Darla's Childe - Gathering Witches

BY : red_jacobson
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SERIES TITLE: Darla's Childe

STORY TITLE: Gathering Witches

PART: 1 of 2

AUTHOR: Red Jacobson (red.jacobson@gmail.com)

DISCLAIMER: None of the Characters you recognize belong to me, they all are the property of their respective owners. I promise to treat them better than their creators did.

SUMMARY: Vampire Xander and his Sire, Now Slave, Darla stop for the night outside Las Vegas for some fun.

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RELATIONSHIPS: Xander/Darla/Tara MaClay/Lavender Brown


WORD COUNT: 12,635

SPOILERS: None for the Buffy Series, since Darla's Childe went AU prior to Welcome to the Hellmouth. However, it would be best if you read that series first, otherwise you would be very lost.

WARNINGS: I'm sure that those of you familiar with my alleged writing have any doubts about what you are going to find here. But, for the virgins among you, you are going to find oral, anal, dom/sub, femme-slash, and quite possibly a number of other things that will have Mrs Grundy and Doctor James Dobson reaching for the smelling salts! *GRIN*

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This takes place several years into the future of the Darla's Childe Universe, but, I do intend to fill in the years between the original story and this one - but this bunny wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it up.

MANY THANKS:  To Theo (Starway Man) and Andrew (Pax Humana) for their outstanding Beta work on this chapter.  Any mistakes remaining are mine.


Inspired, as many of my One-Shot's are, by the Fictionator


Male : Vampire Xander and Darla

BTVS-Verse Female : Tara McClay

Potter-Verse Female : Lavender Brown

Series Cross Over Female : Straight, Tit Fuck, Femme-slash, Anal, Mind Control

Setting : Strip Club

Sex : Ass to Mouth


Las Vegas, Nevada

Summer 1999


The Cadillac sedan was quiet as the two vampires drove through the outskirts of Las Vegas, heading west back toward Sunnydale. Xander was driving, a slight smile on his face, and knew that Darla had a similar smile on hers.


“Fred certainly has done a good job bringing the clans under her control, hasn't she?” Darla ventured, when she got tired of listening to the stereo. She enjoyed Leonard Cohen as much as anybody, but for Satan’s sake - she was getting tired of the same CD playing over and over.


Xander grinned, “Oh yeah, I figured she would - once she got on her feet and adjusted to her new life, so to speak. I was actually considering Cordy to run Vegas, but she's doing much better in San Francisco. I expected her to make contact with the Charmed Ones, but bedding all four of them? Now that was more than I anticipated. Which reminds me... it's been a few months since we've been to Fisherman's Wharf, we should schedule a visit sometime soon.”


Darla laughed, “Even after all these years, you still let your cock do most of your thinking for you, don't you Master? Not that I'm complaining, I've had more orgasms since I turned you than I had in the entire three hundred years before that!”


He looked at her briefly, before narrowing his eyes, “I think you've forgotten your place, slave! Just because I didn't require you to wear your collar to the meeting with Fred and her minions, don't get above yourself! In fact, I think you need to learn a lesson.


Darla cursed to herself, she had been so relaxed after the multiple orgasms Fred and her assistants had given her that she’d slipped up! She wanted to apologize, to protest, but knew it would only make things worse. All she said was, “Yes Master, whatever you wish.” before shutting up.


She watched as he tapped the phone button on the steering wheel, and the music shut off, replaced by the sound of a ringing phone. The phone was answered on the second ring, “Hotel Amand, how may I assist you?”


“This is Alexander of Sunnydale, I require my suite for the evening - can you have it ready by One A.M?”


The voice took on an obsequious tone, a sure sign they recognized his power and authority, and responded, “Of course, sir, that will be no problem at all. Do you still have your key, or will you need a new one to be ready for you when you arrive?”


“I still have my key, but thank you for checking. I’ll see you in a few hours.”


“Yes sir, very good sir,” the voice replied as her Master ended the call.


Darla was curious just what he was planning, because they were heading away from the hotel, but he soon pulled into a gas station and turned back around. She started getting an idea when he pulled off of the strip and headed down Industrial Boulevard, pulling into a Dancer's Supply store. She tried not to grimace as she realized just what he intended, and simply joined him as Xander got out of the car, locking it behind him.


When they walked inside, he turned to her and said, “I think you know what I want, don’t you? So go pick out a costume to dance in - I saw a couple of clubs with Amatuer Night Contests, and I want you to enter the one at the club I choose.”


Scanning the costumes, Darla knew that he would not be satisfied with anything that started with her too covered up, he was determined to make her show her body as much as possible to strangers. She almost chose the Indiana Jones costume, to make him think of Jill, and maybe put him in a better mood, but decided against it. Xander was only irritated now; if she tried to manipulate him like that, she would only make him angry. She saw it happen to Cordelia one time, and the pain he’d put her through was enough to make sure none of them ever tried it again!


Finally, she chose a harem girl outfit, knowing that the veils didn't cover anything, but it would enhance her submissiveness in his eyes. Holding it up, he nodded sharply, and she took it to the counter and paid for it.


Getting back in the car, he drove for almost a mile before pulling into the parking lot of a club that called itself “The Volcano” and stopped the car. Before they got to the door, Xander said, “You have several tasks this evening. The first is to enter the Amatuer Night contest, and do your best to win. Second, after you dance, make your way around the room, offering lap dances to all the customers there, men or women. And, three, you are to find a girl for the two of us to share for the night. If you fail to perform any of the tasks I've given you, I will let Jesse and the minions have complete, unfettered access to your body, including your ass, for 24 consecutive hours. Are you in any way unclear in what I expect of you, slave?”


Darla tried to hide the fear in her eyes, and shook her head, “No Master, I'm to enter the contest and do my best to win, then I'm to offer nude lap dances to all the customers, men or women, and I'm to find a girl to share with you for the night.”


“Good. Now, wipe the look of fear from your face, it's not attractive; and you need to look your best to attract the attention you need.”  Adjusting his appearance so that he looked to be in his mid twenties, Xander strode toward the entrance.




When they walked through the door, Darla put on her brightest smile and walked to the sign up table for the contest, while Xander walked over to the bar. The woman behind the bar was somewhat attractive, in a mousy sort of way, with her dirty blonde hair and minimal makeup - but underneath the flower child dress, Xander could tell she had an excellent figure. He also noticed that she didn't meet the men's eyes, always looking slightly down, and wondered if that meant what he thought it meant. When she got up to where he was sitting, he saw that she was wearing a nametag that simply read ‘Tara’, and ordered a beer from her.


When the bartender got back with his beer, he let out a sliver of his aura, not enough to be visible, but enough that she should notice; and Xander carefully watched her reaction. He wasn't disappointed; she looked up at him quickly, and he could hear her heart start beating a bit faster, and could smell her starting to get aroused. 'Interesting, she is definitely a submissive, almost as much as Willow or Jill. Now, to reel her in...'


Paying for his beer, Xander slid an additional twenty dollar bill toward her tip jar, getting a quick smile, and he said, “How long have you been working here, uh, Tara? It's our first night here, but I think I’d remember seeing this club as often as I have to travel through Las Vegas.”


“I've been here since the club opened, about four months ago. I'm working my way cross country ‘til I get to a town in California called Sunnydale; have you heard of it?”


He laughed, “You could say that, Darla and I have a home in Sunnydale, and I've lived there most of my life. So, what makes our booming Metropolis so attractive to you?”


“I'm registered to start my freshman year at UC Sunnydale in September, it's where my mom went to college... and, honestly, it's far away from the rest of my family. Things got pretty unpleasant there after my mom died last year.” Tara actually looked a little surprised that she added that last bit, but it just felt right to tell him.”


Xander nodded sympathetically, “I understand that part, trust me - I do!” He took another gulp of his beer, “My parents were killed a couple of years back, and, I know that I should feel sad about it. But then I think back to the fights and the insults and the way my father liked to use his belt and his boots, and I really can't be bothered to give much of a damn that they are gone.”


Shaking himself, he smiled slightly, “Sorry about that; not the best subject for conversation with a pretty girl, is it? On a happier note, I think you'll like Sunnydale, it's a friendly town.”


Looking over at the signup area, he saw that Darla had finished signing up, and had struck up a conversation with a pretty blonde who had a nice rack, and, from what he could tell, a really nice ass too. Xander smirked to himself, 'Darla really wants to get back in my good graces, doesn't she?'


He really wasn't even that annoyed at her impertinence, but he didn't want her to get in the habit, especially when there were others around. He could have decided to really hurt her, but making her show herself to all these strangers was punishment enough. Darla may have been a vampire for hundreds of years, and a whore before she was turned - but she still had the vestiges of the body modesty she was raised with, and he was determined to break her of it.


Tara glanced over to where he was looking, and noticed the gorgeous-looking blonde chatting with Lavender. Running her eyes over the other contestants, she recognized all the others from the last few weeks. Pulling another beer for the man in front of her, she set it down and said, “Do you know the new girl? The others have been here before to try and win the money, but I haven't seen the blonde with the long hair before.”


He smiled, “Yes, that's Darla, she's my... well, lover is the best way to describe our relationship, I guess. It's a little more complicated than that, of course, but it'll do for a description.”


She raised an eyebrow, “Why would it be complicated? The two of you are together, you make love with each other, you're lovers - not that complicated!”


He looked directly at her, letting loose a bit more of his aura, making her raise her eyes to meet his. He was curious about the speculative look in her eyes, but continued speaking. “Ordinarily, I'd agree with you. But, there are people who, if they knew, would claim that our relationship is unhealthy, even though it isn't.” Taking another sip from his beer, “Tell me, Tara, what do you know about the Dom/sub lifestyle?”


Xander mentally patted himself on the back as Tara’s heart started beating even faster, and her pussy got even wetter. He could smell how turned on she was getting, and it was almost intoxicating. He kept his expression mostly still, not letting the girl know that he could tell he was getting to her, and watched as she struggled to keep herself under control.


Tara managed to keep her hand from trembling with excitement while she said, “I know that there are people, both men and women, who need to give up control of part of their lives, either a little bit - or a lot - in order to feel happy and fulfilled. I also know that sort of trust  can easily be abused if their partner isn't very careful. But, if they find the right person, I've been told it can be a tremendous experience!”


Xander smiled happily at her, “It sure can, Tara! And, you’re right, there are too many men who have watched 9 ½ Weeks and think that they can be a Master. Truth is, Darla and me - it took a lot of work for the two of us to get enough trust in each other to really take that step. We both made mistakes in the beginning, but we worked through them, and our relationship is stronger than ever.” His smile turned into a smirk, “It's strong enough now that Darla feels comfortable enough with her desires that she likes to find other girls to join us for an evening of fun.”


He deliberately added a little power to his voice, and continued conversationally, “Of course, fair is fair, and, I often chose a girl to join us as well. But, while Darla tends to focus on the physical features of her playmates, I enjoy finding girls who are interested in serving, either for a night of pleasure, or for longer.”


Bingo! The bartender almost dropped her glass when what he said hit her, and she quickly mumbled an apology as she turned to serve another customer. 'Yeah, she's going to be mine for the night, or even longer unless I miss my guess!' Xander thought happily, glancing at her ass as she bent over to get a bottle from the cooler.


Turning back to Darla, he could see that the other girl was definitely interested, and idly wished the room was quieter so he could hear what they were saying.




Darla had finished signing up for the contest, and was looking over the other dancers, trying to find one that her Master would approve of. All of the girls were attractive, that was a given - but most of them had obvious breast implants, which wouldn't interest either her Master or her. The one girl who seemed to be paying attention to what was happening was a pretty blonde who had natural breasts, and she had to admit that they were very nice; almost as nice as Cordelia's, who, by common agreement, had the best rack in their undead family.


Turning toward the blonde, she smiled and said, “Hi, I'm Darla, how are you?”


The blonde gave her a smile in return, “I'm Lavender, and I'm good. I have to ask, your dress - is it designer? I'm planning to go into clothing design when I get back to London, and I have to say - whoever designed your dress really did a fantastic job! It flatters your figure and still looks professional!”


Darla gave a little laugh, not expecting that response, but nodded, “Actually, a friend of mine enjoys designing clothes and I always enjoy showing her work off. I've tried to get her to start selling her stuff, but she doesn't want to; she says she does it to relax, and selling it would put pressure on her she really doesn't need. Now, I'm curious, you mentioned going back to London, but your accent is more Wales than England; and, if I'm not mistaken, more than a bit of Scotland as well. Did you move around a lot when you were younger?”


It was Lavender's turn to laugh, “Wow, you’ve got a very good ear! Most folks I've met over here couldn't pick that out. But yes, I was born in Wales, moved to London when I was 9 and went to a boarding school in Scotland when I turned 11. I just graduated a year ago, and I've been spending time travelling before joining the adult world; not something I'm looking forward to, honestly.”


Darla grinned, “I know the feeling, I still have days when I'd rather just lie in with a warm blanket and a couple of cats instead of having to get up and face the world.” She glanced over to the bar, where Master was sipping a beer and said, “But, there are some benefits to the adult world; like waking up with a warm man wrapped around you, after he’s pounded you through the mattress the night before. Trust me, that tends to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day!”


The other girl laughed, looking over at Master, and obviously liking what she saw. “Yeah, that would be a bit of alright, wouldn't it?”


Darla felt a twinge of something on her senses, beyond knowing that Lavender was interested in her Master... it was a feeling that the other girl had some magical ability. It was the spell that Amy had put on her and Jill all those years ago, when they were looking for magic users to help take down Rack. Putting together what she remembered about Magical Schools, Darla quickly came up with the name ‘Hogwarts’; which, she recalled, was supposedly in Scotland.


Lowering her voice, she said, “That boarding school you went to in Scotland, would I be wrong if I asked you if your house colors were Scarlet and Gold?”


Lavender looked startled, but then she nodded, “How did you know? Did… did you go to a school like mine?”


Darla shook her head, “No, I just have a gift for sensing certain things, and… well, I'm very close to a couple of women who have similar talents, and they’ve kept me informed about what was happening in Britain with 'You Know Who'. I figured you had to be a member of House of the Brave to be willing to take your clothes off in front of all these people.”


Lavender grinned, “Maybe so, but, I'm not blind to the effect my body has on people - and it's not a bad way to earn a few quid for travelling expenses, now, is it?”


Darla laughed, “Easier than a lot of other ways a girl can earn it, that's for sure!”


Lavender looked at her a bit curiously, taking in the way she carried herself, and the expensive earrings she was wearing, and the witch said, “Looking at you, I'm going to guess that the five hundred dollars isn't the reason you signed up, is it?”


Darla smirked, looking her over pointedly, “Not hardly, darling.  My Master sent me over here to see if there were any interesting potential playmates for the night. We’re only in town until tomorrow morning, and always enjoy some variety in our bed.”


Lavender huffed out a laugh, “You don't mess about, do you? And, while I'm not against the idea of a little fun myself, I'd want to talk to your your Master first.I know I like his looks, but there's more to it than just being good looking.”


“Easily done, you can chat with him after you do your set; I'm sure he'd love to receive a lap dance from you.” She smirked, “Although, he may have found a playmate as well.”


Lavender snickered, “Oh, now, this could be interesting. I'm not all that interested in the Dom/sub life, but Tara has a well worn copy of 9 ½ Weeks in her locker!”


Darla raised an eyebrow, “You know her that well?  Just how long have you been competing in this contest?”


The witch blushed slightly, “Well, you got me; they actually run this contest every night, and I've been coming in for a couple of weeks.  It really has filled my pockets nicely, but I probably will have to move on in a day or so, the management doesn't like it when a girl wins too many times.  Usually they hire the winner as a regular dancer, but I've got too many other places I want to see before heading back across the pond.”


“Well, if things go right this evening, you'll have some fun memories to take back to London with you.” Darla grinned.


Lavender shrugged, “As long as your Master doesn't expect me to be kneeling at his feet begging him to spank me. I'm not into pain, at all!”  She grimaced, “If you know about Hogwarts, then you’re probably aware of what happened over there?” Darla nodded, “Trust me, I've seen and experienced enough pain for three lifetimes already!”


Darla put her hand on the skin of the girl's' arm, “Don't worry about that, Master doesn't believe in mixing pain with playtime,” she grinned, “Except for Willow, who really gets off on it, but she's the exception.”


Lavender looked  at her in surprise, “Just how many women does your Master have?”


She chuckled, “Quite a few, and he keeps us all satisfied very nicely.  Of course, when he's busy, we also can keep each other satisfied - and he does enjoy watching that.”


Lavender laughed, “What guy doesn't? My best friend and her sister and I once put on a show for Harry Potter - you've heard of him, haven't you? I thought so. Well, right before we all graduated, we got him alone and invited him up to our dorm room, and he just about pounded all three of us into oblivion that night! Too bad we haven't been able to arrange a repeat performance, I wouldn't have minded some more of that, he was an absolute animal!” She shrugged, “Oh well, he's got three wives now, and I know that Cho and Luna both enjoy playing with other girls. Plus Fleur is a veela, so she's up for anything, therefore I doubt he's missing out on bedroom-related fun.”


Darla looked interested, “Really, a veela?  I didn't think they left their enclaves, that's interesting.”  She smirked, “If even half the legends about them are true, I'm surprised your friend Harry has time do anything but her, I've heard that they’re insatiable!”


“From what I can tell, they are; but, are you aware that the more powerful the witch or wizard is, the greater their stamina and libido? I actually watched the two of them together one time, and, the next morning Fleur was barely conscious, Harry had her so satisfied.”


“And how did you manage to see that? From what I've been able to pick up over the years, I would have thought that Harry Potter would have valued his privacy, and letting his wife be seen after she's been screwed senseless isn't usually something that just anybody can see.”


Lavender snickered, “Normally, yes, but, it seems that Fleur is more than a bit of an exhibitionist, and wanted all of Harry's prior lovers to see just how good she was. So, there was me, Parvati, her sister Padma, Luna, Cho, Narcissa Malfoy and her niece Tonks, and the Greengrass sisters all sitting around the living room. There was a huge bed in the middle of the room, so we all sat back and watched the show!”


“Ten women, by the time he was 18? Good grief! And all of them thought highly enough of him to come back for more? Harry Potter must be exceptional indeed. I'm curious about something, though; I remember reading about how Harry always had his best friends, Hermione and Ron with him. I would have thought that Hermione would have been one of his lovers, considering how close they were?”


“You’d think so, wouldn't you? We all expected the two of them to get together at some point; but, it didn't happen. She ended up marrying Neville Longbottom, and they are, from what I've heard, very happy together. Just between us, I think that Hermione and Harry are just too strong willed to be anything but best friends, while, with Neville, she can be the one in control of the marriage. Plus, I heard Hermione say more than once that she just couldn't handle the idea of sharing her husband with another woman, and Harry knew that he would need multiple wives from the time he was 14 or so.”


“And what of the other friend, Ron… Weasel? Or whatever his name is. How did he handle knowing that his best friend was able to satisfy so many women?”


Lavender grinned, “Didn't have the slightest problem with it, actually. He ended up with a girl a couple of years younger than him, named Romilda, and he claims she's an even better cook than his mum. So dear old Won-won couldn't care less about how many girls Harry is with, he’s already found the perfect girl for him!”


“Well, it sounds like all of them are happy, which is good. From what I've read, they all went through a hellacious ordeal, and they deserve something good in their lives. Now, how about Lavender - does she deserve something good happening to her?”


“Deserve? Maybe, maybe not. But I do know that thinking about that night with Harry, and seeing what he did to Fleur has got me randier than a room full of kneazles in heat, so I am definitely interested in playing with you and your Master tonight!”


Darla smiled widely, “Excellent, I'm sure you will enjoy yourself, and I already know that we will enjoy you.” The smile dimmed, “I do need to make sure of something first, though - have you ever taken a man up the ass? Because Master takes all of us that way, and I'm sure he won't even try to resist yours. Quite frankly, it's amazing, even better than your tits, and I'm having a hard time resisting the urge to play with them!”


Lavender licked her suddenly dry lips; this wasn't just flirting anymore, this was for real. Clearing her throat, she said, “The truth is Harry took me that way the night we were together, and he really made me like it. Haven't done it since then, though. I’ve never found another guy I liked well enough. And you've got nothing to worry about with your body, I'm really looking forward to getting you naked and squirming under my tongue!”


Whatever Darla was going to say was interrupted by an amused woman's voice. “Damn it, girls, would you dial it back a bit? It looked like you were about to tear each other's clothes off, and live sex shows are illegal in Clark County!”


They turned in surprise to see an attractive brunette, dressed in a short skirt and a shirt tied off under her braless breasts, wearing a tag that read 'Natalie – Manager' on it, looking at the two of them with a grin. “That's better! I have nothing against watching two hot girls going at it, but I'd really hate to throw you out for breaking the law, especially when I can imagine how much money the two of you will bring in when you get up on stage!”


Turning to Darla, she added, “It looks like you and your Master have your playmates for the night picked out, which is hardly surprising. But, if you come back through, keep me in mind? I enjoy playing the submissive, and one of my favorite things is feeling a hard cock in my ass while my tongue is buried deep in some sweet girl’s pussy!”


Darla laughed, honestly amused, “Oh, I like this place! I will certainly pass your request on to my Master, and I'm sure he will be interested in coming back one day. We have business in the city that brings us through town on a regular basis, so don't be surprised to see us.”


She grinned to herself, thinking about the first dancer that she and Master had seduced; of course, it was easy, since sweet Jill had already done the preparatory work, but Sunday made an excellent Childe, and was quite happy helping Jill run the Skin Gentlemen's Club back in Los Angeles.  It did make it difficult for Jill to end up sharing their bed as often as the three of them would like, but Amy's portals did make commuting much easier than before.

Looking over at the bar, she saw her Master was reeling the bartender in quite successfully; although she was curious what it was that Xander saw in her.  She was nice looking, granted, and had fairly large breasts - but she was dressed like a flower child from the Sixties, and that look had never appealed to her, even when she had worn it.  Darla hid her smile when she noticed that the girl kept looking over at her with interest, 'Ah, she's attracted to me, that's the hook he's using.  This should be fun!'




Xander grinned as Tara kept glancing over at Darla and the girl she was chatting with, she literally seemed to be unable to take her eyes off of his Alpha. Not that he minded; even with all the beauties in his harem, including the two Slayers, Darla would always be special in his eyes.


“She's gorgeous, isn't she?” Xander said softly, startling Tara; who jerked slightly before blushing. “No need to be embarrassed, I enjoy watching her as well - especially when she's walking around naked, except for her collar.”


Tara's eyes went smoky for a second, obviously picturing the beautiful blonde naked with a collar around her throat - before she swallowed, and said thickly, “I'm sorry - did you say naked, and collar?”


“Of course, I’d have thought you figured it out. Darla is my Alpha slave, has been for years; but she's still my slave, and I prefer her to be naked most of the time, unless we have guests who wouldn't understand our true relationship. I told you that our home is in Sunnydale, but didn't mention that we are extremely prominent in certain circles, so we have to do a lot of entertaining, and they are so stuffy they would never be able to understand the truth of things.”


Tara blushed hotly, the images running through her mind making her panties wet and her nipples almost painfully hard. Getting control of herself, she pushed herself away from the bar and glared at him. “What sort of game are you playing here, Mister? I'm just trying to earn a living, and I don't appreciate you teasing me like this! Did one of the dancers put you up to it?”


Xander shook his head, “No, nobody put me up to anything. I will however admit to teasing you a little, to get you warmed up; because Darla and I enjoy a lot of variety in our relationship, and I was going to ask you to join us for the night, no strings attached. But if that doesn’t suit you right now, you would be welcome to look us up when you got to Sunnydale.”


She looked at him skeptically, “Really? Why me? Your alpha seems to have picked up somebody for the night, and she's a lot prettier than I am - and her body is a lot nicer.”


“Yes, it does look like Darla has chosen her playmate for the night. And while she will certainly share, I want you for my playmate. I already told you that I look for certain things when choosing someone - although you are certainly attractive, and your body is fantastic! It's just your shyness that prevents you from showing it off to its best effect.”


The bartender looked at him, gobsmacked at the way he seemed to read her, but she almost passed out when Xander continued, looking directly at her. “But, Tara, the most important reason I chose you for tonight? It’s I can see the deep desire to serve in you, the crying need for a firm hand to push you past your self-imposed boundaries and show you what life can truly be! Whether you just join us for the night, or come with us to Sunnydale and I start teaching you things you’ve never even dreamed of, it’s up to you. But you do want me to give you that sort of chance, don't you?”


Tara closed her eyes, and gripped the edge of the bar as her body reacted to this man in front of her. It was like he could read her very soul and offered her everything she wanted, but, was she strong enough to take the offer?


YES! Yes, she was! She’d survived Mama's death, she’d survived knowing she was going to turn into a demon in less than a year, she’d survived her father and her asshole brother Donny, so she was strong enough to take this!


Opening her eyes again, she looked directly at him, and said, “Yes, I do want what you are offering me. So I'll join you for the night after my shift is over, and we can talk about me joining you in the morning.”    


'And, if you really are what I think you are, you might be strong enough to help me control the demon inside me.' She didn't say that, but would talk to him later if he suspicions were confirmed.


“Very good! You won't regret your decision, I can promise you that much. Now, to demonstrate your commitment, I want you to go to the ladies room, remove your panties, and shove them in your mouth. Once you’ve done that, come back here and I’ll take them from you and hold on to them for the rest of the evening. Will you do that for me?”


Tara didn't even hesitate; she just gestured to the other bartender that she was taking a break, and headed toward the ladies room. Looking over at Darla - who, along with the other girl, was watching with interest - Xander gave her a quick signal and Darla headed toward the bathroom as well. The other girl was looking at him speculatively, but then she locked eyes with him, and winked, before turning back to watch the crowds.




The bathroom door had just closed behind Tara and she was heading for the open stall when she paused, a wicked grin on her face, and stopped in the center of the room. Pulling up her dress so that it was over her hips, she had just hooked her fingers in the elastic when the door opened behind her. Looking over sharply, she stared as Master's alpha stood there, leaning against the door, watching her with a smile on her face.


“Don't stop on my account, Tara; Master signaled me to follow you, he wanted me to get a taste of your sweetness, knowing that you would be feeling my tongue deep inside you tonight!” The blonde gestured, “Please, continue what you were doing.”


Turning carefully to face the other woman, not really surprised that she was the only one who appeared in the bathroom mirror. 'Of course, she's like her Master; it makes sense.'


Not showing her thoughts,  Tara smiled and pulled her panties away from her soaking pussy, sliding them down her legs until she lifted one leg, and then the other to remove them completely. Standing there, bare from the waist down, her legs spread, she looked at Darla, to see what the woman would do.


She didn't disappoint; Darla prowled toward her, like a cat after a bird, but Tara refused to be intimidated, although she was getting even more aroused at the grace the woman moved with. Standing in front of her, Darla's hand went between her legs, and Tara gasped as she felt two fingers penetrate her, pumping slowly and gathering her juices.


Darla looked at her and semi-growled, “I think we should both taste you at the same time. Your Master told you to put your panties in your mouth, and, when you do that, I'll have my first taste as well. Don't worry, though, I'm sure that Lavender will enjoy getting a taste of you as well. Now, fold up your panties until the crotch is facing out, and put it on your tongue. Let your juices fill your mouth; imagine how the other juices you will drink tonight will taste, and know that your Master will be very pleased with how obedient you are!”


Tara didn't think it would be possible for her to get any more turned on; but the way the Alpha was touching her, the knowing words, it had pushed her even closer to the edge. With trembling hands, she folded up her panties, an idle wish she had known this was going to happen so she could have worn something sexier crossed her mind. But it vanished in an instant, and, when they were folded properly, she opened her mouth and lifted the cloth. Looking directly at Darla, she put the soaked fabric on her tongue, and Darla removed her fingers, making her whine around the cloth. But then she raised the fingers to her mouth, and Tara could see the wetness gleaming as she started licking them, before sliding both fingers between her ruby red lips.


Tara simply stood there, watching as the other woman sucked on her fingers, moans of pleasure coming from her throat - and she could feel the last of her self-control starting to snap. She wanted so much to drop to her knees and push the woman's dress up, so she could get her tongue in her. But she held on; her new Master hadn't told her to pleasure his Alpha, and she didn't want to disobey him.


Alpha seemed to read her mind, and she pulled her fingers from her mouth and smiled, “Good girl! I could tell you wanted to taste me, but you held back. Master will be pleased, and so am I, so here is your reward.”


Moving closer again, the Alpha slid three fingers inside her - and, with her thumb, brushed over her clit, pressing down. That was all it took, and the pleasure finally overwhelmed Tara’s mind, sending stars behind her eyes as she felt like she had left her body and was floating on an ocean of ecstasy!


When she finally came back to herself, she was leaning against Darla, her body shuddering and moans of pleasure forcing themselves out around the cloth in her mouth.


“Feeling better, pet?”


Tara nodded, shakily, and the other woman stepped back. Grinning wickedly, the Alpha said, “Just so you know, I'm going to save these juices and feed them to Lavender, so she can get a taste of what she'll be having later tonight!”


Tara smiled weakly, still recovering from her orgasm, when the other woman left the room. Pulling her dress back down, she washed her face and hands will cool water, trying to calm down even further, before heading back to the bar.




'There’s something really strange going on here,' Lavender thought. 'I've seen a bunch of wanna-be Masters trying to pick up Tara, and she always saw right through them and sent them packing with their tails between their legs. But this guy lets loose with his aura, and she's practically kneeling at his feet? He's not human, he can't be! And Darla? She's got a gorgeous tan, but her hand was cold on my arm when she touched me, and she feels strange to my magic. What the hell are they - part-human creatures of some sort? And why do I want to fuck them, anyway?'


She didn't come up with any answers, but decided to talk to Tara before either of them went anywhere with Darla and her Master. Lavender pushed the questions down for the time being; she still needed to prepare herself for the contest, and she really wanted to win again.


Lavender was watching as Darla came out of the ladies room, one hand cupped under the other. Darla was looking towards her, and when she saw her, Darla gestured for her. When Lavender got there, Darla moved back into the shadows and raised her hand. Lavender was about to ask just what was going on, when she suddenly found herself with a mouth full of fingers!


Surprised, it barely registered at first that she was tasting a woman's juices on her tongue; but when it did, she didn't think that they were Darla's, the woman wasn't nearly that aroused. So, by process of elimination, they had to be Tara's.


Lavender briefly thought about objecting, but it was Tara, and she and the other witch had been dancing around each other ever since they’d met.  And she would feel better about being with Darla and her Master with another witch by her side, so she just mentally shrugged and sucked on the fingers.  After all, it wasn't the first girl she had tasted, and it probably wouldn't be the last either.


When she had gotten all the juices, Lavender turned to look back at the bathroom door in time to see Tara come out, her mouth closed but her cheeks suspiciously swollen (if you knew to look for it). Remembering what she had heard about relationships like that, she leaned closer to Darla and said, “Does Tara have her knickers stuffed in her mouth?”


Darla just grinned and nodded, and Lavender whistled softly. “Kinky!” she breathed, “I guess you really weren't kidding about that Master/slave stuff were you?”


Darla's grin faded for just an instant, before it came back. “No, I wasn't. He is my Master, and there are times I need to be reminded of that.”


Lavender caught the change in expression, and put her arm around Darla, concern in her eyes. Even suspecting that there was something off about the woman, she still wanted to help her if she needed it.

“Is he hurting you, Darla? Do you need any help? You know what I can do, and I do have my wand with me. I can help you get away from him if you want that, just say the word.”


Darla looked at her in disbelief, but then she smiled and shook her head, “Thank you, but it's nothing like that. I've been with him for over three years now, and he's never caused me pain. What I was referring to is, Master knows that I still, because of how I was raised, have a good bit of body modesty, and he is working to break me of it. Earlier, I forgot my place and mouthed off to him, and, as punishment, he ordered me to purchase a dance costume and sign up for the contest. I'm to do my best to win the contest, and, while I'm totally nude, I'm to go around and offer every customer here, man or woman a lap dance, where they can ogle my naked body and I have to let them. I'm not really looking forward to it, but it is my punishment, so I'm not supposed to enjoy it.” She shrugged, “So, no, I don't need any help, but thank you so much for being concerned and asking.”


Lavender nodded, accepting what Darla had just said - and, to be honest, more than a little relieved. She did have her wand, and several lessons from Harry... but there was still something about Darla's Master, and she really needed to find out his name (she wasn't going to call him that all night), that intimidated her. She didn't want to think about what he could do to her if she really made him angry.


“Darla, just had a thought. Just what is your Master's name? I've been mentally labelling him as ‘Darla's Master’, and I'm not going to be calling him that, especially if my ankles are over his shoulders and he's pounding into my fanny!”


Darla laughed, “Yes, I can see where that would seem a little strange to you, but I bet Tara won't have a problem with it at all. Anyway, his given name is Alexander; but he goes by Xander, and has for most of his life.”


Lavender nodded, “Alexander, Xander, yeah, I can see that. Thanks for telling me; I do like to know the names of the people I'm shagging, after all.” She finished with a grin.


Darla grinned back at her, and then they looked over to where Xander was sitting, and saw Tara standing in front of him. Lavender watched as he raised his hand, and slid a finger into her mouth. She saw Tara's mouth open, and he pulled an drenched set of panties from between her jaws, before balling it up and sliding it in his jacket pocket and saying something to Tara. She couldn't make out what it was; but Tara smiled wider than she'd ever seen before, and hurried back behind the bar and started to serve her customers with a spring in her step.


Just then, Natalie came up to them to tell them to get ready, the contest was starting in 30 minutes; so they picked up their bags and headed toward the dressing room.




Xander sat back and watched the dancers, now that Tara was well and truly his; he wanted to let her go about her business and adjust to the idea. She may be giving herself to him, but she still had her job to do, and he would be willing to bet her tips for the evening were better than they usually were, since she would be a lot more relaxed now that she’d made the right decision.


Oh, he wasn't going to ask her about her finances; her tips were the money she earned, and he had more than enough of his own. Of course, if things turned out as expected he’d be paying for her schooling, just like he did for all of his pets. Willow had set up enough money making schemes using her computers, both legal and not so legal, that she would never have to worry about supporting herself through college.


Of course, the way she had transferred so much of Richard Wilkins' assets to their control was a thing of beauty, and it was all done perfectly legally, right under the noses of the IRS. Wilkins would have tried to object, he was sure, if it weren't for the tragic fire at City Hall that had claimed him and his Deputy Mayor late one night. Xander found it amusing, in a dark way, that Wilkin's patron demon was the same one that Cordelia and Harmony's fathers had sold their souls to. He wondered if Wilkins appreciated the company in the afterlife?


Probably not.


He took another sip of beer, clapping politely as the dancer finished her set. She was fairly attractive, but the tattoos and the obvious implants marked her down in his opinion. Xander was willing to admit to himself that he liked his women au naturel, in every sense of the word...


Just then, the manager's voice came over the speakers, announcing the beginning of tonight's amatuer dance contest. She called out the first girl’s name, and a slender redhead came out, dressed in a policewoman's uniform. He watched with interest as she danced, and she wasn't bad; but he had gotten spoiled watching all the girls that Jill and Sunday had trained at the club in LA. Those girls were in high demand from clubs up and down the state, but Jill paid them well enough that it really took something special to make them want to leave. And even if they did leave, they always came back afterwards, without fail.


The redhead finished her set and grabbed the light robe all the dancers wore to make her rounds. He pulled a twenty from his wallet and waited for her; just because she wasn't up to his standard didn't mean she didn't earn her money. Politely turning down a lap dance, he slipped the tip in her garter and turned back to the stage.


The next dancer was another girl he wasn't interested in, even if this time it was a statuesque black girl, with decent-sized breasts and a firm ass. Still, she had potential; she seemed to really be in tune with the music and her movements flowed. Xander made a mental note to have Jill or Sunday stop by next weekend, to see if she was still dancing, and see what they thought. His applause for her was more enthusiastic, and he slipped a fifty from the hidden pocket of his wallet.


The girl's eyes widened when she saw the size of the tip, but then she looked at him suspiciously. “Thanks, mister, that’s very generous; but I hope you aren't expecting anything more for your money? I'm a dancer, not a hooker!”


He grinned at her, “Not what you’re thinking, no. One of the other girls who’s competing tonight is with me, and we've already made our plans for the evening. I do have a question for you, though; are you planning to compete next Saturday as well?”


“Probably, my dancing is getting better and the tips are nice. Why?”


Xander shrugged. “Because one of my girls is the manager of Skin, over in Los Angeles, and I was going to suggest she drive up here and see you. I think you might have what it takes to dance there.”


The black dancer gave him another look, and smiled, “Well, damn! I've heard good things about that club, but I've heard it's really hard to get into. If this pans out, I'll be sure to express my appreciation to both you and your lady. I'm assuming Darla is your lady? She's the only new girl here tonight, and I haven't seen you before. I'm guessing that your plans involve the limey girl, Lavender?” He gave her a look, but nodded, “Not surprised; I thought that the two of them were going to go at it right there in front of everybody, the heat they were generating.”


He didn't say anything, but grinning slightly, the dancer went on: “Right, you aren't saying. But, tell your manager my name is Ashley, and I come in for the contests on Wednesday and Saturday nights if she wants to stop by.”


With a last smile, she turned away, wiggling her ass at him as she left.


The next two dancers didn't exactly impress him; both of them were unenthusiastic about what they were doing, and not doing a very good job hiding it, so he didn't tip them as well. Finally, Lavender hit the stage, and immediately Xander sat up straighter. He already knew that he liked her looks and attitude, now it was time to find out if she could dance!


He grinned lightly as he recognized the song that she was dancing to, and, while he would never be a big Madonna fan, the woman did put out some good dance music. And, even better, it wasn't a song that any of the other dancers had used, so he gave her points for that too. Lavender was also wearing a costume that was different from any of the others, it was a schoolgirl uniform, with skirt, blouse and blazer. Of course, it looked a bit small for her, so it called attention to her curves. Taking a closer look at the outfit, Xander’s grin widened as he saw the crest of the lion on her blazer, and the scarlet and gold trim on her tie. He was aware, through Darla and Amy, of what the uniform represented; and was impressed that she would wear it in public. Somebody who knew what it meant might see, and that could cause... complications.


The blazer was the first item of clothing to go, leaving her in her skirt, blouse and tie, and the blouse was obviously straining against her breasts, which were moving freely for all to see. Turning her back to the audience, Lavender reached down and unhooked her skirt, sliding it over her hips as she moved to the beat of the drums. Xander would be the first to admit to being an ass man, so he watched with interest as she shimmied her way out of the skirt, showing that she was wearing a thong, exposing her well-toned ass. Only knowing that his cock was going to be buried between her cheeks before sunrise kept him from shifting in his seat.


Lavender continued dancing, working the stage as she teased the buttons on her blouse. He could practically feel the arousal coming off the men, and more than a few of the women, in the audience. At that moment Xander knew that, as hard as she would try, Darla wasn't going to be able to compete at that level. He didn't mind, of course; he had just told her to try her best to win, and he knew that she would.


Just as the music started building to a crescendo, Lavender jumped on the pole and wrapped her legs around it. Leaning back, she popped all the buttons on her blouse, letting her breasts bounce free. She slid down the pole until she could put her hands on the stage, and, using a move he had seen Jill use that first weekend, did a handstand until she brought her feet back to the floor and stood up. The music was still pounding, so she continued her dance, letting everyone get a good look at her firm and natural breasts moving with the music. The British blonde got a burst of applause when she lowered her head and licked each of her nipples, before looking up with a smile.


The music started slowing down slightly and Lavender reached down to the thong, and pulled the front down, just for a second, continuing her tease, before she moved her hands to the side and pulled it completely off of her body. She stood there, her legs spread and her shaven pussy open to everyone's eyes, with her arms above her head, until she leaned backwards and went into another handstand. The music ended and the lights went out on her standing on her hands with her legs spread. The applause was tremendous, and even his hands were a little sore from clapping, and his skin was far tougher than most.


It took her longer than the other dancers to make her way around to him, because several others wanted lap dances, and her garter belt reflected it. Xander watched Darla dance as Lavender made her way around the room, and he was right; she was doing her best to hide her nervousness, but the audience could tell, and, even though she used several of Jill's moves as she stripped out of her costume, they obviously didn't feel natural to her. He still applauded enthusiastically, because she had done what he told her, and that pleased him, but the rest of the applause from the audience wasn't as enthusiastic.


He watched as Darla made her way off the stage, making her rounds, and was glad to see that several of the customers apparently empathized with her nerves, and accepted a lap dance from her. By that time, Lavender was in front of him, and Xander gladly paid for a dance; sliding another fifty into her garter, and saying, “Congratulations. I'd say you won tonight's contest, based on the reaction.”


She actually looked a little nervous, but tried to smile, “I think so too, but Darla did do her best; so you aren't going to punish her for not winning, are you?”


He looked at her curiously, before shaking his head. “She actually told you that? I'm surprised, she must really like you. But no, the dancing and offering the lap dances is her punishment. I only told her to try her best to win, and you're right, she did. But you and Ashley were both better dancers, and she couldn't compete with that. Her punishment is over, and I doubt I’ll ever need to do this again. Darla’s learned her lesson, I’m sure.”


Lavender relaxed as he spoke, and when he finished, “That's basically what she told me, but I was still worried. I've heard of relationships like yours that can turn abusive pretty easily, and I was concerned for her.”


“Well, you don't need to worry on her account; I'm sure that she is going to enjoy the rest of the evening as much as the rest of us. But, I believe I paid you for a lap dance, and time is wasting.”


She grinned at him, and said, “Well, it's kind of hard to give you a lap dance when you’re sitting on a bar stool, so come with me!” Taking his hand, Lavender tugged him off the stool and over to an open armchair. Sitting him down, she climbed onto the chair and put her knees on the padded arms. Putting her arms on either side of his head, she dangled her breasts in his face while her pussy hovered over the tent in his pants. She leaned down and whispered in his ear, “I can't let you touch me, or touch you during the dance, otherwise we'd get thrown out and management would call the cops. But I promise you that this is just a teaser for what you’re going to get when we get to your hotel room.”


As she started moving against him, her pussy barely an inch from his straining cock, and her tits even closer to his mouth, she quietly said, “I know you’re going to want to shag my arse, and I'm actually looking forward to it - Darla got me so hot telling me about how you take her that way that I practically had to run to the ladies and get myself off. I didn't though, I want my first orgasm of the night to be brought on by somebody else; whether it's a cock, fingers or a tongue, I don't care. I just want to be shagged stupid tonight! Let tomorrow worry about tomorrow!”


“Don't worry, you will be. In fact, when you get dressed in your street clothes, leave your panties in your purse; you won't need them. But we are going to be stopping for dinner first, so I hope you worked up an appetite.”


“Not a problem, luv, I've always got an appetite; especially after dancing like that. Are we all going to be riding in your car, or following you?”


“That depends, did you drive here tonight?”


“Yeah, I've got a rental, it's in the employee garage. I don't think Tara has a car, though; she usually takes the bus in.”


“Then you’ll both ride with us; we'll bring you back to get your car in the morning, and can see where Tara wants to go then.”


Lavender looked up towards the bar, where Tara was watching them with a smile. The witch giggled, “Considering the way she’s smiling as she looked over at you, I'd imagine you’ll have another passenger on your way back to Sunnydale tomorrow. I just hope she calls and lets Natalie know, so she can call one of the other bartenders cover her shift. It won't be that bad, because I know Tara has the day off tomorrow and Monday, and that will give her a bit of time; but she does still need to know that Tara is leaving.”


The music ended at that point, and Lavender slid off the chair, stopping to briefly talk to Tara before moving to the next customer when the music started again. Shaking his head as he adjusted himself as discreetly as he could, Xander moved back to the bar and picked up his beer. Seeing that Tara wasn't serving anyone at the moment, he gestured, and she hurried over. “I just wanted to know what time your shift ends tonight, because I'd imagine they’re going to be announcing the winner of the contest fairly soon, and we probably won't want to hang out here much longer.”


Tara glanced at the clock behind the bar, it was a few minutes to eleven. “My shift ends at eleven thirty. The overnight shift starts at midnight and I have to settle my drawer, so I should be able to leave by twelve, if that's alright?”


“Of course it is, Tara, you said it yourself; you're just trying to earn a living, and I wouldn't do anything to interfere with that. We'll wait until you’re finished and ready to go, and the four of us can take my car and get something to eat before heading to the hotel for the night.”


Darla had made her way to him by this point, and he was happy to see a lot of tips in her garter. “Well done, Darla, you've done everything I told you to, your punishment is over! Now, I do want a lap dance from you, but that can wait until we get back to the hotel. Check with the manager to find out how much those robes cost, and buy one for you and for Lavender.” Hearing Tara clearing her throat, he turned to look at her, “Can you get one for me as well, Master? I think I'd like to dance for you, if you don't mind.”


Xander smiled reassuringly at her, “That’d be wonderful, I'm looking forward to seeing it. But, should we see about getting you a full costume as well?”


She blushed and shook her head, “No sir, I've actually already got a costume; but I was too nervous to sign up for the contest. It's in my locker, I'll grab it before we leave.”


“You are impressing me more and more, Tara, and I think you will please me a lot later this evening. As you said, we can talk about tomorrow in the morning.”


Turning back to Darla, who was watching Tara with a smile, Xander said, “Make that three of the robes. If they are more than fifty dollars each, let me know and I’ll cover the cost. You earned those tips honestly and I'm not going to touch them.”


* * * * *


Darla nodded at him and continued on her circuit, giving another two lap dances and making another forty dollars. She knew that her Master wouldn't touch her tips, it hadn't even crossed her mind; but she understood that he was indirectly reassuring Tara, since she didn't truly know what she was committing herself to. She just worried that Tara and Lavender might react badly when they found out that the two of them were vampires, even though they were different from the usual breed found in the… what did those people call it? The wizarding world, or something like that.


Darla knew that they were going to tell them, at least Tara, since she deserved to know; and, she was surprised to find a growing affection for Lavender, and wanted to keep the girl with her for as long as possible.


She put the thoughts aside; her Master had always been able to handle the explanations with their other playmates, and very few of them needed to have their memories adjusted, so she would just trust that Xander knew what he was doing this time.


Going into the dressing room, she was happy to see that the other dancers had already changed and were back in the waiting area. Lavender was sitting, still completely nude, counting her tips, and Darla could see several fifties as well as piles of tens and twenty's on the bench in front of her. Even though she had no need for the money, the former whore still felt a competitive twinge that the girl had done so much better than her. She also had to admit she felt slightly jealous that Lavender was so comfortable in her skin, and enjoyed the dancing so much.


Sitting down on the bench by her locker, leaving plenty of space for her new playmate to finish counting, Darla quickly counted her tips and put them in her purse before putting it back in her locker and closing the lock. Heading to the shower, she rinsed off quickly, knowing that the hotel had a much better shower and room for all of them to play under the water. Thinking of the hotel, she remembered the hot tub in the suite, and was looking forward to Lavender's reaction to having her pussy eaten under water.


Lavender came bouncing into the shower area, a wide smile on her face, and she hurried over and kissed her quickly. “So, what's the plan for tonight? I know Xander mentioned getting something to eat, but what then?”


Darla grinned at the younger, so much younger, girl's enthusiasm, and said, “Well, after we get plenty of food in us, we'll head back to the hotel where my Master has his suite being prepared, and we can watch as Tara tries out her stripping prowess and then gives him a lap dance. I'm not sure if he’ll take her completely then and there, or if he’ll want us to give him a dance as well; but we can use the showers to really clean off before moving to the hot tub. Have you ever experienced a jacuzzi before? The sensations are amazing, especially the jets of water stimulating you everywhere! After that, well, I've got a trick of my own to show you; trust me, you haven't lived until you've had your pussy eaten underwater.”


Darla smirked, “Of course, Master will have his own ideas, so that's all subject to change. But you can expect that we will all have sex with each other at some point; and Master will, to use your term, pound you through the mattress and leave you a thoroughly satisfied woman before finally falling asleep sometime around dawn.”


She almost laughed seeing the glazed look in Lavender's eyes, but held back, not wanting to seem rude. Darla just waited until the girl calmed down, and watched as she rinsed off, especially the way the water flowed over her shaven mound. She had been with countless women over the years, especially since she had first encountered the human version of Xander Harris; but very few of them were completely clean shaven, and she enjoyed the feeling when she was licking them. She wondered if her Master had a preference, and would he like it if some of the other girls shaved themselves? Well, Jill, Amy and Janna anyway, they were still mortal and their hair still grew. Darla wasn't sure if her hair would grow back if she shaved it off.


Turning away, she went back and dressed in her street clothing before heading back to the waiting area. Spotting Natalie, she was able to quickly arrange to get three of the dancers robes. Although she was a bit surprised when, instead of making her pay for them, Natalie said that if she and her Master came back next weekend and let her join them, she'd call it even!


Darla said that she would ask her Master; she wasn't going to promise anything at this point, but she would certainly do her best to convince him. Natalie accepted that, but then leaned in and whispered, “You can tell him that I have my own handcuffs and strap-ons, so the two of you can make a sandwich out of me if you got the urge!”


Darla smirked, “Now, that... that could be interesting. It's always fun to be on the other side of an ass fucking! I'll certainly mention that to him before we leave, and let you know what he says, okay?”


“Deal!” Stepping back, Natalie addressed the other dancers, “Alright, the judges have made their decisions; so, if you will come back out to the stage, we will announce the winners.”


The six women were soon up on stage, and, to her surprise, Darla actually won third place, with a $100 prize. She beamed as Master and Tara started the enthusiastic clapping for her. The black girl, Ashley, who she had seen talking to Master, took second prize and $250, and, to no-one's surprise, Lavender was again the first place winner, and she collected the $500.


As they were leaving the stage, Natalie called Lavender over to the side, and Darla waited while they briefly spoke. Lavender came back a couple of minutes later and threw her arm around Darla's shoulders, “It was pretty much what I expected; I've won the contest too many times, so I'm not allowed to compete again for at least six months. She really wanted me to work there as a regular dancer, practically offered to go down on me to make me change my mind. But I told her that I still had things I wanted to do and see here in the Colonies,” Lavender finished with a grin and a wink. “Besides, I might want to try my luck at a club or two in California while I'm here. Maybe pick up some pointers.”


Laughing, the two of them joined her Master where he was waiting at the bar. Tara was nowhere to be seen, and Master said, “Her shift is wrapping up, so she's closing out her cash drawer and will be with us soon.”


Lavender nodded, “Well, I hope you don't mind; but I'm going to go chat with her, get a little gossip in before we leave?”


Darla glanced at her Master, and, when he nodded, she just shrugged and smiled, waving the girl off.  Then she sat down to wait quietly, watching the last few dancers take the stage as the audience started moving out.


Turning to her Master, she grinned, “I was able to get fresh robes for all three of us from Natalie, the manager, but she didn't want any money for them. She wanted something far more interesting in payment.” Darla could feel his interest, and she continued, “It seems that she is interested in playing with us; and told me that, if the two of us come back next Saturday and take her home with us, she’d call it even!”


“Oh? And what did you tell her?”


“I told her that I couldn't make a commitment like that, but I would be sure to ask you about it. Then she told me that she really enjoyed playing the submissive, and one of her favorite things was to feel a hard cock sliding up her ass while she had her tongue in a sweet young thing’s pussy.”


Master laughed, “Well, she certainly knows what we like. I take it she was listening when you were playing with Lavender?”


“She was, and, Natalie also told me that she has her own handcuffs and strap-ons, so that we can make a sandwich out of her if we wanted to. I'll admit, I thought that sounded really interesting. I did enjoy it when we played with Jill and Jenny that way.”


He smirked, “And I can understand why you enjoy it. You can tell her that I'm interested and, if our schedule permits it, we will be back here next week.”


By the time she got back from telling a smiling Natalie the news, Tara and Lavender had come out from behind the bar and were standing next to each other, deep in conversation. Darla looked at them curiously, because she couldn't make out what they were saying; all she was hearing was a soft buzzing sound. Glancing at Master, she could tell that he wasn't hearing them speak either.


She looked closer and saw that Lavender had her wand out, and Tara looked to be muttering over a handful of herbs. She really didn't like what she was seeing, and really hoped that they weren't going to have to kill these two girls; it would make things complicated and, besides, Darla really had been looking forward to having sex with both of them.


Apparently they had finished their conversation, because Lavender looked up and gestured for the two of them to come closer, inside the area that was muffled.


When they got close enough, Lavender looked at her slightly apologetic, but firmly said, “Sorry about the magic, but we really need to know something before we go anywhere with either of you. Do you swear, on whatever you swear by, that you don't plan to turn either of us?”


Darla was shocked, and she could feel Master's surprise as well, but he was also intrigued. He spoke up, fortunately, because she had no idea of what to say.


“We don't actually swear by anything, we tend to only believe in ourselves. But, for whatever it’s worth, I will promise you that the only plans we had for the evening involved lots and lots of sweaty sex and the two of you experiencing orgasms like you've never had in your entire lives.”


Her Master paused for a second, looking directly at Tara before adding, “I will admit that I’m planning to try and convince Tara to join us on a permanent basis, so I can bring out your submissive nature. You wouldn't be the first, Tara, or the last girl that I've trained that way, and all of them are much happier now that they aren't hiding a part of themselves. And, I suspect that Darla is going to try and convince you, Lavender, to spend more time with us as well.”


Darla shrugged. “I've never turned a witch, because I suspect that their magic wouldn't work after the change, since it's so closely tied to the life energy of the planet. Does that answer your questions?”


The two looked at each other, and Tara released the herbs from her hand and they fell to ashes on the floor, and the witches nodded.


Master looked at them, and the ashes, and chuckled, “A truth spell? So you could tell if I was lying to you? Nicely done, and I'm impressed; you’re a lot more cautious and sensible than most people in Sunnydale.” The girls looked pleased at his comments, although Tara did look a little nervous. Her Master picked up on that, and smiled softly at her, “Tara, pet, there’s no need to be nervous; you took steps to protect yourself from a possible threat, and, make no mistake, if Darla or I intended to cause you any harm, we would certainly be considered a major threat. But I'm not unhappy about your actions, at all!”


Tara relaxed a little, and Lavender gave her quick smile and nudged her shoulder. Master continued, “I am curious, though, what gave us away? Is it something you noticed because of your magic, or did we slip up somehow?”


Lavender took the lead again, apparently Tara's shyness wasn't so easily overcome. “I think part of it was our magic, because I could feel your aura when you released it; and Tara could actually see it, and it doesn't look human. But earlier, Darla touched the skin on my arm, and, her hand wasn't as warm as it should be. You aren't cold, but you’re not normal body temperature either. It really confused me, because both of you are fully tanned, and sunlight is supposed to be deadly for you. Then I remembered a friend of mine talking about the twelve gems of Amara, and I figured you must have gotten your hands on one or more of them.”


Darla had to stop herself from looking over at her Master when Lavender mentioned the gems, but she could tell that he was shocked almost speechless. Fortunately, the other girls didn't know him that well, so they didn't notice, and Tara started talking quietly.


“Your aura was the first thing that I noticed, because, as Lavender said, I could actually see it. A non-magical person wouldn't be able to tell, but it does look different from a normal human’s. Also, when Darla followed me into the bathroom, I got a look at the mirror, and I was the only one showing a reflection; which pretty much confirmed what the two of you are.”


Master grimaced, “Damn. We both forgot the reflection amulets, didn't we?” Shrugging, he grinned, “Oh well, we really weren't planning on being around mortals long enough for it to be noticeable tonight, but I'm sure we’ll remember in the future. Now, are you ready to go? Contrary to popular belief, we do eat food and enjoy it, and I'm sure that you two are hungry as well.”


The three of them nodded, and, with a wave and a smile to Natalie, they quickly headed out the front door.


End Chapter One


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