howling in laughter, until we ended up sitting on the bathroom floor, wiping the tears from our eyes.


Eventually, we got the laughter under control, and Harmony said, “Damn it, I'm going to need to wash my hair before it hardens. I don't suppose you have anything but your man's shampoo with you?”


I got up to check, and shook my head in disbelief. How the hell did Faith know? There was a bottle of fancy women's shampoo, and some conditioner of the same brand, with a handwritten note, “Screw her brains out, stud!”


Leaving the note in my travel kit, I handed Harmony the two bottles and she grinned, “You are definitely a keeper, you've even got the brand I use!”


Stepping into the shower, she turned and said with a grin, “Want to save water?”


I shook my head in regret, “Much as I'd love to, we would still be there in a couple of hours, and I really want to get some dinner; it's been a long day, and we both worked up a hell of an appetite!”


Harmony pouted for a second, but then nodded, “I can definitely eat, it has been a long day, and I still need to find a girl for us to play with. We may not be up for any more right now, but who knows what will happen tomorrow?”


After both of us were cleaned up, and I had shaved, we got dressed and left the cabin. I walked Harmony to her cabin to get changed for dinner, and looked around curiously. Her cabin was almost identical to mine, except she had added a few pictures. There were a couple of just her and Cordy, taken fairly recently, and one that surprised the hell out of me. It was a group picture, of me, Will, Buffy, Oz, Cordy, Harmony and Giles from just after Graduation, when we were all hugging each other, relieved to have survived. Lance, the school photographer, had taken that picture, right before he and his family got the hell out of Sunnydale.


I still had my own copy of that picture in storage somewhere, along with everything else I’d been able to pack before Sunnydale turned into a sinkhole. Huh... if I’m going to be putting down roots again, I need to get it out and and see what else is in there.


Hearing a sound, I looked up and my jaw dropped. Harmony had changed out of her casual clothes from earlier, and was wearing a designer dress - Versace, if my lessons from Cordy and Anya hadn't failed me - and she looked like a million bucks! I was very glad I'd decided to wear a nice suit to dinner, otherwise it would have embarrassed her to be on my arm.


“Sweet Aphrodite, you are beautiful,” I breathed, and she smiled widely, her teeth gleaming whitely in the room light. Offering her my arm, she accepted, and we made our way toward the main dining room.


The Grand Ballroom

10 minutes later


They were just letting people in when we arrived, and it only took a couple of minutes until we were seated at a table for ten. I hadn't really been paying that much attention to the other people at the table, my attention was fixed on the beauty at my side. At least it was, until a wadded up napkin bounced off my forehead and I turned to glare at whoever had thrown it.


The glare disappeared, and I must have looked incredibly stupid with my jaw in the soup bowl, because it was Tonks who was smirking at me from across the table. Harry freaking Potter was sitting next to her, his water glass raised in a toast as he grinned at me. Next to Harry was an absolutely gorgeous Indian girl, with a very elegant diamond ring on her finger. There was a cute blonde with very strange-looking earrings next to her, and a beautiful Chinese girl between her and I. The girl next to Harmony must have been the bride's identical twin sister, and there was a blonde next to her that was so beautiful it almost hurt.


I had to be careful not to look too closely at the blonde, because she, like almost all the women were wearing wedding rings. And besides, I was with Harmony and wasn't about to ignore her for anybody. Turning to Harmony, she was looking around curiously, and I grinned. “You remember, earlier this afternoon before we got busy, we were talking about Harry Potter?”


She looked at me like I was insane, but nodded.


“Well, Harmony Kendall, allow me to introduce you to Harry James Potter, The Boy with too many hyphens in his name!”


Harry groaned theatrically, “Damn it, Xander, what did you tell her about me?”


I grinned, “Don't worry, Harry, I didn't tell her anything. But, I have to ask, were you aware that there are a series of fictionalized books covering your years at Hogwarts, available for sale on my side of the line? They apparently started coming about about ten years ago, and there are six of them so far.”


Harry grimaced, “Yeah, I knew about them, and the woman who wrote them; but unfortunately her lawyers were better than mine at negotiations, and she was able to embellish the events 'for dramatic purposes' and I can't do a thing about it until 100 years after the first book was published. I've already gotten the true story of those years written up and ready to go to the publishers as soon as the 100 years is done! The author of those books seems to believe that I'm destined to marry Ginny Weasley - never mind that Ginny is happily married to Draco Malfoy, and has been for years, with three or four kids by now... I don't remember off hand.”


The Chinese girl spoke up, “So, you are the Xander that Harry and Tonks talk about?” She asked with a smirk, “Tonks has told us some very interesting stories about a mission the two of you went on together.”


I nodded, warily, glancing at Harmony, who seemed to be absolutely enthralled to be sitting at a table with people she’d previously thought were fictional.


The Chinese girl continued, “Since my darling husband has forgotten his manners, I'm Cho Chang Potter, and the beauty next to me is Luna Lovegood Potter, next to her is Harry's newest bride, Padma Patil Potter, you know Harry of course, and Tonks Potter, oddly - she does not acknowledge a first name. Fleur Delacour Potter is seated next to Harry, and, completing our party, is our sister-in-law, Parvati Patil. And who is your lovely companion?”


“Ladies, and Harry, I'd like to introduce Miss Harmony Kendall, of San Francisco, California. She and I went to high school together, and hadn't seen each other for several years until we met by chance this afternoon. After spending the day together, we've decided to reconnect and see what life has to offer.”


Harmony shot me a grateful smile at how I phrased things, and she greeted the others politely. She impressed the hell out of me over the course of the dinner by not once asking questions about their adventures, even though she obviously knew certain things about their lives from the books. She did ask one question, though, with Harry answered with good grace.


It was during the lull between the dinner and dessert, and Harmony said, “Harry, I hope you don't mind me asking - but, since so much of the books were incorrect, I was wondering... did Sirius Black actually fall  through the Veil?”


Harry looked surprised, “Is that was that hack woman said happened? No, Bellatrix caught him with a bone shattering curse on the leg, and it took his right leg off at the knee. We were able to get him medical attention in time, though, and these days he's getting around just fine. He and Remus are married now, and running a Bed and Breakfast up in Durham, have been for a couple of years.”


Harmony smiled, “That's good to hear, I was really upset when I read the book and she had him dying, especially since he was the closest thing to a father figure you had.”


After that, the conversation turned to happier subjects, and I noticed that Harmony spend a great deal of time chatting with Parvati; who seemed equally as interested in Harmony's conversation. Harry looked at me curiously, noticing the same thing, and I shrugged. I also did my best to ignore the knowing smiles on the faces of all the other women at the table.


It was as we were all sipping our coffee that Harmony got up to use the ladies room, and Parvati offered to go with her, that the grins came back in full force. After the two had left, Harry and I looked at the women curiously, and Fleur said, “Please forgive the rude question, but do you know if Miss Harmony enjoys variety in her life?”


The way Fleur emphasized the word variety let me know exactly what she meant, and I nodded, adding, “Am I to understand that Parvati enjoys some variety as well?”


It was Padma who responded, with a tinkling laugh, “You could say that, and, frankly I'm glad that she and Harmony hit it off. She's already been feeling like a fifth wheel since we got on the ship, with all of us being with Harry, except her. She recently broke up with the guy she was dating, and has been kind of at loose ends, so I'm thrilled that she seems to be looking to have some fun, finally!”


Harry actually looked intrigued with the conversation until Luna tossed her napkin at him, hitting him on the nose. “Don't get greedy, Harry; you get to enjoy all of us naked and enjoying each other, let Xander and Harmony have their fun as well!”


Harry grinned, shamefacedly, and the girls chuckled. “Sorry,” he said to the table, “That was rather rude of me, but I was just thinking about how that woman had me taking Parvati to the Yule Ball, instead of Cho, and I wondered what made her think that would have been a good idea. And, I really wonder what she had against Ron? He could be a prat at times, sure - but Daphne certainly never complained about him being a bad date. She must have enjoyed at least part of the evening, since she ended up marrying him!”


I chuckled, “I think I'm going to have to read these books now, especially since Harmony has read them, so I can tell her what actually happened, at least from the Watcher's Council's perspective. I'm sure that Parvati will fill in the blanks of the rest of the story.”


Cho laughed, “Do you really think that those two will be spending anytime talking about ancient history? It's obvious, from the stories that Tonks tells us, that you know your way around a woman's body, but it sounds like you have a lot to learn otherwise!” She was smiling at the end of her statement, which took a bit of the sting out of her words, but I was still tempted to defend myself.


When will I ever learn? I was saved from making an ass of myself by Harmony and Parvati coming back to the table, giggling.


I rose to hold out Harmony's chair for her, when they surprised me by Parvati taking her seat, while Harmony sat next to Fleur. Mentally shrugging, I smiled at Parvati and lifted my coffee cup. I was glad I was able to keep hold of the cup the next instant, when I felt Parvati's hand on my cock! This was obviously planned, so I didn't say anything, just raised an eyebrow at her.


She leaned in close to me, and said, quietly, “Harmony told me about what the two of you were doing this afternoon, and how you were going to tell her to find a girl for the two of you to share. Well, she found me, and I'm really hoping you are as interested in me as Harmony is - because I'm really up for a good time! I don't expect anything more than a bit of fun, and a kiss and quick goodbye when we dock. But, are you open to me spending time with the two of you?”


Gee, what do you think? A gorgeous girl, who is just as interested in me as she is my girlfriend, and wanting to spend naked happy time with the two of us? Of course I'm interested!


I smiled warmly at Parvati and said, “I think that's a fantastic idea! Do you want to join us tonight, or wait until we can all meet for breakfast in the morning? If you know what Harmony and I did this afternoon, then you can understand that we are both looking forward to getting some sleep tonight.”


She smiled happily, “I'd love to join you tonight, but, sleep is a very good thing. We just need to stop by my cabin so I can get some things for the morning.”


Looking over at Harmony, who had been listening to our conversation (as had the rest of the nosy women at the table), I nodded. So she briefly bounced excitedly in her seat, before smiling back at me. We all finished our coffees, and the women kissed Parvati, Harmony and I on the cheek, and Harry shook my hand before we left the dining room. I left a good sized tip, and noticed that Harry did the same thing.


Heading down the corridors to Parvati's cabin, I grinned, thinking of what the next few days would bring.


End Chapter One


Hope you've enjoyed my visit to the lighter side of fan-fiction. This is the first time I've written a first person story, and I hope you enjoyed the experiment.


See you in a week or so with Chapter Two. That will probably be the final chapter, unless the characters tell me there is more of their story that they want me to tell.




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